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Linda Lee, Lois Lane, Lana Lang, Lex Luthor, Lena Luthor, Lori Lemaris, Lara Lor-Van... There's no escape, Superman.

"I'm Penny Parker. You can remember that 'cause it's got the same letter at the front of each name. That's important theatrically, you know."
Penny Parker, MacGyver (1985), "Every Time She Smiles"

In Real Life an alliterative name is a name in which the first and last names begin with the same sound. In more extreme cases, this can also include the middle name.

Giving a character an alliterative name is one of many ways a writer can make a name more interesting and catchy, which in turn makes the character more memorable to the audience. This is especially important in works with Loads and Loads of Characters, where extra help is needed to differentiate between them.

In comic books, this is especially true of the names of Super Heroes or their close hangers-on. It was a favorite tool of Stan Lee's, since, swarmed with projects, he often had trouble remembering the characters' names, and the alliteration worked as a mnemonic device. (Though it didn't always work perfectly — Lee occasionally referred to "Peter Palmer" and "Bob Banner".)


Of note to writers: Overusing this trope dilutes its effect, particularly if multiple characters have the same starting letters in their names.

A variation consists of downplaying the alliteration by having a prefix before the surname. Such as "Alice McAllister" or "Bob O'Brien".

In comic books, the Alliterative Name is often also Two First Names. In cartoons, it goes hand-in-hand with Species Surname.

See Alliterative Title, for work titles that do this.

Please note that Japanese names, though many may seem alliterative to an English-speaking audience, may not convey the same "alliterative power" in their original setting; syllables (and vowel sounds) matter more than letters in Japanese.

While Truth in Television, Real Life examples are way more common than it is in fiction and hasn't a significant relevance to be added here. On the other hand, real-life examples for Alliterative Families are allowed as it is way less common.


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  • The Cheetos mascot Chester Cheetah.

    Asian Animation 
  • The primary antagonist of Happy Heroes Season 8 is named Huo Haha.
  • Pakdam Pakdai has two examples:
    • The main character is named Doggy Don.
    • Nana the narrator, which is likely an unintentional example.
  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf features an alliterative location name. Green Green Grassland repeats the letter "G".
  • Simple Samosa:
    • The protagonist's full name is, in fact, Simple Samosa.
    • Samosa's rival, Cham Cham, has his full name revealed to be Cham Cham Chakraboty in the episode "Sollid Survival".
  • The Big Bad of ViR: The Robot Boy is named Mad Max.

    Comic Strips 

    Fan Works 

    Film — Animation 
  • An American Tail: Tony Toponi, which doubles as a Bilingual Bonus name, meaning "Tony mouse" in Italian.
  • Barry B. Benson from Bee Movie.
  • Big Hero 6 has Hiro Hamada, which was changed from Hiro Takachiho.
  • The Cars series films has Axle Accelerator, Aiken Axler, Bernie Banks, Bruce Boxmann, Benny Brakedrum, Bruiser Bukowski, Bertha Butterswagen, Chuck Choke Cables, Charlie Checker, Chief Chick, Cora Copper, Kathy Copter, Dirkson D'Agostino, Derek "Decals" Dobbs, Galloping Goose, Green Gremlin, Hank Hallsum, Hudson Hornet, Kimura Kaizo, Miles "Meattruck" Malone, Mach Matsuo, Matthew McCrew, Marlon McKay, Misti Motorkrass, Piccolo Perry, Polly Puddlejumper, Petrol Pulaski, Rod Redline, Rusty RustEze, Sarah Safestreet, Timothy "Timezone" Truecoat, Tony Trihull, Timothy Twostroke, and Valerie Veate.
  • Cats Don't Dance: Darla Dimple.
  • Only applies in Home with Gratuity Tucci's nickname- Tip Tucci.
  • Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III from How to Train Your Dragon.
  • The title character of Megamind, as well as his nemesis Metro Man and Love Interest Roxanne/Roxie Ritchie. The latter may be a nod to Lois Lane, given their similarities. There's also Music Man, so that Metro Man could keep the "MM" logo.
  • Mr. Peabody & Sherman has Penny Peterson.
  • Prince John in Robin Hood is apparently fond of alliterative nicknames. He creates at least five of them for Sir Hiss ("silly serpent", "reluctant reptile", "cowardly cobra", "aggravating asp" and "procrastinating python") and has one for Friar Tuck ("corpulent cleric").
  • Treasure Planet: Dr. Delbert Doppler.
  • Roger Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit.
  • Wreck-It Ralph has Wreck-It Ralph, Fix-It Felix Jr and King Candy.note  Felix is the only one with the same letters, but all three manage an alliterative sound.

    Film — Live-Action 


  • Billy Bragg: He used to be known as Steve Bragg, but William was his middle name and he decided Billy was a better name for a singer.
  • Two Dark Angel vocalists: Don Doty and Ron Rinehart.
  • Mike Mangini of Dream Theater.
  • Eminem, whose real name is "Marshall Mathers" and the origin of the "Eminem" moniker.
  • Pale Saints drummer Chris Cooper.
  • Suede: "Metal Mickey" and Bernard Butler.
  • Sufjan Stevens.

  • In Norse Mythology, Loki is generally referred to as "Loki Laufeyjarson." This is interesting because Laufey was the name of his mother, while his father was called Fárbauti. Most scholars assume that the Norse poets gave him a matronymic simply for the alliteration, as pretty much every other character uses their father's name.
    • This actually makes some sense in the context of modern Icelandic use of the naming convention, the parents will usually go with whichever of their names sounds better when paired with -son and -dottir, so alliteration is likely a perfectly valid reason for Loki to be referred to that way, assuming the tradition held from an older one.

  • Played with: No Good Gofers has two characters named Bud and Buzz.
  • Gottlieb's Tee'd Off has Gunther Gophernote 
  • The pop bumpers in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Data East), according to a flyer, are called "Bronco Bumpers".
  • In addition to the name of White Water itself, many of the in-game locations have alliterative names, such as Disaster Drop, Boomerang Bend, and Wet Willie's River Ranch.

    Puppet Shows 
  • The Muppet Show: The Great Gonzo (but is usually just called "Gonzo").
    • Rizzo the Rat, who doesn't appear in the series proper, but later appears in some of the movies and TV specials.
  • Oobi: Frieda the Foot.
  • Sesame Street: Big Bird.
    • And Baby Bear.

  • Dawn of a New Age: Oldport Blues features multiple characters with alliterative names, such as Edward Eisen, Finn Flannagan, Jae Jung, and Sebastian Smith, which fits with the overall comic-book inspiration of the roleplay. Sebastian notes that while his name isn't particularly fancy, it does sound good for an aspiring author.
  • In DC: United We Stand, in addition to the canon characters with alliterative names, we also have Detective Warren White.
  • The League of Intergalactic Cosmic Champions has Rocket Ranger, Crimson Crossbow, Tammy Tembar...
  • Survival of the Fittest has this in SPADES: Aiden Ambrose, Waldo Woodrow, Paris Persphone, Adam Amato, Andi Ayala, Brendan Bedard, Christian Cohen, Debrah and Deliah Dollop, Wade Wilson (not THAT Wade Wilson (but not entirely NOT that Wade Wilson)), Nicholas Nutbrown, Mary McKay, Denise Dupuis, Branca "IT'S A STEAK" Braunstein, Jessica Jones, Bobby Barron, Jonathan Jarocki, Christoper Carlson (a self-insert of Cody Cromarty, his handler), Mike Maszer, Mike Moretti, Gary Griffith, Joss "Jojo" Joiner, Carla Conners, Frankie Fiametta, and Miranda Merchant.

    Tabletop Games 
  • Sentinels of the Multiverse, being inspired by superhero comics, has its share of these, both in civilian identities and in codenames.
    • America's Finest Legacy is Paul Parsons VIII (yes, the eighth). His daughter Pauline Parsons prefers to go by her middle name of Felicia, but then adopts the civilian alias of Felicia Fields (since the Parsons family's connection to the Legacy line is public knowledge, and by this time, she's taken up the mantle as America's Newest Legacy).
    • The Wraith is Maia Montgomery.
    • Anthony Drake is the Argent Adept, Virtuoso of the Void. The Virtuosos are a long line of magical musicians, and they have all had alliterative titles.
    • Hugh Lowsley is Captain Cosmic.
    • Portja Kir-Pro is Sky-Scraper.
    • On the villainous side of things, Ivan Ramonat is Baron Blade.
    • Minor villain Heartbreaker is Tony Taurus.
    • Sergeant Steel's real name is Jack Steel. His subordinate, Becky Blast, also qualifies.
    • The identity of Glamour has been held by a few different characters throughout Sentinel Comics' fictional history, and no fewer than three of them qualify:
      • The first one was Madame Marjorie Mittermeier, creator of Madame Mittermeier's Fantastical Festival of Conundrums and Curiosities.
      • The second one came about because a writer needed to use Glamour's real name for something, couldn't remember it, and was unwilling or unable to look it up. "Well, it's something with M's... Melissa... Morris... yeah, that's it!" The Sentinel Comics editors didn't catch the mistake until it was too late to do anything about it, and eventually decided that Madame Mittermeier was still around and allowing Melissa Morris to use the name for whatever reason.
      • When Melissa Morris was found murdered in the 1980s, it was unclear for a while who was using the Glamour name now. The answer was eventually revealed to be Aislin Allen, who had been the hero The Shrieker for a brief time in the '50s (in fact, part of the original Freedom Four/Freedom Five) before being basically forgotten when that team fell apart.
    • Other alliteratively named characters or groups include Professor Pollution, the Green Grosser, the Crackjaw Crew, and the Southwest Sentinels.


  • A set of 1960s astronaut action figures:
    • The leader, "Major Matt Mason, Mattel's Man in Space,"
    • Lieutenant Long, whose given name is Jeff, though.
    • Sergeant Storm
    • Civilian astronaut Doug Davis
  • In the Monster High world, there's:
    • Jackson Jekyll
    • Holt Hyde
    • Scarah Screams

    Web Animation 
  • Homestar Runner: Strong Sad, Pom Pom, Perry Palaroncini & Peacey P. And Stop Sign, Stom Stom, Sickly Sam, Rumble Red, Pan Pan, Szechuan Steve, The Teach, The Thnikkaman, Moth Mouth, Brett Bretterson, Bill Bellamy, Sir Hotbod Handsomeface, Wireless Wizard, Ogg Oggerson, Flash Fight, and Fox Face. Thank you, HRWiki.
  • RWBY: Ruby Rose, Blake Belladonna, Glynda Goodwitch, Peter Port, Penny Polendina, Arslan Altan and Melanie and Miltia Malachite.

    Web Original 

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