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Disruptor is a 1996 FPS by Insomniac Games (their very first game, in fact) revolving around a Space Marine with implanted Psychic Powers, known as a "LightStormer."

Disruptor includes examples of:

  • Anti-Frustration Features: You regenerate 1 Psi when you spend it all, letting you use Drain to spam a flurry of projectiles that return 3 Psi if they hit an enemy for the cost of 1 Psi per burst of 5. This ensures that you won't run out, and that it's easy to get it back. Blast and Terrablast also generate these orbs.
  • Antimatter: Refined from a substance known as "Sulphirum." The AM Blaster and AM Cyclone fire tiny specks of antimatter contained within a force-field; in a cone-shaped blast or rapid-fire stream respectively.
  • Asskicking Leads To Authority: The President is a former LightStormer trooper himself and puts up a considerable fight when fought as the Final Boss.
  • Battle in the Center of the Mind: Mission 11.
  • BFG: The Plasma Lance, Zodiac Shotgun, and Lock-On Rifle. The Blast/Terra Blast psychic power are similar.
  • Checkpoint: Most levels have one about halfway through, but they also bring a three lives system into play: you can only continue from the checkpoint three times before having to start the mission from scratch.
  • Evil All Along: The president.
  • Fade to White: Unlike most deaths, where your view sinks to the ground as you fade to red, a failure in Mission 9 fades to white with explosions as the resort colony's core melts down.
  • Fire-Breathing Weapon: The plasma lance acts like a flamethrower, and is one that doesn't suck. Unfortunately, it only has one shot.
  • Going Critical: Someone did their homework. The reactor at New Atlantis Resort goes *super* critical, since a functioning reactor is already at critical mass.
  • Hand Cannon: The pistol is 18mm. That's about the same diameter as a 12 gauge shotgun shell. For reference, a .50 caliber is 12.7mm and 20mm is a (light antipersonnel) grenade caliber. It comes in semi-auto and assault pistol flavors.
  • Live-Action Cutscene: The cutscenes look like episodes of a low-budget sci-fi TV show.
  • More Dakka: The Phase Repeater has three fully-automatic Plasma Cannons mounted to one receiver.
    • As mentioned above, the 18mm also comes in full-auto.
    • The AM Cyclone is a Gatling Good version of the antimatter blaster.
  • One-Word Title
  • Psychic Powers: In five flavours:
    • Shock, which launches thunderbolts.
    • Drain, which transforms enemy HP into more psi power.
    • Heal, which instantly regenerates 20 HP in exchange for 20 Psi.
    • Blast, which acts as a Grenade Launcher with the same "hurting enemies regenerates your power meter" effect of Drain. It's rebel-designed upgrade, TeraBlast has a bigger radius, reaches through terrain, and leaves more Psi orbs, but costs more.
    • Shield, which causes bullets to bounce off of your mighty ego.
  • Telepathic Spacemen: LightStormers are soldiers with psychic weaponry implanted into their brains.
  • Teleportation: You teleport into the levels from LightStormer HQ.
  • Timed Mission: Mission 9, where the reactor in a resort colony has gone supercritical due to sabotage and you need to shut the core down before it melts down, killing everyone there. You start with 30 seconds, and get extra time by opening the cooling valves on the way. When you reach the core and try to shut it down, the clock immediately resets to 8 seconds. You get teleported out of there at the last possible second before the core melts down, but everyone on the colony dies anyway - including your brother.