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My best friend.
I've been a lurker since 2012. I joined the site in December of 2015, but I didn't start editing regularly until March 23, 2018, when I made a bunch of edits to Irreconcilable Differences.

I can usually be found either aggressively Entry Pimping whatever TV show I happen to be watching at the moment or working to improve this site's coverage of autism fiction and teen idols.

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  • Arc Welding: Normally I can suspend disbelief in almost anything, but this tends to be too much even for me. Does everything have to be connected? Aren't things allowed to just happen?
  • Collateral Angst
  • Dysfunction Junction: This trope wouldn't bother me if it wasn't so overused. I can buy one maladjusted genius, but not entire squads full of them on multiple shows. It doesn't help that in most cases, the trauma doesn't inform the character at all - it's given the same weight as the fact that he plays violin or collects stamps. So why include it, if you aren't going to do anything with it?
  • Fanwork Ban: It really irritates me when creators try to stop something that benefits everyone, including the creators themselves, just because of some nebulous "value" like intellectual ownership that doesn't connect to anything in the real world.
  • Insane Equals Violent: More specifically, the version where a "mental illness" whose only symptom is zaniness is used to explain why a character's a criminal, with no effort to give the character an actual motive. I have a high tolerance for lazy writing, but come on.
  • Music Video pet peeves:
    • Talky Bookends and mid-vid skits that add up to more than about 30 seconds. (I'll make an exception if the talky parts are entertaining, like in the "Dream Police" video, but they rarely are.)
    • Performance videos full of crowd noise. Especially annoying if I've turned the volume up loud, and suddenly the audience is screaming in my ears.
    • Video Full of Film Clips. I can understand why this is done, but if I wanted to watch Dirty Dancing, I'd be watching Dirty Dancing, not a music video.
  • Neurodiversity Is Supernatural: If the only way someone can be different from the norm is if they're an alien or something, it makes the whole species less interesting.
  • The Profiler: Humans Do Not Work That Way!
  • Romantic Plot Tumor
  • Throwing Off the Disability: Especially if it's through Heroic Willpower, with lots of rhetoric about how the character's disability somehow protects him from reality and he's afraid to come out of his shell.
  • Token Romance
  • Tough Love (when portrayed sympathetically): The vast majority of examples I've seen are actually pretty abusive.
  • We Didn't Start the Führer: Humans seem practically engineered to commit atrocities - all the violence and cruelty of any other predator, plus the intelligence and sociality to do damage on a much larger scale than a shark or a bear. The idea that we need supernatural help to commit genocide is not only ridiculous to anyone who's ever opened a history book but also dangerous. The capacity for immense evil exists in all of us, and if we don't acknowledge it and take steps to avoid our ancestors' mistakes, history will repeat itself again and again and again.
  • Wet Blanket Wife
  • Whatever you call the trope where a bully, usually a relative, viciously torments the protagonist throughout the story, never displays a hint of remorse, and never faces the mildest consequence, and in the end the protagonist somehow gains the bully's respect and a temporary reprieve, which is treated as a happy ending when in fact the only happy ending would involve the bully being sent to military school (e.g. Home Alone, Colin Fischer, I Funny)
  • Autistic men portrayed as sexual harassers who don't understand that it's unacceptable to grab a woman's breasts or make sexual remarks, and his victims all instantly forgive him because the poor dear can't help it. Not only does this smear innocent autistic men as predators, it also gives a handy excuse to the minority of autistic men who are, which they won't hesitate to use.
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