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  • There are a few winks and nods, such as Stephen Fry telling you not to smirk when he talks about making rods stiff and erect (for use in contraption-building) during a tutorial.
  • Others include stripper meerkats, complete with the pole and bunny ears, seen in the Meerkat Kingdom level.
  • When faced with a moving spike hazard in the Islands, you'll find fresh blood stains on the floor and walls.
  • Eve's design demonstrates... well... you'd never think anyone would be able to make a sexy apple, and yet here it is.
  • The Asylum is hippie-themed, except for Eve herself... Medicinal drugs, anyone?
  • Dr. Higginbotham spends most of the game seeming like he’s high, and “The Most Sense you’ll Hear All Day” was very obviously supposed to be an acid trip.
  • In the second level of Avalonia, when The Negativatron attacks, Avalon exclaims, "My impregnable fortress has been impregnated!"
  • The music used in "Boom Town" from the original game. In the original game the music boxes are visible unlike the later games, so the album art for this track is frequently visible. Said album art has the word "kinky" in bold lettering, as the album was named after the band.
    • In that same level, you can see the Collector abducting Frida and Don Lu from their house, and Frida appears to be naked.
  • Some level names from the PSP version count (so much that they were changed in some versions). "High on Rugs" comes to mind.
  • From LittleBigPlanet Karting, we have this narration from Stephen Fry for the Versus level Star-Fishin'.
    Stephen Fry: It's the most fun you can have with a fish without getting arrested.
  • From the PS Vita version, when Colonel Flounder first meets Sackboy:
    Colonel Flounder: [To Sackboy] You are the Boysack, no?
    [Sackboy looks unimpressed.]
    Colonel Flounder: Well, we already have one of those, so I will call you Sackboy instead.
  • The Flipping the Bird Easter Egg from LBP2, given a Call-Back in LBP3.Explanation 
  • When Da Vinci's trying to recall his name in Popit Puzzles, he mentions that it's got a "D" in it.
  • The Sumo Wrestler boss in the The Islands looks oddly dirty.