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Being Bindy is a 2004 young adult novel by Alyssa Brugman.

Twelve-year-old Bindy Grubb has been best friends with Janey Madden since they were five, until Janey all but ditches Bindy for her boyfriend Mitchell and the popular girl Hannah Plummer. When Bindy's dad and Janey's mum start dating, the girls are dismayed by the prospect of becoming stepsisters, and decide to break their parents up.

Being Bindy contains examples of:

  • Bathroom Stall of Angst: After Janey publicly rejects Bindy and her friends insult her, Bindy runs off to the girls' room to cry.
  • "Be Quiet!" Nudge: When Bindy tells her dad that Janey's going out with Mitchell, Janey punches her in the thigh. Bindy is confused, as she and Janey have always kept Bindy's dad updated on their love lives.
  • Brake Angrily: During one of their trips, Mum casually tells Bindy that Grandma has been dead for years. Shocked that Mum would go so long without telling her something so important, Bindy asks why they can't really talk to each other, instead of flitting along the surface without touching on major aspects of Mum's life. Mum slams on the brakes, swerves into the shoulder, and angrily tells her that because Bindy isn't a young child anymore she expects to have some privacy, she won't put up with Bindy's disrespect anymore, and if Bindy acts up anymore she'll cancel the trip and take her back to her father's. Bindy shouts, "Then take me back, because I don't want to go with you anyway!" Mum drives her back to her father's house at way over the speed limit.
  • Calling Parents by Their Name: Bindy's older brother Kyle has called their mum Adele for years.
  • Disneyland Dad: Bindy's mother acts like this, constantly taking her out on trips every second weekend. Bindy resents it, feeling like her mother is trying to "make up" for her lack of involvement in Bindy's life.
  • First Kiss: Bindy has an awkward and uncomfortable one with James. Afterwards she says she doesn't think she's ready, while he says they just need practice.
  • Hypocritical Heartwarming: Bindy complains about her mum all the time, but when Janey calls her a bitch, Bindy is offended.
    Bindy: It's up to me to say, not you. I don't say mean things about your mum.
    Janey: What's to say? My mum is nice.
  • Proof Dare: After Janey and her friends throw Bindy's underwear into the air in front of the whole school, Janey tells Mr Clemens, "There's no evidence that I did anything. You can't prove it was me."
  • Title Drop: Liz tells Bindy, "Perhaps you should just concentrate on being Bindy, and ignore everything else."
  • Vapor Wear: When Bindy, Janey, and Hannah go out, Hannah pressures Bindy to wear a skimpy top. When Bindy protests, "You can see my bra," Hannah says, "So? Take it off."
  • Word, Schmord!: Annoyed at Janey's sudden interest in shoes, Bindy thinks, Shoes schmooze.