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This is a list of characters and tropes as they appear in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. Keep in mind that this is about the characters as they are represented in the game itself; for general tropes about the characters, click here.

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Secondary Characters

    Notable Cards 

The Ragers

A group of cards that originated from relentless amounts of snark against the absolutely awful card Magma Rager. Eventually, more "Ragers" were created as jokes, sharing similar statlines and usually the same mana cost of 3. The full family is as follows:
  • Magma Rager, a 5/1 from the vanilla game, and according to Blizzard, the worst card in the Classic set. The original Rager.
  • Ice Rager, a 5/2 from The Grand Tournament, and alongside Evil Heckler was the first card ever printed to be straight-up better in all regards than an existing card.
  • Am'Gam Rager, a 1/5 from Whispers of the Old Gods. The first word is Magma in reverse, and has the original Magma Rager's stats in reverse.
  • Shadow Rager, a 5/1 Rogue minion with Stealth from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, and the first class-exclusive Rager.
  • Wax Rager, a 5/1 that resummons itself on death, which is a Dungeon Run treasure card from Kobolds & Catacombs.
  • Steel Rager, a 4 mana 5/1 Mech with Rush from The Boomsday Project.
  • Faceless Rager, a 5/1 that copies the health of a friendly minion when played from Rise of Shadows.
  • Divine Rager, a 4 mana 5/1 with Divine Shield from Scholomance Academy.
  • Rock Rager, a 2 Mana 5/1 with Taunt from Madness at the Darkmoon Faire

  • Butt-Monkey: Magma Rager is straight-up insulted multiple times in the game itself by flavor texts, players, and even some of the adventure bosses.
  • Fog Feet: Most of them have this to some degree, although it's most pronounced on Shadow and Faceless.
  • Glass Cannon: The Magma, Ice, Shadow, Steel and Rock Ragers have great attack for their cost, but can die to basic hero powers or stray pings. Downplayed with the Divine Rager, who at least has Divine Shield.
  • Joke Character: They exist because it's fun to mock them, nothing more, nothing less.
  • Lethal Joke Character:
    • Ice Rager is actually a decent Arena card, as it has barely enough health that it has to be traded into or removed via spells, and its high attack means it can trade very well. Steel Rager is also really good there, being almost a neutral Fireball. Divine Rager is likewise a decent Arena pick, as Arena decks often lack ways to ping away both the Divine Shield and the Rager itself, meaning it can very easily trade two-for-one when played on curve.
    • Shadow Rager is a lot more powerful than a first glance would suggest, allowing it to easily trade with 4-mana minions if the opponent can't remove it. Five attack is nothing to sneeze at if you cannot target it, especially in Arena where area-of-effect removal is scarce.
    • Wax Rager is a legitimately broken card, being able to be traded into minions for free, and unable to ever be removed except with a Silence or transformation. Naturally, it's purposely overpowered, as it's limited to the PVE Dungeon Run mode.
    • Faceless Rager is a great card in the right deck. If you have a large minion out early, it can be as much as a 5/6 on turn 3. Incidentally, Silence Priest - a deck that got some new tools in the same set as this card - tends to have big minions out by turn 2 or 3.
  • One-Hit Point Wonder: Magma Rager's claim to infamy.
  • Power Creep: Arguably Ice Rager. Most vanilla minions have a stat distribution of (mana cost * 2) +1, like Chillwind Yeti (4 mana 4/5) and Boulderfist Ogre (6 mana 6/7). Magma Rager falls below this line, while its followup Ice Rager does adhere to this base statline. Blizzard themselves have justified it and pointed out that it's ultimately harmless to print a better Magma Rager, because it won't affect the game in any way.
    • Parodied with Am'Gam Rager, who even gets the flavor text "peerc rewop". However, as a vanilla 1/5, it's ultimately not any better than Magma Rager.
  • Running Gag: They are one.
  • Stone Wall: Parodied with Am'Gam Rager, who despite having more vitality than its brethren is still about as useless.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: Magma Rager has actually had periods of usefulness. For example, in the boss fight against Gluth in Naxxramas, he will automatically set the health of all minions to one. Since Magma Rager starts with 1 HP, its high attack is far more tempting. Similarly, in the Ragnaros vs. Nefarian Tavern Brawl, Ragnaros' initial hero power of summoning Magma Ragers is much stronger than it looks, because Nefarian has very few ways to consistently get rid of them without sinking resources.

Blingtron 3000

Who wants presents?
Blingtron 3000 is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Goblins vs Gnomes set that randomly selects and then equips random weapons for each player.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Got to host his own Tavern Brawl, Blingtron's Beauteous Brawl, where he would give players a random weapon whenever they used the brawl's custom hero power.


Let us see if this works...
After the debacle of the Gnomish World Enlarger, gnomes are wary of size-changing inventions, but that didn't stop the Shrinkmeister. Shrinkmeister is a common priest minion card, from the Goblins vs Gnomes set, whose Battlecry lowers a minion's attack by 2 for the duration of the turn.
  • A Day in the Limelight: The Shrinkmeister specifically features as the unseen force behind the Miniature Warfare Tavern Brawl, reducing all minions to 1/1s with a mana cost of 1.
  • Shrink Ray: His weapon of choice.


Webspinner is a common hunter minion card, from the Naxxramas set, that upon death adds a random Beast card to your hand. Notably the only Naxx card to outlast the set's movement into Wild during the Year of the Mammoth by way of the Grand Tournament card Ball of Spiders, which summoned 3 Webspinners onto the field.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Infest the Tavern during the Spiders, Spiders, EVERYWHERE! Tavern Brawl, leading to decks consisting of nothing but Webspinnners and 7 random class spells.
  • Giant Spider: A standard six-legged giant spider from Warcraft.


A common neutral minion from the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion, Annoy-o-Tron was one of the most iconic and popular cards of the set, leading to a number of recurring appearances for it later on. The inventor of the Annoy-o-Tron was immediately expelled from Tinkerschool, Tinkertown, and was eventually exiled from the Eastern Kingdoms altogether. A 2 mana 1/2 Mech with Taunt as well as Divine Shield, it was a very sticky card to deal with and saw fairly consistent play until it was rotated out. Annoy-o-Tron later returned in The Boomsday Project thanks to Giggling Inventor, a 6-mananote  2/1 whose Battlecry summons two Annoy-o-Trons.
  • The Cameo: Its head is being used as Jorick's skull by the Pompous Thespian.
  • The Corruption: Corrupted into the much tougher Psych-o-Tron by the Old Gods in Whispers of the Old Gods.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Word of God is that he was commissioned to create 'the most annoying-looking construct the gnomes could possibly come up with'... and it's like they're trying so hard to be annoying that they're kinda queuing into everyone else's ideas of what annoying is, so the poor thing just comes out as charming and as awesome as possible.
  • A Day in the Limelight: Got a starring role in a Tavern Brawl where it became a playable hero and faced off against the Boom Bot.
  • Goddamned Bats: Invoked, as per its name. With Taunt and Divine Shield, Annoy-o-Tron forces the opponent to hit it with at least two minions to kill it, 2 health means that they can't just ping it once its shield pops, and 1 attack allows it to trade with weak minions while not posing any significant threat to the opposing hero. It also costs a mere 2 mana, making it accessible very early in the game and allowing it to both shut down early aggression and protect high-value minions later on without significant investment.
  • One-Word Vocabulary: The word "Hello."
  • Original Generation: No precedent existed in World of Warcraft.
  • Stone Wall: Thanks to Taunt and Divine Shield.

Tirion Fordring

Put your faith in the Light!
The Paladin class legendary of the Classic set, Tirion is an 8 mana 6/6 minion with Taunt, Divine Shield, and Deathrattle granting his controller a 5/3 weapon - the legendary Ashbringer.

Tirion introduced players to the Grand Tournament upon its inception. In the prologue of the Icecrown adventure, he attempts to come to Jaina's aid as she faces the Lich King, only to arrive too late as she is resurrected as the Frost Lich, under the player's control. Tirion then becomes the player's next opponent.

  • The Ace: Taunt, Divine Shield, decent stats, and a strong Deathrattle. Tirion is the ultimate value package. To top it off, he's from the Classic set, which means (barring a rotation to the Hall of Fame) he'll be in Standard forever.
  • Ascended Extra: Become an NPC in the Knights of the Frozen Throne prologue.
  • Barrier Warrior: He has the powerful combination of Divine Shield and Taunt.
  • "I Know You Are in There Somewhere" Fight: His entire fight with Frost Lich Jaina is this. Fortunately, he succeeds.
  • Surrounded by Idiots: All of his minions when fighting against Frost Lich Jaina are terrible. He even lampshaded this by saying: "I need to get better adventurers."
  • Take Up My Sword: His Deathrattle gives the player his sword, The Ashbringer.
  • You Are Too Late: He comes to Jaina's aid one turn too late in the Icecrown prologue.
  • Zero-Effort Boss: His boss fight as Frost Lich Jaina has him be scripted to use mediocre cards that are easily eliminated by Jaina's new abilities. It takes him five turns until he stops summoning joke minions, and at that point, the player's field will likely be set up enough that he simply can't take it back.

Nat Pagle

I can wait and fish all day!
A memetic fisherman from World of Warcraft, who received a 0/4 2 mana legendary card that has a 50% chance to draw a card at the start of your turn.
  • The Corruption: Corrupted into the 2/4 Nat, the Darkfisher by the Old Gods in Whispers of the Old Gods. This time his effect works for your opponent.

Pompous Thespian

An autograph? Eh, I suppose.
A common 2 mana 3/2 with Taunt from One Night in Karazhan who serves as the storyteller for the plot of Knights of the Frozen Throne in the three-part, online, promotional comic series.
  • Accidental Truth: His lies are implied to be completely correct.
  • Characterization Marches On: His voicelines in-game present him as, well, a pompous thespian. The online comics make him a storyteller with a friendly demeanor that slowly transitions to a swindling conman.
  • Lemony Narrator: His story is constantly interrupted by the tavern-goers who nitpick about continuity issues and the Fortune Teller who keeps spoiling the outcomes, to which he stresses them to stop.
  • Unreliable Narrator: He's constantly changing details about the story on the fly, and tries to change the subject when a contradiction in his tale is pointed out. However, he's actually a pretty benevolent case of this trope, at least at the beginning - he goes out of his way to make his story as scary as possible to stop the Bloodsail Raider and her friends from travelling to Icecrown Citadel, aware of the dangers present. Later on, people are throwing money at him to tell them more, so he keeps it up to get a quick buck and bails after a while. However, he might not be so unreliable after all.
  • The Un-Twist: An in-universe case and also lampshaded with the reveal that Valeera almost killed Anduin, to which the rest of the tavern groans about how obvious it was.

Refreshment Vendor

Funnel cakes! Get yer funnel cakes here!
Refreshment Vendor is a tuskarr vendor introduced in The Grand Tournament. He is a 3/5 that restores 4 health to both players. While card itself saw middling play, it became a joke among the community for its summoning quote and animation. He mentions selling funnel cakes, and originally his animation had him give the players... carrots. This was later updated to give the players... turkey legs.

Blizzard quickly caught on, and included a few references to funnel cakes in Whispers of the Old Gods. It continued, and now most sets following Refreshment Vendor's introduction have at least one reference to funnel cakes, even long after this card was forgotten. You can see a full list here.


A 0/7 Epic minion for 2 Mana that destroys all minions on the board at the start of your turn. Widely considered the Avatar of Hearthstone's Random Number God, the possibility of summoning him through random effects can either be a constant dread if you have the board advantage, or alternatively a Hope Spot if you're in a bad situation.

He reappeared in Whispers of the Old Gods as Validated Doomsayer, a 5 mana 0/7 that sets its attack to 7 at the start of your turn.
  • Doomsayer: Exactly What It Says on the Tin
  • Evil Laugh: Validated Doomsayer cackles when his effect goes off.
  • Incoming Ham: "THE END IS COMING!"
  • Kill 'Em All: His effect.
  • Late to the Tragedy: Played for Laughs. Normally, he predicts the end of the world and then destroys the entire board; if you somehow get to attack with him (by boosting his attack and silencing him/giving him Charge), his response is a sheepish "Did I miss it?"
  • Properly Paranoid: Returned in Whispers of the Old Gods after the world really did end, as the Validated Doomsayer. Turns out he was right all along.
  • Spanner in the Works: If there's a card or effect that involves summoning a 2-mana cost minion (or upgrading to a minion with that cost), it's guaranteed that someone has had their life ruined by summoning him through random chance.
  • Squishy Wizard: Averted. 7 health for 2 mana is pretty damn tough, especially against early game aggro decks.
    • Played straight later in the game, since a minion with no ability to protect itself is pretty weak. It's a large part of what makes Validated Doomsayer Awesome, but Impractical.
  • To the Pain: The infamous Frost Nova + Doomsayer combo. Your board's frozen so none of your minions can attack and kill him. Unless you have something else to get rid of him, you can only watch helplessly as he wipes the board next turn.
  • Violation of Common Sense: Playing Doomsayer on an empty board. While it may seem illogical and wasteful, dropping a Doomsayer means that unless the opponent's willing to use a removal spell on him (most of which cost more than Doomsayer himself), they can't play minions without them getting destroyed, giving you the initiative on your next turn.

Leeroy Jenkins

Yep, that guy. The legendary Hot-Blooded moron who rushed in and wiped his entire raid and said raid's meticulous plan. As a 5-mana 6/2 with Charge, he's infinitely more useful here...provided you know when to use him. An additional effect of his is that he summons two 1/1 Whelps for your opponent, just enough to get him killed. Hence, while he provides an extremely powerful punch, he usually doesn't make it past the first turn.

Notable as one of the first cards to get nerfed in the live game - going from 4 mana to 5. If one does want to experience the "joy" that version of Leeroy provided, though, the originally-printed card is playable in Classic.
  • Adaptational Badass: Unlike his original, useless, iteration he's far more useful here, and even a staple of some aggro and combo decks.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: The trick with Leeroy is all in the timing. Wait for just the right hand with just the right board, and he can end the game then and there.
  • Glass Cannon: With just 2 Health, his survival skills are lacking. Especially since he gives your opponent the means to kill him.
  • Hot-Blooded: As always, Leeroy is all too willing to jump straight into the fight (read: smacking the opponent in the face).
    "Time's up, let's do this!"
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: The two whelps he summons can kill him on their own. Summoning him when a Knife Juggler (2/2, deal 1 damage when a friendly minion is summoned) is on the opponent's side of the board has often led to Leeroy dying instantly.
  • Incoming Ham:'s Leeroy. One of the original Large Hams.
  • Leeroy Jenkins: The Trope Namer himself. Interestingly not an actual example in the game itself, since you get to control when he goes Leeroy-ing into the enemy and what he attacks.
  • Nerf: Leeroy initially cost 4 mana, but was eventually increased to 5 due to the plethora of game-ending combos this enabled. Notably, being nerfed to 5 mana means Rogues can't play him thrice in one turn with two copies of Shadowstep.
  • One-Hit KO: He works wonders in properly set aggro, control, and miracle decks to the point that when he's played, your opponent may as well concede.
  • Say My Name: Like in the original, he shouts out his own name as his Battle Cry summoning line right before he charges in.
  • This Looks Like a Job for Aquaman: He's normally a difficult card to use well. That said, against Gustave, the Gutripper in the Monster Hunt solo adventure, he's an extremely useful, and significantly less difficult, card. Gustave's effect kills the monster with the lowest attack on the entire board, regardless of side, and, as such, not only is he a Charge minion with 5 attack, his whelps can tank the opponent's Hero Power (which negates the fact that his whelps can kill him at no cost to the opponent).
  • Too Dumb to Live: He gives your opponent the means to kill him then and there... That said, survival isn't his speciality.

Grim Patron

A fight? Count me in!
A 3/3 for 5 mana obtained from the Blackrock Mountain adventure, Grim Patron's effect summons another Grim Patron whenever he survives damage. The card achieved infamy for two reasons: One, forming the linchpin of Patron Warrior, one of the most notoriously powerful decks in the game, and two, being the biggest ham on Blackrock Mountain. His "EVERYONE, GET IN HERE!" line spread like wildfire among the fanbase, and Blizzard themselves have thrown in several nods to it later down the line.
  • Catchphrase: Whenever you see Grim Patron in a game, expect to hear "EVERYONE, GET IN HERE!" at least a dozen times.
  • Everyone Join the Party: Basically what his effect represents. Once he gets in a fight, he'll call in his buddies to join the fun.
  • Incoming Ham: You have two guesses.
  • Large Ham: As voiced by Darin De Paul. The fact that he stands out despite coming from an adventure starring Ragnaros should speak volumes.
  • Me's a Crowd: It's not unusual for a single Grim Patron to quickly start filling the board with Grim Patrons with the help of cards like Whirlwind, Death's Bite, or more recently, Defile. Before Warsong Commander was nerfed, she could give Charge to Grim Patron, allowing him to crash into low-attack minions (or any minion with Commanding Shout active) and spawn more Grim Patrons with Charge to repeat the process.
  • No Indoor Voice: Pretty much everything he says is yelled. There's a reason why that line is generally written in all caps basically everywhere.
  • Running Gag: Not as much as the "funnel cakes" gag (at least, not in-game), but "Everyone, get in here!" has been referenced several times. It reappeared once as a voice line for the Innkeeper, and was rehashed for the flavor text of Doppelgangster from Mean Streets of Gadgetzan and Nightscale Matriarch from The Witchwood. The game even has a daily quest called "Everybody! Get In Here!"
  • Zerg Rush: Spending 5 mana on a 3/3 doesn't sound like much. But soon enough, that one 3/3 becomes two, then three, then four...

The Murlocs

A species of primitive fish people, they come in various forms and themes, and can recognized by their signature catchphrase: "Mrglglglgl!"

Murlocs have been included since the start of the game and in virtually every Expansion thereafter. They are known for being weak but cheap, fitting the aggro play style. Most dangerously, they have various synergies with other Murlocs, thus a whole board of Murlocs will be more than the sum of its part.

  • Adaptational Badass: In their home game, they are practically The Goomba, and almost no endzone would have them. Not so here in Hearthstone, a well played Murloc deck is a terrifying opponent to fight, able to flood the board and end fights quickly.
  • Catchphrase: Their signature Battle Cry: "Mrglglglgl!", done in various tones and pitches.
  • Wolfpack Boss: A single Murloc is hardly threatening, rarely going over 3 attack or health. But certain Murlocs can grant buffs to other Murlocs, and it's not uncommon to see multiple Murlocs reaching 5+ attack.
  • Zerg Rush: The expected play style of any Murloc deck.

    Participants in the Grand Tournament 
The Grand Tournament saw the introduction of the first entirely original characters within Hearthstone, setting a precedent that would be greatly expanded upon in later card sets.

Nexus-Champion Saraad

Let's negotiate. You concede, and I'll let you live.
An ethereal riding an 'energy camel,' Saraad is a 5 mana 4/5 legendary minion that, when Inspired, opens a portal and retrieves a random spell to put into your hand. Reigning champion of the ethereals' own jousting tournament, as well as their hot dog eating contest.

Bolf Ramshield

I'll take on the lot o' ya!
A recently promoted dwarven aspirant riding a ram, Ramshield is a 6 mana 3/9 minion that takes any damage dealt to your hero and inflicts it upon himself instead. Apparently keeps coming in at second in the Grand Tournament.

Skycap'n Kragg

Raaar! Reinforcements be here!
A Horde orc pirate riding a giant parrot with a shark jawbone for a shoulderpad, while wielding a giant hook-lance-thing. Yes, you read that right. A 7 mana 4/6 legendary pirate that costs 1 less for every friendly pirate, he enters the battlefield with 'Charrrrrge.' His original card design was scrapped and eventually given to Patches the Pirate 16 months later.

He made a surprise reappearance in Galakrond's Awakening as Sky Gen'ral Kragg, a 4 mana 2/3 Taunt that summons a 4/2 Parrot with Rush if you played a Quest that game.

    The Old Gods and Minions 
For information on N'Zoth, see the Heroes section.

A group of parasitic aliens created by the Void Lords to corrupt Azeroth, the Old Gods were the main focus of the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, coming from an alternate timeline where they successfully brought forth the end of the world. They returned in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, having infected Darkmoon Island with their evil.

General Tropes

  • Big Bad Duumvirate: They are the main villains of both Whispers of the Old Gods and Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.
  • The Corruption: Warp and twist a number of iconic minions, ranging from Annoy O Tron to King Mukla himself.
  • Darker and Edgier: By far the most sinister figures from Warcraft to enter the tavern so far, and that's after we've seen the likes of Illidan, Gul'dan, Ragnaros, Nefarian, Kel'Thuzad and Rafaam. Their corruption even spreads to a number of the tavern's other patrons. That said...
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: The Old Gods are no less vulnerable to enemy removal than any other minion in the game. This goes double for Yogg-Saron and N'zoth, whose stats are dismal for their cost despite their powerful effects (with Yogg-Saron in particular being completely able to punch himself out).
  • Eldritch Abomination: All of the Old Gods are references to the Cthulhu Mythos, and have that look.
  • Lighter and Softer: Some of their mannerisms are definitely a lot sillier and wackier than in World of Warcraft, such as N'Zoth being sick of 'Under the Sea' and Yogg-Saron seeking tryouts for new minions.
  • Villain Protagonist: They're an evil bunch, and you can put 'em right there in your deck to help you win.
  • Weak, but Skilled: For a bunch of Eldritch Abominations, most of the Old Gods are pitifully weak in terms of raw stats, with the exception of Y'Shaarj. However, their abilities and C'Thun's cultists more than compensate.
  • What If?: Hail from a universe where the Old Gods succeeded in bringing about the Hour of Twilight and rule Azeroth, and notably Y'Shaarj is still alive.


My dreaming ends... your nightmare... begins.
The final boss of Ahn'Qiraj from World of Warcraft, C'Thun possesses his own unique mechanic in Hearthstone where he starts out as a lowly 10 mana 6/6, but can gain extra stats from his cultists until he reaches horrifyingly high levels of attack and health. When summoned, he deals damage equal to his attack split randomly among all enemies.

In The Boomsday Project, he returned as Mecha'thun, a 10/10 Mech with a Deathrattle that activates as long as you have no cards in your hand, deck, or battlefield, instantly destroying the opponent's hero.

In Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, he returned as C'Thun, the Shattered. The Shattered begins the game split into four cards and shuffled into your deck. His pieces are all 5 mana spells; his Eye, which deals 7 damage split among all enemies; his Heart, which deals 3 damage to all minions; his Body, which summons a 6/6 with Taunt; and his Maw, which destroys a minion. Once all four pieces have been played, C'Thun himself is shuffled into your deck. He's a 10 mana 6/6 whose Battlecry deals 30 damage split among all enemies.
  • Badass Boast: Both of his summoning quotes. Also a Pre Ass Kicking One Liner, considering that his Battlecries will probably destroy the opponent's entire board and take a good chunk of their health with it at the very least.
  • Cosmic Horror Story: The way a deck centered on the Whispers of the Old Gods version usually plays out. You get these cultists and fanatics after you, and every time you get a Foreshadowing glimpse of what's to come. Eventually he hits the board, most likely ending the game there and then with his utterly massively damaging Magic Missile Storm. Can be subverted into Lovecraft Lite if you somehow manage to interfere with the summoning process (e.g., forcefully drag him into the board through Battlecry or have him eliminated through overdraw), and/or Remove him directly.
  • Desperation Attack: What Mecha'thun's deathrattle essentially is. If his owner is left with absolutely nothing left when he dies, he instantly kills the opposing hero.
  • Eyes Do Not Belong There: In addition to his singular Giant Eye of Doom, he has eyeballs splayed across his body and at the end of his tentacles. This also applies to Mecha'thun.
  • Final Boss: A recurring theme among all three versions of C'Thun is that, with proper set-up, he can end the game by himself, and finding a way to deal with him is the opponent's main objective.
    • The original effectively can serve as one for any deck he inhabits, usually ending up as the final possible threat needing to be dealt with to ensure victory.
    • Mecha'thun is one last threat to end all threats. If you have no hope left, you can try throwing down Mecha'thun then emptying your hand afterwards for an Instant-Win Condition.
    • The Shattered requires you to play four 5 mana spells to even get the chance to play him, meaning that both players will likely be close to fatigue, but by the time he hits the field, C'Thun can pump out enough damage to potentially win the game.
  • Gameplay and Story Segregation: C'Thun's flavor text claims that his least favorite Hearthstone card is Eye for an Eye. While this is most likely ribbing on him being a Giant Eye of Doom, Eye for an Eye is largely ineffective against C'Thun as his Battlecry only deals 1 damage at a time. Of course, if the opponent survives, plays a second Eye for an Eye, and C'Thun attacks into it... Well, that's another story entirely.
  • Humongous Mecha: Mecha'thun is a mechanical version of the original Old God.
  • Instant-Win Condition: Mecha'thun's Deathrattle gives a Non Standard Game Over that instantly destroys the opponent's hero, provided that it dies while you have absolutely no cards anywhere.
  • Magikarp Power: Starts off painfully weak for his cost, but over time can become too big to kill through damage while possessing enough attack to kill the opponent on the spot.
  • Magic Missile Storm: Generates one that becomes more powerful the more of his lackeys are sent into the fray ahead of him.
  • Mechanical Abomination: Mecha'thun is a rebuilt version of C'thun, containing all of his cosmic horror but a fully robotic shell.
  • Medium Awareness: Seems to be aware he is in a card game, as his usual "Your friends will betray you" line becomes "Your deck betrays you.", and he also will use some player emotes that the community often considers to be of the Deadpan Snarker variety.
  • Punny Name: Mecha'thun.
  • Red Baron: Averted. Unlike the other Old Gods, C'Thun was not given a title, largely due to his cadre of support cards. However, he was given a title for Madness at the Darkmoon Faire.
  • Sealed Evil in a Six Pack: C'Thun, The Shattered begins the game, well, shattered. Once his four body parts have been assembled, he reenters your deck with a game-ending Battlecry.
  • Time-Limit Boss: Because there's often no way to stop your opponent from buffing C'Thun/setting up for Mecha'thun/drawing all of his pieces, your best way of besting him is often to kill the opponent before C'Thun himself comes down.


Bow down before the god of death.
The final boss of Ulduar and a major antagonist from the World of Warcraft expansion Wrath of the Lich King, Yogg-Saron, Hope's End is a 10 mana 7/5 who casts a random spell with random targets for every spell his owner cast that game.

He returned in Madness at the Darkmoon Faire as Yogg-Saron, Master of Fate. He is a 10 mana 7/5 that activates one of six effects randomly as long as you've cast ten spells this game. The first five have a 19% chance to trigger - Hand of Fate fills your hand with spells and makes them cost 0 this turn, Curse of Flesh fills the board with random minions and gives yours Rush, Mindflayer Goggles takes control of three enemy minions, Mysterybox gives him the original Yogg's Battlecry, and Devouring Hunger destroys all minions and gives their stats to Yogg-Saron. He also has a 5% chance to cast Rod of Roasting, casting Pyroblast on random targets until one player loses.
  • Chronic Backstabbing Disorder: With the random spells he can cast, Yogg-Saron can very easily pull such shenanigans as Pyroblasting his owner in the face, summoning a bunch of tokens and then destroying them, buffing up a minion and then Pyroblasting it, going over to the opponent's side and Pyroblasting them in the face, and so on and so forth. It's very hard to tell who ends up benefiting more from Yogg-Saron until the dust has settled.
  • Evil Minions: Is apparently holding tryouts for new ones.
  • Evil Sounds Deep: Has an extremely deep-filtered voice, which is notable because he doesn't sound like this in World of Warcraft at all in his Ulduar encounter.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Statistically speaking, as the number of spells cast by Yogg-Saron's Battlecry increases, so too do his chances of that Battlecry ending with Yogg-Saron killing himself.
  • Irony: For something whose moniker is 'Hope's End', it's hilariously ironic how players actually put their hope in him.
  • Lethal Joke Character: The best example in the game. Who knew such a wacky effect would turn out to be such an ample board-clearing and card drawing mechanism? Blizzard even had to nerf Yogg by way of ending the effect if Yogg kills itself or otherwise removes itself from the board because it was so powerful.
    • That said, his Ensemble Dark Horse nature led to that nerf being reverted years later, putting the Lethal back into his arsenal.
  • Magic Missile Storm: Often creates these as part of his battlecry.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: With that many mouths, this shouldn't be surprising.
  • Random Effect Spell: Might as well be the Trope Codifier at this point, at least for card games. It can pull from the list of all viable spells for the format that the game is in, and can pick any viable target, even if it doesn't logically make sense to do so. Yes, this does include pyroblasting your own face. Repeatedly. Or pyroblasting himself.
  • Random Number God: Actually succeeded in replacing RNGesus for a while as the God that players and streamers pray to.
  • Reality Is Out to Lunch: When Yogg comes out, it's an excuse to sit back and watch the fireworks while chaos unfolds.
  • Too Many Mouths: He has about 60 orifices on his face, and every single one is a mouth.
  • Wheel of Decisions: Master of Fate's battlecry takes the appearance of one, showing a wheel with his six effects (with Rod of Roasting having an appropriately smaller slice than the others).


Gorge your hatred! Embrace your rage!
The progenitor of the Sha and one of the main villains of the World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria, Y'Shaarj, Rage Unbound is a 10 mana 10/10 who pulls a minion out of his owner's deck onto the battlefield at the end of their turn.

In Madness at the Darkmoon Faire, Y'Shaarj, The Defiler is a 10 mana 10/10 that adds a copy of each Corrupted card you've played this game to your hand, and sets their cost to 0 that turn.
  • Badass Mustache: The two tentacles below his eyes invokes the image of one. Funnily enough, they curl heavily, giving the image of a Dastardly Whiplash.
  • Boring, but Practical: Compared to C'Thun getting buffed by his followers to the point where he can vaporize the opponent and their board, N'Zoth reviving a full board's worth of minions, and Yogg'Saron doing literally anything he feels like, Y'Shaarj's effect is quite mundane. However, he's also a solid 10/10 body with no strings attached, and his effect is generic enough that you can splash him into most decks with no problems.
  • The Corrupter: Encourages your minions to "Gorge your hatred...embrace your rage...", bringing them into the fight straight from the deck. The Defiler takes that more literally, returning every Corrupted card you've played that game to your hand.
  • Informed Attribute: Y'Shaarj is frequently attributed as having 7 heads, but his Hearthstone art merely shows him with one.
  • Unstoppable Rage: Implied to be whipping your minions into this, causing them to leap from your decks directly to engage the enemy, even if doing so is counterproductive.

Shifter Zerus

Shifter Zerus is a legendary neutral minion card, from the Whispers of the Old Gods set. A diminutive Faceless One with only 1/1 stats in his normal form, each turn he shapeshifts into a random minion in your hand and when played, behaves exactly like that minion.

The Boogeymonster

This world; so delicious!
A mysterious creature unlike any seen before, the closest resemblance being that to the Mistlurkers of Pandaria. The Boogeymonster is an 8 mana 6/7 legendary minion that gains +2/+2 whenever it attacks and destroys an enemy minion.
  • Cool, but Inefficient: While he can potentially grow very large, he'll probably end up killing himself from repeatedly crashing into enemy minions way before that happens, and his awful base stats don't help. Not to mention, he only gains stats when he attacks a minion, meaning that the opponent can attack into the Boogeymonster without boosting his stats (and probably kill him). And that's before considering that he's a big, fat, 8-mana target for hard removal that does nothing on the turn he's summoned. As such, he's universally considered one of the worst cards in the entire game, let alone legendaries.
  • I am a Humanitarian
  • Planet Eater: His entry quote mentions that he wants to eat the entire world.

The Ancient One

The doom of worlds...WAKES ONCE MORE!
An utterly enormous uncollectible minion formed from the merging of 2 Blood of the Ancient One minions, this monster is statted at a whopping 30/30, giving it at this point the highest base statline in the game and the ability to one shot an enemy hero at full health, provided they do not have increased health or armor. Entirely original to the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion, it announces itself as the 'doom of worlds.'
  • Attack of the 30/30 Whatever
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Good luck getting two 9 mana minions with no actual abilities on the board at the same time in order to summon this... and waiting another turn to attack with it, while hoping that the opponent doesn't remove it before then. Not that it stops people from trying.
  • Fusion Dance: If you have two Blood of the Ancient One minions on the board at the end of your turn, they merge into this monstrosity.
  • One-Hit Kill: This guy has 30 attack, and players start with 30 health. Do the math.

    Inhabitants of Karazhan 

For information on The Curator, see Bosses. For information on Medivh, see Heroes.


Let's show our guests a good time.
The long-suffering caretaker of Karazhan, who at the time of One Night in Karazhan is still alive and kicking. You're recruited to help him through the Parlor wing of Karazhan as you attempt to deal with the havoc being caused by Medivh's spellwork due to his disappearance.

Moroes is a Legendary 3 mana 1/1 with Stealth that summons a 1/1 Steward at the end of each of the player's turns.
  • The Jeeves: He maintains a professional demeanor in contrast of his master who is already in the mood for the party.
  • The Stoic: No matter what danger he's in, he doesn't ever raise his dry, monotone voice. The only times he sounds even slightly flustered is when guests are arriving and causing trouble.


Tonight! A tale of terrible tragedy...
The theatrical stage manager of Karazhan, you're recruited to help him put on 3 different performances during the Opera wing before you can pass.

As a card, Barnes is a Legendary 5 mana 3/4 whose Battlecry summons a 1/1 copy of a minion in your deck.
  • Nerf: He was originally 4 mana, but proved to be too overwhelming with all the new rez mechanics added over the years.
  • Skewed Priorities: Medivh has gone missing, and Moroes wants to haste to the Spire to free Medivh, so what does Barnes do? Why, delay the adventurers by forcing them to participate in his show, of course!

The Medivas

A trio of 70s-style backup singers consisting of a female draenei named Wanda Wonderhooves, a male night elf named Mark Moonwalker, and a female blood elf named Susie Sizzlesong.


Oh no! I don't like this place.
The protagonist of one of Barnes' performances, the player must help her defeat her nemesis, the Crone during the One Night in Karazhan adventure and Yellow-Brick Brawl Tavern Brawl. Should Dorothee fall, the Crone will send a tornado to deal an absurd 100 damage to the enemy hero. She aids the player's efforts by giving the minions at her left Charge and the minions at her right Taunt, implied to be a result of her linking her arms with theirs.

Red Riding Hood

The target of the Big Bad Wolf from his encounter in World of Warcraft, represented there by a randomly selected player and later by an NPC actress. The latter returns here during the Party Portals Tavern Brawl as a 5 mana 3/2 legendary minion with Taunt that, upon death, prevents any other characters from attacking for the rest of the turn.

    Citizens of Gadgetzan 

Mayor Noggenfogger

Welcome to Gadgetzan!
The esteemed goblin mayor of Gadgetzan, Noggenfogger only wants what's best for the bustling, prosperous city. Or so he claims. As he's interviewed by the persistent Dora R, it becomes clear that he's very hesitant to acknowledge the rampant levels of crime in his city, more focused on glossing it over for the sake of attracting tourists and business prospects. Is implied to be in bed with the Grimy Goons, due his having Knuckles under his employ as well as owning the contracting firm that built the First Bank of Gadgetzan, which was quickly acquired by Don Han'Cho and the Goons. That said, he seems utterly oblivious to the plots of the Jade Lotus within the Museum or the Kabal at the Mega Mart, though he is looking into rumors of 'dragon people' infiltrating Gadgetzan.

In reality, Noggenfogger staged what basically amounted to a hostile takeover of Gadgetzan from the Steamwheedle Cartel, recruiting the Grimy Goons, Kabal and Jade Lotus to aid him in this task. After staging an extremely rigged series of elections, he established himself as Mayor of Gadgetzan. Now his former lackies are chomping at the bit to take out each other and become the undisputed leaders of Gadgetzan, but whether Noggenfogger himself has foreseen this is unknown.

Noggenfogger is a 9 mana 5/4 that causes all targets to be chosen at random for both players.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: His effect is hilarious and game-breaking, but he has atrocious stats and is a whopping 9 mana. He's strictly Just For Fun because of it.
    • He does do quite well at neutralizing combo decks, however.
  • Random Number God: He makes every targeted ability random, for both friend and foe. This includes spells, minion attacks, minion abilities, Hero Powers, and even the emote you choose. (Yes, you can roll into the previously available "Sorry" emotes.)


A savvy goblin bartender who runs a joint in Gadgetzan. He runs an ad in the Gadgetzan Gazette, and players were able to chat with Talan, in character, via Facebook, where he would take drink requests, exchange gossip, and even slip in a few card reveals. Newcomers in the bustling city of Gadgetzan could do worse than to seek the advice and acquaintance of the barkeep, owner of the aptly-named Talan's Bar. With his place of business putting him in prime position to hear the word on what's brewing in Gadgetzan, Talan has helped more than one new arrival to find their place on the city's mean and unforgiving streets.

Auctionmaster Beardo

Time is money, friend!
A goblin auctionmaster, who is described as "Gadgetzan's King of Bling" and "one of Azeroth's most experienced auctioneers." Beardo has been called "a five-drop to be reckoned with" and a "one-goblin financial advice powerhouse" by the Stormwind Scryer, and runs a seminar, open to all factions, on wealth and trade. Gadgetzan has always run an under-the-table auction house, and business has been PRETTY good for Beardo since the population explosion. And since the explosion that destroyed the competing auction houses in the city.

Beardo is a 3 mana 3/4 who refreshes your Hero Power after casting a spell.

Dora R.

Gadgetzan Gazette always gets the scoop!
The intrepid night elf Chief Investigative Reporter for the Gadgetzan Gazette, Dora pens the various articles and newspaper clippings that provide much of the lore for the expansions' setting, crime families and minor characters. She usually spends the articles interviewing/irritating Mayor Noggenfogger regarding various city landmarks and their relations to the 3 criminal families.
  • Demoted to Extra: Makes no appearance within the expansion itself. The art used to represent her was used for Daring Reporter, a (not especially noteworthy) minion.

Sergeant Sally

Back in the slammer!
A diminutive and firey gnomish law enforcer, Sally is what one would call...'unconventional.' A loose cannon that has given every guard captain she's served under such bouts of severe chronic heartburn it would make Ragnaros himself cringe. Unfortunately for law-enforcement bureaucrats everywhere, the knee-high bundle of fury that is Sally doesn't give even a second thought to their political woes. All that matters to her justice and results. Achieving this by ANY means necessary, including borrowing weapons and magic from the evidence locker or causing more damage than the criminals themselves in order to get the job done. This reckless attitude has seen her plastered with commendations and also countless charges of misconduct. Throwing herself into seemingly hopeless situations is when she's at her best, relishing any challenges that come her way. The strangest thing about Sergeant Sally, however, is that nobody has any clue where she came from. She isn't on the city's payroll, she just... showed up and started dispensing justice. There's nowhere she'd rather be than the crime-ridden streets of Gadgetzan, and all criminals know to run when they catch sight of her shocking pink pigtails or glowing police sirens.

Sergeant Sally is a 3 mana 1/1 that deals her attack damage to all enemies on her Deathrattle.
  • Action Bomb: Thanks to her Deathrattle effect. If buffed up and rammed into an enemy minion, the opponent's entire board is going up in smoke.
  • Rabid Cop: It's hard to tell whether she's more of a menace than the local criminals. Considering that this is Gadgetzan, that's saying something.


I must remain hidden to remain free.
One of the last of the Black Dragonflight, Wrathion has unexpectedly arrived in Gadgetzan. Why he's come is unclear, though based on his usual modus operandi, he may be hunting down a possible black dragon hidden within the city. These rumors often mesh with those of Kazakus' possible identity as a dragon, leading some to theorize that Kazakus may in fact be a black dragon, and Wrathion has come to hunt him down.

Wrathion is a 6 mana 4/5 Taunt that draws a card. If he drew a Dragon, he repeats until he draws a card that isn't a Dragon.
  • Canon Immigrant: He really doesn't have much to do with Gadgetzan or the expansion's theme - he's just making a cameo.

Patches the Pirate

An Observer pirate, Patches is the envy of pirates everywhere due to 'having more patches than most pirates have eyes.' What do sailors yell when Patches steals their treasure chest full of laws and other things being transported to parliament for a vote? "The Eyes have it!"

Patches is a 1/1 pirate that summons itself from your deck after you summon a Pirate.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Is a 1/1 for 1 mana. He gets summoned from the deck for free after the player summons another Pirate, giving them an early board advantage and potentially some extra face damage.
  • Boring, but Practical: As far as Legendaries go. Sure, he's no longer a free Charge minion, but he's still a 1/1 that pulls himself out of the deck for free as long as you drop any Pirate on the board, which can easily be on turn 1, making your board that much harder to deal with.
  • Just for Pun: Aside from his flavor text, there was his original summoning quote: "I'm in charge now!" The latter was changed after Patches had his Charge ability removed. His attack quote is also "Aye, aye!"
  • Meaningful Name: A pirate named Patches famous for having more eye patches than most pirates have eyes.
  • Nerf: Patches had Charge prior to February 2018.

Genzo, the Shark

Pick a card. Any card...
A shady local Forsaken, Genzo is infamous in the seedy underground card rooms of Gadgetzan, and got his nickname winning the coveted Shark Plushie in the city's first Hearthstone tournament.

Genzo is a Legendary minion that draws cards for each player whenever he attacks until they have 3.

The Tuskarr Bros

A family of tuskarr that ran a seventeen franchise-strong business in the Gadgetzan Mega Market's Food Kingdom, they ran several ads in the various Gadgetzan Gazettes leading up to the arrival of Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. Following the expansion's release, they get shut down for peddling fraudulent foodstuffs that lead to several citizens falling ill after consumption. In response to their downfall, the Mysterious Challenger and SI:7 Agent set up competing bakeries.
  • Running Gag: They're a continuation of the Refreshment Vendor gag (see Notable Cards above).

The Hogchoppers

The Hogchoppers are well-known throughout Kalimdor for being a real, actual group. The terrors of Tanaris, they can always be found at one tavern or another in Gadgetzan, refueling for totally real and legit adventures that they go on. Did you know the Hogchoppers compete every year at the Mirage Raceway? They do. It's a real group. They consist of the Spiked Hogrider, the Leatherclad Hogleader, and the Tanaris Hogchopper.

    Explorers and Inhabitants of Un'Goro Crater 
Un'Goro Crater is home to numerous incredible and dangerous creatures, including giant insects, carnivorous plants, raging elementals, Titan relics, primitive murlocs, and loads and loads of dinosaurs. An expedition, lead by Elise Starseeker, has journeyed into the region to uncover its many secrets, and has also made contact with a previously unknown race of humanoid turtles, the Tortollans, as well as a lost tribe of Saurok.

Professor George Herbert Doyle IV

A bumbling human professor on a quest to find the legendary Galvadon, he arrives in the tavern recruiting adventurers to join Starseeker's expedition into Un'Goro, convincing Eddie Malone to become his cameraman. He and Malone eventually get separated from the expedition, and while hopelessly lost run into (and get attacked by) numerous members of the Hearthstone original cast of Journey to Un'Goro. Their month-long series of misadventures in the crater are chronicled both by a live action series of shorts and in the journal of Eddie Malone.

Eddie Malone

Professor Doyle's long-suffering camera man, whose journal brings us much of the "plot" of the expansion, similar to Gadgetzan's Dora R.

Spiritsinger Umbra

The greatest virtue... is patience.
The leader of the tortollans in Un'Goro Crater, Umbra is a 4 mana 3/4 neutral legendary minion that triggers the deathrattles of any minions that enter the battlefield with them. After Professor Doyle and Eddie Malone were rescued from a group of saurok by the tortollans, Eddie asked Umbra for help in finding the other expedition members. Umbra simply smiled and said "The greatest virtue is patience". She then directs them to Megafin's village before instructing them to climb the local volcano, later sending a pterrordax and some local paladins to rescue them from further perils.
  • Big Good: For the plot of Eddie Malone's journal.
  • The Cavalry: Arrives to aid Doyle, Malone, the paladins and Galvadon during the final confrontation with the Saurok, summoning spiritual warriors to aid them.


The leader of the primitive Rockpool murlocs and the Shaman quest reward. Megafin is a 5 mana 8/8 murloc that fills your hand with more murlocs as a battlecry. Described by Malone as 'really nice' and accepts an offer to become pen-pals. Megafin apparently leads the Gentle Megasaur the Rockpool village is based on top of around using a rope.
  • Gentle Giant: Megafin is utterly enormous, literally stepping on a tree in his artwork. He's also quite friendly to the explorers and is apparently a great leader of the Rockpool tribe.

Amara, Warden of Hope

You are safe now!
An ancient titanic construct and the Priest quest reward. Amara is a 5 mana 8/8 with Taunt that sets your hero's health to 40 when played. Shows up when Doyle, Malone and their allies successfully complete the summoning ritual, and promptly uses the Way Gate from the Mage quest to send them back to the day they got lost in the first place.
  • Heroic Second Wind: Even more powerful than Reno Jackson. Not only does Amara heal you back to full, she boosts you up to 40 health, and has a powerful 8/8 statline with Taunt to boot.

Kalimos, Primal Lord

By the elements combined!
An enormous elemental made of all four elements of earth, air, water and fire combined, and ruler of the elementals of Un'Goro Crater. Kalimos is an 8 mana 7/7 legendary shaman elemental that, if you played an elemental on the previous turn, casts an elemental invocation, as described below.
  • Blow You Away: The Invocation of Air: The Element of Cunning and Madness. Deals 3 damage to all enemy minions. 'Fascinating! This Elemental appears to have the power to dispose of weaker beings which threaten his existence. We’ll definitely want to continue keeping a safe distance.. WHAT WAS THAT?'
  • Dishing Out Dirt: The Invocation of Earth: The Element of Stability and Stubbornness. Fills your board with 1/1 elementals. 'We're witnessing a miracle! Its gained control of an entire army in mere seconds! Keep quiet everyone, they're off to battle that family of dinosaurs off in the distance. WHOA, that tail-swipe-a-saurus sure did a number on him.'
  • Making a Splash: The Invocation of Water: The Element of Tranquility and Indecisiveness. Restores 12 health to your hero. 'Simply unbelievable. This Elemental has also harnessed the energy of Water, what can this magnificent creature not do? It appears the damage done has been instantly repaired. Go cute rocks, go!'
  • Playing with Fire: The Invocation of Fire: The Element of Passion and Fury. Deals 6 damage to the enemy hero. 'RUN! We've stayed too long and its taken notice! I'm not going to go down to a little bit of fire, there's much worse enemies out there! See you guys later, I do hope we'll meet again, I'm out of here!'
  • Shout-Out: One massive one to Captain Planet.

Sherazin, Corpse Flower

A legendary rogue minion, Sherazin is a form of plant that doesn't truly die upon being "killed", instead curling up and turning itself into a seed until it is ready to re-emerge. Said to be a Tortollan gardener's worst nightmare. Its card, a 4 mana 5/3, reflects this with a Deathrattle that causes it to go dormant, reviving if its owner plays 4 cards in one turn.
  • Achilles' Heel: Barring the player running out of cards to play, silences and transformations are the only way to make Sherazin stay dead.
  • Canon Immigrant: Got added to the World of Warcraft Un'Goro Crater as a miniboss.
  • The Dreaded: It's said to be a Tortollan gardener's worst nightmare.
  • Why Won't You Die?: If Sherazin goes down, it'll just come back to life by simply playing 4 cards in a turn. Rogues are very good at comboing multiple cards, meaning that it won't stay dead for long.


The last of the kaleidosaurs, Galvadon is the paladin quest reward, a 5 mana 5/5 beast that adpats 5 times as its battlecry. The object of both Professor Doyle and Elise's exploration efforts, the former finally succeeds in finding it only to discover that several local paladins have already successfully befriended it. It proves a valuable ally when they end up doing battle with some local Saurok.
  • Last of His Kind
  • Luck-Based Mission: Sure, you can get a huge attacker with Stealth and Windfury, or an untargetable Stone Wall with Taunt... if the Random Number God likes you. Otherwise, you might just end up with a Galvadon sporting multiple redundant adaptations that ultimately does a whole lot of nothing.

Sunkeeper Tarim

Un'Goro belongs to the titans!
A number of tol'vir have moved from nearby Uldum into Un'Goro to guard the local titan relics, led by Sunkeeper Tarim. A legendary paladin minion, Tarim is a 6 mana 3/7 with Taunt that sets all other minions' health and attack to 3.
  • Numerological Motif: Three. He costs 6 mana (a multiple of 3), has 3 attack, and sets all other minions to 3/3. With his stats, this also means he'll take down three of the opponent's minions in battle, barring external interference. Ironically, his favorite number is 4.
  • Our Centaurs Are Different: He's a Tol'vir, which are basically centaurs with feline lower bodies and heads.


A powerful phoenix residing in Fire Plume's Heart, Pyros is a legendary mage elemental. She initially is played as a two mana 2/2, that upon death is sent back to your hand as a six mana 6/6. Once this second form dies, she returns to your hand in her final form as a ten mana 10/10.

Queen Carnassa

An enormous devilsaur that rules the marshes of Un'Goro, with a brood of raptors at her command. The quest reward for Hunters, she is a 5 mana 8/8 beast that, when played, sends her brood of fifteen 3/2 raptors into your deck. When played, the raptors draw a card.
  • Crutch Character: Most of the quest rewards are more suited for longer games. Carnassa, on the other hand, promotes wrapping things up as quickly as possible by rushing the opponent down with raptors, as a deck built around the Hunter quest will mainly use 1-cost minions that don't do well in the late game.
  • Raptor Attack: An entire pack of them.
  • Zerg Rush: While 3/2 for 1 mana makes the raptors fairly strong for their cost, it's not terribly relevant by the time Carnassa comes into play. They make up for this with sheer number, as a raptor will often draw into another raptor that can be played immediately, quickly filling the board with them.

The Voraxx

An enormous carnivorous plant resembling a venus flytrap. The name "Voraxx" was given to it by the tortollans, who try to avoid it. The second 'x' is "so you know it's cool". It is a 4 mana 3/3 neutral legendary minion that summons 1/1 plants and casts on them copies of any spells you cast on the Voraxx itself.

Barnabus the Stomper

An enormous longneck, Barnabus is the Druid quest reward. A five mana 8/8 beast, he sets the cost of all minions in your deck to 0.

Lyra the Sunshard

Behold the glory of a new sun!
An extremely powerful elemental, said to rival even the elemental lords themselves in strength, Lyra is a crystalline elemental wielding the power of Light and the Sun. A legendary priest minion, Lyra is a five mana 3/5 that adds a random Priest spell to your hand every time you cast a spell, often leading to long chains of spells.
  • Light 'em Up: She's a crystalline Lightspawn.
  • Power of the Sun: As her summoning quote implies.
  • Squishy Wizard: 3/5 isn't terribly impressive for Lyra's cost, but she makes up for it by letting you spam spells for as long as your mana holds out. This can be averted if Lyra generates cards like Divine Spirit and Power Word: Shield, letting you buff her health and make her harder to bring down.

    Adventurers and Denizens in the Catacombs 
For information on The Darkness, King Togwaggle, and Ixlid, see Bosses.

Marin the Fox

One for all and all for me!
Legendary adventure requires legendary adventurers, and Marin the Fox is an adventurer’s adventurer! This cunning rogue knows the ins and outs of every dungeon, and he’s delving deep into the Catacombs in search of a storied chest brimming with ridiculously powerful magical items.

Marin is an 8 mana Legendary that summons a 0/8 Master Chest for your opponent. Breaking the chest awards you awesome loot - either Tolin's Goblet, allowing you to draw a card then fill your hand with copies of it; The Wonderous Wand, drawing three cards and reducing their cost to 0; The Golden Kobold, a 6/6 Taunt that replaces your hand with random Legendaries; or Zarog's Crown, which lets you Discover a Legendary and summon two copies of it.

Master Oakheart

Onward, friends! To adventure!
A dwarvern adventurer, leading the intrepid party of Dragoncaller Alanna, Kathrena Winterwisp, and Marin the Fox. He's an old friend of Marin's, and he assembled the group to find the fabled axe "The Woecleaver". He's a 9 mana 5/5 that Recruits a 1 Attack, 2 Attack, and 3 Attack minion.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: His battle cry isn't particularly useful in a normal deck since it will just pull out a few low mana minions. However if a deck is designed around him then he can potentially be used to pull out three high-value, low-attack minions in a single action.
  • Game Master: He's meant to be the GMPC for the three adventurer legendaries.
  • Mentor Archetype: To the adventurers.
  • Our Dwarves Are All the Same

Zola the Gorgon

Ssssssuch a perfect specimen...
A 3 mana neutral Legendary that adds a Golden copy of a minion to your hand.

Dragoncaller Alanna

Daughters of flame, awaken!
A mage adventurer in search of powerful spells, travelling with Marin the Fox, Kathrena Winterwisp, and Master Oakheart. Her Battlecry summons a 5/5 Dragon for each spell you've cast this game that costs 5 or more.

Geosculptor Yip

Shiny here, shiny there, make big shiny!
A kobold geomancer, and the Warrior legendary. At the end of your turn, she summons a random minion with it's cost based on the amount of armor you have, up to a cap of 10.

Grumble, Worldshaker

Run, little fleshlings! I wake once more!
The Shaman legendary of the set. Grumble is a mighty earth elemental who returns your other minions to your hand and changes their cost to 1, allowing you to summon them all again for more effects.

Kathrena Winterwisp

Where's my pet?
A night elven ranger working with Alanna, Marin, and Master Oakheart, and the Hunter legendary. She Recruits a Beast from your deck as a Battlecry and Deathrattle.

Lynessa Sunsorrow

This dungeon reeks of magic! Delightful...
Lynessa is a former Blood Knight who left the order, disgusted, after they stopped draining power from the Naaru, as she felt that the elves had grown weak and that drawing from the Sunwell couldn't give her the power she truly sought. Now starving for magic, she has ventured to the catacombs, a repository of ancient energy. As she explores, she drains the magic from the air, feasting for the first time since she left Silvermoon City.

She starts as a mere 1/1, but gains all buffs you've cast on other friendly minions before summoning her.
  • All Your Powers Combined: She enters play with all previous spells cast on friendly minions.
  • Ambition Is Evil: She's seeking mana-rich power because she doesn't feel satisfied by the blood elves' "pure" energy source.
  • Magikarp Power: A weak minion that grows exponentially more powerful as you cast spells. Even just Blessing of Kings and Spikeridged Steed is enough to create a 7/11 Taunt that summons a 2/6 Taunt. If played Lay on Hands on a minion, she'll even draw 3 cards.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Silences. They turn her to a simple vanilla 1/1. Maybe not that bad however, since your opponent has to save their silence for her instead of a Spikeridged target or Tirion.

Rin, the First Disciple

Ered'achor! Havik! Galar!
Rin is a mysterious gnome warlock who is set on summoning the mighty Azari, the Devourer.

Rin is a 3/6 Taunt for 6 mana that adds The First Seal to your hand as a Deathrattle. The First Seal summons a 2/2 Demon and adds The Second Seal to your hand. The Second Seal summons a 3/3 Demon and adds The Third Seal. So on, so forth until it reaches The Final Seal, summoning a 6/6 Demon and adding Azari, the Devourer to your hand. Azari is a 10 mana 10/10 that destroys your opponent's deck.
  • All There in the Manual: Azari is unique among Hearthstone characters in that he has a detailed backstory that is explained through the flavor texts of the Spellstones. Azari created the stones to sow chaos on Azeroth and to corrupt the minds of the mortals, including causing Rin to kill her friends and transforming a group of night elves into Satyrs, before he was locked away within the Twisting Nether by an unknown sorcerer.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: That effect is so freaking cool, but good luck getting it go off. Rin herself is a very poor body, and her effect is susceptible to Silences. Each Seal also costs five mana and has a weak initial effect, and if any of them trips a Counterspell, the whole chain goes up in smoke. You have to spend a total of 41 mana over at least five slow turns to get Azari on the field. But, that said, it really is so freaking cool.
  • Black Speech: Her quotes are presumably in Demonic.
  • Cosmic Keystone: Her effect is implied to be breaking one of these, with Azari creating a World-Wrecking Wave.
  • Evil Old Folks: Her face is visibly wrinkled and old.
  • My Death Is Only The Beginning: Rin lets out an Evil Laugh when she dies. Considering what her death eventually unleashes, it's very well deserved.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: Azari.
  • Summoning Ritual: Basically what Rin's Deathrattle effect represents. Once she goes down, the Seals unleash a series of increasingly powerful demons, culminating in one that ultimately destroys just about everything.

Sonya Shadowdancer

Come! Try your luck.
The Rogue legendary of the set. She adds a 1 mana 1/1 copy of friendly minions that die to your hand.


Mortal life: Fleeting! Fragile! Futile...
The Priest legendary. A dragon of the Infinite Flight, he revels in disrupting the timeflow. His effect showcases this, by giving your opponent two turns in a row, before doing the same for the player who summoned him.
  • Ascended Extra: Originally a one-note boss from The Caverns of Time, in the Dark Portal instance.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The same effect as the Mage's Time Warp without having to jump through all those hoops? Awesome. Being a symmetrical effect that applies to your opponent first? Not awesome.
  • A Day in the Limelight: He got his own brawl, A Temporus Shift, where he gives every player two turns in a row every turn.
  • Fantastic Time Management: Gives this to both players.

    Inhabitants of Gilneas and the Witchwood 
For information on Hagatha the Witch, Darius Crowley, Houndmaster Shaw, Toki, and Tess Greymane, see Heroes. For information on Lord Godfrey, Azalina Soulthief, Face Collector, Glinda Crowskin, Shudderwock, Splintergraft, and Hagatha (again), see Bosses.

Genn Greymane

This curse has become our greatest strength.
Genn Greymane is the king of Gilneas. During the second war, he ordered the seclusion of Gilneas from the outside world and broke ties with the Alliance, which worked up until his kingdom was seized by the worgen curse. Forced to flee with his people, Greymane was cursed himself, but eventually discovered a cure to the curse while keeping its strengths. Now, he leads his people in a fight to put the fear of the worgen into the monstrosities of the Witchwood.

Genn Greymane is a Legendary 6 mana 6/5 neutral minion. His Start of Game effect sets the cost of the player's hero power to 1 mana if they have only even-costed cards in their deck.
  • Adult Fear: At the start of Monster Hunt, he tells his daughter Tess to be careful because she is the only child he has left. This conversation is played out like a father worrying about his daughter venturing out into the unknown. It depends on the player on whether or not this fear is fulfilled.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: On the one hand, 6/5 for 6 mana is well below par. On the other hand, he comes with a powerful Start of Game effect, if you can build a deck around him. Also, card-wise, he has better raw stat than the other Gilneans (Darius, Shaw, Toki, former Gilnean Godfrey) except his own daughter, Tess.
  • Big Good: Set up as this for the Witchwood expansion.
  • Demoted to Extra: He is a pretty major character in World of Warcraft, especially in any storylines involving Gilneas, but here he is not a playable character in Monster Hunt and is only a narrator for the beginning of the adventure. Most of his role as The Hero is instead given to his daughter Tess.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Building a deck around Genn's effect means you only have half of your collection to work with. However, being able to spam your hero power much more frequently can be a great strategic advantage.

Archmage Arugal

I did this! I cursed them all!
Originally a respected Gilnean and a member of the Kirin Tor, Arugal is infamous for releasing the worgen from their prison of the Emerald Dream. Ordered to protect Gilneas from the Undead Scourge, Arugal summoned the beasts, which tore through the undead, but quickly proved uncontrollable as they turned on the very soldiers they were saving. In his shame, Arugal hid in his manor, Shadowfang Keep. He eventually went insane and began transforming villagers into worgen for his own experiments, and had to be put down by adventurers.

Archmage Arugal is a Mage Legendary, as a 2 mana 2/2. Whenever you draw a minion, he puts another copy into your hand.

Prince Liam

Brave heroes of Gilneas...arise!
Liam Greymane was the son and heir of Genn Greymane. While he and his father never really saw eye to eye, Liam's death at the hands of Sylvanas Windrunner nevertheless ate away at his father. However, with the magic of the Witchwood spreading around Gilneas, it seems that the dead are becoming restless...

Prince Liam is a 5 mana 5/5 Paladin Legendary whose Battlecry replaces all 1-cost cards in your deck with random Legendary minions.
  • The Atoner: It's speculated that his appearances in the woods of Gilneas are due to him feeling as though he had failed his people before.
  • Back from the Dead: Unlike in World of Warcraft, Hearthstone has Liam returning as a ghost.
  • Friendly Ghost: Appears to those in great danger and helps them do "extraordinary, incredible things".
  • Undying Loyalty: To Gilneas and her people. Even before his death, he was a man of the people and he gave his life to save his father and defend Gilneas. As a ghost, he continues to help people in need in the woods of Gilneas.

The Glass Knight

Once a valiant Paladin, she was horribly injured in battle. Rather than spend the rest of her life unable to serve Gilneas, she had her soul imbued into a golem of glass. She typically resides within the stained glass of Gilneas' church, but arises when needed to protect her homeland.

The Glass Knight is a 4 mana 4/3 Paladin legendary with Divine Shield. Whenever you restore health to any character, her Divine Shield returns.
  • Man in the Machine: She's a paladin who was seriously injured and placed within a glass golem.
  • No Name Given: Her original human name is never mentioned.
  • Retired Badass: Defied. Rather than retire, she became The Glass Knight.
  • Samus Is a Girl: Gives no indication of her gender outside of her backstory. The Glass Knight looks fairly masculine and her voice is nothing but glass noises.

Lady in White

What once was lost can be found again.
In life, the Lady in White was a Gilnean noblewoman who witnessed the destruction of her home. In death, she has returned to aid the living. Lady in White is a Priest Legendary; a 6 mana 5/5 that casts Inner Fire on all minions in your deck, setting their attack equal to their health.

Baku the Mooneater

I will silence their screams!
The magic of Hagatha the Witch twists the forest of Blackwald into the Witchwood, morphing the trees and beasts into vile aberrations. Prime among them is the giant serpent Baku, who haunts the dreams of Gilneans with the image of its fanged maw devouring the moon.

Baku the Mooneater is a neutral Legendary 9 mana 7/8 minion whose Start of Game effect upgrades the player's hero power if their deck contains only odd-costed cards.
  • Animalistic Abomination: While Baku appears as a giant snake, her nature is a lot more complex. It's theorized that she's a manifestation of the will of a dragon whose body is simultaneously trapped inside the Witchwood but outside of physical reality.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Trying to use Baku's effect forces you to ignore half of your collection when building your deck, including cards like Polymorph, Hellfire, Preparation, and Consecration. The tradeoff is that you get Justicar Trueheart's upgrade right from the get-go, giving you a huge immediate advantage.
  • The Dragon: Hagatha's right-hand attack snake.
  • Dream Walker: Baku only ever appears in shared visions, and has yet to be observed physically.
  • Irony: Despite being Hagatha's top minion, actually using Baku and Hagatha in the same deck is counterproductive as Hagatha costs 8 mana, nullifying Baku's ability.
  • Meaningful Name: The Bakunawa is a giant sea serpent in Philippine mythology that causes eclipses by swallowing the moon.
  • Original Generation: Baku is original to Hearthstone and had no precedent in World of Warcraft.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Baku's effect is one of the most notable "build your deck around me" effects since the Kabal legendaries and Reno Jackson, with an equally strong payoff in the right deck. That being said, Baku herself is basically a dead draw; when played, she's essentially a vanilla 7/8 for 9 mana, which is terrible by any reasonable standards.


A strange, mutant chameleon with the power to mimic quite literally anything it sees - from monsters to weapons to magic itself. Chameleos is a Priest Legendary, as a 1 mana 1/1 Beast. Its true power comes from its effect however; at the end of your turn, Chameleos transforms into a random card your opponent is holding.
  • Dying as Yourself: Averted, he dies as the minion he shapeshifted into, and if somehow Resurrected will return as that minion. Especially the case if he becomes a spell.
  • Hollywood Chameleons: Up to Eleven: Not only can Chameleos change, he can shapeshift into anything. Even spells.
  • The Infiltration: One of the uses of Chameleos is to just scout out your opponent's hand with no intention of actually playing Chameleos, unless you happen to get something really good.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifter: Will ALWAYS change shape at the start of the turn, and there's no way to 'lock' him into one card unless you play him. Chameleos turned into a Voidlord last turn, but you didn't have the mana til this one? Sorry! He's The Coin now. Better luck next turn!
  • Metamorphosis Monster
  • Original Generation: No precedent existed in World of Warcraft.
  • Shapeshifter Default Form: A 1/1, tiny, derpy-looking Chameleon.
  • Shapeshifter Modelock: Once you play him, he's stuck as whatever minion (or spell, or weapon) he was shapeshifted into forever.
  • Transformation Is a Free Action: Chameleos transforms in your hand entirely at no extra cost to you.


Be reborn in the curse!
Emeriss is one of the four Dragons of Nightmare. Once one of Ysera's most trusted lieutenants, she sought a new source of power within the Emerald Dream. Like her siblings, she was driven mad and began to spread madness throughout the kingdoms. Now, her power thirst has drawn her to The Witchwood.

Emeriss is a Legendary 10 mana 8/8 Hunter Dragon that doubles the attack and health of all minions in your hand when played.

Dollmaster Dorian

This one turned out nicely...
A sinister blood elven doll maker. Dollmaster Dorian is a 5 mana 3/6 that summons a 1/1 copy of whatever minions you draw.

Countess Ashmore

My power over you grows stronger yet.
A mysterious noblewoman who appeared in Gilneas shortly after the curse on the Witchwood took hold. Nobody knows her true motives, but many theorize she's studying the curse's effects, for unknown ends... Ashmore is a 7 mana 6/6 that draws a Rush, Lifesteal, and Deathrattle card from your deck.
  • Creepy Good: She's heavily implied to be a Blue Dragon in disguise, probably sent to study Hagatha's magic. That doesn't make her mysterious origins or odd mannerisms less off-putting.
  • Exact Words: Her effect draws cards, not minions, so she can pull weapons and spells with the required keywords.
  • Punny Name: Like another Count, she's appears in several cards making counting jokes.

    Boom Laboratories 
For information on Dr. Boom, see Heroes. For information on Boommaster Flark, see Bosses.

In General

  • Mad Scientist: Admittedly goes without saying that every scientist here has a screw loose
  • What Ever Happened To The Mouse: Outside of Boommaster Flark, we don't know what happened to the Boom Labs scientists after the place gets destroyed.


Unity. Precision. Perfection.
Dr. Boom's personal robot body guard. While Dr. Boom is the mastermind and creator behind almost every robot at Boom Labs, Zilliax is their true master. Zilliax is a 5 mana 3/2 Mech with Taunt, Divine Shield, Lifesteal, Rush, and Magnetic.

Whizbang the Wonderful

Stand back and be amazed!
The most wondrous scientist at Boom Laboratories! Including Whizbang in your deck removes all other cards. Instead, a deck with Whizbang replaces all of your cards with one of Whizbang's Wonderful Decks, consisting of a random deck recipe. If Whizbang appears in a game by other means, he's a 4-mana 4/5 minion.
  • Confusion Fu: Because Whizbang randomizes your deck every game, there's no way to tell in advance what he might throw at you except by memorizing all the deck recipes.
  • Cool, but Inefficient: Deck recipes run the gamut from low tier to unplayable garbage. Letting Blizzard make your deck is always worse than building one yourself. However, he gives an excellent way for new players to try lots of different decks and cards they might not have, and for anyone interested to essentially hit the random button.
  • Mechanically Unusual Class: Unlike every other card in the game, putting Whizbang in a deck will automatically remove all other cards, replace the hero with Whizbang, and give it the custom name "Whizbang is Wonderful". In gameplay, he's about as close as the game gets to a "random" option, assigning you a random deck from a random class as soon as the game begins.
  • Skill Gate Character: He gives new players a way to experience advanced synergies and some cool Legendaries. However, anyone with a reasonable collection has no (practical) use for this guy, and a deck made by someone who knows what they're doing will beat a pre-constructed one nine times out of ten.

Subject 9

I hunger... therefore I am.
Originally an experiment created by Hobart Grapplehammer, Subject 9 is a raptor with greatly enhanced intellect. She soon became dissatisfied with life on Azeroth, and built a rocket ship for her and her brood to find a new home in Outer Space. At some point, it seems she discovered Boom Laboratories and decided to lend a hand. Subject 9 is a 5 mana 4/4 Beast that draws up to 5 different Secrets from your deck as her Battlecry.
  • Ascended Extra: She's originally from a minor quest chain in revamped Azshara which doubled as a shout out to Plan 9 from Outer Space.
  • The Bus Came Back: A lot of goblin players wondered what happened to Subject 9 after she blasted off. Apparently, she wound up in Outland.
  • Cyborg: She's a raptor upgraded with various robotic bits. This is a bit different from her Warcraft appearance, which had her as a regular raptor with a brain-enhancing helmet.
  • You Are Number 6: No name, just 'Subject 9'.

Harbinger Celestia

Stars without wonder, worlds without end!
A celestial being made of constellations. Celestia is a 4 mana 5/6 with Stealth that transforms into whatever minion your opponent next plays while she's on the board.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifter: Automatically takes the form of the next minion your opponent plays. Good if they only have big minions in hand, not so good if they just happen to have a Flame Elemental handy.
  • Sadistic Choice: If your opponent only has big minions, Celestia can force them into this. Either they give you a copy of whatever they play and need to spend mana and cards removing it, or they leave you with an overstatted beat-stick that puts them on halt until they draw a better solution.
  • Shapeshifter Modelock: Her ability only triggers once, leaving her as whatever your opponent dictates.


A robotic crab of unknown origin. SN1P-SN4P is a 3 mana 2/3 Mech with Magnetic and Echo and a Deathrattle that summons two 1/1 Microbots.
  • Combining Mecha: If you use its Magnetic effect. Thanks to Echo, it can be played as three split buffs, as one big buff, or even combined onto itself.
  • Giant Enemy Crab: Especially if you spend 9 mana to fuse three together.
  • Letters 2 Numbers: Its name is Snip-Snap stylized like this.
  • Me's a Crowd: You can fill the board with copies of it if you choose. One of the most common plays at 9 mana is two fused into a 4/6 and a single 2/3 beside, giving him the strongest resistance to both board and single-target removal.
  • New Work, Recycled Graphics: Its art was originally commissioned for a card called Murloc Muncher that never made the cut.
  • Remember the New Guy?: SN1P-SN4P was added as part of the Rise of the Mech promotional event from June of 2019, but is considered to be part of The Boomsday Project and rotates alongside that set.

Electra Stormsurge

Lightning CAN strike twice!
An elemental working as the head meteorologist at Boom Labs and the Employee of the Month, Electra Stormsurge provides the lab with its power supply. She is a 3 mana 3/3 Shaman Legendary that doubles the next spell you cast.

Electra's energy is channeled into The Storm Bringer, which acts as the Shaman Legendary spell for the Boomsday Project expansion. It costs 6 mana and transforms all of your minions into random Legendary minions.
  • Mad Scientist: Apparently, her work with the Netherstorm's power tends to result in massive power highs that usually lead to exploding machinery. And lots of ham.
  • Pungeon Master: Electra absolutely cannot resist throwing out electricity- or weather-based puns in virtually every sentence, as evidenced by the official blog.
  • With Great Power Comes Great Insanity: Electra really enjoys drawing in power from the Netherstorm, to the point of coming off as more than a bit deranged. The fact that someone like this is the Employee of the Month at Boom Labs should say a lot about the place.

Stargazer Luna

The future is ours.
A draenei astronomer and mage, Luna sees herself as a visionary unraveling the mysteries of the universe. Her card is a 3-mana 2/4 Mage Legendary that draws a card each time you play the right-most card in your hand.

She is also the creator of Luna's Pocket Galaxy, the Legendary Mage spell for the Boomsday Project expansion. It costs 7 mana and makes all minions in your deck cost 1.
  • Mad Scientist: Having a couple of screws loose seems to be a prerequisite for working at Boom Labs, and Luna is no exception.
  • My Species Doth Protest Too Much: Most draenei are concerned for the survival of their race and seeking the blessing of the Light. Luna is fascinated by space itself, and is only concerned with unlocking the secrets of the Great Dark Beyond.
  • Nightmare Fetishist:
    "A study of celestial alignments reveals hints of cosmic horrors patiently hastening the inevitable heat death of the universe. Ah, it’s heavenly!"

Flobbidinous Floop

How... unexpected!
A gooey scientist working in the botany lab. Flobbidinous sees flesh as weak, and malleable goop like himself as the superior substance. Floop is a 4 mana Druid Legendary that becomes a 3/4 copy of whatever minion you last played while in your hand.

Some of Floop's Glorious Gloop acts as the Druid Legendary spell for the Boomsday Project expansion. It costs 1 mana and makes it so that whenever a minion dies the turn it's cast, you gain 1 Mana Crystal for that turn only.
  • Blob Monster: A blob monster SCIENTIST!
  • Ditto Fighter: Of the Tsungxpert variety. He copies whatever minion you last played (with no turn restriction), letting you cheat out big minions like Malygos or Ysera on the cheap.
  • Involuntary Shapeshifter: Walks the line between this and a Voluntary Shapeshifter. While you can aim his effect to land on the minion you specifically want, he changes whenever you play a minion, with no way to prevent it.
  • Shapeshifter Modelock: Like all transforming minions, once he's played, he's in that form forever.

Crystalsmith Kangor

The Light bends to my will.
A crystaline being experimenting with Light refraction (yes, the Light). Kangor is the Paladin Legendary of the set, as a 2 mana 1/2 with Divine Shield and Lifesteal that doubles all healing you output.

He is also the creator of Kangor's Endless Army, the subject of the Paladin Legendary spell for the Boomsday Project expansion. The spell costs 7 mana and resurrects 3 friendly Mechs, with them keeping any upgrades gained by magnetizing with other mechs.
  • Energy Weapon: The paladin cards from this set are full of this thanks to this guy's experimentation. In his artwork, he's holding an orb that's firing lasers from all directions.
  • Holy Hand Grenade: Of the Magitek variety; his work involves channeling the Holy Light into lasers.
  • The Medic: He's not much for fighting, but he greatly enhances all of your healing effects for a cheap cost.
  • Silicon-Based Life: He seems to be some kind of Original Generation crystal creature, and is neither a Mech nor an Elemental.

Zerek, Master Cloner

At last... immortality!
After the ethereals lost their physical forms, Zerek made it his life goal to create new bodies, and one day learn to clone pure energy like his own form. Zerek, Master Cloner is a 6 mana 5/5 Priest Legendary that resummons himself on death if you've cast a spell on him.

Zerek's Cloning Gallery, where he performs his immortality experiments, is the subject of the Priest Legendary spell for the Boomsday Project expansion. The spell costs 9 mana and summons a 1/1 copy of each minion currently in your deck.
  • Resurrective Immortality: As long as you've got the spells to fuel him, Zerek can never stay dead.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: As with any long-term value card, Silences completely ruin Zerek, taking off whatever spells you've cast as well as nullifying his Deathrattle.

Myra Rotspring

Such a price for power!
A Forsaken chemist who successfully isolated the element Necrium, hypothesized to be the solid form of death itself. Myra Rotspring is a 5-mana 4/2 Rogue Legendary whose Battlecry Discovers a Deathrattle minion, adds it to your hand, and gains its Deathrattle.

A shard of Necrium, referred to as Myra's Unstable Element, acts as the Rogue Legendary spell for the Boomsday Project expansion. It costs 5 mana and draws the rest of your deck- if you have room in your hand, it adds cards to it, otherwise, the rest of your deck is burned.
  • No-Sell: Myra seems to be immune to the effects of Necrium, being a Forsaken and all.
  • Toxic Phlebotinum: Well, she certainly thinks there are practical applications for a substance that kills everything it touches, but then again, this is Boom Labs we're talking about.

Dr. Morrigan

Death is just the beginning!
In life, Morrigan was an elven scientist studying mathematics. In death, she has returned as a banshee, and is now obsessed with researching and experimenting on souls. Dr. Morrigan is a 6 mana 5/5 Warlock Legendary that swaps places with a random minion in your deck instead of dying.

As a part of her research, she's created The Soularium, which acts as the Warlock Legendary spell for the Boomsday Project expansion. It costs 1 mana and draws 3 cards, which are discarded at the end of your turn.
  • Balance Buff: Originally one of the most horrifically overcosted cards in the game at 8 mana, Morrigan was lowered to 6 as part of the Rise of the Mech event.
  • Development Gag: In the original pitch for this set, Warlocks were supposed to be based on math (the most evil of sciences). They decided on the more fantastical "soulology" later, but kept her being a former mathematician as a shout out.

    Champions of Stranglethorn Arena 


  • Animal Motif: All of the trolls (excluding Bwonsamdi's Zombies) are dressed like their animal Loa.
  • The Chosen Many: Each of them are chosen as the representatives of their loa gods.
  • Hollywood Voodoo: Given that Rastakhan's Rumble is the troll set, this is inevitable. Some tribes use it more than others while some barely have it at all, but it's still an overarching theme.
  • Our Spirits Are Different: Each class has a Spirit that synergizes with their loa. The Spirits are all rare minions with no attack and low cost which enter play in Stealth for a single turn.
  • Willing Channeler: They let the loa flow through them, granting them fantastic powers to beat the snot out of each other with.

Wardruid Loti

Champion of Gonk's Raptors

Power takes many forms! - Wardruid Loti
You dare challenge the lord of the hunt? - Gonk, the Raptor
The Druid tribe of the set. Loti focuses on savage, swift attacks with the strength of the Great Hunter at her side. Loti is a 3 mana minion that chooses between one of 4 animal forms when she's played. She's either a 1/2 with Poisonous and Stealth, a 1/4 with Spell Damage +1, a 4/2 with Rush, or a 1/6 with Taunt.

Gonk, the Raptor is a 7 mana 4/9 that, if your hero kills a minion, allows you to attack again. His spirit is a 1-mana 0/3 that has Stealth for one turn that draws a card every time your hero attacks.
  • Boring, but Practical: Stat-wise, each of Loti's forms is below-average at best. But having a Dalaran Mage, a Crypt Lord, a Druid of the Scythe, and a Giant Wasp all packaged into a single card means that Loti can be useful no matter the situation.
  • Creepy Loner Girl: According to the Hearthstone site, Loti keeps her distance from the other fighters, preferring the company of the dinosaurs.
  • Everything's Better with Dinosaurs: Given that Gonk is the Loa of raptors, she's the master of the creatures, including shapeshifting into them.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats: None of Loti's forms are that powerful for their cost, but she has an insane amount of versatility. Incidentally, combining her with Fandral Staghelm makes her a Master of All.
  • Voluntary Shapeshifting: Loti picks between 4 different dinosaurs to transform into.


Champion of Halazzi's Lynxes

Bow to the fang and claw! - Halazzi, the Lynx
The Hunter tribe of the set. The bitter, relentless leader of the Amani has returned with a chip on his shoulder and a knack for the vicious side of nature. For more information on Zul'jin specifically, see the Heroes section.

Halazzi, the Lynx is a 5 mana 3/2 that fills your hand with 1/1 Lynxes with Rush. His spirit is a 3-mana 0/3 that has Stealth for one turn. When you summon a Beast, it gives it +1/+1.
  • Cats Are Mean: Probably the reason the vengeful Zul'jin chose Halazzi to guide him and his tribe.
  • Zerg Rush: Halazzi fills your hand with 1/1s to quickly take control of the board. It combines nicely with the Hunter Spirit, which gives their Beasts +1/+1.

Hexlord Malacrass

Champion of Jan'alai's Dragonhawks

The spirits feast today! - Hexlord Malacrass
Spirit of the flame, turn them to ash! - Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk
The Mage tribe of the set. An evil master of voodoo, the fury of Jan'alai fuels Malacrass' fire. Malacrass is an 8 mana 5/5 that adds a copy of every card from your starting hand into your hand, excluding himself.

Jan'alai, the Dragonhawk is a 7 mana 4/4 that, if you've dealt 8 damage with your Hero Power this game, summons Ragnaros the Firelord. Spirit of the Dragonhawk is a 2-mana 0/3 that has Stealth for 1 turn and allows your Hero Power to deal damage to minions adjacent to your target.
  • Difficult, but Awesome: Malacrass adds a whole new level to your opening mulligan. Do you keep a strong early game and have Malacrass be much weaker, or do you keep the best hand possible and try to survive for an amazing value play?
  • Mix-and-Match Creatures: Dragonhawks, fire-breathing Feathered Serpents native to Quel'thalas.
  • Playing with Fire: The set is based around Hero Power synergy, which means tossing lots of fire around. Jan'alai's effect summons the lord of fire himself.

High Priest Thekal

Champion of Shirvallah's Tigers

What? You think you can take ME? - High Priest Thekal
It's time to test your mettle. - Shirvallah, the Tiger
The Paladin tribe of the set. A fan-favourite Zandalari troll that wields the Holy Light into the arena. High Priest Thekal is a 3 mana 3/4 that sets your hero's health to 1 and gives you armor for each point lost, giving you a massive shell to heal back up.

Shirvallah, the Tiger is a 25 mana 7/5 with Rush, Divine Shield, and Lifesteal, which costs less based on how much mana you've spent on spells this game. Spirit of the Tiger is a 4-mana 0/3 that has Stealth for 1 turn. Every time you cast a spell, it summons a Tiger with stats equal to the spell's cost.
  • Achilles' Heel: Platebreaker can utterly destroy a Thekal player if they don't manage to heal enough HP before Platebreaker hits.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: Like N'zoth before her, Shirvallah has yet to physically appear in World of Warcraft. Zandalari paladins in World of Warcraft are affiliated with the loa Rezan (not present in Hearthstone) instead of Shirvallah, as they are here.
  • Mega Neko: Shirvallah is a towering cat that stands hundreds of feet tall.
  • Not the Intended Use: Shirvallah is ostensibly used as a power card for a spell-heavy Paladin deck. Some Paladins instead took advantage of her 25 mana cost to nuke people with Holy Wrathnote .
  • Panthera Awesome: The Paladins call upon the power of the Loa god of tigers. Shirvallah herself is an epic, enormous minion that can swing a turn, especially if she's summoned for free.

Princess Talanji

Champion of Bwonsamdi's Zombies

Behold, the army of Zandalar! - Princess Talanji
You followed de wrong light, mon... - Bwonsamdi, the Dead
The Priest tribe of the set. The princess of Zandalar, Talanji holds a special contract with the loa of the dead. Princess Talanji is an 8 mana 7/5 that summons every minion from your hand that didn't start in your deck.

Bwonsamdi, the Dead is a 7 mana 7/7 that draws one-cost minions from your deck until your hand is full, synergizing with his Spirit (a 1-mana 0/3 with Stealth for one turn) which shuffles in 1 cost copies of friendly minions that die.
  • Animate Dead: Bwonsamdi's effect is meant to replicate this, calling forth minions that died while your Spirit was on the board.
  • Back from the Dead: Killing Priest minions while you have Spirit of the Dead out will eventually let you play them again, this time for only 1 mana.
  • Everything's Deader with Zombies: In case the team name didn't tip you off, quite a few Priest minions from this set are undead.
  • Reluctant Warrior: Princess Talanji participates in the Rumble out of duty rather than willingness. That doesn't make her any less formidable, though.
  • Soul Power: When your patron Loa is the god of the dead, manipulating souls is inevitable.


Champion of Krag'wa's Frogs

I got mojo... - Zentimo
Tiny flies, flee before me! - Krag'wa, the Frog
The Shaman tribe of the set. The champions of Krag'wa are a mysterious, unsettling lot, content to summon their loa and let him wreck havoc while they channel elemental magics. Zentimo is a 3 mana 1/3 that causes your targeted spells to strike adjacent minions.

Krag'wa, the Frog is a 6 mana 4/6 that returns all spells you cast last turn to your hand. His spirit is a 3-mana 0/3 that has Stealth for one turn. After you cast a spell, it draws you a spell that costs 1 more.
  • Bewitched Amphibians: The Frogs take the Hex theme from Shamans and run all the way with it.
  • Herd-Hitting Attack: Zentimo's effect can potentially turn any spell into one of these.
  • Squishy Wizard: Zentimo's stats are awful for his cost, but his effect can be devastating if backed by the right spells.
  • Summon Magic: In their bio, it specifically says that Zentimo doesn't engage directly in combat, instead calling upon Krag'wa while he strikes from behind.
  • Terse Talker: He's not one for heavy conversation.

Captain Hooktusk

Champion of Gral's Sharks

Cheatin'? I never fight fair! - Captain Hooktusk
You're mine, chum! - Gral, the Shark
The Rogue tribe of the set. Hooktusk is a charming and flashy pirate here to join in the glory of the Rumble, and she's willing to lie, cheat, and backstab her way to the top! Hooktusk is an 8 mana 6/3 that summons 3 Pirates from your deck and gives them Rush.

Gral, the Shark is a 5 mana 2/2 whose Battlecry eats one of your minions to gain its stats, and whose Deathrattle returns that minion to your hand. His spirit is a 4-mana 0/3 that has Stealth for one turn that causes your Battlecries and Combos to trigger twice.

High Priestess Jeklik

Champion of Hir'eeks's Bats

Hir'eek! Grant me wings! - High Priestess Jeklik
I feast upon your flesh! - Hir'eek, the Bat
The Warlock tribe of the set. The shadow-skulking aspirant of Hir'eek revels in the boos she gets from the crowd. She knows any sacrifice is worth summoning her loa and destroying the competition. Jeklik is a 4 mana 3/4 Taunt with Lifesteal. If she's discarded, two copies of her are added to your hand.

Hir'eek, the Bat is an 8 mana 1/1 that fills the board with copies of itself, demanding sacrifice to grow in power, which comes in the form of the Spirit of the Bat, a 2-mana 0/3 that gives a random minion in your hand +1/+1 every time a friendly minion dies.
  • Bat Out of Hell: Hir'eek is an ancient horrifying Loa that demands sacrifice from its followers.
  • Heel: Jeklik is all but called this in her bio. Between obviously cheating and performing dark magic, it's no wonder the crowd hates her and the Bats.
  • Human Sacrifice: A large theme of this set for Warlocks. They need to feed their minions, cards, and even deck into the fire in order to gain great power.
  • Magikarp Power: Hir'eek starts out horribly weak, losing 7/7 stats on Onyxia by default. However, feed him enough sacrifices, and you could potentially buff him to summon 40+ stats across 7 bodies.
  • Self-Duplication: Jeklik duplicates herself if she ends up being discarded.

War Master Voone

Champion of Akali's Rhinos

Aaaah! Let's get this party started! - War Master Voone
Flee, little Drakkari! - Akali, the Rhino
The Warrior tribe of the set. Voone is a simple troll who enjoys the beat of wardrums and the roar of battle. Formerly employed by the Black Dragonflight, he's willing to use his knowledge to gain the upper hand. Voone is a 4 mana 4/3 that duplicates every Dragon in your hand.

Akali, the Rhino is an 8 mana 5/5 Rush that draws another Rush card from your deck and gives it +5/+5 if it Overkills a target. Spirit of the Rhino is a 1-mana 0/3 that has Stealth for a turn that gives your Rush minions immune the turn they're summoned.
  • The Power of Rock: This incarnation of Voone is themed after a punk rocker, complete with an outfit change to match.

Hakkar, the Soulflayer

Pride heralds the end of the world!
The Blood God, patron of the Wind Serpents, and just a generally evil guy. Hakkar is a loa so powerful, he ate any trolls that tried to invoke him for their little competition. Not that it stopped him from showing up... Hakkar the Soulflayer is a 10 mana 9/6 that shuffles Corrupted Blood into each player's deck as his Deathrattle. Corrupted Blood deals 3 damage to your hero when drawn, then shuffles in two more Corrupted Blood.


A devilsaur outfitted for war by the Zandalari, originally found wandering Pandaria. Oondasta is a 9 mana 7/7 with Rush and an Overkill effect that summons a random Beast from your hand.


There's a customer born every minute!
A shady troll who only sells the highest quality magical amulets, such as a charm to jump over small gaps or a ward against dangerous tikbalangs. After being evicted from Shattrath for "fraudulent activities", he made his way to Stranglethorn Vale, hoping to peddle his incredible goods to gullible - err, impressionable audience members.

Griftah is a 4 mana 4/5 who lets you Discover two cards as his Battlecry, giving one to you and the other to your opponent at random. Additionally, including Griftah in your deck gives you a 50% chance to start with The Coin. Really, it's true!
  • Awesome, but Impractical: A Chillwind Yeti with built-in card advantage is pretty strong, so of course he comes with a major downside. Somehow the downside plays into the awesome part, since you could add the crème de la crème to your hand and stick some worthless garbage in your opponent's. Naturally that's the impractical part, since you could just as easily wind up the other way around.
  • Coat Full of Contraband: His artwork shows him holding a coat filled with his goods, including several Mythology Gags and a Hearthstone card pack.
  • Loophole Abuse: You can get around the negative part of his effect by picking two cards that are good for you and useless for your opponent (such as a Mountain Giant and Shirvallah the Tiger if you're control and the opponent is aggro). This is a pretty major Luck-Based Mission though.
  • Snake Oil Salesman: His whole shtick is ripping people off with overpriced, worthless trinkets. As a card he'll give you a very strong Discover, but it also gives your opponent a card and you can't control who gets what.

Da Undatakah

I don't make mistakes! I BURY DEM!
A big bad dire troll wrestler. Da Undatakah is an 8 mana 8/5 who gains the Deathrattles of 3 friendly minions that died this game.

Mojomaster Zihi

Just a sip... then you are mine.
A mana-manipulating troll. Zihi is a 6 mana 5/5 that sets the Mana Crystals of both players to 5.
  • Mana Burn: Zihi's primary use is to destroy the opponent's Mana Crystals, preventing them from playing late-game combos or cards. Of course, it's a symmetrical effect, so you'll need to plan for it.
  • Mana Potion: Her art shows her in the process of gulping one of these down. Ironically, her Battlecry has pretty much the opposite effect.
  • Situational Sword: Zihi's effect is largely only useful against control and combo decks, as games against aggro decks will likely be decided far before her effect becomes relevant.
  • Spanner in the Works: On the flip side, Zihi is particularly good at shutting down combo decks, as most of these decks need at least 9 or 10 mana to execute their combos; slowing them down by 4 turns can be a death sentence if they're out of other resources.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:invoked Her printing is a response to Druid's dominance for the past two years as of her release. Her effect destroys the Druid's ramping effects, and prevents them from executing combos for a few turns.

    Lords of Outland 
For information on Lady Vashj, Lady Liadrin, and Maiev Shadowsong, see Heroes. For information on Zixor, Kanrethad Ebonlocke, Magtheridon, Kael'thas Sunstrider, and Teron Gorefiend see Bosses.


  • Cyborg: A large number of the Lords of Outland have become this, thanks to the Rusted Legion.
  • Cybernetics Eat Your Soul: After being "upgraded", they become loyal to the Rusted Legion, regardless of their previous alignment.

Kayn Sunfury

Hide behind your servants! I will still find you!
A blindly loyal servant of Illidan, and one of the Illidari's leaders in his absence. Kayn is a 4 mana 3/4 Demon Hunter legendary with Charge, who allows you to ignore enemies with Taunt.
  • Attack! Attack! Attack!: Kayn's combination of Charge and anti-taunt make him a perfect aggro finisher.
  • Name of Cain: Inverted. Kayn is undyingly loyal to Illidan, whereas his foil Altruis betrayed Illidan and is still weary of Illidan's methods even after rejoining the Illidari.
  • Nerf: He was originally a 3/5, but was a bit too good when played straight-up on turn 4.

Archspore Msshi'fn

The leader of Sporegar. Msshi'fn is a 3/4 Druid legendary with Taunt. On death, he shuffles Msshi'fn Prime into your deck, a 10 mana 9/9 with Taunt and the effect of summoning a 9/9 Fungal Giant with either Taunt or Rush.
  • Mushroom Man: All sporelings are, although it's not the traditional toadstool-head design. They look like anthropomorphic fungal spores.
  • The Unpronounceable: You try to wrap your head around saying "Msshi'fn". At best guess, it's something like "Mishy-fun".
  • The Unintelligible: He speaks sporeling, which just sounds like random gurgling. That said, Aranna Starseeker can understand the language.

Ysiel Windsinger

Stay strong, Expedition! Reinforcements on the way!
The captain of the Cenarian Expedition. Ysiel is a 9 mana 5/5 Druid Legendary that sets all your spells to 1 mana while she's in play.
  • Ascended Extra: She is a very minor quest giver in WoW, which is a far cry from having an ability that mirror's Avianna's.

Beastmaster Leoroxx

To struggle.. is to survive.
The leader of the ogre-orc hybrid Mok'nathol clan, and Rexxar's estranged father. Leoroxx is a 5/5 Hunter Legendary for 8 mana that summons up to three random Beasts from your hand.
  • The Beastmaster: It's in his name. Where do you think Rexxar learned all his skills from?

Astromancer Solarian

I will crush your delusions of grandeur! - Astromancer Solarian
One of Kael'thas' loyal servants, she is a mage studying the Void. Solarian is a 3/2 Mage Legendary with Spell Damage +1. On death she shuffles Solarian Prim into your deck, a 7/7 Demon for 9 that retains +1 Spell Damage and casts 5 random Mage spells as her Battlecry, which target enemies if possible.
  • Nerf: Solarian Prime got bumped up from 7 to 9 mana to slow her down and prevent her from being too swingy when played with 10 mana.
  • One-Winged Angel: Rather than getting cybernetic upgrades, Solarian Prime becomes a massive Voidwalker. Fittingly, this mirrors her boss encounter in World of Warcraft.
  • Random Number God: Not to the extreme of Yogg-Saron and his ilk, but Solarian Prime is ultimately very RNG-based. She does prefer targeting enemies, but can just as easily give you a bunch of useless Secrets or draw/generate cards instead of wiping the board.
  • Whatever Mancy: Astromancy.

Murgur Murgurgle

Murgur murgurgle!
The leader of the Sungill murlocs. The Sungill are a murloc tribe who traveled through the Dark Portal in search of kidnapped tinyfins. Now lost in Outland, they settled in Hellfire Peninsula. However, the residual demonic energies corrupted some of them into the crazed Felfin tribe. On the brink of extinction, one valiant murloc, Murgurgle, led an offense and pushed his people to Zangarmarsh, making it their new haven. For his bravery, he earned the title Murgur, a murloc's greatest honourific.

Murgur Murgurgle is a 2 mana 2/1 Paladin Legendary with Divine Shield. His Prime form is a 6/3 for 8 that summons four random murlocs and gives them all Divine Shield.
  • All There in the Manual: Murgurgle's origin isn't revealed in game at all, and was instead revealed during an interview.
  • Harpoon Gun: Murgurgle Prime has one of these as an Arm Cannon.
  • Original Generation: That whole backstory was invented for Hearthstone, with the exception of the baby murlocs being taken into Zangarmarsh, which was part of a short TBC quest line.
  • Repetitive Name: Murgur Murgurgle.
  • Wowing Cthulhu: Jaraxxus heard the tale of Murgur Murgurgle, and was inspired to "recruit" him into the Rusted Legion.

Reliquary of Souls

Pain and suffering await you! - Reliquary of Souls
Beware, I LIVE! - Reliquary Prime
A depository of souls created by Illidan, which powers the portals the Illidari use to combat the Burning Legion. It is a 1 mana 1/3 Priest Legendary with Lifesteal. Reliquary Prime is a 6/8 Lifesteal and Taunt for 7, which the opponent cannot target with spells or hero powers.
  • Anti-Magic: Only to the opponent. You can target it with spells on your turn, but it gains Elusive during the opponent's.
  • Game Face: The base face is small and pathetic. The Prime form swaps out for the vengeful Essence of Anger, with metal plates given by the Rusted Legion for good measure.
  • Life Drain: A feature of both halves. Its high health in the original form and spell protection in Prime also make it a great target for buffs, upping the amount it drains.
  • Multiple Head Case: Like the original boss, Reliquary is a three-faced crystal being, with each third having its own personality. The base form is the Essence of Suffering while the Prime is the Essence of Anger (the Essence of Desire is absent, although she is mentioned in their flavour text).


Akama has no master! Not anymore! - Akama
I have an eternity to reap my revenge. - Akama Prime
The chieftain of the Ashtongue broken, Akama swore loyalty to Illidan in order to reclaim the Black Temple (once the temple of Karabor, his ancestral home). After realizing the Black Temple had only traded one evil master for another, Akama secretly colluded with Maiev Shadowsong to overthrow Illidan when the time presented itself.

Akama is a 3/4 Rogue Legendary with Stealth for 3 mana. Akama Prime is a 6/5 for five that has permanent Stealth.
  • Living Shadow: Akama Prime represents his appearance as the Shade of Akama, although this version is fighting against Illidan rather than being magically bound to him. He is made of shadow, which grants him Stealth even after attacking.
  • Never Going Back to Prison: His entrance quote makes this very clear.

Shadowjeweler Hanar

I never lie... but I never tell the truth.
A mysterious draeneic jeweler. Hanar is a 2 mana 1/4 Rogue Legendary. Whenever you cast a Secret, he lets you Discover a Secret from a different class.
  • Exact Words: He lets you Discover a secret from a different class.. to the class you played the Secret from. For example, if you play a Rogue Secret, you can Discover a Mage, Hunter or Paladin Secret. If you play a Mage one, you can instead Discover a Paladin, Hunter, or Rogue Secret.
  • Nerf: He was originally a 1/5, but this made him nigh-unkillable when paired with all the defensive Secrets you could create.

The Lurker Below

A leviathan that dwells below the waters in Coilfang Reservoir. The Lurker Below is a Shaman Legendary, as a 6 mana 6/5 Beast that deals 3 damage to an enemy minion. If that kills the target, it repeats this on an adjacent minion.
  • Balance Buff: The Lurker Below was originally a 6/3, but Shaman was the absolute worst class when Ashes of Outland launched. As such, a bunch of their mediocre cards were given small buffs to help improve them.
  • Kill It with Water: Lurker Below's Battlecry is depicted as a water jet spraying across the battlefield.
  • Splash Damage Abuse: The whole point of this card is to wipe a board of minions with 3 or less health, either by dropping it on a bunch of weenies or by manipulating the board first with trades/spells.
  • Water Is Blue: To the point where his visual is just Corrosive Breath/Rotnest Drake's effect recoloured from green.

Keli'dan the Breaker

Come closer... and BURN!
A fel orc charged with containing Magtheridon in his prison. Keli'dan is a 6 mana 3/3 Warlock legendary that destroys a minion. If played on the same turn he was drawn, he instead destroys all other minions.
  • Boring, but Practical: 99% of the time, Keli'dan will be cast with his first effect. The second only triggers if you happen to get lucky (drawing it with 6 mana on a board where a full clear is beneficial). This is totally fine though, since his base effect is perfectly acceptable.

Kargath Bladefist

The Bladefist has no master! - Kargath Bladefist
The chieftain of the Shattered Hand clan, one of the most powerful clans in the Old Horde. After the destruction of Draenor, he drank the blood of the pitlord Magtheridon, further damning the orcs of Outland to become demonic Fel Orcs. Kargath is a 4 mana 4/4 Warrior Legendary with Rush. Kargath Prime is an 8 mana 10/10 with Rush that gives your hero 10 Armor after killing a minion.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: His hands are replaced by a sword and scythe respectively. Long before the rise of the Horde, he cut his hand off to escape ogre captivity and many other slaves did the same, forming the Shattered Hand.
  • Chainsaw Good: Kargath Prime swaps out his blades for chainsaws.


The "Phoenix God", and Kael'thas' faithful companion. Al'ar is a 5 mana 7/3 neutral Legendary. On death he becomes the Ashes of Al'ar, a 0/3 that transforms back into Al'ar at the start of your turn.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Having a massive "immortal" 7/3 beatstick is pretty cool, but it's not easy to maintain. The ashes can easily be killed with any removal spell (or minion attack), making it hard to keep on the board. There's also the fact that Al'ar transforms at the start of your turn, meaning your opponent can keep him indefinitely unable to attack if they can kill the 7/3 each turn.
  • The Phoenix: Natch.
  • Resurrective Immortality: So long as you keep the ashes alive, Al'ar will be back every single turn.

    Students, Faculty, and Other Residents of Scholomance 


  • Adaptational Expansion: In actual WoW canon, Scholomance was never public knowledge. It's actually based on an old legend of a Satanic school hidden under a lake in Romania. As such, it was just a base of operations for the early Cult of the Damned. Hearthstone decided to expand that with it being basically Hogwarts With a Dark Secret.
  • Anachronism Stew: Scholomance Academy is meant to take place some time between the Second and Third war, with the Alliance having won but the Scourge not having attacked yet. The cards muddy that completely, even taking into account the other liberties, with draenei on Azeroth, vulpera students, demon hunters being trained, blood elves existing, Turalyon being a professor... it isn't even trying to be a canon Warcraft event.
  • Dramatic Irony: All of the professors at Scholomance are alive and running a relatively normal school. WoW players will recognize most of them as either secret agents of the Scourge or mindless undead monsters - or in the case of the Original Generation ones, absent entirely. Many of them even have flavor texts lampshading their eventual fates.
    • Omu's flavor text has her wish Scholomance Academy's influence could grow. And yes, it sure does.
    • Instructor Fireheart mentions that she will always live on as long as the fire rages in her heart. Which is why she's turned into the lich Instructor Chillheart.
    • Infiltrator Lilian mentions that she'll uncover what's going on in Scholomance, even if she dies twice trying. While it's a cheeky reference to her effect, it's also exactly what happens to her in WoW.
    • Lorekeeper Polkelt is a brilliant, vast well of knowledge who is more than happy to share it with whoever asks. Unfortunately, whatever the Cult of the Damned do to him leaves him as nothing but a mindless zombie.

Star Student Stelina

We'll just have a little peek...
An over-achiever, the Demon Hunter legendary of the set, and also the Demon Hunter hero in the Duels mode. Stelina is a 4 mana 4/3 with an Outcast effect that looks at three cards in your opponent's hand and lets you shuffle one back in.
  • Stealth Pun: Stelina is the only legendary of the set that isn't a professor or some kind of faculty. That's because demon hunter is the youngest class by far, and isn't experienced enough to have a professor.
  • Teacher's Pet: She's presented this way in her art and theme.

Forest Warden Omu

In time, you too will bloom.
A treant professor who wishes everything at Scholomance could grow. Omu is both the Druid hero in the Duels mode and the class's legendary of the set, a 6 mana 5/4 whose Spellburst refreshes your mana crystals.
  • Ambiguous Gender: Omu is a woman, although the only identifying features are her voice and flavor text.
  • Treants: She is one, although her design is more reminiscent of a classic humanoid treant rather than the squat creatures Warcraft usually depicts them as.

Professor Slate

Oh, g-green is very good! ...Or, very bad...
The potions master. Slate is a 3 mana 3/4 Hunter legendary who makes all of your spells Poisonous. He also acts as the Hunter hero in the Duels mode.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Sure, using something like Rapid Fire to blow up minions for cheap seems tempting, but given that Hunter is more concerned in general with hitting face than clearing minions (and the Hunter spells cheap enough to enable Slate see very little play due to being low-impact on their own) and has essentially no area-of-effect damagenote , Slate doesn't offer much to the Hunter's game plan... yet.
  • Captain Ersatz: Of Snape, although his design looks more like generic Mad Scientist.note 
  • Master Poisoner: His potions turn all of your spells poisonous.
  • Playing with Syringes: On his artwork, he's holding a colossal syringe full of toxic green poison.

Mozaki, Master Duelist

Who's ready for a little show?
A troll instructor of the arcane. Mozaki is a 5 mana 3/8 Mage legendary that gains Spell Damage +1 after the player casts a spell. She also acts as the Mage hero in the Duels mode.
  • Indy Ploy: Her signature treasure Infinite Arcane in Duel mode destroys her deck while allowing her to Discover a card every turn, throwing all planning out of the window and letting her think on her feet. It also gives her virtual immunity to Fatigue, as her deck will always have one Discovered card at any time.

Turalyon, the Tenured

Rise to the challenge!
One of the Alliance heroes of the Second War who travelled through the Dark Portal, sacrificing himself to seal it from the other side. He was eventually inducted into the Army of Light, a force that destroyed the Burning Legion and is destined to defeat the Void Lords. Also, somehow he's a professor at Scholomance.

Turalyon the Tenured is an 8 mana 3/13 Paladin Legendary with Rush that sets the attack and health of any minion he attacks to 3. He also acts as the Paladin hero in the Duels mode.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: The ability to beat over huge minions for free 4 times is pretty cool. Unfortauntely, big minions that see play tend to come with Deathrattles or fast effects, making Tuarlyon effectively an overpriced removal spell that nets you a 3/9. Add the fact that he's awful against weenie minions, and you have a neat but niche effect.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: If Turalyon attacks a minion that's smaller than 3/3, his effect actually buffs it.
  • One-Hit Kill: He sets the enemy's health to 3, he has 3 attack... It kinda works out.

Mindrender Illucia

Share your thoughts with the class... NOW!
The wife of Lord Barov and a master of Mind Control. Illucia is the Priest Legendary of the set, as a 3 mana 1/3 that swaps hands and decks with the opponent until the start of your next turn. She also acts as the Priest hero in the Duels mode.
  • Body Swap: She effectively does this, switching hands and decks with the opponent using her powerful mind manipulation.
  • Nerf: She was originally 2 mana, but was far too good as just a generic play that obliterated tempo decks. Now she works as a combo counter as intended, but isn't very good against non-combo matchups (although can still waste opposing value cards).

Infiltrator Lillian

Evil lurks in these halls.
Lillian Voss is the daughter of Benedictus Voss, a high-ranking member of the Scarlet Crusade. She was sent to Scholomance to investigate the mysterious activaity reported in the cellar. She would later be killed and resurrected as a Forsaken, awakening mysterious powers within her as she set out to rid the world of the corrupt Scarlet Crusade and hunt down the last of the mindless Scourage.

Lillian first appeared in Knights of the Frozen Throne as a Rogue legendary. She is a 4/5 for 4 that replaces all spells in your hand with random spells from the opponent's class. In Scholomance Academy, she appears as her human form named Infiltrator Lillian, another 4 mana Rogue legendary, this time a 4/2 with Stealth. On death, she becomes the 4/2 Forsaken Lillian and attacks a random enemy. Lillian, in her Infiltrator form, also acts as the Rogue hero in the Duels mode.
  • Back from the Dead: Infiltrator Lillian becomes Forsaken Lillian on death.
  • Desperation Attack: You can play Infiltrator Lillian followed by Backstab to have her instantly swing for 4. It's not guaranteed to go face if the opponent has minions in play, but it's perfect for setting up sneaky lethals.
  • Discard and Draw: The OG Lillian Voss does this. It's generally a questionable choice to get rid of spells you put in your deck for potentially garbage random ones, although she is useful once you're near the end of the game and you can swap your low value rogue spells for stuff that's possibly better. She can also reroll other bad generated spells, and slays in a dedicated Burgle Rogue deck.
  • Counter-Attack: Try to take out Infiltrator Lillian before she can attack (or after she already has)? She retaliates by hitting something you control.
  • Our Banshees Are Louder: Forsaken Lillian is summoned with an ear-splitting Ghostly Wail as she rams herself into a random enemy.

Instructor Fireheart

Never be afraid of your inner power!
Serving as the Shaman legendary for the set, Fireheart is a 3 mana 3/3 that Discovers a spell that costs at least 1 mana. If you cast the spell that turn, her Battlecry triggers again. In addition, Fireheart also acts as the Shaman hero in the Duels mode.
  • Developers' Foresight: Her restriction to not Discover 0-cost spells, which was specifically implemented so she couldn't go infinite off Lightning Blooms.
  • Heroic Spirit: According to her flavour text, even death can't stop her as long as she has the fire in her heart. This is why the Scourge turned her into an ice-cold lich.

Archwitch Willow

Existence is pain. So is teaching you.
The professor of demonology. Willow is an 8 mana 5/5 Warlock legendary whose Battlecry summons a random demon from your hand and deck. She also acts as the Warlock hero in Duels mode.
  • Balance Buff: More of a Burf than a straight buff, but Willow was initially a 7/7 for 9. She was buffed because her effect was laughably bad compared to other demon cheating effects.


A monstrous skeleton abomination created in the depths of Scholomance. Rattlegore is a 9/9 Warroir legendary for 9. On death, he summons a copy of himself with 1/1 fewer stats. That copy summons a 7/7, which summons a 6/6...

...Oh, and somehow he's the one that got picked to be the Warrior hero for the Duels mode.
  • Boring, but Practical: At the end of the day, he's a big lump of stats. He's also very slow on the turn he's played. That lump of stats however is nearly impossible to remove, and threatens great trades and face damage constantly for pretty much the rest of the game. If your opponent doesn't have a Silence or mind control effect, they might as well concede.
  • Pokémon Speak: His only quotes are "RATTLEGOOOOORE!!!" on summon and a simple "RAAAW!" for attacking.
  • Resurrective Immortality: Not technically immortal, but he resummons himself up to 8 times before going away forever.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Mind control. Warrior is one of the worst classes in terms of non-silence removal, meaning your Rattlegore is now your opponent's unstoppable threat. Never ever play Rattlegore against a Priest, unless you want to give them the easiest Cabal Acolyte + Wave of Apathy ever.

Shan'do Wildclaw

Students! Today's class will be outside!
A professor of Druidic and Hunter arts. Wildclaw is a 3 mana 3/3 Druid/Hunter legendary with a Choose One effect. She can either give all Beasts in your deck +1/+1, or transform into a copy of a friendly Beast.

Ace Hunter Kreen

You want my respect? Earn it!
The archery instructor. Kreen is a 3 mana 2/4 Hunter/Demon Hunter legendary that makes all friendly characters Immune while attacking.
  • Homage: To Hunterace, the winner of the 2018 Hearthstone Global Championship.

Soulciologist Malicia

Pa-thetic! Put some soul into it!
A high elven professor of soul magic. Malicia is a 7 mana 5/5 Demon Hunter/Warlock legendary that summons a 3/3 Soul with Rush for each Soul Fragment in your deck.
  • Berserk Button: Call her study a "soft science", and you might end up in a Soul Fragment yourself.
  • Composite Character: Her Soul Fragments, which are a major Demon Hunter and Warlock theme for this set. They're Casts When Drawn spells that restore 2 health, and can be used as a resource to use certain Battlecries. They combine two mechanics from WoW: Soul Shards, which are a Warlock-specific secondary resource, and actual Soul Fragments, which are a side DH mechanic that restore health.
  • Punny Name: Soulciologist.
  • Soul Power: She traps souls in fragmented gems, and can use them for various spells or healing.

Disciplinarian Gandling

Class dismissed! Now time for the REAL lesson...
A professor who definitely doesn't teach necromancy and isn't tied to the Cult of the Damned. In modern Warcraft, he's a powerful necromancer known as Darkmaster Gandling. Gandling is a 4 mana 3/6 Priest/Warlock legendary that destroys any minion you summon and creates a 4/4 Failed Student to replace it.
  • Necromancer: Failed Students are zombies, implying he's using his less-than-stellar students as fodder for the Scourge.
  • Sadist Teacher: Literally every student he's in charge he gets failed. As his flavour text notes, he grades on less of a curve and more of a sharp spike.

High Abbess Alura

Become the hero this world needs.
A draenei teacher. Alura is a 4 mana 3/6 Priest/Paladin legendary. Her Spellburst effect casts a random spell from your deck, targeting herself if possible.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Note that she doesn't discriminate between beneficial buffs and removal spells; taking cards like Shadow Word: Pain and Rebuke out of your deck when playing Alura is heavily recommended.

Lord Barov

Do try to keep yourselves alive!
Lord Alexei Barov is the owner of Barov Estate, the grounds that house Scholomance. He sold it to Kel'Thuzad and the Cult of the Damned for a huge sum of gold, and remains on the grounds to... keep track of the strange headmaster. Lord Barov is a 3 mana 3/2 Paladin/Warrior legendary whose Battlecry sets all minions to 1 health, and whose Deathrattle deals 1 damage to all minions.

Doctor Krastinov

Consider this a house call!
Theolin Krastinov, better known as The Butcher, is a criminally insane cultist - err, actually, he's the self-defense instructor. Doctor Krastinov is a 5 mana 4/4 Warrior/Rogue legendary with Rush that gives your weapon +1/+1 each time he attacks.

Jandice Barov

What makes something real?
The daughter of Alexei and Illucia Barov, and a master illusionist - and major brat. Jandice is a 5 mana 2/1 Rogue/Mage legendary that summons two random 5 mana minions. The player chooses one of them, and when it takes damage it instantly dies.
  • Master of Illusion: She creates two minions as her Battlecry - one real, and the other just a trick. It's up to you to play mindgames with your opponent.
  • She's Got Legs: Her leg-barring leotard was kept intact from WoW (a bit odd, since Whitemane's mostly identical outfit was Bowdlerized).
  • Spoiled Brat: Her main shtick. Her parents own Scholomance, so they pulled a few strings to get her her own class. Apparently, she likes to sneak off and mess with other classes in her down time with her illusion magic.
  • Your Mind Makes It Real: Her illusion will die from a single point of damage, but that doesn't stop them from actually doing damage.

Ras Frostwhisper

True mastery takes dedication.
Kel'Thuzad's first and most promising pupil. In WoW, Ras would ascend to lich-hood and headmaster of Scholomance following his master's leaving. Ras is a 5 mana 3/6 Mage/Shaman legendary that deals 1 damage to all enemies at the end of the turn, improved by Spell Damage.

Speaker Gidra

Nature speaks through us.
A highmountain tauren professor. Gidra is a 1/4 Shaman/Druid legendary for 4 mana with Windfury and Rush. Additionally, her Spellburst effect grants her stats equal to the cost of the spell.

    Operators and Attendees of the Darkmoon Faire 

Silas Darkmoon

The Darkmoon Faire! Adventure and excitement await!
The creator and proprietor of the Darkmoon Faire. Silas is a neutral 4/4 legendary for 7 mana who rotates all minions in the chosen direction when summoned, with the outermost minions switching control.
  • Not the Intended Use: Silas was designed to trade two minions, preferably swapping a low-value minion with something huge. Instead, the vast majority of people use Silas a neutral Treachery, giving the opponent a Soulbound Ashtongue and doing some OTK shenenagins on it.

Zai, the Incredible

''Was THIS your card?!"
A jinyu performer at the faire. Zai is a 5 mana 5/3 Demon Hunter legendary whose battlecry duplicates the two outermost cards in the player's hand.

Kiri, Chosen of Elune

A moonkin Balance druid. Kiri is a 4 mana 2/2 for Druid that adds a Lunar and Solar Eclipse to the player's hand. Lunar Eclipse is a 2 mana spell that deals 3 damage to a minion and reduces the cost of the next spell by 2 that turn, and Solar Eclipse is a 2 mana spell that doubles the next spell you cast.


You're barking up the wrong tree!
An ancient of lore. Greybough is a 5 mana 4/6 Taunt that gives another friendly minion "deathrattle: Summon Greybough" when he dies.

Maxima Blastenheimer

Step up to get blown up!
The operator of the Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon, the Darkmoon Faire's fourth-most dangerous attraction. Maxima is a 6 mana 4/4 Hunter legendary that fires a minion out of your deck, launching it at the enemy hero and killing it.
  • Human Cannonball: What her battlecry represents, although hers is more lethal than you'd normally expect.

Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon

What once was cloudy shall become clear...
Darkmoon's mysterious gnoll fortune teller. Sayge is a 6 mana 5/5 Mage legendary that draws a card, and draws an additional card for each friendly Secret that triggered this game.

Lothraxion the Redeemed

Let the Light save you... as it saved me.
A nathrezim that turned away from his fellow dreadlords, eschewing the Burning Legion and joining the Army of Light. Lothraxion is a 5 mana 5/5 Paladin Demon that gives all Silver Hand Recruits you summon Divine Shield for the rest of the game.
  • Ascended Demon: He has removed the demonic taint that corrupted most nathrezim, becoming one with the Light. He's still marked as a Demon in Hearthstone (something he notably is not in WoW), but that's mostly for aesthetic reasons.

High Exarch Yrel

Faith is my mirror.
The High Exarch of the draenei on an alternate Draenor. Following the events of Warlords of Draenor, she became the leader of a zealous offshoot of the Lightforged in her reality. Yrel is an 8 mana paladin legendary, a 7/5 that gains Rush, Taunt, Divine Shield, and Lifesteal so long as your deck has no neutral cards.

The Nameless One

Come closer. You can trust me.
A mysterious fortune teller. No one knows his true identity. The Nameless One is a 4/4 Priest Legendary that becomes a 4/4 copy of an enemy minion, then Silences the original target.

Tenwu of the Red Smoke

Come, friend! Let's see what you've got.
One of the Shado-Pan, the elite ninja guards of the Pandaren Empire. Tenwu is a Rogue 2 mana 3/2 that returns a friendly minion to your hand and sets its cost to 1 that turn.

Grand Totem Eys'or

A powerful totem bearing the Darkmoon Faire's iconography. Some say it can see straight into the soul of any who dare to read its Flavor Text. Eys'or is a 3 mana 0/4 Legendary Shaman totem that gives all totems in your hand, deck, and battlefield +1/+1 at the end of the turn.
  • Punny Name: Its name sounds like "eyesore", playing off how the Darkmoon Faire logo looks like an eye in the center.

Inara Stormcrash

Charged and ready to rumble!
A Wildhammer dwarf and crowd favourite in the fighting pavilion. Inara is a 5 mana 4/5 Shaman Legendary. During your turn, she gives your hero +2 Attack and Windfury.


Turn... in... tickets... (Uncorrupted)
NO... MORE... TICKETS! (Corrupted)
An infernal that counts tickets at the faire. He is a 6 mana 8/8 Warlock Demon that destroys 5 cards from the top of your deck. However, when Corrupted, he destroys 5 cards from the opponent's deck instead.

E.T.C., God of Metal

WOO, let's melt some FACES!
The god of rock and roll incarnate. E.T.C. is a 2 mana 1/4 Warrior legendary. Whenever a friendly Rush minion attacks, it deals 2 damage to the enemy hero.

Elite Tauren Chieftan first appeared in the Promo set, later rolled into the Hall of Fame. He is a 5 mana 5/5 neutral legendary that gives each player the power to ROCK with a Power Chord (a 4-mana spell). The Power Chords are Rogues Do It..., dealing 4 damage and drawing a card; I Am Murloc, summoning 3-5 1/1 Murlocs; and Power of the Horde, summoning a random Horde warrior.

Ringmaster Whatley

Ladies and Gentleorcs, prepare to be amazed!
A worgen ringmaster known to work with anyone, and anything. Whatley is a 5 mana 3/5 warrior legendary that draws a Mech, Pirate, and dragon from your deck.


Harth Stonebrew
Busy night... but there's always room for another!
Voiced by: Terrence Stone
The dwarven Innkeeper who owns and maintains the magical inn Hearthstone is supposedly set in. A genial and welcoming figure who greets you when you arrive and instructs you on how to play Hearthstone. Implied by several journal entries on the Hearthstone blog to be more powerful than he lets on.
  • Ascended Meme: Can spout off "EVERYONE, GET IN HERE and say hello!" in a clear nod to the line recited by the infamous Grim Patron minion.
  • Badass Normal: Besides running a magic inn, hasn't displayed any notable abilities, but something about him is threatening enough to keep the patrons of the tavern under control, even when said patrons include some of the greatest villains of Warcraft, including Gul'Dan, Ragnaros the Firelord, Nefarian, Kel'Thuzad, Arch-Thief Rafaam, the Lich King, Deathwing, and the four Old Gods.
  • Big Fun
  • Cheaters Never Prosper: Supposedly, if you cheat in a Hearthstone match, he curses you to draw terrible cards forever.
  • Did We Just Have Tea with Cthulhu?: The tavern is open to everyone, regardless of alignment. This means EVERYONE, including figures such as Ragnaros, C'Thun, Deathwing, The Lich King, and N'Zoth.
  • Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep": Is usually referred to as simply 'the Innkeeper.'
  • Inn Between the Worlds: The inn manifests all over Azeroth, and, if Illidan and Gul'Dan's patronage is any clue, on Outland and Draenor as well. It also apparently links once in a while to the Firelands so Ragnaros can arm wrestle with Nefarian, as well as to an alternate universe where the Old Gods rule over Azeroth. On top of all this, the Inn appears to defy time, bringing in characters who have been long dead or missing, such as Magni Bronzebeard, Alleria Windrunner, and Medivh. Certain Card Backs also imply that the Inn has connections to the Nexus, Sanctuary, Koprulu Sector, and Overwatch's Earth.
  • Large Ham
  • The Little Shop That Wasn't There Yesterday: The Inn is supposedly this, manifesting before weary travelers anywhere from the deepest marsh, to the streets of Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Sometimes you may even leave in a completely different location from where you entered.
  • Mr. Exposition: Explains how Hearthstone works during the tutorial and narrates the menus outside of the adventures. Also narrated the trailers for Naxxramas and Blackrock Mountain.
  • The Need for Mead: Almost always depicted with a foaming flask.
  • The Neutral Zone: At least as far as killing, the Tavern is neutral ground for all. He's willing to let rivalries be aired in non-lethal ways, such as Nefarian and Ragnaros having it out with each other via Hearthstone games and arm wrestling.
  • Nice Guy: Very friendly and welcoming, just don't start any trouble in his tavern.
  • Our Dwarves Are All the Same: Shares the jolly demeanor and love of brew characteristic to dwarves.
  • Rule of Fun: Believes in this, as seen in the intro cinematic.
  • Technical Pacifist: No weapons or magic allowed in the tavern. That said, he isn't above allowing bar brawls to break out so long as nobody gets killed. Also, no cheating. If you're caught doing any of these, you'll be bodily thrown from the establishment.

He likes to think he's cooler than Ragnaros.
The host of the Frost Festival, starting up immediately after (and to upstage) Ragnaros' Midsummer Fire Festival. Hosting his own, superior tavern brawl and giving away free arena runs and wins, Ahune's Frost Festival is CLEARLY better than Ragnaros' lame Fire Festival.

A year later, Ahune seems to have gotten over his rivalry with Ragnaros, and teams up with him in the Tavern Brawl "A Brawl of Fire and Ice". He plays a frost-based Elemental deck with lots of freeze effects, and his Hero Power deals 1 damage and summons a 5/5 Frost Elemental if it kills the target.

  • Dual Boss: Ahune and Ragnaros have separate pools of 60 HP each, and they switch places periodically as the player depletes their health.
  • An Ice Person: A lesser elemental lord of ice and frost. Here, however, he sets himself up as superior to Ragnaros, one of the four major elemental lords.
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Amusingly and ironically, Ahune's the red to Ragnaros's blue during their team-up Tavern Brawl. While Ahune's enthusiastic about fighting alongside Ragnaros, Ragnaros quietly and begrudgingly tolerates him.
  • The Rival: To Ragnaros, though his portrayal as such is unique to Hearthstone.
  • Rivals Team Up: He and Ragnaros team up in the 2018 Midsummer Fire Festival. And by "team up" we mean that Ahune barges in uninvited while Ragnaros is facing the player, much to the Firelord's chagrin.
  • Sitcom Archnemesis: To Ragnaros the Firelord, even going so far as to set up a "superior" tavern brawl to Ragnaros' where you blow up target dummies made to look like Ragnaros in order to win. But only in his first appearance.

The Headless Horseman

The host of the Hallow's End event, and the main enemy of his own single player tavern brawl event.

Gearmaster Mechazod

I will cleanse you both of the Curse of Flesh!
The main enemy of the "Unite against Mechazod" Tavern Brawl. Gearmaster Mechazod seeks to undo the "curse of flesh" (i.e. turn everyone into robots). Anduin and Uther (and later Medivh and Malfurion) team up to defeat him in the tavern brawl. Unlike the Adventure bosses, Mechazod is represented by a minion, each turn they cast a random spell then leap to the playing field against the player whose turn it is.
  • Boss in Mook Clothing: Is the only boss so far which is a minion instead of an opposing hero. Necessary since this requires both heroes to defeat him.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Mechazod has a spell specifically to kill Lorewalker Cho. Subverted in that Lorewalker is incredibly useful in this brawl.
  • Damage-Sponge Boss: Has 95 Health. Without instant destruction or direct damage spells, this will take a while.
  • Killer Robot
  • Nerf: In the second Mechazod Tavern Brawl, Assassinate is replaced by a new card named Prioritize. Prioritize is somewhat weaker than Assassinate since it only deals damage to a minion instead of killing them outright. When the first Mechazod Tavern Brawl returned, the change from Assassinate to Prioritize carried over. This made the battle significantly easier, as Paladin had minions with divine shield that could survive a hit from Prioritize.
  • Noodle Incident: Whatever the reason for his beef with Lorewalker Cho, we don't get the specifics before he destroys him.
  • Not Completely Useless: Due to the co-operative nature of the battle, several cards with crippling drawbacks actually become useful. For example, cards that give your opponent a mana crystal.
  • Not So Harmless: Starts with only a measly 2 attack, but can overclock to increase his damage by two. Two of his abilities deal his attack damage to targets (one deals it to both players, the other deals it to three random targets). He can easily snowball out of control and kill the heroes very easily.
  • One-Hit Kill: His assassinate spell lets him instantly kill any minion regardless of their defenses - though this was removed in later Tavern Brawls. His "Kill the Lorewalker" is this specifically for Lorewalker Cho.
  • SNK Boss: Mechazod is one of the hardest bosses Hearthstone has ever produced; Owing to his huge amount of health, his ability to deal potentially massive damage to players and minions alike, his ability to assassinate minions, and the fact both decks are built specifically without cards that would make the fight much easier. This brawl is so hard that the first time it rolled out, players get their weekly tavern brawl pack even if they lose. Note that he's gotten a bit easier - see Nerf above.
  • Time-Limit Boss: Mechazod is effectively one since the goal is to kill him before he powers up enough to kill either player. He has 95 Health. Good Luck.
  • Unusable Enemy Equipment: All of Mechazod's spells except Assassinate.


A goblin inventory manager who is responsible for securing the Welcome Bundle as a deal in the store. Speculated to be the one responsible for running the card shop in the tavern.

The Dark Wanderer

The Dark Wanderer is the warrior from Diablo I who has been possessed by Diablo, the very demon he sought to contain within himself. After finally engaging Diablo in a duel in the depths of the hell beneath Tristram, the unnamed Warrior defeated and killed the Prime Evil. However, by this time he had been thoroughly corrupted by the demon's influence, and was led to believe the only way he could contain the Lord of Terror was by placing Diablo's foul soul within his own body, inserting the soulstone in his forehead. He arrives quite unexpectedly in the Tavern from his home world by unknown means, and challenges players to a game. However, uncovering his three secrets may lead to quite a surprise...
  • The Cameo: His custom Secrets were visions of different Diablo classes, including the Assassin, Barbarian, Necromancer, Sorcerer, Crusader and Amazon.

The Cow King

The Cow King is the ruler of the Secret Cow Level, a secret level hidden within Diablo II. Should the player reveal all three of the Dark Wanderer's secrets, a portal appears that will transport the player to a secret level on the next turn to do battle with the Cow King and his unending hordes of Hell Bovines.
  • Easter Egg: Inherent for any appearance of the Cow King at this point.
  • Zerg Rush: The Hell Bovines will keep coming endlessly until the player is overwhelmed or the Cow King is slain. The 'real' objective of the brawl is to see how many enemies the player can defeat before this occurs.

The City of Stormwind

Stormwind is the capital city of the Alliance, and home of the humans, as well as a game board within Hearthstone. Also serves as the unkillable enemy of the Storming Stormwind and Decorating Stormwind Tavern Brawls, where the player is challenged to deal as much damage as possible to the city's gates as possible before they inevitably fall before the endless waves of defenders spilling forth from the city.
  • Zerg Rush: Swordsmen will endlessly pour from the city in increasing strength, and will inevitably defeat the player. The real objective is to see how long the player can survive and how much damage they can deal to the city gates before this happens. In the sequel, Decorating Stormwind, there is an upper limit the player can reach which leads to victory, but the Zerg Rush trope is still in effect.


The card-bot prototype built by Tinkertown gnomes that's the titular character of the Clockwork Card Dealer Tavern Brawl, where the card drawn at the start of each turn will always try to draw a card whose mana cost matches the turn number, with a 1-mana card drawn on turn 1, a 2-mana card drawn on turn 2, and so on.

Great-Father Winter

A friendly elder, usually portrayed by an orc or a dwarf, that appears every Winter Veil season to give gifts. The dwarven interpretation takes part in the Gift Exchange Tavern Brawl, distributing gifts to both players.
  • Nice Guy: The dude is basically Santa Claus, and gives both players gifts freely.

Captain Blackheart

The skeletal pirate from the world of Mistharbor in Heroes of the Storm, he occasionally enters the Tavern and leaves a chest of treasure, leading to his aptly named Tavern Brawl, Captain Blackheart's Treasure, where at the start of each player's turn, they Discover a card between a choice of 2 random minions or a spell.
  • The Cameo: His entire presence is this, due to him being a character from an entirely different game. The description of the brawl uses the wording 'treasure for EVERYONE, but mostly for you,' an almost exact quotation of one of his most frequently used lines in Heroes of the Storm.

Piñata Golem and the Party Crashers

An ogre shaped piñata that served as the boss of the A Mammoth of a New Year tavern brawl. The Party Crashers first appeared out of nowhere during the otherwise common An Encounter at the Crossroads brawl, before returning to cause further annoyances in the New Year brawl.
  • Unexpected Character: The Party Crashers' debut was completely out of nowhere, in the middle of a commonly recurring, fairly mundane brawl.

Crime Families of Gadgetzan

    Universal Tropes 

  • Evil vs. Evil
  • Fighter, Mage, Thief: Goons, Kabal, and Lotus. Makes sense, considering which classes each represent.
  • Gang of Hats:
  • Generic Ethnic Crime Gang: They fit most of the criteria for this trope, with all of the gangs being well-organised and having their trademark uniforms and colours, as well as respected patriarchs. It is unsure how family-oriented they are, though, and how ethnic they are depends on the gang. The Jade Lotus's members are all from Pandaria, and as such share an East Asian aesthetic out of universe, but both the Kabal and the Grimy Goons have members not just from different races, but from different planets. The Goons have a traditional Italian mafia theme, though, so they are still "ethnic" as far as it comes to their style.
  • Villain Protagonist

    Grimy Goons 
A gang of brutal thugs, robbers, extortionists, blackmailers and enforcers operating out of Grimestreet that utilize their muscle and prodigious stockpile of smuggled weaponry to get what they want. The family of choice for Warriors, Paladins, and Hunters, they consist of brawny, violent races such as orcs, humans, dwarves, tauren, ogres, gnolls, goblins, murlocs, quillboar, troggs, kobolds, pygmies, worgen, and tuskarr. Led by the two-headed ogre Don Han'Cho. The Goons' gang quirk revolves around buffing the stats of their back-up waiting in the wings (your hand), meant to represent them making arrangements for them to receive stashed weaponry.

General Tropes

  • Arms Dealer: The flavour of most of their cards. They smuggle weapons and supplies to buff the minions in your hand.
  • Doppelgänger Attack: While Doppelgangster isn't a Goons-exclusive card, it works best in their decks. It will multiply any in-hand buffs by 3, turning it into insane value if it eats a few buff cards. If it gets hit by Don Han'Cho, it becomes a 24/24 split between 3 bodies!
  • Equivalent Exchange: All of their minions are very weak for their price, and the spells literally do nothing at first. They make up for it buffing up the minions in your hand, meaning you'll heavily over-statted minions on later turns.
  • The Mafia

Don Han'Cho

Hey! Join the goons...
Or meet my fist!
A two-headed ogre who atypically lacks any magical ability, Han'Cho is the 'da Boss' of the Grimy Goons. Han, the moustachioed head, is the brains of the operation and a criminal mastermind. not, but hits like a stampeding kodo. The brilliant mastermind of the Grimy Goons, Han sometimes thinks about ditching the idiot Cho, but that would just tear him apart. He's bought the First Bank of Gadgetzan, taking a cut of the finances of the Gadgetzan Emporium. Currently preparing for a hostile takeover of Gadgetzan.

Don Han'cho is a 7 mana 5/6 that gives a minion in your hand a hefty +5/+5 buff.

Wickerflame Burnbristle

WHOA, I'm on fire!
A dwarven member of the Grimy Goons who has built a cannon into his chest armor, and for the sake of efficiency he doesn't use his hands to light the cannon's fuse; instead, he simply keeps his beard on fire. He is "not insane at all, just efficient". Wickerflame spent years as a recruit for the Goons, never making the big-time because he always fired his chest-cannon too slowly. "Hey," he thought, "maybe if I keep my beard lit on fire, I can do this faster." BOOM, promoted.

Serves as the Paladin class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. He's a 2/2 Taunt for 3 with Divine Shield and Lifesteal.


A burly gorilla that is one of the Grimy Goons' thugs for hire, Knuckles is also the 32-time arena champion of Gadgetzan's Thunderdome, armed with nothing more than his watermelon-sized fists. An unstoppable force in the cage and satisfied with getting paid in produce, the bananas he favors grow from a tree near a tainted pool by Sandsorrow Watch, with the proprietor of "Mad Larry's Completely Legitimate Watches" apparently claiming to have seen goblins go swimming in Sandsorrow and come out the size of orcs. Given the unregulated nature of the Gadgetzan Arena and officials' fear of being torn in half by an irate gorilla, it's unlikely that any action will be taken. When confronted with accusations of performance-enhancing bananas, Knuckles replied, "I get my fruit from trees I knock down with my bare hands like everyone else."

Serves as the Hunter class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, as a 5 mana 3/7 Beast. Whenever he attacks a minion, he deals that much damage to the enemy Hero

Hobart Grapplehammer

Prepare the Mecha-Chicken!
The goblin weapons supplier and upgrader for the Goons, he coordinates the movements of the Goons' arms throughout the city. Grapplehammer is the horrible mind behind the Automatic Piranaha Launcher (banned in 7 districts)! Serves as the Warrior class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan, upgrading every weapon in your deck by +1 Attack.
  • Canon Immigrant: Hobart was a minor NPC in World of Warcraft in the goblin starting zone and Azshara, but gets a new role and major spotlight in Hearthstone.
  • Mad Scientist: Had this role in World of Warcraft. He still has shades of this, as his animation has electric sparks and several tools working on your hand and deck, and his summon quote references his Mecha-Chicken.

    Jade Lotus 
For information on Madam Goya, see Bosses.

A group of mysterious and stealthy assassins that lurk in the shadows, acting with precision and subterfuge. The family of choice for Rogues, Druids, and Shamans, they consist of races native to Pandaria, such as pandaren, mantid, virmen, mogu, grummle, jinyu, saurok, sha, and hozen, as well as some night elves. Appear to be led by the male pandaren White Eyes, but are really led by his mistress, Aya Blackpaw. The Lotus operate out of the Gadgetzan Museum of Ancient Artifacts, and have been hoarding relics and powerful items there under the guise of 'archaeological appraisals.' They've also been stealing jade to build an army of Jade Golems. The Jade Lotus' gang quirk revolves around the aforementioned Jade Golems, which are repeatedly summoned throughout the match at increasingly greater statlines.

General Tropes

  • Adaptational Villainy: They're led largely by pandaren and have jinyu members; both races were previously estabilished as Always Lawful Good, but the Jade Lotus is as nasty as the rest of the Gadgetzan gangs.
  • Adventurer Archaeologist: The evil kind, unlike the League of Explorers introduced earlier. They steal ancient relics to utilise in gang warfare and use antique jade together with the magic of an ancient mogu spirit to create golem warriors.
  • Always Lawful Good: Averted (see above)
  • Evil Plan: Apparently they do not care that much about the gang warfare and actually want to seize control of the city directly using their Jade Golems.
  • Generic Ethnic Crime Gang: They all come from Pandaria, the universe's Wutai.
  • Golem: Their unique card, the Jade Golem. It's a statue carved out of jade stolen by the gang and animated using Kun's power; the more you summon to the board, the stronger they become.
  • Magikarp Power: The entire point of Jade Golems. In the early game, all the Jade Golem cards are under-statted for their effect. This rapidly changes to them being over-statted after the player has built up their Jade.
  • Murder, Inc.: While Jade Golems are their main gimmick, thematically they're that shadowy assassin group looming over the city.
  • Ruthless Foreign Gangsters: They're all from Pandaria, are the newest gang in the city, and consider the gang warfare of the other two to be beneath them, wanting to take over the city directly.
  • The Triads and the Tongs

Aya Blackpaw

Golems are a girl's best friend!
Aya Blackpaw is the last living heir of the wealthy Blackpaw family. Though young, Aya took over as the leader of Jade Lotus through her charisma and strategic acumen when her predecessor was accidentally crushed by a jade golem. Using the Gadgetzan Museum of Ancient Artifacts as her headquarters, and shrouding her activities behind her family’s reputation as generous philanthropists, she issues orders to the Jade Lotus through her loyal bodyguard and servant, White Eyes. She is the true leader of the Jade Lotus. Aya is youthful, energetic, and seemingly impulsive. That is a mask; in truth she is calculating, ruthless, and as hard as the jade the Lotus steal for her. Crucially, young Aya has the unique ability to create Jade Golems, and she is the source of the trinkets that so many of the Lotus carry. How she came by this incredible power is a mystery, it is rumored it comes from her communing with the spirit of Kun, the Forgotten King. However she came by her gift, she has used it to fashion an army of Jade Golems. What she plans to do with them, and her loyal Lotus followers, is a mystery.

Aya is a 6 mana 5/3. Her Battlecry and Deathrattle summon a Jade Golem.
  • Affably Evil: Despite being a crime boss, she is quite nice towards the player when trying to recruit them, unlike Kazakus and Don Hancho.
  • Beneath the Mask: Under her innocent appearance and cheerful demeanor is a cold, calculating, criminal mind.
  • Beware the Cute Ones: Despite being adorable and very bubbly, she's actually a notorious crime boss.
  • Chain Pain: Her weapon of choice is a chain whip tipped with a blade.
  • Genki Girl: For a crime-boss, her brief dialogue in "recruiting" you is quite... bubbly, and she gushes about your second victory in her "Join the Jade Lotus" quest.
  • Mister Big: A female example. Aya is tiny, barely coming up to the waistlines of the other gang leaders. And as with most examples, she has a gigantic bodyguard in White Eyes.
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast: Considering 'paw' is a Pandaren's equivalent to a 'hand', her name might as well be Aya Blackhand.
  • Weak, but Skilled: 5/3 for 6 mana is very, very weak. The Jade Golems she summons, potentially a lot less so. Even if you don't summon another Jade Golem during the game, Aya still gives you a total of 8/6 worth of stats, which is hardly a bad deal.

White Eyes

My life is your shield. - White Eyes
Bow before the fury of the storm! - The Storm Guardian
The inhabitants of Gadgetzan frighten each other with stories of the Lotus leader, saying things such as, “Hey, watch yer back, or White Eyes’ll jump outta da shadows and getcha.” Nonetheless, the rumors surrounding White Eyes are surprisingly close to the truth. He is a powerful warrior—known to be as immovable as a mountain and as pitiless as a storm—but the tale-tellers are missing one important detail. A secret most of the Jade Lotus does not even know. He is not the leader of the Jade Lotus. He’s merely a figurehead, and the real power behind the Jade Lotus comes in a smaller—though no less dangerous—form... Aya Blackpaw.

Serves as the Shaman class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. He begins a 5/5 Taunt for 5, but shuffles The Storm Guardian into your deck - a 10/10 Taunt for 5.
  • Cool Sword: He wields a BFS made of jade.
  • Decoy Leader
  • Gameplay and Story Integration: Aya is described as "no less dangerous" than White Eyes. They both have 5 attack, which incidentally, is also enough to kill White Eyes. The Jade Golem produced by Aya's Deathrattle can also easily surpass White Eye's Storm Guardian in stats if the player played enough Jade Golem cards beforehand.
  • Stone Wall: A 5/5 taunt for 5 is pretty good value. His deathrattle provides the real stone wall though: shuffling a 10/10 taunt for 5 mana into your deck!

Kun the Forgotten King

The Hundred Kings will rise again!
An ancient and powerful spirit of a mogu king, rumored to be the patron of Aya Blackpaw. It is is said that Kun is the one who gave her the ability to create and animate the Jade Golems employed by the Jade Lotus at will. Aya siphons a bit of Kun's soul to animate each golem in her Jade army. To his credit, he's being a great sport about it.

Serves as the Druid class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. He is a 10 mana 7/7 that allows you to Choose One; either gain ten armor, or refresh your mana crystals.

Shaku, the Collector

Succumb to your darkness...
A sha creation resembling a saurok that has gained a much higher level of sentience than the rest of his kin, Shaku is "super evil, super old, and super greedy." Aya even staged an intervention once, but Shaku still insists that he is not a hoarder. Rumored to whisper Shaohao's name.

Serves as the Rogue class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. His effect adds a random card from your opponent's class to your hand after Shaku attacks.

Finja, the Flying Star

Finja is the deadliest assassin in Gadgetzan, and "the guy you hire when you need the job done right with no witnesses left behind". The goods news is that he will work for fish. He is a master in the ancient art of "finjitsu", and as a 5 mana 2/4 Neutral Legendary, this is represented through his ability to, whenever he attacks and kills a minion, pull two murlocs from the player's deck that he deems worthy of training.
  • Flunky Boss: Whenever Finja attacks and kills a minion, he summons two murlocs from your deck. Even one successful swing can amplify murlocs' Zerg Rush tactics to insane degrees.
  • Swordfish Sabre: Two of them!
  • Weak, but Skilled: Finja's stats are utterly pathetic for his cost, but you really do not want him to get a kill if he's on the opponent's side. Furthermore, his Stealth protects him from simply being removed before an opportunity arises.

    The Kabal 
A crime ring that specializes in the production and smuggling of...less than legal merchandise, they rely on their arcane prowess and magic in contrast to the Goons' brute strength and the Lotus' stealth. The family of choice for Priests, Mages, and Warlocks, they consist of races strong in magic, such as Forsaken, Goren, Ethereals, Satyrs, Arrakoa, Trolls, Draenei, Harpies, Fel Orcs, Blood elves, Drakonids, Infernals, and Imps. Led by the Zandalari troll Kazakus. The Kabal control the Gadgetzan 'Mega Mart,' using it as a supply depot and as a front for their production of illicit red mana and Kaza-Kola, a refreshing drink brewed by Kazakus himself that is enjoyed throughout the Kabal and Gadgetzan as a whole. However, this drink is in actuality Potion of Madness, meant to erode the drinker's will and sense of self. The Kabals' gang quirk revolves around potions, and their leaders also benefit from decks that lack duplicates, similar to Reno Jackson.

General Tropes

  • Alchemy Is Magic: A large number of the Priest, Warlock, and Mage class spells in the set are potions. Naturally, each potion counts as a spell for things like Sorcerer's Apprentice and Yogg-Saron.
  • The Cartel: Their main business is the red mana crystals and Kaza-Kola.
  • Fantastic Drug: The red mana crystals, which they create, smuggle, and sell much like drug lords.
  • May Contain Evil: Kaza-Kola is a delicious, refreshing beverage enjoyed by Kabal members and Gadgetzan citizens. You may know them better as Potion of Madness.
  • Power at a Price: The theme of a lot of their minions. Each of the legendaries have ridiculous effects, but only activate if your deck contains one of each card. They demand smart deck building and opening some obvious weaknesses in order to benefit from their powers.
    • Other cards play this more traditionally, such as Fel Orc Soulfiend; an over-statted 3 drop that hurts itself each turn, or Blastcrystal Potion; a 4 mana Warlock spell that destroys a minion at the cost of a mana crystal.
    • Anything that doesn't have this by effect has it in flavour, such as Crystal Weaver who says "Total corruption? TOTAL POWER!" when you summon him.
  • Power Tattoo: All of the Kabal feature glowing red tattoos on their bodies and clothes. They can tap into them for extra power.
  • Weak, but Skilled: Features a lot of poorly statted minions with extreme effects.


At last... a worthy disciple.
Kazakus is a Zandalari troll and the sinister and mysterious leader of the Kabal. No one really knows his true origins, but nor does anyone really care; instead, what they care about are the corrupted mana potions he sells. His motto is "Power should be attainable for anyone, at a price". Kazakus' tusks have become contorted and twisted due to the corrupted mana he uses, and the large red circle on the center of his stomach is a portal that goes right through his body to an unknown destination, possibly another dimension. It is heavily implied between the Kabal's drakonid members, Dragonfire Potions, and rumors of 'secret dragon people' infiltrating Gadgetzan that Kazakus himself is in fact a dragon in disguise.

Kazakus is a 4 mana 3/3 that brews a custom Kazakus Potion so long as your deck has no duplicates. He returned in Forged in the Barrens as Kazakus, Golem Shaper. He has the same statline, but his condition require you to have no other 4 mana cards in your deck, and crafts a custom Golem for you.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: Averted; Kazakus has the lowest raw stats compared to his underlings and other factions' leaders. He more than makes up for it with his potion-brewing ability.
  • Baleful Polymorph: One of his potion options lets you do this to either a random enemy minion (for 5 mana) or every minion (for 10 mana).
  • Berserk Button: Aya calling him 'Kazzy.' Also the Goons' tactics of buffing themselves in the hand, which he finds cowardly. ALSO isn't a fan of the Jade Lotus' golems.
  • The Bus Came Back: Kazakus made a surprise return in the Forged in the Barrens expansion, and based on the backstories for a couple of the mercenaries, it seems he's going to be a key player in the plot for the Year of the Gryphon...
  • Evil Laugh: Parodied at his introduction, going into a slight cough before he clears his throat.
  • Golem: His second incarnation crafts one, which he can imbue with different effects.
  • Our Dragons Are Different: He's pretty heavily implied to be a dragon in disguise.
  • Potion-Brewing Mechanic: His effect lets you brew a custom potion (as long as your deck contains only one of each card). You can choose to brew a one, five, or ten mana potion. After that, you choose an effect from a list of three, then a second effect after that. Helpfully, the game automatically arranges the effects in the best order, so if you choose "Give your minions +X health" followed by "Resurrect X friendly minions", it will resurrect first and buff second.
    • Kazakus, Golem Shaper works similarly, except you instead create a custom Golem minion. You start by choosing to create a one, five, or ten mana Golem, then pick two herbs to mix in. The first herb determines what attribute the Golem has, out of Stealth, Poisonous, Rush, Taunt, Divine Shield, or Lifesteal, and the second determines what its Battlecry effect is, which scales with its cost- either it deals 3 damage to enemy minions, summons a copy of itself, freezes enemy minions, draws cards, buffs your other minions, or you can opt to not give the Golem a battlecry in exchange for it buffing Spell Damage.
  • The Shadow Knows: A picture in his page in Hearthstone wiki shows a dragon silhouette with twisted tusks, just like Kazakus himself.
  • Suspiciously Specific Denial: "The mysterious leader of the Kabal is NOT a dragon, and does NOT deal in illegal potions. Any public statements to the contrary will be met with litigation and Dragonfire Potions."
  • Swiss-Army Superpower: The biggest advantage of Kazakus's effect is being able to customize the potion/golem to fit any situation. You can pick a 1-mana card to get yourself out of a pinch, a 5-mana card to gain an advantage on the next turn, or a 10-mana card for a powerful late-game bombshell. You also get a large variety of effects to mix and match, meaning that it's very rare for Kazakus to not improve your situation in some way, and no matter what you get, the card will always give you a huge amount of value for your mana.

Inkmaster Solia

Embrace the power of The Kabal!
A female blood elf who is responsible for the glowing red tattoos that adorn many of the members of the Kabal, these tattoos function as handy nightlights or reservoirs of power in a pinch. Solia marks the Kabal with intricate tattoos that grant immense power. Also it makes it harder for other gangs to recruit from their numbers. BACK OFF, GOONS.\\
Serves as the Mage class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. A 7 mana 5/5 that reduces the cost of your next spell to 0 mana so long as your deck has no duplicates.

Raza the Chained

Surrender your will to The Kabal...
An ethereal in the service of the Kabal, rather than using cloth wrappings to keep his shapeless energy form bound in a humanoid shape, Raza is made out of the enchanted chains normally used by the Kabal to stabilize their volatile potions.

Serves as the Priest class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. His Battlecry permanently reduces your Hero Power to no mana for the rest of the game so long as your deck has no duplicates.
  • Chained by Fashion: He's wrapped in energy chains, mostly because it's cool.
  • Nerf: Between February 2018 and March 2020, Raza's Battlecry made the player's Hero Power cost 1 instead of being free. This was changed because of Shadowreaper Anduin, as Raza combined with his self-refreshing Hero Power translated into a ludicrous amount of free damage. However, the utter uselessness of his new effect and rising power level in Wild made it safe to unnerf.

Krul the Unshackled (and Spicklefizz)

I am the Void. I am YOUR master.
Don't be fooled by the gnome at the front of the card: Krul is not the name of the warlock, but of its former servant, turned master. This mighty demon has enslaved the warlock that once commanded it, and now uses the magical chains of the Kabal to bind the gnome to its service, in cruel mockery of its former servitude. Spicklefizz ponders his life choices as he looks at the chain around his neck. "Become a warlock," they said. "You get to enslave demons," they said.

Serves as the Warlock class legendary for Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. His Battlecry summons every demon from your hand so long as your deck has no duplicates.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: His battlecry summons every demon in your hand as long as your deck contains only one of each card. Problem is, most demons as of his release aren't very good. It isn't very practical to fill your deck with subpar minions just to get this guy's effect, and you still have to fill your hand up with the demons you want. It can also be disastrous if he pulls Lord Jaraxxus or Unlicensed Apothecary.
  • Butt-Monkey: Spicklefizz, a warlock who not only failed to enslave a demon, but became its servant.
  • Expy: Krul and Spicklefizz are this for Jaraxxus and Wilfred Fizzlebang, with Krul enslaving its gnome summoner instead of killing him like Jaraxxus.

Year of the Dragon

    The League of E.V.I.L. 
For more information on Hagatha, Dr. Boom, Madame Lazul, Vessina, and Dark Pharaoh Tekahn, see Heroes.


  • Adorable Evil Minions: The Lackeys are disposable 1/1 minions. Kobold, Goblin, and to some extent Witchy Lackey are all especially cute.
  • The Bad Guy Wins: They successfully stole Dalaran in Rise of Shadows, and Rafaam manages to obtain the Plague of Undeath from Uldum in Saviours of Uldum.
  • The Bus Came Back: Five former villains return for this group. Notably, there's one villain for each year - Dr. Boom is 2014, Rafaam is 2015, Lazul is 2016, Togwaggle is 2017, and Hagatha is 2018. To hammer home the point, a few mechanics from old sets reappeared too.
  • Equal-Opportunity Evil: The League has members of most races with a relatively equal gender split, as is the case for most expansions; their leadership alone comprises an Ethereal, a Kobold, a Goblin, an Orc, and a Troll. Their playable lackeys from the Dalaran Heist encompass even more races, including a few really obscure ones.
  • Faux Affably Evil: They're a personable bunch, at least towards each other. They squabble, carry their cards, and have mostly goofy personalities. Of course, they still stole Dalaran, unleashed ancient plagues in Uldum, and intend to resurrect Galakrond, an ancient evil that once roamed Azeroth. Rafaam, in particular, reminds the players how evil he is when he leaves Tekahn to die at the end of Tombs of Terror.
  • Five-Man Band: Of the Villain Protagonist variety.
    • Rafaam is The Leader, masterminding the Dalaran Heist and leading the League into action.
    • King Togwaggle is The Lancer, tagging along with Rafaam's schemes, providing a less savvy counterpoint to him, and having the closest relationship with him.
    • Dr. Boom can charitably be considered The Smart Guy, by virtue of his technological prowess.
    • Hagatha is The Big Guy, being arguably the most powerful of them lore-wise and being focused on getting into the action.
    • Madame Lazul is The Chick, as she's responsible for bringing the League together and providing the closest thing they have to a voice of reason.
  • Fun with Acronyms: Their team name is stylized as one, but it's not clear what it's supposed to stand for.
  • Mooks: The main mechanic of the five is creating Lackeys, which are unique 1/1 minions with a small Battlecry, themed around the villains.
  • Sympathy for the Devil: The teasers for the set showed a handful of the villains quite sad after their defeat - Togwaggle is in an unlit, treasureless cave, Hagatha is being chased out of the swamp by hounds, and Dr. Boom is in the ruins of his lab. It's hard not to feel a little bad for putting them in that spot.
  • Villain Protagonist: The main characters of Rise of Shadows.
  • Villain Team-Up: It's a collection of Rafaam, Madame Lazul, King Togwaggle, Dr. Boom, and Hagatha.

Rafaam, the Supreme Archaeologist

Voiced by: Adam Gifford (EN)
Together, we shall rule Dalaran!
Click here to see Arch-Thief Rafaam 
The supreme archaeologist and a master thief, Rafaam is the main villain of The League of Explorers, seeking to seize the Staff of Origination for himself. After his defeat, he retreated into the shadows and recruited a team of other defeated villains to take Dalaran for all that it's got.

In his first incarnation, Arch-Thief Rafaam was a 7/8 costing 9 mana. His Battlecry allowed the player to discover one of three powerful artifacts: Timepiece of Horrornote , Mirror of Doomnote  or Lantern of Power.note . For his boss fight(s) in League of Explorers and more information on that incarnation, see the requisite folder under Bosses.

His new form, Arch-Villain Rafaam, is a 7 mana 7/8 Taunt for the Warlock class, which replaces all cards in your hand and deck with random Legendaries.
  • Attention Whore: Ultimately, Rafaam wants to be known and feared throughout Azeroth above all else. And maybe score some treasure along the way.
  • Betrayal by Inaction: Rafaam pulls this on Tekhan during Saviours of Uldum, fleeing with the Plague of Undeath while Tekhann is left to die to the League of Explorers. He does it again by refusing to aid Eudora in fending off the Dragonflights during the EVIL campaign in Galakrond's Awakening, but she decides to bail out and leave before she gets killed.
  • Big Bad: Of both The League of Explorers and the entire Year of the Dragon.
  • "Blackmail" Is Such an Ugly Word: What he does is not "stealing", it's "Supreme Archaeology".
  • Energy Being: As an ethereal, he's pure energy wrapped up like a mummy.
  • Exact Words: He promised Tekahn ultimate power and rulership over Uldum if he helped the League take Dalaran and unleash the plagues. He said nothing about helping him stay in that position.
  • Fame Through Infamy: This was his ultimate goal. In the E.V.I.L. ending to Galakrond's Awakening, he ends with all his henchmen dead, him fleeing into the shadows, Dalaran, Stormwind, and Orgrimmar destroyed, and Galakrond killed by his own hands. Rafaam still sees it as a win since he's the most famous being on Azeroth to the survivors.
  • Hostile Show Takeover: He's a big fan of this.
    • In the League of Explorers encounter, he interrupts the Innkeeper to announce himself as RAFAAAAM! THE SUPREME ARCHAEOLOGIST!
    • His ending in Galakrond's Awakening has him take over as narrator and give a Where Are They Now epilogue for himself.
  • Large Ham: A glorious homage to the villains of exploration films if there ever was one. His hamminess is enough to befuddle the other villains for a moment in the Rise of Shadows cinematic.
  • Mythology Gag: Arch-Villain Rafaam's effect is exactly the same as the Golden Monkey from League of Explorers, implying that Rafaam finally got his hands on it.
  • Not So Above It All: While his action of gathering the League to rob Dalaran is impressive, he went with Dr. Boom's most impractical and pointless plan of strapping rockets to Dalaran instead of the more sensible ones proposed by Hagatha and Togwaggle.
  • Red Eyes, Take Warning: The glowing red eyes should be a clue that he's not a good guy.

Who the king? I THE KING!
Click here to see King Togwaggle 
The legendary king of the Kobolds. He had retained his kingship for many generations due to being smarter than the average kobold - he placed a lantern over his candle to stop rivals from snuffing it out. Inside his lantern lives Rakinishu, a tiny fire elemental - his "magic candle" that guides him. Unfortunately, he wasn't clever enough to stop adventurers from raiding his kingdom, leaving him without gold or candles. To get his wealth back, he happily accepted Madame Lazul's call.

In Kobolds & Catacombs, King Togwaggle was an 8-mana 5/5 Neutral legendary that swapped you and your opponent's deck around, but also put a 5-mana King's Ransom in your opponent's hand to switch them back.

He returned as Heistbaron Togwaggle, a 6 mana 5/5 Rogue minion that lets you choose a fantastic treasure if you control a Lackey. The treasures are the same that Marin the Fox created.
  • Adipose Rex: You'd be hard-pressed to find a fatter kobold than him.
  • Familiar: He sees Rakanishu as this.
  • Fat Bastard: He's quite corpulent, and was the Big Bad of Kobolds & Catacombs.
  • Foreshadowing: He implied he had a Villainous Friendship with Rafaam back in the Dungeon Run. In fact, a tie-in comic shows Rafaam gave Togwaggle his crown.
  • Greed: No amount of treasure is enough for King Togwaggle. That said, his concept of 'treasure' did consist of stealing candles until Rafaam convinced him to dream bigger.
  • Nice Hat: Originally, Togwaggle wore a lantern over his head to protect his candle. As the Heistbaron, he upgrades to a safe, with a top hat on top of that.

Fel Lord Betrug

Betrug was the final boss of Assault on Violet Hold, but it appears he's been recruited by Rafaam to help take Dalaran down. Fel Lord Betrug is a 5/7 Legendary Warlock Demon for 8 mana. Whenever you draw a minion, he summons a copy with Rush that dies at the end of your turn.
  • Ascended Extra: A very minor character in Warcraft proper.
  • Meaningful Name: Betrug is the German word for "imposture", "deception" or "cheat", a fitting name for a demon who cheats out copies of minions which works well with the Warlock's hero power and cards like Plot Twist.
  • Demon Lords and Archdevils: He's a Fel Lord, a powerful Mo'arg bruiser of the Burning Legion.

Catrina Muerte

Care to dance with death?
A mysterious Forsaken woman. She is the personification of the Day of the Dead, and has evidently been summoned by the League of E.V.I.L. for her dark powers. Catrina is an 8 mana 6/8 Priest Legendary that resurrects a random friendly minion that died this game each turn at the end of your turn.

Tak Nozwhisker

You say "hoard"? Me say "prepared"!
A goon of Togwaggle's. Tak is a 7 mana 6/6 for Rogue from Rise of Shadows. Whenever you shuffle a card into your deck, Tak adds a copy to your hand.

The Boom Reaver

Ruin. Despair. Destruction.
A gigantic mech built by Dr. Boom. The Boom Reaver is a 10 mana 7/9 Mech that summons a copy of a random minion from your deck and gives it Rush.
  • Continuity Nod: As its name implies, it appears to have taken design inspiration from a fel reaver. Given that Dr. Boom operates in the Outland and even rebuilt Jaraxxus using fel reaver parts, it makes sense he'd base his own doom machine off of one.
    • Its summoning line parallels that of Zilliax, from The Boomsday Project:
    Zilliax: Unity. Precision. Perfection.
    Boom Reaver: Ruin. Despair. Destruction.
  • Drop the Hammer: It's wielding a colossal sledgehammer.
  • Humongous Mecha: It appears to be several stories tall at least.


A murloc commander recruited by Hagatha. Scargil is a 4 mana 4/4 Murloc for the Shaman class who makes all your murlocs cost 1 mana.
  • Ascended Extra: He's a random rare mob found in Hillsbrad Foothills that doesn't even have any related quests.
  • Uncatty Resemblance: Scargil looks quite similar to Hagatha, with green skin, purple clothing, and the same crocolisk-tooth necklace.
  • Zerg Rush: In true murloc fashion, his effect lets you unload as many murlocs as you can play. Pretty good following up on (or playing with) Underbelly Angler.

Zayle, Shadow Cloak

An enchanted cloak used by the League of EVIL. A Golden copy of Zayle is given to every player who owns all five wings of The Dalaran Heist. Including Zayle in your deck removes all other cards. Instead, a deck with Zayle replaces all of your cards with a random EVIL deck, one of five prebuilt decks based around a member of the League. If Zayle appears in a game by other means, it's a 2-mana 3/2 minion.
  • Cool, but Inefficient: Similar to Whizbang, although a lot less extreme. Zayle has five decks to pick from instead of eighteen, and they tend to be a lot higher quality. It's still better to just build one of the decks if you have the cards/dust, though.
  • Living Clothes: An animated cloak.
  • Promotional Powerless Piece of Garbage: Zig-zagged. Zayle is considerably better than Whizbang, since it includes four decks actually based around top-tier or near top-tier builds as well as Plot Twist Warlock, giving it far more consistency. That said, it still begs the question of why you wouldn't just build one of the top-tier decks and play that.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: To Whizbang the Wonderful. Once Whizbang rotates to Wild, Zayle will still be around to more or less fulfill his purpose.

Flik Skyshiv

One stab, many kill!
Another one of Togwaggle's goons. Flik is a 6 mana 4/4 Rogue Legendary from Descent of Dragons that destroys a minion and also destroys all other cards with the same name as it, no matter where they are.
  • Exact Words: She kills all of the cards that have the same name as the minion she kills. For example, if you kill a Mirror Image token, she will destroy every Mirror Image token and every copy of the spell that summons it.
  • One-Hit Polykill: Flik destroys all minions of a certain kind as long as they share a name. That could include, say, a board of massive Jade Golems. While she won't prevent new ones from being summoned, she can set your opponent back quite a ways.
  • Not the Intended Use: It's possible to use Flik on your own minions, letting you snipe combo cards from your opponent's deck. On a less extreme note, she can also just be used as a standard Assassinate on one minion.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: To Tak Nozwhisker, who was canonically abandoned in Blackrock Mountain. She fills the role of an Original Generation kobold and rogue legendary.


Now with evil cape and villainous mask!
A powerful Muckling. Bandersmosh is a 5 mana 5/5 Shaman Legendary from Descent of Dragons. Each turn he remains in your hand, he transforms into another random Legendary minion and sets their cost and stats to a 5 mana 5/5.

Valdris Felgorge

We must expand our minds!
A felblood elf in service to the League. Valdris is a 7 mana 4/4 Warlock Legendary from Descent of Dragons. His Battlecry permanently sets your hand size limit to 12, then draws 4 cards.

Frizz Kindleroost

Turn the incubators to ELEVEN!
A goblin henchwoman in charge of incubating E.V.I.L.'s dragons. Frizz is a 4 mana 5/4 neutral Legendary from Descent of Dragons that reduces the cost of all dragons in your deck by 2.
  • Science Is Bad: Made with a deliberate contrast between Frizz and the card Dragon Breeder from the same set. Frizz is a cold goblin scientist that builds artificial hatcheries to mass-produce eggs. Dragon Breeder is a kindly dwarf that raises a single dragon with love and affection. Frizz is aligned with the League of E.V.I.L. and Dragon Breeder appears to be an Explorer.

Kronx Dragonhoof

You are too late. His return is nigh!
A tauren cultist. While he serves Rafaam, his loyalties lie with his true master; Galakrond. Kronx is a 6 mana 6/6 Neutral Legendary from Descent of Dragons that draws Galakrond from your deck. If you already are Galakrond, his Battlecry instead lets you unleash a Devastation: Annihilation deals 5 damage to all other minions, Decimation deals 5 damage to the enemy hero and heals you for 5, Domination grants your minions +2/+2, and Reanimation summons an 8/8 Dragon with Taunt.
  • Breath Weapon: Annihilation takes the form of your hero breathing fire across the battlefield.
  • Evil Is Not a Toy: He believes this about Galakrond, and (correctly) assumes Galakrond will betray Rafaam at the first opportunity. He keeps quiet about it though, since he ultimately just wants his master resurrected.
  • Situational Sword: If Galakrond is already in your hand, Kronx is effectively a dead card until he's played. Given that Galakrond is 7 mana and Kronx is another 6, this might make his powerful Battlecry too slow in desperate situations.
  • You Are Too Late: Quoted verbatim in his summoning line.

Grand Lackey Erkh

We've got a high turnover rate.
An ethereal working as the head of Rafaam's "Inhuman Resources" Department. Erkh is a 4 mana 2/3 from Galakrond's Awakening that adds a random Lackey to your hand after you play a Lackey.
  • Chainmail Bikini: Notably the first ethereal wearing this kind of outfit, and the first with any sexual characteristics at all. Previous ones were only identified by their voice.
  • We Have Reserves: She supplies an endless army of Lackeys, so long as you have mana to keep deploying them and board space to summon them on to, which often entails killing off existing Lackeys if she lives for more than one turn. Given the "high turnover rate" she mentions in her summoning quote, it's safe to say that her (in)Human Resources are quite literal.

    Defenders of Dalaran 
For more information on Khadgar, see Heroes. For more information on Kalecgos, Nozari, Jepetto Joybuzz, Archmage Vargoth, and Khadgar (again), see Bosses.


  • Demoted to Extra: A handful of Dalaran NPCs are featured as regular minions. In particular, Isirami Fairwind is Heroic Innkeeper and Mei Francis is Exotic Mountseller.
  • Magocracy: As standard for Dalaran. There are a lot of Spell Damage minions and spell-related cards among the neutrals. The Druid cards all come from Crystalsong Forest, a place warped by arcane magic. Even Hunters have a spell bend to them. Their keyword, Twinspell, is only found on spells.

Vereesa Windrunner

None can escape the fury of the stars!
Ranger-general of the Silver Covenant and widow of Archmage Rhonin, Vereesa is the youngest of the Windrunner sisters. She is a 7 mana 5/6 Hunter Legendary that equips your hero with Thori'dal, the Stars' Fury. Thori'dal is a 2/3 weapon that increases your Spell Damage by 2 this turn after attacking.


A humongous tank built by the mages of Dalaran. Oblivitron is Hunter Legendary, as a 6 mana 3/4 Mech that summons a Mech from your hand on death and triggers its Deathrattle.

Keeper Stalladris

Free your mind from its bonds.
A crystalline keeper of the grove, presumably from Crystalsong Forest. Stalladris is a 2/3 Druid Legendary for 2, which causes your Choose One spells to add their choices to your hand as individual spells.
  • Body to Jewel: As with the other nature spirits around Crystalsong, Stalladris was turned into Gem Tissue when the forests were corrupted by arcane magic.
  • Original Generation: No precedent exists in Warcraft. While we've seen crystallized dryads, this is the first example of this happening to a male keeper.
  • Purple Is Powerful: His whole body is purple.


This is not your home, invader!
An ancient of lore that resides in Crystalsong Forest. Lucentbark is an 8 mana 4/8 Taunt for Druid. When killed, he becomes a dormant spirit, and will reawaken when the player has restored 5 health to anything.
  • Resurrective Immortality: If Lucentbark dies, all you have to do is restore 5 health and he's back up again.
  • Weak, but Skilled: He loses four whole attack on Ironbark Protector, but basically gives all your healing cards "Summon a 4/8 Taunt" for the rest of the game.

Commander Rhyssa

Dalaran, to arms!
A gnomish paladin and the captain of the Dalaran City Guard. Rhyssa is a 3 mana 4/3 that causes all of your Secrets in play to trigger twice.

Chef Nomi

*sniffs* Do you smell something burning?
A pandaren chef with... some unique cooking styles. Nomi is a 7 mana 6/6 that fills your board with 6/6 Greasefire Elementals if your deck is empty.
  • Desperation Attack: His powerful effect only comes into play when your deck is already empty.
  • Lethal Chef: Well, his art shows him with a plate of charcoal - er, steaks.
  • Playing with Fire: His lethal cooking is enough to create an army of Fire Elementals, so long as your deck is already burnt up.

Archivist Elysiana

This story deserves a new ending.
A high elven member of the Kirin Tor. Elysiana is a 7/7 for 9 mana that lets you Discover 5 cards. Two copies of each chosen card then replaces your deck.
  • Cool Crown: She has a crown of fire above her head.
  • Discard and Draw: She tosses your deck away for 10 semi-random cards.
  • Nerf: She was initially 8 mana, but ended up being a little too powerful when combined with a way to bounce her back into your hand or deck.
  • Not the Intended Use: Her effect can just as easily be used to refill your deck after hitting fatigue, effectively delaying death by 10 turns. That even works pretty well with Nomi.

Barista Lynchen

Double-pump Azerano, extra star-whip, Highmountain ice, room for mana spice comin' right up!
A talented barista working at Dalaran's equivalent to a Starbucks. Lynchen is a 5 mana 4/5 that adds a copy of each other Battlecry minion you control to your hand.
  • Motor Mouth: Her impressive entrance quote, which is spoken in about 2 seconds.

    Denizens of Uldum 

King Phaoris

Our power is in our people.
The leader of the noble Ramkahen tribe of tol'vir. Phaoris is a 10 mana 5/5 that summons a random minion for each spell in your hand, based on the cost of each spell.

Colossus of the Moon

The sands stir and I awaken!
One of the two gargantuan colossi that guards the Scepter of Orsis. Colossus of the Moon is a 10 mana 10/10 with Divine Shield and Reborn.
  • Mummy: In a bit of Art Evolution, CotM is depicted as wrapped in mummy bandages. This is most likely because all Reborn minions from Saviors of Uldum are mummies except for him.
  • Why Won't You Die?: The combination of Reborn of Divine Shield means CotM needs at least four attacks to bring down, and his 10 baseline health means it'll usually be more than that.

Zephrys the Great

Your wish is my suggestion!
A powerful djinn. Zephrys is a 2 mana 3/2 that, as long as your deck has no duplicates, lets the player wish for the perfect card. Specifically, he lets you pseudo-Discover a card from the Basic or Classic set that is dynamically chosen to be a good card for this situation.
  • Artificial Brilliance: Invoked. The developers gave Zephrys a special algorithm to analyze battlefield conditions and calculate the 3 best possible options for your situation, of which you get to choose one, which is constantly being updated to account for flaws in his decision-making. His wiki entry even notes to pay attention when Zephrys offers you mostly direct damage spells, as he might see a lethal you could have missed.
  • Artificial Stupidity: On release, Zephrys often didn't take Deathrattles into account when considering the cards to give you, meaning that he'll offer board-clear in a situation where you desperately need a Mass Dispel. Post-release patches rectified this by teaching Zephrys to favor Silence cards in appropriate situations (including ones where you can Silence your own frozen minions for lethal).
  • Benevolent Genie: He tries to grant you the perfect wish, no matter what situation you play him in.
  • Mythology Gag: The Zinaar encounter from League of Explorers was essentially a showcase of the new Discover mechanic, flavoured as a Jackass Genie granting wishes. Now, this djinn uses Discover to grant wishes, but benevolently.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: While the dev team doesn't usually hard-code individual card mechanics into Zephrys's algorithm, they made a specific exception for Doomsayer so that Zephrys doesn't end up screwing you over with subpar options that lead to your board getting blown up when you're fishing for an answer.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Zephrys fills an extremely similar role to Kazakus, although he's based on immediate value instead of value on a later turn. That said, you can play him in a secure spot and he'll give you value for the future.
  • Suspicious Video-Game Generosity: A benign variant. If you see Zephrys offering you direct damage or burn cards, he might have seen a Lethal you might have overlooked.
  • Wishing for More Wishes: Defied. Zephrys will never offer you a card that allows you to use his effect again (namely the Brewmasters and Shadowstep). However, the player can enforce this by running one of those cards themselves.


A gigantic armadillo outfitted with armour and laser weapons. Armagedillo is a 6 mana 4/7 Warrior Taunt that gives all Taunt minions in your hand +2/+2 at the end of your turn.
  • Punny Name: A cross between "Armageddon" and "armadillo". Dr. Boom is as subtle as always.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Armadillos aren't very common animals. Giant ones even less so.

High Priest Amet

I see a dark future.
The religious leader of the Ramkehen tol'vir and the leader under King Phaoris. Amet is a 4 mana 2/7 Priest Legendary that sets the health of all minions you summon to be equal to his health.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: One of Amet's main weaknesses is being injured. Since he sets the health of friendly minions to be equal to his, playing a minion while he's hurt can mean you actually summon a minion with less health. If you play a card that damages itself like Injured Tol'vir, this can outright kill the minion.
  • Stone Wall: He has an impressive amount of health for a 4 drop, but poor attack and a good reason to never want to trade. That said, all it takes is an Inner Fire (Divine Spirit optional) to turn him into a full-on Lightning Bruiser.

Anka, the Buried

I'm free... and so is my curse!
A mummified ghoul. Anka is a 5 mana 5/5 Rogue Legendary that turns all Deathrattle minions in your hand into 1 mana 1/1s.

Highkeeper Ra

Your world is beyond redemption!
A Titanic Watcher formerly charged with overseeing the southern reaches of Azeroth (including Pandaria and Uldum), until he was overthrown by Lei Shen. Highkeeper Ra is an uncollectable minion created by the Battlecry of Mogu Cultist, a 1/1 whose Battlecry sacrifices seven Mogu Cultists to summon Ra, a 20/20 that deals 20 damage to all enemies at the end of every turn.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Let's just say, the moment you see your enemy plays a Mogu Cultist, you'll want to keep a Removal in hand while maintaining your health above 20. When Ra is summoned, facetank his 20 damage and Remove him next turn. All that hard work for nothing. On the other hand, facetanking 20 damage and a full board clear might just leave you open to lethal on the next turn, assuming you don't just die on the spot.
  • Person of Mass Destruction: He doesn't even need to hit you, his end-of-turn effect can wipe your board while dealing massive face damage every turn.
  • Physical God: As a Titanic Watcher, he's arguably the single most powerful minion available without buffs.
  • Summoning Ritual: You need a full board of 7 1/1 Mogu Cultists to summon Ra.
    Legendary Dragons 
For more information on Deathwing, see Heroes.


I bring life and hope.
Leader of the Red Dragonflight, and Aspect of Life. Alexstrasza is a 9-mana 8/8 that sets the health of a hero to 15.

She returned in Descent of Dragons as another neutral Legendary: Dragonqueen Alexstrasza, another 9 mana 8/8 with the effect of adding two random dragons to your hand and reducing their cost to 1 as long as your deck has no duplicates.
She returned in the Core set as the neutral Legendary Alexstrasza the Life-Binder, with the same statline as the original, but a new battlecry, either healing you or one of your minions for 8 health or dealing 8 damage to an enemy minion or hero.
  • The Red Mage: The original version of Alexstrasza sees play in control decks as both a self-heal to deal with aggression and as a 15-damage nuke to make up for such decks' lack of early damage.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: Dragonqueen used to be able to generate a copy of herself. On the rare chance it happened, it was completely game-breaking as the player got five dragons in play. A swift hotfix prevented her from doing this.
  • Nerf: Originally Dragonqueen's dragons cost 0 mana, which made her extremely swingy when played on curve. Their cost was raised to 1 so you can only play one (or no) dragons on the same turn as her.


My dream is your nightmare.
Leader of the Green Dragonflight, and Aspect of Dreams. Ysera is a Legendary 4/12 Dragon for 9 mana in the Classic set, who adds a random Dream Card to your hand at the end of each turn. The Dream Cards are:
  • Dream, a 1-mana spell that returns an enemy minion to the opponent’s hand (It was originally a free spell that returns a minion to its owner's hand).
  • Nightmare, a free spell that gives a minion +4/+4 (originally +5/+5) but destroys it at the start of your next turn.
  • Ysera Awakens, a 3-mana (originally 2-mana) spell that deals 5 damage to all minions (originally everything) not named Ysera.
  • Laughing Sister, a 2-mana (Originally 3-cost) 3/5 that can't be targeted by spells or hero powers.
  • Emerald Drake, a 4-mana 7/6 Dragon.

Ysera returned in Descent of Dragons as the Druid Legendary Ysera, Unleashed. She retains her 9-mana 4/12 statline, and has a Battlecry that shuffles seven Dream Portals into your deck. Dream Portals summon a random Dragon when drawn.

She returned in the Core set as Ysera the Dreamer, with the same statline as the original Ysera, but adds every Dream card to your hand as a Battlecry.

  • Badass Boast: "I dream, and the world trembles!"
    • Ysera, Unleashed has "My dream is your nightmare!"
  • The Cavalry: Ysera, Unleashed provides a steady stream of free Dragons throughout the game after being played.
  • Mighty Glacier: Ysera's 12 health is quite hefty even for a 9-mana minion, and her 4 attack lets her trade decently well while dodging most Priest removal. She'll also churn out overpowered cards for free for as long as she sticks around, making her a late-game powerhouse, though the need to play those cards from your hand along with Ysera's own high mana cost means it takes a while for her to start making an impact.
  • Nerf: In order to compensate for Ysera the Dreamer, most of the Dream cards had their effects nerfed. Dream in particular would've been bonkers overpowered in its old form, letting you infinitely recycle Ysera for endless copies of the other four cards. However, Laughing Sister was actually buffed since it was pretty awful compared to the others.
  • Purposely Overpowered: All of Ysera's Dream Cards are way undercosted for their effects and stats. Given that she only comes into play during the late game, they pretty much need to be.


I am the essence of magic!
Leader of the Blue Dragonflight and the Aspect of Magic. Malygos is a 9-mana 4/12 neutral Legendary Dragon from the Classic set with Spell Damage +5. He returned in Descent of Dragons as Malygos, Aspect of Magic. A 5-mana 2/8 Mage Legendary, Aspect of Magic's Battlecry Discovers an upgraded Mage spell if you're holding a Dragon.List  His version in the Core set, Malygos the Spellweaver, is a 9-mana 4/12 neutral legendary dragon whose Battlecry draws spells from your deck until your hand is full.
  • The Archmage: He's the guardian of all magic on Azeroth (at least until Kalecgos took up the mantle in Warcraft lore). His original version is pretty much designed for burning your opponent's face off with massive spell damage, and his Aspect of Magic version gives you stronger versions of existing spells, like a 1-mana Polymorph or an Arcane Intellect that draws 4 cards.
  • Finishing Move: If anyone drops Malygos on the board, they'll be winding up a huge burst of spell damage to end the game. Most decks built around Malygos also have ways around his mana cost, letting them destroy the opponent on the spot rather than praying that he lives a turn (which, if the opponent is even slightly competent, he won't).
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In the Hearthstone universe, Kalecgos serves on the Council of Six but Malygos is still around, as opposed to World of Warcraft lore where Kalec only took up the position after Malygos went mad and had to be put down.
  • You Don't Look Like You: The art on Malygos's original card was initially a portrait of Kalecgos, who received a whole new artwork when he also became a card. This was an intentional choice by the developers due to the lack of good Malygos art at the time.


Just in time.
Nozdormu, Dragon Aspect of Time, leads the Bronze Dragonflight. He first appeared in the Classic set as a 9-mana 8/8 Legendary Dragon that restricts both players' turns to 15 seconds for as long as he remains in play. Nozdormu returned in Descent of Dragons as the Paladin Legendary Nozdormu the Timeless, a 4-mana 8/8 that sets both players to 10 mana. He then returned in the Core set as Nozdormu the Eternal, a 7-mana 8/8 neutral Legendary that sets the turn timer to 15 seconds under the condition that both players have him in their decks at the start of the game.
  • Extra Turn: An unintentional side effect of Nozdormu's notoriously buggy effect was the creation of numerous exploits (most of which have since been patched out) involving a player rapidly queuing up a lot of actions to make the opponent sit through a bunch of animations on their turn, skipping it entirely. It's especially noticeable with the two adventure bosses that use him, who are capable of skipping your turn permanently.
  • Joke Character: The original Nozdormu was an understatted beatstick with no real effect on the game itself other than an Interface Screw, and had no practical purpose other than occasionally messing up combo decks. This is perhaps even more true with Nozdormu the Eternal: even though he costs 2 less mana, his effect only activates if both players make the conscious choice to include him in their decks. Otherwise, he's just a rather underwhelming 8/8 Dragon.
  • Time Master: His incarnations in both the Classic/Legacy and Core sets speed up time for both players, forcing them to play faster, while his incarnation from Descent of Dragons just lets you skip the mana ramp-up process and go straight to turn 10.


You think this is your time? It is MINE.
The evil future version of Nozdormu, Murozond is the lord of the Infinite Dragonflight. Murozond first appeared as an Arena-exclusive Legendary in the Taverns of Time event, as a 7-mana 6/6 who sets your turn timer to 15 seconds for the rest of the game, but lets you draw 2 more cards each turn. He returned in Descent of Dragons as Murozond the Infinite, an 8-mana 8/8 Priest Legendary whose Battlecry replays every card the opponent played last turn.
  • Ditto Fighter: In keeping with Priest's copying gimmicks, Murozond the Infinite can copy a turn from the opponent. Unfortunately he won't replay Battlecries, but that can be an advantage if your opponent played, say, Deathwing.


The riding drake of the Titanic Keeper Thorim. Veranus is a 6 mana 7/6 Hunter Legendary that sets the HP of all enemy minions to 1.
  • HP to 1: She does this to all enemy minions, setting up for a perfect Unleash the Hounds or just generally favourable trades.


Your treasure... for your life.
A dragon made of wax, evidently created by Togwaggle's Waxomancers in a facsimile of the Aspects. Waxadred is a 5 mana 7/5 Rogue Legendary Dragon. His Deathrattle shuffles a Candle into your deck that resummons Waxadred when drawn.
  • Golem: A dragon construct made of wax.
  • Resurrective Immortality: As long as Waxadred avoids being Silenced or getting his candle milled, he'll always resummon once his candle is drawn.

Zzeraku the Warped

I've suffered long enough. It's YOUR turn now!
A particularly large Nether Drake and the progenitor of the Twilight Dragonflight. Zzeraku is an 8 mana 4/12 Warlock Legendary. Whenever the player takes damage (on either turn), he summons a 6/6 Drake.
  • Ascended Extra: From a character mentioned in the dubiously-canon comics and given a brief cameo in a single novel, to now being the de facto representative for Nether Drakes.


Gaze into the nether... find your power!
The nether drake mount of Altruis the Sufferer. Nethrandamus is a 9 mana 8/8 Demon Hunter legendary from the Demon Hunter Initiate set. His Battlecry summons two random minions that cost 0, and the cost upgrades each time a friendly minion dies while Nethrandamus is in your hand.
  • Obvious Rule Patch: Nethrandamus' inclusion is almost certainly this. Demon Hunters have no specific Dragon synergy, but having a class Dragon lets them potentially use the Dragon stuff added in Descent of Dragons more easily. Nethrandamus is considered part of the Year of the Dragon and his flavour text even pokes fun at how he missed the "big descent", implying this is in place.

Year of the Gryphon

For more information about Kurtrus Ashfallen, Rokara, and Xyrella, see Heroes.

Guff Runetotem

It's the little things in life.
A pacifistic tauren druid with a love of nature so grand that he's even issued funeral rites for a grass clipping. Don't assume he's a weak softie, though- harm nature or his friends and his animal instincts might just go wild. He's also the grand-nephew of the legendary tauren druid Hamuul Runetotem, who's opted to send Guff out into the Barrens in an attempt to toughen him up.

Guff Runetotem is a 3 mana 2/4 Druid Legendary that gives friendly minions +2/+2 after you cast a Nature spell.

Tavish Stormpike

My beard has FLEAS scarier than you!
A former member of the Stormpike clan of dwarves, who's abandoned the wealthy clan due to being given the narrow end of the battle axe, as it were. He's become a mercenary, seeking glory, loot, adventure, and more loot. He's currently exploring Kalimdor, under contract to find the shards of a mysterious glowing object that exploded in the skies of Azeroth...

Tavish Stormpike is a 3 mana 2/5 Hunter Legendary that, after a friendly Beast attacks, summons a Beast that costs 1 or less from your deck.

Varden Dawngrasp

By my calculations, you need to chill out!
A blood elf mage, a student of all things magical and noted for their preternatural gift for the arcane at a young age. Trained under Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider himself, Varden would have likely risen through the ranks to become a Magister if not for Arthas and the Scourge destroying the Sunwell, leading to Kael betraying Silvermoon and leaving for Outland. Alienated due to the actions of their former master, Varden found comfort in their studies. A mysterious troll would come to Varden, seeking aid in gathering glowing shards that had fallen across the Barrens. Suspicious of the troll's intentions, Varden decided to go of their own accord and figure out what power these shards might hold...

Varden Dawngrasp is a 4 mana 3/3 Mage Legendary that freezes all enemy minions, or deals 4 damage to any minions that are already frozen.

  • Anachronism Stew: Intentionally invoked on the developers' part. In canon, the Sin'dorei (AKA the blood elves) did not join the Horde until the time of the Burning Legion expansion, but as a part of the Year of the Gryphon's storyline, this was bumped up to roughly a year before the Invasion of Outland, during the events of Varian Wrynn's kidnapping.
  • Non-Human Non-Binary/Transgender: Hearthstone's first non-binary character, and the second such character in the entire Warcraft franchise.

Cariel Roame

For the Alliance and my family!
A new paladin of the Silver Hand, having grown up under a strict father- the guard captain Cornelius Roame- with her older sister Tamsin. Although in her youth she was friends with pickpockets and sellswords and could found earning coin in an Old Town brawling ring, she's been committed to straightening herself out after Tamsin was presumed killed during the Scourging of Lordaeron, sending her family into chaos. As she is new, she's been stationed at Northwatch Hold in the Barrens to prove herself. However, she's recently heard a rumor: a Forsaken warlock, matching the description of her thought-lost sister, has been sighted in Ratchet. And now, from the looks of things, she seems to have abandoned her post...

Cariel Roame is a 4 mana 4/3 Paladin Legendary with Rush and Divine Shield that reduces the cost of Holy spells in your hand by 1 when she attacks.

Scabbs Cutterbutter

Out of the kitchen and into the frying pan!
A gnomish short order cook-turned-agent of SI:7. Once the most sought-after cook in the Eastern Kingdoms, Agent Cutterbutter was recruited after Matthias Shaw and the other spies of Stormwind Intelligence caught wind of his unmatched talent with a knife. Times have become stressful for Stormwind as of late, what with King Varian missing, calls for help from Redridge and Darkshire going unanswered, and most mysteriously, a glowing object in the sky exploding and raining shards of light across the land. A concerned member of the royal court has hired mercenaries to search for these shards, and SI:7 wants to know more. As such, Scabbs has been dispatched to the Barrens to investigate.

Scabbs Cutterbutter is a 4 mana 3/3 Rogue Legendary with a Combo effect that makes the next two cards played that turn cost 3 less.


These old bones know a storm's comin'!
Once a great shaman, the Darkspear medicine man Bru'kan is now... well, let's just say he's a few totems short of a whole shaman, even if he does still have a good heart and cares deeply for his tribe. Taking the falling of glowing shards of Light as a sign, he divined the future through Far Sight and saw a Horde triumphant in events to come. To that end, he has returned to the fight, and is teaching the young warrior Rokara the ways of being a champion of the Horde so his legacy can live on... and the new Horde she represents can come about.

Bru'kan is a 4 mana 5/4 Shaman Legendary that gives your Nature spells +3 Damage.

  • Badass Teacher: An Old Master that can still kick your ass with lightning, and is strong enough to give an utterly massive +3 Spell Damage (to the spells he is most proficient in).

Tamsin Roame

Haven't heard of me? You will...
A Forsaken and one of the Horde's most dangerous warlocks. In life, she was the older of two sisters and a superstar mage. She was accepted to the legendary Scholomance Academy, recommended there by Archmage Antonidas himself... and then the Scourge came, cutting her down and turning her into one of theirs. Regaining her will after the ebbing of the Lich King's power, she grew to resent both her father for all she had lost trying to gain his approval, and her people for abandoning her at her time of need. That's when a kind and supportive benefactor came to her, encouraging her to study the dark arts... and oh, has she. Now, at her benefactor's urging, Tamsin has gone to the Barrens in search of items of power... power that she might use to finally gain revenge.

Tamsin Roame is a 3 mana 1/3 Warlock Legendary that, whenever you cast a Shadow spell costing 1 or more mana, adds a 0-cost copy of that spell to your hand.

    Denizens of the Barrens 
For more information on Kazakus, see The Kabal above, in the "Crime Families of Gadgetzan" section. For more information on Flurgl, see Dungeon Run for his appearance as a card and Battlegrounds for his presence as a Hero in the Battlegrounds mode.


  • Ascended Extra: Most of the legendary minions from Forged in the Barrens that are not Hearthstone originals originated as Barrens-area questgivers, NPCs, and dungeon/quest encounters, all of which had little-to-no backstory or character to speak of. Most of these also originate from, (and in some cases, are exclusive to) the Classic era of WoW, with the major exceptions of Death Speaker Blackthorn, who was added in Warlords of Draenor, and Blademaster Samuro, who was originally a minor character from WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne, but is more well-known for his role as a playable hero in Heroes of the Storm.

Death Speaker Blackthorn

You struggle against the inevitible!
The current leader of Death's Head, a tribe of undead quilboar under the influence of the Scourge. He seeks to restore the cult's true master, the lich Amnennar the Coldbringer, using his phylactery.
Blackthorn is a 7 mana 3/6 Demon Hunter legendary that summons 3 Deathrattle minions from your deck that cost 5 mana or less.
  • Minion Manipulated into Villainy: Blackthorn's WoW backstory states that he was originally just another member of Death's Head who happened to rise through the ranks after Amnennar was defeated. Shortly after Blackthorn became the defacto leader, he began hearing dark whispers, promising untold riches and power should he find the lich's phylactery and use it to restore Amnennar to life. Adventurers would eventually encounter Blackthorn and attempt to stop him from performing the reviving ritual.

Plaguemaw the Rotting

From corpses, rise anew!
An quilboar adept in shadowy magics. Although already fairly dangerous in life, in death, he will gain even more power as a part of the Death's Head tribe.
Plaguemaw is a 4 mana 3/4 Druid legendary that, upon a friendly Taunt minion dying, summons a new copy of that minion that lacks the Taunt keyword.
  • Dead Alternate Counterpart: The opposite, actually. The Plaguemaw encountered in WoW is an undead member of Death's Head, but his card art in Hearthstone seemingly depicts him as he was while he was alive, akin to the professors from the Scholomance Academy expansion. This humorously makes his title of "The Rotting", carried over from his WoW version, disingenuous at best.

Barak Kodobane

Want to know why they call me "Kodobane"?
The new leader of the Kolkar clan of centaur. Under his leadership, the clan has rallied, abandoning the disorganized aggression of the past and becoming a far more dangerous threat.
Barak Kodobane is a 5 mana 3/5 Hunter legendary that draws a 1, 2, and 3-cost spell from your deck.

Mordresh Fire Eye

Your bones will be added to the pile. BURN!
An orcish shaman that was slain and resurrected by the Scourge in Razorfen Downs. He now serves the undead quilboar with blazing magic and epic riffs.//Mordresh is 10 mana 10/10 Mage legendary that deals 10 damage to all enemies as long as you've dealt 10 damage with your hero power that game.
  • Informed Species: He's a undead orc according to the lore, but (like in World of Warcraft) he's depicted as an undead human. In WoW it's because Forsaken have the animations needed for a rock star character, but it was just sort of grandfathered into Hearthstone.
  • Playing with Fire: Unleashes a wave of fire against your enemies.
  • The Power of Rock: He wields the Arcanite Ripper, a suped-up axe guitar that he channels his fire magic through.

Cannonmaster Smythe

The only language they speak is war, and I'm fluent!
The cannonmaster at Northwatch Hold in the Southern Barrens. Smythe is a 5 mana 4/4 Paladin Legendary that transforms your Secrets into 3/3 Soldiers. The soldiers put the Secrets back into play when they die.
  • Back from the Dead: Possibly. In canon, Northwatch Hold was utterly destroyed by the Horde in an event referred to as the Razing of Northwatch Hold, with the fort eventually being rebuilt by the time of Battle for Azeroth. It's unknown if Smythe survived the Horde assault or was one of its many casualties.

Serena Bloodfeather

Strength withers, and the cruel survive!
The leader of the Witchwing, a group of harpies with black plumage that live in the Northern Barrens. She and the rest of her group have been attacking Horde caravans as payback for Rexxar slaying her sister during the Third War.
Serena is a 2 mana 1/1 Priest legendary that steals an enemy minion's attack and health until hers are larger.

Apothecary Helbrim

I have a poison for every situation.
A Forsaken apothecary currently wandering the Barrens in search of rare plants and reagents to potentially prodice more potent potions, poisons...or potentially even plagues.
Apothecary Helbrim is a 4 mana 3/2 Rogue legendary that, as both a Battlecry and Deathrattle, adds one of Rogue's Poison spellsExplanation  to your hand.

Neeru Fireblade

Even friends serve their own ends.
An orc warlock and an advisor to Thrall while he was warchief. However, unlike most of his kin, he continues to embrace the corruption brought onto his race by the Burning Legion. Him and his clan, the Burning Blade, actually sought to overthrow Thrall and hand control over to their dark masters, the Shadow Council. He was eventually stripped of his role after Garrosh became warchief and could later be found hanged to death in a cave- evidently a casualty of Garrosh's "pure Horde" philosophy.
Neeru is a 5 mana 5/5 Warlock legendary that, if your deck is empty, opens a Burning Blade Portal that fills your board with 3/2 Imp Familiars each turn.
  • Anachronism Stew/Back from the Dead: Neeru was only advisor whilst Thrall acted as warchief, and was the subject of a couple quests before Garrosh took over as a part of Cataclysm. After the events of Mists of Pandaria, Neeru would be removed from the game, having been found hanging in a cave amongst other Horde warlocks during the Siege of Orgrimmar. It's fairly well-established that the Garrosh of Hearthstone's loose canon is warchief-era Garrosh, which, combined with the overall Classic-era WoW theme much of Forged in the Barrens seems to abide by, means that not only is Neeru alive and well, but he's effectively acting as advisor to someone who very much wants him dead.
  • Treacherous Advisor: Became advisor to the warchief solely to overthrow him and allow the Burning Legion to take control. His patently obvious lies about his knowledge of demons and demonic corruption being of potential use did not totally convince Thrall, leading to him sending Horde Adventurers on a quest to confirm his suspicions.

Overlord Saurfang

Rise up, children of the Horde!
A member of the Blackrock clan and a High Overlord of the Horde, Varok Saurfang was a legendary orc warrior, respected by both the Alliance and Horde and having served with the latter since the First War. Among his accomplishments were acting as second-in-command to Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer during the Second War, leading a joint Alliance-Horde assault against the Old God C'Thun in Ahn'Qiraj, and exposing warchief Sylvanas Windrunner's total disdain for the Horde by goading her into a one-on-one duel, which he would die in.
Overlord Saurfang is a 7 mana 5/4 Warrior legendary that resurrects 2 friendly Frenzy minions, then deals 1 damage to all other minions.
  • Back from the Dead: Saurfang died in a duel with Sylvanas towards the end of Battle for Azeroth. Here however, he's very much alive and well, resembling his appearance from that expansion.


Please, help me find Olgra!
A heartbroken orcish warrior searching for his wife Olgra. Mankrik is a neutral 3/4 for 3 that shuffles Olgra, Mankrik's Wife into your deck. Representing her body- or rather, her "Beaten Corpse"- it's a Casts When Drawn effect that resummons Mankrik as Mankrik, Consumed by Hatred, a 3/10 that immediately attacks the enemy hero.
  • Ascended Meme: The 'Mankrik's Wife' quest is one of the most infamous in WoWExplanation , and has been brought to life in Hearthstone.
  • Battle Couple: Mankrik and Olgra were before she died.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Mankrik goes on one after you discover Olgra is dead.

Blademaster Samuro

My blade seeks vengeance!
The last uncorrupted blademaster of the Burning Blade clan. Samuro is a 4 mana 1/6 with Rush and the Frenzy effect of dealing damage to all enemy minions equal to his current attack.


You makin' a BIIIIIIG mistake, mon!
The chieftain of the Darkspear trolls and former Warchief of the Horde. Vol'jin first appeared in Goblins vs Gnomes as a 5 mana 6/2 Priest legendary whose Battlecry swapped his health with a target minion. He returned as Vol'jin, Shadow Hunter, a neutral 3/6 that returns a minion to its owner's hand and swaps it for another minion.

Kargal Battlescar

Pigmen running amok? Not on my watch!
An orc commander posted at the Far Watch Post in the Northern Barrens, ensuring the safety of Horde caravans and watching out for attacks from quilboar and Alliance scum alike.
Kargal Battlescar is a 7 mana 5/5 neutral that summons a 5/5 Lookout for each Watch PostExplanation  you've summoned this game.

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