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Characters / Grand Theft Auto IV - Ancelotti Crime Family

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This is the character sheet concerning the Ancelotti Crime Family of The Mafia in Grand Theft Auto IV and its downloadable expansions. For a full index of characters from the game, click here.

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    Giovanni Ancelotti 

Giovanni Ancelotti

Don of the Ancelotti Crime Family.

  • Abusive Parent: Borders on this when he refuses to believe his daughter is kidnapped until he gets a photo.
    • He STILL doesn't pay the ransom, though.
  • The Don
  • He Who Must Not Be Seen: Never appears once in The Ballad of Gay Tony despite his heavy involvement in the plot.
  • The Mafia
  • Parental Neglect: Won't pay the ransom for his daughter's kidnapping.

    Gracie Ancelotti 

Grace "Gracie" Ancelotti
Voiced by: Rebecca Benhayon

Giovanni Ancelotti's daughter. She is a client of Maisonette 9.

    Rocco Pelosi 

Rocco Pelosi
Voiced by: Greg Siff

A young soldato in the Ancelotti Crime Family collecting on Gay Tony's debts.

For tropes relating to his appearance in Grand Theft Auto V, see his entry in this character sheet.

    Vince Pelosi 

Vincenzo "Vince" Pelosi
Voiced by: John Tormey

Rocco Pelosi's uncle.


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