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This is my troper wall. Feel free to vandalize.

  • First to vandalize! (Insert witty joke here) - Agent Kirin
    • Still haven't thought of a witty joke to insert yet.

  • FRODO LIVES- Spottedleaf

  • Yeetos Doritos my life I will Deletos - unfortunatezorua

  • i'mma keep using cinnamon text because I can smell and almost taste it when I type -Tropers/Baisteach

  • Red links on edit locked pages give me ANXIETY -White Chedda Pikachu

  • I'm going to provide convenient asterisks for the next five people because they're maybe possibly useful. Delete them if you want. -Emperor_Ing

    • That’s nice.

  • First asterisk... claimed by me! - Zanreo

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  • wow we hit second asterisk guys make sure to like and subscribe don't forget to hit that bell down below to get new notifi - unfortunatezorua

  • You're gonna wake up one morning as the sun greets the dawn / You're gonna look around in your mind, girl / You're gonna find that I'm gone - Keiron Cioran
    • I am now concerned for this.

  • One asterisk remains. To obtain more asterisks, play the song of time. -Emperor_Ing

  • I bought you some new asterisks but there's only 4 since the last one got lost in delivery smh Amazon - unfortunatezorua

    • XD (◐‿◑)

  • Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup - Keiron Cioran

  • "do u r hab stoopid?" - Vengeful Bale

  • Turn off your ad blocker when visiting All The Tropes (TM)! -Playing_with_boy

  • Jai Guru Deva Om - Baisteach

  • I haven't vandalized your page yet? A scandal that must be fixed! ~Elisabel

  • If a whale tries to sell you a pumpkin, don't! ~KJsixteen

  • Hello there! ~G2BattleConvoy

  • Remember, it's illegal to lick doorknobs on other planets. ~KJsixteen

  • Heard the news about this site lately? -Tropers/Tropers/Playing_with_boy

  • Let me guess: someone stole your sweet-roll? ~KJsixteen

  • join my cult uwu -Ing

  • Hey uhhh, a random thought but... why the hecc your avatar now looks like Komi-san? - Seaners

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  • Well, I made it west. Despite your directions - Q

  • O hai West. Uhhh...I am not sufficiently creative to add something witty here! So hai. -Dhiruxide

  • Do you know who ate all the donuts? -KJsixteen

  • Batman is a chump. nah - Dhiruxide

  • Vandalizing this for absolutely no reason. - VidExGuy

  • Vandal says hello
    A troper who plays a crow
    Likes poems a lot



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