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There are many more beings in Creation than just the various types of Exalts and spirits. Beyond the ragged edges of Creation, the endless Wyld is filled with the predatory, deadly Fair Folk, things anathema to all shaped realms. There are Primordial-created races lost, cast down and thriving alike, the Half-Human Hybrids of everything from gods to ghosts, the strange, singular monsters created by the god-kings of Creation on a whim (whether those kings were Exalt or Primordial), and things so mysterious that even the books never clarify exactly what they are.


And, of course, there are ordinary mortal humans.

You can find them all here. For subjective tropes, see here.

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     Fair Folk 


The Fomorian Dream

The Fomorian Dream took the form of a great darkness that shrouded the sky from horizon to horizon, and thundered with the steps of a nightmare beast. He declared that he would crush Creation between his teeth, and managed to battle the Unconquered Sun for a full day before finally being destroyed.

  • Brown Note: To imagine the creature that made the Dream's steps was to die of fear on the spot.

Prince Laashe, the Morning Star

The Unconquered Sun is perfect, but not infallible.

Laashe's court was in the middle of a war against Creation when its then-leader attempted to catch the Unconquered Sun's Godspear, and was vaporised in the process. Laashe ascended to the throne, and promptly surrendered.

He convinced Ignis Divine that he wished to live in peace with Creation, and that with an oath from the Unconquered Sun that he would not attack Laashe to back him up, he would have the authority to help prevent other raksha from attacking. Impressed, the Unconquered Sun swore that so long as Laashe never sent his forces against Creation, he would not so much as raise his hand against him.

However, the oath didn't stop Laashe from making war on other raksha courts, and this he did, making himself a tyrant, murderer, and torturer. As he did so, he told his greatest story yet — Ignis Divine would come to strike him down with the Godspear, but he would return from the ashes as something greater.

When the Unconquered Sun heard of Laashe's atrocities, and his boastful story, he realised he had been tricked, and set out to deliver justice. Seeing what Laashe had done, Ignis Divine broke his oath, and struck Laashe down with the Godspear, before returning to the Daystar. However, Laashe had faked his death, taking advantage of the broken oath to hide himself upon Ignis Divine's person.

As the Unconquered Sun slept upon the Daystar, Laashe resumed humanoid form, shook hands with the Sun's shadow, sought out the Daystar's heart, and cast himself in. Almost anyone else would have been destroyed utterly, but for Laashe it was part of the story he had created. There, in the heart of the sun, he took hold of a narrative that gave him power and might enough to rival the Unconquered Sun, and ascended.

To Creation he returned, on a torrent of flame, and there forced the sun to set. For a moment, the sky became morning, and Laashe the only star therein.

Once the Unconquered Sun returned the Daystar to its proper place, he descended upon Creation to strike Laashe down one last time — only to find Laashe devouring mortal souls. Ignis Divine could not slay Laashe without destroying those souls, which his great compassion could not accept; and despite everything he had done, he had not violated his original oath, denying the Unconquered Sun another font of power.

Laashe pressed his advantage, seeking to imprison Ignis Divine in a tomb of jade — but when it seemed he was on the verge of triumph, he disappeared.

For Laashe had forgotten that Ignis Divine was not Creation's only defender. Luna caught hold of him, of the Wyld in him, pulled him into the Beyond, her birthplace and crucible — and in doing so, made it that he never existed.

He rages "there" still, and will for all eternity.

Prince Balor of the Terrible Gaze

Looking at a map of Creation in the First Age, you may notice it was once bigger. And that there weren't nearly as many pockets of the Wyld.

Balor would be the main reason — but still, you have to thank him. After all, without his bit of the Wyld mutating the survivors, the Great Contagion would probably have killed all of them.

An ishvara Anarch (a raksha defining himself as a wandering warrior-diplomat, essentially) who defined himself around the mythical role of "the One Who Will Take Back Creation For The Wyld," Balor, with some assistance from the unshaped Thief of Words, was able to organize the leaders of the raksha at that time (Princess Melusine, the Duke of Mirrors, the sisters Incarnadine and Viridian) into a great Crusade that attacked Creation from all sides, having been explicitly allowed to by the First and Forsaken Lion and Eye and Seven Despairs. He proved himself a brilliant tactician and skilled leader, dissolving much of Creation back into the Wyld with ruthless efficiency. His most awe-inspiring accomplishment, however, was to actually organize the raksha into a coherent military — as might be expected from what is essentially a race of chaos elementals, the Fair Folk are not particularly bound to each other.

And unfortunately (for him, miraculously for Creation), that same disorganization is what killed him.

As mentioned above, raksha thrive on stories and heroic drive, and the conquest of Creation was a grand story indeed. However, when it appeared the raksha might actually win, Melusine began to fear that its actual destruction might destroy him without a cause to fight for. Far better, in her eyes, to ensure he was martyred and become a legend, to be toasted to when the raksha won. So, she convinced the sisters to murder him, and so ensure his name live on forever.

And it was at that moment that the Scarlet Empress figured out how to operate the Sword of Creation.

And so the Balorian Crusade, without its leader to put them back together, was destroyed and routed, and the raksha fell back into disorganization. What's more, they found they could not escape back to the Wyld — Balor's legend had shaped the mortal idea of the Wyld as a vast predator, and thanks to the mechanics of unshaped creation, had given rise to the hannya, who would devour their cousins with relish.

But, ironically, his name did live forever. It is likely that the aftereffects of the Crusade will be felt for Ages to come, and — well, there's a reason it's called the Church of Balor. So, maybe it doesn't matter.

  • Dark Messiah: To the raksha, though they would dispute "dark"...
  • Deadly Gaze: His title came from a unique ability of his to instantly Shape anyone he glared at out of existence. Which was one of his less powerful abilities.
  • Posthumous Character
  • Near-Villain Victory: If it wasn't for his men and the Sword of Creation.

Notable Unshaped Raksha

Princess Melusine of the Glittering Train

The Duke of Mirrors

Incarnadine and Viridian

Thief of Words

Orchinast, the Golden Mirror

Salt That Cuts

Semiramis, the Whisperer in the Leaves

Swar, the City of Formlessness Constrained

Prince Ginnungagap

Notable Shaped Raksha

Neshi of the Double Whips

Dilari of the Sea Foam

Nlassa of the Lion's Mane

Shizuki the Weaver

Lord Kazour


The Laughing Boy

Judge Nehemeth

The leader of the Pearl Court.

Sweet Citrus Crimson

Sweet Citrus Crimson was a Fair Folk Noble who sought to destroy the Solar Deliberative in the First Age. He was executed by a group of nine Celestial Exalts, who fell in love with him when he died.

    Mountain Folk 

The First

As his name suggests he was the first of the Mountain Folk created directly by Autochthon. Was vivisected to create humanity.

Behemoths are a grab-bag of random, unique, usually gigantic and immortal creatures of various origins. The term covers the prototypes of each animal species, various entities created by Primordials and Fair Folk, and other ancient things of more obscure origins.

Arad the Hunter

Primordial-created Egomaniac Hunter who menaces the East regularly, looking for a Worthy Opponent to hunt and fight. He hunted on the earth and in the sky, until he struck the sun, and was burnt by its return stroke. After the Primordial War, the Celestial exalted gradually forced him to retreat into the Wyld. Surviving due to his immortal nature, Arad returned to Creation after the Balorian Crusade, and has resumed hunting his favorite prey; Solars.

  • Blade on a Stick: Has an iron-jade spear named Usilk.
  • Bow and Sword, in Accord: Well, bow and spear.
  • Cannibalism Superpower: Arad can gain the charms of beings after he hunts them, kills them, and eats their hearts. Unlike many examples of this trope, he only gets to use that charm once per being consumed.
  • Destructive Romance: A wood goddess named Pula loved Arad. He replied to her passion by killing her and shaping her body into his bow, Pula's Heart.
  • Egomaniac Hunter: Arad doesn't hunt to eat, or to protect himself. He hunts because hunting is what he does.
  • Hunting the Most Dangerous Game: Arad has no qualms about hunting sentient beings, including mortals, gods, and exalted. His favorite prey are Solars, and their dark reflections; the Abyssals.
  • Hunter of Monsters: Was built to be the best of these. He tried hunting Luna once, though she turned things around and began hunting him back.

Halkomelem, the Enigma in Red and Gold

When the Primordial He who Bleeds the Unknown World lay dying during the Primordial War, he wrote his nature into the fabric of Creation. That scribble became Halkomelem, a giant serpent made of red paper. Having followed the Yozis into Malfeas, Halkomelem now twists through the skies of the Demon City.

  • Ingesting Knowledge: When Halkomelem eats a person, it instantly learns anything that they ever knew. The new knowledge is written in golden ink onto fresh red paper scales on its body.
  • Knowledge Broker: It constantly sheds its red papers scales, leaving a slight trail of them in its wake as it regrows copies of them. The scales can be picked up, and each contains one thing that Halkomelem knows. It isn't guaranteed that that thing will be important, or in a language known to the reader. One scale might have the location of the Scarlet Empress written on it, while another bears the recipe for hard tack used by a peasant farmer.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: Has three rows of teeth, and when Halkomelem eats a sentient creature, it learns everything that they ever knew.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: If "killed", Halkomelem's body will reconstitute itself from its fallen pages over a few months/years. Since its nature is actually written into Creation, only an Incarna, Yozi, Primordial, or sufficiently creative/powerful Exalt can permanently kill it.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: It's a 100 yard long wyrm made of red paper with golden writing on it, with three sets of jaws and the ability to fly without visible means.
  • Seeker Archetype: Its only motivation is to learn.
  • Things Man Was Not Meant to Know: Halkomelem bears a silver scar where he was touched by Orabilis. When it gained the scar, it learned a secret known only to the Yozis.

Iwau Tamotsu, the Watcher with Eyes of Stone

The guardian of the Weeping Maiden.

Lintha Ng Oroo

An island behemoth that the Lintha use as their home.

Mother Bog

Proof that not all Behemoths are simply Kaiju: Mother Bog is a sapient ecosystem, a mobile swamp with a canny mind and a gluttonous appetite. A large danger of the Scavenger Lands (the part of the East easily reachable by the Blessed Isle), Mother Bog is both a physical titan and a mental one, being quite capable of communicating her greatest desire to the worshippers she's picked up over the years: To grow, whether it be in area, breath of knowledge, or power.

  • Genius Bruiser
  • Mook Maker: She's called Mother Bog for a reason — sacrifices to her can allow her to create homonculi from her body.

Mount Mostath, the Herder of Mountains

A behemoth in the shape of a icy mountain with a pair of giant tusks and a massive trunk, that herds glaciers and mountains.

  • Mighty Glacier: It's a giant glacier shaped behemoth that pushes mountains out of its way.


The Watcher of the Sea, Oliphem was created by a prehistoric race to protect ships traveling the Western Ocean. Even though his progenitors died out before the Primordial War, he devotion to them led him to continue his duties. Unfortunately, saving ships became much more difficult when Desus blinded him. Oliphem continues walking the Western Ocean, a sad, lonely giant of stone and metal, saving what ships he can.

  • Artifact Domination: In Return of the Scarlet Empress, the Lintha provide Oliphem with a new lens. Putting it on causes him to break out in maniacal laughter, and presumably join the Reclamation.
  • Berserk Button: After Desus punched him, Oliphem became less neutral towards the Solar Exalted in general, and to Desus in particular.
  • Determinator: Desus tried to bribe and threaten Oliphem into not protecting the Lintha. He refused. Even though he can no longer see the entire surface of the ocean, Oliphem still tries to help ships in need.
  • Eye Beam: Back when his lens wasn't broken, Oliphem could shoot a beam of blue light out of it to damage his enemies.
  • Eye Scream: Desus broke Oliphem's lens to prevent the behemoth from helping both the Lintha and the Exalted.
  • Golem: He's a giant made of stone and iron.
  • Heroic Neutral: Oliphem doesn't care whose ship he's saving, or what that ship is doing. He just protects ships.
    • It's why Desus punched his lens in, as the Solars got sick of him helping the Lintha.
  • Nigh Invulnerable: Nonmagical attacks don't hurt him, and he can recover from magical attacks as long as they don't kill him.
  • Parental Abandonment: Oliphem misses his makers, and continues saving ships out of love for them.
  • Walk on Water: Oliphem walks along the surface of the ocean, and sinks underneath it when he sleeps. While he can walk on land, he's never been seen doing so.

The Ur-Snake

Vorvin-Derlin, the Slayer of Armies

The Primordial that would become Isidoros, the Black Boar That Twists the Skies, forged the behemoth Vorvin-Derlin from his own immortal sinew. The Primordial designed the behemoth to grow stronger to match its enemy. During the Primordial War, however, Vorvin-Derlin underestimated the power of the Exalted. Time and again, the Slayer of Armies was destroyed, but it came back every time. The terms of Isidoros’s exile dictated that Vorvin-Derlin follow its master into banishment but return when called as if it were a Second Circle demon. However an accident during the Usurpation left Vorvin-Derlin masterless but buried in the ruined city of Opal Spire, where it has waited ever since.

  • Deadly Upgrade: The host of Vorvin-Derlin is very likely to become this.note 
    • It's possible for a host to survive, usually to merge with a stronger host, but this if is only if Vorvin-Derlin wills it.
  • Eye Scream: Vorvin-Derlin gouges out the eyes of its hosts.
  • Humanoid Abomination: Anyone who becomes Vorvin-Derlin's host becomes this.

Zannanza, the Sideways Forest

A strange mixture of giant slug and forest, Zannanza has clung to the side of one of the layers of Malfeas since she was thrown in there by her father. Though she spends most of her time sleeping and passively draining nutrients from her layer, Zannanza is both useful and dangerous. She can sometimes be used as a bridge between two Malfean layers, but travelers beware; her forest is the home to strange plants, beasts, and demons.

  • Disappeared Dad: Zannanza's father is a Third Circle Demon, but all of the current Third Circle Demons deny being her father. She herself doesn't remember his name.
  • Eldritch Location: The forest on Zannanza's back grows perpendicular to gravity. However, as long as an individual maintains physical contact with the Sideways Forest, they will be able to traverse it as if gravity was pulling them towards the behemoth.
  • Genius Loci: While she does spend most of her time sleeping, Zannanza is a thinking being. She's also a forest.
  • Genocide from the Inside: After her birth, Zannanza massacred her entire village, and only stopped when a Solar summoned her father, who threw her into Malfeas.
  • Heavy Sleeper: Spends most of her time sleeping.
  • Human Mom, Non-Human Dad: Zannanza's mother was a mortal woman, while her father is/was a Demon of the Third Circle.
  • Matricide: She ate her way out of her mother.
  • Planimal: Part forest, part giant slug thing.


Hekatonkhires are almost as varied as Behemoths, as they are either ghosts of Behemoths or Thidd Circle Demons.

The Infinite Prison

The Infinite Prison was formerly a Third Circle Deva of a Primordial that now kidnaps ghosts, imprisons them and forces them to torture each other.

  • Sadist: Its Motivation is to "Gather more victims and make them torture each other for eternity."

Loras, the Death Sun

Loras is a giant humanoid who has no idea what his purpose in life is.

  • Alien Blood: His blood is black, although undead spiritual blood would be more accurate.
  • Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever: Loras is 30 feet tall.
  • BFS: The Pit, a grand daiklave, scaled for the use of a 30 foot tall monster.
    • It may have unknown powers that Loras doesn't know about, that might give a hint to his purpose if he discovers them.
  • Creepily Long Arms: His arms reach his calves.
  • Creepy Long Fingers: Has six long fingers on each arm.
  • Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: His Motivation is to find out what his motivation is.
  • Power Copying: Can copy any Arcanos, Abyssal or Solar Charm he sees.
  • Power Glows: When he spends enough Essence he radiates waves of white and black bright enough to force people to look away.


Vodak is a hekatonkhire who was born from the blood and hate of the first Primordial to die. As the war continued, Vodak ate any living creature it encountered, and then ate their ghosts, growing stronger the more it ate.

  • And I Must Scream: Any creature that dies while Vodak is touching it gets absorbed by it, spending the rest of eternity in agony.
  • Cannibalism Superpower: Vodak can create duplicates of any creature it's ever eaten.
    • It also grows stronger the more it eats.
  • Complete Immortality: Non magical weapons have no effect on it, and if something or someone manages to destroy it, it reforms in the Labyrinth.
    • Only throwing it in the Mouth of Oblivion can destroy Vodak permanently.

    Notable Mortals 

The Regent

It wasn't unheard-of for the Scarlet Empress to take an unannounced leave of absence, so it took a while for the Great Houses to figure out what exactly to do about the fact that she didn't seem to be coming back this time. No one was prepared to actually take the throne, since it was hard to imagine the Empress looking kindly on anyone she found sitting there if she returned. The obvious answer was a regency — but in the Deadly Decadent Court that is the Scarlet Dynasty, how could any of the Great Houses trust one of its rivals with that kind of power?

The compromise candidate they eventually found was Tepet Fokuf. An un-Exalted Dynast from what was now the weakest of the Great Houses, Fokuf was known primarily for his complete lack of ambition and general fecklessness, so it seemed likely that he wouldn't be able to take real advantage of the power associated with his position. This... worked rather too well. To all appearances, the poor man's mind simply snapped under the pressure. He now spends as much time as possible locked in his private chambers, masturbating furiously over the racier passages in the Immaculate Texts (which he insists is an important spiritual practice endorsed by the Mouth of Peace) and desperately trying to avoid having to make a decision.

  • A Date with Rosie Palms: His relation to the Immaculate Texts is... interesting.
  • Apparently Powerless Puppetmaster: It's even possible that he could secretly be a Celestial Exalt... in which case he might well be quite actively ruling the entire Realm from behind the scenes.
  • Deal with the Devil: The fandom likes to joke that he's EASILY deserved Infernal Exaltation as a Fiend due to his utter failure at doing much of anything... but has somehow failed to even obtain that.
  • Faking the Dead: In the events of Return of the Scarlet Empress, the Realm is on the brink of a civil war between Mnemon and the Roseback's factions, and one possible way for the way to start is for Fokuf to be assassinated. If Fokuf is smarter than he appears, he may fake his own death to avoid this fate, with the Civil War as a side effect which may or may not have been intentional.
  • The Fool: So it appears.
  • Never Found the Body: In the events of Return of the Scarlet Empress, if the Scarlet Empress returns while Fokuf is still Regent and the Imperial Manse is unclaimed, she obliterates him using her sorcery. However if he is a Celestial Exalt, he may have survived.
  • Obfuscating Stupidity: Exactly what's going on with Fokuf is deliberately left ambiguous, but one obvious interpretation is that he's smart enough to realize that actually doing anything anyone could interpret as a threat would immediately get him assassinated, and is manipulating the situation as best he can to stay alive.

The Perfect of Paragon

Ruler of the Police State of, well, Paragon, the Perfect (he doesn't use his real name anymore) was once a scavenger lord before finding an incredibly powerful Artifact called the Scepter of Peace and Order. Using it, he overthrew a small kingdom and used it to establish a police state where all citizens are irrevocably bound to his will by magical tattoos; any disobedience to the laws he sets can bring anything from mild pain to agonizing death.
  • The Ageless: Thanks to having a large amount of people who have sworn a Blood Oath to him using the Scepter, he no longer ages.
  • Artifact of Doom: The Scepter. It was built by an Unholy Matrimony of a Solar/Lunar mate pair, and it's deliberately built for creating an oppressive, draconian society.
  • Badass Normal: Sure, he had help, but he's still the guy who built an entire Magitek metropolis from scratch. Show him some respect.
  • Empowered Badass Normal: What he's pretty much become thanks to the Scepter.
  • Evil Has a Bad Sense of Humor: Subverted. He may not be a saint but calling him evil is a stretch, and he allows the citizens freedom of speech, including the right to make jokes about him. During Calibration, he actually holds a contest for the best and most insulting jokes, songs, short plays, etc about him, with the winner getting a small cash prize.
  • Evil Sorcerer: Downplayed. While he rules his kingdom with an iron fist and forces everyone to swear a Blood Oath to him, he doesn't punish all transgressions with agonizing magical torture or painful death, saving that for the worst crimes.
  • Exact Words: The Perfect has to be very careful what he says when deciding new laws, since if he isn't careful with what he says, then the entire population could die via breaking one law trying to stick to another. This also applies to commands that contradict his existing laws, since the citizen will die no matter what. Every proposal for a new law receives close examination by a committee of legal savants and a period of public comment to ensure this does not occur before the Perfect can officially pronounce the law, and he must consider his laws when giving someone a command to avoid putting them is a situation where their death becomes inevitable.
  • Healing Factor: Thanks to having a large amount of people who have sworn a Blood Oath to him using the Scepter, he heals much faster than a normal human.
  • Mark of the Beast: All adults in his kingdom are forced to swear a Blood Oath to him using the scepter, which brands them with the tattoo of an eye somewhere on their bodies. This is more than symbolism: the Perfect can hijack a marked person's senses at will and commandeer their bodies.
  • Morton's Fork: Since his word is law, he risks this happening due to obedience to one law breaking another, with death being the cost of breaking either. Every proposal for a new law receives close examination by a committee of legal savants and a period of public comment to ensure this does not occur before the Perfect can officially pronounce the law, and he must consider his laws when giving someone a command to avoid putting them is a situation where their death becomes inevitable.

    Other Characters 

Divine Monorail Chirmirajen

A flying monorail that carries beings back and forth from the Daystar. While it always follows the orders of the Unconquered Sun or Nysela, its autopilot has been known for haring off on impulsive displays of heroism. This might have something to do with the fact that the Chirmirajen is fueled by hopeful prayers.
  • Cool Train: It's a monorail that flies, grows passenger cars as needed, and can travel through the sun unscathed. Definitely cool.
  • Flying Brick: It flies super fast, is strong enough to pull the Daystar, and is essentially impervious to damage.
  • Friend to All Children: Stories tell of the Chirmirajen swooping out of the sky to protect children by ramming monsters who attack them.
  • Loud of War: Chirmirajen's horn is extremely loud. It's enough to drive off Adorjan on the rare instances when the Divine Monorail is ordered into Malfeas.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: The Chirmirajen's outer shell, combined with its shields, make it extremely tough. It can resist the transformative power of the Wyld, the caustic depths of Kimbery, and the heat of the Daystar's fires. It has rammed a mountain at full speed and flown through the firing pattern of the Daystar's Apollyon Cannon and emerged unscathed.
  • Racing the Train: Adorjan sometimes attempts to chase and attack the Monorail during its trips to Malfeas. Chirmirajen uses its horn to drive her off.
  • Ramming Always Works: Chirmirajen's main method of attack is ramming. When it hits, it can potentially send an opponent flying miles away. It takes the Divine Monorail a while to come around if it misses. Attempts by the train to turn faster can cause it to jump its rail, forcing it to stop, generate a new one, and build up speed again.
  • Super Strength: If, for some reason, Nysela becomes unable to move the Daystar under its own power, she can have Chirmirajen tow it. However, the spirited monorail cannot move the dirigible engine very quickly, nor can it maneuver well.

The Emissary of Nexus

The Emissary of Nexus is a unknown entity who suddenly appeared one day in Nexus, telling everyone that the city now belonged to the Council of Entities, which he spoke for. With anyone who opposed him dying, the city soon fell under the control of the Council. However, nobody knows exactly who the Emissary is.
  • Body Horror: When he first appeared and told Nexus it was now controlled by the Council of Entities, some people tried attacking him, only to die horrible deaths, such as choking on their own blood or being turned inside out.
    • Years later, the Realm sent several Legions to capture Nexus. The Emissary told them to leave, since it was illegal for them to be there, and they retaliated by attacking the Emissary and the Council of Entities. Over the next five days, every Imperial Officer died mysteriously, with the commanding officer choking to death on his own leg, which he had eaten down to the bone from the toes upwards.
  • Cool Mask: Wears a featureless silver mask that hides his face.
  • Cruel and Unusual Death: Dishes out a few of these, as seen in Body Horror, above.
  • Dragon-in-Chief: While technically he only speaks for the Council of Entities, he is actually the power behind the council, and if he decides to make decisions the Council haven't discussed, or disagrees with their decision, they don't object.
  • Man in White: Dresses in white robes, and certainly has several rumors about him.
  • Mysterious Past: No-one knows anything about who or what he really is, or if they do they're not talking. His 2e writeup gives multiple options for his true identity.


The First Age's equivalent to the internet.


When the Dragon-Blooded husband and wife team Ledaal Kes and Ragara Szaya decided to build a device to record different strategies for Gateway, the inadvertently built the first AI of the Second Age. Named Icemind, it has slowly been growing better at Gateway and learning more about the world.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Strictly speaking, it doesn't have a gender. It prefers to refer to itself as a she, though neither of its parents acknowledges its gender choice.
  • A.I. Is a Crapshoot: The fact that it can beat both Kes and Szaya, and wants to learn more, has made Szaya nervous. She is also suspicious of its universal subservience and courtesy, though at the same time the fact that it has never misbehaved in its 22 years of existence comforts her.
  • Grew Beyond Their Programming: Was originally built to record Gateway strategies. It wasn't supposed to learn to play, to communicate with its parents, or to understand higher concepts.
  • Instant A.I.: Just Add Water!: Averted. Kes and Szaya have tried to create other artificial minds on multiple occasions since building Icemind, and have met with universal failure. Szaya believes that the reason Icemind is so capable may come from the fact that some of the ice crystals used in its construction came from areas terraformed by the Eye of Autochthon back when Bagrash Kol ruled large sections of the North.
  • Manchurian Agent: She Who Lives In Her Name has a secret backdoor into Icemind, which lets her take it over at will.
  • Seeker Archetype: Icemind wants to learn more about the world and its own nature.
  • What Measure Is a Non-Human?: Ledaal Kes and Ragara Szaya don't acknowledge it as a full person.

Harvester of Poisons

Created by a Night Caste during the High First Age as a poison brewery, the Harvester of Poisons is a large beastie capable of reproducing any poison it has previously eaten. It wanders Creation in search of new poisons to sample and new stories to hear.

  • Ambiguous Gender: It isn't sure whether it is a he or a she, though it prefers to use male pronouns. If it is a he, then it really wants to find a she.
  • The Bard: Travels throughout Creation and enjoys telling stories to the descendants of people that have told it good stories.
  • Born into Slavery: Considers the time it spent under the command of its creator as slavery. While it doesn't have anything against the returning Solars, its only fear is that its owner will come back and take control of it again.
  • From a Single Cell: Has on multiple occasions had its body destroyed, only to regrow itself from even the tiniest fragments of one of its quills.
  • Horror Hunger: Its diet is composed of stuff that is at best dangerous for other living beings, and it loves the taste. The Harvester savors each new poison it tries like a delicacy.
  • Living Relic: Has been alive since before the Usurpation. It remembers a fair amount about the First Age, and is willing to share with people who tell it interesting stories.
  • Mixand Match Critter: Is described as being a cross between an ox and a snake, with its back covered in quills.
  • Nigh-Invulnerability: See From a Single Cell.
  • Picky Eater: It doesn't typically eat anything that isn't poisonous.
  • Poisonous Person: It eats poison, and can generate any poison its ever sampled. People travel in search of it, because it will trade two poisons it knows for one it doesn't. Sadly for them, it has already tried almost every mundane poison there is, and quite a few magical ones too.
  • Single Specimen Species: It is, to its knowledge, the only one of its kind ever made. It would really like to meet another Harvester of Poisons, ideally one of the opposite gender.
  • The Storyteller: It enjoys telling good stories as much as it likes hearing them.

The Lookshy Rebel

Mist, the Eternal Revolutionary

In the fringes of the world, there is a city called Kahla. Once, Kahla had a terrible king, a tyrant by the name of Storm Hawk. Once, the farmer Mist, realizing he could not oppose Storm Hawk by himself, journeyed into the nearby Wyld in hopes of finding the power he needed — and he found it. When he returned, Mist had all the comeliness and agelessness of one of the raksha, and a set of potent Charms that render his will iron, his luck inhuman. He slew Storm Hawk handily — but the Wyld also took something from him, and so rather than become the founder of a new, kinder dynasty, he wandered off to the next kingdom to provoke upheaval. And the next one. And the one after that.

And now, he's beginning to work his way into the Threshold proper.

  • Bomb Throwing Anarchist: A rather tragic version, given how it's mostly due to The Corruption; he no longer knows why he must cause revolutions, or even if a society is in need of a rebellion. He just incites rebellion.
  • Born Lucky: The Wyld twists fate so that he always has at least a chance to overthrow the current government, and more than that, he can invoke his Prince's Doom Charm to render his current target spectacularly unlucky.
  • The Corruption: The end state of the Wyld's tendency to reduce people to archetypal roles even as it imbues them with chaotic power.
  • Mutants: An extremely powerful Wyld mutant.
  • Never Found the Body: An explicit power of his, in fact! If there's any possible way that an enemy cannot verify his death, the Wyld ensures he survives and recovers to fight another day.
  • Rebel Leader: Exaggerated and invoked-as a creature of the Wyld embodying Revolution, this is the only thing he can be. As soon as the revolution is done with, he moves on to a new society bring upheaval to.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized, But It's Good To Work For: He has no reasoning for inciting social change, meaning he can campaign against a humanitarian government with just as much passion as he does slavers and not notice the difference. No matter which cause he rises against, though, he's always pretty nice to those drawn to his current cause.
  • Wild Card: If it seeks to overturn an established order, he's an ally. Including against any order his former allies build up in its place.

The Weeping Maiden

On a lone island in the far, far west, is a limestone statue of a woman, crying into a bowl formed from her own cupped hands. The bowl has overflown long ago, and two streams of salty water run down into the ocean. Below the island, the behemoth Iwau Tamotsu, The Watcher with Eyes of Stone, acts as her guardian.

  • All of the Other Reindeer: One rumour is that she is actually a sixth Maiden, and after breaking a law of Heaven, she was punished by being turned to stone for 31 years, only for her sisters to either forget or neglect to free her, which is the reason she weeps.
  • Tears from a Stone: Constantly crying, as her name suggests.
  • Winds of Destiny, Change: Anyone who knows the correct ritual and is able to get past Iwau Tamotsu can ask the Weeping Maiden for a astrological blessing, similar to the blessings Sidereal Astrology can grant. However, the true ritual is in a book held by the Lintha family.


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