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Hello, I am King of Nightmares (formerly "Kingof Nightmares", because 2016 me didn't know how custom titles or Wiki Words worked), sometimes known as simply "King" or "Nightmare", or "Knight of Nightmares" in one specific example. Note that I don't mind either nickname, so don't worry. That isn't my real name, obviously, but I've been uncomfortable about saying my real name on the internet since I was 13. I'm also uncomfortable about saying my real age, home country, basically everything. I always worry someone will use it against me.....


Despite my username, I am actually not a big horror person. I also like cute things. If I made my account when I wasn't in an...."edgy" phase (for lack of a better term), I probably would have named this account something different. That said, it's been my username for so long that I don't really want to change it. Also being said, I view basically everything I did here prior to very late 2018 as an old shame.

I don't know how to describe my personality very well. Describing personalities was never one of my strong points. I can say though, that my sense of humor is mainly Surreal Humor and Word-Salad Humor as well as unintentionally funny things. I also like animals a lot and prefer the company of animals to the company of humans. Also, I always try to make sure what I'm saying doesn't have an Ambiguous Syntax, and if it does, I usually quickly correct it. Also, TV Tropes absolutely has ruined my vocabulary.


I like lizards, aliens, bugs (except for some kinds of them like wasps, mosquitoes and parasites), dragons, dogs, cats and machine creatures. When it comes to the more monstrous of these, I actually especially like them as heroes.

I used to be a big fan of the Pokémon series, but now I feel that the series is wasting its potential nowadays and everything after Black 2 and White 2 isn't worth playing. I feel as if I'm watching my favorite franchise burn, and I likely am. There's also some other Nintendo games I like and some Indie games as well, but I still consider the map of games I've played to be rather small (same goes for the map of shows I've watch and such), but I hope to expand it and branch out to other series.

Also, I don't like talking to people in real life much.


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    more info 
  • I have an idea for a Pokémon fan-fiction about Pokemon fighting Glitch Pokemon that are depicted as Eldritch Abominations and the chaos that ensues, and not all Pokemon are good and not all Glitch Pokemon are evil......

  • I've also had plenty of ideas for Yu-Gi-Oh!-related things about characters of the actual monsters, something I wish Konami would actually do more often. There's so much potential.

  • Sometimes, my opinions can feel like I'm defying the popular opinion just for the sake of defying the popular opinion, but that's not actually true. For example, I've played The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and while I like it and I have nostalgia of it, it's not near my favorite games, and another example is that Charizard is a pretty "eh" Pokémon to me, but I love Meganium.

  • I have not watched very much anime, to be honest. Not that I dislike anime though.

  • Also, I listen to video game music more than any other kind of music. Even including games I haven't played (yet anyway). Also, on "ask the above poster a question", I am just going to say: I would not be able to answer a question about musicians, bands or genres if my life depended on it.

  • I really dislike it when people proclaim that things that Matpat of Game Theory fame says are canon. Especially the one about the Etecoons and Dachoras being X-Parasites the entire time, that video ignored the entire canon

  • I've got some original universe ideas, one about dragons, one about lizards and a Sci-Fi one. I haven't developed these enough for me to say anything on them though.

    Attempts at describing myself 
  • I seem to say "I guess" a lot.
  • I can get bothered by small things.
  • I tend to lack motivation.
  • I don't like germs.
  • I often prefer the company of animals to that of humans.
  • I like the logos seen before movies and video games and at the ends of TV shows.
  • Expanding upon the horror thing from before, despite that, I have interest in scary moments from otherwise non-horror works. I also have interest in creepy PSAs and PIFs.
  • I'm way more interested in animated shows and movies than live-action ones.
  • In real life, I get angry easily. You decide if I'm doing a good job or not at hiding that.

    Things from other users 

    Headcanons, I guess 
  • Most legendaries are species of their own, except for Azelf, Uxie, Mespirit, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina and Arceus
  • A Pokemon's age and level are totally separate. A Hydreigon could be a child while a Shinx could be an adult.
  • Some Pokedex entries are exaggerations. For example, Magcargo isn't hotter than the sun and Gigalith can't destroy a mountain by itself.
  • The only Ghost types that are actually undead are the ones explicitly stated as such by the Pokedex


  • Endermen and Ender Dragons are the males and females respectively of the same alien species.
  • The Wither is an omnicidal eldritch god too powerful to exist in the world, and the Wither Boss is simply the closest thing it can manifest and control to use as a body. Wither Skeletons are also rumored to be related to the eldritch Wither, but they don't have much similarity aside from being able to cause decay in other things.


  • Draygon is the Token Good Teammate to the Space Pirates and the mother of the Evirs.
  • Crocomire originally lived in Brinstar, but was forced into Norfair by the Space Pirates.

    Works I'll check out at some point (WIP) 

    Things I'm watching/rewatching at the moment 
Note: Since actually watching a show is too difficult, the pace of which I watch these is rather slow

Favorite works

    Favorite Tropes (WIP) 

    Films - Animated 

    Films - Live-Action 
This section would probably be bigger if I could remember half of the live-action films I've seen

Again, this section would probably be bigger if I could remember half of the books I've read

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Games 

    Web Animation 

    Western Animation 


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