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Film / The Ghost Goes Gear

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The Ghost Goes Gear is a 1966 musical comedy directed by Hugh Gladwish and starring The Spencer Davis Group.

The Spencer Davis Group learn that their manager, Algernon Rowthorpe Plumley (Nicholas Parsons), grew up wealthy in a manor, which is haunted by a ghost (Lorne Gibson). When they go to visit his home, they find that his parents (Tony Sympson and Joan Ingram) are so broke they've resorted to mooching off their maid, Polly (Sheila White). Spencer suggests that they open the manor to the public to raise money.

The Ghost Goes Gear contains examples of:

  • The End: Spencer holds a clapperboard with "The End" written on it. He bats a piece of equipment out of the shot, then says, "Let's face it, folks, it had to end somewhere. 1282, take 1, the end," and claps it shut.
  • Impoverished Patrician: Algernon's family is so broke that their electricity regularly goes out, and they have to ask Polly, whom they haven't been paying, for shillings to put in the meter. When Polly runs out of shillings, they consider firing her.
  • Lens Flare: Seen faintly while the butler, Old Edwards (Jack Haig), stands by the road trying to advertise the manor.
  • Saving the Orphanage: On the band's advice, Algernon and his parents throw a "gear garden party" to raise money. Almost the entire second have of the movie consists of music videos of various bands performing at the party.
  • Special Thanks: "The producers gratefully acknowledge the facilities given to them at Puttenden Manor, Lingfield, Surrey and the Phillipines, Sevenoaks, Kent."
  • Title Theme Tune: One plays over the opening credits.
    The ghost goes gear
    The ghost goes gear, the crazy spook
    The ghost goes gear
    If you don't like ghosts, don't look!
  • Waving Signs Around: Algernon stands by the road with a sign that says "Come to Rowthorpe Hall - It Has Everything." Suddenly a flock of sign-waving anti-war protestors goes by. By the time they're gone, Algernon's sign has been replaced with another one that says "Ban the Bomb."