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Established in 1998, Method Studios is a large visual effects studio. Originally known for music videos and commercials (which they still do), the company got its first film with The Mexican. A sister studio, Company 3, was established one year prior. Methodnote  has since gained other post-production studios by the names of Beast Editorial, Encore, Level 3 Post, R!OT, EFilm and Rushes.

They were later bought by Post-production facility Deluxe Entertainment Services Group Inc.note ; which also owns animation studios Iloura and Oktobor Animation.

For the sake of simplicity, most credits by Method, Company 3 and most of the others will be listed below.

See also Moving Picture Company; another (albeit much less) complicated effects studio, and The Mill, another well-established commercial effects firm.


All notable credits are presented by studio in alphabetical order (both, by companies & projects):

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    Company 3 






    Level 3 Post 

    Method Studios 

    Oktobor Animation 


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