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i really love gorillaz

Hey. I'm The White Wolf, but you can call me White, Okami (what I go by on Discord) or Mel (shortened form of my real name). I'm 18 and a high school graduate, though my grades were so bad I doubt I'll be able to get into a decent college. I'm American but my mom is from Mexico so I'm half Hispanic too. I have been a user on TV Tropes since 2015, though I wouldn't call myself a "veteran" (since there are users on here who have joined way before I did and the fact that I'm not exactly prominent). My interests include drawing, writing, sleeping and doing nothing noteworthy. I'm a fan of Steven Universe, Pink Floyd, Gorillaz, Tyler, the Creator, Childish Gambino/Donald Glover, Kendrick Lamar, Tame Impala, Lil Peep, Post Malone, Invader Zim, The Simpsons and Futurama (varied tastes, I know). I like eldritch monsters and black clothing and makeup too. I'm also currently obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. No, I'm not a boy, I'm a girl. I'm also a vegetarian but I don't go preaching to people about it and I in no way support groups like PETA.


basically im sad teen goth wannabe


  • Political views: Haha just kidding I'm not listing them. But basically I have progressive views I'd say
  • Religious beliefs: None. I don't believe in any afterlife or god. I don't think some weird ass deity created the universe and I know that life evolved on its own. Basically I consider myself an atheist, but I have been Jewish, Christian and a Buddhist in the past. Despite my atheism I do still celebrate holidays like Christmas, just in a secular manner. And I'm a humanist and support animal welfare/rights, as well.
  • Sexuality: Either lesbian or pansexual, not sure which. I was certain I was pansexual for years, but I have been questioning my sexuality again, recently.

My Top Five Favorite The Simpsons Characters:

  1. Moe
  2. Chalmers
  3. Sideshow Bob
  4. Principal Skinner
  5. Cecil Terwilliger/Raphael the Sarcastic Guy (tied)

My favorite color is navy blue, my favorite ice cream flavor is tied between mint chocolate chip and cookies & cream, my favorite food is cucumber and my favorite thing to drink is red wine.

The only tv shows I enjoy are The Eric Andre Show, Key and Peele, Chapelle's Show, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job and Monty Python's Flying Circus

My favorite anime are Frasier, Cory in the House, Seinfeld, Friends. Please ask me about my taste in Japanese animation

i really love gorillaz

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