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Crime, Transgressions, Felony, and Misdemeanour

The House of Crime and Transgressions is the main base and symbol of everything that represents and embodies the topic of criminal activity and intent in the Pantheon. The House is represented by a large city known as the Il Dominio Dell'Infernonote  that is rife with criminal actions and injustices left-and-right as well as cases of corruption when it comes to the House's most wealthy and influential residents, visitors, and associates. The city is also financially backed up by illegal money that has been built up by hardworking criminals who have used up their profits to generate syndicates, criminal empires, and crime industries that have proven to be quite elusive and powerful in their own right, as well as constantly making attempts to establish relations with other Houses as a means to strengthen their power, authority, and influence towards others to varying effects of success and failure.


The list of criminal activity that is commonplace in the Il Domino Dell'Inferno includes petty theft and muggings, bank robberies, violent revolts, and assaults, dealing and selling heavy and intoxicating drugs, and financial bribing and blackmailing. One would assume that murders and assassinations would be a core identity and, at one point, this was the case, until it was decided that they associated more towards the House of Slaughter, which has since become the central base of operations, residence, and representation regarding anything to do with killing and assassinating. That said, it is clear that the two Houses maintain a strong professional relationship with one another, mostly as assassins tend to be highly sought by the House of Crime and Transgressions for their effectiveness, elusiveness, and sense of professionalism.


Despite its reputation, the Il Domino Dell'Inferno does have its number of heroes and good-hearted residents and deities who have committed themselves in doing heroic works or, at the very least, the morally right actions, even if their own reputation isn't too good due to their residency in a House that's well-regarded for its shady status and influence. On another note, some of the residing criminals may not even be bad people and may even be decent people at heart, who only see their criminal actions as something they do out of a job commitment, or out of a desperate need to earn themselves something or to help someone in need. While they still need to be dealt with, they are treated with a sense of sympathy by some.

Obviously enough, this is one of the more dangerous Houses in the Pantheon, particularly due to how it is seen as a safe haven for criminals and villains alike. It's one of the reasons why the House of Villainy has a strong positive fixation for the Il Domino Dell'Inferno as it means many have a secondary place to conduct their base of operations and residency in. Of course, many in the Houses of Heroism and Law and Justice have taken it upon themselves to monitor, analyze and conduct whatever results they've collected and what should be done about certain events, activities, and individuals. Batman, RoboCop, Shotaro Hidari, Philip, Detective Conan, and Sherlock Holmes have been the most active participants regarding the monitoring and investigating prospect towards the House of Crime and Transgressions.

Outside of the authorities, Sweepers have made themselves at home in the Il Domino Dell'Inferno despite the best efforts of the various crime families, and they have set up large amounts of dens for Sweeper families to live in. Similar to how they operate during a Night in the Backstreets, for 80 minutes Sweepers emerge from the dark and try to devour anyone unlucky enough to be on the streets at the time before returning back to their dens. These Sweeper waves are precise, beginning at exactly 3:13 AM and ending at 4:33 AM every night.

Due to the Main House's new announcement for reorganization throughout the Pantheon, five worthy candidates were all chosen for their contributions to the world of crime: these are the Great Felony Ten, comprised of Bonnie and Clyde, Carmen Sandiego, James Moriarty, Tony and his crew and the Corleones.

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The Great Felony Ten

The Criminal Figureheads of the House

    Carmen Sandiego 
Carmen Sandiego, Goddess of Impossible and Monumental Thefts (Carmen Isabela Sandiego, Red, Lambkins, Black Sheep, La Femme Rouge, The Crimson Shadow, Little Red Robin Hood, The Mastermind)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her red trench coat and fedora
  • Theme Songs: The themes of her TV shows: "Where in the World", "Where in Time", "Where on Earth" (which she stole from Mozart) and just "Carmen Sandiego"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, with moments of Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Classy Cat Burglars, Ever-Elusive Villains, Punny Named Mooks, Easily Escaping From Jail, Friendly Rivalry, Puzzles, The Color Red, Stealing Everything Not Nailed Down (Including the Nails), will never steal lives, Being portrayed as more heroic than usual and younger than usual.
  • Domains: City, Craft, Knowledge, Liberation, Trickery
  • Heralds: The other members of V.I.L.E.’s various iterations
  • Followers: Mouse, Sam Starfall, Roxy Lalonde, the Kisugi sisters
  • Allies: Catwoman, Jack Sparrow, Waldo, Daiki Kaitou, Lupin The 3rd, Fujiko Mine, Valerie Frizzle
  • Enemies: The Godmodder, Lord Brevon, The Kankers
  • Complicated Relations with: Black Cat
  • Curious in: Mike (Hawkins Party)
  • Was originally a Lesser Goddess, but managed to steal the "Intermediate Goddess" title from Robin Hood when he was away from Sherwood Forest (and she stole that, too... She's just that good). She occasionally teams up with him on the more intriguing heists. Rumor has it that when he found out the forest was gone she let him figure out how to get it back, and then stole his grudge. He still remembers what she did, and thinks he should be angry about it. But he can't.
  • On her off days, she will sail the lowest floor with Captain Jack and steal the appeal of pieces of merchandise while talking about the time she stole the smile from the Smiling Enlightened, leaving the face of the goddess perfectly mobile but without the ability to smile.
  • One night she broke into Looten Plunder's tower, stealing the abilities to keep her out and alert security of his locks and electronics systems, stealing the sound of her footsteps, stealing Plunder's ability to be awakened by soft noise. She did not then take everything that wasn't nailed down and then swipe Gordon Freeman's crowbar to pry up more, she did not take the floorboards and windows and doors and wallpaper, she did not take his stocks and his bed and his clothing. No. She stole the value of all these things; they looked and worked the same and yet their value was entirely gone. Plunder replaced it all in under three days, but he has not forgotten, and she has not stolen the sting of this insult.
  • The only thief to successfully steal the Treasures of the Gods. She didn't just take the treasures, no. She didn't even take the entire complex; it was still there, doors and items and all. No, she took the powers of the items themselves, leaving them looking the same but utterly inert. She put them back after INH tracked her down by the clues she left, but only a handful of gods know why or how she did it.
  • Has a soft spot for people less competent than herself. Since she's Carmen Sandiego, this is a long list. The only forbidden place she cannot reach is the Main House, although she can and has stolen its entrance before and continues to look for a way to break into the Main House itself, if for no other reason than just to prove that she can.
    • That said, she envies Lord Brevon for successfully breaking in it before he ascended. And with security further tightened after that, her chances of breaking in have become slimmer, though she hasn't given up.
  • Her power is alarming in its scope. Considering that she can not only steal languages and landmarks and stars, but also gods, time periods, and abstract concepts, many have wondered why she is not an Overdeity. She claims that she steals and leaves clues just to prove that she can. While she is friendly with gods of Good and Evil alignments, she truly owes allegiance only to herself.
  • Has a friendly rivalry going with Lupin The 3rd, who thinks she's hot as hell and a great thief to boot. Sandiego thinks Lupin's a fun companion and a great ally in bigger heists that could theoretically be too much for her.
    • When Fujiko Mine ascended, there were rumors that the two would get into an escalating war of who could steal the most stuff and how audacious they could be. Instead, the two get along quite well and team up together to pull off amazing heists.
  • It is generally agreed, along a similar vein to Rule 34, that if something exists, Carmen Sandiego can steal it. If it doesn't, she can steal its lack of reality just so she can steal it.
  • Was once invited to sit in at Bad-Guy Anon meeting, being a popular and well-known video game villain. Wreck-It Ralph especially agreed with her stance that while she is a villain, her role isn't to be evil but to pose a challenge because without bad guys there wouldn't be a game. And she loves it when agents play her game.
    • To this end, she once stole the Sugar Rush Winner's Cup for this very reason. Vanellope was not pleased, but begrudgingly went with it and successfully recovered the cup. Carmen offered her a place in her V.I.L.E. roster afterward, but Vanellope declined, insisting she was not a thief (though Ralph begged to differ).
  • It's been rumored that she has taken an interest in and is considering making an offer to take Pinkie Pie as her personal protégé due to their similar reality-defying capabilities, but has not yet done so due to doubts that she has regarding Pinkie's morality, difficulty in staying focused, and lack of a Punny Name. Pinkie herself seems to be unaware of any potential interest Carmen may have in her.
  • Despite her reputation, Carmen also has a Dark Secret: she was once an enforcer for Captain America and Sherlock Holmes. That's right. She originally started out working for law enforcement, and was actually supposedly a highly competent detective for people such as Inspector Zenigata. However, for Carmen, Good Is Boring, and she soon felt that she had a more challenging lifestyle for herself in trying to outsmart the law rather than work for it. The one other thing she's been unable to steal at this moment are the files in Captain America's drawer detailing how she became the law's most outrageous thief and among the most wanted in the house. She's desired going after it several times, even attempting a complicated gambit to steal history's artifacts as a smokescreen to steal the file from under the gods's noses, but each attempt only ends in her getting a backhand from various gods saying, "You can run from your past, but you can't change it."
  • Despite being the greatest thief in the house, Carmen isn't interested in killing anyone for her thefts. Some point to her kid-friendly record for this, but the more likely explanation is that the easy solution is just no fun for someone like Carmen Sandiego.
  • The Godmodder is to this day the only person to successfully earn Carmen Sandiego's honest-to-goodness ire, not only being able to interfere with her powers at will but also having both nearly killed her and temporarily disabled her godly regeneration during their first face-to-face meeting. Needless to say, she holds the grudge.
  • There are rumors that Carmen Sandiego and Valerie Frizzle were childhood friends and helped each other to become who they are now (though maybe Frizzle didn't intend for Sandiego to eventually become a criminal). But if there is any solid evidence behind this theory, even instances of the two ever meeting, Carmen has stolen all of it.
  • When Carmen learned that Lord Brevon had managed to get into the Main House, she began making plans to steal one of his ships to break in herself. In response, Brevon has increased security- but chances are that Carmen will steal that, too.
  • Another rumor is she is actually married to (or at least in a relationship with Waldo. Any evidence is either in the possession of her or Waldo (though she could steal it from him, unless they were married, so it'd be a moot point).
  • Once, upon hearing of the dreaded Kanker Sisters, she decided to try and steal an item of theirs to get them to go on a world tour to see the better aspects of life. The only problem? She stole their beloved ship in a bottle. This ended up going horribly wrong. Very, VERY, HORRIBLY. To describe it as briefly as possible, The Kankers ended up ravaging and outright destroying houses and subhouses. It was so bad the Main House thought that the Grand United Alliance of Destruction was at fault, only to nearly faint upon hearing they weren't responsible but were still enjoying it. Upon getting caught by the Kankers with the ship in a bottle in her hands, she tried to escape, only for The Kankers, whom were already defying multiple laws to get their ship back, ended up managing to actually corner her and pummeled her till she gave the ship back. To this day, they remain the only "players" to fully render her special thieving powers moot and holds a special hatred for them.
  • If there is one rule that she adheres to, she will not steal lives, this rule of hers is the focus of her backstory where she decided to steal from the very organization she decided to train under.
    • She couldn't help but smile when she saw Mike of the Hawkins Party. When asked why, she says that he reminds her of a 'Player' that aided her in her quest to fight VILE.
  • She has a soft spot for orphans, seeing as she was one prior to her rise as a thief.
  • "See you next crime!"

    Professor Moriarty 
Professor James Moriarty, God of Criminal Masterminds (The Napoleon of Crime, Jim, Richard Brook, Jamie Moriarty, Irene Adler, The Archer of Shinjuku, The Fantom, M, Smirnoff, The Professor, Klint van Zieks, Klimt)
His Sherlock appearance 
Click for spoiler of Elementary season 1 finale 
As a Servant 
  • Demigod, Intermediate God as a Servant, speculated to be a Greater God concealing his true power
  • Symbols: A most curious absence of any identifying symbols. Occasionally, a copy of The Dynamics of an Asteroid
  • Theme Song: Moriarty's theme and its reprise for his 2011 version, The Professor ~ The Phantom Lives for his Ace Attorney version
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil, Chaotic Evil as a Servant
  • Portfolio: Evil Counterpart, Deductive Reasoning, Consulting Criminal, Forehead of Doom, Ensemble Dark Horse to Breakout Villain
  • Domain: Crime, Knowledge, Secrets, Persecution
  • Herald: His trusty henchman Sebastian Moran
  • Allies: An untold number of villains and underlings owe a debt of gratitude to Moriarty's machinations (but he'd never let you trace them back to him), the House of Undead, Two-Face (bad side only), The Black Organization, Ratigan
  • Rivals: HYDRA and Red Skull, Tywin Lannister (also doubles as Worthy Opponent), Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Enemies: Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, the House of Investigative Work, Cersei Lannister, Katniss Everdeen, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Batman
  • Complicated Relationship with: Irene Adler
  • Business Partner with: Vito Corleone
  • Annoyed by Adenoid Hynkel
  • Odd Friendship: Adam Jensen, Frankenstein's Monster, Charles Babbage
  • Moriarty's inclusion in the pantheon does not mark his ascension, but rather the moment it became apparent that he'd been here all along, orchestrating crimes through a multitude of agents. As the evil counterpart to Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty uses the same brilliantly logical mind to orchestrate crimes as the detective does to solve them, and shares his arch-enemy's devoted interest in the works of the House of Justice.
  • Much like his famous nemesis, not much is known about the Napoleon of Crime's personal history, and what little is known is rife with vagueness and contradiction, of which neither Holmes or Moriarty are willing to elaborate on. Professor James Moriartynote  first gained recognition at the age of 21 when he wrote a treatise on the Binomial theorem, on the strength of which he gained the Mathematical Chair at a small universitynote . Beyond having some criminal blood running through his veins, it is unknown when and how he first became involved in crime, but he was eventually forced to leave the university due to "dark rumors" that spread about him, and set up in London as an army coachnote  and secret Diabolical Mastermind, where he first encountered his arch-enemy.
  • Is now an important advisor to Vito Corleone to strengthen both of their criminal enterprises. The two of them treats each other with respect, but Moriarty makes clear that he means business and feels Vito is too soft to his henchmen. Also serves as a tactician to the Black Organization under the code name 'Smirnoff'.
  • Hearing about his existence in the Pantheon caused Sherlock Holmes and John Watson to drop quite a few of their ongoing investigations to take him down.
  • One figure he has a complicated relationship with is Irene Adler. While their original counterparts never met, a few of their counterparts did. Their relationship tends to be on the antagonistic side, but one memorable time the two of them are revealed to be the same person, who called herself Jamie Moriarty.
    • This female version caused him quite a bit of trouble with Cersei Lannister who thought that her rival Margaery Tyrell has returned to the Pantheon because Cersei has thought that she was destroyed during the Great Sept of Baelor. With her paranoia, Cersei immediately launched an attack on his temple right after the attack on Irene Adler, causing Tywin to step in because he thought that she is being wasteful of resources on an unprovoked deity. This event and the fact that he thinks she is annoying and incompetent, caused bad blood between the two of them.
    • On the other hand, he respects Tywin for being basically his fantasy medieval counterpart. However, the two made it clear that they will not hesitate to bring the other down if their interest is conflicted.
  • After his criminal organization was first dismantled by Sherlock Holmes in the mortal world, Moriarty sought revenge and attempted to kill Holmes at Reichenbach Falls, but ended up plunging down the depths alone. Though some claim he survived the fall, he still has an aversion to waterfalls. This caused him to avoid the House of Nature.
  • Has been spotted playing high-stakes speed chess with Lelouch on a few occasions.
  • Speculation abounds on exactly what it is that his book, The Dynamics of an Asteroid, is about. The book ascends to such rarefied heights of pure mathematics that those who try to read it either can't understand it or can't explain what it's about in a way that can be understood.
  • Professor Ratigan prides himself in being Moriarty's mouse equivalent, and one of his more devoted followers.
  • His manipulative tendency reminds Katniss too much of President Snow and Coin to be comfortable around him. The fact that Moriarty once disguised as one of her allies Cressida to lure Katniss into becoming his agent (something that Irene Adler managed to stop) caused her to hate his guts.
  • Doesn't particularly like the Red Skull because he thinks that the Nazi is crazy and his organization is a major rival to his influence.
  • Has a surprisingly good relationship with the evil-aligned deities in the House of Undead given that he uses his agent or even sometimes disguises as a helpless victim to manipulate them.
  • Because of Moriarty long history and many actors portrayed him, he tends to take full advantages of this fact to disguise himself more easily in order to achieve his purpose.
    • Once disguised himself to be Adenoid Hynkel's advisor to see if the dictator had any power he can manipulate. However, this was abandoned after about two days spending time with Hynkel because Moriarty was annoyed by the latter's incompetence.
    • Indiana Jones hates his guts because he once disguises as Indy's rival René Belloq so he can lure Indy to steal an artifact for him.
    • He sometimes disguises himself as his archenemy Sherlock Holmes to kidnap Irene and/or John so he can get back at Holmes. This usually evolves into increasingly complex mental battles between the two of them that affect everyone in the Pantheon to the point that people with superpowers tend to forcefully intervene by rescuing the victim.
    • Once pretended to be various characters with the same voice as one of his resurrected 22nd century clone to massively communicate many deities in the Pantheon. This is all to capture or secretly manipulate them to set up a chase for Sherlock throughout the Pantheon. After Sherlock discovered and solve the puzzle with no small amount of effort and help from John, Irene and the loved ones of those got captured, a lot of the chess pieces are either killed or lived with their memory wiped.
    • There is a program being constantly shown in the Children section of the House of Family run by a Mr. Richard Brook, a story about "Sir Boasts a Lot" and the adventures of this Knight coincide with crimes Holmes is investigating, Holmes quickly caught on to what the name meant but is wary of the end game that Moriarty is hoping to pull this time.
    • Somehow Richard Brook has run the ire of James Bond, it may have something to do with Bond's dealings with Spectre and the person that he had to deal with then looks a lot like Brook.
  • Teamed up with Frankenstein's Monster and Charles Babbage for an adventure across Connacht once upon a certain summer. Normally a dour man, his demeanor changed completely when Fran started calling him "Papa".
  • Strangely, gets along fairly well with Adam Jensen, after they find out they share the same phone ringtone.

    Tony, Jo, Mario and César 
Tony, Jo, Mario Ferrati and César, Progenitors of Carefully Crafted Heists (Tony: le Stéphanois | Jo: le Suédois | César: le Milanais)
Left to Right: Jo, Mario, Tony, César
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol/s: A diamond/ring hanging on a rope with a man rappelling below the it. Alternatively, four guns of different color pointed at two sides.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: A crew for four men out to steal jewelry, a group of criminals against a more sinister gang, most of the crew ends up dead with no money either, loyal to each other (except for César), the main protagonist of the story with a less than pleasant history, survived till the end to save his godson (Tony), met his fate with a slit throat (Mario), brought to crack the safe, responsible for the tragedy after the heist, has a penchant for love (César), died due to lack of communication in a hostage rescue attempt (Jo)
  • Domains: Thieves, Heists, Jewelry, Silence, Planning
  • High Priests: Erwin "Doc" Riedenschneider, Cobby, Alonzo Emmerich, Louie Ciavelli, Gus Minissi and Dix Handley (who perhaps predate the four of them)
  • Heralds: Mado (Tony's ex-girlfriend), Ide (Mario's wife), Louise (Jo's wife), Tonio (Jo's godson), Viviane (César's love interest)
  • Allies: Neil McCauley, the PAYDAY Gang (more on the tolerable side that is)
  • Mixed Relations to: Each other, especially César
  • Rivals: The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, the Cabot crew, Carl Johnson, Michael De Santa, Trevor Phillips and Franklin Clinton, Niko Bellic, Leverage Consulting and Associates, Leonard Snart
  • Respected by: The House of Theatre and Spectacle
  • Enemies: Dimitri Rascalov, the Joker, the House of Law and Justice especially Vincent Hanna
  • It all started one day when an inmate finally left his five-year imprisonment on France, free from prison and into the streets when all of a sudden, a friend of his would proposes a simple smash-and-grab to him thanks to an associate of his. While hesitant, the discovery of his ex-girlfriend working at one of his rival's bar would help him reconsider his choice and together, with a fourth man recruited, would go on a daring robbery on stealing the store's safe as opposed to a smash and grab. It was a success and no evidence was found on the scene the next day. What would happen next would become the death of the men as one of them stole a diamond ring and, without the knowledge of others, gave it to his love, while also exposed to a rival of theirs. The discovery of such would lead the four on a tale of betrayal, death and greed as one by one, the men died and their loot gone. This is the tale of the four thieves: Tony, Mario, Jo and César, who would not only become one of the main inspirations of the caper genre, but subsequently show the risks that await for such actions.
  • The four men were suddenly found lying on the floor, with all their wounds gone and themselves restored. How they came within Pantheon premises has yet to be answered but they found themselves under the mercy of a courtroom and weirdly enough, they have no shackles. This was not a jail sentencing but rather, a special case. They would be found worthy of ascension as their actions became the core of what would become the Caper story genre, with the general consensus placing them within the House of Crime and Transgressions. Tony would ask questions but they would soon be brought to their would be temple, which is a recreation of 1950s France. At first, they were hesitant with the new standards but soon were comfortable with their new home.
  • For their daring crime, the four men are not too special and did the heist in the means to give them a fortune for such a rotten life they have been living in. Tony was the mastermind of the entire plan, though Jo was the one that convinced him to join for a simple smash-and-grab, it was his idea to turn a plan into an intricate robbery. To do this, they recruited Jo's friend Mario and a safecracker César to accomplish the plan. Things went well but César had to steal a diamond to give to his would-be girlfriend and it all went downhill. As a gang pursued them to steal the loot, one by one, they suffered and it all ended when Tony saved his godson, with all of them deceased and nothing to pay. It all goes to show how risky heists are in reality.
  • Despite being regular men, they have a special place in the House of Theatre and Spectacle for their contributions to the history of film, most notably the popularization of the stories about heists. They were not the first ones however, as one Doc Riedenschneider can attest. To compensate for this, his crew were given the roles of High Priest should the four be busy in certain situations to commemorate the early progenitors of the genre. They were also okay with it as not only do they keep their positions, but also give their priests a time to shine.
  • Group lives aside, the men also have their own individual lives. Tony does have medical issues prior to his release in jail and has yet to contact the House of Health and Diseases for a cure, Mario lives with his wife Ida, Jo also has a family to feed but with more issues in terms with his wife Louise and César has his eyes fixed on Vivianne, who he continues to woo over. The latter's intention to give her a bauble that was taken from the heist is what exactly caused the downfall of all four of them, making him the most disloyal of the bunch, unhelped by the fact that he also exposed their names to the Grutter Gang upon being interrogated, while the three would remain honest to each other, save for him.
  • In the criminal world, heists are the crimes that aim for big scores. Money and fame are big but at the same time, risks are even bigger and may result in either death or prosecution to everyone involved. To keep an idea afloat in a place like the Pantheon, there needs to be a leader to prepare for the plan ahead. One man by the name of Neil McCauley decided to be the frontrunner of such endeavour and has been recruiting various criminals of such scale to accomplish capers of many kinds. In the case of the four men, Neil recruited them under the idea of stealth heists where silence is golden and the key is using the least harmful ways to steal loot. The four agreed to join so as long as it gives them some payout.
    • Tony would remain the leader for the most part while Jo, Mario and César would retain their original roles. He would coordinate the men and take the place as the driver while Jo would guard their presence. César, being an effective safecracker, would be in charge of cracking the safes and Mario would help out in extracting the loot. The four would be great for silent heists so as long as Tony plans ahead. McCauley has told him however to watch over César in the case he screws up as the events that happened after the heist is a mistake not one of them wants to repeat, especially with whoever they might anger within Pantheon grounds.
    • It would seem that they were not the only ones to be hired by McCauley for his ideas. They were introduced to other groups hired by him who were also heisters themselves. One was the Cabot crew, lead by Mr. White, of which Tony seems to be very dismissive towards if not because of the group's reliance on violence and loud methods to gain their loot, in contrast to the four who stole the diamond silently, with no dialogue nor evidence. Their story also mentioned of a mole within the crew, only worsening the would be amicable relationship between the two as well as a psychopath, pointing to Mr. Blonde. Mr. White has asked McCauley for mediation between the two groups to make sure no infighting occurs. Due to certain Pantheon changes, only Mr. White gets to keep the burden of Mr. Orange's situation as the mole.
    • The PAYDAY Gang were also invited by Neil to continue the tradition of capers in the Pantheon and were more than thrilled to see other heisters. For the four, they are able to stomach the gang, as while they may have some violent tendencies and the likelihood to switch guns blazing if stealth is no longer an option, they do have tools that can make their heists silent and at times, non-lethal. Also, they do not intend to hurt civilians... most of the time. One thing that they noticed from their stash of loot and history is a mysterious diamond of historical importance. Some say that Jo and Mario have been staring at the diamond though history has not been kind with those who own it.
  • Other than Neil who approached them, their heist was the talk of the town on how they pioneered the concept and other heisters took notice. Those hailing from the Grand Theft Auto universe have taken the news with interest and have shared their plans in bringing them forward to their big scores. While the offer is tempting, the four would prefer quiet heists, which is different from how they did theirs, whether it be Carl Johnson's successful heist at Caligula's Casino, Niko Bellic's pyrrhic victory stealing the money at the Bank of Liberty and the Los Santos trio's various heists, the most popular being the Paleto Score. The Boss of the 3rd Street Saints, while a bit rough considering the lifestyle he lives in, has seen them as friendly rivals of sorts and has taken notes from them for the Saints to reenact, though the four have been cautious since the Saints do remind them of the Grutter Gang to some extent.
    • This includes conmen that use heists out of a Robin Hood-esque style intention, stealing loots from master criminals and sharing them to the public. The group has no ill-will against those but would also avoid attracting their attention, particularly of the Leverage Consulting group since that is their modus operandi. It also does not help when they are outmanned and clearly have a better skillset than them, which makes it a terrible situation should they catch their attention. They do have the advantage of being silent in the heists they make and avoidance of clues to their vicinity, making them a hard catch, unless César screws it up.
  • Though their heist was out of self-interest, few have taken their attention outside of the aforementioned deities, especially when it comes to contracts. The Pantheon has granted most criminals, the organized ones anyway, the usage of contracts by contractors or any similar kind. This gives them more opportunities and payout but they have also been warned about the cases of those who will gladly betray their own hired men, likely out of spite or avoidance of possible witnesses. Dimitri Rascalov and the Joker being main cases. The two have already been notorious in the criminal underworld, the former being a prick that will gladly backstab anyone who he sees as useless as warned by Niko and the latter showing that he is very uncaring of people's lives including his own men.
  • Being the main (or one of) makers of the Caper Genre does bring them some infamy, especially in terms of cops. The Great Treasury has been vigilant since heists can occur within their premises while the House of Law and Justice have been monitoring whatever criminal activity is present in the Pantheon to a controllable extent. The four have no full hatred of the cops, especially compared to the likes of the PAYDAY Gang, the Cabot Gang and especially Neil, they just simply steal for the money's worth with no innocent blood to spill likely to get away from their impoverished lives. This makes them a mixed bag in the House they reside in since most of the criminals would love to get their hands dirty, a reminder of the Grutter Gang that killed them off slowly.
  • For the four, Tony has reminded his group to remain loyal to each other, with the exception of César who has proven to rather do the talking when threatened. Their loyalty to each other was tested till their deaths and have remained in their ascension, with the three dissing at their compatriot about what he did back then. Other heister crews have shown some standards to their own partners, a tip that Captain Cold took to heart when creating the Rogues. He was impressed at their heist and might even consider bringing them with his plans but has felt pity bringing a bunch of regulars and pitting them against a superhero they cannot hope to win against. The sentiment is also agreed by the four, stating that while honourable as a villain, the risk of their lives being apprehended by a more powerful being bears too much for them.

    Vito and Michael Corleone 
Vito and Michael Corleone, Divine Dons of the Pantheon (Vito: Vito Andolini. Micheal: Mike, Mikey. Both: Don Corleone, The Godfather)
Top: Vito Bottom: Michael
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A bottle of Genco Pura olive oil with a revolver to its side; alternatively, a hand holding a marionette control bar
  • Theme Song: Main Title (The Godfather Waltz)
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Vito), True Neutral with Evil Tendencies (Michael)
  • Portfolios: Sicilian Crime Boss, strict code of honor among gangsters, and equally respected by them, making offers others can't refuse, strategies and plans, charismatic yet vicious.
  • Domains: Law, Evil, Family, Nobility, Protection
  • Followers: The Falcones & Maronis, the Medici Mafia, Mr. Big
  • Herald: Luca Brasi and Al Neri (their respective personal bodyguards)
  • Allies: Omar Little, Tommy Vercetti, Crocodile, Giorno Giovanna, Bruno Bucciarati, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. Shaky truces with other crime bosses like Professor Moriarty, the 3rd Street Saints Leader and Balalaika of Hotel Moscow, Frieza
  • Business Partners: Melkor
  • Rivals: Al Capone, The Capers, Niko Bellic, Carl Johnson, Jabba the Hutt, The Black Organization
  • Enemies: Walter White, Good-aligned Equestrian deities, Bloody Marie, Tony Montana, Jay and Silent Bob, Two-Face
  • Odd Friendship: Judy and Nick
  • Opposed by: Zuko
  • Originally this position was offered to Al Capone, until Don Vito made him a much better one, something along the lines of "what right does a Neapolitan have to interfere in a matter between Sicilians", and Capone stepped down. A gang war broke out between several of the multiverse's known mafiosos in order to occupy the vacant spot until the Corleone crime family consolidated their hold and now reign over them all.
    • His turf in the House of Crime is the only place in the entire Pantheon to get an authentic Italian cuisine experience. He has personally made sure that the Italian restaurants and cafés under his protection are considered conflict-free zones and anyone who breaks the neutrality will be expelled at best or whacked at worst.
    • A rather fitting development emerged in the crime world. Vito proposed to give Michael Corleone co-ownership of their temple. Michael naturally objected, not wanting to get pulled back into the business for good. Vito merely displayed his son's journey as crime lord. It became clear that although Michael did not like the job, he shared his father's willingness to do what it took to preserve the business. Thus a rare feat occurred; Michael was anointed godhood over his objections. There was some dissent from Fredo who demanded to become The Don alongside them. Michael responded by sending Fredo on a boating trip...
    • It should be noted that Al Capone did manage to get into the Pantheon... though by more humiliating means. He competes with the Corleones over who is the greatest mafia boss of all time, but there is a lot of mutual respect between them.
  • Vito is normally a calm man until you mention drugs, which make him furious as they were the cause of his family's decline in the mortal world. He has made it clear that any known drug dealers seen in the vicinity of his turf are not welcome and may even be shot on sight. Ergo, this has made him enemies with Walter White. Walter White was said to be ironically amused at Michael's ascension to godhood, viewing it as the final step in Michael's journey which saw Michael go from scrupulously avoiding being involved in crime to one of the most feared and influential criminals in fiction, a transformation that Walter himself was famous for. Walter has been quite happy to rub this similarity in Michael's face, point out that it makes them not so different, and claim that the Corleones are massive hypocrites for seeing themselves as morally superior to Walter. This has only made Michael detest Walter more and made Michael more determined to utterly defeat the pantheon's premier drug kingpin.
    • The two consider Omar Little a useful ally, as Don Vito Corleone loathes drug dealers and Omar's favorite target for his robberies are drug dealers. Because of this the Corleones have often encouraged or outright hired Omar to steal from drug dealing competitors, and Omar has been more than happy to comply with this arrangement.
    • Not surprisingly, they have had less luck courting the other GTA protagonists in the Pantheon. They are all independently minded, opting to go at it on their own rather than to be under his wing.
  • Unfortunately, he does have one group of gangs that he has little control over. The 3rd Street Gang are too chaotic for his liking and are the cause of many headaches. Michael has taken a more hefty hand at things, sending their goons after them if they go too far. As the leader is the God of Gangsters, they have ample resources to stave off a gang war. Things got a bit easier after they helped defeat the Zin invasion.
  • There is one Italian that both Corleones have rejected. To them, Tony Montana is a disgrace to The Mafia name. His disastrous tenure not only caused the downfall of his group, it also glorified the drug smuggling business. Even worse, his influence has amassed various copycats from throughout the Pantheon. To Montana, the feeling is mutual. He calls the Corleones "fucking pussies" for staying back to leave their hands dirty. The two are in a constant gang war with one another with no end in sight.
  • Has been the target of the undead Bloody Marie who has a vendetta against all mafia-based gods. Don Vito has redoubled the mutual alliances with Balalaika and the Boss of the Saints to unite against her threat.
  • Does his very best to not antagonize "the Costume Crowd" of Super Heroes and Villains, as the Don understands that doing so would be bad for business for him and his family. Particular figures of note are Batman and Daredevil who often pay him unexpected visits.
    • Things got more complicated with the ascension of Kingpin. As part of his agreement, Vito has agreed to stay away from doing business with Fisk... or at least to not do so visibly. Michael, on the other hand, has been more overt in establishing ties with him. He hopes that Fisk may one day take over the business for good, allowing him to escape the title that was bestowed upon him. That has not put him in the superheroes' good graces.
  • Exclusive to Vito
    • Vito's sense of honour and his good treatment of his subordinates earned him the friendship and alliance of the demigod Tommy Vercetti, who was happy to find such mafiosi still existed, following his own misadventures in Vice City.
    • Due to an event that involved a certain racehorse named Khartoum, it has earned him the ire of the Mane Six and the Princesses of Equestria. The feeling is not mutual as Vito simply made its owner one of his trademark offers and he refused.
    • Judy and Nick has thanked one of his followers for helping them solve the case of the animal attacks. While Dredd is wary of the team-up, he has allowed things to continue for now.
  • Exclusive to Michael
    • Has a new target in the form of Jacuzzi Splot's after hearing the former raided 18 speakeasies in one night, with the possibility being one of Michael's. With assistance from Mello and Candle Jack, he's determined to catch him. Along the way, two outlaws named Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent manage to steal his precious money, thus adding him to their hit list.
    • Is not welcome in the House of Religion and Faith, unlike the House's rather begrudging acceptance of his father. Michael's actions (including organizing the wholesale slaughter of his enemies even as he stood in a church "renouncing Satan and all his works" and meddling with the Pope) were too much of an affront, even to those who do not follow Catholicism.
    • Constantly begs for Zuko to reconsider giving him a spot as a follower. The Fire Lord proceeded to give him a harsh dressing down, stating he had plenty of chances to leave the business only to willingly go back. To Zuko, Michael may claim "they pull [him] back in", but he has done that to himself. At this point, his only chance of redemption would be a revision of Michael leaving the criminal business.
  • Has taken to having wine on weekends with fellow Mafia Boss Lord Frieza of the Planet Trade Organization; though Vito is impressed by the success of the alien Don's business ventures, he remains wary of finalizing any deals with him due to his utter lack of honor and boundaries. Frieza for his part has taken a great liking to Michael, for his ruthlessness willingness to kill his own incompetent brother Fredo in order to secure his business interests.

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