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Memes / Hunger Games Simulation

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  • The 4th place curse. Explanation 
  • The Aang treatment. Explanation 
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  • The Ben 10 curse. Explanation 
  • The Caleb and/or Shanoa curse. Explanation 
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  • Fashion Officer FelixExplanation 
  • Finding Nemo and improbable weapon usage. Explanation 
  • The first rule of the Hunger Games is: you do not question the logic of the Hunger Games. The second rule of the Hunger Games is: you.... Explanation 
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  • The My Hero Academia curse. Explanation 
  • Oof, sigh, le sigh, Alas, poor X, and X, I am disappoint. Explanation 
  • President Snow. Explanation 
  • The Red Squadron wins everything. Explanation 
  • Ron. Explanation 
  • Steel chairs. Explanation 
  • Steven's Knife is canon.Explanation 
  • The V Incident. Explanation 

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