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Name Beatrice
Age Late teens
Zodiac & Birthday Taurus (4.29)
Gender Girl (she/her)
Country of Origin Indonesia
MBTI Personality TypeENFJ
LEAPnote  TypeAP (L34 E35 A41 P38)
Alignment Neutral Good

Art student and amateur writer living (and studying) in a Southeast Asian country. You can easily find me in the Yack Fest or Forum Games section of the forums. For a bit of backstory on How I Got Here; I stumbled upon this website in circa 2013, when I tried to look up one of my favorite movies.

For a bit of an info, Beatrice is actually my Catholic name. Coincidentally, I also kind of like Umineko.

As a mostly inactive hobbyist writer, I have written a not-so-ongoing PreCure fanfic, but it's on an indefinite hiatus til who-knows-when. Start reading here. (Or not, I'm not your mom!) Aside from this, my main project is a sci-fi thing a friend and I have been developing and working on for 4 years so far.

Like most people, if I had to pick 3 characters that I relate to, they would be: Marty McFly; Liz Lemon; and Beaker.

Anyway, take your time. Go drink some water. Unless you're allergic to water...well, that's another case.

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    Trope Fest 
    Trope Faves 
Gonna reorganize this! TBA.
    Fun T-Shirt Roster 
Including, but not limited, to. A list of some of my favorite novelty shirts.
  • A shirt with Retraux graphics in the style of a 70s textbook cover about vinyl records;
  • A shirt with the text "Saitama's Regular Gym" complete with the "OK" face graphic;
  • A shirt with a graphic of Statler and Waldorf in rapper-style attire;
  • A shirt with the Zelda logo graphic;
  • A shirt with the text "Insert Your Fries Here" printed on the shirt pocket;
  • A shirt with a lineart graphic of Cara Delevingne and the text "Queen Delevigne";
  • TBA, I guess.
    Headcanons? Or so it seems... 


Note that I'm not even a fan of this game, just hypothesizing for a little bit of fun.