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The Cornucopia is Bigger on the Inside.
  • That's why giant tributes and absurdly large group tributes can fit.

The various President Snows who constantly die and generally interact with the tributes in certain custom events are actually body doubles/android lookalikes/clones of the real deal.
  • It's as good of an explanation for his borderline Joker Immunity as any.
  • This is actually the case in Convergence, where they are indeed Snowclones.

     Original Generation 
Flowey was controlling Papyrus offscreen in Seasons 169 and 213.
  • Which was why Papyrus killed his brother Sans in the former season and showed no remorse for it. He was then revealed to be the devil in the latter, and it's possible that said devil might be the evil flower.

Season 246 is a prequel to all of the seasons where Ben 10 tributes were nominated.
  • The Curse itself was nominated there, corrupted by Dream!Punisher's Omnicidal Maniac tendencies and eventually won the season, which would explain why Ben 10 tributes tended to perform poorly in the OG seasons.

Lambie was possessed by Lord Farquaad's ghost, who was out for revenge.
  • Farquaad was an all-around Jerkass even in the simulator, so it makes sense that his vengeful ghost chose a vessel to use and win the season through.

The Lambie seen in Season 249 wasn't her canon incarnation.
  • Instead, it was just another toy lamb who happened to resemble her, but unlike Canon!Lambie, she was a Chucky-esque psychopath with memory loss.

After having his soul absorbed by Rose Quartz in Season 22, Trevor attempted to pull a Grand Theft Me on her, hence why she continued slipping further into Adaptational Villainy.
  • And given that she quickly tossed aside her pacifistic ideals and got straight to killing not long after fellow Crystal Gem Pearl saved her from death in Season 26's Bloodbath, Trevor likely seized the opportunity to take over Rose's body and wreak some short-lived havoc before meeting a karmic end at Olympe Maxime's hands.


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