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May the RNG be ever in your favor. (logo by dave_the_assassin)

"Only at the Trope Games can you find a snowman killing an intelligent, apex-predator dinosaur with some C4."
Dark Destruction, after Chilly had used an explosive to kill off Indominus Rex and Rolf in OG Season 33.

The Hunger Games Simulation is a play-by-post game on the TV Tropes Forum Games subsection, launched by Arcada 188, and it's Exactly What It Says on the Tin: a simulator of The Hunger Games by brantsteele. The Original Generation hosted 250 seasons and saw more than 5000 unique "tributes" (combatants) participating. The Reboot, titled Beyond the Possibilities, was launched by The Gamechanger.

The mechanics are pretty complicated, but still simple enough for newer users. Players nominate up to two characters as tributes eachnote , then once a sufficient amount has been reached (up to a maximum of 200 as of Season 258 or after 24 hours of nominating tributes, whichever comes first), a chosen player "runs" the simulator. Once they have a "good save"note , they screenshot it and send both the screens and the save privately to the host of the season, who will then narrate the events of the season to the other users in several updates, usually ranging around 2 - 4 days in real life. Starting from OG Season 12 onwards, players can also suggest custom events.

Anyone can join, but please note that usage of the Text-Formatting Rules, especially the escape sequence ([==]) is very recommended (if not outright mandatory) to help everyone, due to problems rising from broken events and others throughout the HGS history.

After the end of each season, the top three contestants and the most murderous are placed in the Hall of Fame for future reference. The HGS Wiki and HGS Databases, which document every single tribute submitted along with other stats, can be found here for the Wiki, here for the Database Stats, here for the Database OG, and here for the Database Reboot.OG Status  Reboot Status 

A Spin-Off thread where the players are free to run their own seasons can be found here. The Loose Canon RP Spin-Off, titled Convergence, can be found here. A Recap page for Convergence can be found here, as well as a discussion thread here.

On October 31st, 2019, It was announced that Convergence will be rebooted into a new RP continuing after the events of the original. The new RP, titled Another Side Another Story, can be found here, with its recap page here.

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    Save Runner Guidelines 
  1. No saves with an early arena event. These tend to wipe out an absurdly large number of tributes in the first few days, causing seasons to either end quickly or drag on with a few tributes left and low death rates in between.
  2. invokedAbsolutely NO saves in which children or underage characters in general are involved in squicky/NSFW events. The save must be re-run, and if it has to be posted on the thread as a gag save, then it must be tagged with a Content Warning. Tributes who don't look their age and/or are nonhuman are not excused.

This Forum Game provides examples of: