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Overhaul in Progress!

Someone clicked on this link? Anyways, hey there; I'm Cabe_Bedlam. Or just Cabe, really. I guess just Bedlam would also work, but I've yet to see anyone call me that. Mr. Bedlam would be incredibly formal, and wrong. It's not my actual name, naturally. ... Anyways before we get even further off track have a list.

  • The basics:

    • I like Klonoa. A lot.

    • I like video game music. A lot.

    • I am hyped for the announced Klonoa movie. Maybe too much so.

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    • I generally can be found in the Forum Games subforum. Alot.

    • I'm that guy with the music links in his signatures.

Alright, did you like that list? I thought it was cool. I guess it's because it's about things I find cool. Funny how that works, huh? Here's some more lists if you're interested.

     Stuff I Like 

Alright, that was a nice folder, don't you think? Here's one last one, for the road.

     Stuff About Me 
  • I don't usually like just putting stuff on the internet, but at the same time some things aren't exactly top-secret info:

  • I'm a dude. You could probably tell by the pronouns already.

  • I live on the west coast of the United States.

  • I'm currently in college, doing some stuff with numbers and computers.

  • My name is not Cabe, in case you were curious.

  • As of writing, I am dating Beverly. Be prepared for some serious sap if you catch the two of us together.

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