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The Laconic Wiki is all well and good, but some of them are a bit too short. What they need is to be stuffed with filler and doused in flowery language, to the point where it all becomes a crufty mess.

(Imagine reducing a 1000x1000 pixel picture to 100x100, then expanding it to 1000x1000 again. That's the Unlaconic Laconic Wiki.)

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    Anime & Manga 

  • Drinking Bacchus: The Roman God of Wine, Wine-Making, grape-harvesting, Fertility, Theater, and insanity portrayed as a fat, naked baby with a wreath of grape-vines on his head drinking win right out of the bottle while peeing next to a wine barrel peeing beside him and thus ruining wine for most of you.

    Card Games 
  • Cards Against Humanity: A Rated M party game that uses no real point system or strategy other than encouraging its players to pair cards together to create Refuge in Audacity jokes blacker than Africa that are arbitrarily decide is funny based on the whims of a Game Master.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!: Players draw cards from their respective decks and take turns playing cards onto "the field". Each player uses a deck containing forty to sixty cards, and an optional "Extra Deck" of up to fifteen cards. There is also an optional fifteen card side deck, which allows players to swap cards from their main deck and/or extra deck between games. Players are restricted to three of each card per deck and must follow the Forbidden/Limited card list, which restricts selected cards by Konami to be limited to two, one, or zero. Each player starts with 8,000 "Life Points", with the main aim of the game to use monster attacks and spells to reduce the opponent's Life Points. Players can win if either their opponent's Life points reach 0, their opponent needs to draw but their deck has been completely depleted, certain cards trigger an automatic win or if a player forfeits.

    Comic Books 

    Fan Fic 
  • The Angel of The Owl House: In an alternate version of The Owl House, Camilla Noceda is an angel that lives on Earth to do good will and had married and had a kid with a human. Being half-angel herself, Luz Noceda finds herself unwittingly in the Demon World where she becomes sort-of adopted by a rogue Witch and her megalomaniacal demon roommate and Luz decides to spread a little good will there in her own uniquely Luz sort of way.
  • Baby Boom (Shawna Canon): The Strictly Formula format of Seasons 1-3 Miraculous Ladybug'' takes a dark turn when Hawk Moth creates an akumatized villain that brainwashes most of Paris's childbearing population into boning, resulting in a lot of emotional drama and most of the fic's main female cast having babies. Crying, romance, Cringe Comedy, Mundane Utility, time-traveling, miraculous-swapping, and canon-busting soon follow.
  • The Dragon and the Butterfly: A snarky, intelligent, self-esteemless but kindhearted teenaged boy from the Grim Up North and his equally snarky, pitch-black dragon companion run away from the angry mob that was the teen's hometown and find themselves transported to a Hidden Elf Village deep within the jungles of Columbia run by its ruling family who all possess magical powers and a living house. The teen winds up befriend and eventually falling in love with their only non-magic relative before his family find him and ask him to come home and end their war with the dragons.
  • Same Difference: Hamato "Master Splinter" Yoshi and Dented Iron Tang Shen move to New York to have five children — Adaptational Heroism Hamato Miwa/Oroku Karai and human versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — who go on adventures fighting two different species of evil aliens, evil mutants, Foot Clan Ninja, Foot Clan mutants, Foot Clan robots built by aliens and various problems brought on by their multiverse.
  • Turning Tables: Broken Ace Peter Parker develops an increasingly ludicrous Guilt Complex after father-figure Iron Man dies when they fail to stop Thanos from wiping out half of the universe, becoming his fiancee's adopted son and his Someone to Remember Him By daughter's older brother/the closest thing she has to a father.

    Films — Animation 
  • Encanto: In an improbably isolated little village in the middle of the Columbian jungle, a magical family (which includes a living house, an elderly Control Freak grandmother, her neurotic bachelor son that can see the future, his sister that can control the weather with her emotions, her sister that can heal people with magical food, grandchildren who — by order of their age — grows flowers, can hear anything, has Super-Strength, shapeshifts, can't do anything super and can talk to animals) uses their amazing magical abilities born from a magic candle born from a miracle born from a man sacrificng his life against unexplained warring soldiers. The one grandkid who doesn't have super powers feels useless since she doesn't have powers and decides to investigate when she suspects that something is happening to the magic.
  • The Incredibles: Family Man with Super-Strength suffers from a mid-life crisis in this Objectivist/Libertarian parable about the inherent superiority of superior individuals and the evils of government who portrays the only government official as reasonable and the Big Bad and Hate Sink as philanthropists who value personal profit over the little guy.
  • Incredibles 2: Housewife with Rubber Man powers goes back into the work-force to become a superhero for a corporation immune to Federal Laws to fight a villain that wants superheroes to become illegal by Federal Law while her husband looks after the kids.
  • The Mitchells vs. the Machines: A Bespectacled Cutie high school graduate with Youtube celebrity status, her nerdy little brother with a love of dinosaurs, her Action Mom with a psychotic streak, her technologically inept Bumbling Dad and their dog which might actually be a pig or a loaf of bread all go on a family vacation on the way to her new college, only for Siri to go rogue and launch a Robot War with her army of iPod robot butlers.
  • The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Chris Pratt and Charlie Day play the titular Super Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi who quit their Wrecking Crew job to start their own plumbing business in Brooklyn, only to find themselves sucked into a Cloudcuckooland via a big green pipe walled off in the sewers. While Mario finds himself in a kingdom inhabited by Ridiculously Cute Critters and their badass princess, Luigi finds himself lost in Mordor under the clutches of a dragon-turtle monster (played by Jack Black) who wants to marry the princess, or blow up her kingdom if she refuses.
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem: Four genetically-mutated humanoid adolescent tortoises live in the sewers of New York City, New York with their mutant rat father/sensei who taught them martial arts from a mix of instructional pamphlets, instructional video-tapes and martial arts films. They have a run in with a high school girl with massive performance anxiety who hopes to uncover an insidious series of thefts caused by a mutant fly and his gang of animal mutants.

    Films — Live-Action 

  • American Gods: An Unfazed Everyman fresh out of prison discovers that his wife has died in a car-crash and is recruited by the American incarnation of the Top God of Norse Mythology to wage a war between the Old Gods immigrated to the New World and Gods of Modern Day American Culture.
  • The Automatic Detective: In a Cyberpunk-Mega City populated by Mad Scientists and their mad creations, a Killer Robot made by an evil Mad Scientist gains self-awareness and wants to be considered a legal citizen in the city. The robot's neighbors wind up getting kidnapped and he tries to investigate the kidnapping with the help of a mad scientist beauty model to find them, uncovering an Alien Invasion conspiracy in the process.
  • The Raven Cycle: A hipster girl who is the only non-psychic in her family and will kill her One True Love if she kisses him, teams up with a rich genius who doesn't understand the value of money and is fated to die within a year, a cynical boy with anger issues who can bring stuff from his dreams to the real world, a Scholarship Student who both resents and wants to be just like his rich classmates and a shy boy who is actually dead to resurrect a Welsh king who is buried in a small town in Virginia.

    Live-Action TV 

    Tabletop Games 

    Video Game 

    Web Animation 
  • Helluva Boss: Brandon Rogers plays a foul-mouthed, sex-crazed creep with No Sense of Personal Space (so basically like all of his other characters) who opens up a Psycho for Hire business comprised of demons in Hell (one of which played by Richard Steven Horvitz playing the sane one for once) that go to Earth with illegal magic provided for them by their horny owl arch-demon benefactor so that they can kill humans on Earth at the behest of damned souls. Or at least that's what it started out as, being more a character study about the members of the Psycho for Hire business and their horny owl archdemon benefactor.
  • Terrible Writing Advice: A non-successful novelist with a smiley meme for a face gives still-shot animations of what not to do in a story while insisting it's what you should do for the sake of comedy, all the while the typical archetypical characters he uses in his demonstrations all have their own adventure on the side where various villains and incompetent heroes all team up to stop the personification of Greed from monetizing all of his YouTube videos because doing so will bring about The End of the World as We Know It... somehow.
    Web Videos 
  • After Hours: A neurotic, possibly autistic nerd, a handsome sociopath, a horny party-dude and a snarky velma all crowd around at a diner table to discuss, deconstruct and mock tropes, theories and other general opinions in pop culture.
  • Smosh: Two idiot high school friends make a video where they lipsink to the theme-song of Pokémon: The Original Series and they become so insanely popular that they wind up going on various misadventures in a Sketch Comedy world, most famously when they literally kill each other every year trying to decide who's favorite food is better. Then when their brand is bought, one of them leaves forever while the other keeps it all going with a new gang of friends before they buy the brand back and the old friend comes back.

    Western Animation 

  • Arranged Friendship: Characters who are forced to pretend to be True Companions thanks to a variety of reasons — their social status, race, religion, orientation and most likely their parents' interests — and either become true friends in the long run or wind up developing a lot of twisted ideas when it comes to companionship.
  • Hollywood Dreamtime: Fiction cares so little about the indigenous Australian people's idea of what their The Time of Myths is that movies and video games think that it is a place or a type of superpower.
  • Jar Potty: When the presence of a bathroom with a working flushable toilet, a working non-flushable construction worker blue portable restroom or enough space to take a piss or take a dump is unavailable, always find a small portable container made of glass, metal, plastic, styrofoam or ceramic to relieve yourself so that you won't have to go out searching for any of those things with a full bladder or unvoided bowels.
  • Magical Queer: A Sub-Trope to the Gay Best Friend to offer sage advice, have social grace, or a use a Chekhov's Skill that their straight friends either need, want or have when their straightness blinds or handicaps them from that brand of wisdom, social grace or natural Always Camp physical or mental skill.
  • Tech Bro: Young, charismatic, already wealthy WASPs become even more wealthy by convincing everyone and themselves that they're Batman/Iron Man-esq super geniuses using their smarty smart-brains to uplift humanity, when really all they are are Upper-Class Twits who overhype, underperform and make all of their underpaid interns do all the heavy-lifting and number-crunching while hoarding an unreasonable amount of money.
  • Samurai Shinobi: Due to Truth in Television application of historical traditions and the fetishism of Japanese culture, pop culture mixes the traditions, philosophy, fighting styles, equipment, motivations, ethics, tactics and aesthetics of Samurai and Ninja until the line that separates them ceases to exist.
  • Seasonal Rot: When a show, comic book, movie series, book series and/or franchise starts to outlive its shelf-life, its content dropping in quality, ratings, interest from its creators, interest from its fans, number of interesting and/or original ideas, its Running Gags lose their effectiveness and people start to resent its presence until everyone is just begging that it be put out of its misery so that their creators can move on to something new.
  • Spoon Bending: When proof that a person has psychic powers has to be shown by copying a phony psychic in a sea of other people who pretended to see the future or hear the voice of the all-mighty for the money of their gullible fans.
  • Tie-In Cereal: Breakfast cereal chock full of sugar, gluten and nothing that will certainly doom your children to early onset leukemia is molded and branded with the name and picture of their favorite cartoon characters in the hopes that their parents would be pestered into buying them.
  • Uncoffee: In a World… where coffee beans don't exist, people get around this sort of thing by filling that very same niche with something else. Usually juice from a different but equally bitter bean, berries, grain, some kind of magic potion or elixir, even the blood of some kind of animal that goes through some kind of process that turns it into a drink ideal for getting one's caffeine fix.

  • Darth Wiki: The dark, cold, foreboding cousin of our beloved encyclopedia of devices used in fiction, the Darth Wiki is a perversion of the virtues that its predecessor stands for, the darkness the lies in every troper's heart given the form of black-on-white lines of text. For some reason, the denizens of said encyclopedia treat this section as a source of endless amusement and laughter.
  • So Bad, It's Good: When people drop praise and reverence for something that was made with good intentions with awful tools and incompetent artists who thought they were better than they were specifically because it was made so poorly.
  • So Bad, It's Horrible: When a work of art or fiction is so mind-numbingly, stomach-spewingly, brain-shittingly awful in the production, writing, visuals and presentation that people could not even enjoy it ironically.
  • So Cool, It's Awesome: When a work of art or fiction is so phenomenal in its writing, visuals and all around execution that it quickly develops fully organized and very obnoxiously loud fanbase capable of propping a franchise up on pure orgasmic positivity alone.
  • So Okay, It's Average: When you watch a movie, read a comic book or binge a tv series that would have been a C+ or a B- if it were being graded by a substitute teacher. You saw it and you thought that it was no incompetently made or offensive to your morals, but left so small of an impact that you in no way feel invested enough to demand any more or less of it.
  • Sugar Wiki: The light, warm, cuddly cousin of the already likable encyclopedia of devices used in fiction, the Sugar Wiki adds an extra dash of pastel colors and diabetic coma waiting to happen in an invasive, kudzu-like rainbow of positivity ready to invade the rest of the wiki and everything on it.
  • Unlaconic Laconic Wiki: Building increasingly unlaconic versions of already existing laconic pages meant to be laconic pages for unlaconic pages.