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A troper who really likes rubber ducks. QUACK!
You can call me Smily. I've had the username for around 7 or 8 years now. I hail from Lincoln - The one in England - and I'm a quacking good digital artist.

For those who are curious to other matters concerning me, a Misc. section is now under construction.

Tropes I feel apply to me


My Interests


Western Animation

  • Adventure Time - The humour Finn and Jake bring is not something that can be easily replicated, y'know?
  • Craig O' Da Creek - There's something entertaining about a trio of kids trying to have fun in a creek, y'know?
  • .ylgnisirprus ,ot etaler nac I otirod nwo rieht tog ev'yehT - sllaF ytivarG
  • Rick's Show - I like the dynamic shown between the titular duo.
  • Steven Universe - It's what inspired me to make my first OC, so yay for that! And also +1 Dorito.
  • Fruit Stories - I actually collected the DV Ds - even the old classics such as "Josh and the Big Wall".


  • BFDI/BFDIA/IDFB/BFB - I like how each character is animated differently, which makes them more unique!
  • Dream's Manhunt Series - Not only have I watched his manhunt episodes, but I've also helped work on his TV Tropes page. That says a lot, y'know.
  • Epithet Erased - What do I like about it? Let me ask you something: "What do you NOT like about it?".
  • SMG4 - I like laughing my head off at their videos. Ya can't go wrong with a good meme! :3

     Video Games 

Other Details

     Miscellaneous Information 

The Actual Miscellaneous Info:

  • Troper Types: The Aspiring Writer, The Huge Fan and Trope Browser.
    • Why did I specify these three? Well, here's why:
      • Aspiring Writer: I've already created around a dozen OCs - Which are filed under the BY-SA V3 Creative Commons license, so go nuts with them - and even a Fanfic. So naturally I'd be this kind of Troper, because I've done all that!
      • The Huge Fan: This is more of a Downplayed thing, since I don't get too excited about things I'm a fan of, but do expect me to show shades of Fandom-Enraging Misconception at times, since I do get defensive when it comes to certain specific things, k?
      • Trope Browser: My very first Type when I first joined TV Tropes. I pretty much wanted to familiarise myself with the terminology used here when I first joined, but then added the other two as time went on.
  • When it comes to the Zodiacs, I'm a Gemini with the stars, and a Snake with the Chinese.
  • I like comedic stuff the most - 'cuz I like to laugh my head off.
    • What comes second to humour is good animation - And as a art student, I can tell what's low-quality animation and what's not more easily than others.
  • Favourite colour? Yellow, of course!
    • Green comes second, followed by PURPLE!
  • Top three Favourite Pokemon:
  1. Swampert
  2. Reuniclus
  3. Ludicolo!
  • Favourite Pokemon Generation is Kalos - Je ne parle par francais.
  • Least Favourite Pokemon? Don't have one!
  • Currently learning multiple languages - I'm fluent in German, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Polish, Danish and Swedish. My native language? British English.

Threads I've started

     Favourite Tropes 
  • Achievements in Ignorance - It's usually pretty funny to see this happen.
  • Exact Words - I love using this one, as it helps me get around things at times.
  • Loophole Abuse - I will NEVER abuse them, EVER! But I will use them, just not ABUSE them.
  • Rule Zero - My favourite way to shut down loopholes, as I will always ensure that I obey those who have been given authority through this.

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