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A superhero comic that has run in OWL since September 2018. It is written and drawn by Jay Stephens.

Cody Meekis is an ordinary student who one day discovers a high-tech suit buried in a construction site. The suit gives its wearer the powers of flight, telekinesis, and infra-red vision. Cody shares the discovery with his best friend Del Dixon. Together they restore the suit to working condition and, adopting the shared superhero identity of Arrowhead, test out the powers of the suit. Del's sister Deena overhears them talking about the suit, and confronting Cody with the knowledge, gets him to let her try it out. She shares her own discovery: a time travel device that was buried near the suit. From then on, she and Cody become the time-traveling superhero Arrowhead.

The comic's debut issue can be read online here.


Contains examples of:

  • Alliterative Name: Del and Deena Dixon, in the fashion of the superhero genre.
  • Collective Identity: Cody and Deena are both Arrowhead.
  • Stable Time Loop: In one comic, Cody sees a comic book character that looks like Arrowhead, so he travels back in time to ask the writer where he'd gotten the idea for his character. The writer tells him about seeing a strange figure in the woods as a boy. Cody jumps back to the time he'd specified, and sees a meteor heading towards town. As Arrowhead, he deflects the meteor, and is spotted in the aftermath by a group of children, one of which would grow up to be the writer; Cody-as-Arrowhead himself had been the writer's inspiration.
  • Time Machine: The "hop watch", as Deena calls it, lets the user jump to a time of their choosing.


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