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Obviously, we of TV Tropes Wiki need our own Villain Song for this page! Let's get to writing one!

We're sometimes rather cruel,
Not that we want to berate you,
We're worse than the Vampires Datorum,
No spilling our plans while we dine,
We'll smash you into dust and then atoms,
We don't even need to finish this rhyme.

We've all read the Evil Overlord List,
Even made our own additions.


Simply put, we're the best of the worst of the worst!
Our beauty's sublime and with talents unnumbered we're cursed,
we're the best of the best of the worst of the worst!

And you will sing our praise
But then we'll do a turnabout
We'll sulk, but we'll turn monsterous
And while we may be oddly kind
But then we will go on a rage
And then we'll crush your mind!

  • um can anyone tell me what tune this goes to?

Alternative Title(s): Villain Song