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I'm just a man in his thirties who loves music (particularly the 60s and 70s, and especially Progressive Rock), so I mostly keep watch over new edits on the namespace, the Summary page on the medium and the Albums Index.

I also keep tabs on Pages Needing Wiki Magic and Works Needing Tropes to make sure that the lists are periodically updated (adding where it's necessary, removing where the issues are either addressed or cutlisted out of abandonment).

Pages created



Creedence Clearwater Revival

Electric Light Orchestra

Peter Gabriel


Judas Priest

King Crimson






I also kinda led to the creation of the Thriller page, though I originally had just the music video in mind (it eventually did get its own page in 2021, though I had no hand in it), and it's in the incorrect namespace anyhow.


Main project right now

Passive projects

  • When I come across a work page from a country not indexed under Media, I put them in my personal sandbox and document their nationality. If there's at least eight non-Creator pages spanning at least three namespaces for a single country, I'll make a TLP draft.
  • When I come across any page with at least thirty indices, I place it in Index Bloat. Too many indices glitch this feature on a page, and this will be a useful reference point for what indices should be de-indexed or at the very least de-emphasized.

Future/Sporadic projects

  • Sorting through the Web Animation page and moving the lot of the indexed works into appropriate year categories (save for the few that's around in the 90s); of course the web animators would still be indexed for all intents and purposes, and that list is abridged.
  • Making a recap page for the Classic Disney Shorts much like the one for Looney Tunes.
  • Making an animated shows section of American Series. I can't believe that American cartoon series aren't indexed the way animated films are.
  • Going through media subpages under Recap, making sure the entries actually are summaries.
  • Namespace combing for indexing/cleanup purposes. Already took care of Advertising/ and Animation/, and am trying to find what to do next.
    • Doing a second combing of the Music/ namespace. There may be some entries that seeped through the cracks since my last one, and I'm also focusing on indexing the labels the various acts were signed into. Stalled for enough time that I'm gonna start again from scratch soon.
  • Creating pages for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductees without a page so far. I have created a couple for bands that I am at least familiar with. There are a few more like this, but also doing research on acts I'm not familiar with should be fun.