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  • The Joker from Batman: The Animated Series. As if being a monster clown every day isn't bad enough, the episode "Be A Clown" has him disguised as a slightly less creepy party clown to deliver a cake with an explosive as a candle to a party full of kids. Arguably the goofy, baggy clown-outfit made him look even creepier than his normal purple tux, since it twisted his reasonably normal human proportions into the depths of Uncanny Valley. This episode also, weirdly, proved that the Joker is actually an outstanding children's performer when he wants to be...just don't let him near the birthday cake.
  • Batman Beyond had the Jokerz, a group of criminal biker gang (not truly a single organization) that at first were only inspired by the Clown Prince of Crime. Their motivations varied widely. Some were no different than other violent bikers, other than the clown makeup, others were just delinquent kids who did it for fun, and a few were actually competent and malicious villains (but they were rare). They became a serious threat in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker where the real Joker returned, killed the leader of the biggest gang, and took over. The same story even introduced two female members, Delia and Deidre Dennis (who called themselves Dee-Dee as a team) Harley Quinn's granddaughters. (Who their parents are is not known, and Harley clearly does not approve of them being crooks, scolding them harshly after bailing them out of jail.)
  • In season four of BoJack Horseman, Todd and Mr. Peanutbutter irrationally decree that since kids hate going to the dentist but love clowns, they should have clown dentists, that is, train some dentists to be clowns, and teach some clowns the art of dentistry. Unfortunately, this business does not work out and Todd sends them all into the woods, where they become rabid zombies.
  • Frankly, there are countless times (not including that stint in Treehouse of Horrors) that Krusty the Klown of The Simpsons fits neatly into the oversized shoes of this trope. Point in fact he is scary enough to provoke heart-attacks in patients with heart conditions (namely Homer).
    • "What's wrong? Oh right... My grotesque appearance!"
      • Also: "Well I got news for you, buddy: This ain't make up!"
      • He tried broadcasting his show in High Definition without testing it first; BIG mistake.
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    • There are even times when Krusty serves as the villain of the episode - most notably in "Yokel Chords" and "My Fair Laddie" - and gets his comeuppance in the end.
    • The haunted Krusty doll.
    "Hi, I'm Krusty the Clown and I don't like you." "Hi, I'm Krusty the Clown and I'm going to kill you."
    • Bart's clown bed in "Lisa's First Word".
    • In the DVD Commentary of that episode, members of writing staff discussed this trope, coming to the conclusion that, "Adults hate clowns and children are afraid of them, so what the hell good are they?"
    • In the supplement book Flanders Book of Faith, one of Ned's Humble figurines has a little girl being frightened by a clown. The title: First visit to the Circus.
    • Sideshow Bob. Okay, he's more like a Monster Ex Clown, but still, he tries to murder multiple characters and gets involved in semi elaborate revenge schemes after Bart and such foiled his framing of Krusty for armed robbery. This aspect was turned Up to Eleven in "The Bob Next Door". In one of his escape attempts, Bob visibly surgically removes the face of one of his cell mates and then switches it with his own, while still being fully conscious and screaming. The worst part is when Sideshow Bob stops at a rest stop and a waitress who takes an interest in him manages to pull off a loose thread used to keep his face on, causing his entire face to flap down, exposing all of his muscles and tissue. And then moments later, it happens again with his cellmate he switched faces with.
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  • Herbert J. Zomboni from Ben 10.
  • Although Pepper Ann didn't feature any actual monster clowns, there was one episode where Pepper Ann watched a movie that revolves around this trope: Gutter Clowns. (An obvious shoutout to IT) She had nightmares about that movie.
  • Darph Bobo, and the entire Clown Empire, from Tripping the Rift.
  • In Animaniacs, Wakko Warner had an irrational fear of clowns, which often caused him to apply his Hyperspace Mallet before he ran screaming.
    • One episode revealed that studio boss Seymour Plotz is also afraid of clowns and sees Dr. Scratchnsniff about it regularly. Unfortunately, the doctor neglected to tell him about Wacko's own clown phobia before Plotz sent a Jerry Lewis-esque Non-Ironic Clown to the tower for Wacko's birthday. Hilarity ensues as Plotz spends the rest of the cartoon watching the two torment each other with morbid glee.
      Dr. Scratchnsniff: Wakko, repeat after me: "A clown is my friend. A clown will not bite me and throw me in the basement... A clown is not a big spider."
  • In the Legion of Super-Heroes, episode "Fear Factory", Lightning Lad is terrified of a clownlike doll from his childhood called "Captain Howdy".
  • Mighty Max had an episode (and a micro playset) involving Freako the Clown, who abducts children and mutates them into monsters to populate his Circus of Fear.
  • In one episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, Billy displays a fear of clowns, thinking they're out to conquer the world and "Destroy us all! Destroy us all!note  Destroy us all!" After much prodding from Grim and Mandy and a trip to his Happy Place, he eventually gets over his fear... by becoming homicidally angry with clowns instead of afraid. This doesn't save him from the giant clown monster Grim made earlier, which proceeded to eat them all.
    • "So, it's agreed? We all hate clowns."
  • Freakshow from Danny Phantom.
  • Dr. Rockzo, the rock n' roll clown (he does cocaine!) seriously, dude; a lot of cocaine from Metalocalypse. He's a clown that's designed to be scary (in more ways than one). Ironically, Toki loves him despite being the most childlike of Dethklok's members.
    • Toki was shown to have a long-time love of clowns - there was a shot of him as a child sitting on Gacy the Clown's lap (shudder). Besides, it's metal to like clowns! Apparently it all stemmed from his childhood, where a clown doll he kept hidden from his parents was the only toy he had.
  • Dexter's Laboratory: "The Laughing" had Dexter get bitten by a pair of dentures belonging to a clown performing at Deedee's birthday party, which causes him to turn into a mischievous "were-clown" whenever he starts laughing. Deedee has to stop Dexter by learning the ways of an order of benign mimes.
  • Binky The Clown from Garfield and Friends isn't really evil, but he is incredibly obnoxious and somewhat creepy, and provides a recurring source of irritation for Garfield. While annoying, Binky is for the most part a Non-Ironic Clown. In the episode of "Binky Goes Bad" he is framed for a multitude of crimes by a genuinely evil clown.
  • Rugrats
    • Chuckie is extremely coulrophobic, and in one episode he kept having nightmares about clowns, in which he would approach Tommy (who was facing away from the camera) and tap him on the shoulder, only to have Tommy turn around to reveal the most Nightmare Fuel-rific clown face and declare in the most disturbing voice ever, "I'm not Tommy!" * giggles* The end of the episode had Mr. Finster walk out of Chuckie's room after tucking him in and noticing Stu turned away from him. He says, "Stu, I didn't know you were coming over," only to have clown faced Stu turn around and do the exact same thing that the clown faced Tommy did except he says, "I'm not Stu..." * laughs*
    • Another episode called "The Trial" featured a creepy clown lamp with a giant perpetual grin and an evil countenance.
    • Or the episode "The Mysterious Mr. Fiend" which had a talking clown doll depicted here.
    • The episode "Clown Around" had plenty of Monster Clowns for all.
    • In a moment of Characterization Marches On, in an early season 1 episode it is actually Didi who is scared of clowns. A clown at a carnival sneaks up behind her and scares her, albeit accidentally.
    • To keep this list from getting longer, lets just say that Rugrats was very fond of Monster Clowns.
  • Joker from The Batman. Especially "Vampire Joker" in The Batman vs. Dracula.* King of the Hill briefly featured an old clown doll named "Mr. Giggles", with a dead-eyed, grinning stare. Bobby is quickly reminded why he was afraid of it, complete with a Scare Chord.
  • The Beast Which Dares Not Speak Its Name, from the Earthworm Jim episode "Evil in Love", is a giant four-armed fang-jawed cyclopian demon clown. Far too powerful and evil for the titular hero to hope to defeat, but fortunately thwarted by bureaucracy.
  • Madkat from SWAT Kats. The spirit of an evil jester from medieval times that merged with a failed comedian whose hardships mirrored Madkat's own. For a one shot villain, he's pretty effective, and came damn close to winning.
  • Coco Demento from ¡Mucha Lucha! isn't exactly evil, but he is a Masked Luchador who's also a clown. (And he was in a class for heel wrestlers in one episode, possibly because, as his father explains in another episode, he once hung out with a group of mischief-making clowns.)
  • Scooby-Doo has featured various such examples, among others including Zombo the "clown ghost" (from A Pup Named Scooby-Doo). What's New, Scooby-Doo? even retconned Velma into having had a fear of clowns. (Awesomely tying A Pup Named Scooby-Doo as canon while doing so)
    • The original Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! had villain of the week Harry the Hypnotist used a clown getup as both a gimmick and a way to mask his identity. Throughout the episode, he's referred to simply as Ghost Clown, until he's finally caught by the gang, and identified by his boss.
      • Harry hypnotised Scooby into walking a tightrope and then snapped him out of the trance when he was halfway across. And then hypnotised Shaggy into being a lion tamer:
      Ghost Clown: When I blow this whistle, you won't be a lion tamer. Just food for a hungry lion! (Evil Laugh)
    • Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated also gives us Crybaby Clown, a giant fat clown in a diaper who drives around in his huge car bombing buildings and neighborhoods with grenades shaped like milk bottles.
    • The Be Cool, Scooby-Doo! episode "Into the Mouth of Madcap" had the gang investigate an amusement park being menaced by Madcap the Killer Clown.
  • Clownfoot, a villainous clown from a Captain Caveman episode of The Flintstone Comedy Show probably qualifies here, complete with a Circus of Fear (which he uses as a hideout for his robberies and to lure Wilma and Betty into a saber-toothed-tiger filled trap).
  • A later-season episode of Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! features villains who are members of a circus possessed by Big Bad Skeleton King, which features not one, but THREE evil clowns, who end up merging into one really big, really creepy one. This is then subverted at the end when the circus is freed from evil and it turns out all the performers, including the no-longer-evil clowns are actually pretty nice people.
  • One Man Circus from Scruff.
  • Family Guy.
    • Peter dresses up as "Pee Pants the Inebriated Hobo Clown" in one episode. This being Peter, it goes horribly wrong. Considering that Peter accidentally killed the man he thought was his father (Francis, not the town drunk from Ireland) while performing as Pee Pants, nothing could have gone right.
    • Chris is afraid of Ronald McDonald. ''I wish that scary looking clown at the end of my bed would go away!"
    • According to one of the cutaway gags, Gary Busey apparently sees himself as one of these, with medusa-style snake-hair to boot!
  • The main clown in the 3D short animation Bingo. The whole short uses surrealistic imagery and dialogue to tell the story of an ordinary man who is surrounded by characters who insist that he is someone named "Bingo the Clown", even though he is not.
  • The short-lived American adaptation of Australia's teacher sitcom Sit Down, Shut Up has a Monster Clown in the form of the overly cheerful (and mentally unstable) vice principal Stuart Proszakian (voiced by Will Forte from Saturday Night Live). Before he was vice principal, Stuart was a clown entertaining at a Florida prison. The second episode (where the teachers run a schoolwide fair) even had Stuart dressed in prison stripes and clown make-up (making him look more like Beetlejuice) and singing this song (set to folksy banjo music) with the following lyrics:
    Well, you were beaten mercilessly in the shower.
    You took an old-fashioned shiv in the crown.
    They fired tear gas on your ass from the tower.
    And when you got back up
    You were feelin' down.
    Someone sent you a prison clown
    Someone bought you
    Or bartered you
    A prison clown —
    • If anyone buys you or barters you a prison clown, scream as loud as you can and call the proper authorities. For me...
      • Will Forte also plays mentally unstable characters — including those who have been convicted of sexual offenses — on SNL so his role on Sit Down, Shut Up isn't much of a stretch.
  • An episode of Extreme Ghostbusters had the Ghostbusters hunting vampire-like monsters who feed on laughter and disguise themselves as clowns, because as this page tells us, there's nothing funnier than an ominous clown that can only speak in Evil Laughter following you by night. Unless there's a whole pack of them looking to recruit you.
  • Darkwing Duck
  • In an episode of League of Super Evil, the team revives Doktor Frogg's first invention, Chuckles the Robotic Clown, for his birthday. Frogg later reveals that he invented Chuckles when he was a kid to ruin all the birthday parties he was never invited to and then Frogg's own birthday came luckily they managed to survive until midnight in which it shuts itself off, only for it to reactivate because Voltar's birthday was the day after Frogg's.
  • In the South Park episode "The Poor Kid", social services have a special room for kids with posters of grinning clowns. Kenny and his siblings sit there, all looking rather unnerved. Later Cartman enters the room. He looks just as uncomfortable. This is Cartman we're talking about.
  • Played with in American Dragon: Jake Long, wherein Spud spends half an episode paralyzed by his fear of clowns. After finally realizing that the fear is irrational, he joyfully asks a troupe of clowns to make him laugh. Cue the clowns eating some magicked cupcakes, which transform them into hideous scorpion/clown/demon monsters. Nightmare Fuel all around!
  • Subverted in Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! with "Steve Mahahanan's Child Clown Rentals", which combines natural terror of clowns with the horror/pity of CHILD SLAVERY. Child Clowns are rented out as SERVANTS rather than entertainers, and besides a disturbing advertisement in the usual Tim and Eric style, there's an overly-long, creepily realistic VHS-edited "Care for Your Child Clown" video how-to in a later episode. Details include the care, cleaning and storage of your Child Clown.
    • Good to know: Child Clowns eat only Steve Mahahanan's Child Clown Wet Food Logs.
  • ReBoot has The Funhouse game with a monster clown as the User character. In the one game that's supposed to be impossible for sprites to win. Since the sprites that lose a game turn into nulls, this just adds to the creepiness of the character.
  • Minoriteam has Halfpint, the evil gangster clown.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes had the recurring Rodeo Clowns. However, they were pretty much monster clowns only in the sense that they were literal demons dressed like clowns. They were otherwise Villainous Harlequins, being a gang of jerkasses who pulled mean-spirited pranks on the people of Miseryville.
  • Sneero,the villain clown in Achille Talon.
  • Scuzzo the Clown (sometimes assisted by his large mute brother Fuzzo), in Beetlejuice, is the Ghost with the Most's (im)mortal enemy. BJ is actually the lesser of two evils there, as Scuzzo lacks any of BJ's redeeming features. In one Baseball Episode, Scuzzo was the manager of a whole team of crazy clowns.
  • This computer animation demo reel from 1984 opens with an evil juggling clown so scary, he has the power to terrify even those not normally afraid of clowns!
  • The Powerpuff Girls had Rainbow the Clown. He's somewhat of a subversion though, since he's neither scary, nor evil. His Superpowered Evil Side on the other hand, most certainly is.
  • The Tick featured the villain Proto-Clown, a rampaging superpowered brute of a clown created by a genetic experiment intended to create a perfect Non-Ironic Clown. Notably, he was barely sentient and spoke only in Hulk Speak, and was only scary due to his Unstoppable Rage and ability to tear buildings asunder with his bare hands. As it turns out, he was completely harmless once calmed down, but he hated it when people laughed at him.
  • Adventure Time features the clown nurses from "Another Way". They aren't bad at first, but after Finn constantly objects to their touchy-feely bedside manner, his clown nurse tells him "ITS THE ONLY WAY!" in a creepy voice, complete with a red demonic face and a Scare Chord.
    • Parodied when Finn invokes his worst fears in "King Worm", including the sea, the Lich-King, Princess Bubblegum having tea with the Lich and dismissing Finn as "too yoooung" in a demonic voice, and his own infancy, all coming out of his bellybutton... and then a little x-eyed clown in muted greenish colors pops up and sneers halfheartedly, "I'm a clooown."
  • Invoked but mostly averted in The Weekenders.
    Tino's Mom: He said he's not coming out of his room until the city's been cleansed of its unholy clown infestation.
    Tino (from behind a closed door): The hour of purification is at hand!
  • The Lobe in Freakazoid! tried to deliberately invoke this via using a mysterious cloud to turn ordinary people into Monster Clowns to take over the world. Freakazoid shoots the idea down as stupid and makes the Lobe turn off the cloud, only to agree that it was a brilliant idea once the Lobe was out of earshot.
  • The Adventures of Figaro Pho
    • One episode focuses on coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. In it, the main antagonist is a sadistic clown who enjoys playing cruel pranks on Figaro. Most of his "lines" are laughing. Said clown is also featured in the show's opening sequence, where he towers over Figaro and laughs.
    • Downplayed in the episode "Waltergeist", where Figaro meets the ghost of a clown named Walter, who is an Expy of the clown mentioned above. Walter is Chaotic Neutral more than anything else, as he pranks everyone from Figaro to the Jerkass ghost hunters. Also, his pranks are much less sadistic than the other clown's.
  • Star vs. the Forces of Evil:
    • In "Bon Bon The Birthday Clown", Ludo ambushes Star and Janna by disguising himself as Bon Bon. The real Bon Bon is actually really nice.
    • According to The Magic Book of Spells, one of the spells invented by Queen Skywynne could temporarily raise the dead. She found that while most undead were friendly and helpful, "dead clowns" were nothing but trouble.
  • Episode "Station Identification" of The Real Ghostbusters has a giant monster clown with a very creepy laugh as main antagonist.
  • DuckTales (2017): "The Beagle Birthday Massacre" introduces the Tumblebums, a trio of Beagle Boys with an "evil clown" theme. They follow the standard Big, Thin, Short Trio of their brothers, and consist of a tiny little Beagle in a top hat and a ringmaster's coat using stilts and hand extensions to tower over people, a long-snouted skinny Beagle in a black leotard who usually adopts a Primal Stance, and a burly Beagle in a jester's suit with a second face painted on the back of his hood and who likes to get around by bending over and running around on all fours whilst upside-down, leaving his grinning face smirking up at his victims. And for the added creepiness factor, they never speak, instead using whistles and demonic laughter to communicate with each other and to spook their prey. They're so creepy that even their own brothers and mother don't want anything to do with them. Their brothers openly speculate that they're adopted.


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