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  • As a general rule, this applies to every season winner, as they have lasted long enough and made enough kills to cement themselves as the sole survivor. Bonus points if, during their run, they managed to score a kill on a tribute that canonically eclipses them in pure power.
    • On that note, any tribute who wins the season, or at least places very high, without killing anyone. These tributes tend to survive for a long time without getting caught up in any fatal encounters - which, given how murderous the tributes tend to be, is a rather impressive feat.

     Original Generation 


  • Detective Gamechanger outsmarting Valecor between Season 51 and 52 while fighting him, by using a special device that trapped Valecor with a net, before the drones in it drilled into him and drained all his newfound powers. This also allowed Detective Gamechanger to free himself from Valecor's pocket dimension.
  • Timewrecker's defeat, after a long time of being a massive jackass to everyone and being a Karma Houdini, he gets what he deserves when Genesis, the Nominators and Dark Dave succesfully trap him and his army in an endless loop of deaths, turning his time powers against him.


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