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I discovered this site through various Nightmare Fuel pages quite some time ago. Odd since nowadays the NF pages aren't a top interest of mine, despite what my edits and my username and choices of avatars would imply. I do sometimes contribute to the Nightmare Fuel cleanup and maintenance thread though

I also follow the Complete Monster cleanup thread.

But if you wanted stuff actually about me:

I like Starfish Aliens, Eldritch Abominations, dragons, bugs (except flies, mosquitoes, wasps and parasites), lizards, other reptiles, Mechanical Monsters and combinations of these things. Despite that, I do still like cute things as well, with Vulpix being one of my favorite Pokemon.


I like the Pokémon series mainly out of nostalgia, but I have other reasons why I like it. There's also some other Nintendo games I like and some Indie games as well, but I still consider the map of games I've played to be rather small (same goes for the map of shows I've watch and such), but I hope to expand it and branch out to other series.

Also, I don't like talking to people in real life much


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