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  • .hack//SIGN features multiple iterations of this trope during the last episode, when Morganna's "shadow" versions of Tsukasa, Subaru, and Mimiru lecture each real version about how worthless s/he is.
  • Shalott to Agito in chapter 279 of Air Gear: "All you've done so far is bully the weaklings which is what makes you so weak."
  • Akagi, Washizu... all the talented mahjong players are fond of explaining how their opponents' hidden character flaws naturally led to their humiliating defeat.
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  • In Akame ga Kill!, Mine gets to confront Seryu for a second showdown several chapters after Sheele's death at her hands. When Seryu states to Mine that she plans to have her fed to Hekatonkheires (or Coro, as she calls him) like she did with Sheele and Chelsea's headless body (after the latter her head was severed by Kurome through Natala), this only prompts Mine to state that she couldn't see the evil within Dr. Stylish and Captain Ogre, pointing out her twisted laugh, and admitting how broken Seryu herself really is, all for someone who always talks about justice. Overlaps with Sympathy for the Devil, as there is definite pity in Mine's face and voice when she says "You're insane".
  • In A Place Further than the Universe, Hinata's former teammates call her at New Year's with a rather insincere apology for their betrayal of her while she was still going to the same school, and have the nerve to say they're still friends in spite of that, something that greatly upsets Hinata even if she's reluctant to admit it. When Hinata's "friends" call back, Shirase politely asks them to leave Hinata alone and informs them that Hinata is starting to move forward before giving them an earful.
    Shirase: (getting progressively more animated) Unlike Hinata, I'm a real jerk, so I'll say it outright. You can't live your lives in this halfway state forever! You hurt someone and made them suffer! Now you get to live with that! That's what you get for hurting someone! That's what you get for hurting my friend! (composes herself) You think you can come crawling back now? Piss off!
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  • Assassination Classroom: Weaponized by Class 3-E in the island arc, when they force Koro-Sensei to watch a secret-camera video compilation of all his sleazier, more dishonest and more embarrassing activities to soften him up.
  • Attack on Titan
    • Eren gives a big one to Reiner, and to a lesser degree Bertolt after learning that he is a Titan Shifter, pointing out the sickening hypocrisy of him whining about his life as a Shifter and acting like he's the victim despite all the lives he and his fellow Shifters have destroyed. Eren gets an Armor-Piercing Question in response from them, and a brief "The Reason You Suck" Speech from Ymir, who isn't affiliated with Reiner and Bertolt, but thinks Eren's worldview is too simplistic.
      Eren: You... You two... You're not soldiers... You're not warriors... You're just murderers. You massacred people who'd done nothing wrong. YOU'RE MASS MURDERERS!
      Reiner: I know that! I don't need YOU to tell me!
      Reiner: So what do you want these murderers to do?! Do you want us to repent?! Do you want us to apologize?! Are you really going to preach to a couple of cold-blooded murderers about how killing is wrong?! Will that satisfy you?! The Reiner and Bertolt that you know are gone! And if all you want to do is cry about it, then keep crying!
      Eren: You're right. I was... being naive. All I can do now... is work. Work hard to make sure that you two die... the most painful death possible.
      Ymir: That's not it, Eren. I'm begging you... I can't put my faith in you if you keep talking like some stupid little kid. I'm saying that there's no way I'm going along with someone worried about petty little things like that.
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    • Much later, Reiner gets one from Porco Galliard, the brother of Marcel Galliard. Porco says that if he'd gotten the Armored Titan's power instead of Reiner, Marcel wouldn't have had to die, and also calls Reiner out on trying to serve as Marcel's replacement. Rather than argue back or even protest, Reiner admits that everything Porco says is true.
    • In a flashback, Reiner(once again) gets one from Annie after Ymir eats Marcel, a setback that nearly causes them to abort the mission until Reiner says that the three of them will be killed for their failure. Annie flies into a rage and starts beating Reiner up, saying that the current situation is all his fault and expressing disgust for everyone involved in the conflict between Eldia and Marley, herself included, since Annie just wants to get back home.
    • Floch gives one to Eren and Mikasa, as well as the rest of the Survey Corps, over the decision to use a life-saving injection to save Armin, rather than Erwin.
      Floch: But I do know why Armin was picked. Because you two and Captain Levi allowed your personal feelings to get the better of you, took the injection for yourselves and made an irrational decision. In other words, you couldn't throw away what was important to you, right?
      Eren: Hey... I think it's time for you to shut your mouth.
      Floch: Eren… I bet deep down inside, you must always think you're right. That's why you never gave up. Like a little kid who won't listen to reason.
      Mikasa: (putting her hand on Eren's shoulder) It's fine, Eren. Let's go.
      Floch: At least you acted like more of an adult there, Mikasa. You gave up in the end.
      (Mikasa releases her hand from Eren's shoulder, but Jean steps between Eren and Floch)
      Jean: Hey! What are you doing? Floch…! Don't you understand we're about to hold a memorial to our fallen comrades?
      Connie: Why're you dredging up something that's already in the past?
      Floch: And you guys... You didn't defy your superiors. You didn't try to stop Eren and Mikasa, either. You just stood by. Medals? For what? A Memorial? For who? You'd better tell the truth to the Survey Corps recruits coming to fill the ranks! Otherwise you're going to have cowards like me joining by accident! What are you planning on doing now, without Commander Erwin? I might be nothing more than cannon fodder... I'm sure my only purpose is to be expendable... but even a piece of fodder should at least have the right to call it like he sees it!
    • Floch gets one from Keith Shadith, when Floch shows up with armed men to take control of the training facility.
      Floch: Sorry to interrupt, but we'll be taking control of this facility. You call us the Yeagerists, I believe? (Floch and his men point rifles at Shadith and other recruits) You'll be following our orders.
      Shadith: Looks to me like you know just where you stand, Floch... if you see yourselves as a bunch of pissants who need to wave guns around to get anyone to bother with them, then spot on.
    • Yelena gives one to several people on both sides of the war between Marley and Eldia, calling them out on how many people they've killed.
      "It's almost as if you're saying you're any different from me. Just what exactly is different between you lot and me... Saving the world... Is there a sweeter set of words that charms people more than those? ...Giving yourselves over to that exciting sentiment of saving hundreds of millions of lives, washing all the ill will down your throats like it never existed... That's what you look like in my eyes right now. Let's take a little trip down memory lane shall we? Reiner Braun, by breaching Wall Maria, how many Eldians do you suppose were devoured by Pure Titans? Slipping into their world, sharing joys and sorrows with your 'comrades' here. You betrayed them. You murderered them. And now you pretend to be a comrade once more. Annie Leonhart. you slaughtered the Survey Corps in droves, you trampled the residents of Stohess in even greater numbers. Ah, of course you Paridisians were all extremely heroic against Marley too. Armin, such a quiet and reasonable young man, yet you levelled the military port using the power you stole from Bertholdt Hoover. Civilian and soldier alike, just how tall of a mountain of corpses did you raise alongside your military exploits? And though I know nothing of your [ Connie's ] valour in Liberio. I'm sure you magnificently annihilated the soldiers of Marley, who greatly outnumbered you and dyed Liberio the colour of blood. Especially Jean... In order to slay the Cart Titan you aimed at Falco and dauntlessly fired your thunderspear. Because the spear barely missed, Falco is still here. Then Sasha was shot by the little girl there, Gabi. I was saddened, Sasha was a good and noble person. But it surely can't compare to the sadness and hatred of those who knew her like family."
  • In Axis Powers Hetalia, the usually quiet and unassuming Canada delivers one of these to America that clocks in at 3 hours and ranges from economic imperialism to bad diet. England finally has to call him off out of pity.
  • In Bakuman。, upon declaring war on Nanamine, Mashiro tells him that manga is produced by desperate effort by the authors in collaboration with the editor, and they won't lose to a manga that's patched together from other people's ideas.
    • Later on, Kosugi tells Nanamine just where he went wrong with his manga when he fails in his second and final attempt at getting serialized.
      Kosugi: But something was missing, Nanamine, something more important than anything else. In fact, I'd say it's the one thing any story in a shonen magazine can't do without. That would be the heart of your characters. You can never express their feelings if you can't sympathize with others in the first place.
    • Near the end of the series, in response to the backlash over Azuki and Mashiro's relationship coming to light, Fukuda shares his thoughts on the radio.
    Fukuda: The voice actress you like has a boyfriend... Sure, I understand that some of you would be depressed to hear that. That's the fan spirit. (yelling) But even so... using that as an excuse to post all kinds of stupid crap on the Internet is something I can never forgive! Voice actresses and manga artists are humans, too. There's nothing wrong with them having a relationship!
  • Corkus gives Guts some of these in episode 19 of Berserk.
  • Uzuki to Yuki in Betrayal Knows My Name in episode 2 "You're a nuisance. I hate your goody two-shoes, know-it-all act. I'm not your friend. I felt bad for you, so I thought I'd try being nice, but you misunderstood. No one needs you."
  • Schwarzwald of The Big O delivers one from beyond the grave! As Big Duo devours Alan Gabriel.
    Schwarzwald: You! You possess the foolishness of both man and machine.
    Alan: Shut Up!
    Schwarzwald: It chooses one who wields the power of God created by man. One who can commit to a single truth. That is Not the case with you!
    Big Duo: [Ye Guilty appears on cockpit]
  • Black Lagoon:
    • Rock gives one to Revy when he for the first time had enough of her behavior. It was so effective, it almost made her cry. Even more impressive considering her initial response was to pull a gun on him, and he just pulled it away before she put one between his eyes.
    • Revy gets to deliver one to Chaka during their second fight.
    • Hansel pulls a Would You Like to Hear How They Died? speech on Balalaika midway through episode 15, which, like the true Magnificent Bitch that she is, she stoically endures; long enough for Boris to line up two good shots on Hansel with his sniper rifle that destroy his knee and blow off one of his forearms. She then proceeds to deliver an utterly devastating speech to the dying Hansel as she sits and watches without bothering to harm him further; which in turn shatters the murderer's worldview completely as he dies in agony. Even Boris himself is disturbed as he watches the events.
      Balalaika: As I said, the end of the line. If you were able to think rationally, it would have been obvious to you that as you pursued us, you were being led to your death. Take a look at yourself now; a pathetic little brat who's beyond all repair. And like it or not, this is where you're gonna die.
      Hansel: ...heh. You're funny, lady. But what are you talking about? I'm not going to die. I can't die. Because... I killed so many people in my life. We've killed many... (repeatedly switches between his Hansel and Gretel voices as he speaks) Many... Many... Many people. It means we get to live on for... That much longer. We can add on to our lives... So we're never going to die. That's right. We are eternal.
      Balalaika: That's quite the interesting religion. It's a wonderful thought, I suppose. However, I'm afraid that Oingo Boingo said it best; "No One Lives Forever", that's just the way it goes. Now then, I suppose I could be cruel and torture you before I kill you — considering what you did to my comrade, there's no question that it would be appropriate. But unfortunately, I am not as vulgar as you; it would bring me no satisfaction. So I think I'll sit here and watch until you've taken your last miserable breath. Judging by your wounds, you have about ten minutes at best. I dedicate these last few minutes before you leave this Earth to Sahalov and Menshof's souls, may they rest in peace... although I'm certain you wouldn't be able to understand.
      Hansel: (devastated by the realisation that he lived a lie the whole time, Hansel tries to get up one last time; but collapses and starts choking and sobbing in agonizing pain and confusion as he bleeds out)
      Balalaika: (nonchalantly, without even looking at him) Don't cry, you fool.
  • Bleach:
    • Mayuri Kurotsuchi fights Szayelaporro Granz, a Hollow who claims to have become a perfect being. After killing him, Mayuri has this to say:
      A perfect life-form. Hmph. Nothing in this world is perfect. It may be a cliché, but it's true. That's why the average person yearns for perfection. But is perfection really desirable? I think not. It's empty. Stagnant. I abhor perfection. Perfection is a dead end. It leaves no room for innovation or improvement, or for wisdom or talent. Do you understand? For us scientists, perfection means despair. Be greater than all that's come before, but never be perfect. Scientists always struggle with that contradiction, but they must also find pleasure in it. In other words, the moment you mentioned perfection, you'd already lost to me. That is, if you really are a scientist.
    • Isshin Kurosaki's short explanation to Grand Fisher about why he had to lose.
    • Gin gives one to Ichigo in chapter 406 when the latter seems to be in Heroic BSoD and/or easily distracted, which disgusts Gin. It was actually a Stealth Mentor's advice. Gin wanted Ichigo to break out of his Heroic BSoD to fight Aizen.
      Gin: You sure you wanna turn your back on me when I'm right in front of you? It's all over for you. You're not a warrior anymore. You're not a Soul Reaper. Not a Hollow. Not a human. You really think you can beat somebody those three couldn't beat in that incomplete state of yours? With all due respect, get outta here. You don't wanna die yet, do you? I'm not interested in you anymore. Even Captain Aizen would be disappointed in you right now. You're scared, right? Of Captain Aizen? You sensed it, right? Captain Aizen's power? That was my final warning. If you're not gonna run, I'll kill you right here and now.
    • Ichigo himself gives a few early in the series. One example is an exchange between him and Grand Fisher.
      Grand Fisher: You're dead, sonny! But I'll say this for your sake. Of all I've faced... you were the youngest, the most reckless, the weakest Soul Reaper ever! (gets stabbed in the shoulder) Hey...
      Ichigo: I finally... got you! Does my blade feel dull? Maybe you're right about anger... but a dull blade is all I need... to cut a schmuck like you! You're dead, Grand Fisher! But I'll say it for your sake. Of all the Hollows I faced, you were the oldest... the slimiest... and... the most annoying Hollow ever!
    • Renji delivers one to Ichigo during their first encounter. At one point during the speech, Renji closes his eyes as he mentions that Ichigo couldn't hope to put a scratch on a real Soul Reaper. Ichigo takes the opportunity to place a small scratch on Renji's chin.
    • Tenjiro Kirinji, a member of Squad 0, gives one to Soifon when she calls him out on not helping them against the Quincy attack.
      "Quit fucking around? You took the words right out of my mouth. Remember what you are? YOU'RE a part of the Gotei 13. That ring a bell? The imperial Special Forces' job is to protect the Spirit Palace. The Gotei 13's job is to protect Soul Society. As someone who bears the name Gotei... don't come crying to us 'bout how help didn't come because you couldn't do shit. You're a disgrace to your title!"
    • Yhwach delivers one to Yamamoto after killing him.
      Yhwach: Shigekuni Yamamoto. You halfwit. You probably couldn't understand why you weren't one of the five I was concerned about. Why didn't you heal your left arm? You could've done so if you'd ordered that human to do so. Why didn't you? I'll tell you why. It's because you didn't want to exploit humans. I know... even with the battle against Aizen, you were apprehensive about getting Ichigo Kurosaki involved. And even now, you put not only the Soul Society, but the world of the living as well on your back, stood in front of me... and lost. You've gotten weak, Shigekuni Yamamoto. You were different before. The original Thirteen Court Guard Companies that you founded... were only court guards in name. They were a group of cold-hearted killers. But because of that... they were to be greatly feared. And it was you who kept them in line. You were truly a beast with the sword. You used everything and anything to slay an enemy. The lives of your men weighed only as much as ash to you. But all that changed once you killed us Quincies off. Once you people had peace, you had more to protect, more to love. You became a hesitant and gutless bunch over some sense of foolish justice and pride. You died... not realizing this but I'll tell you now. The Soul Society is about to die... but the Thirteen Court Guard Companies... died with us a thousand years ago.
  • In Blood+, Kai gives David one of these after the latter becomes a depressed alcoholic following the destruction of Red Shield's headquarters. Kai states he isn't as tough as he claimed to be at the beginning of the series.
  • Bokurano
    Maki: You take for granted the security you get from being blood relatives. That's why you think you can hurt Kana and not feel bad about it.
    • Kanji gives one to Ushiro, which, like Maki's above, deconstructs his abuse of Kana.
    Kanji: Tell the truth. You want to protect Kana-chan, don't you?
    Ushiro: What? Gimme a break!
    Kanji: Aw, drop the act. Say what you want. I know you don't want Kana-chan to die. You blame her for your mother's death, don't you?
    Ushiro: What do you know about it?!
    Kanji: But if it weren't for Kana-chan, who'd be your punching bag? Besides, you're mixing her up with your dead mom. You get it, don't you? You owe Kana-chan big time. Just a spoiled little baby... and Kana-chan's your mommy!
    • In the anime, Kanji gives one to Koyemshi, enraged by his callous reaction to Anko's death moments ago. Koyemshi is not amused.
    Kanji: Can it, shithead. Always flappin' that arrogant mouth! Truth is, you're just the rulers' dog!
  • In Brave10:
    • Anastasia will gladly tell you while you are helpless how being sentimental and idealistic makes you weak and only power matters.
    • Hanzo loves to tease opponents about how they fail to live up to the hype or victims about how they're the cause of everyone's trouble.
  • Canaan: Played with in episode 10 when Hakko tries twice to kill Liang Qi with one of these (which she can actually do due to her superpower) only to have Liang Qi troll her on both accounts and then deliver her own Reason You Suck Speech right back at Hakko each time; to add insult to injury, Hakko finds to her dismay that she accidentally killed Santana with her second speech, which Liang Qi all too gleefully informs her of during her second speech.
    • And Alphard gives a minor one earlier in the series to Canaan as she defeats her in the women's restroom at the formal dinner. She says that now Canaan is acting out of hatred like she has but Alphard has gotten over that or at least learned to control herself. Canaan ends up so physically and mentally beaten her normal grace deserts her and as she flees she slips and collapses on a roof top.
  • In A Certain Magical Index, Touma at several points gives one of these, one as early as the 4th episode to Kanzaki Kaori, who just trashed him. He points out that their 'new policy' towards Index is incredibly selfish and that, well, she sucks.
    • Last Order takes this trope and reverses it, by giving Accelerator a "the reason you don't suck" speech. Accelerator himself isn't sure how to respond to that.
  • Choujin Sensen: FEE taunts Tomobiki for his failed attempts at using telekinesis on a baseball.
  • Code Geass:
    • Bismarck gives a short one of these to Suzaku, calling him out on his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder and Motive Decay, pointing out that the very things he's abandoned in his quest for power were what made him strong in the first place. Predictably, Bismarck won that fight, even if Suzaku escaped thanks to a coincidental distraction from Lelouch.
    • The Emperor also does it several times, once when Lelouch was a kid and twice after, though at least the latter two times Lelouch knows enough to shoot it down.
    • Lelouch, being frustrated for the last failed attempt to kill him, also gives one to Rollo, and it's particularly dramatic since Rollo ends up being really shocked by it, in spite of the fact that he would still be able to kill Lelouch in that very instant.
    • Lelouch gives one to his parents as they are being absorbed by the Collective Unconscious. He calls them out on turning their back on the future by pursuing the Ragnarok Connection and their selfishness in choosing to sacrifice their children, content with the belief that Utopia Justifies the Means.
  • Cross Ange has the titular character giving one of these to group of Mana people after begging for her to save them, followed by shooting one of them in the head.
  • Jeremy from A Cruel God Reigns gives these to Ian constantly, telling Ian that he is exactly like his father, Greg. Which considering what Greg did to Jeremy and the effects it's had on him, is the worst thing Jeremy could say to Ian. Additionally, Ian seems to love Jeremy more than anyone else he's been with over the series, and since this is the first time he's been seriously interested in another boy, he tends to take it pretty hard each time.
  • As part of a He's Back moment in the second season of Darker Than Black, Hei delivers one to Reprin, an FSB officer. Reprin invites Hei to a meal on the train they are both on and pressures him into working for him by threatening to blow up the train. Reprin justifies this by talking about the evil of Contractors, citing one who is a monster(who works for him). Hei tells Reprin that he wouldn't have the guts to do it and is a hypocrite who has all of the moral cowardice he accuses Contractors of having. Hei then pins his hand to the table by stabbing him with a carving knife.
  • Death Note:
    • Near's final speech to Light Yagami also doubles as a Kirk Summation, as he responds to Light's claim that he is God of the new world and that no one else could carry out justice like he does by saying that he's nothing more than a murderer, and in believing himself a god who can decide what is just and what is not, he is arguably even worse than those who would use the notebook for personal gain.
    • Arguably, L's first talk with Light through that television broadcast was pretty insulting, too.
    • L's most revolted speech is probably the one directed at himself in Relight 2
      "Lying monsters are a real nuisance: They are much more cunning than others. They pose as humans even though they have no understanding of the human heart; they eat even though they've never experienced hunger; they study even though they have no interest in academics; they seek friendship even though they do not know how to love. If I were to encounter such monsters, I would likely be eaten by them... because in truth, I am that monster.'"''
  • Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba:
    • Tanjiro gives a mourning and angry speech against Akaza (and demons in general) after the demon left Kyojuro irreparably close to his death in their fight’s aftermath; Akaza had to run for his safety because Kyojuro actually fought hard enough to make the fight long enough to last till the Sunrise, so Akaza as a demon had to run away lest the sunlight killed him, even if he overpowered Kyojuro in the end; with that Tanjiro shouts that demons are cowards no matter how strong they can get, because they have to hunt humans in the night time where they are able to do it, and hide in the sunlight where they can’t do anything, meanwhile human demon slayers will always be active, even in the night where demons would be at their advantage, Tanjiro saw Kyojuro as the real winner as he fought fiercely against a strong demon while managing to protect exactly 200 people in the vicinity, nobody but him died that night.
    • The first arc has Tanjiro subjected to three. First from Giyu, who tears him for groveling for his sister's life instead of trying to fight. Second from Urokodaki, who scolds him for being indecisive. Third from Sabito, who chastises him for not taking his training seriously.
  • Every case in Detective Conan ends with this trope, with Conan rejecting the culprits' Motive Rants, no matter if they are sympathetic or not.
    • Especially this one by Ran, given to a suspect who claimed that the murder he committed took a lot of courage:
    Ran: "Courage is a word of justice. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution. It is not right to use it as an excuse to kill someone."
    • Much later, Shiratori is revealed to have give two of these at critical moments of his life. The first came when he was a little boy and recited laws about theft to two delinquents who had mistreated a girl who caught them trying to steal manga. The second took place when the same girl was targeted by a killer years later for witnessing his crime and said killer tried to claim that his original murder fit as self-defense...
      Shiratori: "Criminal Law, Article #36. An act unavoidably performed to protect the rights of oneself or any other person against imminent and unlawful infringement is not punishable. An act exceeding the limits of self-defense may lead to the punishment being reduced or may exculpate the offender in light of circumstances. These are the provisions of self-defense. At the time of the crime, you used a bladed weapon with the intent to kill. So none of these circumstances apply. Not to mention, turning a bat which fulfills dreams into a weapon to silence people earns you no right to talk about dreams at all."
  • Wormmon from Digimon Adventure 02 gives out one to the Digimon Emperor in episode 21 when he's about had enough of his treatment towards him and the other Digimon:
    Wormmon: I hope you're finally proud of yourself. You've officially become worse than the monster you created. Whatever happened to that sweet kid I met a long time ago who had a dream of taking over the Digital World? Okay, so it was a sick and twisted dream, but we still had a lot of laughs together! What happened to the boy I was proud to call master? Of course, you MADE me call you that. You've changed, Ken. But it's not too late for you. For some reason, you started capturing Digimon and you turned them into your slaves instead of into your friends. I didn't agree, but I stuck by your side because I was your Digimon. And then, you started being cruel to me. The one who knows the true you. The others way know and fear you as the Digimon Emperor, but never forget I know the real you. I'll always think of you for your kindness, Ken. No matter what happens. One day I hope you'll realize that the real Ken isn't the Digimon Emperor, but the Ken that's my friend. And only a real friend would do this!
    • He gets one from the Digi Destined earlier on.
    Ken: Well, if it isn't the Digi Destined! I see that you've finally come to your senses and are ready to surrender to me and Kimeramon.
    Davis: Fat chance, Ken! I think some of your hair spray must have leaked through to your brain again!
    Yolei: And another thing: Who said it was okay for you to go out and create a Digimon, anyway?
    Cody: Yeah, do you think you're Dr. Frankenstein or something, creating creatures for your own cruel pleasure? Kimeramon is not the monster, Ken! YOU are!
    (Ken groans)
    T.K.: Look at them! Are they trying to hurt you? They're not your toys for some kind of a sick game, they're alive! They're not just data in a computer, they're living creatures like you and I!
    Ken: Huh?
    Kari: You're Digi Destined, too! Just like us! You have a responsibility to both worlds! Like Wormmon. He's your friend and not someone you should just kick around.
  • Dragon Ball:
    • Goku gave a scathing speech to Frieza:
      Goku: It's done. Your power is decreasing with every blow, in fact, you're not even a challenge to me anymore. It wouldn't be fair for me to keep fighting you. I'm satisfied now, your pride has been torn to shreds. You challenged and lost to a fighter who is superior to you and to make it worse, he was just a monkey, right? It would be meaningless to fight you now, you're too scared and ashamed. Live with the shock, keep it bottled up inside you, silently.
    • Goku gives another one to Frieza after he is cut in half by his own attack and is lying dying on the ground.
      Goku: Although you brought this all on yourself, it's a shame that your life has to end in such a miserable way. I wanted to save you, Frieza, but you wouldn't let me. Now share the fate of the Planet Namek, which you yourself destroyed. I'm tired of fighting. I'm going home.
    • When Future Trunks, who Took a Level in Badass due to his experiences in the past, returns to his Bad Future to confront the Androids 17 and 18 of his time, he effortlessly kicks their asses while calling them out on all the innocent people they killed without mercy, telling them that now they know what it feels like to be completely outmatched and powerless, just as all of their people on Earth feel against them:
      Future Trunks: You hate the fact that you're powerless to stop me, that you're completely outmatched. Well, imagine feeling the way you do now all of the time like the people of this planet do. Fools! How do you think my master Gohan felt when you ganged up on him in the rain and he had no way out? Well, now it's your turn. I hope you enjoy it.
    • The speech continues after he kills Android 18 and Android 17 calls him on it:
      Future Trunks: You think this life is all about you, don't you? What about the others? The ones that you two killed?!
    • In Dragon Ball Super after beating Goku Black to the ground after an intense training, Vegeta gives Black a big one on why he is nothing more than a fake who simply used Goku's Saiyan body to become stronger:
      Vegeta: Shall I tell you where you miscalculated?
      Black: Miscalculated!?
      Vegeta: That body...down to the very corners of its cells...was made by Kakarot's long, fierce history of combat! For you, it's just a borrowed vessel! Only a true numbskull like him can use the Saiyan cells within it to their fullest!
      Black: Why is there such a difference in strength...?
      Vegeta: Would you like to know? It's because you're a fake. And I'm the Saiyan prince, Vegeta! That's why!
    • Another one from Super when actor Barry Khan, upset that Videl snubbed him, attempts to break up her relationship with Gohan by getting an actress working on a Great Saiyaman movie to kiss him to make it look like Gohan was cheating on her. When offered the incriminating photos, she averts the possible drama with gusto:
      Videl: How pitiful (rips up the photos) Did it sting that much to be told I don't need your autograph? Does seeing Gohan stand out sting that badly? You get treated like royalty but you have no self-confidence. How pitiful.
      Barry: This picture is solid proof that—
      Videl: Gohan isn't like that. I'm sure there's a reason.
      Gohan: (smiling and relieved) Videl...!
      Videl: (to Barry) If you're done, then leave.
  • Durarara!!: Simon punches Izaya in the face and gives him one.
    • Izaya's mental messing with Rio in episode 2 of the anime.
  • In Endride, Louise tries to deliver one to Demetrio when they betray the Ignauts, calling him out on his naivety and foolishness for tolerating their presence even though he knew they were The Mole, but their resolve ends up breaking down in the middle of it because they've long since become the mask.
  • Iggy really lets loose on Re-l for her Ice Queen attitude in Ergo Proxy. Due to the nature of the speech, however, in that Iggy was infected with the Cogito virus at the time and felt extremely unappreciated for all he did for Re-l the amount of it being actual reasons that she sucks is up to interpretation.
  • Dewey Novak gives one to Holland in Eureka Seven that ranges from how he's utterly failed at what he was trying to accomplish to that no one reads the Gekko State's self-published magazine ray=out. Immediately followed by a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment when Dewey is shocked by the sight of Renton and Eureka piloting Nirvash, and Holland points out Renton has accomplished what he and Dewey failed to do.
  • In Volume 11 of the The Familiar of Zero manga, after his memories are restored, Saito gives one to Louise:
    "What's so good about you? No one would take notice of you - you are haughty like hell, you kick around when you sleep, you do not wear panties, one only can say 'I love you' to you out of pity for the bust-handicapped girl, really. There's nothing else to praise you for. When I ignore you, you try to provoke me calling it a familiar's 'reward', but when I misunderstand and drool about it, you put me down with insults. Your head is as much of a zero as your chest is, idiot. Realize the reality, peach-haired fool."
    • This had zero effect on Louise, being who she is. She continues to make Saito's life hell after these events.
    • Louise is also given a more minor one by Derf, that mirrors complaints many people have had about her relationship to Saito:
    Derf: "I see. You acted coldly to him again didn't you? And then Partner went away with a bitter face... He says he loves you. Partner gave up on going home and joined the war to follow you, though he doesn't want to get involved in it. Why do you think that is? Because he loves you. Have you ever responded to his feelings, even once? While he devotes himself to you, isn't whipping the only thing you do to him?"
  • In Fate/Zero Rider (Alexander the Great) delivers a rather polite one to Saber (King Arthur). Rider notes that Saber's nobility of spirit cut her off from the subjects and probably led to her kingdom's downfall. When Saber tries to argue that Rider was a greedy tyrant he agrees but points out that it gave him the passion and vision to truly lead a nation, something Saber never really did.
    • In fact Saber is so destroyed that Archer (Gilgamesh), who despises everyone, steps in twice to prevent her from completely falling apart.
  • Shin of Fist of the North Star coolly chastises Kenshiro after crippling him and taking the love of his life away:
    "The thing you lacked that caused your defeat at my hands? It's desire and ambition."
  • Louise tries one of these on Kazukya in Freezing, explaining why the boy is unfit to be near Louise's sister. It fails.
  • Akito of Fruits Basket simply loves handing these out, most notably to Tohru and Kana.
    • Black Haru to Kyo, often.
    • In the manga, Rin gives a rather harsh (and mostly undeserved) one of these to Yuki.
  • In chapter 106 of Fullmetal Alchemist Kimblee gives one to Pride:
    Pride: Why are you interfering, Kimblee?!
    Kimblee: Not by choice. I was perfectly content, but when you threw away your honor as a homunculus I decided to step in. You speak of your prescience pride, that quality for which you are named, but then you suddenly find yourself in grave danger and you decide to escape in to the body of a human, a lower lifeform which you so despise. It's pathetic. You're a disgrace..
    • And the Truth gives one to Father/Homunculus right before having its own gate swallow it.
      Father: Tell me, why did you refuse to join me? Why God? How did I disappoint you?
      Truth: You were incapable of believing in yourself. You stole your power from others, you rejected your human origin, and chose to covet the power of what you call God. You never grew beyond your days in the flask. Did you truly think you'd become superior to humans by removing your seven desires? Don't make me laugh!
    • Father gives a rather harsh one to Hohenheim in Brotherhood.
    • One from Ling to Greed after Greed kills one of the previous Greed's friends
      "If you turn your back on something you wanted, then you don't deserve to call yourself 'Greed'!"
    • Also one from Hohenheim to Father. It backfires, as Father decides to show how he can "give birth" by releasing the people of Xerxes and then unleashing an attack while Hohenheim, the brothers and Izumi are distracted with horror and disgust.
      Hohenheim: Why do you look down on us so much? Philosopher's stones are born from humans and homunculi are born from those stones. But what can be made from homunculi? What do they give birth to? Can a being that can only destroy truly be called a god? You think you're the ultimate being, but you're actually just a dead end.
    • Edward inadvertently gives one to Envy. Ironically, Edward was trying to sympathize with Envy, not insult him. This proves to be Envy's Despair Event Horizon and he commits suicide right afterwards.
      Ed: Now I see. You're Jealous... You're jealous of humans aren't you? ...According to you, humans are supposed to be a lot weaker than Homunculi. And yet, even if they get discouraged after being beaten, and even if they get close to falling down after losing their paths, they continue to get up and fight. Everyone around them helps them get back up. And you're envious of that.
  • Sousuke gives one to a Lonely Rich Kid with a crush on Kaname in episode 3 of Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu, after said rich kid yells at Kaname for tricking him.
    I don't know the details but it's your own fault. You surrounded yourself with incompetent subordinates and allowed your judgment to be clouded. If this were the battlefield, you'd be dead ten times over.
    • Sousuke attempts to give one to Takuma during the Behemoth Arc in the Full Metal Panic! novels. Takuma failed his overall mission, had his Humongous Mecha destroyed, was slowly dying a painful death, and his only sister that he loved died. When he bemoaned his fate and asked why he failed, Sousuke took the question literally and tactlessly started telling him why he sucked. Kaname tells him to shut up, and Tessa resumes comforting Takuma.
    • Sousuke winds up on the receiving end of a very savage one by Wraith when she lays out just why Mithril's terminating his mission as Kaname's bodyguard.
    Wraith: You can criticize me all you like, but do you really believe you're capable of protecting her? You've had no success in adapting to Japanese society in the six months you've spent here. Your presence with her is at best unnecessary and at worst an active threat. Sorry to inform you, but you're a third-rate bodyguard. You'll never be anything but a burden on her, and your presence might even increase the risk to innocent bystanders.
  • In chapter 50 of Future Diary Kousaka gives one of these to Yukiteru right before Yukiteru shoots him.
    "Yukiteru, do you know just why I hate you so much? It's because your crying face resembles my stupid dog at home! Even now...! [punches Yukiteru] That face your making right now! Don't go crying when you made this choice yourself! You're just a damn lowlife who killed his friends for his own convenience! You don't have a right to cry!"
  • Heroic example: In GaoGaiGar Final, after Guy powers up the Genesic GaoGaiGar, while beating the shit out of Palparepa, he delivers this speech, saying that the reason the 11 Soul Masters: tried to immobilize GGG, destroyed Gao Figh Gar, didn't attack them on Earth, was because they feared their power.
  • Girls Bravo: Kirie to Yukinari in the first episode, though was in his defense, it was a complete accident and she overreacted:
    "You've always been a midget, a klutz and a blockhead. Not to mention slow in the head and slow on the uptake... I mean, I knew you were a hopelessly lame and worthless shell of a man, but to peep at me just because you can't get a girl..."
    • In episode 02, Kirie gives Fukuyama one when he disrespects Yukinari.
  • In Goddess Creation System, after Mingyi has grown truly serious in his attempts to seduce Xiaxi she tells him to his face that he's a cruel and petty narcissist who could never win her heart. This just makes him want her even more because he hates being denied things.
  • In HeartCatch Pretty Cure!, the Mirage Precure fire one towards their respective selves over their own hangups as part of the final Secret Test of Character. The Cures counter with their own, allowing them to pass the test. It takes Tsubomi the longest because of her own doubts.
  • Many of the banishment scenes in Hell Girl include the main characters doing this before Ai ferries the target to hell. The scenes also generally take place in an Afterlife Antechamber that in some way reflects the target's wrongdoings.
  • Alucard from Hellsing does this to people/vampires who make him sick due to their pretentiousness and how pathetic they are.
    • Often when they failed to kill him and just realize that they probably just can't. Though he is much more pissed in certain circumstances.
    • He also recalled when he got one of these from Abraham Van Helsing.
    • Delivers a lengthy one towards Walter, who got turned into an artificial vampire, that made him young again. This way he could fight Alucard at the peak at his power, but the process didn't hold very long and seemed to be rushed. He even changes to a child himself, to prove that this is all just childsplay, since he isn't very fond of traitors.
    • Pip Bernadotte gives one to the Nazi regime during the battle with the Captain, regarding all of the wealth they stole and that Millennium is using to fund their operation.
      "Disgusting, no? It's plunder from when they ransacked Europe half a century ago. These bastards shook out whole countries like piggy-banks, taking everything of value. No matter how small. Everything from gold ingots and wads of cash down to pocket watches and gold teeth. The fearsome Schutzstaffel. They think they're Nietzsche's wet dream, but they're just vultures picking at the dead. They're a bunch of misfits who think war is some kind of costume ball. The invincible army? The knights of steel? What a pack of losers."
  • High School D×D: Issei gives one to Shalba Beelzebub the second time he curb stomped him. He claims that Sirzechs and Vali are superior than him because they have what it takes to be a lord of hell, while Shalba just wants to wage war. Issei is the protagonist here.
  • In episode 16 of Higurashi: When They Cry, Shion gives one of these to Satoko.
    Shion: (to Satoko, after throwing her against some lockers) "Can't you understand what he's (Satoshi) going through?
    Satoko: Help! Help me, nii-nii!
    Shion: [kicks Satoko] It's because you're like that! [throws books at Satoko] If you want to cry, cry! But you know, you're not going to solve anything by crying! Why are you crying? Because you think that by crying someone will help you? And that person who helps you, will take however much pain there is in your place? Do you realize just how unthinkable that is?! You understand?! Your sins, that is! He'd be better off if you weren't here. If things are painful for you, just die! Don't make things painful for Satoshi-kun! Suffer alone, and die alone! You'd be better off dead!
    Satoko: Nii-nii!
    Shion: Don't think it's okay to cry! Don't just think you can always cling to Satoshi-kun! If only...If only you weren't here!!!
    • And then a "World of Cardboard" Speech occurs later in the same arc, where Satoko admits that she's been depending on her brother for too long, and now that she's being tortured to death, she won't cry anymore so that she can prove how strong she's become. Bonus points for making Shion realize how much she sucks for not realizing that torturing Satoko isn't what Satoshi wanted her to do.
    • A rare villain-to-villain speech is given in the second season from Okonogi to Takano Miyo after she refuses to surrender.
  • In Initial D Second Stage, Seiji of Team Emperor, after his defeat at the hands of Takumi, gets slapped by Kyouichi, who follows it up with a "The Reason You Suck" Speech.
  • Inuyasha gives a rather good one to Naraku during the Final Battle:
    InuYasha: You and I may be nothing alike but we are both half demons. That means that, in both of us, there is a human heart and a demon heart Naraku but you have betrayed that. We were both given the freedom to choose, to follow our human heart or our demon heart and you chose to live as a demon, ignoring all that was human in you. You chose to hurt others, to curse them with misery and suffering, but your days of hurting my friends are over, you miserable bastard!
  • A minor instance in Juuni Senshi Bakuretsu Eto Ranger, when Nyorori lets his jealousy get the better of him upon meeting Fractured!Peter Pan and learning exactly what it was that was fractured about him.
    Nyorori: D-Don't make me laugh nyorori! I want to fly in the sky so much that I worked hard to build a flying machinenote  nyorori!
    Pakaracchi: Hey, Nyoro-kun, don't get too carried away...
    Nyorori: Shut up nyorori! *turns back towards Peter* But you... but you! With the ability to fly, you are scared of heights?! Don't joke!
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood has Dio Brando giving one to Jonathan Joestar, who has just rejected his vampire essence through sheer willpower and refuses to give up fighting him. It doubles as a Badass Boast, and also extends to humanity at large, having recently used the Stone Mask to become an all-powerful vampire.
    Speedwagon: The Vampire Essence, he squeezed it out. He's not done! Jonathan won't give up!
    Dio: Really. The "let's do battle" stance? You're not serious. No matter how you prepare, human ability is extremely limited and finite! Your Hamon training avails you nothing. It's USELESS, USELESS, USELESS, USELESS, USELESS, UUUUUUSELEEEEEEESS! A mere monkey can never defeat a lion! In comparison to my power... (leaps at Jonathan) ...YOU ARE BUT A MERE MONKEY, JOJO!
  • Kaiji and the other losers in the anime/manga have to endure The Reason You're A Sucker speeches almost constantly. A fair number of these speeches come from Kaiji himself.
  • Kara no Kyoukai movie 5. Araya Souren delivers an dreadfully cutting one to Tomoe Enjou as he kills him, explaining that all Enjou has done was because Araya programmed him to do it, and that Enjou will never accomplish anything due to having an origin of 'worthlessness'. Despite this, and while disintegrating Enjou manages to get a tear-jerking last line, saying that despite everything Araya says being true, he "was still here".
  • Katekyō Hitman Reborn!: Both Byakuran and Mukuro gave Tsuna some of these during their respective battles with him.
  • Kill la Kill:
    • Satsuki gives one to Ryuko after she was defeated by the Captain of the Boxing Club, Takaharu Fukuroda.
    Satsuki: I thought you might prove slightly amusing but you're just a fool who has no idea how to wield that scissor properly. How Dull.
    • In Episode 12, Satsuki gives one to Nui Harime while the latter is fighting Ryuko, chiding Nui for being so preoccupied with Isshin Matoi's Rending Scissors on the night she killed him that she didn't even notice that he'd made and hidden away Senketsu, a Kamui (the latter of which is of much greater interest to the villains).
    • Ragyo performs one on Satsuki while beating her up brutally and it crosses with her own Badass Boast.
    Ragyo: Wearing Junketsu to this battle was your second huge mistake! Though I'm sure you wouldn't have been able to stand before me without its power!
  • Lovely Complex: Risa likes to hand these out after punching people to get them to calm down and think more rationally. She's done this to Otani and Mimi.
  • In Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Hakuryuu Ren gives a scathing one to Alibaba Saluja while they were fighting, after Alibaba claimed that despite everyone's differences, the world can be united in peace with compromise. Hakuryuu rebuffs his statement with this sentence,
    Hakuryuu: Those are nothing but empty dreams, because you are... nothing more than a King's Vessel who always worked under someone else, never able to accomplish anything on your own.
  • Fates Averruncus of Mahou Sensei Negima! tends to do this to the main hero Negi.
    • The best one was actually aimed at Quintum.
      Fate: ...Jack Rakan. Even now I do not understand his words, but, I do understand that your fist is not as heavy as his. Why is it, Quintum? Why is your fist, so very light?
    • After Negi starts to crack after one of Fate's speeches, Asuna gives Negi her own "The Reason You Suck" Speech, the point being that he's an idiot for even considering what Fate is saying. The next time Fate attempts one of these, he gets a punch in the gut and a Shut Up, Hannibal! for his trouble.
    • Yue also gave one to Kotarou in the school festival arc.
  • In Mai Hime, Nao gives two to Mai, accusing her of priding herself on being a "good sister" and being overprotective of Takumi and Mikoto. Both of them hit quite hard.
    • Episode 7, when Mai finds Mikoto working with Nao in luring perverts out for her to rob.
      Nao: Plus, I hate people like you. Acting like "I'm innocent, I'm a good sister, I'm having lots of trouble..." I've heard so much of that I'm getting calluses in my ears from listening. "Mai-chan is so great at working hard." You retarded or what? Makes me want to puke.
    • Episode 20, when Nao calls Mai to taunt her as she plans on harming Takumi in revenge for losing her eye.
      Mai: Please stop, Takumi is my-
      Nao: Precious brother? Don't you hate him in reality? Don't you wish he would just disappear?
      Mai: How could I ever...?
      Nao: I wouldn't be so sure about that. You just like being a hard-working sister. Mikoto was saying it too. "I'm always being treated like a kid or her servant." Well, I'm gonna pounce now, deceitful sister. [hangs up on Mai]
  • The end of the Mai-Otome manga has one of these, in which the protagonist "Manshiro" tells the Big Bad that he does not love anyone, not even himself.
  • Mazinger Z: In the manga episodes penned by Gosaku Ota, during the final battle Big Bad Dr. Hell orders Count Brocken (one of his CoDragons) to go and battle Mazinger... despite Brocken being a normal-sized human with no weapons to take down a Humongous Mecha! Brocken reluctantly agrees... but before leaving he tells Hell EXACTLY what he thinks of him, calling him out on all his failures and flaws, blaming him for their defeats, bitterly stating he does not care his troops risk their lives everyday, and making very clear he served Hell out of gratitude for saving his life but considers Hell an incompetent not worth serving. Then he announces if he survives he will return to Germany before leaving to fight. Hell threw a fit.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: When Amuro refuses to fight the Zeon enemies while his friends are under heavy fire, Bright enters his room and gives one such lecture - an acquaintance/friend-to-acquaintance/friend variant - to him, which, coupled with his Bright Slap and followed up by another "The Reason You Suck" Speech from his childhood friend Frau Bow, is what wakes up Amuro's withdrawn fighting spirits.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack: Amuro Ray delivers a heroic one onto the evil Char Aznable, condemning him for using other people like Quess Paraya as if they are mere expendable pieces of chess to achieve his own ambition.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Wufei defeats Noin in combat, then proceeds to tell her exactly why she lost, then refuses to kill her solely because she's a woman. Which kind this is depends on your interpretation of the After Colony era, but given Wufei had essentially committed a terrorist attack on a military barracks, it could easily be construed as a villainous delivery.
    Chang Wufei: Are you listening, woman? Huh? You saw that I was a kid, and you underestimated me. You're a weak soldier. I don't kill bleeding hearts or women.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Kio Asuno, tired of his grandfather Flit's obsession with revenge against the Unknown Enemies/Vagans, delivers one into his sense when Flit is arguing with Kio's father, Asemu, about what to do with the spaceborne enemies threatening Earth, calling him out for his motivation by pure hatred that denies him the seat of the "Savior".
  • Possibly in Mobile Suit Gundam 00 this was delivered from Nena Trinity to Wang Liu Mei, telling the latter about how she was becoming an overly greedy, high and mighty Smug Snake, thus robbing her of her soul and the former thinks people like that are better off dead. Cue to Evil Laugh as the former shoots down the ship where the latter was located, with all the controls and maneuver locked by the former, as the latter had an epic Oh, Crap! planted on her face.
    • Nena gets a "Reason You Suck" Speech from Ribbons then Louise Halevy right before the latter finally exacts her revenge on Nena while she is under similar conditions.
    • Hallelujah loves these, seriously he dishes them out like it's going out of style.
      Hallelujah: "How does it feel to have your life slowly ground away by one sided violence?"
    from the final episode:
    "You're all so dependent on Veda! YOU DON'T HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO BEAT US ANYMORE!"
  • A few come up in Muhyo and Roji, mainly given by Muhyo himself.
    • Deep in the Arcanum, Muhyo encounters the spirit of Imai's subordinate Fujiwara, and sentences him to the Styx, remarking that if he got killed against a rain dog, he was either incompetent or negligent. The rest of the group comments on his apparent reckless overuse of magical law.
      Roji: But, Muhyo... that was your third sentencing in one day! Isn't that a lot? Have you reached your limit?
      Muhyo: Well... what'd you want me to do? Wait for your lousy pen to work? I've had just about enough from you. You too, Rio. (to Biko) And how long do you plan on sniveling? Idiots, all of you!
    • During the competition between Muhyo and Goryo, Goryo's assistant Ebisu tries to use a needle to siphon tempering off of the unconscious Nana, and then from Roji. Muhyo catches him, confiscates the needle and chides him.
      Muhyo: Too bad. Consider your needle... confiscated. Hee hee. Not that I'd expect anything better from one of Goryo's goons. You were going to suck him dry. That's how bad you want to win? Why? Money? Fame? Bah. You've got your work cut out for you. Having an idiot for a boss must be tough.
    • When Page finds Enchu, Enchu is standing over the unconscious body of his old friend Yoichi, and Enchu casually asks what Yoichi is doing there. Page then grows angry, saying Yoichi dedicated two years of his life to finding Enchu even though Enchu was doing so much evil.
      Page: A 100-point penalty! You say that knowing who lies here? Yoichi... for two years he's given up study and free time. He works tirelessly on the investigation. For you, Enchu. And what were you doing? Forging rotten friendships. Plunging the Association into fear. I visited your mother's grave. But what could I tell her? What could I say about her son? Should I have apologized, maybe? Sorry for not making him an executor?
  • Being a deconstruction of the Fighting Series, Muteki Kanban Musume has The Rival Megumi constantly making Malicious Slander and sending Cut And Paste Notes to Schoolyard Bully All Grown Up protagonist Miki, exposing the truth about Miki's various character flaws. Is it slander when they told the truth?
  • Shigaraki gets one from rival villain Overhaul in My Hero Academia, who tells him how little he thinks of him. Not only for failing to eliminate heroes-in-training, despite the help of several first class villains, but for lacking any real direction or purpose with All Might retired, and being so immature that Overhaul doesn't even consider him a threat to his plans.
  • Naruto:
    • Neji, before his Heel–Face Turn, enjoyed telling his opponents (Hinata and Naruto respectively) exactly how much they sucked just because they didn't fit his view of following fate. In both cases they turned it back on him completely. Kabuto also did this to Naruto during their fight right before Naruto drove a Rasengan into his stomach.
      • Neji also gives some to Lee, saying someone without ninjutsu cannot surpass him as a ninja. Lee isn't as good at retorting as Naruto and Hinata.
        Neji: You nitwit. If you can't use ninjutsu or genjutsu, then you can hardly call yourself a ninja, can you? Do you remember when they told you you were the first person to graduate who could only use taijutsu? They weren't saying that because it was impressive. They only meant that it was unusual.
    • Kin gives one of these to Sakura as she's keeping her restrained by the hair.
      "My my, what soft and shiny hair. But you know what? If you spent a little less time shampooing, and a little more time practicing your jutsu, you might not be in this fix! Hey Zaku, I know what would be fun. Let's make Ms. Beauty Queen watch while you finish off that Sasuke guy!"
      • Sakura then has a Shut Up, Hannibal! moment shortly thereafter, where she cuts her own hair off to free herself.
    • Shikamaru gives one of these to Hidan shortly before blowing him up.
      Shikamaru: You and your god don't frighten me. You see, you and I believe in different things. You wanna know what I believe in? The Will of Fire. Right now, the god you should be worried about isn't your stupid Jashin or anyone else. It's me... because I'm the one who's about to pass judgement!"
    • Sasuke gives two of these to Orochimaru after he betrays him, stating that his attempts at achieving power are revolting and cannot put him on the same level as the Uchiha, whose power he covets.
      "What do you hope to accomplish? Scurrying from one hideout to the next, conducting your pathetic experiments, using up people's lives one after the other, trying to unlock the mysteries of nature. You toy with people's lives for the sake of this vain and ridiculous cause of yours. You disgust me!"
    • Sasuke much later gets one directed at himself by Danzo, telling him that he's just trying to take out of his hate on someone even if it makes his clan's and especially his brother's death completely meaningless. It acts as something of an Ironic Echo of his earlier speech, highlighting the Motive Decay that both fell to.
      "Two brothers whose abilities are identical; how can what your eyes perceive be so different? Just admit it. The truth about Itachi isn't important to you at all. Instead, you simply want to destroy everything with your hatred. All you're doing is making the sacrifice of the Uchiha clan meaningless."
    • A rather harsh speech from a pupil to a teacher:
      Obito: Are you trying to lecture me now? Isn't it a bit too late... sensei? You're always too late when it's important. I'm glad that my teacher was the Hokage. It helped me give up on my dream to become the same. [...] You didn't realise it was me despite being my teacher. In the end you're not that great. I pity you. You died a hero and now you're showing your son how shameful your life was. Yes... Hokage look pathetic compared to what I am now.
    • Before his Face–Heel Turn, Sasuke gives out one towards Sakura, which makes her take her training more seriously.
      Sasuke: I swear, you're just as bad as Naruto. Instead of flirting, why don't you work on your jutsu and make the team stronger? Let's face it, you're actually worse than Naruto.
  • No Game No Life:
    • Sora faces Kurami, a challenger to the throne who wants Elkia, Imanity's last remaining city, to become a Protectorate of the Elves. While Kurami ultimately has Imanity's interests in mind, Sora doesn't think much of her lack of faith in humanity (particularly when she insists that the only way Sora could have won was if he was also collaborating with another race), and gives her a speech that reduces her to tears.
      Sora: Honestly, I didn't think the idea of getting the Elves to help Imanity was a bad one.
      Kurami: Then-
      Sora: (interrupting) But I don't like the way you think. Doesn't the idea that we can't survive without the elves' protection seem a bit self-deprecating to you?
      Kurami: But...
      Sora: Imanity have their own ways of doing things. Just like how we were able to win because you were convinced to the very end that we were enemy spies.
      Kurami: That can't be. There's no way a mere human can defeat magic!
      Sora: If that's what you think, that's fine. That just means that's your limit. I'll tell you something: Whether we're up against elves or gods, Blank never loses. (Leans in and looks Kurami in the eye) Don't underestimate humanity.
    • Much later on, Sora, trying to win the queen of the Sirens' game by making her fall in love with him so that she will awaken after sleeping for 800 years, finally loses it and tells her what he thinks of her. Surprisingly enough, this makes her wake up, since she wanted someone who didn't love her.
      Sora: Don’t you know how old you are, sleepwalking around, prattling like a goddamn moron? I mean, who the hell do you think you are, dumbass? What? You think, ‘It’s only natural for everyone to be nice to me’? Even kindergartners these days are quicker on the uptake than you, bitch! Seriously, do even know how many years you’ve been asleep? Eight hundred years, bitch— eight hundred years! You think, ‘Ohh, I’m, like, such a princess, waiting for my prince for years and years’? You’re over eight hundred years old, Grandma! You wanna know how old you are? You’re too friggin’ old! Sure, I love those characters with ridiculous ages, but they’re cool because they’ve got the brains, right?! And, anyway, you’re like, ‘There’s no man who wouldn’t fall for me’— but look at yourself, man. It pisses me off! You call yourself a woman, then show some grace! Sexiness only means something if it’s bundled with humility! Are you one of those? You know, the ones who think if a guy tells them to take their clothes off, they can just drop ’em? Or one of the others?! Those typical, so-called cosplay or glasses-porno actresses who take off their costumes or glasses when they have sex, those dumbasses with a romance quotient in, like, the tenth percentile at best! If you think the more skin you show the better, then stop being half-assed about it and just go live as a freakin’ nudist! Dude, why should I even have to try to pick up some bitch I don’t even like? Think about it, man— it’s a waste of my goddamn time and effort! I might as well just hit on some 2-D girls! I’d get way more out of it, especially in terms of cost performance, all while protecting my heart and wallet! Oh yeah, and just let me add one more thing before I wrap up— You got these water spirits or whatever, I dunno, but something granting you charm from the shadows— but honestly, your face score is barely above average, and it’s the worst among all the chicks I hang with, so would you look in a damn mirror and figure that out, you sponge-brain?!
  • Occult Academy: Subverted because Ami gives Fumiaki one in a very casual manner and didn't think about its significance, but Fumiaki took it seriously enough.
  • In One Piece, Bellamy... tries to give one of these to Luffy when the two actually fight. He gets a face full of fist for his trouble.
    • Akainu gives one regarding Whitebeard, saying that he is a failure of a pirate who couldn't become King of the Pirates and that his "family" is worthless, especially considering that he is going to die to protect one of his "sons" who was tricked into stabbing him (as part of Akainu's plan).
    • Luffy does this every time he fights the main villain of an arc. For example, he gives one to Kuro and another to Wapol, saying that they don't have what it takes to be real pirates, as the former tried to escape his reputation as a pirate while the latter had no respect for Hiruluk's Jolly Roger and only pretended to be a pirate.
    • Luffy gives himself one while fighting Arlong, listing all the things his crew could do that he couldn't. He finishes though, by stating the one thing he could do... kick Arlong's ass.
    • Franky and the rest of his Family give Usopp one after stealing his money, ridiculing him as weak and ridiculing the crew for having him protect the money. It ultimately influences his decision to temporarily quit the crew.
    • Kizaru gives Luffy one during the Paramount War, where it's revealed that Luffy is out of his depth compared to the many powerful enemies there, some of whom had curb stomped him and his crew in the past.
      You have to have more than just courage. Willpower alone means nothing without strength. Strawhat, without enough strength, you cannot save anyone no matter how hard you try.
    • Crocodile gives several to Luffy and Vivi over the course of the Alabasta arc, dismissing the former as a weakling and mocking the latter about how she will be unable to save anyone, let alone everyone.
    • Crocodile also gives one to Tashigi after her defeat at Robin's (many) hands, decrying her as a weakling. While Tashigi is the one who places Crocodile under arrest after Luffy defeats him, his words definitely get through to her.
    • Brook gives one to Zeo, as well as the other officers in the New Fishman Pirates, when he learns that they are willing to let everyone on Fishman Island die, including themselves and their men, in the insane belief that their hatred for the humans would live on after death. For context, Brook is a skeleton pirate whose Devil Fruit ability enabled him to come back after his death.
      "Now listen here! You've never actually died, have you?! You say that your hatred remains after death?! Poppycock!! Death leaves nothing behind!! Every living thing leaves nothing but bones!!! […] I absolutely detest those who refuse to treat life with the respect it deserves!! I would hold my nose in your presence... if I had a nose to hold!
    • During the Whole Cake Island arc, after hearing that Lola running out on her Arranged Marriage prevented Big Mom from entering into an alliance with the Giants, something she believes could have enabled her to become Pirate King, Luffy is not impressed.
    • Reiju, along with the rest of the Vinsmokes, gets a scathing one from Pudding, mocking the Vinsmokes for their ambitions and for falling into a trap set by Mama to steal the Vinsmokes' clone soldier technology. Reiju doesn't say anything apart from one brief snide remark about the person giving the speech, since she actually agrees with it.
      "Ha ha ha! You're so naïve! What do you call yourselves? An 'army of evil'?! Stick to the world of imagination, you inept clowns!!"
  • Osomatsu-san: In "Todomatsu and the Five Demons", Totty gives one to his five NEET brothers after he gets a job at Sutabaa.
    Todomatsu: Fine. I'll tell you the truth. (Beat) I'm embarrassed by you guys. (his brothers gasp) Look around you. This is Sutabaa. You're as different as chalk and cheese to these celestial beings! (arrows strike them) No... more like angels and crap. (more arrows strike them) I finally obtained some status by working here. If they find out I have crap for brothers, it will be all for nothing. (even more arrows strike them) Sorry... I really didn't want to say that.
    Choromatsu: (angrily rips out an arrow and throws it onto the ground) Then don't! We almost died!
  • In PandoraHearts, Elliot viciously calls Oz out as a Martyr Without a Cause when he tries to trade his life to the Baskervilles for his sister's.
  • Paprika: Chiba gives one to Tokita calling him out on his immaturity and only doing what he wants instead of what needs to be done. This unfortunately leads Tokita to go into Himuro's dream to figure his motive for stealing the DC Mini. It doesn't go well.
  • A dying woman gives one to the eponymous Paranoia Agent, Lil Slugger. He can't take it, busts a wall and a bunch of stuff, and runs. The point of the series, however, is that there's only one person who can talk him down, and the dying woman's not it - getting this speech leads ultimately to large portions of Tokyo being destroyed.
  • In The Pet Girl of Sakurasou, Rita gives Mashiro a scathing one in episode 10, when she rants about how the latter's talent overshadowed all of the other kids in their art class, and eventually Rita's grandfather told her to just give up since she would never be as good as Mashiro. Rita also says she planted the idea of drawing manga as a means to have Mashiro humiliate herself and see what the other kids felt towards her, but is angered to see her having a debut for that as well. She then tells Mashiro she hates her.
  • In the Pokémon anime Paul delivers a particularly scathing one to Maylene after curbstomping her in their gym battle. He tells her that she's the weakest Gym Leader he has ever fought (he had fought at least 25 others by that time) and that the "lightweight" badge she gave him (the prize for winning a gym battle) is just like her. The result is Maylene losing all confidence to continue as a gym leader. Her Lucario is not pleased.
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica: In episode 8, Sayaka delivers a rather scathing one to Madoka, of all people. After slowly transitioning from an idealist Cape to full-blown Ax-Crazy due to learning the Awful Truth that becoming a magical girl is equivalent to becoming a lich, Madoka tearfully says she only wants to help her, getting a (rather undeserved) speech about her own selfishness in return:
    Sayaka: If you really want to help me, you should try putting in my shoes for a change. But you can't, of course not. You won't give up your humanity out of pity for a friend. (...) You can't do anything but you won't, you just sit there 'cause it's okay I'm the one who's suffering. Don't act like you care, it's obvious you don't.
    • Later in the same episode, Homura manages to combine this with an anguished version of You Are Better Than You Think You Are to chew Madoka out for very nearly giving in and forming a contract with Kyubey.
    • And then Kyubey gives a round-about one to (guess who?) Madoka in the next episode about humanity as a whole, and how its species can't understand the importance humans put on losing one or two individuals, closing with a line that seals it in Magnificent Bastard territory:
      Kyubey: If you ever feel like dying for this universe, call me. We'll be waiting.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena has one delivered by Anthy to her brother Akio, the Big Bad of the show: By all means, stay in this cozy coffin of yours and continue to play prince. But I have to go now. She isn't gone at all, she's merely vanished from your world.
    • And Touga gives one to Utena in episode 11 after defeating her. "Even though you fancied yourself to be a prince in the end you were just a girl. Despite what you may have hoped for your hopes didn't become reality."
  • "Inner" Moka from Rosario + Vampire hands out one to Tsukune after getting his ass kicked yet again in training.
    "Tsukune, I'll give you my judgement. This is no good at all. You have vampire blood, so you must have the 'aptitude' to become stronger. You were dutiful originally, so you are a fast learner. However...They're light. I'm speaking about your weakness, your fists. The things needed to win, you have no 'will', nor do you have 'killing intent'. So who on earth are you planning to defeat?
  • In Rozen Maiden, Suigintou delivers one to Jun trying to drive him and Shinku further apart so he can't help her during the fight later. It works, leaving Jun almost suicidal, until Nori finally knocks some sense in him.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: Every time Kenshin fights an opponent, the opponent gives him this, mainly for being on the Imperialist's side. But Kenshin always manages to prove them wrong, or at least prove that he may not agree with them but doesn't suck like they say he does.
    • Kenshin himself gets a rather scathing one from his old master, Hiko Seijuurou XIII, who was more than a little bitter about Kenshin abandoning his training to help the Imperialists. He helps him anyway though.
    • Saito hits Blind Weaponmaster Usui with a devastating one during the course of their fight, and keeps it going after mortally wounding Usui. Santo telling him how much he sucks becomes the last things Usui ever hears.
  • Sakura Quest: In Episode 4, Kazushi gives Yoshino and Sanae one when they try to apologize, accusing them of not understanding what they're getting into. It hits quite hard for Sanae, who admits that he's right about her running away.
    Kazushi: All right, why don't you tell me why you came to Manoyama?
    Sanae: Because... I wanted to be surrounded by nature and I wanted to be my own boss.
    Kazushi: You sure you weren't simply running away from something difficult? Running anywhere, am I right? Didn't matter where? (Sanae is speechless) I don't care to be lectured by someone who came here as an escape. I chose to come to this place with a purpose, unlike you two.
    Yoshino: I'm sorry, but I don't think that's fair at all.
    Sanae: Yoshino...
    Yoshino: We've been working really hard on this idea! We've wracked our brains trying to find ways to get people excited about Manoyama woodcarving!
    Kazushi: Sorry, but nobody asked you to do that! Let me ask you something; what kind of wood do you think that is over there? (waits a moment for an answer, and doesn't get one) No idea, right? And yet you assume you're qualified to talk about Manoyama woodcarving? What a joke.
  • 3-gatsu no Lion: Friend and rival Nikaidou, in his zealous and infuriated commentary of Rei's MHK Cup match, attempts to tell the protagonist Rei exactly why he's been doing poorly in shogi at the time.
  • Sazanka has Keita, the protagonist Tatsuki's abusive boyfriend, give a few to her.
    • When Tatsuki suffers a breakdown, he beats her up and gives her the following speech.
    Keita: Shut up. What the hell are you doing, snapping out like that? I laid out rules for you. And since you don't follow them, I end up having to bear all the burden! You can't even do basic stuff! You can't do anything!
    • A week later, Tatsuki breaks up with him. After convincing her to quit her job to spare him any awkwardness, he gives her the following speech with a smile on his face.
    Keita: You sure are something, Tatsuki. You pretend to be a prize, but in reality, you aren't worth it at all.
  • Seraph of the End: In response to Yuu's rhetorical question about why he is not strong enough to defeat him, Crowley gives one to him.
    Crowley: That's easy. 'Cause you're just livestock. You humans eat cows and pigs. Do you live in fear of them revolting someday? No. In the end... No matter what you do, we will never fear you.
  • Shirobako: In Episode 20, Hiraoka goes to meet with Madoka, who tells Hiraoka that the freelancers Hiraoka brought on board will have to redo their cuts. The argument escalates quickly as Madoka loses his patience with Hiraoka's poor attitude and work ethic, resulting in a fistfight.
    Madoka: Another retake.
    Hiraoka: Huh?! A re-retake? Come on, Madoka-san. You realize that asking for more retakes would just mean strangling yourself, right?
    Madoka: That's fine. Actually, I'd prefer it.
    Hiraoka: Huh?
    Madoka: I'm telling you to make them quit. I don't want or need these.
    Hiraoka: What do you mean by that?
    Madoka: All those animators you brought in with that smug face of yours. Every last one of them. They're all useless. All of them have brought me nothing but chicken scratches.
    Hiraoka: Then find some yourself!
    Madoka: Do your damn job! You really are worthless, aren't you?
    Hiraoka: What?!
    Madoka: Why the hell are you working in production? You always look bored out of your mind. All your work is half-assed. You always brag about all the things you've done, but do you think you can keep this career with how you work? Hell no! Don't make me laugh! (punches a wall between the desks and kicks a chair aside)
    Hiraoka: An episode director shouldn't try to push responsibility onto a production assistant! Stop acting high and mighty! We're the same age!
    Madoka: Age has nothing to do with anything! At this rate, it'd be more effective to have Tarou draw!note 
  • Skip Beat!: Near the end of episode 12 Moko delivers one to Erika. She points out how Erika never managed to take a role from her through her own talent or acting skills, but always relied on her family's name or its influence. Moko tells her that, if Erika wants to call herself an actress and a rival to Moko, she can only do that once she takes the job of an actress seriously and can out-act Moko. Erika takes her words to act and swears to become an actress that will out-shine her easily.
  • Sonic X:
  • Soul Eater: More like a Reason You Suck Debate near the end of the anime between Lord Death and Asura:
    Lord Death: This is how you've been as long as I've known you. Hiding cowardice behind cunning. You were always riddled with insecurities and plagued by fears, unable to relax until you'd hidden them all! In an effort to escape your petty fear, you partnered with Vajra. You should have fought alongside me, but you were too weak for that! In the end, you betrayed not only innocent humans, but your own Weapon Partner as well!
    Asura: Ya know, for a Grim Reaper you're impressively naive. Following the rules doesn't guarantee and escape from fea—-
    Lord Death: And insanity does?! Even if you bury your fears and madness, new fears will only surface!! Are you truly so lost already that you can't understand that simple fact!?! If you continue along the path you've chosen, the world will sink into despair!! Even a child would see the heartless evil in that!!
    Asura: Don't you see how empty and meaningless the authority you impose is? That's not how the truth is found. You make your followers feel safe by offering white lies and comforting words. Don't you know that only harms them more?
    Lord Death: There's no hope for you!! You are behind saving!!
    Asura: Do you find creating the illusion of peace for people that noble of a job?
    Lord Death: It's far more noble than seeking to destroy them with blind insanity like you intend to!!
    Asura: Have you even listened to a word I've said old man!?! What's wrong with surrendering to madness? That's where the true peace is...
    Lord Death: So you keep saying; but that's because you're not strong enough for sanity!!!
    Asura: I'm plenty strong. You'll find out soon enough that YOU'RE the weak one Reaper.
    • In chapter 74 of the manga, the Envy Chapter of the Book of Eibon delivers a harsh one to Maka. It's enough to reduce her to tears.
  • Spirit Circle: Fuuta Okeya delivers an epic one to Fortuna, upsetting a character to the core that to this point has kept aloof of everything.
  • In Strawberry 100%, Misuzu is quite good at delivering them, leaving the school's banchou in tears and warning Junpei that "My words are like stones! They can kill!".
  • Sword Art Online has one in the "Murder Case In The Area" arc. After Kirito and Asuna investigate several staged murders that supposedly stemmed from the murder of a guildmaster over the decision to sell a rare ring rather than use it, the culprit behind the original incident is revealed to be Grimlock, the victim's husband. Grimlock then gives a Motive Rant about how the ring had nothing to do with it- he was disturbed by how much more confident and assertive his wife became, and wanted to kill her while she was still his wife, so that he wouldn't have to deal with the "disgrace" of her asking for a divorce once they escaped.
    Kirito: Disgrace... disgrace? Your wife wouldn't listen to you... and that's why you killed her? She was strengthening herself and your friends to help escape from here... and might have one day stood among the ranks of those advancing us through the game. And just for that...?
    Grimlock: Just for that? It was plenty enough for what I did. Someday you will understand, Detective, once you have found love and are about to lose it.
    Asuna: No, Grimlock. You're wrong about that. What you felt for Griselda wasn't love. It was possession. If you still love her, then take off your left glove. But I'm sure that you've already cast aside the wedding ring that Griselda never removed even to the moment of her murder.
  • Tamagotchi: The Movie: Mametchi is typically a calm, gentle Tamagotchi, but this happens when he gets bothered one too many times by Chamametchi:
    Chamametchi: Big brother, I want to talk to Mamametchi and Papamametchi!
    Mametchi: (sternly) You can't talk to them now.
    Chamametchi: Why? I wanna talk to them!
    Mametchi: Look, you can't, okay?!
    Chamametchi: Why not? I wanna talk to them!
    Chamametchi: (Inelegant Blubbering)
  • Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann:
    • After the Time Skip, Rossiu arrests Simon to use him as a scapegoat for collateral damage caused by his first fight with the Anti-Spirals and to appease the populace, which is angry about the impending end of the world. The two exchange these speeches.
    Rossiu: You are exactly like Kamina was in the old days. Have you learned nothing from his death? You haven't grown at all. (confiscates Simon's core drill) I will keep your core drill. It's ironic. The source of your power was the seed of mankind's destruction.
    Simon: Rossiu... you will never understand what Bro felt inside... or what his death gave to all of us. Heh, that look in your eyes... it's the exactly the same look that priest back in Adai Village had in his eyes.
    Rossiu: It is you who understands nothing, Simon. Seven years... you haven't even tried to change.
    • It turns out that the Antispiral's method of dealing with potentially reality-rending amounts of accumulating Spiral Energy without outright killing its hosts (at least initially) is to simply suppress their fighting spirit by making them live hopeless lives. In Simon and crew's last battle against the Antispiral King, said Big Bad constantly taunts them with the potential implications of their actions, and debates out loud if they truly have the ambition, determination, and resolve to go through with their plans. He does so while beating the shit out of them, saying they've reached their limit.
    • Simon counters with a Patrick Stewart Speech of epic proportions.
  • Togainu no Chi: Akira to Keisuke in the fifth episode.
  • Towards the end of Transformers Armada, Thrust rants at length about how Galvatron is weak, lacks ambition, lost control of the Decepticons, and is pathetic for joining forces with Optimus Prime. Then he gets killed by a random piece of Unicron.
  • Useless Princesses
    • The series begins with Nanaki Fujishiro, a beautiful but vain gyaru, learning that her boyfriend Hiro is cheating on her. She confronts Hiro with a picture that her best friend Izumi showed her, and finds that he's entirely unapologetic about it.
      Hiro: Nanaki, I'm done with you.
      Fujishiro: Huh?
      Hiro: She's my main girl. Since you confessed to me, I decided to go out with you and keep you as a backup. But I didn't think you'd be this stupid. I mean, you'd never have noticed without seeing that picture, would you? You may look pretty, but really, who would want to date such a boring girl like you? Bye.
    • Nine chapters later, Kanade Kurokawa, who's since befriended Fujishiro, tries to stand up to some of the gyaru girls when they badmouth Fujishiro, only to get a vicious rebuttal from Miki.
      Miki: Kurokawa, right? You really think you can be the same as Fujishiro Nanaki? I heard you've been trying to be equal to Fujishiro Nanaki, right? Seriously?! That's funny as heck! She's pretty enough to be interviewed by a fashion magazine, you know. Just changing your hair and putting up a little makeup doesn't get you even near to being like her. You better wake up and face the truth, girl. Nanaki will always consider both you and us to be beneath her.
  • Zero in Vampire Knight gives one to Yuuki when he found out she's a Pureblood vampire all along.
    Zero: Coming here to talk? You don't really think that would make a difference, do you? Discussing things like turning humans into vampires. But of course you transformed from a vampire into a human. On the other side of this door, I sense an arrogant Pureblood who does nothing but torment people.
  • Askeladd gives this to Thorfinn at least once in Vinland Saga. He tells him that his whole quest is pointless, and that he always loses because he's too thickheaded and stubborn in battle. He is also too thickheaded and stubborn to listen to this advice.
  • In ViVid Strike!, Rinne gives one to her old friend Fuuka during their match, after shrugging off one of Rinne's attacks.
    Fuuka: Compared to what I expected, you're... weak! (counterattacks and sends Rinne flying) Get up, Rinne! Even though you show contempt for others, you immediately give up when things get rough for you. I'm gonna destroy that rotten attitude of yours!
  • Combined with Rant-Inducing Slight, Loli absolutely unloads on Yamai on Chapter 62 of Wasteful Days of High School Girls due to the latter getting too Chuuni during class:
    LOOK HERE! Didn't you learn not to play during class in elementary school!? You're in high school right now, right!? Second year, right!? ACT YOUR AGE! How many times do I have to warn you! Don't bother other people! You pleasure seeker! There are kids out there in the world who want to study but can't! And yet you... Aren't you ashamed!? Look here! I'll tell the teacher if you keep messing around!! You stupid poopy-head!! You get it!? ANSWER ME!!
  • In The World God Only Knows, Haqua delivers one to Keima for all his manipulations. In a subversion, she doesn't actually mean it, and immediately begins to try and wave her words off when she thinks it might have actually affected him.
  • In one episode of WORKING!!, Souta Takenashi delivers a well-deserved one to Inami's father, who gifted his daughter with a case of androphobia.
  • The Spider Queen in Xxx Holic gives one to Watanuki about being overly willing to throw away his own life for others,
    Spider Queen: You're giving yourself away too easily. Do you really think I would accept something that you would throw away so lightly? Zashiri-Warashi tried so hard to get your sight back, and now you just gave it away, just like that. You must think she's a fool, to go through so much effort for something you treat like garbage.
    Watanuki: You're wrong!
    Spider Queen: No, I'm not. Kuda-Kitsune is worried about you, and there are others too, right? Who also care very much about you. But you don't realize it, you don't even care about yourself. You hate to see others getting hurt, but you don't mind if you're the one getting hurt. You don't understand that when you get hurt, those who care about you are also hurt when they see it.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • Seto Kaiba of the original Yu-Gi-Oh! seldom met one of these he didn't like.
    • Seto gives one to Mokuba after he fails to defeat Yugi on the penultimate floor of Death-T, before subjecting Mokuba to a Shadow Game.
      Seto Kaiba: Those pathetic, clinging eyes on my back, I've felt them for years. In the world of games, there's no room for something like brotherly affection. Until you understand that, you'll never be anything but a loser!
      Mokuba Kaiba: Please, Seto-sama, I only wanted your approval!
      Seto Kaiba: The loser suffers a penalty game. That's the rule of Death-T! [presses the button]
    • He's at the receiving end of one from Anzu / Téa in the Duelist Kingdom arc, after forcing Yugi forfeit by threatening to jump off a ledge if he attacked—and sending Yugi into Heroic BSoD. Capped off by an Armor-Piercing Question.
      Kaiba: I have everything I need.
    • He's on the receiving end of a lot of them, from Noah, Lecter, Ishizu, and mostly Yugi. Not that he ever listens much. He also delivers more justified ones to Noah, Lecter, and also his adoptive father Gozaburo. (All in the Virtual Nightmare Arc.)
    • Yugi himself gives Marik an epic variation of this trope near the end of the duel against the brainwashed Jyounouchi, claiming that Marik will be the loser in the end.
    • Yugi also gives one to Noah after he defeats Kaiba with his deck master, Shinato, claiming that he is heartless and barren, which makes Kaiba better than him.
    • Yugi gives them to minor villains all the time, including Insector Haga, Panik, Ghost Kaiba, the Exodia-using Rare Hunter, and Pandora. A lot of times, he's actually able to psyche them out this way and make them nervous. (Which leads to them making careless mistakes.)
    • Professor Satou to Judai in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Judai is having all his monsters turned against him and is told the whole reason he's losing is because he actually enjoys dueling, so when the fun goes away he has no motivation. And why is he getting in Judai's way and putting his life on the line? Because Judai was sleeping in class. Which Judai comes to realize might not have meant anything to him, but was ruining Satou's life since most other students were following Judai's example.
    • Right before defeating Judai earlier in the season, Edo gives one of these to him. (He tries another one in their next duel, but now that Judai has his confidence back with the Neo Spacians as backup, it doesn't work.)
    • Judai getting these speeches is the theme of the first half of Season 3; all can be summarized as, "You're pathetic because you're an Invincible Hero!" Unfortunately, he takes it to heart.
    • In the manga, Judai gives one to Ryuga, a Smug Snake teacher candidate who looks down on Osiris Reds and confiscates their cards after they lose to him (and Judai doesn't even know that Ryuga is also cheating and scheming to take over Duel Academy), telling Ryuga he's a "disgrace" and that he refuses to consider him a duelist.
    • One of the examples of this Trope in the franchise happens in the dub version of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, during Yusei's second duel with Rudger. (Called Roman here.) He gave the villain one, combining it with a rather forceful Screw Destiny, which was fitting, seeing as Rudger was certain that both Yusei, his father, and himself were nothing but pawns in the hands of Fate:
      Yusei: Roman, I've listened to you go on long enough. You do terrible things, then you say it's all just destiny's will! Well I've got some very bad news for you, Roman: there is no such thing as destiny! There's only what you do, and what you don't do! But listen, I understand that life is a long series of chain reactions. If my father had never discovered those planetary particle things, then Zero Reverse never would have happened. Satellite would still be part of Neo Domino City. My friends like Crow and Jack would never have had to grow up alone on the streets. But my dad was my dad, he wasn't some cosmic chess piece! And as for my friends and all of that stuff they've had to go to go through, don't tell me that's fate, don't tell me everything happened because it was meant to! That's a lie! It happened because of you and choices you made!
    • Jack gives a pretty harsh, satisfying one to Nicolas of Team Catastrophe after saving his life following their WRGP Turbo Duel. Heck, it may be even better in the dub version.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!: Capsule Monsters, Alexander the Great calls Yugi out on his refusal to sacrifice his friends to ensure his own victory, a sentiment his friends actually agree with.
  • Shark gives a minor one to Yuma in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL following the latter's defeat.
    Shark: I suppose now I should tell you, the reason I stopped dueling, Yuma, is because I was crushed when you beat me. But I feel all better now... (walks up to Yuma and steals his Emperor's Key) And this here is just the cherry on top! (starts to walk away) Then again, keep it, as a reminder of what I did to you! (tosses the key back to Yuma)
    Yuma: Shark, no, don't go!
    Shark: Yuma, you and I are finished, so don't you ever come bothering me again! You may think those friends of mine are "thugs", but they're all that I have, and that's just fine with me!
    • Bronk gives him an indirect one at the beginning of the next episode.
      Tori: Bronk, hey, wait up! What's wrong?
      Bronk: I just don't think I like who Yuma's turning into. That duel with Shark - Yuma said he wouldn't use a Number, but then he did! He went back on his word, and that's not right!
      Tori: You know how he is, he just gets carried away, and...
      Bronk: There's a big difference between "getting carried away" and what he did! You DON'T break a promise just because you're losing!
  • Zettai Shougeki: Platonic Heart (aka Master of Martial Hearts) features a last episode consisting of this.
  • Zombie Land Saga has main character Sakura deliver one in the second episode, dressing down Saki for her rude attitude, and taking Ai and Junko to task for refusing to take her advice. This is all done as an impromptu rap that the group's producer, and the remaining three who are spared her wrath, quickly decide to make All Part of the Show. It ultimately evolves into a Dare to Be Badass one, pushing them to make the most of the current situation.


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