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Alliterative Names in webcomics.

  • Angel Moxie: Riley Rosenbaum.
  • The Luminary of Light and the Director of Darkness from Apricot Cookie(s)!.
  • Everybody in Body World: Professor Paul Panther (though Peter Panther might suit him better), Pearl Peach, Lucy Lucido, Billy Borg, Gem Jewels, Johnny James (AKA Johnny Scarhead) and probably everyone else in Boney Borough.
  • Taken to the maximum with The Cartoon Chronicles of Conroy Cat.
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  • Referenced in Comedity, with Garth Graham and Larom Lancaster, in issue Origins #0. The main characters decide that, since they have alliterative names, this is an invitation to become superheroes.
  • Occurs occasionally in The Cyantian Chronicles with "Alpha Akaelae", which an inherited title as well as the name of the original/first Alpha Akaelae. Considering that the Akaelaes are a family of anthropomorphic wolves who rule a society of anthro wolves, using "Alpha" as a title makes a lot of sense.
  • In El Goonish Shive, there's Arthur J. Arthur. The writer joked that he likes to think the "J" stands for "Just". "As in Arthur. Just Arthur."
  • Quite a few in Everyday Heroes.
    • Mister Mighty's real name is Marion Mighty; his two younger brothers are Michael Mighty and Morrison Mighty (the latter two having no powers... "Mighty" is actually the family surname).
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    • Matt O'Morph is Matthew Murphy
    • The local chapter of VilAnon has Prof. Odin Odious and Dr. Winslow Weirdlike.
    • One of the neighbors is Glen Goode, who has two daughters Gloria and Greta.
  • General Protection Fault has Dwayne Duncan, Trudy Trueheart, Trent Terrell and Detective Carl Club.
  • Homestuck gives us Diamonds Droog and Spades Slick.
  • Kaiten Mutenmaru: Sick Solitude.
  • In Kevin & Kell, many examples have given names chosen to match their species-related surnames, such as Fenton Fuscus, Fiona Fennec and Tammy Tussock. Corrie was once known as "Dale Dewclaw" after reversing her given and family names while disguising herself as a wolf (an alias she was forced to keep up longer than she intended), and taking on Ralph's family name after she discovered that she was his daughter, but switched to "Corrie Dewclaw" after her friends found out she wasn't a wolf. Kevin was Kevin Kindle before he married Kell, which resulted in his family disowning him and him and his adopted daughter Lindesfarne taking on his wife's surname.
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  • Lackadaisy has plenty: Mitzi May, Rocky Rickaby, Sedgewick Sable (although he usually goes by Wick), Viktor Vasko, Dominic Drago, Serafine Savoy, and Bobby Bastion.
  • Luminary Children has Simone Summer, and technically, Cameron counts too, since her full name is Cameron Cameron.
  • Lord Ballister Blackheart from Nimona.
  • No Black Plume has one-shot character Lil' Lolita.
  • The Order of the Stick's Belkar Bitterleaf, Miko Miyazaki, Kazumi Kato, and Daigo Da-something.
  • Ozy and Millie: Millie's full name is Millicent Mehitabel Mudd.
  • Platypus Comix:
    • Keiki Kikilaka and Marie Magnolia from Keiki
    • Aerynn Arlia and Lululu Lopez from Electric Wonderland
    • Bottle Blonde from Princess Pi, plus the title character if you count "Princess" as part of her name
    • Fräulein Frankfurtress and Liz Lolly, two of the alter egos of Winnie Goodwin from Free Spirit
    • Additionally, the cartoonist himself has an Alliterative Name: Peter Paltridge.
  • Purple Pussy: Purple Pussy, Betty Bunny, Poopy Puppy... everyone pretty much.
  • In Rusty and Co., Prestige Perkins, practiced practitioner of practical prestidigitation.
  • Schlock Mercenary: Greatmother Kathlumira's flagship, Primus Pethmatoko.
  • So...You're A Cartoonist? has Persistent Pam and Curmudgeonly Carl.
  • Supernormal Step has two alliterative names: Sixth Ranger Hall Henderson and Friend in the Black Market Vic Valentine.
  • Synodic Reboot: Rennard Rush.
  • To Prevent World Peace: Multiple instances:
    • Avenging Angel, the leader of the magical girls in the Bad Future.
    • Tiffany's M.O. with all her sentient magitek of death... that isn't about death.
      Kendra: You can't leave me alone with that girl! She's crazy!
      Tiffany: Hi, Stevie the Shower! Hi, Linus the Light Bulb! WHOA!! Robbie the Rocket Pack!
      Chronos: Indeed, and you still haven't given me a convincing reason to stay.
      • Page 107: Subverted with has her cannons, which aren't given "C" names, but "B" names, like "Billy" and "Bobby". Although, it is never said precisely what kind of object they are, so it could still count.
      • Page 109: Doris the Death Ray.
  • Koon Aguero Agnis from Tower of God.


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