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Quake Champions: Doom Edition is a Game Mod for Doom created by DBThanatos and Michaelis and released on February 6, 2018. The mod comes packaged with the dedicated Q-Zandronum source port, which offers Quake-styled movement, improved netcode and various other quality-of-life changes. Other compatible source ports include Zandronum 3.0, GZDoom 1.8.6-3.2.5 and Delta Touch.

It aims to emulate the gameplay and features of Quake Champions, not only porting its arsenal but also the Champions system: the ability to play as a character with a weight class, an active ability and one or two passive abilities. However, QC:DE brings a new roster of 31 Champions to the fray, as well as the BFG10K, a weapon that isn't present in the game it's inspired from.

QC:DE is primarily a PvP mod, offering a variety of Solo and Team game types including Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Domination, Last Man Standing, Survival, Freeze Tag, Clan Arena and Elder Soul (a reinterpretation of the "Terminator" game mode). However, the game is also PvE compatible; players can play solo or as a party through almost any compatible Megawad (including the official Doom campaigns) and tailor-made Invasion maps.

QC:DE comes packaged with several monster sets, which the player can enable/disable at their leisure to replace existing enemies spawned on any given map with those from Doom II (the default set), Quake IV, Quake, Quake II and Doom (2016). Additional, community-made monster sets are also available for players to download, incorporating enemy rosters from the likes of Half-Life, Marathon and Heretic, to sets that don't even have a representative fighter, such as System Shock and Chex Quest.

The latest official release of the mod can be downloaded from ModDB, with a 3.0 beta available for download from the official QZandronum website and ModDB. A full rundown of the Champions, their abilities and character-specific tropes can be found in the Characters page.


This game shows examples of note 

  • All There in the Manual: The downloadable file comes with a manual in .pdf format in which the backstories of all characters are detailed.
  • Alternate Fire: By default, the Heavy Machine Gun and Railgun retain their scope zooms from Champions, though every weapon sans the Gauntlet, Machine Gun and Nailgun can attain one via the PvE arsenal upgrade system listed below.
  • April Fools' Day: Rick and Morty as playable characters. It was just a joke trailer that eventually led to an actual champion (Durandal) having the ability displayed on said trailer. Postal Dude was also "revealed" in an April's Fools trailer, but it was later confirmed that he was indeed being added.
  • Armor Meter/Armor Points: Armour is represented by both a numerical value and a bar (divided into blocks of 25) in the HUD's lower-left corner.
  • Art Evolution: Before 2.0, the game's weapons consisted of basic frankensprites by Captain J, with the update in question replacing them with more faithful sprites by Franco "Fran" Tieppo.
  • BFG: The eponymous gun, in its Quake III: Arena BFG-10k version, is available for matches as a pickup.
  • Boisterous Bruiser: Most of the characters spout witty one-liners while dealing quite an amount of damage.
  • Cast of Snowflakes: Everyone in the game is easily identifiable due to using sprites from a large variety of games, many of which have dramatically different art styles than Doom.
  • Cool Versus Awesome: You have space marines vs. WWII soldiers vs. macho-type badasses vs. scientists vs. cowboys vs. kung-fu fighters vs. robots...
  • Cursed with Awesome: The Soul in Elder's Soul mode is both a blessing and a curse. The blessing comes in the maximum overstack of health/armour and a 4x damage boost lasting until the owner dies...
    • Blessed with Suck: ...and the curse comes from a) the owner is worth 10 frags (making him the biggest sitting duck of the mode), b) both health and armour degenerating quickly (forcing the carrier to always overstack) c) losing 10 frags in case of dying by health degeneration, and d) not being able to use the character's active ability.
  • Developer's Foresight: Some PVP maps have areas that are inaccessible to Nyx while her Ghostwalk active ability is in effect, causing her to fall through the floor if she attempts to traverse them otherwise. When playing as her, these areas are marked out by warning icons.
  • Equipment Upgrade: In PvE, all of the weapons barring the Machinegun and Nailgun can be upgraded by collecting modules dropped by the enemies. Much like champion abilities, these upgrades fall under Passive note  and Active note  categories, with each weapon able to attain one upgrade of each type (excluding the Gauntlet, which possesses two passive upgrades):
    • Gauntlet
      • Burning Gauntlet (Passive): Hitting a target creates embers at the point of impact, dealing additional damage to enemies passing through them.
      • Omnislash (Passive): While spinning, the gauntlet generates short-range slashes which can damage adjacent enemies, regardless of whether the gauntlet is directly striking them or not.
    • Heavy Machinegun
      • Ricochet Shots (Passive): Shots will ricochet off enemies, walls and other map geometry, dealing additional damage.
      • Penetration (Active): Bullets fired while scoped will pierce enemies, with the first enemy struck receiving increased damage.
    • Shotgun
      • Longer Barrel (Passive): Drastically reduces pellet spread, increasing overall accuracy.
      • Surface Explosive (Active): When engaged, the shotgun fires slower-moving pellets with unique damage properties depending on what they hit; impacting enemies offers only a slight damage increase compared to standard shells, while striking environmental surfaces causes each pellet to explode, dealing considerably increased damage in a short radius.
    • Super Shotgun
      • Demanufacture (Passive): Doubles the Super Shotgun's rate of fire, matching that of the standard Shotgun.
      • Dragon's Breath (Active): When active, the Super Shotgun fires a wave of fire as opposed to pellets. These flame particles will penetrate through enemies and deal damage for each tick they remain in contact with, but quickly dissipate after firing, placing a hard cap on the Super Shotgun's range.
    • Super Nailgun
      • Lava Nails (Passive): Fired nails deal extra damage and leave burning embers on impact, dealing additional damage to enemies passing through them.
      • Homing Nails (Active): When active, in exchange for a decreased rate of fire, nails lock onto enemies and seek them out over any distance.
    • Tri-Bolt
      • Stable Gunpowder (Passive): The 1-second timed charge for fired bolts only activates when embedding into a surface instead of immediately after firing, massively increasing the Tri-Bolt's effective range.
      • Bouncy Shell (Active): When active, fired bolts will bounce off of walls/surfaces and detonate when striking an enemy or automatically after a few seconds, effectively turning the Tri-Bolt into the Grenade Launchers it succeeded. Additionally, Bouncy Shell bolts travel in a steeper arc and deal more damage than standard bolts.
    • Rocket Launcher
      • Cluster Munitions (Passive): Upon rocket detonation, four additional micro-missiles are dispersed in each cardinal direction from the point of impact and will home in on the closest enemy in the line of sight of the initial detonation.
      • Controlled Rocket (Active): When active, fired rockets become player-guided missiles with limited steering capabilities, switching the player's perspective to that of the fired rocket. In addition to impacting enemies or the environment, controlled rockets can be detonated manually by pressing primary fire or automatically after 30 seconds of uninterrupted flight. Controlled rockets also deal increased base damage and reduced self-damage.
    • Lightning Gun
      • Residual Charge (Passive): Upon releasing the primary fire button after 1 second of continuous fire, the weapon leaves a residual electrical charge at the last point of impact. For its short lifespan, this charge fires lightly damaging bolts of electricity at nearby enemies in a medium radius.
      • Static Field (Active): When active, continuously firing the weapon creates an electrical field at the point of impact, damaging all enemies in a small radius around itself.
    • Railgun
      • Demolisher Slugs (Passive): When fired, the Railgun fires a secondary beam at a short, hard-capped range that majorly damages enemies in a considerably wide radius from the primary slug. The secondary beam can also penetrate through environmental geometry such as walls and floors.
      • Overcharged Slugs (Active): While zoomed, fired slugs will explode upon hitting a surface, dealing considerable damage in a short radius around the point of impact.
    • BFG10K
      • Fission Intensifies (Passive): Mimicking the Classic Doom BFG, when a BFG projectile detonates, invisible hitscan tracers are fired from the player's position into any enemy within their field of view. Enemies struck by these tracers produce green electrical sparks. The BFG now the same applies additional sparks on enemies within the user's field of view for additional damage.
      • Argent Capacitor (Active): When active, holding down primary fire causes the weapon to begin charging up a single, powerful shot at the expense of additional BFG cells. The charged projectile's damage and cell consumption scale with its charging time, with a fully-charged shot taking 6 seconds to charge and 6 cells to fire.
  • Exploding Barrels: As in every Doom game( mod).
  • Hero Shooter: Characters in the game come in three weight classes: Light (small hitbox, low stack, and fast), Medium (standard hitbox, medium stack, medium speed) and Heavy (Big hitbox, large stack, slower movement). They also have differentiating active and passive abilities affecting how each hero interacts in the game. Some characters even go a bit further and bring their own, iconic weapons as their Active Ability.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: The usual for a game based on having multiple weapons at the same time, but Doom Slayer, Duke Nukem, B.J. Blazkowicz, Painkiller, Caleb, Postal Dude & Sam take it up to eleven with their additions to the game's arsenal.
  • Loot Boxes: QC:DE semi-jokingly implements lootboxes into PvE, rewarded for killing all enemies and finding all secrets within a map. However, instead of rewarding players with champion cosmetics and weapon skins, QC:DE's lootboxes instead reward players with resources, powerups, upgrades and other exclusive buffs with short- & long-term benefits. Lootbox rewards are distributed under the same Backpack/Chest/Reliquary rarity system used in vanilla Quake Champions.
  • Massive Multiplayer Crossover/Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny: The game tries to answer the "Who would win a fight between...?" question by pitting characters from the Doom, Quake, Wolfenstein, Blood, Shadow Warrior (1997), Duke Nukem, Marathon, Half-Life, Bulletstorm, Serious Sam & Postal universes, among many others. And considering that the mod is being updated constantly, expect more characters and more universes to be added.
  • Motif Merger: While many maps are based on other games, sometimes they're recreated with another champion's home series' aesthetic.
    • Doom (2016)'
      • "Helix" is recreated with Half-Life assets, turning it into an alien research lab straight from the Black Mesa Research Facility.
      • "Excavation" is recreated with Quake II assets, changing the map's setting to a Strogg facility on the surface of Stroggos.
    • Quake II's "The Edge" is recreated with Blood assets, setting the map to in the more urban environments of Episode 3: A Farewell to Arms.
    • "Phobos Campgrounds" is Quake III: Arena's "The Camping Grounds" recreated with stock DOOM assets, setting the map within a UAC base.
    • "Dukiforged" is Quake Live's "Battleforged" recreated with Duke Nukem 3D assets, changing the map's setting to urban sprawl.
    • "Lh'owoken" is Quake Champions' "Awoken" recreated with Marathon 2: Durandal assets, changing the map's setting to Lh'owon.
    • DUSK's Fusillade is recreated with Heretic assets, turning the quarry-like complex into a medieval church.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Most of the voiced characters coming from other games retain their iconic lines.
    • Most of the sprites for items and weapons are faithfully recreated from their Champions models.
    • Gordon's trailer begins with the G-Man's speech from the beginning of Half-Life 2.
    • When using his active ability, Durandal will say "frog blast the vent core!"
    • The game's take on Bitterman has the appearance of his home game's default multiplayer character skin, Grunt, instead.
    • Major's "Air Strike" ability references the "Airstrike Marker" key item from Quake II.
    • Postal Dude's "Cracked Lungs" passive ability essentially turns Mega Health pickups into the Postal series' Health Pipes, complete with withdrawal symptoms.
    • The Lava Nails appeared first in Quake Mission Pack No. 2: Dissolution of Eternity.
    • The Burning Gauntlet was the Death Knight's passive back in Quake Champions.
  • Nostalgia Level: Plenty of maps from the Quake series got remade for this game. There are also remakes of maps from other games. Full rundown:
    • Doom (2016): "The Chasm", "Excavation", "Helix".
    • Quake: "The Bad Place".
    • Quake II: "The Edge".
    • Quake III: Arena: "Phobos Campgrounds"note , "The Longest Yard", "Vertical Vengeance", "The Lost World", "House of Decay", "Almost Lost", "Fatal Instinct".
    • Quake IV: "Placebo Effect", "Phrantic", "Monsoon".
    • Quake Live: "Cure", "Sinister", "Elder", "Blood Run", "Aerowalk", "Toxicity", "Delirium", "Silence", "Dukiforged"note .
    • Quake Champions: "Blood Covenant", "Lockbox", "Corrupted Station"note , "Sarnath"note , "Vale of Pnath", "Lh'owoken"note , "Molten Falls".
    • Unreal Tournament: "Morpheus", "Deck".
    • DUSK: "Fusillade".
  • Original Generation: Given how a significant portion of the Champion roster consists of Composite Characters, Lucienne, Terminator, Sorgaul, Eradicator and Vor Matur stand out as being particularly unique to the mod.
  • Retraux: Even with all the tech involved, the game is still played in the Doom engine (or rather, the Zanondrum or GZDoom source ports).
  • Shout-Out:
    • One of the upgrades for the Gauntlet is called Omnislash.
    • When playing the map "Delirium" in non-Duel modes, stepping on the sector where the map's Mega Health power-up is located has a .5% chance for the rear panel to lower, revealing SHODAN. The Easter Egg can be seen in action here.
  • Sidelined Protagonist Crossover:
    • Strife is represented through an Inquisitor rather than Strifeguy.
    • Durandal represents Marathon instead of the Security Officer.
    • Zedek, Menelkir, and Galennote  represent Hexen as opposed to Baratus, Daedolon and Parias, the game's playable protagonists.
  • Spotlight-Stealing Crossover: As befitting its title, eight of the characters in the game are from the Quake franchise, with four (Sarge, Hunter, Keel, and Major) coming from Quake III: Arena in particular.
  • Tactical Withdrawal: Often a Light Champion's strategy; their low stack values mean they cannot survive protracted combat encounters and their abilities are typically geared towards shaking opponents off via distraction or disruption.
  • Take That!: