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Animaloids have poor identity recognition capability
The reason that no one ever connects the dots on the fact that our heroes are Clark Kenting as the local pizza deliverers is that Animaloids have a design flaw in their ability to recognize individual identities. Their sensor equipment and AI algorithms related to such functions are sub-optimal and easily fooled by small changes in appearance.

Italy, Greece and Japan came up with this anime when they were drunk.
The three got really drunk one night and created an anime. Greece thought the anime should have cats. Italy thought it should have pasta or at least pizza. (Pizza's easier to draw, so they went with that.) Japan wanted mecha and martial arts. Japan sent the whole thing to America the next day, but he was so hungover he forgot to send him an English script. America thought the cartoon was hilarious, even though he had no idea what they were saying. So, he made up his own script.

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