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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: When one of the players introduced the Snowclone Soldiers back in OG Season 247, they intended to create mass-produced NPCs built with the DNA of fallen tributes, something that would be out of place by HGS standards. But as it turns out, the original Hunger Games novel does have creatures built with the DNA of fallen tributes serving as Mooks, in the form of Wolf Mutts.
  • Actor Allusion:
    • In the post-season gag save of OG Season 213, a re-enactment of Finding Nemo took place, with Azmuth as Dory and Quess Paraya as Nemo. The one who played Marlin? None other than Nemo himself. note 
    dave_the_assassin: "...I guess now he knows what Marlin felt when Dr. Sherman unwittingly kidnapped him."
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • The 100th season of the Original Generation was celebrated by having 24 of the Tropers who play the game participate in the Games itself. The 200th was also celebrated this way, but with 36 Tropers insteadnote . Same with the 50th Reboot seasonnote , but with some of the Tropers' favorite tributes (and President Snow) as reserves being added to the mix.
    • The 1st anniversary of the game was celebrated in OG Season 146 by letting the players renominate their very first (and second) set of tributesnote .
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    • The 2nd Anniversary was celebrated in OG Season 228 like the previous one. However, the tributes allowed were extended to include some old favorites for those who chose not to send in their first and/or second sets.
    • The 3rd Anniversary was celebrated in Reboot Season 44 the same way as the two previous ones. Ironically, it was hosted by The Meme Man, one of the newer players at the time.
    • The 1st Reboot Anniversary was celebrated in Reboot Season 59. However, it was more unofficial as most tributes weren't the nominators' first tributes. Also, it infamously suffered from a long delay because it was originally and ironically ran by a new player that time.
  • Missing Episode: Due to Postimg changing their domain from .org to .cc on April 12, 2018, some seasons in the Original Generation are either missing some or all of their pictures due to their links being broken.note  As a result, all the seasons in the Reboot are required to have Imgur pics as backup.
    • Narrowly averted with OG Seasons 102, 110, 116, and 141. All of their pics broke after Postimg's domain name change, but they were eventually restored five days later.
  • Old Shame: Some tropers have something they're not proud of during their tenure in HGS, however long and short it is. It usually involves a Season they ran or hosted.
    • Troper No. 9001 was responsible for OG Season 87, which was very controversial after its Day 1 Arena Event, which saw the phantom of Mahatma Gandhi creating a massacre, leaving almost all tributes dead (that's a record breaking 39 tributes). It didn't help that the season was a Murderers' Death Battle, which took some time to be set up due to how the participants were determinednote . Early Arena Events with high death tolls have been banned ever since.
    • Mk_97 would rather have it if you don't mention that he accidentally spoiled the results of OG Season 137 at the very beginning of the season, thank you very much.
    • A non-hosting one, but Hydraloonie had one during the nomination period before OG Season 214 where he named his tributes (Frank Grimes and Erector) "Podium Finisher" and "Mass Murderer" as a dumb joke. He was rightfully called out for that and his tributes were disqualified as a result.
    • VengefulBale would rather not talk about Reboot Season 3, where he sent two saves in which he missed problematic events, causing the season to be delayed further. Luckily he eventually found a good save and sent it.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Following a massive amount of drama that spread to TV Tropes, Mhazard was banned from not just HGS, but also banned from the site. As a result, a reserve (Mr. Godzilla) was set to take his place, and Reboot Season 100 was delayed as a result.
  • Schedule Slip: Some seasons miss some deadlines, and sometimes, a season goes from this to Development Hell. Same could be said when a season is ongoing, but the host stalls with the updates, usually due to real life interventions.
    • OG Season 82 was the first Halloween Episode, but it started the day after the holiday because players only started nominating tributes on the day itself.
    • Reboot Season 3 went for days without a runner. It all seemed to be ending when VengefulBale took up as runner, but things went downhill again when he failed to find a good save for an entire day and sent 2 saves with problematic events in a row. Luckily, he eventually found a good save that became the canon one.
  • Serendipity Writes the Plot: Reboot Season 7 had an interesting production. After VengefulBale had trouble running it, a co-runner was appointed. After having to ditch a save due to an undesirable event, they quickly found a better one. The season turned out to be a Wham Episode because it had Malware winning, further proving that the Ben 10 Cursenote  was exorcised from the OG, but what makes it more of one is that the Clean Savenote  was used by accident. For context, there were only three tributes who had to be watchlistednote , i. e. ensured that they don't get into Squicky events or disturbing pairings, so the regular save was originally used.
  • Throw It In!:
    • In OG Season 74, President Stalkeyes, the host, kept confusing Sora for the other Sora when he made jokes about him. Even if that mistake was pointed out, she decided to pretend that the tributes mistook No Game No Life!Sora for Kingdom Hearts!Sora as well.
    • In OG Season 171, Taco Badger nominated George Burns, but accidentally used Sour Cream's picture when he nominated him alongside "Ron", the intended Sour Cream clone. When the season started, Taco requested the host not to restart it to correct that mix-up because he found it funny.
    • Subverted in the production of Reboot Season 22, where Psychedelicate accidentally used the Clean Save for it, only for several romantic events to pop up, but decided to go through with it because there were no objectionable events/pairings. It turned out that it was a mislabeled regular save instead.
  • Troubled Production:
    • Reboot Season 2 was almost a disaster on two separate occasions. After double-checking it, the original save that was sent in by dave_the_assassin had to be thrown out because of an undesirable event involving a child tribute that was accidentally missed. Dave had difficulty finding a new save after that, so co-runners were appointed. One of them nearly sent in what they thought was a good save, but it's a good thing that they didn't, because before sending it in, they noticed that the final fatal event of the save had an incorrect death order, which would've made two tributes have to switch for 3rd and 4th place.note  Fortunately, though, they found an actual good save not long after that which would end up being the canon Reboot Season 2.
    • Reboot Season 59 also went through trouble in its production. After a new runner was appointed over another who was also new, but intended to run, as both of them were appointed by Billy 5545, the runner went on Discord and leaked the save after running it by not knowing about the systemnote . After Dave got the second save and planned to screen it, he didn't do it, revealing he had RL issues when Billy decided to PM him few days later about the delay. After this, Billy found an inappropriate event when screening, forcing him to take over running. After struggling over the regular save for hours and with many saves (In fact, he sent two which both had inappropriate events to Zanreo), he gave up with it and switched to clean save. All in all, the hiatus took almost a week since the end of Season 58, and two days late from the 1st Reboot Anniversary date.
    • Reboot Season 64 ended up having both the host and the runner replaced. The former was originally Inactive Troper 19, but after a save sent by him turned out to be invalid, Billy took his place as an emergency. The host was supposed to be Tabby Girl 4, but Billy also replaced her after a period of inactivity caused by internet restrictions.
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