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    The 7D 

    The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin 
  • The Trio: Teddy, Grubby and Gimmick.

    Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers 
  • "Sir Robert" : Robert Mandell, series creator.
  • Master Kaymo: Christopher Rowley, in honor of the insane god Kaymo from his Basil Broketail books.
  • Niko "Dal'Ariel" : A fanon "surname" for Niko, created for an old fanfic. It just translates to "Student of Ariel"
  • "Eric" Wheiner: Fanon's first name for Senator Wheiner.

    Adventure Time 
  • The Land of Aaa: Supposedly a Rule 63 version of Ooo where Fiona, Cake et al. live. Note that in canon, the Ice King refers to them living in Ooo.
  • Farmworld: The alternate timeline where the Lich never existed, as seen in "The Lich," "Finn the Human" and "Jake the Dog." So named because this reality has Finn and a non-sapient Jake living in a farming community.
    • Ice King Finn/Ice Prince: This world's version of Finn after he puts on the Ice King's crown.
  • Lemongrab 2, Lemongrab's clone, has been named "Buttgrab" by the Adventure Time fandom, because of the large size of his royal bottom, and the fact that in his first appearance he was butt naked.
    • The name "Lemonfriend" has also been seen, owing to his status of being made as a companion to Lemongrab.
  • "Tiny Purple Man On String" has become surprisingly popular when referring to a character from the Earth & Water trailer.

    Avatar: The Last Airbender 
The Avatar World
  • Avaverse: Refers to the canon universe. While it occasionally used to refer to fanfics that are not AUs, it's more frequently used on forums when the poster is talking about the world as a whole.




  • Buffroh: Nickname given to Iroh when he gets muscles.


  • Rock Loli: A 4chan nickname for Toph. Partially inspired by Naruto's Rock Lee.
  • Magnetoph/Tophneto: Toph After she learned metalbending, after X-Men's Magneto.
  • Iron Toph: After Iron Man because of her badass fighting method in the finale.


  • Zudork, Dorko, Failko: Zuko, and his ability to be a badass one second, and a total doofus the next. A popular fan adjective for him is "adorkable."
  • Another common name the fandom gives Zuko is Sparky, usually used by Toph in fanworks due to the absence of a Toph-given nickname in canon.
  • Prince Zuko, the master cockblocker.
  • Zuzu: Originally used by Azula, but eventually picked up by the fangirls due to his Adorkableness.

Other Characters

  • Frothers, Foamy, Foaming Mouth Guy, Rabid Fanboy: Nickname given to a nameless character whose only defined trait was to collapse into a frothing seizure upon mention of the Avatar.
  • Koizilla: The ocean spirit's One-Winged Angel form in the Season 1 finale. This actually came from a Production Nickname.
  • Nmokas: Nameless Mother of Katara and Sokka. Her name is revealed to be Kya late into the final season.
  • June the bounty hunter is sometimes referred to as "The Patron Saint of Zutara" from the way she refers to Katara as Zuko's girlfriend. Repeatedly.
  • Firelord Susan: Mondegreen of Firelord Sozin, heard in the beginning of "The Avatar and the Firelord" among others.
  • Fatherlord: Ozai, adopted by some boards after Zuko's unfortunate slip-up in the finale.
  • Avatar Susan: Used by some fans to refer to Avatar Yangchen, who appeared in flashbacks before being named in the series finale. Comes from SDCC 2007, where one of the finalists in the costume contest dressed as her and the panelists called her "Avatar Susan" when listing off the costumes.

Multiple Characters

  • Kung Fu Action Jesus: Either Aang or the Avatar in general.
  • The Gaang: Aang and his group — Katara, Sokka, Toph, and later on, Suki and Zuko. Acknowledged on the front cover of an issue of NickMag dedicated entirely to the show, and a little later in the show itself:
    Sokka: I just wanted to say, good effort out there today, Team Avatar!
    Katara: Enough with the Team Avatar stuff! No matter how many times you say it, it's not gonna catch on.
    Sokka: The Aang Gang?
    Katara: Sokka...
  • Ozai's Angels: Azula's group. Helped out by pictures like this and this.
    • And the fact that the meta-tastic The Ember Island Players outright acknowledges the nickname by having the actresses playing Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee in the play do the Charlie's Angels Pose at one point.
  • The Dangerous Ladies: The other name for Azula, Mai, and Ty Lee. This was probably coined in-show, in "The Chase".
    Sokka: Has anyone given thought to the tankful of dangerous ladies that seem to be after us?
  • The apparent similarities between Azula, Mai and Ty Lee with Haruhi, Yuki and Mikuru respectively has led to the coining of the term Hare Hare Ozai.
  • The Zucrew: Zuko, Azula, Ty Lee and Mai in the first half of Season 3.

Development and Production

  • Bryke: Collective name for series creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino. Alternately, the name of the ultimate Crack Pairing.
    • "The Creators" is an older name for them, although it fell out of use with the coining of "Bryke".
  • Avatar Withdrawal Syndrome (AWS): It refers to the long hiatus between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3. It's also occasionally invoked during the wait between the first and second halves of Season 3.
  • Avastaff: Refers to Mike and Bryan and their underlings. This name was invoked mostly during the wait between Seasons 2 and 3 (as in, "the Avastaff need to get their heads out of their asses and make some new episodes!").

Events and Concepts

  • Aangst: Aang's multiple bouts into angst territory, Season 2 and onwards.
  • Maikout: Mai's and Zuko's kiss, drawing on their Portmanteau Couple Name.
  • Kataango: The Mating Dance Aang and Katara do in "The Headband", coming from their Portmanteau Couple Name.
  • Irohbics: The various exercises Iroh does while in his cell and pretending to have gone crazy that made him absolutely ripped.
  • Momoments: Coined by the creators for funny or interesting clips involving Momo.
  • Zuko Planned It (ZPI): Used by fans who refused to believe that Zuko was actually evil in the wake of his failed Heel–Face Turn at the end of Season 2.
  • Shamwow: Coined by Penny Arcade and adopted by CAPSLOCK_ATLA for director M. Night Shyamalan after the Live-Action Adaptation. Also called Shamallama and Shamalamadingdong by those who both scorn him and have trouble pronouncing his name.
  • Sokkasm: Sokka's sarcasm.


  • Avafan: A fan of the series. Avafan describes more casual fans...
    • Avatard: ...while Avatard is used for the hardcore set.
  • Cloudbaby: A theoretical child of Aang and Katara (air + water = clouds). Used mostly for Original Characters, though the term can now also be applied to Tenzin, Kya II and Bumi II, their canonical children.
    • ...Whereas "Steambaby" refers to a theoretical Zuko/Katara spawn. A "Ninjababy" would be a Zuko/Mai kid. An Aang/Toph baby would be called a Dustbaby.
    • So if Katara has kids with Haru, or some other Earth Nation guy, they'd have Mudbabies, yes?
      • Theoretically yes. Similarly, a hypothetical Zuko/Toph child would probably be a Lavababy. Though... what a child that is the product of an air/fire union (Aang/Azula?) would be called is mysterious.
      • Smokebaby?

    The Legend of Korra 
  • Brolin: Due to giving the appearance of a true bro.
  • The Korralition: The Korra-coalition, a nickname for the group of protagonists to go along with "the Gaang."
  • The Krew: An equally popular, if not more-so, nickname for Korra, Mako, Asami, and Bolin.
  • Ferret Brothers: Mako and Bolin. A reference to the pro-bending team and...well, the obvious.
  • Every time Lin Beifong shows off a new ability, she gets name-smushed with a Marvel superhero. Spider-Lin, Wolverlin, etc.
    • At one point she even inherits her mother's nickname with "Iron Lin" after she puts on her metal armor in a way very similar to how Iron Man puts on his armor.
    • Similarly, reference to "Bat-Mako" due to the similarity between Mako and Batman's backstory and angst. Sometimes Lin becomes "Commissioner Beifong".
  • Avatar Jafar: In the shot of all the Avatars, Yangchen's Fire Nation predecessor looks strikingly similar to Jafar, the villain of the classic Disney film, Aladdin. According to The Shadow of Kyoshi, published in July 2020, his name is Szeto. His distinctive tall hat is a signal of his administrative career.
  • Honora: Fire Lord Izumi prior to her real name's reveal. Also sometimes called Ursa due to bad Sokka jokes when 'Honora' gets captured in Fan Fiction. The name has now been passed down to Izumi’s daughter whose existence has only been confirmed via Word of God without much elaboration.
  • After General Iroh showed his ability to be a major badass that can fly by bending fire from his feet, fans began naming him Iroh Man.
  • Howl: The White Lotus guard who appears briefly in the first episode and lets Korra and Naga out. Since no name was given, he was dubbed Howl, short for Hot Order-of-the-White-Lotus guard. Most fanwork places him in a Crack Ship with Korra, their Portmanteau Couple Name being Howrra
  • The Androids: Desna and Eska for obvious reasons. Also: the Water Twins, Water Brats, or Water Twits.
    • Eska specifically is sometimes called "Icezula."
  • Prior to their official name (The Red Lotus) being revealed, Zaheer's gang was (and to an extent, still is) called "the Anti-Team Avatar," "the Irregular Benders," "the Exbendables," and the "Four-Nation Army."
  • "The Thing"note  – the last scene in the Grand Finale episode of Book Four, when Korra and Asami hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes as they go through the spirit portal for a vacation after Kuvira's defeat. Open to multiple interpretations until a few days after "The Last Stand" was released, when both creators confirmed via Tumblr that the last one was the correct one.

    Batman Beyond 

    Batman: The Animated Series 

    Batman: The Brave and the Bold 
  • This show's boisterous take on AQUAMAN has been dubbed "AquaMANLY".
    • And note the capital letters – that's because he's so OUTRAGEOUS!

    Ben 10 
  • Pink Lantern: Gwen, whose most common power after the Time Skip is the ability to make Green Lantern-style objects and barriers.
  • Those who loathe the changes on the part of most of the returning characters, the unoriginal new aliens with Combo Platter Powers, and the Romantic Plot Tumor between Gwen and Kevin have dubbed the show as Ben 10: Alien Farce.
  • Ultimate Alien Force: Used to distinguish post-time skip continuity without having to say the names of both shows at once.
  • "The Halloween Trio": The three monster-themed aliens, Benmummy, Benvictor, and Benwolf, are called as such due to the fact that all three are based upon the Universal monster line-up.

    Big Hero 6: The Series 
  • Scone Daddy: Obake because of a single scene showing him eating a blueberry scone. Also, "Glowstick Man".
    • The robotic copy of him that appeared in "Countdown To Catastrophe" is called "Robake".
    • His younger self is sometimes called "Emobake" due to Obake having an Emo Teen haircut.
  • "NBB" for Noodle Burger Boy.
  • Momakase is referred as "Knife Wife" or "Knife Mom" by her fans.

  • Floating Vampire Jesus — Alucard, after Trevor Belmont refers to him as Sypha's FVJ.
  • Blue Fangs — The goblin with the glowing blue eyes and fangs that talks to the priest and appears to be the leader of the goblin assault on Targoviste.
  • Goat Fucker — the Fat Bastard farmer in the tavern who beats up Trevor, though he himself doesn't appear to do it and only seems angry someone else was doing it to his goats.
  • Dick Bishop — The Bishop.

    Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers 
  • Ever since Rhyme and Reason established these names, many fanfictions give Chip the last name "Maplewood" and Dale the last name "Oakmont". In fact, this is accepted as Fanon.
    • Some fans go as far as declaring "Chip" the nickname form of "Charles", which would mean that he'd share a first name with Monterey Jack's father.
  • Tammy from "Adventures In Squirrelsitting" is often given the surname "Chestnut". Her unnamed mom has been named June in a handful of fanfics as well.
    • However, there are even more names for Tammy's mom to be found in fanfics than last names for the family.
  • "The Rangerillion" gave new names matching its Tolkienesque High Fantasy style to staff members, canonical characters, original characters, fans, and some classic Disney characters. Due to the impact this story had on the fandom (a Real Life Moment of Awesome similar to the release of Of Mice and Mayhem, only that it took several months), some fans occasionally use these names in regular conversation, sometimes not even shying away from addressing people, fans in particular, but also staff members, by these names. Examples:
  • The device built by Gadget out of the Rangermobile and the Gyromobile in "The Case of the Cola Cult" is officially unnamed, as is the walking contraption with which Gadget attacks the other four in "To the Rescue". Fans baptized them Gyrotank and Battlesphere, respectively.
  • While the name of Gadget's father is established in canon (Geegaw Hackwrench), there has never been any consensus about the name of her mother whom every fanfic writer names and describes differently. Or about how the name of Gadget's Evil Doppelgänger from "Gadget Goes Hawaiian" is spelled.

    Code Lyoko 
  • For one week in North America, every episode for a week featured Yumi being the victim of XANA's attacks. Fans called this the "Pick on Yumi week" — so notable it was even noted on Wikipedia!

    Codename: Kids Next Door 
  • La Superagente 86: Numbuh 86, based on the Latin American name for Get Smart (also used to refer to Smart himself).
  • The Satanic Children from Down the Lane: Based on how they resemble Damien and demonic children in general.
    • Ashley and Ogie: The two girls from Sector Z who were turned into the Delightful Children. The three boys, David, Bruce and Lenny, are the only names that are revealed in canon.
    • According to, the short girl with the glasses is named Constance. The tall blonde girl has yet to be named.
  • Kooks: Numbuh Three or Kuki. Popular in KND fanfiction in 2005, might not be so much now.

    Courage the Cowardly Dog 
  • The Perfect Trumpet Thingy: The blue deformed trumpet-like figure that appears in the first of Courage's nightmares in "Perfect."
  • Violin Girl: The violin-playing Demon Head character from "Courage in the Big Stinkin' City."

  • Our Heroine (OH): Daria Morgendorffer.
  • Amigas: Jane and Daria, since Jane often calls Daria her "amiga."
  • Doomed Stacy: Used in fanfiction for Stacy Rowe when bad things happen to her.
  • Schloss Morgendorffer: The Morgendorffer home.
  • Casa Lane: The Lane home.
  • Evil T(h)om: Nicknames for Tom Sloane, or more specifically, Die for Our Ship depictions of him. Usually spelled this way, parentheses and "h" included.
  • The Kiss: The Tom/Daria kiss, which is also seen by some fans as the Jump Ing The Shark moment for the series.
  • Manstopper Glasses: The eyeglasses Daria wears.
  • Saint Mack: Used in reference to Mack as a long-suffering Nice Guy, particularly regarding his relationship with Jodie.
  • The Sisters Morgendorffer: Daria and Quinn.
  • The Lost Summer: The summer between Daria's sophmore and junior years, which is never explicitly shown or mentioned on the show (unlike the summer between her junior and senior years, which is the subject of "Is It Fall Yet?").
  • Backgrounders: Those characters which appear in the background but are never made particularly important. Many of them have Fan Nicknames and Fanon personalities of their own, especially those with unique designs.
    • Tori Jericho: A particularly common fanon name for the popular girl talking with Sandi and Tiffany during "The Invitation."

    Danny Phantom 
  • Vlad Seximus: Vlad Plasimus. Hey, Evil Is Sexy!
  • In certain circles, once Jazz's father called her "Jazzypants", it stuck. As has "Jazzerincess".
  • Amber McLain: Ember McLain's "real" name.
  • The unnamed ghost dog that alternates between a puppy and its angry adult form is often referred to as "Cujo".
  • Danny's evil older self from The Ultimate Enemy is only addressed in-universe as Phantom and listed in the credits as Dark Danny. That hasn't stopped the fandom from almost universally calling him Dan.

    Disney Animated Canon 
The Lilo & Stitch franchise, which is part of the DAC, has its own folder below.

    Donkey Kong Country 
  • DKCTV: A shorthand name used to refer to the series.
  • Lord Harry: An alternate title, used by Rareware fanboys who hate the show.


    The Dragon Prince 

  • Ugly Twerp: Gyro Gearloose. SharanMcQuack refuses to call Gyro by his real name because she thinks Disney is trying to pass him off as a hero while making her favorite character, Launchpad, look like an incompetent idiot (even though he is a rather goofy character).

    Ed, Edd n Eddy 

    The Fairly OddParents 

    Family Guy 
  • The Liberal Douche: Brian
  • Meg-bashing: The constant abuse that Meg Griffin undergoes.
  • Rian/Ryan, New B/Newbie: Another name for New Brian

    Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends 
  • The Foster's Five: Mac, Bloo, Eduardo, Wilt and Coco.
    • Foster's Super Six/Seven: Less commonly used in cases where Frankie and Goo are included in the core group.

  • The Trio: Brooklyn, Broadway, and Lexington.
  • Avalon World Tour: the World tour that brings Goliath, Elisa, Angela and Bronx around to the different areas that Avalon sends them to.

    Gravity Falls 
  • Bipper: Bill Cipher's possession of Dipper's body in "Sock Opera", though Mabel uses it once in-show.
    • Billendin: His possession of Blendin's body in "Dipper and Mabel vs. the Future".
  • Griece Mabel, Grephew Dipper: The twins.
  • Mystery Twins Classic, the Kings of New Jersey: Grunkle Stan and his long-lost brother Stanford; the latter nickname comes from a flashback scene in "A Tale of Two Stans".

    Green Lantern: The Animated Series 
  • Sad Rage Zebra Bunny: Affectionate term used to describe Canon Foreigner Razer. Coined from an offhand fan comment that his armour and Facial Markings make him look like a cross between a bunny and a zebra. "Sad" and "Rage" are occasionally supplemented with other adjectives depending on the fan.
    • Alternately: Angry Space Bunny
    • Space Zuko: Also Razer, for his position as The Atoner.
  • Papa Hal: Hal Jordan, for his Team Dad tendencies and rather parental stance towards the resident Robot Girl Aya.
  • Kilodad: Kilowog, for essentially the same reason as Hal. Has often helped lead to proclamations of "Aya has two dads."
  • Saint Flawless: Saint Walker. Because he is flawless.
  • GL Death Star: Nickname given to Green Lantern Mogo, the Living Planet, by the GLTAS creative team themselves.
  • Green Fantern: A fan of the series, chosen after a mass debate amongst fans and the show's creators on Tumblr. Often shortened to just "Fantern."

    Hey Arnold! 

    Invader Zim 
  • As Dib and Gaz's last name was never given in the show, everyone took to assuming that it was "Membrane" after their father Professor Membrane (nevermind that it was implied this was his first name). Became Ascended Fanon with the continuation comics, which explicitly referred to Dib as "Dib Membrane".

    Justice League/Justice League Unlimited  
  • The Legion of Doom: The second Secret Society in Justice League Unlimited, based on their deliberate similarity (including the design of their secret headquarters) to the classic enemies of the Superfriends. One editor has heard that internal documents actually refer to the Society as the Legion of Doom, but can't put their finger on any references.
    • They flat-out mention it in the DVD commentaries for the final season that they essentially referred to the group as the Legion of Doom amongst themselves, but were asked by DC higher-ups to not use it in the show. Hence why the group isn't actually referred to at all by name in the show (apart from Luthor's dismissive comment about it being another version of the Secret Society, which Grodd waves off).
      • It's on the DVD box!
  • Brainthor: The entity formed by Brainiac merging with Lex Luthor in the second season finale of Justice League Unlimited. (Other favorites include "Lexiac" and "Luthoriac", some even differentiating between the two stages of the event.)
  • Mjolnir: Hawkgirl's mace. Named after Thor's hammer, though it looks more like a morning star.
    • Also, the "Big Honkin' Mace" or "BHM", after a line Joker used to describe it.
    • The "Deus ex Mace-ina", due to Hawkgirl's ability to destroy or effectively attack things with the mace that sometimes even guys like Superman can't smash because of magic.
  • The Little Three: Hawkgirl, Flash, and Green Lantern.
  • The Big Seven: during justice league unlimited when referring to the original seven members.


    Kim Possible 
  • Alex Sapphic/Background Lesbian: A recurring background character in Kim's high school that fit the stereotype of a Butch Lesbian. (However, her displayed romantic interests in Smashmouth, Prince Wally, Hirotaka and various boys around the school indicate that she'd more likely be bi or pan.)
  • Leslie Bean: Recurring high-school extra that appeared in Season Four, appearing to be the Background Lesbian's girlfriend.
  • The Girl In Blue: Another Recurring Extra at Middleton High School who caught the eye of fans. Several names have been suggested, like "Linda," "Violet," and, inexplicably, "Soup". Some promotional material names her "Linda" and one episode gives her surname as Platt (or it might be the guy in front of her).
  • Zorpox is actually the name of an in-universe-fictional supervillain Ron dressed up as to infiltrate a villain trade show. It became a convenient handle for the Evil!Ron persona that was accidentally unleashed at the trade show, but is never used that way in canon.

    Lilo & Stitch franchise 
  • Evile: Experiment 627, the Evil Counterpart to Stitch. The nickname comes from the fact that in his original episode in Lilo & Stitch: The Series, the only word he could ever say was "evil". Lilo never named him and 627 was dehydrated instead of being rehabilitated at the end of the episode. Fan wikis have used this name for years in their articles until they eventually purged it out because of its non-canon status.
  • Experiment 629: Leroy from Leroy & Stitch. Disney's marketing actually tried to establish him as Experiment 628 instead in some commercials that aired before his debut and in some Japanese and Disneyland Paris merchandise, but there was already an Experiment 628 as seen in pod form at the end of 627's episode; 628 was never activated, and Leroy—who was newly created in his film—was never officially numbered by Jumba. (Jumba tried to number him 627, but Gantu reminded him that he already made Experiment 627.) Finally became Ascended Fanon in June 2020, when the web manga Tono & Stitchnote  gave Leroy the number 629 in a special one-shot volume released via the Japanese version of Disney Tsum Tsum.
  • Girl Stitch/Pink Stitch: Experiment 624/Angel, a pink, female experiment who bears a strong feminine resemblance to Stitch and is his love interest. This is more often used to mock the derivative appearance of the otherwise popular character, however.
  • "Stitch! anime": The anime Spin-Off series Stitch! is often referred to with "anime" added on as a disambiguation to prevent confusion with Stitch! The Movienote  and the title character himself. The show does have an official alternate name, Yuna & Stitch, but that was only used for the German dub and is not used by the English-speaking fandom at large.
  • Stitch Pelekai: Some fans try to give Experiment 626 (Stitch) the surname of his adopter (Lilo) to better portray him as a brother figure to her and Nani instead of the "dog" he's legally adopted as.
    • It should also be mentioned that some fans try to surname the other experiments as well, usually with "Jookiba" after their creator (this includes Stitch at times, even though it does not make sense since Lilo is his legal owner, not Jumba).

    The Magic School Bus 
  • Frizz Kids: the core eight of the cast. Sometimes expanded to refer to anyone who's had Miss Frizzle as a teacher.

  • Shrimp Boy: Flamzer, due to looking very crustacean-like.
  • Constructicons: The Weldos, before their official tribe name was released.
  • Nearly every background filler Mixel has been given a vote-held nickname of sorts on the Mixels Wiki. These include:
    • Tyecoon: The Cyclops Klinker with a mustache (that isn't Gox).
    • Slymee: The tall Glorp Corp student that acts as a newspaper boy.
    • Oozly: The fisherman Glorp Corp.
    • Mr. Ius: The Wiztastic who is only seen from the waist down.
    • Banjoe: The Muncho student seen playing a banjo at a party.
    • Crunchee: The tall cat-like Muncho student.
    • Gastropodd: The snail-like Muncho.
    • Nummie: The cycloptic Vulk-like Muncho.
    • Byte: The Cyclops hunched-over Muncho.
    • Muffy: The Cyclops Muncho with Volectro-like hair.
    • Ash: The seldom-seen Infernite student with a thick unibrow.
    • Pyrope: The Cyclops Infernite student with an orange unibrow.
    • Flare: The Infernite student with a shock of thick-parted orange hair.
    • Cayno: The Infernite student that resembles Nummie.
    • Rocky: The nerdy Cragster student.
    • Boldurr: The tall Krader-like Cragster student.
    • Wott: The Electroid student with lightning bolt horns.
    • Hurtz: The big Electroid student with a lightning bolt top and goatee.
    • Shivor: The Frosticon student with ice claws.
    • Fridjerk: The big Cyclops Frosticon student.
    • Frostbite: The Frosticon student with ice horns.
    • Squiddo: The squid-like Flexers student.
    • Slugber: The Flexers student that resembles Gastropodd.
    • Globbie: The Glorp Corp student with horns.
    • Dawgi: The dog-like Spikel student. (Before his name was canonized as "Blip")
    • Thornhee: The Hoogi-like Spikel student.
    • Brohawk: The big Spikel student with a mohawk.
    • Punkchure: The big Spikel student with horns.
    • Astroy: The Cyclops Orbiton student with a beanie cap.
    • Phosphee: The tiny Cyclops Glowkie student. Also referred to by fans as "the smol Glowkie".
    • Steemur: The big Klinker student with a cannon for a head.
    • Koggpact: The Klinker that resembles Banjoe.
    • Gajet: The Klinker that resembles Muffy.
    • Steelven: The Klinker that resembles Crunchee
    • Gummo: The Berp-like Muncho student.
    • Hungurr: The large Muncho student. (Before his name was canonized as "Zabo")

    My Little Pony 

My Little Pony G1

My Little Pony Tales

  • Ace-hole for Ace, mostly due to the character being a Jerkass.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic

  • Main characters:
    • Mane Six: a collective term for the main six charactersnote , as a play on words on "mane" and "main". Mane Seven is also, if less commonly, used to refer to the Mane Six plus either Spike or Starlight Glimmer, both important secondary characters who are strongly associated with the group.
    • Like Flutterbitch, the rest of the Mane Six also have collective names if they take a level in Jerkass. These include Rainbow Douche, Raribitch, Applejerk, Twibitch Sparkle and Pinkie Prick, or alternatively, Rainbow Ditch, Rarigreed/Greedity, Liarjack and Angry/Grumpy Pie.
    • Twilight Sparkle:
      • "Purplesmart", in reference to her purple coat and her being very learned and book-smart. Similarly, Book Horse.
      • Twily: Twilight Sparkle as a filly, which generally induces Cuteness Overload. The name comes from her older brother Shining Armor's pet name for her in "A Canterlot Wedding" and "The Crystal Empire".
      • Twilicorn: Used to refer to Twilight in her alicorn form. Generally has a negative connotation due to the divisive nature of her transformation in "Magical Mystery Cure". It has begun to fade from use, mostly due to the fact that, as the show has progressed, she has been an alicorn for longer than she has been a unicorn, and most of the fandom is no longer interested in continuing an argument that is no longer seen as very relevant. Also, the controversy and fan arguments have left something of a bad taste attached to use of this term.
      • Princess Punklight and Punklight Sparkle: Twilight gets a very interesting punk hairdo at a spa in "Castle Sweet Castle" and the fandom just clung to it.
    • Pinkie Pie:
      • Pinkie Pied Piper: Refers to Pinkie Pie using music to lead the Parasprites out of Ponyville in "Swarm of the Century".
      • Pinkamena Diane Pie: Pinkie Pie's full name. In the fandom, however, it is used almost exclusively to refer to her straight-haired depressed or psychotic self.
    • Rainbow Dash is sometimes called "Bluefast", because she's blue and she's very, very fast.
    • Rarity:
      • Rara was a common way to refer to Rarity. When a character appeared that is actually nicknamed "Rara" in-series fans started calling Rarity "Rarara" instead.
      • Fashion Horse: In reference to her being a fashion designer.
      • Rarihick: Rarity while sporting an exaggerated southern drawl, overalls and straw hat in the episode "Simple Ways".
      • Inspirarity: Rarity while corrupted by the effects of the Inspiration Manifestation spell, when she went mad with power and started turning everything in Ponyville into more fabulous — but far less practical or usable — versions of itself.
      • Raripunk or Punkity: Used to refer to Rarity's look at the end of "It Isn't the Mane Thing About You", where ends up fixing her mane (which had been ruined when she accidentally showered with a powerful cleaning potion rather than shampoo) by weaving hair of other colors in with the bits of purple mane she had left to make a tricolor mohawk, and completed the look with a leather jacket.
    • Applejack:
      • Applejewel is used to refer to Applejack in a fancy dress with her mane tied back with a jewel-encrusted pin, as seen in "Simple Ways"
      • Treekicker is an affectionate reference to her trademark way of harvesting apples.
    • Fluttershy
      • Generally, she is sometimes referred to as "Yellowquiet" in reference to her coat color and retiring personality.
      • Flutterage: Raging Fluttershy in "The Best Night Ever". In the episode, she has a minor psychotic episode when the animals in Canterlot's park refuse to let her near, resulting in her flying into a rage and chasing them into the palace while roaring "You're going to LOVE ME! "
      • Flutterscream: Fluttershy's attempt at screaming in "Green Isn't Your Color".
      • Flutterrange: Fluttershy after Discord turned her into an orange in "What About Discord?".
  • Squeaky Belle: A nickname for Rarity’s younger sister Sweetie Belle whenever her voice cracks.
  • Glim Glam: A variation on Starlight Glimmer's name that started on /mlp/ but soon took off on Equestria Daily and other fan sites.
  • The princesses:
    • Trollestia: Princess Celestia, in light of a number of episodes which have shown her to have a somewhat mischievous streak.
    • Tia and Woona: Princesses Celestia and Luna, when depicted as fillies (though "Tia" is used as an Affectionate Nickname of Luna's for Celestia as well). Woona often refers specifically to Season 1 Luna, which is shorter than her depiction in later seasons and lacks an ethereal mane, especially her fan depiction as a sort of blue alicorn Fluttershy. According to supplementary material Luna does have a nickname for Celestia but it's "Celie", not the more popular "Tia".
    • Sunbutt/Moonbutt: Celestia and Luna, referring to their cutie marks. Just a brief search through fanwork comedies (or anything with Discord in it, which remarkably don't always overlap) is enough to find them.
    • Momlestia: Celestia when she acts like a Parental Substitute or Cool Big Sis to characters. Most fanworks about this are Twilight, Spike or Sunset related.
    • Princess of Merchandise: Flurry Heart. Because she is a baby, an alicornnote , and a princess, many fans believe that she was only added to the show so Hasbro would have an excuse to sell more toys. BUY OUR TOYS!
  • Sunset Shimmer:
    • Baconhair or Baconmane: A nickname based on the red and yellow pattern of her mane somewhat resembling bacon.
    • Sunset Satan: Sunset Shimmer in her One-Winged Angel form in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls. Contrast Sunset Seraph, referencing her after her transformation at the end of her post-Rainbow Rocks short.
  • Background Six/The Other Mane Six: collective term for the six most popular background ponies (see below), those usually being Derpy Hooves, Lyra Heartstrings, Octavia, Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3, Bon Bon, and Doctor Whooves. Sometimes the Doctor's spot will be filled by Carrot-Top/Golden Harvest or Colgate/Minuette to keep the "all girls" theme. On rare occasions, Doctor's spot will be filled by Raindrops to have the 2:2:2 ratio of ponies complete. Other additional members that are often included are Berry Punch and Rose.
  • New Mane Six: Collective term for Discord, Coco Pommel, Spitfire, Cheese Sandwich, Seabreeze and Silver Shill, each of whom gave a member of the central cast their key during the events of Season 4 and most of whom are ensemble darkhorses.
  • The collection of Twilight and her old friends from Canterlot (Twilight, Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Lyra Heartstrings, Twinkleshine and Minuette) are sometimes referred to as the "Canterlot Six" or the "Unicorn Six".
  • Pretty much every background pony has a fan nickname or a few (here's the helpful list). Some of the most notable ones are listed below.
  • Derpy Hooves: A grey-furred pegasus who appeared as a background character in the first episode wearing a dopey, cross-eyed expression on her face, and has gone on to make appearances in several other episodes, usually with Fish Eyes. In the second season she's a recurring background character in the vein of Where's Waldo, generally seen in every episode. Very popular with the fans. Also known as Ditzy Doo, which is a canonical name for an unidentified, scatterbrained pegasus who went north to retrieve the southern birds (and west the previous year) and partially endorsed by Lauren Faust.

    In a rare instance of the fan nickname becoming canon, "Derpy" went from a fan nickname, to being used in the promotion of the December 2011 holiday special, to being used on an episode of the show in January 2012 (in an episode that also gave Derpy her first speaking appearance), then subsequently de-canonized after complaints from parents caused Hasbro to re-edit her scene to remove her name (as well as change her voice and mostly-underp her eyes). The outcry also resulted in her being conspicuously absent from Season 3 (except for the opening, which is a Season 2 holdover) though she reappeared in time for the season finale. For the record, the writer of that episode had originally planned on using "Ditzy-Doo", but changed it at the last minute at the request of the director, who wanted to give a further Shout-Out to the fans.
  • Dr. Whoof/Dr. Whooves: An earth pony with an hourglass-shaped cutie mark and an uncanny resemblance to David Tennant (Doctor Who's 10th Doctor) who appears in a few episodes as a background character. Fans don't seem to have decided on a name. According to his trading card, his name is officially Time Turner, and he deals with all things "timey-wimey" in Ponyville. Also referred to as "Dr. Hooves" in the merchandise. In one particular crowd scene, there were a few stallions who resembled various incarnations of the Doctor. All of them had the hourglass cutie mark, just to make the connection more obvious.
  • Colgate: A background pony who has a blue mane with a white stripe running through it. Her canon name, according to the blind-bags, is "Minuette". She is occasionally also referred to as Romana due to sharing the same cutie mark as Dr. Whoof. She was seen dressed up as a dentist in the Halloween Episode. Coincidence or Ascended Fanon?
  • Aloe & Lotus, the Spa Twins: The proprietors of the Ponyville Day Spa, who are pallete-swaps of each other (and share the same cutie mark, a lotus blossom). Aloe is pink with a blue mane; Lotus is blue with a pink mane. One toy canonized the blue twin's name as "Lotus Blossom". A third spa pony — light tan with a purple mane — has been given the fan nickname "Vera".
  • Carrot Top: The yellow earth pony with orange mane and carrot cutie mark. Later canonized as Golden Harvest, but the fan nickname remained as an "official nickname" of sorts (it's mentioned on the back of her trading card).
  • Pony Gaga: Rarity in her Pimped-Out Dress and Uncanny Valley Makeup from "Sonic Rainboom". The nickname has also been used for Photo Finish from "Green Isn't Your Color" (despite Photo Finish actually being modeled after Vogue editor Anna Wintour) and Applejack's fillyhood friend Coloratura (who became a Gaga-like pop star, Countess Coloratura, in "The Mane Attraction").
  • Steven Magnet: the camp sea serpent from the second episode, "Elements of Harmony". The nickname comes from a caption generated by YouTube's closed-caption auto-generator. Has eventually become Ascended Fanon through the toys.
  • Basil: the big red dragon from "Dragonshy", after a dragon with a similar character design from the G1 series.
  • The Plot: Used to refer to gratuitous shots of mares' hind-ends (a.k.a "pony-ass"), most famously Rarity's in "Dragonshy". Taken from the pre-existing fan phrase "I watch it for the plot".
  • Octavia: the cello/double bassnote  player from the season 1 finale. The official trading card later canonized this name.
  • Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3: The DJ unicorn with the neon mane and rose-tinted glasses who first appeared for five seconds in "Suited For Success", bobbing her head to the music she queued up for Rarity's first (failed) fashion show. The trading card, toy, and extended "Equestria Girls" promo all name her "DJ Pon-3", but the "Vinyl Scratch" name has been seen on booth art Hasbro has displayed at trade shows.
  • Lyra: The green unicorn with a lyre (small harp) cutie mark. Her initial blind bag release in Europe named her "Heartstrings", but her American brushable toy (as well as the trading card) added the fan nickname to make her canon name "Lyra Heartstrings".
  • Lyra is often seen with Bon Bon, the tan pony with the purple-and-pink mane and a three-candies cutie mark. "Bon Bon" is itself a fan nicknamenote . In the 4th run of the FiM Blindbags, there is a Crystal pony by the name of Sweetie Drops that shares Bon Bon's cutie mark (but Applejack's appearance for some reason). Whether this has been formally adopted as Bon Bon's canon name is unknown though. Furthermore, the second series of Enterplay trading cards gave Bon Bon her own card, and actually used the name "Bon Bon". With the release of a brushable toy as part of the "Cutie Mark Magic" wave, it appears Sweetie Drops is now her canonical name. The cartoon itself went with a middle ground: Her real name is "Sweetie Drops" but she is a secret agent who uses "Bon Bon" as a secret identity.
  • Fleur-de-Lis: The tall, slender unicorn seen with Fancy Pants during "Sweet And Elite"note . The nickname refers to her cutie mark. She has been since canonized as "Fleur Dis Lee".
  • Cutie Mark Failure Insanity Syndrome (Generally referred to as CMFISy): Used to refer to whenever a member of the Mane Cast goes crazy, because whenever they go crazy, most of the time it's because their special talent is being somehow compromised.
  • Prince Douchebag/Prince Glueblood: Nicknames for Prince Blueblood after the way he treated Rarity in "The Best Night Ever".
  • DisQord: Discord, Big Bad of the season 2 premiere, quickly attracted this nickname after fans found out he was voiced by John de Lancie, who played Q (who was also a reality-warper with a twisted sense of humor) on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Fitting, considering Lauren Faust came up with Discord after marathoning ST:TNG for several days straight.
  • Nicknames from the Season 2 premiere, where Discord turned the Mane Six into dysfunctional mirrors of their normal selves:
    • Liarjack: Applejack during the season 2 premiere, after Discord turns her into a liar.
    • Meanie/Stinkie/Grumpy Pie: Pinkie Pie during the season 2 premiere, after Discord turns her into an angry stick-in-the-mud.
    • Avaricity/Rarigreed: Rarity during the season 2 premiere, after Discord makes her a crazy mare obsessed with Tom (see below).
    • Flutterbitch/Fluttercruel: Fluttershy during the season 2 premiere, after Discord corrupts her into a snarky Jerkass. Can also be used (along with Assertiveshy) to describe "new Fluttershy" a.k.a her after attending Iron Will's seminar in "Putting Your Hoof Down".
    • Rainbow Brash/Rainbow Fink/Rainbow Flake/Traitor Dash/Rainbow Ditch: Rainbow Dash during the season 2 premiere, after Discord makes her a deserter.
    • Tom Dan: A rock that Rarity befriends in the season 2 premiere after Discord tricks her into believing its a diamond and makes her become overly selfish and have even more Super OCD. Canon name "Tom", but called "Dan" by fans after Part 1 (before Part 2 revealed its canon name) due to YouTube Auto-Captions.
    • Screwball: A wall-eyed (possibly due to Discord though) purple pony who first appeared in the season 2 premiere, with a baseball and screw as her Cutie Mark.
  • Drama Couch/Fainting Couch: Rarity's couch that she summons to fall on in "Lesson Zero". Has made a few cameos in further episodes.
  • Doctor Fantastic: Rarity's dad in "Sisterhooves Social", thanks again to YouTube's automatic captions. His resemblance to Tom Selleck as the title character of Magnum, P.I. also lead to fans calling him "Magnum".
  • Twilight Snapple/Psycho: Twilight Sparkle during "Lesson Zero", when she went insane over her obsession with friendship lessons.
  • Roid Rage: The tiny-winged, comically-muscular white pegasus stallion from "Hurricane Fluttershy" who keeps yelling "YEAH!". He's also known by a number of other nicknames, including Heavyweight, Big McLargehooves, Horsepower and Snowflake. The show staff settled on "Snowflake" for a while after his introduction, thought in "Rainbow Falls" he's officially known as Bulk Biceps.
  • "Queen Cheeselegs" gained popularity as a mocking nickname for the villain Queen Chrysalis, due to the Swiss-cheese-like holes in her legs, wings and mane. "Swissalis" also seems to be as popular, for the same reasons.
  • "Sandwich Armor": The sandwich Twilight Sparkle uses to represent Shining Armor in a mock dialogue in "A Canterlot Wedding, Part 1".
  • Doomie: The changeling from "A Canterlot Wedding, Part 2" who reluctantly turns into Pinkie Pie at her request ("Do me! Do me!").
  • Liquid Pride: An euphemism for Manly Tears shed amongst the Bronies during the show's more heartwarming moments. The name comes from Shining Armor's denying that he's shedding tears of joy at his little sister's Princess coronation.
  • Negasi: The bat-winged pegasi who pull Princess Luna's royal chariot in "Luna Eclipsed".
  • Spitty: An abbreviated nickname for Wonderbolt captain Spitfire.
  • King Sombrero: A play on the name of King Sombra, Big Bad of the season 3 premiere "The Crystal Empire". Before his name was revealed, he was known as "Lord Donut Steel" by fans who thought his character design looked too much like some teenage brony's over-the-top Original Character.
  • "Wife Thrower": Shining Armor, because of how he threw his wife to save the Crystal Empire.
  • Brad/Dreamy Cutebottom: The then unknown blue-haired boy appearing in the trailer for My Little Pony: Equestria Girls, who was eventually named Flash Sentry. The former name comes from Rarity's boyfriend in the infamous parody videos; the latter was suggested by writer Meghan McCarthy.* Twilicane: Given to the mock scepter Discord conjures up for Princess Twilight, which is decorated with a goofy Twilight face.
  • The GS Box: A name given to the box after the season 4 premiere, usually by skeptics who believed that they'd go nowhere with it. Thankfully jossed, however, as opening said box did end up being important to the plot of the season 4 finale.
  • Snips' Dad: Claude the Puppeteer, because he has a similar design to Snips. "Filly Wonka" is also popular.
  • Shitty Spike: the fandom's derogatory term for Spike's more insensitive moments, whether intentional (read:the above episode's ending) or not.
  • "Twilight's Kingdom": Multiple:
    • Rafiki: Tirek in his weakened state.
    • Pony Ball Z: The battle between Tirek and Twilight Sparkle.
  • The Bassmobile: Vinyl Scratch's car in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls – Rainbow Rocks
  • Before her name was revealed, Starlight Glimmer was nicknamed Mayor Marks/Marx after Karl Marx due to her philosophies sounding more than similar to Communism.
  • The Equal Four: Introduced in the Season 5 premiere, the four most prominent ponies (Double Diamond, Party Favor, Sugar Belle, and Night Glider) of Starlight Glimmer's village who end up helping the Mane Six get their cutie marks back.
  • "Canterlot Boutique" introduced a whole slew of interesting background ponies, and fans were quick to come up with names for them, especially the ones that had speaking roles:
    • Cayenne: The "Fashionable Pony" with the chili pepper cutie mark who complains when Rarity changes her dress.
    • Sunshine Smiles and Moonlight Raven: "Bright Pony" and "Goth Pony" respectively, the odd-couple sister pair who try on the Tripping the Light and Over the Moon dresses.
    • Citrus Blush: The "Posh Pony" with the compact cutie mark, to whom Rarity shows her unfinished "Fountain of Truth" gown.
    • Whoa Nelly: The comically-fat "Incidental Pony" who comes in near the end of the episode asking about the Princess Dress.
  • The Council Of Cute Ponies: Fluttershy, Coco Pommel and Marble Pie. Also known as the "shy-fus" (shy and waifu).
  • Thod: Short for "The Happiest of Dragons", the toothy blue dragon from "Gauntlet of Fire" who grins like an idiot after getting a hug from Garble. According to "Sweet and Smoky" his actual name is Scalio.
  • Miss Hackney: The unicorn teacher seen in "Amending Fences" and "A Royal Problem", named for the teacher from My Little Pony Tales whom she somewhat resembles.
  • The post-reformation Changelings are occasionally referred to as "Changedlings".
  • Fluttershy's alter-egos in "Fake It 'Til You Make It" are known as Severeshy (the "severe businessmare" version), Hipstershy (the "snooty hipster" version), and Fluttergoth (the "moody goth" version).
  • The Student Six for the six creatures (Sandbar the earth pony, Gallus the griffin, Ocellus the changeling, Yona the yak, Smolder the dragon, and Silverstream the hippogriff) who end up as friends and the focus in Twilight's school of friendship.
  • Bookbug for the very studious (and shy) changeling Ocellus, who attends Twilight's school of friendship in season 8.


  • Unipeg: A Winged Unicorn. Friendship Is Magic fans typically say "alicorn" (as do the show staff). Sometimes called a "Pegicorn".
  • Core 7: My Little Pony (G3)'s main cast in the soft-reboot near the end: Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo, Cheerilee, Toola-Roola, Sweetie-Belle, Starsong

    The Penguins of Madagascar 
  • Some fans have taken to calling Kowalski "Walski-chan" or "K."

    Phineas and Ferb 
  • Before Word of God actually revealed the Fireside Girls' real names, one fan gave them these names (their real names are in parenthesis):
    • Shelly: The curly brown-haired Fireside Girl (Milly).
    • Sandra: The straight dark-haired Asian Fireside Girl (Ginger).
    • Marie: The straight brown-haired Fireside Girl with the sleeveless uniform (Adyson).
    • Kimberly: The light-skinned, blonde Fireside Girl (Katie).
  • Noah: The fat kid in the orange shirt.
  • Ballpit Kid: The short dark-blonde kid who dresses in green. He is nicknamed for a scene in "No More Bunny Business" where Phineas and Ferb retrieve him from a ballpit (oddly enough, his colors were wrong in that particular shot). Given a Fandom Nod at one point:
    ""[I'm] Balthazar Horowitz, but you can just call me the Ballpit Kid."
  • The Dork Brothers: Irving and Albert
  • Doofenshmirtz's unnamed girlfriend from Chez Platypus (the redhead wearing purple that had the "evil" tattoo) is widely known as Melinda, at least among the RP community.
  • Dwampy: A name for co-creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh.
    • Word of God says that Phineas and Ferb is set in the same universe as Milo Murphy's Law, so fans have taken to referring to both shows collectively as part of the "Dwampyverse."

    The Powerpuff Girls 
  • Blossy for Blossom, Bubs for Bubbles, and Cuppo for Buttercup.
  • Blues, Reds, Greens: Used to describe the color coronated duos of the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruffs together, usually romantically.

    Ready Jet Go! 
  • The fans give nicknames to the four background children:
    • The boy with the red cap and blue sweatshirt is nicknamed Riley.
    • The boy with the green jacket is nicknamed Diego, Jason, or Otto.
    • The girl with the pink shirt is nicknamed Nina or Kate.
    • The girl with the pixie cut that Sean was trying to impress in "Mindy's Meteorite Stand" is nicknamed Mabel, Theresa, or Savannah.
  • Before Sydney's last name was revealed to be Skelley, people called her Sydney McCoy.
  • People are also starting to call Lillian, Lillian Wong.
  • The main cast consisting of Jet, Sean, Sydney, Mindy, Sunspot, Carrot, Celery, and Face 9000 are referred to as "The Core Eight".

  • "The Ultimate Experience in Grueling Terror": The episode when they "reboot" into an Evil Dead game. Watch the credits of that movie all they way to the end and you'll figure out why.
    • Male PMS Incarnate has sometimes been used to refer to Matrix and his. . . emotional issues.
  • Megabob: when Megabyte was pretending to be Bob in season 4

  • The Recess Gang: The main six characters (T.J. Detweiler, Vince LaSalle, Ashley Spinelli, Gretchen Grundler, Mikey Blumberg, and Gus Griswald).
  • Isabella: The background student with black hair, a pink bow, and primarily wears pink. Named due to her resemblence to Isabella Garcia-Shapiro.
  • Big-Lipped Kid: A background kid with light brown hair wearing a yellow sweater and a purple shirt, usually drawn with larger lips than the rest of the students. Also known as Ken Walker.
  • The Lost Episodes: Season six, due to the season actually made up of leftover episodes from season five that hadn't aired yet.
  • "The Song of Champions": The song Singer Kid sings in "The Ratings Game" about how all the kids rated nines were champions at something.

    Regular Show 
  • Fat Boy: Muscle Man.
  • Shark Face: That bizarre face that Rigby makes when turned to the front.
  • Fans like to refer to Benson's Angst Nuke in the episode "Think Positive" as him going Super Saiyan. Funny coincidence, his German voice is the second voice of Vegeta.

    Scooby Doo, Mystery Inc. 
  • "Blank Chiles": What people are calling Fred after Episode 26.
  • "Fraphne": What fans are calling the relationship of Fred and Daphne.

    She Ra and the Princesses of Power 
  • Hostile example: fans with a particularly marked dislike of Hordak tend to spell it "Whoredak" instead.

    The Simpsons 
  • Our Favorite Family (OFF): Guess who?
  • Panda Rape: The infamous scene from "Homer vs. Dignity" where Homer dresses up as a panda and catches the sexual attention of another panda.
  • D'ohmer: from "Lisa's First Word"
  • Jerkass Homer: A nickname that fans of the classic episodes give to post-Flanderization Homer. Lampshaded in "Mommie Beerest" when Homer says, "Duh, that's me! Jerkass Homer!" and again in "E. Pluribus Wiggum" with "Jerkass Homer brand cigars."
  • Zombie Simpsons: A collective term for episodes which fans feel came after the show's "Golden Age", usually those after seasons 11 or 12. Popularized by the website "Dead Homer Society".
  • Steamed Hams: The "Skinner And The Superintendent" segment from "22 Short Films About Springfield", where Skinner tries to pass "steamed hams" off as a colloquialism for hamburgers.

    South Park 
  • Dust: The Ash Ketchum Expy in the Chinpokomon episode.
  • The Goth Kids had fan nicknames before their real names were revealed in "Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers"
    • Michael: Curly Goth/Tall Goth/Evan
    • Pete: Red Goth/Hair Flip/Dylan
    • Ferkle: Kindergoth/Little Goth/Georgie
    • The official scripts even utilized "Tall Goth", "Hair Flip", and "Little Goth" as placeholders for the three boys, even in the script for Dawn of the Posers before Parker and Stone opted to name them. Gameplay footage for The Stick of Truth also uses "Hair Flip" for Pete.
  • A VERY early nickname for the 4 main characters as a whole were "The Scamps". Later on "Team Stan" got popular. Most likely to compete with...
  • "Team Craig", "Craig's Gang", or "Craig and those Guys", the fan nicknames for Craig's group of friendsnote  who occasionally butt-heads with the shows leads.
  • "The Meteor Shower Trilogy": Cat Orgy, Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub, and Jewbilee, respectively.
    • Likewise, there's the "Mysterion Trilogy": Coon 2: Hindsight, Mysterion Rises and Coon vs. Coon and Friends.
  • Kenny's mother was given the name "Peggy" in some early fanfiction, while a later fan dubbed her "Carol", which spread and was confused as her canon name. Then it actually became her canon name in South Park: The Fractured but Whole.
  • The red-haired girl (Red, though sometimes called Rebecca or Bertha) was called "Biddy" (after the Great Expectations character) by some early fans.
  • One particular British fan had coined several descriptive nicknames for minor classmates, some of which got confused for canon along the way (even far after some canon names were revealed): "Melanie" (revealed in the show to be "Esther"), "Lockie" (Francis), "Ruby" (Sally/Powder), "Ribbons" (Milly), and "Carrot" (Connor).
  • Craig's little sister was very commonly known as "Ruby" before South Park: The Fractured but Whole confirmed her name be Tricia.

    SpongeBob SquarePants 
  • Squidward Torture Porn: The insane amount of Kafka Komedy that poor Squidward undergoes, especially in post-movie seasons.
    • 'Mardo: Short for Squidwar'ds Spanish name, Calamardo
    • Thaddel, from his German name Thaddäus, is an In-Series Nickname that stuck.
    • Or Ika, for his Japanese name "Ikarudo".
    • Skal, Skally, Skal-baby- "Skalmar"
  • Chocolate Guy: Tom the Fish from the Season 3 episode "Chocolate with Nuts" due to his insanity over chocolate.
  • Moar Krabs: A split second close-up of Mr. Krabs in "Jellyfish Hunter", of whom he looks morbid.
  • Asian SpongeBob: SpongeBob's face in "The Algae's Always Greener" when Plankton (who switched lives with Mr. Krabs at the time) told him he was using too much sauce.
  • Rimu: Mocking nickname for Squilliam, an abbreviation of his Japanese name "Ikarimu".

    Star vs. the Forces of Evil 
  • Super Star Butterfly/Super Mewman: Star's Golden Super Mode from the episode "Toffee".

    Star Wars Rebels 

    Steven Universe 
See here

  • Techno Twins: The Twins, due to the techno beat that plays whenever they appear.
  • Smart Convict: An early fan nickname for Nicky, due to his crafty nature.
  • Compassionate Convict/Caretaker Convict: Nicknames that some fans had used for Ash, as his name was only in the script in his first appearance and not spoken until season 2.
  • Stiletto/Jacqueknife/Jackie Knife: Nicknames for the Distaff Counterpart of Jacknife that appeared in the season 3 premiere.
  • Jackid/Pocketknife: Jacknife's illegitimate son.
  • "Midd"/Hamad: The recurring middle-eastern inmate.
  • Mr. Monopoly: A nickname seen for Warden's father, due to his resemblance to Rich Uncle Pennybags, especially the original 1946 depiction.

    Sym-Bionic Titan 
  • Baron McBitchface: Lance's Academy rival from the episode Shadows of Youth is often referred to as this.
  • "Little Dance": Kimmy's strip tease in the episode Lessons in Love.
  • LL or Little Lance: Lance's flashback self in Shadows of Youth and Shaman of Fear
  • Waldo: The "Save Sym-bionic Titan" admin was unknown for a (long)while, and thus was named Waldo, after the infamous Waldo from the old "Where's Waldo?" finds. After they found out later, he was still referred to as Waldo. His real name is Brian.
  • Mommy: Kristin, mostly by LL. Kimmy was mommy for a wee, during which time Kristin was referred to as "Nana".
    • The ever obvious "The goth chick" as well.
    • By a hair, Daddy Todd, but no one says it anymore. During the brief period where Todd and Kristin agreed to take care of LL together. It didn't last long. A lot of nicknames came around AFTER the shows cancellation, and thus a lot of this isn't canon happenings, just things that happened in the "official" Sym-Bionic Titan RP. Yes, that's right. There's an official one.

    Tangled: The Series 

    Teamo Supremo 

    Teen Titans 
  • Raven's mind is commonly referred to as Nevermore, because the episode title is the inevitable Edgar Allan Poe reference.
    • From that same episode, the multiple Ravens within Raven's mind wearing different-colored cloaks representing facets of her personality are referred to as "emoticlones".
  • Malchior has the nickname Maldouche because he has often been called a douchebag by fans of the show.
  • Due to several popular "H.I.V.E." fanfictions, Kyd Wykkyd is now know as "Elliot Knight". Some of the others have been given names, but his is the only one that all authors seem to agree on.
  • Gothic Bob: The character who starts talking with Raven in the first Blackfire episode and shows up a lot in the background after that.
  • Angel Girl/Angel: A winged member of the HIVE that was seen fleeing with Kyd Wykkyd at the end of "Deception", and that also made a cameo in "Titans Together".
  • Toddler Titans: Teen Titans Go!. Used by The Mysterious Mr. Enter and fans of the original Teen Titans cartoon due to the show failing to meet the standards of maturity from the previous series. Other nicknames for the show include "Teen Titans No" and "Teen Titans Go Fuck Yourself".
  • Fans in comics circles have begun to use "TTA" to refer to the 2003-2006 cartoon (the "A" standing for "Animated") because there have been several runs of different comics called "Teen Titans"; even calling it "TT03" or something similar isn't specific enough because there was a well-known comics run beginning in 2003 written by Geoff Johns.

    Thomas the Tank Engine 
  • Märklin/The Märklin Engine: An 'off the shelf' engine model used in early episodes to pull trains off-camera and emit excess steam for background purposes.
  • The Logging Loonies/Losers: Bash, Dash and Ferdinand. They have also been referred to as the Railway Terrorists or the Rednecks.
  • Thomas and the Tragic Failroad for the theatrical 2000 movie disaster that was Thomas and the Magic Railroad.

    Total Drama 
  • Billy the Intern: The blond intern that you see more than any of the others. Probably the best-known out of all of these.
  • Emily: the airline worker seen in the finale of Total Drama Action.
  • Lester: the one-eyed fireworks salesman who helps Cody and Sierra in Total Drama World Tour.
  • Team E-Scope: the alliance between Noah, Izzy and Eva during the TDI special, or those three as a group for whatever reason.
  • Zeke:
    • Ezekiel. Eventually used on the show, but popular in the fandom long beforehand.
    • Feral Zeke, Zombie Zeke, Creepy Zeke, Zombiekiel: Him after his personality change in World Tour. Zellum (a portmanteau of Zeke and Gollum) is occasionally used as well, especially after the Lord of the Rings parody in the finale.
  • Clone Cody or Evil Alien Clone Cody (EACC for short) for the Cody-duplicate that appeared in The Ex-Files. Has gained Memetic Mutation for his tongue and Seme status, and is shipped with various other members of the cast.


Armor, Weapons, and Ships

  • Chaingun of Doom, Chaingun of Command: Rhinox's gun, from Beast Wars, first appeared in the episode "Chain of Command", hence the second nickname. Later made canon in Transformers: The Ultimate Guide, and used again in Rhinox's 10th Anniversary toy re-release.
  • Hellbelcher: Rampage's huge gun, also from Beast Wars.
  • Megahead; Big Floating Head (BFH): The giant, head-shaped ship from the second season of Beast Machines.
  • The Punch of Kill Everything: Lugnut's sort-of-a-Rocket Punch in Transformers Animated. The staff took a liking to it, and while they couldn't get it into the cartoon, it showed up in the canon tie-in comics.
    • You know what you get when you abbreviate this Nickname? P.O.K.E.
    • Shows up again in War for Cybertron as a Soldier upgrade (P.O.K.E. Alpha, increases Whirlwind damage) and the Leader class's 5-killstreak reward (P.O.K.E. 2.0, a one-hit-kill melee attack that, when equipped, causes your team's announcer—either Optimus Prime or Megatron—to announce, "Punch of Kill Everything equipped!").


  • Megs: Megatron, from any given Transformers series. Was once applied canonically to Beast Wars Megatron, but has been used before and since in fandom circles.
  • Galvy: Most versions of Megatron become Galvatron, hence picking up this nickname. Never used in canon.
  • The Stooges: Slapper, Dark Scream, and Gas Skunk, from Transformers: Robots in Disguise. The three of them are comic relief villains who are always seen together.
  • In Armada, Thrust was called "Squidhead".
    • This is not actually a fan nickname, as Megatron insulted him with the term in one episode. In Megatron's defense...well, look at him.
  • Space Choo-Choo: Cutesy name for Astrotrain, who has two vehicle modes: a train and a space shuttle.
    • Alternatively, Choo-Choo Rocket.
      • Similarly, Skyfire/Jetfire (depending on your canon) is referred to as the Space Taxi
  • Jailbait: Minerva from "Masterforce".
  • Crazy Engrish Fun Man: Violen Jiger, the Big Bad of Transformers Zone due to no official Romanization.
  • Robo-Jesus: Optimus Prime.
  • Optimus the Grey: His ability to come back better than before.
  • Screamer: Starscream, especially after hearing his voice.
    • Skywarp actually called him "Screamer" in the G1 episode Fire On the Mountain.
    "Have a good time playing Crystal Nurse, Screamer. Byeeeee!"
    • Additionally, [Adjective Here]!Scream for the Starscream clones: Fem!Scream, Liar!Scream, Scared!Scream, etc.
      • The clones were also referred to by the name of the G1 character they resembled— Thundercracker for the blue one, Sunstorm for the yellow one, and so on. Unfortunately the female had no counterpart, so she was often referred to as Femmescream, Girlscream until her real name, Slipstream, was announced at Botcon.
      • Slipstream's name could be shortened to "Streamer", then the other clones could be "Warper" and "Stormer".
      • Other names for the Female Starscream were "Bitchscream"; "Dirge" (after another seeker); "Laserwave"; or "Susan".
  • Herp and Derp: Skids and Mudflap from Revenge of the Fallen for their misshapen look and their predicted scrappiness.
  • Admiral Boatshoes: Depthcharge from the Revenge of the Fallen toyline, who wears the halves of the bow of his altmode as shoes and can even turn them into giant water skis.
  • Baron Ransack Von Joy: Ransack, from the toyline, on account of being a German biplane. It's also derived from a Gobot name.
  • Unirock: The golems of Unicron in Transformers: Prime, which are made of rock.
  • "Steve": started out as the fan name for one of Prime's Vehicons; may or may not have since grown into a nickname for every Vehicon.
    • Nah, he's the grounder who gets bitchslapped by Starscream after delivering a status report.
    • This one has reached meme status. Any Vehicon that does something noteworthy gets a mundane human name.
    • A Vehicon named Steve ended up appearing in the Robots in Disguise cartoon tie-in comic.
  • Friedlebee or Bumblebeeyond: the Transformers: Prime incarnation of Bumblebee after he regained his voice. Named after his voice actor and one of said voice actor's past roles respectively.
  • Whirl Jr.: The female Whirl in Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy as a way to differentiate her from other Whirls in the franchise, namely the Whirls in Generation 1 and Fall of Cybertron.
    • Whirly bird is another one but it's only used in fanfiction.

Development and Production

  • HasTak: Hasbro and Takara, the companies that make the toys. Somewhat superseded by Hastakomy after Takara merged with Tomy.
  • Seekers: Starscream and others who share his toy mold and/or animation model, from the original The Transformers. Made canon much later on in Dreamwave's comics.
  • Coneheads: The variation on that body type used by Dirge, Ramjet, and Thrust, distinguished by their head shape. Probably not going to be canon any time soon.
    • Their wings, which are positioned on their lower body, unlike the regular seekers who have them on their shoulders) have also been referred to as 'buttwings'.

    Ultimate Spider-Man 
  • Disney's Spider-Man
  • Spider-Man and His Ultimate Friends: Nickname for the show because when it was first announced, fans expected the show to be an adaptation of the Ultimate Spider-Man comic book, but the actual show turned out to be a team-up series similar to the earlier Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends cartoon.

    Wander Over Yonder 
  • Wandy Fresh: The Nineties-inspired Totally Radical version of Wander from one of the segments in "The Legend". Named after Dippy Fresh from the Gravity Falls episode "Weirdmageddon 2: Escape From Reality".

    X-Men The Animated Series 
  • Cable sarcastically introduced himself as "the wild man of Borneo" in his debut. Naturally, it stuck.

    Xiaolin Showdown 

    Young Justice 
  • Batdad, Batdaddy, Daddybats: Batman, even his voice actor describes him as more "fatherly" than previous incarnations.
  • Kid Fate: Kid Flash while wearing the Helmet of Fate. Also gave rise to "Fate Lad" and "Fatanna" when Aqualad and Zatanna did the same.
  • Rolly: Sphere, because she debuted in the last episode before first hiatus, before Superboy's preferred naming convention was made clear.
  • Angroy: Roy Harper, because he has... anger issues.
  • Emoboy, Rageboy: Superboy, for similar reasons.
  • Aquabad, Mantalad: Kaldur in season 2.
  • Spike Spiegel: Eduardo, because he has a very similar hair style.


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