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Hi, I’m PBS Kids Fan and, as you can see, I’m a PBS Kids fan. I love Pbs Kids. My favorite show on it is Odd Squad. My least favorite is Pinkalicious and Peteriffic. It’s just tastes like diabetes too much for my liking.

My avatar will change based on what show I’m obsessed with. Right now I’m binge-watching Wild Kratts, hence a picture of Martin and Chris making The Un-Smile.

Did I mention I love PBS Kids?


What I do here:

I mostly edit Playing With pages, since that’s my favorite part, and I tend to have a knack for it. You’d also catch me in the forum, probably in the Forum Games or Image Pickin’ section. I occasionally go to the Launch Pad, but more often I go to the forums. I also edit PBS Kids related pages, and add PBS Kids related examples to tropes.

I also confuse people with a mind boggling signature:

“My plan is to trick you into thinking this is my signature when it’s not, then confuse you dead. Doubting my plan? Then my plan is working!”


What I don’t do here:

If you’re looking for me, don’t go to the Trope Repair Shop. I very rarely go there.

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Playing With Pages: