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Hello, I am King of Nightmares (formerly "Kingof Nightmares", because 2016 me didn't know how custom titles or Wiki Words worked), sometimes known as simply "King" or "Nightmare". Note that I don't mind any of these. That isn't my real name, obviously.

I make YouTube Poop videos at this channel.


  • I have a tendency to come up with story ideas, and I probably should work on them soon. They rarely involve humans, and plenty have Pokémon as the characters, but there are also plenty of original ideas.
    • While at that, I have played plenty of Nuzlocke runs of Pokemon and I imagine storylines for those.
  • My real life image is probably very different from my image here. For one thing, I am not really "scary" at all despite my username and some of my avatars, even if I will find certain kinds of creepy stuff fascinating. Tn real life, I will tend to drop references to anything I'm thinking about, and I will frequently mention rating systems, especially the BBFC (despite never having lived in the UK).
  • As my mom said, if an animal has a cute face, I will definitely talk about how much I find that animal adorable.
  • I tend to not want to get out there and make friends. Call it a "lack of trust" issue, if you will, and most of my friends are people that my family met before.
  • I don't consider myself a "true fan" of anything, as often I haven't experienced most of a franchise I like. But I can still say I like various works.

Favorite works (under construction)

Film (animated and live-action)

Music (Granted, I haven't listened to a lot of most of these, but I like what I've listen to from them so far)

Series (animated and live-action)

Video Games

What is The Observer?

This avatar here:

In all seriousness, this avatar was originally a "cool and somewhat creepy" intro I was going to use for video ideas I had back when I couldn't have been older than 14. I decided to bring it back as "The Observer", since it looks like an eye. I imagine it could be my mascot, maybe. Although that wouldn't help with my "scary" image that my username and avatar choices have created.

Destroy All Legendaries Characters

This is an RP I'm in, one that everyone else in the RP is not committed to, it seems. It is about the legendary Pokemon having been corrupted into evil, with them having made the world into a ruin, and now some normal Pokemon have to rise up to defeat them.

Work in progress. Also, my drawing skills aren't good, so you will have to imagine what they look like.

    Main characters 


A Garchomp who in the past tried to take on Reshiram with an army of the strongest warriors he knew out of revenge from the white dragon killing his family. It did not go well. Lucien is an overly cynical person who seems very calm most of the time, rarely showing his anger. Even with the new effort to kill the legendaries, he does agree with the idea, but inside, he doubts it will work.

He was originally colored white before being burned, and his eyes are pink. His arm fins are longer, and he has no leg spikes.

  • Covered with Scars: Reshiram's fires have left him looking cooked.
  • The Stoic: Rarely ever raises his voice or shows any overt emotion.


A Krookodile raised by Articuno in a program to train spies and assassins for him to use. Mirage in the present day is often nervous and has difficulties forming friendships, as he is used to manipulating others from his experiences under Articuno's wing. His past isn't known to most others, and Mirage isn't even his real name.

He is colored white (possibly an albino) and his back spines don't protrude as much, in addition to being connected like a Quagsire's back spine (his father is a Quagsire).

  • Shrinking Violet: While an excellent speaker, he tends to stay quiet around people and avoid social situations.
  • Third-Person Person: Tends to use his name rather than say "I" or "me."
  • Tyke Bomb: Was trained from early childhood by Articuno, giving him no ties to anything else so he can focus on his missions.


A Scyther who lived in the ruined world for most of her pre-adult life. In the present day, she lives peacefully in the Distortion world, having started a family. Though seemingly polite, she is ruthless in combat.

Her wings and blades are colored orange, and her wings have black spots on them.

  • Lady of War: A graceful and polite woman who is still a force to be reckoned with in combat. One would be surprised to see her in battle after being familiar with her normal life.