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Really makes you wonder what's the laser sight for, eh?

BFGs in video games.

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  • In Bastion, the Calamity Cannon is so powerful that it literally wipes things from existence. The narrator Rucks even calls you out for it when selecting it with the mortar.
  • Devil May Cry series:
    • The first Devil May Cry game started out by giving Dante a revolver grenade launcher to play with, along with an energy-shooting... thing called Nightmare-Beta which covered his entire forearm. This was only a taste of the silliness that would come along later in the franchise.
    • Devil May Cry 2 had him tool around with a distinctly more excessive Stinger missile launcher instead of the grenade launcher.
    • Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening really got into the swing of things, throwing Dante a colossal Lahti L-39 anti-tank rifle called Spiral. There's also Lady's BFG, Kalina Ann: a rocket launcher with a rather large bayonet attached. It's about as big as she is, and yet she can not only lift it, but somehow whip it out in time to stick the bayonet in a wall after being dropped off a tower. It returns in Devil May Cry 5, as a hidden weapon in one of the levels. If Dante finds it by the climax of the game (where Nico gives him a replica of the weapon), he gains the "Double Kalina Ann", which is him dual-wielding two rocket launchers that come with the ability to join together to fire off a massive laser.
    • In Devil May Cry 4, Dante sports the Pandora, a suitcase which can transform, among other things, into a bazooka, a stationary laser turret and a flying craft equipped with roughly twenty rocket launchers, all of which fire at once.
  • In Enclave, this Dark Fantasy action adventure has a pair of Secret Characters that would be more at home in a sci-fi setting, 9320 Battle Droid and Feticia. Both these characters carry a cannon that fires high-explosive rockets that will easily kill your enemies. The remaster gives these two some other guns to use as well.
  • Harman Smith of Killer7 wields a Barrett M82 anti-materiel rifle, which he holds aloft from his wheelchair. Keep in mind that such guns weigh about 13kg and are used to destroy lightly armoured targets, but have recoil mechanism that allow it to be fired from the shoulder.
  • In possibly the first ever example of a man-portable firearm in the series, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess introduces us to Auru and his weapon of choice - a shoulder-fired mini-cannon.
  • Subvein has several BFGs for every category of gun, for example, a BFG Machinegun is a Heavy Minigun.
  • Tomb Raider III has the rocket launcher, an extremely powerful weapon collected about halfway through the game. There is a very small amount of ammo for it in the entire game (and that's if you explore almost everything), so the player must use it very, very wisely. Since most enemies are too weak for the gun to be used on them and only a couple of the bosses are vulnerable to weapons (although it is very effective in those instances), the rocket launcher is Too Awesome to Use.
  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves lets Nathan Drake walk around with a GAU-19 .50 calibre rotary gun. It's the most powerful weapon short of explosives, but suffers from accuracy issues and weight (Drake is reduced to hobbling when carrying it, and also cannot jump, roll or duck). Still a lot of fun to use — especially since it takes a moment or two to wind up before the bullets come roaring forth, so you can imagine the look of horror on the faces of your foes.

    Artillery Game 

    Fighting Game 
  • In BlazBlue, many of Noel Vermillion's Distortion Drives see her turn her Bolverk guns (already a pair of Hand Cannons) into these, including a mini-gun, a rocket launcher and even a massive rail gun that fires a highly damaging laser at the enemy!
  • Shiori Kubo, from Maria Watches Over Us, appears in the doujin Fighting Game Maribato! as a playable character and Final Boss: Shiori's main weapon is a huge cross-shaped gun, almost as big as she is, that she carries over her shoulder, and can swing it as a club, or use it to fire missiles, and it has a hidden machine gun on its back to rack up a lot of hits.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom. Say it with me...PROTON CANNON!!!
  • The Super Scope item from Super Smash Bros. can be charged up for quite the shot given the opportunity.
    • The Cracker Launcher can be aimed for firecracker shooting fun.
    • The Dark Cannons used by the Subspace Emissary bad guys in Brawl automatically turns any Smash fighter into a trophy.
    • Samus' fully-charged Arm Cannon possibly counts, and if not her Final Smash definitely does.
    • The magical bow Zelda/Sheik uses for their Light Arrow Final Smash counts too, between the sheer size of the bow and its effect.
    • The Daybreak from Kid Icarus: Uprising trumps them all. It isn't usable until one player has all three components to it, and it only has one shot (like the Dragoon), but once constructed, it releases a powerful laser that, if it doesn't KO an opponent then and there, will put a massive hurting upon them.
  • Ciel in Tsukihime wields the Seventh Scripture, a harpoon gun that fires holy scriptures designed to prevent reincarnation and also kill things. She weighs around 90 pounds, the Scripture weighs around 130. And that's without all the optional bits added on, which can double the weight. Yea, a gun that weighs 250+ pounds carried by a 90 pound girl. It doesn't seem to slow her down much except in Melty Blood during a sub boss fight so she's actually still possible to beat. It's also an example of Living Weapon and Equippable Ally.

    First-Person Shooter 
  • The last weapon you find in 8Bit Killer is a handheld rocket launcher that can take down anything weaker than the mightiest Elite Mooks with just one shot (and the elite mooks themselves fall with two). It even has a skull symbol painted on the side.
  • Aliens Versus Predator 2 featured several BFGs, including the Predator's Speargun and Plasmacaster, and for the Marine a laundry list of awesome including a huge three-barrel gatling gun, a giant sniper rifle, a Smartgun, and, oh yeah, a military power loader with a gatling gun, laser, missile launcher and flamethrower.
  • AMID EVIL has a purple ribbon-like magic weapon called the Aeturnum. It uses purple mana, which isn't common at all; it can wipe out an entire room of enemies normally, causing them all to explode into a fine spray of blood. Power it up with Soul Mode, and it shoots a black hole which sucks in and obliterates any living thing that gets too close. Yes, this includes you.
  • Batman Doom: In the boss fight with Two-Face, he fights Batman with a rocket launcher.
  • The Battlefield series tend to let the player go nuts with these; the original games featured controllable coastal defence guns, while later incarnations allowed the player to carry various massive weapons around.
    • Battlefield Heroes has exaggeratedly huge rocket launchers and machine guns. The Uber Tank Buster, Panzerfist, and Super Cheeser are the most notable examples.
    • Vietnam featured the infamous M60/LAW kit before it was patched out, turning American troops into Rambo clones armed with a sniper-accurate machine gun and a portable anti-tank missile.
    • 2 let the player carry light machine guns, missile launchers, the Pancor Jackhammer or an anti-materiel rifle, among numerous others.
    • 2142 went to town, letting engineers carry either a missile launcher or giant anti-tank rifle, support troopers an explosive shotgun or heavy machine gun, snipers a 3-round heavy sniper rifle, and allowed assault troops to tool around with a heavy assault rifle based on the BAR that could be fitted with an underbarrel shotgun and underbarrel semi-automatic grenade launcher. And there was the expansion pack's Goliath, a slow-moving APC which packed a giant shotgun.
  • BioShock 2 lets the player character access a series of heavy weapons, including a four-barrelled .50 calibre gatling gun, a high-powered rivet gun, and a really big grenade launcher. This is especially impressive considering Subject Delta holds even the largest guns single handed.
  • Black actually calls the M249 SAW "BFG" in supplementary material.
  • Tier 3 Weapons in BLOODCRUSHER II either fall under this category or a light artillery piece. It is possible late in the game to obtain a weapon that actually obscures two thirds of the player's screen.
  • The Eridian Cannon in Borderlands qualifies, firing a huge energy blast. Its damage is hard to quantify given level scaling weapon drops, but suffice to say, when you're at a level where the most powerful sniper rifle deals 100 damage and most weapons deal in the 10 to 50 range, this thing does around 1200. If only the projectile didn't move at glacial speeds. Most of your time on Pandora will be spent looking for one of these. There's a BFG for just about every taste: the Redemption rocket launcher, for instance, consumes an entire clip's worth of rockets to launch the equivalent of a small nuclear warhead, and when fired into the middle of an enemy group will result in a very large scorch mark and Ludicrous Gibs scattered about—and sometimes the bits are still identifiable. Or perhaps the Unforgiven revolver will suffice, which has the absurd killing power of a full-size sniper rifle in a compact handgun frame and does triple damage on a Critical Hit. Though that gets even more ridiculous with the Masher version, which shoots small shotgun shells. Any enemies that the things hit will be Blown Across the Room, about 20 feet, sometimes in an arc-it's so ridiculously powerful that calling it a Hand Cannon almost seems like an understatement.
    • In Borderlands 2, oh boy. Due to the number of possible parts a gun can have, there are tons of different kinds of shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers that qualify. Maliwan E-Tech rocket launchers are even called PBFGs. Special mention should go to Torgue guns, the unique parts of which are generally much larger than those of other manufacturers; the special Torgue barrel for shotguns is actually a four-barreled monster.
    • E-Tech, Legendary, and Unique rocket launchers and shotguns in general come across as this, being some of the most powerful weapons in the game, and usually their shots behave in some way differently from more common weapons (like the Octo shotgun, which fires pellets that converge and spread out again and again as they fly).
    • From Borderlands 3, we have the Ion Cannon from Handsome Jackpot DLC. Similar to 1 's Eridian Cannon in function, a fully charged Ion Cannon can decimate regular enemies even if they are armored and/or shielded, make short work of the Anointed enemies, and can take big chunks out of a boss's lifebar with 1 to 5 million points in damage with the right builds. Unfortunately it was nerfed in a hotfix by having its ammo use go from 2 per shot to 7 per shot.
  • The Call of Duty series has a tendency towards letting the player mess around with weapons they'd have trouble carrying alone; bazooka and Panzerschreck rocket launchers, medium machine guns, and the like. The original gets bonus silly points for allowing the player to control an entire 88mm FlaK 37 anti-tank / anti-aircraft gun solo, the weapon typically requiring a crew of ten; using the FlaK 30 (normal crew: 8) was only slightly more sensible.
    • World at War features some of the silliest examples the player could actually carry; an M1919 Browning .30 cal machine gunnote  that can be fired from the hip, and a six-foot PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle that a normal soldier would have trouble even carrying assembled, which can also be fired from the hip. And then there's the 68-pound M2 flamethrower, which the player can carry as well as the aforementioned M1919. Like the earlier games, it also had the player firing a fixed, crew-served AA gun solo, this time a Japanese Type 96 triple 25mm gun (with a normal crew of 9).
      • Don't forget Zombies! The Wunderwaffe DG-2 and the Scavenger MUST apply.
    • Call of Duty 4 features a sniping mission using a huge mounted Barrett .50 cal anti-tank rifle to take down a target almost a mile away; the gun itself appears in multiplayer useable without the fixed bipod it has in the mission. There's also a shoulder-mounted Javelin anti-tank missile launcher, an M60 light machine gun, and a mounted minigun. All but the M60 return in the sequel, which was replaced with an M240 and MG4 instead, along with an AT4 anti-tank missile.
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops has the biggest BFG of the series: a killstreak-reward-only, man-portable M134 Minigun aptly named the "Death Machine". Call of Duty: Black Ops II not only has this return as just the "Minigun" in the campaign, but also has a new Death Machine in the .50 BMG GAU-19/A.
  • The Conduit has two. The SMAW rocket launcher technically qualifies as a BFG due to its size, while the Carbonizer Mk16 is a big, flashy, high-tech Energy Weapon that cooks enemies in seconds.
  • Every installment in the Counter-Strike series has the AWP, a sniper rifle that killed anything in one hit, regardless of how much HP or Armor they had. Combined with the Desert Eagle handgun, anybody wielding one was a force to be reckoned with. The weapon was so overpowered that some servers ban the AWP from use altogether, along with the automatic sniper rifles.
  • The Assault Cannon from Star Wars videogame Dark Forces really puts the B in BFG. A plasma cannon with an attached missile launcher, it was designed to be wielded by the nearly 3 metre-tall Dark troopers. It's a wonder Kyle can aim it, let alone fire it.
  • Deep Rock Galactic often implies the armaments the dwarves are packing are more than a little oversized for non-dwarves. The Gunner takes it especially far, with a Hand Cannon for a sidearm and whose options for main armaments are a massive Gatling gun, an anti-materiel autocannon you'd probably see on an armored vehicle, and a heavily-loaded guided missile turret with all the actual turret stripped out for portability.
    Gunner: It ain't a gun, if it don't weigh at least one hundred pounds!
  • Deer Avenger offers the player the option to use a bazooka.
    Bambo: "For when they absolutely, positively, gotta die."
  • Deus Ex had a whole class of heavy weapons; there's a single-shot anti-tank missile, multi-shot guided missile launcher, plasma cannon, and a flamethrower.
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution also had a number of these:
    • The largest weapon in the game is, perhaps unsurprisingly, the 329-Series MPRS rocket launcher. 'Nuff said.
    • The Kaiga M404 Minigun, fitted with four 5-kg counterweights on the rear end. The rest must weigh at least as much.
    • The Linebacker G-87 MSGL (Multiple Shot Grenade Launcher). Again, 'nuff said.
    • The LS-66 Sabre Direct Energy Rifle is a prototype laser rifle that can be used to penetrate multiple solid surfaces to attack an enemy, but has, of course, not been perfected for lighter frames.
    • Another prototype Energy Weapon, the Hi-NRG Plasma Lance. It was suggested that the weapon itself may be a Shout-Out to Quake, which featured a plasma rifle with a similar design. Reinforced by the fact that the description for the weapon mentions that it sometimes completely vaporizes targets, which it does not actually do in Human Revolution, but did very often in Quake.
  • Dino D-Day: Jakob Frank has a Browning Automatic Rifle, Cpt. Nigel Blythe has a Projector Infantry Anti-Tank (or PIAT), Trigger has a .30 cal Machine Gun, the Desmatosuchus has a miniature tank cannon on it's back, and the Styracosaurus has an actual tank turret and gunner on it's back. Unfortunately for the Styracosaurus and her gunner, the battle cannon can only turn in a 180-degree arc but then again that horn isn't for show. Nigel is ultimately the best against the largest Dinos as his PIAT can dish out the hardest hits without having to run up to a T-Rex or Shield-face.
  • Doom has not just a BFG, but THE BFG.
    • The BFG-9000 appearing in all the games. It stands for "Bio-Force Gun" in the Doom movie, but the Doom design document (known among fans as the Doom Bible) specifically names it as "Big Fucking Gun". For the record, the BFG-9000 is also sometimes called pseudo-formally "Blast Field Generator" or "Blast Field Gun". It's the most powerful gun in the game, with a single shot is enough to turn entire rooms of but the toughest monsters into steaming piles of gore. It uses 40 cells with every single blastnote , but is quite slow to fire, with a long delay between the trigger being pulled and a projectile leaving the barrel. The initial plasma ball can deal up to 800 damage, and after it explodes the gun launches 40 hitscan rays in a cone-like pattern, for a total maximum of 4,280 damage and an average of 2,200. If you're lucky, that's enough to put down a Cyberdemon with one or two blasts, and a Spider Mastermind in one.
      • Speaking of the Spider Mastermind, she has her own superweapon. A hitscan chaingun the shots of which are like the shotguns, and she won't stop firing it. It's not as strong as the Trope Namer, but is much faster and extremely destructive.
    • The BFG's incarnation in Doom³ takes up a quarter of the screen. It doesn't share ammo with the Plasma Gun, instead feeding off its own 4-cell containers. You can fire it instantly or charge it up by holding the trigger until all four cells are used in a much bigger projectile; just don't hold the trigger too too long or it'll explode on your hands. The way it deals damage is the same as in Quake II: the plasma ball shoots off damaging beams at whatever it passes, and explodes with a massive blast radius when it impacts against a solid surface. The plasma ball can be shot down, though, knowledge which comes in handy when fighting Sabaoth, AKA the mutated Sergeant Kelly, who wields it against you.
    • In DOOM (2016) the BFG returns, and is now so powerful it might as well be called the 'Big Fuck-off Gun', since it will ensure that every demon in the general direction to ''fuck off from existence.'' Also, it is used to finish off the final boss. It also has most of the regular guns be pretty big boys too. For example, the Heavy Assault Rifle fires .50 BMG rounds, which are usually used in heavy machine guns, and the Gauss Cannon is the size of another person, and comes in Sniper Rifle and Plasma Cannon flavours.
    • In addition to the trope namer, Doom 64 (the Nintendo 64 port/remake) adds the Unmaker, which can be evolved from a piddly blaster to a triple-shot rapid-fire death-dealing laser cannon that will make short work of most enemies and is even more powerful than the BFG-9000.
    • DOOM Eternal takes this a step further with the BFG-10000, a colossal planetary defense cannon that sends gigantic shockwaves in all directions whenever it fires. It's basically the original BFG-9000 attached to a giant chassis, with its already insane base firepower upscaled several thousand times to the point that it can punch a hole though a planet. Poor Mars gets the treatment during Doomguy's pursuit of the final Hell Priest. Conveniently, the BFG-9000 is then ripped out and once again added to his arsenal.
      • The legendary Unmaker (now renamed as the Unmaykr) returns, sharing an ammo pool with the BFG and is capable of melting through every enemy in the game with less than 2 seconds of concentrated fire. Also, much as in the previous game, most of the other weapons are irresponsibly large, too. The Heavy Cannon is described as essentially being a hybrid between an emplaced machine gun and a sniper rifle, and the Ballista is basically an energy crossbow that is as tall as the Slayer himself.
    • Russian Overkill, a Game Mod for the classic Doom games, takes this trope to its logical extreme-every single weapon that isn't a mere Hand Cannon is very big, very loud, and capable of erasing thousands of enemies in a single go.
  • DUSK has the Riveter, a large weapon that fires explosive rivets with a fast rate of fire. One rivet can take down a group of low level enemies, and rapid fire rivets can take stronger monsters down in no time.
  • E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy has three BFGs to choose from. The Sulfatum is an extremely powerful handheld gatling gun which can spew out 500 rounds at a phenomenal rate, and is impossibly accurate when using the Targeting implant. The Spiculum Ovum is a double-barreled rotary grenade launcher which can be fired fully automatic. The Excidium is essentially a nuke cannon - firing it any something within 20 feet of anything (including yourself) will result in an instant kill - The best part about the Excidium is that it carries five nukes per magazine. Several other weapons aren't quite in the BFG territory, but would be physically impossible for a normal human to use - there's a submachine gun with a 100 round magazine which can empty the entire mag in one second, anti-tank revolvers, and exploding katanas.
  • Far Cry featured the terminally huge OICW as a standard rifle, also letting the player mess around with mounted miniguns and carry an M249 SAW and giant repeating rocket launcher; in addition, the "Fat Boy" Trigens got themselves a rocket-launching Arm Cannon out of this trope. The sequel kept the SAW and threw in a PK Machine Gun, AS50 anti-materiel rifle, MGL-140 grenade launcher, LPO-50 flamethrower, Carl Gustav recoilless launcher and a Chinese Type 63 mortar.
    • The series in general makes more and more BFGs available to the player with every new game that comes out, topped so far by Far Cry 4's MG42, a heavy WWII machine gun of German design with a blistering rate of fire that kicks like a mule even when mounted on a tripod. Ajay fires it from the hip with sniper-like accuracy. The number of .50cal anti-materiel rifles has risen to three by that point, some of which can make even the MG42 look short by comparison.
  • The First Encounter Assault Recon series has many BFG's, including the Particle Beam, Repeating Cannon, Pulse Weapon, Napalm Cannon, Laser Rifle, and Arc Beam.
  • Ghost Recon gives Scott Ibrahim a Barrett M82 .50 caliber sniper rifle, a rifle used mostly for disabling light vehicles. Almost every demolitions category character can carry the M136 anti-tank rocket launcher.
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force has the Displacer, a gun which looks and functions a lot like the Trope Namer, except it teleports on a direct hit. Its alt-fire teleports the player back and forth between Xen and Earth.
  • Halo
    • The Spartan Laser, introduced in Halo 3, is a huge shoulder-mounted anti-tank beam weapon. One shot can burn straight through three Warthogs lined up back-to-back. Not to mention tanks, enemy dropships, etc.
    • The Fuel Rod Gun fires green, highly explosive energy that can deal very severe damage, has a five round magazine, and can fire pretty freakin' fast for something that powerful.
    • The Scarab Gun, which is only available in Halo 2 as an Easter egg and is extremely difficult to reach, can shoot out a wide continuous beam of energy that instantly destroys just about anything it comes in contact with. There is a blast radius at the point of impact though, which can kill an unwitting player.
    • Spartans, Elites, and Brutes can tear stationary turrets off their stands and wield them from the hip. These weapons tend to be about as long as the average UNSC Marine is tall.
      • While the tri-barrled AIE-486H Heavy Machine Gun only uses 7.62x51mm SLAP (Sabot Light Armor Piercing) ammunition, its successor, the M247H, fires 12.7×99mm HVE (High Velocity, Explosive) rounds.
      • The Covenant has Plasma Cannons that fit in the same role as the Heavy Machine Gun and are just as effective.
      • You can also detach anti-vehicle/armor turrets, like the Gauss Cannon and the Missile Pod.
      • Brutes also wield the Brute Shot, a Grenade Launcher with a huge sword attached to its back as a bayonet ("Is-is that a knife? Rifle? Kn-knifle?").
    • The Plasma Launcher from Halo: Reach can fire up to four plasma grenades at a time that home in on your target.
    • The Halo 4 version of the Incineration Cannon, a huge Promethean rocket launcher, fires five flaming balls of fire at once, which turn into a fountain of explosions and death on impact; not only does its damage rival the Spartan Laser's (a direct hit will destroy a tank; Spartan Lasers usually take two), but unlike the Splaser, it has an absolutely ridiculous kill radius due to the massive splash damage from its shots' secondary explosions. This is balanced out by the fact it needs to reload after every shot, not that you're likely to need more than one. While Halo 5: Guardians's version has been toned down substantially (its default fire now only fires two projectiles, and its shots no longer have secondary explosions), it's still a weapon to be reckoned with.
    • By size alone, the Binary Rifle, the Promethean equivilant to a sniper rifle, counts. It is nearly two meters in length alone, and needs only a single shot to completely dissolve a fully shielded Spartan.
  • Helghast Heavy Troopers in Killzone 2 are armed with a giant rotary gun or a Lightning Gun; either way, the power pack turns out to be their undoing.
  • KISS: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child has four BFGs, used by a different player character each. The Starbearer has the Stargaze that annihilates on-screen mooks in a flash, The Beast King has a spear that functions like a Railgun, The Celestial has the Galaxion that can create black hole portals, and The Demon has the Dragon's head that functions like a flame thrower.
  • Left 4 Dead 2 has the M60 for the Passing campaign. It's a huge machine gun that is almost as tall as the survivors and they mention how heavy it is to carry it. It has enough power to instantly kill common infected with just one bullet and it can quickly tear up special infected in a hurry. It only has 150 bullets and you can't refill the gun's ammo so once it's used up, you automatically discard it. The mutation Gib Fest gives every survivor one of these with infinite ammo.
  • One Marathon Game Mod, RED, has a BFG called the Omega Cannon, which can also be used to Rocket Jump without damage. Another mod, EVIL, has the Railgun and the Nuclear Mortar Unit.
  • Medal of Honor: Vanguard features the M9A1 Bazooka, a weapon that is usually operated by a crew of two, which is used individually by Keegan.
  • In Overwatch, Zarya's weapon of choice is a particle cannon she tore off an armored car. She's most likely the only human in the setting capable of wielding it — the thing is massive, and she's the World's Strongest Woman. The cannon has three firing modes — a limited-range beam that resembles a massive Laser Blade, an energy mortar, and after charging her ultimate, an orb which produces a team-fight-winning Graviton Surge. The cannon can also project short-lived energy barriers on Zarya and her teammates, which siphon energy into her gun when struck, potentially turning it into the single most powerful weapon in the game.
  • The Painkiller series has a handful of awesome guns. There is a gun that fires entire tree trunks and grenades as the secondary fire, and one that shoots shurikens like a machine gun. One of the games STARTS with you using the decapitated head of a wizard that shoots lasers.
  • Pixel Gun 3D has the Automatic Peacemaker M1. And yes, once on the battlefield in CTF mode, it does just that. You and your team get some peace while your teammate blasts the heads off your enemies.
  • Tons of examples from Planetside:
    • The New Conglomerate Jackhammer given to their heavy assault troops is an enormous triple-barrelled shotgun with a secondary mode that fires all three barrels at once. Catch one of those up close and they'll be scraping you off the wall with a spatula.
    • Also with the New Conglomerate is the Vanguard's 150mm Titan main gun. The damage it inflicts on Terran Prowlers and Vanu Magriders is considerable, so of course it can one-shot light vehicles and instagib infantry and MAXs.
    • Not to be left out, the Terran Republic Mini Chain Gun spits a copious amount of lead at an alarming rate and the Vanu Sovereignty's Lasher is a dead-ringer for the BFG from Quake III: Arena.
  • The Quake series has the BFG10K in Quake II (which was also used by the Makron) and the rapid fire rocket launcher BFG in Quake III: Arena. In Quake IV it was named "Dark Matter Gun", functioned almost identically to Q2's BFG, but fired a black hole that sucked enemies in upon their death causing them to orbit like moons.
  • Quake Champions: Doom Edition has the Quake III BFG as one of the pickupable weapons. Some of the characters also come with beefy weapons as their active ability:
  • Rage (2011) by Id Software has not so much a single shot BFG, but a round that can be used by the last weapon in the game, the Authority Pulse Cannon, which in and of itself is a plasma mini-gun. You have to charge the shot, but when you let it fly, anything that is not a big mutant becomes paste. The description claims that it is an unstable form of plasma.
  • In Resistance, the Titan Chimera are armed with a gunpod taken from a Stalker mecha, though for some reason it fires huge discharges of fire rather than the usual machine gun. Given it's from the creators of Ratchet & Clank, it's no surprise the player gets to mess around with a stack of outlandish weaponry, including a rocket launcher that shoots missiles that can hover while re-aiming themselves and fire off smaller missiles.
  • Serious Sam has a minigun almost as long as Sam is tall and a man-portable cannon firing explosive DU cannonballs. The ability of Sam to use either while running and jumping has led to suggestions that he be "upgraded" from Badass Normal to Charles Atlas Superpower-user.
  • Soldier of Fortune has the Awesome, but Impractical Microwave Pulse Gun, whose secondary Charged Attack causes enemies to inflate and explode like microwaved hot dogs.
  • Star Trek: Elite Force. Photon Torpedo Rocket Launchers, anyone? The sequel went a little further with the final gun being some kind of Romulan personal nuclear weapon.
  • The gatling in Syndicate (2012) fires 30mm rounds and has Bottomless Magazines. It's so powerful that it can go through otherwise-Immune to Bullets Deflector Shields.
    • The agents of Syndicate Wars (and to a lesser degree Syndicate) have a whole arsenal of BFGs, including miniguns, pulse lasers, plasma lances, graviton guns and nuclear grenades. They need upgrades to their skeletons to wield them effectively. The Gauss Gun from the original Syndicate definitely counts. It's a rocket launcher that can fire a rocket, instantly, across half the map and will kill nearly anyone in one hit (or destroy cars, etc). Also tends to set things on fire a lot. Pity they didn't keep any of these around for the sequel...
  • Done with a twist in the System Shock games. In the first game, the strongest energy weapon is the LG-XX Plasma Rifle, which fires refracting orbs of plasma that leave glowing marks where they ricochet. In the second game, the Fusion Cannon takes the title, taking up 1/3 of your view and firing huge green balls of death. The problem with both weapons? You're more likely to kill yourself than your enemies, especially in cramped quarters, and more conventional weapons prove to be more useful in later stages of the games.
  • Strife features the Mauler, a combination energy super-shotgun and radial plasma bomb launcher. That disintegrates.
  • Team Fortress 2:
    • Sasha, the Heavy Weapons Guy's minigun, "weighs one hundred fifty kilograms and fires two hundred dollar, custom-tooled cartridges at ten thousand rounds per minute". It has a "sister", Natascha, and several other variants, the most monstrous of which is appropriately called The Brass Beast.
    • The Soldier has a rocket launcher with multiple shots in a clip - not as big as Sasha, but capable of a lot of damage in a couple of seconds. The Direct Hit, its alternate, is a sniping rocket launcher. He also has the Cow Mangler 5000, a Zeerust monstrosity of a laser cannon.
    • The Engineer's philosophy is "Use a gun. And if that don't work, use more gun." He's a sissy by this page's standards though because he sets up his combination rocket-launcher/double minigun as a turret.
  • Titanfall and its sequel, Titanfall 2, are all about elite mech pilots battling it out, so it should come as no surprise that the series is practically littered with them. The majority of these weapons are either designed to be used by the Titan platforms themselves, or they belong to the "anti-titan" class of weapons, which is to say weapons specifically designed to put Titans out of commission. There are, however, a few exceptions.
  • The Turok series is known for its big bad guns. Some of the more notable examples include the Quad Rocket Launcher, Fusion Cannon, and Chronoscepter from the first game, the Scorpion Launcher and Nuke from the second game, and the PSG (Personal Singularity Generator) from the third game.
  • The Unreal Tournament series features the Redeemer, literally a shoulder-mounted nuclear warhead launcher, which can be either dumb-fired or remote-controlled. Launching this puppy in a clearing full of enemies is one of the best ways to get a MONSTER KILL or HOLY SHIT. The "U4E" mod for UT featured the "BFG 20K", which fired two variations of energy balls - tiny red ones that would home in on other players, or a giant green one a la Doom's own BFG, as well as the Nuker (yeah it makes an awfully big screen shaking boom) and the Quantum Singularty Generator (creates a BLACK HOLE at the point of impact sucking nearby players inside to their doom). Also on the mod scene, a mod for Unreal Tournament 2003 and Unreal Tournament 2004 took the Q3 BFG to its logical extreme with the "OMFG Gun" — a 30-round rocket launcher with a fire rate of 30 rounds per second. Oh My Friggin'/Fuckin' God indeed.
  • The water gun equivalent of this would be the Water Bazooka in Water Warfare. Of course, it's just a water gun, so all it does is just... soak people badly.
  • War Rock is notable for actually having a realistic .50 machine gun. In addition to being fully automatic with unlimited ammunition, it has sniper rifle accuracy and range, kills players in at most 2 hits and can quickly destroy light vehicles. Luckily they're mostly found on lightly armoured vehicles, which keeps them from being too game breaking.
  • Will Rock features the Fireball Thrower (a bazooka), the Minigun and the Atomic Gun.
  • From the Wolfenstein series:
    • Return to Castle Wolfenstein started out with fairly ordinary weapons, with the strongest being a one-shot Panzerfaust rocket launcher and a Flammenwerfer; however, the illusion of sanity is tossed out the window around the time the mutants and zombies start showing up, with the player being given a portable "Venom" minigun and a Tesla Gun in fairly short order.
    • Wolfenstein (2009) has the Leichenfaust 44, a Nazi superweapon powered by extradimensional energies. It fires large globules of said energy that cancel out gravity within their area of effect and reduce enemies to piles of scorched bones. There's also a Particle Cannon, a Panzerschreck rocket launcher which can be modded to be multi-shot and fire guided missiles, a Flammenwerfer and an newer Tesla Gun; about half of the player's inventory is made of huge and silly weapons. At one point the game you encounter a version of the aforementioned Leichenfaust 44 scaled up to the main armament of a giant supertank. They let you play with it.

    Hack And Slash 

    Mecha Game 
  • Uziel in Shogo: Mobile Armor Division arms his mecha with a gun that's several traffic lanes long and half as tall as the mecha.
  • Super Robot Wars has so many BFGs it's almost impossible to list them all.
    • Some of the most notable are the SRX's HTB cannon, R-Gun ITSELF, Wing Gundam Zero's twin buster rifle, the Huckebein's black hole gun, DX Gundam's Twin satellite cannon, and F-type Evangelon unit 1's N2 launcher, to name a few.
    • The most nefarious of them is the Ideon gun in SRW Alpha 3, which is probably the most powerful gun on this list, as it fries a huge part of the galaxy in front of it. It has huge damage, and the map attack version can annihilate the whole map, AND kill the final boss and his army IN THREE SHOTS. It has infinite energy too.
    • Super Robot Wars Z series: Genion GAI's Bifröst, probably the largest gun compared to the mech wielding it among Banpresto originals so far. It's so huge, it's actually designed to double as a battering ram. It also works as a BFS, though oddly enough that doesn't actually happen in Z3.1 (studying sprite sheets reveals the thing features a massive switchblade).
  • In Virtual-ON, Raiden has a warship laser cannon mounted in each shoulder. The lasers are powerful enough to completely destroy lesser Virtuaroids in one shot. As if that was not enough, some versions add a hand-held twin-barreled Flat Launcher that is about the size of the smaller mechs (It should be noted that Raiden's standard hand-held weapon is a bazooka). Jaguarandi uses shoulder cannons very similar to Raiden's, and has two large arm cannons (one long, one short). Then there's Z-Gradt. Z-Gradt has one HUGE deployable MEGA-LASER, with a barrel diameter that's about as large as Raiden. Raiden stands about 18 meters high. Now that's what you call a BFG.
  • Zone of the Enders 2 has the Vector Cannon, huge even by the standards of most of its Humongous Mecha and forcing the protagonist's Super Prototype mech Jehuty to actually land before it can be charged and fired.

  • Dragon Nest has the Academicnote  who wields a cannon that's at least half her height. One of her skills involves riding the recoil of that thing to escape. And, to top it off, the Engineer subclass can transform it into an even bigger BFG with a dozen barrels, striking her enemies with several dozen cannon balls in only a few seconds.
  • Elsword has Chung, who uses a Cannon that is just as large as he is tall, even though he's only 12 years old. In fact, he's used that same cannon since he was a baby.
  • In RFCK Endless War,Miniguns can be bought at the Bazaar. A bit impractical but fires out an insane amount of firepower. The signature weapon of Rowdy Fucker Liam.
  • In Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Trooper's Commando Prestige Class is characterized by its use of large, two-handed blaster cannons, usually similar in appearance to a minigun.
  • Yes, even World of Warcraft has one of these, though what counts as this trope changes as new expansions are released. Here's a by-no-means-exhaustive list. Oh, and by the way...hunter weapon.

    Platform Game 

    Real-Time Strategy 
  • In Free Allegiance's RPS (Rock Paper Scissors) mod, the player teams can get the BFG weapon — a big badass machinegun with uber firing speed, damage and range (outranging almost everything else). It also does splash damage and the bullets go at several kilometers per second too. 2 or 3 basic fighters equipped with those can tear apart a big capital ship in seconds — even though they're cheated too.
  • In Noblemen: 1896 from Foursaken Media, steampunk vehicles like the Landship and Steam Carriage are dealt with by Tankbusters, wealthy men carrying 15mm brigand rifles and elephant guns. It's the Tesla Cannon of the Tesla Heavy Gunners that really bring up the size. This Lightning Gun looks like something that should be wheeled along on a small cart, instead a guy in a fancy suit is lugging it around in his arms like it was nothing.
  • StarCraft has a gauss rifle designed to be fired while wearing Power Armor. Ghosts are armed with C-10 Canister Rifles, which are basically sniper shotguns almost as long as they are tall. And no, they don't wear Power Armor at all.

    Rhythm Game 
  • Patapon 3 has Cannogabang uberhero who carries a lasergun, or a cannon many times bigger than himself.
  • In SEVEN's CODE, Mirai's ORGAN ability, GALLBLADDER, manifests in the form of a gatling gun as large as herself.

  • DRL, unsurprisingly, features the good ol' BFG9000 as well - but it doesn't end there, upping the ante with Quake II's BFG10K, a nuclear (self-recharging) BFG9000, the VBFG9000 and finally tops it up with the biggest f***ing gun.
  • The Proton Cannon and Minigun weapons from Feral Fury. While both take a good three seconds to charge, there's very little that can stand in their way once they do. Both are half the size of your character.
  • Torchlight with its steampunk fantasy setting, has more than a few gigantic rifles, including the Tsar Cannon and Tesla's Rail Cannon.

    Role-Playing Game 
  • Bloodborne largely replaces shields and magic with exotic firearms. These include an experimental truncated gatling gun and two different cannons that'd be more at home mounted on a naval vessel.
  • Numerous areas in .hack//G.U. show an absolutely massive cannon in the background, which the Game Within A Game's backstory says killed the gods of The World. In .hack//Quantum, Shamrock aka Pi, uses it to fire a Data Drain.
  • There is a BFG actually called the BFG in AdventureQuest. However, it is not extraordinarily powerful, but rather, just an ordinary middle-level weapon.
  • The Fallout series:
    • Features a slew of BFGs, even getting their own skill set for use. They range from the mundane Bazooka to laser Gatling guns and plasma rifles. The third instalment has the "Fat Man", described as a tactical (read handheld) nuclear catapult. Since There Is No Kill Like Over Kill, there is a unique Fat Man (the Experimental MIRV) that fires eight mini nukes at once. Can kill anything with one shot, but the 8 mini nukes have a combined cost of over 2000 caps.
    • Scratch that. The Broken Steel DLC has the shoulder-mounted Tesla Cannon that can one-shot Vertibirds. And unlike the Fat Man, it uses electron charge packs, which are laughably common since they are the energy weapon equivalent of machine gun ammo. Ambushing an Enclave patrol with a sniper rifle can net you a few dozen shots with the Tesla Cannon. Also, the Operation Anchorage DLC rewards you with a Gauss Rifle fitted with a sniper scope. And a knockdown effect for critical hits.
    • Fallout: New Vegas, in addition to the standard Tesla Cannon, has the Tesla-Beaton Prototype, found in a crashed Vertibird guarded by a dozen heavily-armored robots.
    • The Lonesome Road DLC provides all would-be wasteland wanderers with a chance to mince enemies using a literal shoulder-mounted machine gun, and the ever-popular Rocket's Red Glare - which rapid-fires unguided and ludicrously-explosive rockets.
    • If you are not above using glitches, enter "player.additem 5DEEE 1" into the console. You'll get what looks like an ordinary missile launcher but it's boom instantly puts the Fat Man to shame. This is the weapon that gets used in one of the game locations where you can call a nuke strike from orbit.
    • Aaand, someone was crazy enough to mod a FULL-SCALE NUKE into a shoulder-mounted launcher, using the Megaton nuke explosion effect. Search around the 'net for "Fat Man Extreme" and brace yourself.
    • To make it more crazy people have made machine gun MIRV versions that fire megaton nukes that murder everything.
    • Constructing a full-auto "Gatling Nuke" is considered practically a rite of passage in the modding community.
    • Mothership Zeta introduces the Drone Cannon, and its unique upgrade, the EX-B Drone Cannon.
    • The Alien Blaster is a pistol version.
    • Fallout 4 shipped with your typical fire breathing ballistic and laser miniguns, chargeable Gauss rifles, and MIRV Fatmen, but the modding community, as always, wanted more. So they created a mod which allows any gun to use any mod, exponentially increasing your ability to build your own BFGs. One such example is a heat seeking launcher that fires 8 mini nukes per shot, arcing them directly into your enemies future gibs.
  • Final Fantasy:
    • In Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus, Vincent can arm himself with a Cerberus variant sniper rifle or machine gun with a three-foot barrel. Goes further with The Brute, an ogre called Azul, who's first seen armed with a portable tank cannon, then with a giant dual Gatling gun.
    • Final Fantasy X-2's Gippal has a Big Fucking Pink Gun. With a sawblade on the end.
  • Canderous Ordo (a.k.a. Mandalore) of the Knights of the Old Republic series has a taste for these. The first time you meet him he's carrying what amounts to the blaster equivalent of a .50 caliber machine gun ... as if it was a carbine. Later he mentions his disdain for Echani weapons, calling them "delicate with too little firepower".
  • The 1993 Amiga classic Hired Guns has the Disruptor Cannon, little more than a monstrous drum-shaped gun with a small display that just reads "OK". When fired, it actually throws the character back a few spaces (or deals huge damage when the backblast hits the wall behind him or her).
  • Mass Effect 2 gives the player access to an entire range of BFG-tier guns, known appropriately enough as "Heavy Weapons".
    • The Blackstorm Projector, which is quite simply a portable black hole cannon.
    • The Arc Projector. First, it ionizes its target with a high-powered laser. Then, it releases an enormous burst of arcing electricity, which travels between targets. The results are impressive. Best of all, the thing has next to no recoil and can be fired by moving.
    • The Collector Particle Beam. A directed energy weapon that causes targets to burn white hot and then decompose rapidly on screen. Did we mention the insane accuracy and the enormous ammo capacity too?
    • The M-622 Avalanche. There is nothing quite like causing an enemy to freeze, then shattering them with normal gunfire. Also allows the player to revel in Video Game Cruelty Potential by shouting things like: "Iced that guy," "cool off," and "my, you look shattered."
    • The M-920 Cain, also nicknamed "The Nuke Launcher" (with a radioactive emblem painted on the side) in universe, despite not being a nuclear weapon. However, it has more concentrated kaboom than anything else in the game- boss attacks included. After using this beastie it takes several more missions to scrape together enough ammo to use it again- you can only fire it about once a mission unless you unlock all of the heavy weapon ammo upgrades, plus the hidden bonus ammo upgrade, plus the extra ammo leg armor piece. The little 'ptoonk!' noise it makes after warming up to fire is as hilarious as the following gigantic explosion (with the archetypical mushroom cloud) is awesome. How powerful is it? On normal difficulty, the only thing that can survive the first hit is the final boss. Everything else is vapor. Unfortunately, it has a long charge up time, leaving you exposed when trying to use it. You also have to fire at distant targets only, or the explosion will also vaporize you.
    • The "normal" weapons also have three Infinity+1 guns: The M-98 Widow Anti-Materiel Rifle. An anti-vehicle Sniper Rifle, designed to never be used without being braced or for use by heavily reinforced synthetics. Shepard in the second game can use it on the move (thanks to cybernetic enhancements) and primarily against infantry. Also worth mentioning is the M-300 Claymore, an insanely high-powered shotgun designed for Krogan use. The designation is arranged to look like BOOM. Finally, there's the M-76 Revenant Light Machine Gun, an assault rifle that can rip apart pretty much anything. With accuracy upgrades, it becomes ludicrously powerful — stick any of the ammo upgrades on it and it becomes freakishly good. And the Shadow Broker wields it one handed.
    • Mass Effect 3 turns Heavy Weapons into disposable, in-mission pickups, and even adds a few new ones to boot. The Reaper Blackstar is essentially a single-shot, very rare, scaled-up version of the Blackstorm Projector from 2. The Cain also makes a reappearance, where it kills a Hades Cannon (i.e. an anti-aircraft gun nearly the size of a Reaper in and of itself) in one shot.
    • The Blackstar can apparently cause nuclear fusion and nuclear fission at the same time. It's a Nuke 'em weapon that breaks the laws of physics.
    • Lastly, 3 features a mounted turret that you can use on occasion, and it is exactly as powerful as its size suggests: it rips apart Brutes in 2-3 seconds, and its good rate of fire is only marred by reload time.
    • The non-heavy BFGs of the second game make an appearance in 3, but the real holder of the title among non-disposable weapons is the N7 Typhoon. Not only does it weigh so much that even when fully upgraded a Soldier will still suffer from cooldown penalties, it also reduces the carrier to aiming speed even when fired from the hip, and has its own face plate to protect the person firing. In return, it has the highest damage per shot among automatic assault rifles, can fire 100 shots before overheating without any mods, has a considerable fire rate and accuracy, and can even penetrate light cover on its own, which is generally reserved for bolt-action sniper rifles.
    • The bolt-action sniper rifles (or more properly a semi-automatic in the case of the Black Widow) are worth a mention for their ability to penetrate cover and their headshot damage bonus in the hands of a skilled and geared Infiltrator. Thanks to their natural cover penetration, it's possible to accomplish such feats as performing two headshots with a single bullet while firing through a wall (on Insanity difficulty), or killing a Harvester with a single headshot on Normal difficulty (which earns you an achievement).
    • The best example has to be the Javelin, a geth ferrofluidnote  sniper rifle that comes built in with its own thermal scope (you can see enemies through cover and smoke), and, given the right modifications, can puncture nearly 7 meters of cover. There is no cover that thick in the game whatsoever.
  • Monster Hunter has a couple of different classes of BFG-like weaponry. Heavy Bowguns are technically supposed to be crossbows, except that they're about as long as the wielder is tall, magazine-fed, and capable of launching cluster bombs. In a similar vein, Gunlances are essentially a one-handed gauntlet with a cannon - yes, a human-sized cannon - mounted on it, and a bayonet mounted on that. The Gunlance is actually more of a melee weapon, although it does have some ranged attack capability, but come on - it is what it is. Some of these "Crossbows" get so big they actually fold up into a (still huge) carrying mode when not in use.
  • In Phantasy Star II, these are Rudolf "Rudo" Steiner's Weapon of Choice. His ultimate weapon, the Neishot, causes Stuff Blowing Up after Sucking-In Lines.
  • Rise Of The Third Power: Arielle wields a ship cannon because it happened to be the only other weapon Corrina had in her inventory.
  • Seraphim characters in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel can learn an ability called BeeEffGee which summons, well, a BeeEffGee. Its strength scales with both the character's level and the BeeEffGee ability level and is usually more powerful than other weapons you can acquire at the time, but the ability takes up one of your very limited "buff" slots. It's also available in the original.
  • Maya Schrödinger in Wild ARMs 3 has a gatling gun hidden up her skirt. She wriggles her hips and it just falls out.
  • KOS-MOS in Xenosaga wields a number of BFGs, notably a triple-barreled tri-gatling gun (that's three sets of three barrels each — and it's her weakest special weapon). And she dual wields them. Some would point out that KOS-MOS is, in and of herself, a BFG.

    Shoot Em' Up 
  • Gauntlet: Dark Legacy's Archer had a Turbo-attack that, while not strictly speaking a gun, was the biggest, most complicated automatic repeating quadruple crossbow ever seen. And that includes Van Helsing!
    • Gauntlet: Legends did the Archer one better by making her fully-charged special a huge cannon. The narrator's voice calling the attack actually named it B.F.G.
  • The Heavy Barrel, from the 1987 arcade game of the same name. You collected the pieces and, at an appropriate time, e.g., just before you meet a tough-to-kill bad guy on screen, you find the last piece and the machine yells "HEAVY BARREL". Think handheld Wave Motion Gun.
  • Midnight Resistance has several of these: Fire (flamethrower), 3 way (fires 3 shots as a bullet spray), Shotgun, Shower (rains bullets down the screen), Nitro (a bomb that explodes into 8 directional launching beams), Homing Missile.
  • In Vector Vendetta, one of the enemies is called BFG. Indeed, while everything else shoots little bullets over the screen, this one uses a Hitscan Slow Laser that bypasses your shield (if you have any). Of course the endgame boss also fires these.

    Simulation Game 
  • In Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War, the Osean Police are apparently fond of this trope. Considering Osea seems to be the Strangereal version of America and Japan combined, this is hardly a surprise to some. On one mission you hear this exchange when facing attack helicopters.
    Osean Squad Car 1: Hey Charlie 11! What's that thing you got in the back seat?
    Osean Squad Car 2: That's my anti tank rifle! I brought it with me from home!

    Stealth-Based Game 
  • Vulcan Raven of Metal Gear Solid. His codename is based on the fact that he wields an M61 Vulcan gatling gun. A normal Vulcan gun is 188 cm in height and weighs 112 kg, and he not only hefts the gun but also its ammunition (but not a power supply): an ammo drum the size of a refrigerator. In Metal Gear Solid 2, we have Fortune, also known as Lady Luck, who carries a rather large railgun. Her motion actor said that the dummy gun she had to point around was so big and heavy she 'had bruises all over [her] body' from handling it. It was made of wood and cardboard — one can only imagine the weight of the real thing. To top it off, Colonel Volgin wields a Davy Crockett recoilless launcher in the third game, even though he only uses it once in a cutscene.
    • In Metal Gear Solid 4, Snake finally gets his own hands on one after defeating Crying Wolf, which is the one Fortune has on MGS2 and was given to Wolf by Vamp, which can take down almost anything in one shot. Snake can also purchase a Barrett M82A2, a bullpup version of the famous M82A1 anti-materiel rifle that can take down just about anything. It can kill five to ten lined-up enemies in one shot, it can take down a helicopter in two, and kill Gekko in one, so long as you aim for the neck.
    • Johnny also uses one for his Big Damn Hero moment. For no apparent reason as they are in the middle of boarding a ship and a single bullet from a handgun appears to be completely sufficient to kill the enemies wearing heavy body armor. Hideo Kojima personally recommends the M82A1.
    • Johhny is the team's reconiscance and ranged support; he probably has one as part of his standard weapon loadout for a mission...and it looked damn cool.
    • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker gives the player the opportunity to develop a whole arsenal of BFGs, ranging from automatic shotguns and rail gun to miniguns ridiculously powerful rocket launchers.
    • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: The most BFG in a Metal Gear Solid game ever.
      • From mission 3 and onward, you can start missions by riding into the battlefield in a helicopter while firing a minigun. In specific missions, you can complete the mission in record time by riding in and shooting all the objectives before you've even landed!
      • There is a tech tree for each weapon type in the game; you can develop anti-tank sniper rifles (which you can give to a pinpoint-accuracy sniper), precision-oriented heavy machine guns, and rocket launchers for every non-stealth situation. They even come in Non-Lethal modes!
      • Standard Walker Gears can equip machine guns or rocket launchers. You can add a flamethrower or an arc thrower. There's also a Fulton Launcher that can one-hit capture anything other than a helicopter or the final boss.
      • The final boss is a metal gear that has a railgun. The longest railgun in the series.

    Survival Horror 
  • Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare has the Plasma Cannon and Photoelectric Pulsar, both these energy weapons hit hard against the creatures of the dark even though they're based on Victorian technology.
  • The OICW from Eternal Darkness is the best gun when it comes to tearing apart Eldritch Abomination monsters. Considering that your character in that level has a miniscule Mana Meter, you need it. An earlier level has the Elephant Gun, which can be fired one barrel at a time or both at once. Firing from the hip, or before you take enough time to carefully brace yourself, will result in your character being knocked on his ass by the recoil.
  • Parasite Eve 2 allows the small-framed heroine, Aya Brea, to pick up a shoulder-mounted railgun in New Game+ — it's as long as she is tall, made from solid metal, takes several seconds to charge, and the recoil sends her skidding back several feet each time she fires it.
  • A full-sized rocket launcher pops up repeatedly in the Resident Evil series, often used to defeat a particularly indestructible monster towards the end, and later obtained in an "infinite ammo" variant in the New Game+. Resident Evil 2 upped the ante by adding an infinite-ammo Gatling gun to the arsenal.
    • Resident Evil 3 (Remake) adds in one with the FINGeR, an experimental one that's made for taking down B.O.W.s like the Tyrant, though it gets put to good use against Nemesis's final form as Jill destroys it in a move that would make Doomguy proud.
    • Resident Evil 4 was mostly about the Hand Cannons, but the bad guys got to have more fun; there was a special enemy type who carried a portable gatling gun in the final stage, while in the castle Leon would occasionally find himself faced with cultists manning totally inexplicable modern mounted gatlings placed in the middle of rooms for no adequately defined reason. Completing the game on Professional difficulty gives you the P.R.L.-412, a Wave-Motion Gun that one-shots everything in its path when fully charged. The Separate Ways campaign in the PS2 and Wii versions went the final step of having Ada shoot up a warship with a series of huge mounted guns.
    • Resident Evil 5 ups the ante even further by having four BFGs exclusive to boss fights: when fighting the El Gigante clone, Chris and Sheva are using a minigun and PK Machine Gun mounted on a Humvee; there's a flamethrower used to fight one particularly tough monster; when fighting Excella you use a laser satellite tracker similar to the Hammer of Dawn of Gears of War fame; and of course the traditional RPG finisher on Wesker in the final boss fight. And since this is a co-op based game, Wesker gets TWO rocket launchers to the face. With a quick-time event and everything. Since CHRIS BIG, Chris can also get a handheld minigun as an unlockable reward; it's the same type as wielded in both games by boss enemies, and comes with a huge, vision-obscuring backpack.

    Third-Person Shooter 
  • In darkSector, the space-suited Lasrian Elite Troopers are armed with a "Trooper Gun", a combination of a pneumatic-powered gatling gun and rocket launcher that Hayden needs special armour to even pick up.
  • The Contact Beam in Dead Space is powerful enough to vaporize any non-boss Necromorph with one hit. It's meant to blast through dense rock strata. It's also probably meant to vaporize pirates too.
  • Earth Defense Force: The Various games in the franchise inevitably give players to access to large barreled and powerful weapons capable of bringing down a city block or a ravening horde of alien enemies.
  • Chris Stone in Freedom Fighters (2003) can wield a Kalashnikov PK-74 machinegun like a normal assault rifle.
  • General RAAM from Gears of War carries a fucking troika/shotgun combo for his weapon of choice in the first game!
  • Jak and Daxter:
  • Kid Icarus: Uprising: Final Strike, the last functioning component of the Great Sacred Treasure, used to finish Hades once and for all.
    • The Daybreak, which only appears in multiplayer games, counts: it's a Wave-Motion Gun that requires three parts to construct and has only one shot, but releases a massive laser that's guaranteed to kill any opponent in a single shot.
  • The game Loadout is predicated on building custom guns. Just about the only thing all of the possible parts combinations have in common is the fact that they're absolutely massive. How does a scattergun barrel bigger than your head sound?
  • In Lost Planet, most VS weapons can be used on foot. Gatling gun? Check. Massive shotgun? Insanely large rocket launcher? A four barreled gun that shoots homing lasers? Check, check, and check.
    • The Railway Gun in Lost Planet 2 takes the cake, being a cannon so large that it requires a train to transport. Best of all, you get to use it in a boss battle!"
  • The first Max Payne game, near the end, gives you a Pancor Jackhammer, which is an fully-automatic shotgun that the Player Character still fires semi-auto. This is because it can kill any Mook you can see in one shot. The second game replaced it with the actually semi-auto Striker-12, and also had Mona cart around a rather big Romak PSL sniper rifle.
  • In Metroid: Other M, Anthony's plasma gun. Nuff' said. Although its awesomeness is hampered by the fact that Samus's plasma beam packs just as much of a punch and can fire repeatedly, unlike Anthony's which has significant recharge time.
  • Oni has the Wave Motion Cannon. It's really designed as a vehicle-mounted weapon, and Konoko can barely walk while carrying it.
  • The Ratchet & Clank series, where nearly every gun (and there are a lot of them) is at least half the size of the (4'10") protagonist. As they upgrade, they soon match the name on the firepower scale, too. This didn't stop them from making a BFG so FB, that it actually warranted a new acronym: the Rip You a New One. What's more, the RYNO was only the first in a series of four guns (RYNO, RYNO II, RYN3O / RYNOCERATOR, and RYNO IV/RYNO 4-EVER). Mind you, the last one never went past the blueprint stage because it was deemed too powerful. This coming from a company that created a portable black hole launcher and Colony Dropping handguns.
    • RYNOs actually got smaller between the first and third games - the RY3NO is physically smaller than Ratchet (although not by much), while the original...isn't quite so compact.
    • The Harbinger/Supernova from Ratchet: Deadlocked. Apparently Dreadzone, the evil game show the eponymous hero gets kidnapped by, felt that the RYNO guns were too sissy, and design a gun that calls laser beams down from space like it's the damn wrath of god, and can be upgraded 99 times.
    • And you have yet to see the RYNO V, best described as two interlocked gigantic gatling guns along with a huge ass missile launcher in the middle. The 1812 Overture plays whenever it's fired.
    • With enough skill points, you can unlock the gun size modifier cheat in A Crack in Time. Which makes the already humongous guns even bigger.
    • Taken to an interesting place in Ratchet & Clank (2016): after fans noted that the weapons were generally smaller on PS3 compared to the PS2 weapons, Insomniac decided to increase the scale of them. Unfortunately for all of the returning PS3 weapons, this meant that the handles were comically over-sized and Ratchet's index finger is no longer anywhere near the trigger!
    • To sum it up: Ratchet is the new god of Engineers. "Use more gun", indeed.
    • Also of note, one of the areas in Up Your Arsenal is called "Nefarious BFG", which fits given how a BFG is the focal point of that area.
  • Red Faction has the Rocket Launcher. Then there's the FUSION rocket launcher. The blast from this thing is so big that you have no choice but to run like hell immediately after firing it. This game also has geo-mod technology which allows this gun to literally make giant craters in the environment.
    • Guerrilla, the third game, has the Thermobaric Rocket Launcher, the most powerful weapon in the game. It produces an explosion large enough to take down the largest structure in the game, a massive bridge spanning an entire canyon, in a couple shots, and can destroy EDF missile pod tanks in one shot as well. It can take down almost any building in one shot if it is detonated inside the building, and its alternate fire just happens to be a detonator. It only has four shots (8 when fully upgraded), but is so powerful that those few shots are all you'll need.
  • Shadow the Hedgehog has a few big guns. Most notable is the chain gun, probably the most powerful weapon in the game. It gets more ammunition than any other, has the best firing rate and is one of the more powerful weapons as well. Then again, all guns quickly become this when the person wielding them is only about as tall as an assault rifle is long.
  • The Star Wars game Shadows of the Empire has the Disruptor, which is similar to Doom's BFG 9000, but has a bigger blast radius, which can kill you if you're too close.
  • In Syphon Filter, evil French Pyromaniac Anton Girdeux wields an enormous flamethrower; the flame tanks are the only weakness of his otherwise invincible armoured suit. He even yells "You need a bigger gun!" if Logan fires at his armour.
  • Stranglehold has two of these — the M-249 machine gun for those who prefer More Dakka, and the Rocket Launcher for those who prefer to BLOW THINGS UP. Both of them can be used to devastating effect with the Tequila Bomb Barrage attack, and using the latter weapon with Barrage is the best way to take out the helicopter miniboss in the final stage.
  • In Warframe, the Archwing weapons were designed for use in microgravity, and are consequently much larger than would be practical to carry on the ground (The starting archgun being a HMG that's almost as long as a Warframe is tall). However, a few years after they were first introduced, in-universe tech development gave players access to anti-gravity modules to allow them to be used on foot.
  • Vanquish has the LFE Gun, whose use is sadly limited by its Arbitrary Maximum Range.

    Turn-Based Tactics 
  • Rozalin from Disgaea 2 utilizes a Gatling gun in one of her special attacks.
  • Jagged Alliance 2 has its share of anti-materiel rifles, usually from Real Life. v1.13 adds in even more; special mention goes to the VSSK Vychlop, a silenced .50-cal anti-materiel rifle.
  • Makai Kingdom allows you to equip your forces with Gatling Guns, Bazookas, or Flamethrowers.
  • Mii's guns from Project X Zone, which somehow can also split in two.
  • The Sunrider has a capital ship weapon strapped onto its frame. It costs 1000 command points to use, but anything hit by it (up to and including space stations) are in for a world of hurt.
  • Nearly every templar from Templar Battleforce carries a BFG; understandable as they are space marine super soldiers fighting a bug war. However, the Neptune mech has an especially big BFG as their defining class feature.
  • In UFO Afterlight the final product of plasma weapon research tree is called the Annihilator and shoots remote controlled ultra-fast ball lightnings which down all but the toughest enemies with one explosion. This weapon breaks the game by making it easy to the point of boring - there is absolutely nothing the enemies can put against it, most of them are vaporised before they can say "Wh-", and remote control feature means a single operative can clear the map from the embark point, unless a really crafty alien somehow sneaks up on him unnoticed (so just bring a second operative on the mission for that case).
  • Imca from Valkyria Chronicles III may be the queen of this trope. Not only does she get a huge missile launcher from the beginning, but it also has the capability to fire at all enemies on the screen in rapid succession. The thing is as big as she is, and overlaps a bit with BFS in that it has a huge blade down its length. It must weigh a ton, but she still manages to swing it around in combat like it's nothing.
  • Vandal Hearts has four characters who can upgrade into the Sniper class. The character art for them as Snipers portrays them as having Big Frakking Bows, including a metal bow as big as the wielder, and a crossbow that looks like a cricket bat with a slingshot attached, the most amusing is the metal pavise with a mechanical launcher strapped to it, fed by a belt of arrows. When firing, it makes various engine sounds, then shoots... a single arrow. It can be seen here, on the bottom left corner.
  • XCOM:
    • The Blaster Launcher from UFO Defense is essentially a small cannon, firing bombs about the size and shape of a rugby ball. It's the only hand-held weapon capable of punching through the hulls of UFOs and it's very rare that anything survives the explosion (let alone a direct impact). To top it off, the missiles are capable of following up to nine waypoints, making even 180 degree turns with minimal error.
    • The Heavies in XCOM: Enemy Unknown favor big, bulky machine guns and their Energy Weapon equivalents as their primary weapons (in case you're wondering, their secondary is a rocket launcher). The guns visibly have bipods but the Heavies don't bother to use them.
      • In the expansion (X-COM: Enemy Within) the prototype MECnote  Troopers have portable Assault-Rifle styled miniguns, complete with interchangeable magazines. To be fair, however, the average MEC rig is somewhere between twelve and fifteen feet tall... Later on, (with the appropriate research) they can be equipped with Railguns that fire fist-sized lumps of depleted uranium, and then finally 'Particle Cannons', which are basically tank-sized plasma rifles.
    • The classes in XCOM 2 are all iterations on the classes featured in its predecessor. As such, the aforementioned "Heavy" class returns as the "Grenadier," only this time rather than carrying light machine guns and rocket launchers, they are equipped with grenade launchers and what are essentially gatling guns, making this effectively a case of Up to Eleven. More than that, the "Shen's Last Gift" DLC introduced "SPARKs" which are essentially an evolution of Enemy Within's MEC Troopers, both of which carry very large automatic weapons.

    Wide-Open Sandbox 
  • Every game in the Grand Theft Auto up until 4 features at least one of these, which, against all the laws of physics, can be fired by the player while standing still. And yet the player characters are supposed to be average humans.
  • In Scarface: The World Is Yours, not only can you use the film-ending M16+ M203, Tony can also fire a SAW while walking and use a four-barrelled missile launcher.
  • Starbound offers players a handful of BFGs to play around with, such as the Ex Machina (a rocket launcher that fires homing missiles), the Tesla's Wrath (a Tesla Coil as a sniper rifle) and the Lazercaster (fires a laser beam at the enemy).
    • Mods for this game take this trope to an art form. Look at Frackin' Universe for instance; it features such delights like the Polaris (fires homing/bouncing projectiles and can be upgraded into the more powerful Singularity), the Micro-Rocket Launcher (rapidly fires several homing rockets and can be upgraded into the Micro-Rocket Cannon), the Hailstrike (basically a laser mini-gun) and the Atom Smasher (a massive laser cannon that, when fully upgraded, practically melts through both enemy and scenery alike). Some of these weapons actually slap a speed debuff on the player due to how huge they are.