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This is troper King Kix('s) new account. If you know who I was before, good for you. For newcomers: i'm a 19-year-old anime/cartoon enthusiast who made a blog and makes friends on TV tropes. I also love Splatoon and Wonderful 101. If you wanna know more about me, or just be my friend, let's chat!

Threads I've created:

Personal: [No longer fat. Now 185 lbs]

All Men Are Perverts: Don't be surprised when you see me watching Hen Tai and Ec Chi. Did I forget to mention that I love High School Dx D?

Badass Bookworm: I don't usually like reading for fun, but i'm the best reader in my classes, and the best speller at home.

Berserk Button: No wireless service, Sexist, racist, and homophobic jerkasses who find fans of something childish, Sometimes family.

Big Eater: Way more than my mom, at least

Big Good: My friends and family think of me as a gentle giant.