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    Killer Clowns 
The Arcane

The myriad servants and creatures of the twisted powers of Unreason, the corrupting powers of magic that work by shattering the very laws of reality and replacing them with emotions, none of them good. The "evil" side. In general:

The Eyes and Teeth

Works: The Crimson, the Tragedy of Amu, Koyel's Story, Integration, Fall of the Demiurge

Threads: Outpost, Garden of Everything, Heist (cameo)

An ageless creature from beyond the stars with an infinite hunger for paradoxes, restrained only by its own madness. It is a source of dangerous magic.


Works: The Crimson, the Tragedy of Amu

Threads: University, Dream (cameo)

Eldest, mightiest, and de facto leader of the Fallen, who travels in the guise of a guitarist with a love for Heavy Metal and a very strange manner of speaking. Greatly enjoys conversation, music, and other simple pleasures.


Works: The Crimson, the Tragedy of Amu

Threads: Cantina II, Resort, Express, Dream, Mansion

A rebellious former servant of the Eyes and Teeth, formerly tasked with driving mortals to suicide. It is the most "human" of all of its kin, having grown fond of the Hosseini family in the centuries it has spent protecting them, but still maintains a fundamentally alien outlook on life and a twisted sense of justice.


Works: The Crimson, the Tragedy of Amu

Threads: Cantina II, Dream

A particularly nasty agent of the Eyes and Teeth, created to seek out new clients willing to sell their souls in the name of a deluded sense of justice. It prefers to take those seeking revenge and convincing them they're serving a higher goal, though it does poorly when faced with Knights in Sour Armor.

Amu (2020 A.D.)

Works: The Crimson

Threadsnote : Castle, Resort (both now non-canon), City

The Eyes and Teeth's favorite wizard, a ruthless mage-king who protects his people from invasion and enslavement, at a terrible and unholy price. Has changed massively since seen in Castle and Resort.

Aulde "Aldrin" vash'Toreshi qova'Selos

Works: N/A (created for the CDTs)

Threads: Outpost, Garden, Heist (cameo)

  • Black Magic: His universe's standard.
  • Blood Magic: He disguises his darkest magical spells as this, because they're actually worse than that.
  • Evil Old Folks
  • Kill the God: Aulde's solution for virtually any theological problem brought before him involves overthrowing the gods in question and feeding them to the Eyes and Teeth. He only mentions the first part.
  • Master of Illusion: His powers are all smoke and mirrors, but that usually suffices.
  • Manipulative Bastard: With varying levels of success.
  • Mind Rape: Like any competent mage of his universe, with such delightful tricks as restoring a blind man's sight... after shutting off his ability to make sense of the information entering his eyes, and his ability to close them.
  • New-Age Retro Hippie: His appearance, but certainly not his personality.
  • Tarot Troubles: In Outpost. His deck only makes an appearance as a Continuity Nod in Garden.

Western Amalgamated Agricultural

A massive, morally questionable agricultural biotechnology company with a love for greenwashing and a private army. Though probably less evil than their real-world inspirations, they're still ruthless bastards whose main saving grace is their pragmatism. The "bad" faction. Noticeably share a universe with and compete with the Grey Men. In general:

Sigmund Clark

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Outpost (cameo), Castle (cameo), Cantina II, Resort

The CEO of Western Amalgamated, a massive, cheerful man who isn't entirely sure he's happy with the price he paid for his wealth and power.

Isaac Rose

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Outpost, Castle, Express

An agronomist employed by Western Amalgamated, whose skill and devotion is only matched by his pride and bitterness towards the world.

Alice Winters (a.k.a. Lucy Summers, Alice Snow)

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Outpost, Castle (cameo), Carnival, Heist, Express, Mansion

A professional thief, assassin, and general-purpose doer of evil deeds, who works with Western Amalgamated due to her friendship with Isaac and Sigmund. She mostly runs the security wing, letting other agents do her dirty work, but occasionally gets back into doing the hard work herself.

John Mills

Works: The Crimson

Threads: University, City

An high-level security agent of Agricultural Development Alternatives Mobile, a consulting and infrastructural assistance firm that serves as Western Amalgamated's puppet for various paramilitary operations. Armed with modestly futuristic technology.

  • Anti-Magic: The Airborne Magical Organ Nullifier gas, though it only affects living creatures who breathe it in.
  • Catchphrase: "I just shoot things," in University, though it's really more of a tic when he wants to avoid having to offer an opinion on a moral or philosophical matter. Not so much in City, if only because Mary answers those sorts of questions instead.
  • Consummate Professional: Nothing fazes him, and he knows the mission comes first.
  • Enemy-Detecting Radar: Built into his helmet's Heads-Up Display. Magic detecting, technically, but where he comes from, there's not much difference.
  • Everything Is An Ipod In The Future: His armor's design ethos.
  • Mauve Shirt: He's a standard Western Amalgamated Mook with far more experience and personality than most.
  • Our Graphics Will Suck in the Future: "Jesus Christ, it's 2020, and [Sigmund] sticks us with trichromatic displays? Cheap bastard."
  • Punch-Clock Villain: He's a decent guy, but he's still working for a morally grey Mega-Corp and follows orders as long as they aren't blatantly evil.
  • Straight Gay: Indeed, the only thing that kept him out of the US military was Don't Ask Don't Tell being active at the time.

Dr. Mary Xiong

Works: The Crimson

Threads: City

A physicist working for Western Amalgamated, a specialist on Songtech, and one of Western Amalgamated's most consistently moral employees.

  • Asian and Nerdy: Though unlike most examples, she's Hmong, not Japanese or Chinese.
  • Internal Reformist: She sincerely believes in the potential Western Amalgamated has to do good, and does her best to use her relatively high rank as its Songtech expert to push the corporation from Villain with Good Publicity to genuinely good.
  • Token Good Teammate: Western Amalgamated may not be evil per se, but she actually considers doing the right thing more important than orders from above.
  • Token Religious Teammate: All other named Western Amalgamated characters are agnostic (Isaac and John) or actively atheists (Sigmund and Alice).

Rachel and Company

Not a proper group, just Rachel and her various friends and allies who are at least basically decent. The "good" group. In general:

Rachel Hosseini

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Beach House, Resort

An actuary who would love nothing more than to live a normal, boring life. Her family curse prevents this.

Samira Hosseini

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Resort, Dream, Mansion

A retired high school history teacher and former activist whose many scars tell of a messy past.

Zacharias Hosseini

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Dream

Rachel's father: an absent-minded, eccentric linguist who is perhaps a little too well adjusted — and unscathed — given the horrors he has been witness to.

Malo Kirimis sot'Zyvaks

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Resort, Dinner Party, Cruise

Iveya's mother, a glassmaker of international renown who is not happy to be in the same family as Aseyu.

Iveya tel'Malo ul'Valemoth

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Cantina II, Resort

Aseyu's much more reserved niece, an apprentice glassmaker who wants to see the world. Specifically, the quiet parts that don't have too many people.

Frank O'Malley

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Resort

Julia's old-fashioned but doting adoptive father.

  • Crusading Lawyer: Especially for labor unions.
  • Good Parents: Trouble with his daughter's sexuality is mostly water under the bridge.
  • Muggle Foster Parents: He's tough enough to survive the usual hazards of the job, though, and Julia regards him as her true father, with good reason.
  • Simple Country Lawyer: Downplayed, in that he doesn't use the methods of one, but he has the general personality.
  • The Stoic: Though the Resort, at least, cracked his shell a little.

Julia O'Malley

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Resort, Archipelago

Iveya's new best friend, a girl from Minnesota who happens to the daughter of Amu, and is thus carefully guarded by Aseyu and company as a useful symbol for propaganda.

Veronica Apple

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Archipelago

Julia's girlfriend, only recently dragged into the madness of Alos, and finding out magic isn't quite how she pictured it.

Aseyu ul'Valemoth vash'Suela

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Beach House, Garden of Everything, Cantina, Resort, Dinner Party, Mansion, Archipelago

A pagan priestess from another world, who travels the world with Rachel looking for adventure — much to Rachel's chagrin.

Irilemi vashon'Suela

Works: The Crimson

Threads: Mansion, Archipelago

The leader of the Valemoth Crimson Cell, an aging but beautiful woman with a heart of steel.


Amu (~1500 A.D.)

Works: The Tragedy of Amu

Threadsnote : Dream, Dig Site

A desperate young man seeking to free his people from enslavement, by any means necessary. Despite his street-smart and savvy, he retains an idealistic edge and a glimmer of hope that he may yet win his seemingly doomed war against his unstoppable enemies.


Works: The Tragedy of Amu

Threads: Dig Site

The emperor of the Xeqane, a nomad empire formed from the various tribes the Elasane harass and enslave. Amu's mentor and friend, though already, Amu has begun to surpass him.

Crescent Raptor

Works: The Tragedy of Amu

Threads: Dig Site

A Yoth shaman with dangerous antimagical powers... and far too much pride to use them wisely.

Moonlit Blossom

Works: The Tragedy of Amu

Threads: Dig Site, Inn

A brilliant but utterly tactless apothecary of questionable sanity.

The Last Red King

Works: The Tragedy of Amu

Threads: N/A (mentioned in Dream, Resort, Digsite, Ren Island)

The final ruler of the Elasanenote , the largest and most advanced proto-Uelane tribe, before their annihilation at the hands of the Uelane. He used horrifying methods to try and destroy the Eyes and Teeth — and in doing so, only gave it its greatest champion, Amu.

The Enlightened

Works: The Tragedy of Amu

Threads: Ren Island

A cruel and arrogant, but legitimately powerful, Elasane Warrior Monk who uses The Power of Hate to destroy magic.

Koyel qo'Layi ul'Netho

Works: Unnamed side project

Threads: Mansion

An affable Uelane soldier hoping to find information on his mysterious biological mother.

  • Bi the Way: He assumes non-Uelane are homophobic until he sees evidence otherwise, though.
  • Captain Ersatz/Composite Character: A certain resemblance to Rucks and the Kid isn't accidental — although part of the reason for sending him into the CDTs is to help him shake this off.
  • Cigar Chomper: And he's not happy when the Mansion extinguishes it.
  • Has Two Mommies: Adopted by his aunt and her wife after his parents' death. Thinks nothing of it.
  • Machete Mayhem: Technically, his "machete" is misnamed: there's no underbrush to clear in the deserts he's been assigned to. But the name is a good description of its appearance, and it could be used for such.
  • Mildly Military: He certainly gives off this impression. Don't let it fool you.
  • The Musketeer: His machete and rifle both see plenty of use on the battlefield.
  • Perspective Flip: Has a very positive view of the Magocracy overall... although its darker side can be pieced together from his words if you pay attention.
  • Punch-Clock Villain: He works for the totalitarian Uelane Magocracy, but he's not participated in any of their crimes and sincerely believes most of them are Crimson propaganda.
  • Southern-Fried Private: Essentially the Uelane version of this, coming from a backwater in the vast Yoth province rainforests.
  • Tell Me About My Father: Trying to find out about his birth mother. Without much success.

Esa ul'Netho

Works: Unnamed side project

Threads: Mansion, Archipelago

One of Koyel's adoptive mothers, a skilled chef.

  • Apron Matron: With a bit more punch, given Uelane culture, but basically matches.
  • Cultural Posturing: She tends to be tactlessly judgmental of other cultures.
  • Gay Conservative: Since it's not an issue in her homeland. Old, very religious, wary of outsiders, and (ironically) extremely infuriated by any "corruption" of the sanctity of marriage. (She's against Arranged Marriage instead of gay marriage, but still...)
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Seems like the blue to Layi's red, but it's actually the other way around.
  • Straight Gay: More chapstick than lipstick, but compared to her wife she's definitely this.
  • Supreme Chef: If you don't mind accounting for Uelane tastes.

Layi ul'Netho

Works: Unnamed side project

Threads: Archipelago

One of Koyel's adoptive mothers, a passionate hunter with a taste for trouble.

Sonuera ul'Netho

Works: Unnamed side project

Threads: Archipelago

Koyel's mild-mannered adoptive sister.

Nore ul'Alitoth

Works: Unnamed side project

Threads: Ren Island

A Uelane diplomat of sorts.

  • Cultural Posturing: An aversion, which is unusual among the often arrogant Uelane. (Though it's more about keeping her thoughts to herself than actual humility.) It's how she got the job.
  • Token Good Teammate: For the usually malevolent Magocracy.

Solin ul'Oriyith

Works: Unnamed side project

Threads: Ren Island

Nore's quiet and awkward but skilled bodyguard.

The Song

Works: N/A (fragments exist as Kokabiel, Tamiel, Shamsiel, Bezaliel)

Threads: Archipelgao

An ancient and advanced alien race.

  • Ambiguous Robots: Its' *echoes* appearances are more akin to jellyfish, or over-sized cells, than anything clearly mechanical, and the *echoes'* structure combines organic and mechanical details.
  • Disco Tech: Pretty much the heart of their technology, thus the name.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Comparable to (and eventually defeated by) the Eyes and Teeth.
  • Fighting a Shadow: Their *echoes*. Their true forms are neither matter nor energy.
  • Mechanical Lifeforms: It "evolved" on a dead world, from the remnants of a civilization that it may or may not have wiped out before achieving sentience.
  • Nigh Invulnerable: Their *echoes*.
  • Starfish Alien: Their *echoes* are blatantly bizarre, combining garish colors with gelatinous structures. To say nothing of their true forms.
  • Starfish Language: Close translation of alien concepts like *echo*, *Song*, and *measure* involve sound or music.

Uelane (and Xeqane) general cultural tropes

With rare exceptions, non-Earthborn characters can be assumed to be Uelane and, unless otherwise stated, the following tropes can be assumed to apply:

  • Alternate Techline: The Uelane have an excellent understanding of sanitation and medicine, and had the means to produce effective antibiotics, antivenoms, and birth control centuries before Earth could do the same. The rest of their technology is well behind Earth's, however, not counting cases of outright stealing Earth technology, as they did for their firearms.
  • Ambiguously Brown: Individual Uelane never fully match up with a specific Earth ethnicity. They tend strongly towards dark skin, light eyes, straight hair (naturally black, but often dyed), and ominous features (regardless of whether they're good or evil themselves).
  • Anti-Magic: As mentioned in several character entries, the Uelane have discovered a way to destroy magic, which is inherently alien to their universe, through a mixture of training and sheer willpower. It's equal parts Enlightenment Superpower and Supernatural Martial Arts, allowing its practitioners to resist most spells that don't have a physical component, destroy enchantments on both people and items, annihilate spirits and other magical creatures, and temporarily deprive their opponents of magical abilities. Unfortunately, all this save the defense requires physical contact. Getting close enough to a mage to punch the magic out of him is easier said than done, so Anti-Magic practitioners have to be cunning, sneaky, and capable in a fight.
  • Cultural Posturing: Something of a national hobby. They will often find some excuse to regard other cultures as savages.
  • Culture Chop Suey: By design. A purée of, most noticeably, Greece, the Maasai, the Soviet Union, ancient and modern Israel, the Aztecs, the United States, ancient Egypt, Japan, Mongolia, and Rome.
  • Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting: A standard part of their education. Uel does that to you.
  • Foreign Queasine: Uelane food ranges from basically familiar (pork ribs slathered in a relative of barbecue sauce) to the strange (salads drenched in hot sauce) to the nauseating (pig testicles). But they regard milk as something to drink only in desperation, and can't stand cheese.
  • Gender Is No Object: A by-product of proto-Uelane matrilineality and an early era where the Uelane increased their population by liberating slaves, not having resource-draining children, and simply couldn't afford to waste talent.
  • Had To Be Sharp: Uel does that to you.
  • Heroes Fight Barehanded: The Uelane certainly think so. The fact that anti-magic requires physical contact increases this.
  • Kill the God: The Uelane have killed two pantheons' worth of Jerkass Gods (actually powerful living memories empowered and twisted by the magic of the Eyes and Teeth). Amu and Suela only get a pass from the Uelane hobby of deicide because they're ascended mortals, but don't expect any Uelane to be very nice to any other being claiming godhood, accurately or otherwise.
  • Matriarchy: Early Uelane were an Original Matriarchy. While they've become basically egalitarian in the modern era, the most prominent side effect is that they view clans instead of bloodlines as the basis of kinship; originally just to make sure female war leaders could simply adopt/nominate heirs within the clan without having to waste months in pregnancy.
  • Mother Nature, Father Science: Though exceptions exist, Uelane culture norms invert the assumptions behind this, seeing science as nurturing and protective, and nature as cold and calculating. A fair assessment in their case.
  • Oh My Gods!: To animistic spirits, save worshipers of Suela and Amu, who refer to them by name. "Dead gods" is also a popular replacement for "hell," as in "what in the dead gods?" instead of "what the hell?"
  • Overly Long Name: Uelane names basically distill their life story. Usually only the given name and two most defining names are used.
  • Proud Warrior Race Guy: Not really anymore, but shades of it remain.
  • She Is the King: When referring to a female leader. "King" is the ruler, "queen" their marriage partner, no exceptions.
  • Transplanted Humans
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Although retconned away from being biological in origin, hair dye is extremely common among urban Uelane and seen as being about as normal as jewelery is in Western culture.



Works: Neither God Nor Man

Threads: Heist

A drunk and disorderly mercenary with a soft spot for shotguns and wide-brimmed hats, Cain is unruly, greedy and loyal only to his next paycheck. But you know, the world's seen good men do bad things and bad men do good things. Who's to say...


Works: What We Do For Others

Thread(s): Resort

A hedonist and hardcore party animal who only survives her life of constant inebriation and substance abuse thanks to some seriously heavy duty immortality. Kali's a sort of wanderer, going from place to place looking for a good time. In any form...


    Kyle Jacobs 

Ryan Davidson

Works: Remus

Threads: Cantina II, Resort

A soon-to-be-retired arms dealer with a very mysterious past. It's been implied that he played a significant enough part in the Second Civil War to draw unwanted attention from some pretty high ranking people. He's rapidly developing a very different personality to the version of him in the Remus canon, due largely to Iveya's influence.

  • Achey Scars
  • Alternate Universe: Word of Kyle is that CDT!Ryan is from one - the sheer number of personality changes he's gone through and tweaks that had to be made to his backstory to avoid spoilers pretty much necessitated this.
  • Anti-Hero: A very amicable Type III or IV.
  • Arch-Enemy: Seth.
  • Arms Dealer: Heroic example: he runs guns for the Resistance.

Seth Williams

Works: Remus

Threads: Resort

A CIA agent from the same universe as Ryan. Pretty much the bastard son of Josef Stalin and Iago.


Works: ???

Threads: Resort

    Lord Greyjoy 

Gregory Grey

Threads: Inn



Threads: Mansion

A robot spider, Not just a robot with eight legs, almost every part of a spider have been mimicked somehow, two-part body(cephalothorax/opisthosoma), eye/camera positons(2 big pointing forwards, 4 smaller in other direction), fangs(possibly poisonous), a winch/cable/hook system instead of silkglands/Spinnerets, et.c. It also have various instruments to test the atmosphere, gravity, ionizing radiation and other things. Have some sort of AI, have feelings and get urges.

Viktoria (aka Tora)

Threads: Mansion

Tora a woman in her late twenties/early thirties(in the time of Mansion). Was on the team that found Oracle in its incomplete form. She put her together and is now the 'owner' of Oracle.

Claire Voyance

Threads: Archipelago


Threads: Archipelago


Threads: Archipelago


Threads: Inn



Works: Est Machina (protagonist)

Threads: Bar, Nightclub, Hike, Outpost, Castle, Garden of Everything

A very massive and philosophical artificial soldier, over 200 years old and rather easy to get along with in times of peace. However, during a battle, he displays a far more aggressive streak, a sadistic joy, and a recklessness that borders on the suicidal. Given the time he's had to consider his situation, it's not entirely without justification. He usually takes the form of a tall and slender body that appears nearly skeletal, with a perfectly blank face. Tends not to speak of his past very much.

    Master Of Chaos 
Please add any tropes you find fit.

Nathan Maroon

Works: The Chaos

Threads: University, Mansion, Archipelgo

A twenty-five year old man who lived in Atlanta, Georgia. He has two adopted parents, George and Andrea, and a little brother, Adam.

Adam Maroon

Works: The Chaos

Threads: University, Digsite, City

Nathan's fifteen-year-old brother. He also lives in Atlanta, and his (biological) parents are George and Andrea Maroon. He is the youngest teen out of Nick and Jackson, but is close friends with them despite the older teens bickering.

Has been revamped.

Nick Riverson

Works: The Chaos

Threads: Dinner Party, Digsite, City

Adam's best friend, and the actual main protagonist of The Chaos. He is an African-American boy who lives in downtown Atlanta. He is sixteen years old, making him one year younger than Jackson and three years older than Adam.

Jackson Ruth

Works: The Chaos (second book, currently untitled)

Threads: Dig site, City, Archipelgo

A blond British boy, who is an amateur inventor. He is seventeen years old and is friends with Nick and Adam. Despite his (often) arguing with Nick, he cares for both of his friends, and is considered the leader of the trio due to the fact that he's the oldest.

Has been revamped.

  • Berserk Button: HATES being called Jackso/Jacky.
  • Black and Nerdy
  • Cluster F-Bomb
  • Friendless Background: In a way. After he moved to the states, he never interacted with anyone and lived alone in a small apartment. Nick and Adam were the first people he talked to and befriended since moving to the states.
  • The Leader: Type II. He's the oldest out of the trio, so he takes the role of "boss". He's also the more even headed one (Adam being second).
  • Power Fist: His metal gloves, use for breaking things into pieces. Naturally, they are the most dangerous out of all of his inventions.
  • Ray Gun / Young Gun: His weapon of choice.
  • Team Dad
  • Teen Genius
  • Teens Are Short: Averted. He's (almost) around the same height as most adults.
  • Took a Level in Kindness: In Dig Site and City, he was so strict around his friends (mostly Nick), it left others to wonder how they were even friends. In Archipelgo, while his strictness is still there, it's been tone down heavily. Now he's actually making more of an effort to be benevolent.
  • Transgender: Trans man.
  • Tsundere: Type A. Also a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. He's strict but it's only because he cares deeply about his friends' safety.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Nick and, to a lesser extent, Adam.
  • "Well Done, Son!" Guy: Even though he began making inventions as young as six, his father, never once, shows any sign of affection towards him, and often belittles his abilities. This prompted Jackson to move to the states and stay far away from England. It's also the reason he grew to hate his dad and only talk to his mother.

Thomas Riverson

Works: The Chaos

Threads: Dig site, Mansion, Archipelgo

Nick's father, and the older fraternal twin of John. He's forty-three years old and currently lives in Atlanta. He's a scientist, but has not made any "big" projects for at least nine years.

John Richman

Works: The Chaos

Threads: Dig Site, City, Ren Island (brainwashed as a servant), Inn

Nick's uncle and the young fraternal twin of Thomas. He lived in Alabama before moving to Atlanta to have his business near his family. He currently owns a gun store.

His appearance has changed significantly since Dig Site.

Mary Riverson

Works: The Chaos

Threads: Mansion

Thomas' wife and Nick's mother. She was once a nurse in downtown Atlanta, but quit that job and became an elementary school teacher instead.

Abeiyuwa Richman

Works: The Chaos

Threads: Mansion

John's wife and Nick's aunt. She is a Nigerian woman who moved to America to start her life as a nurse. After marrying John, she helps her husband part time at his gunstore.

George Maroon

Works: The Chaos

Threads: Archipelago

Adam and Nathan's father. A rich, Scottish scientist who makes many inventions. He, however, wishes not to be in the paparazi's eyes; rather, he spends more time in a small apartment with his wife and sons.

Tropes coming soon

Maël of Utona

Works: The Chaos

Threads: Ren Island

A man from the semi-rural country of Utona. He is known for, somehow, managing to make people do as he says, no matter what the request is. No one really knows how, though.

Marie Spring

Works: The Chaos

Threads: Inn

A sixteen year old girl who works at a bakery with her mother and older sister. At a young age, she got in an accident, which shattered and scarred her left eye (it also left her permanently blind in that eye). Because she's self conscious about her look, she wears an eyepatch on her left eye to cover up the scar. While she's new to Nick's group, she's already gotten along with them (mostly with Adam). She doesn't explore as much as they do (because of her job), but still tries to whenever she can.



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