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Webcomic / Luminary Children

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"You are imprisoned because you are member of an illicit species called Luminary Children, because you used time travel and because you committed high treason!"
Korocassia, this page

Far in the future, time travel has been invented, but in the attempt of using it for good, humanity ended up destroying Earth to the point where there's no functioning economy and toxic fumes everywhere. However, the energy set free by the destroyed timelines was absorbed by some humans and humanoid creatures, who earned the ability to time travel without a device. In addition, everyone gets their own individual power. The Galactic Union, who rules over the universe, banned all time travel, and thus also all Luminary Children - in other words, they're hunted down to extinction.The story follows a boy named Conny Summer who finds out he is a Luminary Child after accidentally time travelling, and now has to escape the GU. He's not the only one, and there are some Luminary Children he teams up with, but some of them don't have too good intentions either...

The comic can be found on deviantArt, more precisely here. And yes, it is made in MS Paint. With a mouse.

This webcomic provides examples of: