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  • Akame ga Kill! gives us the absolutely revolting Champ, a paedophilic Serial Rapist. Champ is big, fat, sadistic, and hates all adults, minus the members of Wild Hunt whom he works with (Syura, Enshin, Cosmina, Dorothea, and Izou). Due to the fact that he is an adult, he believes that when kids grow up, they become monsters. In order to "save" them from growing up, he rapes them (regardless of gender) and subsequently murders them to send them to heaven, saying that children should never grow up and die as angelic, innocent little kids. The sick bastard was responsible for all the deaths of the children whom Run used to teach, and raped and murdered the daughter of the recently deceased Bols while his boss, Syura, raped and killed her mother. So no one cried when Champ was slowly burned alive by an attack reflected at him by Run.
  • Charlotte the witch from Puella Magi Madoka Magica because her first form is rather innocuous until you provoke her like poor Mami. Then she reveals (and by that we mean vomits out) a second form (an unholy fusion of a caterpillar, a jack-in-a-box and Pennywise the Clown with More Teeth than the Osmond Family) and bites her head off and consumes her whole. The movie somehow manages to make her even creepier with the new theme she gets called "Wo ist die Kase". This is appropriate since Madoka Magica is very much a Subverted Kids Show.
    • The fact that she is an Ensemble Dark Horse who frequently gets paired with her victim in fanworks does little to make Charlotte less disturbing. Same goes for the fact that Rebellion reveals that she was an utterly adorable Magical Girl.
    • There's also Walpurgisnacht, who is considered to be one of the most dangerous witches out there, in no small part due to her ability to level entire cities and her track record of dooming any magical girl who confronts her. Her clown getup is more classical, looking a lot like a jester attached to giant cogs. It should not be too surprising at this point that a majority of the conflict in the story stems from Homura's efforts to protect Madoka from becoming a magical girl and getting killed in the fight with Walpurgisnacht, whether that's in the heat of battle or from becoming a witch herself immediately after.
  • Hisoka from Hunter × Hunter. An extremely dangerous and powerful Blood Knight (to the point that it becomes a case of Blue-and-Orange Morality) who becomes sexually aroused by strong or amazing people, regardless of the gender or age. However, his character resembles more of a mysterious magician or prestidiginator than a funny clown. Still goes for facial cosmetics, flamboyant everything, trolling and the odd heavy shower of murderous mayhem, though.
    • If you're a strong and charismatic person, you will luckily be spared by him for a while, but if you're a weakling or uncharismatic person, you're already dead. And, he decides you have pointlessly wasted or perverted your potential, heaven help you; he'll toy with you while slowly killing you.
  • In AKIRA there are two rival biker gangs. One gang, called the Clowns, dresses in clown-like outfits and acts very much like evil clowns. They also assault Kaori both physically and sexually in a disturbing scene.
  • One appears in the circus scene in the beginning half of the animated movie Paprika.
  • Pierrot, the clown Maverick from Rockman X manga.
  • Digimon.
    • Piedmon from Digimon Adventure, leader of the Dark Masters. He's a scary clown with four swords, a desire to use them on anyone he sees, and the demeanor of a sociopath. Not to mention being more than a match for Digimon that were ten times his size. arguably, he was a far more dangerous villain than Apocalymon, the final foe of the original series.
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    • Subverted by his Digimon V-Tamer 01 incarnation, who's little more than a Punch-Clock Villain who gets eliminated just as he and his partner are doing a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Cherubimon in the Digimon Adventure 02 movie. Though he also appears in Digimon Frontier, his Monster Clown behavior and appearance there is downplayed.
  • Tongpu, alias Mad Pierrot from Cowboy Bebop.
  • Mayuri Kurotsuchi, 12th division Captain from Bleach is one of the most depraved clowns in the history of fiction.
  • Although he's not actually a clown, the Millennium Earl from D.Gray-Man is a Monster Clown. He even refers to himself as the Auguste clown once.
    • Also, the lvl 2 akuma that could imitate shapes, Pierrot.
    • Inverted with Allen himself, who uses the Innocence Crowned Clown. But his adoptive father, Mana, may have been a straight example...
    • And Allen was beaten up by clowns until he got adopted.
  • Alan Gabriel from The Big O has a clownish appearance to go along with his...less than sane personality.
  • The Shirogane in Karakuri Circus are dedicated to wiping out an entire clan of these called, approriately enough, the Midnight Circus. The clowns are actually robotic constructs powered by alchemy, and their clownish appearance is actually meant to invoke laughter in humans.
  • The Clown in the Soul Eater manga claims to be the Anthropomorphic Personification of insanity itself.
    • And now there are several of them...
    • The anime had two robot guards modeled after him. The creators probably thought the show just wouldn't be complete if they didn't use the design.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!:
    • In the manga, Ryuji Otogi/Duke Devlin's father is a Monster Clown - apparently he was considered too scary for the anime. He is even scarier without his mask.
    • There is also Saggi the Dark Clown, a monster card, as well as one of the Player Killers in the manga—who was apparently too creepy for the anime and 'toned down' to, as The Abridged Series put it, "a gay clown". (Specifically, he was a different kind of clown; a ventriloquist with a Perverse Puppet in the shape of Kaiba, who claimed that he had put Kaiba's soul into the doll.)
    • bonz also used the Fiend-type Crass Clown, later switching it for the resilient Clown Zombie.
    • Add the monster card Peten the Dark Clown to the mix—which, like Saggi, can be found in Kaiba's deck. And is also used in virus combos.
    • In the original anime series, there was Ghost Kaiba, an Eliminator who posed as Kaiba's vengeful spirit in order to deceive Yugi. His origins differed depending on the version: In the original, he was a Master of Disguise who worked for Pegasus (who may have actually been able to use magic to disguise himself, seemingly being able to change his body mass) while in the dub, he was a demonic embodiment of Kaiba's evil side. Whatever the case, his true form resembled an obese, hideous clown.
    • In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, the 3rd season treats us to three matches at the same time — three of the newest heroes against three emotionally-themed Monster Clowns. The Masked Knight of Impassivity used doll-themed cards to push Jesse Anderson to the edge, the Masked Knight of Anger uses an anchor-themed knight to push around fossil-slinging Jim Cook... and the Masked Knight of Laughter hams it up with one-liners against military man Axel Brodie with an appropriate Monster Clown deck featuring Fool Clown and Laugh Exploder.
    • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's there was Jeagar, a former circus clown who became a member of Yliaster and a top-ranking henchman to Rex Godwin, the Big Bad of season one. Calling him evil may be a stretch, however (selfish and arrogant, sure, but probably not evil) and he made a Heel–Face Turn eventually.
  • In Mobile Fighter G Gundam, Chibodee Crocket developed a pathological fear of clowns after an incident in his childhood when he was kidnapped by a Monster Clown, which lead to the loss of his mother.
    • Cranked Up to Eleven by Romano, the Gundam Fighter for Neo-Portugal, who not only dresses up as a clown but has a mecha that looks like one. Naturally, he becomes Chibs's next opponent...
  • Remote has a clown that sings an old folk song whenever someone sees him. In his wake he always leaves a corpse. Or a bomb.
  • GaoGaiGar had the demonic and sleep-disturbing Penchinon. THIS is the clown that eats you. Or turns you into a rampaging monster. BREEEEEE! *shudders*
    • Penchinon is a pirate. Pagliaccio, the robo speaking Zonder doll that can fold herself into a sphere, is probably a better example.
      • Pagliaccio actually means "clown" in Italian.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
    • Part 5 has Cioccolata, a sadistic former surgeon who tormented his patients and later joined the Mafia gang Passione as a chance to torture and kill people as much as possible. His appearance is similar to that of a psychotic harlequin, complete with Facial Markings, Guyliner and a unique Anime Hair with mushroom-shaped locks.
    • Part 7's Mike O. is a downplayed example in that he lacks the usual nose and his facepaint is subdued and more jester-esque, but he does have the colorful, weird and poofy clothing. Oh, and the nightmarish, body-mangling balloon animals made out of Stand-ified scrap metal.
  • Tower of God: The Puppeteer Parasite that took over Yeon was disguised as such.
  • One Piece has Buggy the Clown, though this is somewhat subverted as he's relatively harmless.
    • Lafitte, on the other hand, is an extremely soft-spoken, seemingly polite fellow with white face paint and a massive grin that was run out of his home territory for being too brutal in his role as a peace officer, and that's by the standards of an organization that is willing to burn an island and its inhabitants to deal with some snoopy archaeologists.
    • Borderline example in Caesar Clown, particularly in the anime, where his near-constant Slasher Smile is accompanied by purple lips and a ghostly white face. And it might be stretching a bit to put Don Quixote Doflamingo here, as he doesn't especially resemble a clown, but his nickname is "Joker", he dresses garishly, and his Slasher Smile is even more terrifying than Caesar's.
  • That's practically the job description of Orgel from Violinist of Hameln. His title is Hell Clown, and making humans suffer and break for fun and profit, by exploiting their fears, weaknesses and insecurities, is not only his personal hobby, but also what his employers might see as a merry performance. Also, he is a demonic parasite, whose true form is his clown mask and whose bodies are dead and reanimated, but still retaining their consciousness, humans. He once takes over a little girl in this way, just because she was nice to Hamel. Then lets Hamel know that he did it, and why he did it. That's actually his idea of a hilarious prank.
  • Hell Teacher Nube: Pierrot in the second movie. Made worse by being voiced by Ryusei Nakao, the same voice actor as Frieza and Mayuri Kurotsuchi.
  • Tommyrod from Toriko. With heavy emphasis on the "monster" part. Bonus point for the fact, that his face - including eyes - often seems to be painted on. As a bonus, setting off just one common phobia is not enough for him...
  • Near the end of the anime Skull Man, a team of cyborg soldiers wearing body armor with deranged clown helmets is brought in to take out the titular character, including one insane, shell-shocked cyborg (who, unfortunately, is in charge of artillery and ends up shooting at friend and foe alike.)
  • Subverted in Yu Yu Hakusho. Suzuki, a contestant in the Dark World Tournament, desperately wants to fit this trope, and it seems like he does after killing some laughing spectators...but then Genkai kicks his ass all over the place. Afterwards, he ditches the makeup and becomes an ally.
  • From Dragon Quest: Legend of Dai, we have Kill=Vearn. For one, he seems to resemble a medieval court jester, but has an extremely disturbing personality revolving around destroying people all the way past when they cannot fight back, and grinding them to dust. Just to add another freaky clown to it, he has a small helper named Piroro who, it turns out, is the real Monster Clown, being a different kind as well, a demonic ventriloquist who controls his more human sized body like a puppet.
  • In Sailor Moon Super S, the monsters sent by the Circus of Fear were rather goofy. Until one was sent to take a hold of poor Usagi's Dream Mirror and to tell the Amazon Trio "You Have Outlived Your Usefulness". It went From Bad to Worse in few seconds flat.
  • The Akanbes from Smile Pretty Cure! take this trope to a previously unseen level. They are the Monsters of the Day employed by the Bad End Kingdom, created by fusing a clown nose containing a Cure Decor with an every day object, meaning that anything can be turned into a literal Monster Clown: from houses, trees to mirrors and even billboards depicting a famous Manzai duo that guess-starred in the show. Then we have Pierrot himself: the emperor of the Bad End Kingdom and a colossal demonic clown bent on bringing the worst ending of the history to the whole world.
  • Bali-Lali from Bizenghast is a terrifying cyborg spider-taur wearing a jester's cap. She's on our side.
  • Kirby: Right Back at Ya! gives us Whippy and the Training Clowns in the episode "Cowardly Creature." They train the monsters that Nightmare creates to help them become evil and dangerous, and while Whippy is the only one who ever fights Kirby, it's possible that they are some of Nightmare's most powerful creations.
  • Mixim: Dodo.
  • Tokyo Ghoul has The Pierrot, a mysterious gang of Ghoul pranksters. Their members wear clown-themed masks, and are known for being extremely dangerous. It isn't clear what their goals are, besides ruining lives and "having the last laugh". The Reveal of several of its members was a particularly nasty Cruel Twist Ending to the original series, while the sequel has shown the group to be major players that should be feared. One of the more prominent members is an infamous Child Eater, to boot.
  • In Dragon Ball Super, Belmod, one of the Gods of Destruction, is revealed to be a clown. Subverted as he's actually devoted to fighting for justice and destroying evil. He even sponsors, and is a fanboy of, his own group of Sentai-esque superheroes.


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