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  • Garnet is affectionately called "Square Mom" by fans, while Pearl is "Bird Mom", and Amethyst is sometimes referred to as "Purple Mom", "Grape Mom", or "Fun Mom". Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl make "The Mom Squad." Following this pattern, Rose is sometimes called "Mom Mom" and "Space Mom".
    • After the Season 1 finale, many a joke has been made about how Square Mom is also Mom Squared!
    • Amethyst is called "Hamburglar" with surprising regularity on Tumblr. Her name is often shortened to "Amy", "Ame", or "Ames" as well.
    • Garnet is also referred to as "Death Cube", a nickname she shares with Ruby, who makes up one half of her.
    • "Cotton Candy Garnet" for Garnet's first form seen in "The Answer," as she has pink and light blue Multicolored Hair resembling cotton candy.
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    • "The Great Diamond Authority" - the Homeworld Gems' presumptive galactic empire (from Ronaldo's surprisingly accurate rantings in "Keep Beach City Weird"). This was, in fact, later revealed to be canon.
  • Although it's not as common as the other Gems, the Centipeetle Mother started getting called "Bug Mom" by a few fans after Steven's attempt to heal her gave her a more humanoid appearance.
  • Peridot is often called "Dorito Gem" or "Lime Dorito" due to the shape and color of her hair.
    • After her Escape Pod fired off in the general direction of Ontario at the end of "Jail Break", she's become known in some circles as Canadot, eh?. The nickname died down when "Joy Ride" indicated that she came down near Beach City.
    • And after her narrow escape in "Keeping It Together", she's known as Pericopter or "Inspector Peridot".
    • When it's shown in "Catch and Release" that her real body is actually quite short (barely taller than Steven), people started calling her "Smoldot", "Tinydot" and "Perismol". Steven comparing her to "an angry little slice of pie" inspired the nickname "Pieridot".
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    • "Peridemption" is the term fans used when they believed Peridot will make a Heel–Face Turn, which eventually happened in "Message Received". A very similar term is used officially when CN advertised a marathon of the relevant episodes as "Peridot's Redemption".
  • Lapis Lazuli is also called "Water Jesus/Princess/Daughter/Baby/Wife/Mom/Angel" by loving fans, and, When She Smiles, "Happy Lappy". In contrast, she's "Lapissed Lazuli" when in a sour mood.
  • Jasper is called "Big Buff Cheeto Puff" due to her orange skin and muscular build. Because of the latter, Jasper is also referred to as "Big Meaty Claws". Loving fans like to call her their "Bara Cheeto Wife/Mom". Her corrupted form is called a "moldy cheeto" (due to her growing green spots all over her body), and also "Jaspuppy" or "Jaspupper" (corrupted Quartzes somewhat resemble fluffy dogs.)
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  • Gems as a whole are often called "alien space rocks". The Crystal Gems, more specifically, will often get called "Queer/Gay/Lesbian space rocks/Alien waifu".
  • "X-methyst", with X being whatever Amethyst is shape-shifted as- the most common variation probably being 'Owlmethyst' (which is actually an official term).
  • "Purple Grimace", for Amethyst's purple skin.
  • Bad Pearl: The name given to a number of fan-arts starring Pearl as a chain-smoking, leather-wearing badass with a tough demeanor. The persona Pearl adopts in "Last One Out Of Beach City" that was more-or-less based off this is also called this as well.
  • "Rad Red" and "Baby Blue" are nicknames for Ruby and Sapphire, respectively.
  • In a reference to Peridot's nickname, Sardonyx's triangular head and stylish costume makes her the "Tuxedo Dorito Mom" or "Dapper Dorito".
  • After "Alone Together", Sour Cream's nickname is "Rave Master".
  • Jamie has been given the nickname "Drama Deliverer" because of his job as a mailman and aspirations of being an actor.
  • When Ruby and Sapphire fused into Garnet for the first time in "The Answer", she's referred to as "Cotton Candy Mom"/"Cotton Candy Garnet" because of her swirling, pink-and-blue color scheme.
  • Given her In the Hood appearance and (possible) Big Bad vibes, Blue Diamond is nicknamed "Sith Diamond".
  • The Pearls of Blue and Yellow Diamond are generally referred to as Blue Pearl and Yellow Pearl, respectively.
    • They also have several less popular nicknames. Yellow Diamond's Pearl is either a lemon or the Grinch. Blue Diamond's Pearl has been given the nickname "Moppy" because of her flowy hairstyle that covers her eyes.
  • Yellow Diamond is referred to as "Giraffe Mom" due to her color and her comically long neck.
  • The unnamed Gem with dreadlocks (now known to be Bismuth, or at least a Bismuth) seen in Lapis' flashback gets called Woolie.
  • The Summer of Steven/Steven's Summer Adventures event is being called the Steven Nuke in reference to the previous Steven Bombs (until it became official when Ian used the term to describe the event during SDCC 2016). Fans joked that there would be a "nuclear winter" hiatus for the rest of 2016, and were all shocked when promos claimed the show would return to a weekly schedule.
  • Bismuth, first featured in a promo for Steven's Summer Adventures, had viewers thinking of a suitable "Mom" nickname for her, the most popular being Rainbow Mom.
  • The Lapis/Jasper ship is the S.S. Misery, after the boat where they encountered each other again, which happens to fit perfectly with their dynamic.
  • In an example of a Production Nickname that caught on in the fandom, a lot of people refer to Mystery Girl as Sheena, due to Lauren Zuke saying that they called her that while designing her. Since Kevin mentioned that his ex-girlfriend's name is Sabina, some people have begun to call her by that name, theorizing that they are the same person.
    • Some fans also call her "Punk Diamond", as a reference to the old "Rose is Pink Diamond" theory. The fact that Rose actually was Pink Diamond made the nickname all the more fitting.
  • In a meta example, some members of the fandom refer to Rebecca Sugar as "Sugar Mama" and "Lord Sucrose".
  • Episodes that focus on Beach City citizens are commonly referred to as "Townie episodes".
  • "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" led to a rise in the use of Nora as a name for Rule 63 iterations of Steven, as opposed to the ostensibly-obvious Stephanie.
  • As a nod to "Big Buff Cheeto Puff", fans have taken to calling Topaz "Big Thick LEGO Brick" due to her square body shape, yellow skin tone, and cylindrical gems that resemble the studs on a Lego piece. Alternatively there is "Big Yellow Marshmallow".
  • Aquamarine is described as "The evil Emoji Fairy", due to her fairy like appeareance and her gem placement (tear-shaped gem on her left cheek), making her somewhat resemble the infamous "crying laugh emoji".
  • As of the Wanted block of episodes that comprise Season Five's premiere, fans have taken to calling Lars "Larzarus" after Steven brings him back from the dead. Several fans have also taken to calling him Pink Lars, due to his skin and hair turning pink following his revival. Another one that is fairly widespread is Captain Larslock, due to the attire he dons during his quest to return to Earth.
  • Back before it was revealed that they were part of the same song, the second part of "Love Like You" was called "Nothing Like You" by fans, due to the verse ending on that lyric and having a much bleaker tone compared to the first verse.
  • Defense Zircon and Prosecuting Zircon are called Blue Zircon and Yellow Zircon by a lot of fans.
  • Before her name was revealed, many fans guessed that Defense Zircon's name was "Moonstone", based on her crescent-shaped hairstyle. When she was revealed to be a Zircon, she received a new nickname: "Lawyer Mom".
  • One of the Gems introduced in "Off Colors" is Fluorite, a massive permafusion with a worm-like body and the demeanor of a kindly old lady. This inspired some fans to start calling her "Caterpillar Grandma".
    • She's also called "polygrammarous" as a pun on her being a stable fusion of multiple gems, comparable to a happy polyamorous relatioship.
  • Another of the Off Colors, Padparadscha, is often known as "Paddy" for short.
  • After "Gem Harvest" revealed that Greg's birth name was DeMayo, it's not uncommon to see "Steven DeMayo" used as a tag to refer to Steven himself. This includes variants such as Steven Quartz DeMayo and, after "A Single Pale Rose", Steven Diamond DeMayo.
  • Some of the "Famethyst" from the Zoo Station are popular enough to get names of their own, including Jay (8XJ), Sharky (with the super-pointy teeth), Chip (the burgundy one with a chipped tooth), and Carny (the only Carnelian in the whole bunch).
  • Fans refer to White Diamond as a "lightbulb" because of how brightly she shines.
  • Before her name was revealed, some fans called the unnamed Jade Fusion from "Together Alone" "Lemonlime", due to her components being a lemon-green Jade and a lime-green Jade. They weren't that far off, as her actual name is Lemon Jade.
  • The gems at the Era 3 Ball, who aren't specified as Jades, are mockingly called "Thomas the Tank Engine", since their headshapes and facial features resemble said train somewhat. There is also the fact that their dresses resemble gears, and they also dance around each other in a way that resembles a gear motion.
  • A theoretical Fusion between Padparadscha and a Ruby (most often Leggy) is sometimes jokingly called "Dumbnet" by fans.
  • The full-Gem version of Steven in "Change Your Mind" is generally agreed to be called "Pink Steven". This name is also used by some of the staff as well, but was not in the episode itself.


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