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Hello, I am King of Nightmares (formerly "Kingof Nightmares", because 2016 me didn't know how custom titles or Wiki Words worked), sometimes known as simply "King" or "Nightmare". Note that I don't mind any of these. That isn't my real name, obviously, but I've been uncomfortable about saying my real name on the internet since I was 13. I'm also uncomfortable about saying my real age, home country, basically everything. I always worry someone will use it against me.....



  • I have a tendency to come up with story ideas, and I probably should work on them soon. They rarely involve humans, and plenty have Pokémon as the characters, but there are also plenty of original ideas.
  • My real life image is probably very different from my image here. For one thing, I am not really "scary" at all despite my username and some of my avatars, even if I will find certain kinds of creepy stuff fascinating. Tn real life, I will tend to drop references to anything I'm thinking about, and I will frequently mention rating systems, especially the BBFC (despite never having lived in the UK).
  • As my mom said, if an animal has a cute face, I will definitely talk about how much I find that animal adorable.
  • I tend to not want to get out there and make friends. Call it a "lack of trust" issue, if you will, and most of my friends are people that my family met before.
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  • I don't consider myself a "true fan" of anything, as often I haven't experienced most of a franchise I like. But I can still say I like various works.
  • I only recently started listening to music that is neither from a video game nor made by Electric Light Orchestra.

Favorite works (under construction)

Film (animated and live-action)

Music (Granted, I haven't listened to a lot of most of these, but I like what I've listen to from them so far)]]

Series (animated and live-action, though the latter isn't here for now)

Video Games


What is The Observer?

This avatar here:

In all seriousness, this avatar was originally a "cool and somewhat creepy" intro I was going to use for video ideas I had back when I couldn't have been older than 14. I decided to bring it back as "The Observer", since it looks like an eye. I imagine it could be my mascot, maybe. Although that wouldn't help with my "scary" image that my username and avatar choices have created.