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The Character sheet for Samurai Pizza Cats.

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    Pizza Cats 

Pizza Cats (Secret Ninja Trio "Nyankees")
From left to right: Polly Esther, Speedy Cerviche and Guido Anchovy

Speedy Cerviche (Yattaro, Nyankee No. 1)

Voice Actors: Kappei Yamaguchi (Japanese), Rick Jones (English)

Guido Anchovy (Sukashii, Nyankee No. 2)

Voice Actors: Jurota Kosugi (Japanese), Terrence Scammell (English)

Polly Esther (Pururun, Nyankee No. 3)

Voice Actors: Ai Orikasa (Japanese), Sonja Ball (English)

Francine (Otama)

Voice Actors: Satomi Koorogi (Japanese), Pauline Little (English)


    Rescue Team 

Rescue Team (Rescue Members)

General Catton (Rikkinoshin)

Voice Actors: Kiyoyuki Yanada (Japanese), Michael Rudder (English)

Bat Cat (Mietoru)

Voice Actors: Tsutomu Kashiwakura (Japanese), Richard Dumont (English)

Meowzma O' Tool (Gotton)

Voice Actors: Wataru Takagi (Japanese), Rick Jones (English)

Spritz T. Cat (Nekkii)

Voice Actors: Takehito Koyasu (Japanese), Arthur Holden (English)

    New York Pizza Cats 

New York Pizza Cats (Secret Ninja Trio "Yankees")

Sundance Kid (Michael)

Voice Actors: Ryo Horikawa (Japanese), Rick Jones (English)

Dee Dee (Madonna)

Voice Actors: Hiromi Tsuru (Japanese), Sonja Ball (English)

Cosmopolis (Prince)

Voice Actors: Show Hayami (Japanese), Michael Rudder (English)



Seymour "Big" Cheese (Kitsunezuka Ko'on/Lord Ko'on)

Voice Actors: Sawaki Ikuya (Japanese), Dean Hagopian (English)

  • Big Bad: Arguably, as his plots to overthrow Little Tokyo are the cause of most of the chaos the Pizza Cats have to face.
    • Non-Action Big Bad: That said, most of his involvement is limited to coming up with evil schemes; he usually leaves it to his Ninja Crows to actually do the fighting. Subverted sometimes, however, whenever he gets behind the controls of a giant robot.
  • Camp Gay: His dub voice is an obvious Paul Lynde impersonation.
  • Catchphrase: In the Japanese version, whenever he loses, he would yell "KUYASHII!!" ("This is humiliating!!") before he explodes.
    • Others include "Odamari!" ("Silence!") followed by other similar sounding words such as "kedamari!" ("hairball!"), "fukidamari!" ("drifting snow/leaves!"), or "mizutamari!" ("puddle!"), and "Iiwake wa iiwake yo!" ("Excuses are excuses!")
  • Colony Drop: In the final story arc, he threatened to drop the Love Comet (Harahoro Comet) onto Little Tokyo unless he is made Emperor.
  • Creepy Crossdresser: Despite the vivid, heavily-squicked reactions of the cast, he considers himself to be a Wholesome Crossdresser. In fact, he may be one of the crossdressingest characters in all of anime. Doubles as a form of Fan Disservice sometimes, particularly In-Universe.
  • Cunning Like a Fox: He's the conniving Big Bad, and he was a fox in the original Japanese version.
  • Evil Chancellor: He's Prime Minister and secretly (in the Japanese at least) plotting to overthrow Emperor Fred. At least until the finale.
  • He's a Fox in Japan: In SPC, he was changed into a rat. Though he retains the fluffy tail.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: In "No Talent Guido", when he, being a fan of easy listening music, sings so badly that it even drives Jerry, Bad Bird, and the other Ninja Crows crazy.
  • Laughably Evil: Most of the time, he's too distracted with crossdressing, flirting with his subordinates, or just being dimwitted to be an actual threat.
  • Made of Explodium: He spectacularly explodes each time he's outraged (which he always is by the time an episode ends). This causes himself little more harm than getting covered in soot and becoming exhausted, but everyone and everything around him gets blown across the room and suffers Amusing Injuries. All of his foreign counterparts are just as volatile, and after the Samurai Pizza Cats and the New York Pizza Cats foil their plans they all detonate at once, utterly destroying the building they're in.
  • Not-So-Harmless Villain: ...But even though he doesn't get his hands dirty often, it's shown a couple of times that he can pilot a mecha pretty handily. And that's not counting "The Big Comet Caper..."
  • Notzilla: Big Cheese's award for winning Princess Vi's race for the lead role in her movie, which turns out be a Godzilla-esque monster that would be attacked throughout the entire movie, with Jerry as a cosmic fighter inspired by Ultraman.
  • Once per Episode: Blows himself up nearly every episode, usually as a result of having his latest evil plan foiled. When he DOESN'T, it's actually something of an oddity.
  • Sparkling Stream of Tears: After saying goodbye to Jerry in the episode "Quake, Rattle, and Roll".
  • Tyrant Takes the Helm: After Emperor Fred was banished by Princess Vi, the Big Cheese is made Acting Emperor of Little Tokyo after Vi left to search for her father after he was shipwrecked.
  • Villainous Breakdown: Every time he explodes would be a good example.
    • At the end of the series, having finally been caught embezzling Little Tokyo's treasury (and subsequently being fired as Prime Minister, as well as being threatened into banishment by Princess Vi), Big Cheese finally decides to go all-out and attempts a Colony Drop with a COMET.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Big Cheese is afraid of earthquakes in the episode "Quake, Rattle, and Roll".
  • You Dirty Rat!: In the English dub, he is said to be a rat.

Jerry Atric (Karasu Genrasai)

Voice Actors: Naoki Tatsuta (Japanese), Mark Camacho (English)

Bad Bird (Karamaru)

Voice Actors: Kōichi Yamadera (Japanese), Michael O'Reilly (English)

  • BFS: Favors a nodachi—a larger version of a katana. And he's pretty damn good with it.
  • The Dragon: To the Big Cheese and Jerry Atrick.
  • 11th-Hour Superpower: In his final battle with Speedy, Bad Bird claims to have gained Speedy's Ginzu magic, and proves it by unleashing an energy shockwave that sends Yattaro reeling backward.
    • The American version of the show offers some Foreshadowing in the form of "Bad Bird Uncaged," when Bad Bird uses the Armor of Worc to absorb Speedy's Cat's Eye Slash and turns the power back against Speedy in the form of a raging firebird-shaped blast.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: In "Kung Fu Kitty Contest", Bad Bird doesn't tolerate cheating during the contest.
  • Evil Costume Switch: His Armor of Worc (Monktector) in the two-part episode, "Bad Bird Uncaged", complete with a flute that transforms into a bazooka or a machine gun (the latter which is only seen in the Japanese version).
  • Evil Sounds Deep: In the Japanese version, his voice is considerably more masculine and aggressive than the heroes. Same in the spanish version.
  • Fate Worse than Death: Being married to Princess Vi, which he even lampshaded that quote.
  • Heel–Face Turn: In "The Great Comet Caper: Part 2"
  • I Want You to Meet an Old Friend of Mine: His Japanese actor voiced Ryoga in Ranma 1/2. Speedy's actor voiced Ranma.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: A villain, sure, but he comes to respect Speedy/Yattaro as a Worthy Opponent.
  • Official Couple: Bad Bird and his childhood friend, Carla (Okara).
  • Pet the Dog: He gets several moments of these as the series goes on, particularly regarding his past relationship with Carla/Okara.
  • The Rival: To Speedy.
  • We Used to Be Friends: Karamaru/Bad Bird used to work at the pizza parlor with the other cats. He becomes on good terms with them again in the finale.

    The Rude Noise 

The Rude Noise (Yami no Yon Nin Shu/Four Fighters of the Dark)

A Quirky Miniboss Squad of ninja crows with custom-designed armor, sometimes employed by the Big Cheese to fight the Pizza Cats. One of their recurring themes is to use combination techniques to provide an uphill battle for the team.

Bad Max (Crow Magnon) (Zankaa)

Voice Actors: Yasunori Matsumoto (Japanese), Arthur Grosser (English)

Cannonball Battery (Bonkaa)

Voice Actors: Kōzō Shioya (Japanese), Richard Dumont (English)

Mojo Rojo (Rekkaa)

Voice Actors: Hiroyuki Shibamoto (Japanese, 1st), Kenyuu Horiuchi (Japanese, 2nd), Rick Jones (English)

  • BFS: His sword is a nodachi that rivals bad Bird/Karamaru's!
  • Lightning Bruiser: In KNT, he describes himself as the fastest member of Rude Noise.
  • Meaningful Name: "Rojo" means "red" in Spanish.
  • Palette Swap: A few armor design changes aside, Rekka/Mojo Rojo's practically Karamaru/Bad Bird in red armor.

Ronnie Geissmuller (Wokkaa)

Voice Actors: Masami Kikuchi (Japanese), Rick Jones (English)

    The Imperial Court 

The Imperial Court

Princess Violet ("Princess Vi") (Princess Usako Tokugawa, "Usa-Hime")

Voice Actors: Maria Kawamura (Japanese), Susan Glover (English)

Emperor Fred (Shogun Iei-Iei Tokugawa)

Voice Actors: Kenyuu Horiuchi (Japanese), Mark Hellman (English)

  • Catchphrase: "Fuh-RED!" (in SPC), and "Pafoo!" (in KNT), are all he can say normally.
  • The Ditz
  • Royally Screwed Up: Although to be fair you have to have screws to be screwed up in the first place.

"Big" Al Dente (Inuyama Wanko/Master Wanko)

Voice Actors: Kōzō Shioya (Japanese), A.J. Henderson (English)


    Other Major Characters 

Other Major Characters

Lucille (Omitsu, "Omi-chan/Mi-chan")

Voice Actors: Yuko Mizutani (Japanese), Susan Glover (English)

  • Baa-Bomb: A variation of this, as she's a sheep whose hair contains missiles.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She's as sweet and good-natured as they come. But may the kami help you if you ever get her upset...
  • Big Eater: Implied to be one in "Speedy's Double Time Trick", when she ordered the entire menu at a restaurant during their date, wiping out Speedy's wallet.
  • The Chick
  • Expy: She bears a resemblance to, as well as being named after, Omitsu from the Ganbare Goemon video games.
  • Fur Bikini: In "No Talent Guido".
  • Idol Singer: Is one half of the Pointless Sisters (Mipple).
  • The Ingenue
  • Macross Missile Massacre: Bad Bird referred to her at one point as "the babe with the nuclear hairdo". In the Japanese version, Karamaru [Bad Bird's name in Japan] calls her "Missile Girl".
    • Hyperspace Arsenal: In the Japanese version of "The Great Comet Caper: Part 2", Omitsu, very excited to see Yattaro alive, launches a giant nuke from her head that destroys Edoropolis. That part was cut from the US version.
  • Third-Person Person: In the Japanese version, Omitsu refers to herself in the third person.

Guru Lou (Nekomata Reikainosuke, "Daisensei")

Voice Actors: Kenichi Ogata (Japanese), Walter Massey (English)

  • Dirty Old Man: In the Japanese version, where he tends to be grabby towards females, especially Pururun. His lecherous traits were massively reduced in SPC.
    • A notable example. In the Japanese version, he straight-up grabs Pururun's boobs in his first scene. Even by "Hentai Baka" standards, his dialogue is pretty brazen, earning him the ultimate beatdown:
    Daisensei: (While feeling up a stunned Pururun) The two things I love most are girls and gambling! Hey... why don't we bet on the size of your first litter with me?
  • Fake Ultimate Hero: Although he supposedly built the Supreme Catatonic that the Pizza Cats use, he actually only discovered it and took the credit.
  • Methuselah Syndrome: Stated to be 350 years old in the Japanese version.
    Daisensei: Who are you calling a geezer?! I'm only 350 years old, right in the full bloom of youth!
  • The Mentor: A heavily played with version; on one hand he is a foolish and conceited old man who isn’t anywhere near as wise as everyone thinks he is, but on the other hand he still can offer important advice and encouragement when needed.

Momma Mutt and Junior (Itsumono Oya and Itsumono Ko)

Momma Mutt's Voice Actors: Yuko Mizutani (Japanese), Sonja Ball (English)

Junior's Voice Actors: Satomi Koorogi (Japanese, 1st), Ai Orikasa (Japanese, 2nd), Pauline Little (English)

  • Deadpan Snarker: Both of them engage in snide conversations about the Pizza Cats, usually after they are launched into action.

The Ancient Warrior (Kuroi Bushou)

Voice Actors: Hirotaka Suzuoki (Japanese)

  • Dark Is Not Evil: He wears a black cape, and his armor is dusk-hued. However, he appears to be a Stealth Mentor more than anything.
  • Deus ex Machina: When things are looking hopeless in the finale, as Speedy and Bad Bird are face to face with a seemingly indestructible runaway comet, the Ancient Warrior suddenly appears on the Supreme Catatonic's monitor and reveals the secret of the mecha's ultimate power.
  • Knight of Cerebus: A rare benevolent version. Things always get more serious when he appears.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: In a world where everyone else appears in chibi-esque form, it's rather telling that the Ancient Warrior is drawn with more realistic proportions.
  • Physical God: In the Japanese version he is stated to be the incarnation of Nekomyoujin-sama, the guardian deity of the Nekonin clan.
  • Secret Test of Character: He battles Yattaro/Speedy as a way of teaching him what he lacks in order to defeat Karamaru/Bad Bird (who was empowered by the Armor of Worc at the time).
  • Shout-Out: To a certain Sith lord. As if the black armor, helmet, and cape aren't enough, the Japanese version's soundtrack even goes so far as to include echoing breath sounds as he appears and electronic buzzing sounds as he swings his sword.

The Narrator

  • Deadpan Snarker: More snark than deadpan, since he has to keep the audience hyped.
  • Infallible Narrator: Particularly in the Japanese version, often announcing a character's inner thoughts, or the truth behind a character's lie, whether unintentional or not. The characters usually don't notice. Either that, or they're just staying on script.
  • Interactive Narrator: Every major character seems aware of his existence, and often have conversations or argue with him. He also tends to give hints to the characters in order to keep the plot moving, and even finds himself the victim of Lucille/Omitsu's missiles at one point.
  • Lemony Narrator: He's always ready with a quip to point out the absurdity of the situation, or offer a bit of Lampshade Hanging.
  • Mr. Exposition: As a narrator, it's his job.
  • Narration Echo: Sometimes he repeats something that a character just said, verbatim. And vice versa.
  • Narrating the Obvious: Much to the annoyance of the characters. He does so much more in the Japanese version.
  • Not So Stoic: His voice starts to crack when it appears that Speedy has truly met his end in the final episode.
  • Opening Narration: Every single episode opens with him briefly explaining the premise of the show, or some event that's happening in-universe.
  • So Once Again, the Day Is Saved: Most episodes end with the Narrator offering dramatic praise to the heroes for a job well done. Though just as often his praise is also paired with mocking criticism.


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