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"Will you give me your eyes?"

"Now you may think you see a grease-painted performer sitting before you, who would usually elicit an amused response from an audience, but trust me. You do not. I'm not here to make you happy. I'm not here to brighten your dismal day. And I am certainly not here to elicit an amused response. I am here to end your miserable fucking life."
Doom-Head, 31

Clowns are supposed to be funny. They're supposed to make everyone laugh, especially children. This is the entire point of their existence. A truly good clown is supposed to be a Friend to All Children. Sometimes they succeed. But for some people, clowns awaken some primal fear. There are children who won't go near a clown without screaming.

Their face is... fake, corpse-like, most often the makeup they use does NOT help, the emotions aren't real, the smile is just painted on. The outfit and big shoes are downright grotesque. There's something seriously wrong with a clown to some people, and this resonates deep within the part of us that still believes that there is a monster in the closet, that will get out if you don't keep the door closed.

Cue the Creepy Circus Music...

It's startlingly uncommon to find clown characters who are genuinely good. More commonly, writers tap into the fear: the Monster Clown is a classic villain. Expect the Monster Clown to parody humor, with classic jokes becoming deadly; acid in the plastic flowers pinned to their lapels and joy buzzers with fatal amounts of voltage, among other things. If they work in a circus, it'll be a Circus of Fear. Likewise, also expect them to crack dark jokes while killing them and laugh maniacally. Sometimes, a Monster Clown just LOOKS like a clown, and doesn't do what clowns normally do, like tell jokes or work in a circus or go to kids' parties. If there is a clown in a work that just looks like one, it's almost guaranteed that it is a Monster Clown. Because, you know, you just don't go about dressing like a clown without doing anything clowny.


Sooner or later, our heroes will have to put these clowns to the sword. And sometimes not even that stops them. Also take note that many of these clowns may or may not be completely insane and also commit their horrific crimes laughing crazily and frequently, and often with a very high-pitched voice while acting in a very similar manner to an overgrown child.

Sympathetic clowns are generally a little more muted in appearance and behavior, whether or not this is faithful to the job (in which case, see Sad Clown). Generally, audiences are more receptive to clowns who act more like ordinary people, and have less extravagant makeup. Surly clowns who tiredly work with ungrateful children are more common, probably because they speak to the average overworked audience; they may be an example of Hates the Job, Loves the Limelight.


Enemy Mime is a sub-trope of Monster Clown. A villainous clown that is Played for Laughs instead of fear is a Villainous Harlequin. The Depraved Kids' Show Host seems to be related. May be combined with Scary Jack-in-the-Box, Creepy Doll, Perverse Puppet, Evil Puppeteer, or Robot Clown. Clowns' ghastly white makeup puts them into White Mask of Doom territory. The Monster Clown is often Affably Evil or Faux Affably Evil. Compare Repulsive Ringmaster. For examples based on the Joker from Batman, see Practically Joker.

The opposite of this trope is the (perhaps sadly) rarely seen any more Non-Ironic Clown.

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  • In this E -Trade commercial with the talking baby, the baby says he rented a clown named Bobo, who we see standing in the background making balloon animals, before getting a scared look on his face and saying "And I really underestimated the creepiness." Subverted in that the clown doesn't actually do anything creepy other than just be there. Which may or may not be enough to be freaky for a clown.
  • The KGB commercial with two moms looking for clowns for their kids' birthday parties. The one using KGB finds Benny the clown, a professional clown who cheerfully and successfully entertains the children. The second finds Biffo, a fat, hostile clown who scares all the children into running away and then randomly destroys the drink table.
  • A Little Caesar's ad has two girls wandering in the woods. One of them mentions rumors that a deranged clown haunts the forest. As it turns out, they're right, but thankfully he has a liking for cheap pizza.
  • So you're watching a McDonald's ad in Japan and... OH MY GOD RONALD MCDONALD IS STALKING YOU!!!note 
  • A Motel 6 commercial features a guy not being able to sleep because of all the disturbing clown paraphernalia decorating the guest room he's staying in.
  • Krinkles the Clown, of Post's Sugar Rice Krinkles. Good Lord, where to begin? For one, the technology for filming and broadcasting in color was well established by then, but they made the decision to not just shoot everything in black and white, but paint up the set—including Krinkles himself—in black and white. And, to put it in perspective, this ad campaign was chosen after discarding the prior Asian stereotypes they were using.
  • Taco Bell's "Routine Republic" commercial has clowns as Gestapo officers.
  • The US Postal Service used this in an ad: "Because we have to get that out of this house." "Come on it's not that ba-eeeaaah! Oh, yeah, that has to go."
  • And then, there's this Wal-Mart advertisement. Those with coulrophobia, do not watch. (Though it's not entirely the poor bastard's fault.)
  • These kung fu clowns veer into Comedic Sociopathy levels, though most of these are Played for Laughs.

    Asian Animation 
  • Happy Heroes: Season 7 episode 13 features a clown villain whose name is, in fact, Monster Clown (or Clown Monsternote ). In the episode, Big M. releases him from a high-security prison for especially dangerously criminals to have him help in a evil plan of his, only to be Taken for Granite by the clown along with many others - Clown Monster's special power is to absorb energy from people's laughing and using it to turn the laughing person or people into stone.

    Comic Strips 
  • The Far Side
    • One cartoon features a giant clown marching through a city; a squad of soldiers are behind a building ready to ambush him with a rocket launcher armed with a giant pie.
    • Another cartoon features a group of angry clowns arguing with each other at a negotiation table; the caption reads, "At the strategic pie limitation talks".
    • Implied with another strip that shows a clown being escorted to the electric chair.
  • If: In it the then UK prime Minister Theresa May is portrayed as, in Steve Bells own words, an "evil,scary clown".

    Fan Works 

  • Urban legend: A teenage girl is babysitting, and the parents call home to check in. "Everything's fine," she says, "oh, but I covered up that clown statue in the back hall with my jacket, it was creeping me out." "Clown statue? We don't own a clown statue..."
  • Abandoned clown train remembers you!
  • A new Urban Legend going around is that of an extremely sinister/dangerous Monster Clown in Bradford, which has been rumored to be doing everything from peering in windows to robbing people to stabbing them. The police department consider it a hoax, and a news story about it can be seen here

    Films — Animation 
  • The Brave Little Toaster had a nightmare about a fireman-clown trying to chase her into a filled bathtub. His only line was "Run!". Sound advice! Considering it was a toaster's nightmare, and the clown was armed with a fire hose and a fork... Heck, the way his hair is shaped, he looks like the Devil!
  • Dumbo is an early, downplayed example — the clowns genuinely like making their audience laugh, but they're a bunch of Jerkasses behind the scenes, humiliating Dumbo (and having a clown play his mother is pretty cruel, considering what happened to her) and not worrying about hurting him, or worse. One of the clowns does get a Pet the Dog moment, but that's about it. (When he insists "You'll hurt the little guy", the other clowns just laugh him off and say that elephants can't get hurt because "they're made of rubber.")
  • Fantasia 2000 has the Jack-In-The-Box from the Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Major segment. He's a Scary Jack-in-the-Box with the outfit of a jester, and he develops a Villainous Crush on the Ballerina. He's quite frightening and cruel in his attempts to kill the Tin Soldier.
  • One of Riley's deep, subconscious fears in Inside Out is the enormous and horrifyingly manic Jangles the Clown. "Whooo's the birthday girl?!" In the Creative Closing Credits, he's revealed to be a Non-Ironic Clown who is not pleased with his job.
  • In Minions, one of the supervillains who chases Kevin across the city is a bomb-juggling, Laughing Mad, unicycle-riding clown.
  • The Clown With The Tearaway Face from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Subverted in that he isn't that scary once you get to know him, just like the other denizens of Halloween Town.

  • There's a joke that's gone around about a boy and a clown walking through the woods at night. The boy says to the clown, "Man, this forest sure is scary..." to which the clown replies, "You're telling me. I have to go back through it by myself."

  • These are one of the playfield monsters in Crüe Ball.
  • While Hurricane is filled with harmless Non-Ironic Clowns, the front of the cars of the "Hurricane" rollercoaster have a manically grinning Monster Clown face, complete with razor-sharp teeth.
  • Doink the Clown from WWF Royal Rumble

  • Talked about in the Sick Sad World episode "Origins Of Scary Things".
    • Jasmine developed a fear of clowns after a childhood incident where she saw an older child dressed as a scary clown.
    • The hosts mention the then-common clown pranksters, and say people who try jokes like that should be prepared for their victims to know self-defense moves.
  • The Magnus Archives gives us a number of servants of The Stranger, the embodiment of the Uncanny Valley. As it represents the fears of things that look human but have something that makes them seem not, of course it has clowns in its retinue. It's said that Joseph Grimaldi, the most famous clown in British history, was one of its servants, and its current avatar, Nikola Orsinov, is usually depicted in fright makeup and ringleader's garb.

  • Essentially averted by Cirque du Soleil in their specific clown acts. Traditional whitefaces and augustes are less intimidating than the popular conception, and some character-based clown acts largely eschew garish makeup and costuming. Indeed some clowns are downright ordinary-looking compared to the other characters. But there are villainous/mysterious characters who, intentionally or not, have appearances akin to this trope: Boum-Boum in Quidam, Le Titan in La Nouba, etc. Closest to the trope is the bizarre emcee Fleur in Alegria: According to the All There in the Manual material, he was the court jester to the now-gone ruler of the kingdom, and now he wants to be king.
  • Pagliacci: An Unbuilt Trope. The opera involves Canio trying to play a Non-Ironic Clown, when in fact he is a Sad Clown because his wife is cheating on him, but The Show Must Go On. Finally he snaps and stabs his wife and her lover to death on stage in front of a live audience. The whole point is that he's not a monster or a psychopath just because he's a clown; if anything, his clown role is meant for Dramatic Irony. On the other hand, the evil hunchback clown Tonio plays the trope much straighter, being a Manipulative Bastard (and attempted rapist) who spitefully engineers the events that lead to the deaths at the end.
  • Rigoletto, kinda. Although he's portrayed in a sympathetic light at parts, he's still a crazy, bitter, grotesque jester who indirectly kills his daughter and Morality Pet, Gilda.

    Theme Parks 
  • Universal's Halloween Horror Nights has had too many examples over the years to list them all. There are a few stand-outs however.
    • Jack C. Schmidt, a red-headed, psychotic, and evil clown who gives us both the laughs and the fear.
    • There's also Chance, his harlequin girl sidekick.
    • The evil clowns from the Giggles & Gore Inc. haunted house. They kidnap people and take them to a factory where they torture and brainwash them into becoming evil clowns themselves. And then there's the Discarded, clowns considered too insane and too dangerous even to the evil clowns, so they are tossed into the basement and left to rot.
    • In Hollywood, there are clowns that were once the Non-Ironic Clown trope.
      • In 2014, there was the ice cream clown family Sweet Licks, Cutty and Bubba from the haunted house, Clowns 3D: Music by Slash. Once, they were ordinary clowns working at the Sweet Licks Frozen Clown Pops ice cream factory/roadside attraction, but the negative portrayal of clowns in the media and the USA's demand for treats low in fat and calories drove them out of business...and insane and desperate for money. So, the clowns came up with a wicked plan to save their business: trick people into coming into their ice cream factory with the promise of free ice cream for one day, kill them, turn their bodies into "healthy" ice cream and sell it to the public.
      • Then there was Hollywood Harry aka Harold Kappowitz aka Koodles the Clown from the 2016 Terror Tram by Eli Roth. He was once a circus performer and children's variety show host before becoming the unofficial mascot for Universal Studios Hollywood when it first opened in 1964. But as time went on, people began to fear clowns thanks to their negative portrayal in movies and sensationalized news stories of clowns attacking people and kidnapping children. Kappowitz lost his job and was reduced to being an unpaid street performer outside the park gates. A few years later, he was banned from the property due to his increasingly erratic behavior. He fled into the Hollywood Hills and his character, Koodles, faded into obscurity. For decades, his presence in the backlot remained unnoticed even though the local wildlife surrounding the park and the occasional tour guide started vanishing. But these were brushed aside as the result of the park expanding and the transient nature of volunteer tour guides respectively. Then, in the fall of 2016, during the "Clown Craze", people started to notice him wandering around the backlot and began to take videos and photos of him whenever they got the chance and they called him Hollywood Harry, the phantom clown. Soon, "clown hunters" began to go searching for him, only to discover he was not alone. He had assembled an army of former circus performers and clowns to help him in his revenge against Universal Studios for firing him all those years ago.
  • Busch Gardens' Howl-O-Scream had one simply named "Clown" as a member of "The 13", a sinister group of monsters that served as the "icons" of the event in 2013.
  • Walibi Holland's Halloween Fright Nights event uses an evil clown called "Eddie the Clown" as one of its main mascots.

  • Played at in one of the Monster High character diaries, where rushing through her makeup (which she can't see in the mirror) nearly leaves the vampire Draculaura "looking like an undead clown... not that there's anything wrong with that." No clowns have appeared in the franchise yet, but they may be out there.

    Visual Novels 
  • Ace Attorney has two:
    • Simon Keyes from Ace Attorney Investigations 2 who reveals himself as the true Big Bad of the game, and easily manipulates multiple people similar to Matt Engarde. Though he only reveals himself as a clown when he's preforming.
    • Geiru Toneido, although she's a balloon artist, not a clown, from Spirit of Justice. She certainly seems this way having framed an innocent five-year-old, killed her master out of jealousy, and has a villainous clown look to her.
  • Demonbane: Tiberius wears a clown get-up, and is among the most monstrous characters (given that this game has Lovecraftian horrors in it, that is saying something).
  • Gore Screaming Show, the Eldritch Abomination from the visual novel of the same name by Black Cyc. Yes, it does include lots of gore and screaming.
  • In Marco and the Galaxy Dragon, two aliens disguised as clowns kidnap a young Marco and seemingly murder her mother during the prologue.

    Web Animation 
  • Death Battle has pitted two of the worst monster clowns against one another, The Joker vs. Needles Kane a.k.a. Sweet Tooth.
  • Gop Donsterly from Elain T He Bounty Hunter is a gelatinous creature vaguely in the shape of a clown that is both a wanted criminal and has a supernatural game show in his gut.
  • Gaming All Stars has the highhly-sadistic Needles “Sweet Tooth” Kane, who is also one of the few characters in The Ultimate Crossover and Remastered to outright kill a character for real rather than trophifying them. He’s also one of the few villains in Remastered to survive Andross’ attack on Earth, only getting Killed Off for Real during the third season of 2.
  • Strong Man, the Old-Timey version of Strong Mad from Homestar Runner. As his name suggests, he is actually an unintelligent circus strongman who for some reason is always facing the camera and is working for Sir Strong Bad, The Homestar Runner's archnemesis.
  • In If the Emperor Had a Text-to-Speech Device, Cegorach has milked his canon status as one of these for all it's worth, only stopping when he's trying to be a Scary Librarian instead. He's only been on screen for maybe 10 minutes total, but in that time single-handedly fought off a chaos invasion while trolling them and scarred for life a pair 10,000 year old custodies just for the hell of it.
  • Mischief from Interface. Differently from other examples, he seems to be Creepy Good, as he doesn't show desire to harm anyone and is a friendly figure, while other people don't seem to be creeped out by his appearance.
  • One of the primary bad guys in the Madness Combat Flash series is Tricky the Clown. Originally appearing in Madness Redeemer as a minor villain, he was pinned to a giant marshmallow (don't ask) by Hank in Avenger with a stop sign and turned into a zombie before being taken down by Hank again. He donned a Jason-style hockey mask for Apotheosis, but did not take part in the fighting. But in Depredation, Antipathy and Consternation, the Clown took on the power to warp reality itself, making him virtually unstoppable even after getting the top of his head sliced off and being blown full of holes at point blank range by Hank.
  • Xombie, a flash animation series which takes place After the End in a Zombie Apocalypse world at one point goes trough a circus. Guess what the protagonist has to face there.
    "Even undead, clowns are annoying."

Statler: Gee, Waldorf, look at all these examples! Who knew clowns could be so awful?
Waldorf: Eh, don't worry about those guys. They're nowhere near as bad as the clowns who write these things!
Both: Do-ho-ho-ho-hoh!


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