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Recap / The Simpsons S 16 E 7 Mommie Beerest

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When Moe's Tavern is shut down by the health department, Homer takes out a second mortgage without consulting Marge to finance the bar’s return, but Marge finds out and decides to protect her investment by becoming Moe's business partner and renovating the tavern into a pub.


  • Ascended Meme: Homer calls himself "Jerkass Homer," the disparaging nickname given by the show's fans for his characterization ever since season 9.
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  • Blatant Lies: One week after a sanitary inspector died at Moe's, Moe said his corpse was still there because the garbage was collected at Wednesdays.
  • Cuckold: Homer imagines Moe calling him this, then has to look it up in the dictionary.
  • Driven to Suicide: Moe, to the point the suicide hotline has to block his calls.
  • Food Fight: Bart instigates one between himself and Lisa by launching a hot dog down her throat ("You ate meat! You ate meat!"), ruining the brunch for Homer.
  • I Was Never Here: Wiggum after seeing Moe and his customers huddled around the corpse of the old health inspector, even throwing money at them on the way out to buy their silence ("Buy yourselves a nice dinner!").
  • Karmic Death: Moe had a friend who used to work as a sanitary inspector and overlook Moe's irregularities. He died by eating one of Moe's eggs.
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  • Noodle Incident: How Bart, Lisa and Maggie got into a European balloon race at the end.
  • Obnoxious In-Laws: Homer won't visit Marge's mother because he hates her (which was established on "Bart vs. Thanksgiving," but at least Marge's mom is civil towards her son-in-law, which is more than anyone can say for Patty and Selma, who always insult him, undermine him, tries to convince Marge to break up with him and take the kids, and have tried to kill him twice).
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: When Homer starts wondering what Marge would say upon the idea of mortgaging their home to save Moe's Tavern, a thought balloon shows up with a 'Marge' who was obviously Moe dressed like her and using tape to keep his Marge-like blue wig. Homer falls for the trick even after the real Marge shows up at the balloon.
  • Portmanteau: When Homer leaves the brunch after being embarrassed by his children, he says, "I'll see you all at 'lupper'."
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  • Rule of Funny: Why Marge ended up sleeping on the couch instead of Moe.
  • Show Within a Show: A trailer for the fictional Dreamworks movie Cards ("With Eddie Murphy as the Jack of Clubs") plays when Marge and Homer are at the Googlplex. Also counts as an Art Shift as the trailer is animated in CGI, much like their films.

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