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The Television Ghost was a 15-minute murder mystery show that aired from 1931 to 1933 on W2XAB, an experimental station owned by CBS (now known as WCBS-TV). It was also simulcast on radio stations W2XE and WABC (now known as WCBS-AM, not to be confused with the later WABC-AM). It was one of the very first television programs. The show was never recorded, and all that's left of it is a single publicity photo.

In each episode, a ghost played by George Kelting would describe how he was murdered.

The Television Ghost contains examples of:

  • Fair Play Whodunit: The audience was supposed to try to figure out who murdered the ghost before the answer was revealed.
  • Halloween Episode: According to a newspaper snippet, the episode that aired near Halloween gave the ghost "free rein of the visual studios," allowing him to show off some simple special effects and Camera Tricks.
  • Minimalist Cast: Kelting was the only actor, not counting the announcer Bill Schudt.
  • The Oner: Each episode consisted of a single shot of Kelting's face.


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