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Awesome / The Good The Bad And The Spandex II

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You have to admit it—in this Fantasy Kitchen Sink world, lots of ideas from lots of genres are allowed to exist. This has given rise to some seriously Crazy Awesome moments.

  • The Aldawin fight. There were many heroes working together in tandem to save Easton from zombies. The final moment in which Aldawin got incinerated by Ryan's nuclear blast was awesome to behold.
  • The Angra Mainyu fight. Before Marah got to the crown to unseal Angra Mainyu, Magpie sounded the alarm. Then, when the fight started, Dexter shows up and distributes light-rifles to fight the daevas. Ryan channels Atar flames and kaiju bears were involved. It ends with Angra Mainyu re-sealed and Dexter forgiving Marah.
  • The fight at the heist. Although it started badly, with Magpie blasted apart by Rick (taking the hits meant for Layla), and exploded by Black Knight's energy disruptor sword, she used her energy form to track Black Knight when he turned invisible when his wheels formed tracks through Magpie's energy on the floor. Then she made strings out of her energy to tangle his wheels and trip him up.
    • After Rick threatens Layla with some very unseemly things, Magpie has a Heroic Second Wind to try and cram her energy form down Rick's throat.
    • Yoko is finally shown to have used her foxfire properly, as lightning instead of fire.
    • Ryan's Big Damn Heroes moment near the end, blasting Rick away, also counts.
  • Ophelia's team up with Jumping Bean against Druj Nasu. Ophelia doesn't stand for Nasu's nonsense at all, and Jumping Bean gets a divine power-up to fight Nasu with.
  • The White Rook fight. First, Kyle holds his own quite admirably while Goldrush, Wilma, and Setsuko arrive. Goldrush goes in for a high speed punch, Wilma charges in on a paper horse and tilts at White Rook with a paper lance, and then Setsuko arrives and manages to hurt White Rook with a whack across the chest with the Ruyi Jingu Bang.
    • Magpie and Siren also deserve a mention. Keeping watch over the Moon residence ever since Magpie thought there was something strange about White Rook's human form knocking on the door and dragged Siren into it, Magpie gets steaming mad (literally) and climbs on White Rook's back to try and stab his single eye out. Siren unleashes a great sonic boom at the nefarious robot.
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    • White Rook deserves a mention. He destroys Kyle's house, catches Goldrush and throws him at Siren's sonic boom, catches Magpie's rapier and slams her down, is barely budged by Wilma's lance, and it takes the arrival of Setsuko, a godling, to get him to beat a hasty retreat—but not before leaving behind a whole bunch of marble-sized bombs.
    • The way the bombs were dealt with. Magpie opens a hideaway hatch in the ground and Wilma makes a lot of mice from her horse to carry the bombs into the hideaway. It ends up working and Wilma plasters her lance over the holes in the hatch to make sure the fumes don't get out.
  • Wilma starting a sing-along in her school's cafeteria to convey a message of solidarity to the students and to send a defiant message to the Dream Eaters.
    • Later, she gets Ranvald, a Weaponmaster hunting her for his rite of passage, to agree to a truce by holding herself hostage.
    • She kills a Dream Eater that latched onto her arm with a dragon sock-puppet by having it breathe fire down its throat.
      • Ranvald slaughters loads of Dream Easters in the same fight.
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  • The Weaponmasters of Alqobia. They're 10-15 ft. tall psycho Green Lantern Vikings from outer space and they kill gods for sport.
  • Jumping Bean makes the sky open up and rain the cure to the pestilence with a dramatic ritual. Azi Dahaka manages to crash the ritual and make it open up the gates to the Heavens. The towers drag down and kill many yazatas, which suits Azi's plan to be the sole god just fine.
    • Then, Azi Dahaka teleports JB into a nearby grave, her gourd into his lab, and her sword into a building wall. What does JB do? She ascends and becomes a Xian. Then she flies back to the scene.
    • Azi Dahaka manages to abscond after needling and annoying the heroes some more, in an act of true Magnificent Bastardry.
  • JB and her gang then go back to Easton to fight the Emperor, who wants to consume a fallen yazata. Magpie and Wilma welcome the extra assistance and they deliver a Curb-Stomp Battle to the Emperor with other heroes. He gets impaled on Setsuko's staff, Mud Snake is torn apart by Red Tiger and Black Wolf with the help of Inkwell, and Red Bean is promptly knocked out.
  • Wilma is scared of the giant Anti-Creator statue in the Dreamscape. What does she do? She flips the thing off, swears at it, and vandalizes it ("EVICTION NOTICE") for good measure.
    • Later, Ranvald is challenged to face the hordes of Dream Eaters alone, but Setsuko refuses it and stands with him.
  • Every scene that Beatrix Dragon/Blüdlass stars in involves some degree of Rule of Cool and awesomeness. See here and here for examples.
  • The Lurker manages to survive the end of the universe, going through untold pain in the process, and what does it do when it returns to Easton? Start warning people. The Lurker's spirit hasn't been broken, even after everything it's gone through, and it's still trying to help people. Of course, this makes sense, since the Lurker is actually an iteration of Wilma, who's one of the most willful heroes out there.
    • The fact that Wilma's glasses and braids survive the end of the universe is a CMOA for them and may count as a CMOF.
  • The Battle of Kayden. The Lurker leads a squad to defend Kayden, opposed by the Anti-Creator's minions. They actually seem to be somewhat evenly matched...before Galatea shows up. Then, the battle immediately goes downhill for the Lurker's team.
    • What happens next is even more crazy. At the darkest hour, Loe, the Kaydenites' goddess of light, teleports Kayden and its solar system into a pocket dimension with Narnia Time to allow it time to "lick its wounds." And then it gets teleported straight into the Library's basement. And fits inside.
  • Alice. Just Alice. A girl so mad, she's able to warp reality and create a Wonderland for herself. She may be the most powerful Inspired who hasn't fallen to Madness, and may be fully immune to the negative effects of Madness due to her unique circumstances.
    • However, it's taken a lot of trauma for Alice to gain her abilities, so when Wonderland is being overrun by Guilt, Wilma marches straight in, strikes a deal with her own Madness, and manages to take a potion of the Guilt that weighs on Alice's shoulders, saving her. This was just after the climactic battle on Kayden.

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