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Awesome / City of Lost Characters

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  • Day 4: A Moment of Awesome for the GM: Vendral the dragon, the day's boss, is attacked by several people in midair, and seemingly tries to escape by flying into the clouds. He then proceeds to light the paper clouds ablaze and burn Koishi, Lune, Cole, and Rex to a crisp. The only reason Ben wasn't burnt as well is because he was Diamondhead at the time.
  • Day 6: Rick feeding Morty spinach, thus causing him to channel Popeye. With spectacular results.
    • Earlier that day, Ben took on Bill Cipher...and won.
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  • Day 9: Miss Tairee finally gets to do something by saving Sans and Caro during their fight with Old Feather Beak by throwing a supersonic book from the library, which does enough damage to the demon to allow Ara/Eun to kill him.
  • One for the player of the Grinch, who joined on Day 13: every single one of his posts are in Dr. Seuss-style rhyme.
  • Miss Tairee evicts Ghostfreak from the trapping him in a minuscule bubble and throwing it outside with such force to cause a sonic boom, making him one Audible Gleam short of being a Twinkle In The Sky.
  • Caro gives a "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Brother Marcus, and then stands up to him by trying to trap him while he's fighting Kelsey on Day 16.

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