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Nightmare Fuel / Homestuck

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"Let'S bE TAngLe bUdDiES..."

> Peruse bad dream catalysts.

This has got to be the stupidest thing you've ever done! You're never going to get to sleep now! Say, wasn't that doll a few feet to the left a minute ago...?

Due to the constantly updating nature of Homestuck, all spoilers are left unmarked.

Remember, this page is for describing general sources of Nightmare Fuel.

Now divided into helpful categories. Never before has organization been terrifying. Paradox Space currently has no examples, but for the future, they should be added on a new Nightmare Fuel subpage for that and not here.

For examples from The Homestuck Epilogues, go here.

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Part One

    Act 1 and Act 2 

    Act 3 
  • Just about the entirety of Dave's Bro's room, what with Li'l Cal moving around seemingly on his own, Bro's comic crossing Muppet Babies with Saw, and the "Grisly puppet snuff film" going on.
  • Jade's Grandpa is finally introduced... only it's not him, but his stuffed corpse. Jade rather cheerfully acts like he's still alive. Even worse, the fan theory that Jade was the one who stuffed him has been confirmed.

    Act 4 
  • The reason Jack is so evil? The Black Queen made him wear a bunch of silly outfits. There is literally no other reason for it. This man killed his ruler, stole her powers, went on a murderous rampage and tried to destroy an entire universe... all because his boss made him wear a bunch of silly outfits. In any other universe this would be hilarious. But in this case, It's presented in a completely serious light and makes Jack one of the most heartless and cruel villains out there.
  • The part in [S] Jack: Ascend where the Black Queen's finger is seen twitching on the ground AFTER her body had been destroyed.
  • John captchalogues Casey the Salamander before he blasts off on his jetpack. ...So what happens to her when he dies in the alternate timeline?
    • Jade's death showed us that when a character with a sylladex dies, their inventory empties. Instead of being locked inside a sylladex card, she would just have been killed by the Denizen. Not a brilliant upside, but still, better than being in limbo forever.
    • Considering we know that it's possible for a living being to be captchalogued, what if someone were to punch said captchalogue card?
    • Dream Jade didn't have a sylladex. The ring was on her finger. Eternal limbo still applies.
    • Dreamselves don't have sylladexes. John at that point wasn't even a dreamself anyways.
  • Dave walks into his room and finds his own brutally murdered corpse. and then casually tosses it out the window... And then spends a good ten minutes staring at the blood on his hands.
  • In the Act 4 finale, right after Jack started his rampage, there is one moment, just one moment, when he looks absolutely terrifying. Well hello there.
    • Also in the Act 4 Finale, when Dream Jade is flying over to Dream John's tower, Dream Jade sees the shadow of Jack flying over Prospit. Not only would that be a little creepy, it is horrifying to readers who know what's going to happen next.
    • Really, Jack's rampage is absolutely terrifying to watch. Everybody knew he was powerful, but not anywhere near this powerful. An entire army: Gone. A planet with thousands of people: Ripped apart. Hordes of battleships: Broken in two.

Part Two

    Act 5 Act 1 

    Act 5 Act 2 
  • Bro using Li'l Cal to feed baby Dave. No wonder Dave grew up to be such a jaded guy.
  • John waking up completely alone on a planet being torn apart after just having some fun with his sort of not friends.
  • The second half of [S] Jade: Wake Up, wherein Jade meets the Elder Gods in her dreams.
  • Bec Noir's entire MO—a random teleport murderer who warps about at utter random and kills for no reason.
  • Feferi's Nightmare Face in this panel.
    • The message she gives Jade just makes it worse.
    CC: Because, stupid.
  • Jade asking Becsprite if he can talk now. The result is Bec's already creepy Eyeless Face staring at you dead-on and flashing shades of green, yellow, black, and white, with the spritelog containing a bunch of boxes of similarly-flashing static. Jade's reaction is basically "NOPE NOPE NOPE NOT DOING THAT AGAIN."
  • Vriska mind-controlling Tavros to write messages. In her own blood. Commanding him to kill her.
  • [S]: Wake. Feferi and Nepeta's dream selves are hacked apart by Bec Noir at the beginning, and at the end, Vriska goes over to Tavros, grabs his lance, impales him through the heart, and drops him off a balcony.
  • Doc Scratch's first and only message to Karkat is Paranoia Fuel incarnate: Don't turn your back on the body.
  • Karkat finally gets in touch with Gamzee only to learn that the chillest motherfuckin troll has flipped his motherfuckin shit.
    You have never been so scared in your entire life.
  • Dave looks into the Furthest Ring and speaks with the horrorterrors. They're pleading for help.
    • Later, it's strongly implied that the poor things are being brutally slaughtered by Lord English.
  • A healthy helping of Paranoia Fuel with these lines during one of Karkat's memo sessions, right as he's nearly breaking down at Past Eridan (who's just absconded after killing Feferi).
    FTC: HONK.
    FTC: i'm in your future, best friend.
    FTC: and what you'll motherfuckin do.
  • The clouds show an image of Gamzee's flashing eye.
  • Although Terezi crying over Tavros is sad enough, it goes From Bad to Worse. That little purple text at the bottom of the page....
  • GC: honk.
  • Kanaya was a big fan of 'rainbow drinkers.' When Terezi found Feferi's body, she also found two new wounds in her neck... fang marks. And Kanaya's body is gone. Oh, Crap!.
  • The 2/6 flash. It starts funny, but soon turns absolutely terrifying.
  • Gamzee: Subjugglate.
  • Gamzee reacts to Nepeta's attack by snatching her out of the air, breaking her wrist, and slowly dragging her claws across his own face. While grinning maniacally.
  • WV has a nightmare where he is visited by a familar-looking animal spirit and watches in terror as he appears to become Jack Noir and slaughters dozens of carapace people as the Prospitian moon descends onto the battlefield.
  • To go from a calm dinner to being stalked by Jack Noir without seeing what happens next is terrifying. It's probably no coincidence that the wine stains look like blood stains... Next time they're shown, they're dead.
    • There's also some Fridge Horror. On the page that said they were "at ease"? They aren't being stalked...Jack already killed them.
  • Gamzee's ancestor is revealed. What seems like paint splattered on the wall behind him is actually troll blood.
  • From this page onward, all the writing on the walls.
  • Seer: Ask. The lack of sound in the flash makes it even worse.
  • Sollux's eyes were destroyed when Eridan hit him in the face with his 'wwhite science'.
    TA: is what i w0uld be d0ing if that were p0ssible.
  • The grimdarkness ''approaching John.
  • This update. Rose is speaking in Eldritch, and can't even warn John they're approaching their dead parents.
    • The black thing following her in the intro, and the increasing corpses of the Prospitians and Dersites.
    • Rose's reaction to her mother's corpse—namely, that she doesn't react at all.
    • At some point, before you find John, you actually end up seeing Jack for a split second.
  • Terezi comes and finds a note with Nepeta's stolen claw and decides to check it. It's a trap. She's in Gamzee's clutches now.
    • And then she just keeps screwing around in that Trickster Room while Gamzee instantaneously repositions Lil' Cal at various moments. Then she finds her Neophyte Redglare costume and happily reunites with her favorite dragon plush: "It has been too long, old friend. You vow never to let him out of your scent agai-" And Gamzee switches the dragon with Cal.
  • At one point in Mindfang's journal, she rapes a completely innocent slave (who's implied to be Kanaya's ancestor, the Dolorosa) by mind controlling her into unbuttoning her (Mindfang's) coat and making out with her. Terrifying enough on its own, but what really pushes it into Nightmare Fuel territory is the fact that Mindfang made absolutely sure to only lightly manipul8 the slave. The result? The poor slave being absolutely terrified at the fact that she can't tell how much of her actions are mind control and how much are her own. And Mindfang finds this to be very amusing.
  • All of Mindfang's trial, where she uses her mind control powers to get the audience to lynch Redglare.
    • His Honorable Tyranny. To quote a member of the forums, "It seems that His Honorable Tyranny is the lovechild of the Balrog and Giygas."
  • In [S] Flip, Terezi passes by the decapitated bodies of Eridan, Equius, Nepeta, Feferi and Tavros all suspended in tubes. Gamzee has their heads sitting on a table while he acts as a judge.
    • Not to mention the creepy glitching present in that flash.
  • So Gamzee and Dave finally talk. It's disturbing for a number of reasons. First, the image of Gamzee flashstepping as he moves around Tavros' corpse, with his blood around his mouth, heavily implying he's tasting it and/or making out with it. Second, Dave is now partly responsible for Gamzee sobering up, thanks to making him doubt his religion when linking him to the Miracles music video. "Funny Aneurysm" Moment, much? Third, it's revealed that Gamzee is responsible for Dave's nightmares of Lil' Cal and John's writing on the wall, adding a touch of Paranoia Fuel to the situation. For bonus points Gamzee claims that Lil' Cal is telling him to kill everyone and is his only friend now that Tavros is dead. Finally, the "inside source" that Dave claims sent him the ICP video ahead of time? It's Betty Crocker, who according to Nannasprite is a Humanoid Abomination. And that's just the tip of the iceberg here.
    • Also the implication that he willed Cal into existence with his hate. On purpose. From another dimension.
  • Then there's how Doc Scratch punishes an unruly Handmaid. He suspends her breathing privileges by teleporting her on top of a spaceship.
    • The whole way he's imprisoning her is extremely icky, especially considering his already questionable conversations with some of the others and the way he intends to turn the poor kid into a Tyke-Bomb. Reading between the lines of what he says about her, his goal is to make the Handmaid want to die so much that she'll do anything to end her life.
  • Everything that's wrong with troll society—Lord English and his minions were responsible for it.
    Doc Scratch: "Once, in this very universe, you could say, Alternia was home to a peaceful race. Trollkind had never known the corrupting influence in their evolution which led them to perpetual war and violence."
    Doc Scratch: "That is to say, they had never known me."
  • The fate of the Ψiioniic. He's sold into slavery to the Empress, wired into her flagship, and used as a living battery.
  • The Alt Text in the banner turns into Lord English himself telling the Handmaid she can't escape... because he's already there.

    EOA 5 [S] Cascade 
  • Jack's Red Miles attack, which is reminiscent of blood, and can be seen as the universe itself succumbing to cancer.
  • The closeups of Jack's face in the EoA5 video. note 
  • The scene in the EOA5 flash in which Spades Slick shoots Snowman through the heart. Said heart is seen in excruciating detail shortly after. This happens about six minutes in.
  • Doc Scratch's last words: "S u c k e r s ."
  • The Tumor exploding and creating the Green Sun. Immensely shocking, incredibly terrifying, and the ominous music that was paired with it only serves to make it all the more chilling. The silence that came before said explosion only makes it worse.
    • Two entire universes being destroyed.
  • Bec Noir murdering most of the Exiles. Bonus points for the gruesome close-up of him decapitating Writ Keeper.

    Intermission 2 
  • Lord English's formal introduction in Intermission 2. Complete with honking, and the same sort of sarcophagus previously seen in Jade's house.

Part Three

    Act 6 Act 1 
  • When Jane checks her instant messenger, BettyBother, which spams her desktop with Betty Crocker ads. Each of them flashes for a split second, each of them saying things like 'OBEY', 'CEASE REPRODUCTION', 'SUBMIT', 'STAY ASLEEP', and 'CONSUME'. God, Jane, what the hell is this program?!
    • Betty Crocker's ads may be more fundamental to this timeline than just words. Consider for a minute what we appear to know about Jane, Dirk, Jake and Roxy.
  • Not only Jake share a last name with Lord English, there's hints of him everywhere.
    • Then there was This lovely change. The readers have all known for a while now, but the ever-present threat of it is so paranoia-inducing.
  • The B2 World in general has been super creepy. Nothing has happened, everything's happy... but there's something very wrong just under the surface. The biggest source of anxiety is waiting for the other shoe to drop, so to speak. When's it gonna happen? When's the shit gonna hit the fan? When is the warm comfortable blanket of lies going to be ripped aside for this innocent girl, exposing her to the mind-shattering horror of reality? Hussie is proving himself an absolute master of Dramatic Irony.
  • Someone on the Kink Meme brought up the horror potential of the Auto-Responder. Imagine that you are a thirteen-year-old tech genius who decides to make a computer program indistinguishable from yourself, with all your thought processes and memories. You make it, and switch it on. Suddenly, bam; you are a pair of glasses, and who's this douchebag pretending to be you?
  • John's corpse is stuffed and in front of the fireplace. Sure, other dead people got the treatment as well, but this is John. An alternate reality John, but John all the same.
    • And then Jane accidentally tears his arm off, then later he's decapitated by the bunny Bro built for Jane. And it wasn't so much the fact that his stuffed body is getting more and more mutilated that's creepy. What is creepy is just how the actual decapitation plays out. At first, Poppop's body just simply begins to shake slightly, which isn't too creepy. Then his neck bulges up and outward, his head now slightly lopsided. Then, the bunny's blade emerges from his neck, and he manages to take it off with one clean slice! To top it off, the thing was actually sleeping inside of his body.
    • Add in the realization that he is now missing one arm, and has a slice/scar going vertically across his eye... the exact same mutilated features as B1's harlequin.
  • Jake wasn't kidding about the frightening fauna.
    • Also a bit of a Tear Jerker to some; do any of those creatures look familiar? They should; they are, in order, Karkat, Tavros, Equius and Gamzee's lusii.
  • Brobot's goat imitation.
  • Jane is about to get the mail when it explodes in her face. While her father was watching.

    Act 6 Intermission 1 

    Act 6 Act 2 
  • Courtyard Droll killed Jake's dreamself by feeding him peanuts in his sleep. He's the least competent of the Crew, wears a giant, silly hat, and is still able to sneak into Jake's tower and murder him.
  • As awesome as [S] Prince of Heart: Rise Up is, the shot where Brobot punches Jake and his glasses go flying is freaky. Not only do his glasses fly off, but his eyes too, giving Jake an Eyeless Face! It's a humorous Lampshade Hanging of Eye Glasses, but the creepy factor is still there.
  • The A-R's line in this pester log is just unsettling.
  • G-Cat traps Roxy in the void. Just how terrifyingly stupid and/or evil is this cat? Even if Dirk plugs that window back in, she could break through on the other side and wind up surrounded by the Dersites again. Either choice is terrifying: to be threatened by horrorterrors or by an angry, starving mob that probably feeds on cats.
    • Turns out there's no horrorterrors. Something else is there. And what a "something else" she is.
  • As soon as Dirk attempts to contact Roxy wondering what a random fenestrated plane is doing in his apartment, he gets this guy jeering him...with this introduction:
    uu: HELLO DIRK.
    uu: VERY uSEFuL.
    uu: VERY STABBY.
  • The Condesce's utter devastation of Earth, turning it into a flooded wasteland.

    Act 6 Intermission 2 

    Act 6 Act 3 
  • Absolutely everything about the Land of Crypts and Helium. It used to be lush and filled with consorts... until their holy writings suddenly changed to reflect that their heroes would all sacrifice themselves and their "lights would be snuffed out" save for one, after which the Salamanders stopped farming and instead started digging their own graves.
    • One tablet, carved by a Salamander, details how, because of his obsessive optimism, he thought the idea of building his own mausoleum and slowly starving to death sounded like "a blast" to him.
  • Jane gets a message from Jake that gets interrupted because his skull computer "ceased functioning due to a severe blow to the head." After that, there's a puzzle involving four lanterns, each representing one of the Alpha kids. Jake's isn't lit.
    • Thankfully, one of the salamander texts reveals that the "lantern of Hope" flickered out long before Jane showed up in the Land, which means it probably only refers to Jake's dreamself.
  • From practically the start of Act 6 Act 3, Gamzee is already on Jane's planet. In the God Tiers. Selling the blood of his friends to her.
  • In the 'Unite' animation, Dirk flies into the Skaianet lab, which is being destroyed by Red Miles. Several hours previously, that same room was filled with Roxy's over 200 cats.
  • Everything about the Earth after the Batterwitch takes over. She tries to make human society more like troll society, in the process wreaking havoc so devastating that Dirk and Roxy are the only humans left alive.
  • If the faux Jailbreak adventure is anything to go by, Jack's first thought is to stab everyone, even if it isn't necessary and if he's trying to keep them alive.
  • After receiving the Black Queen's unprototyped ring, DD leaves us in suspense for days over what exactly he plans to do with it. And then, very casually... Red Miles. No one can escape the Miles.
  • Something has gone badly wrong with Skaia in Caliborn and Calliope's session. It looks dead, because the session its in is considered a dead one too.
  • How about Calliope fearing she may never wake up until someone else calls her brother by her name? To experience an involuntary Deep Sleep while someone plays Grand Theft Me with your body? Yeah, that also doubles as Paranoia Fuel.
  • The general appearance of a cherub is mildly unsettling. Even a friendly character like Calliope can come off as a little disturbing, especially when you compare her with Lord English.
  • This page implies that Gamzee is redacting references to the names of himself and Lord English using Equius' blood.
  • Soon after Calliope's reveal and a series of updates featuring her getting ready to sleep, we suddenly get Caliborn taunting her by making fun of the B2 kids' apparent deaths/KOs (which he is watching), drawing pictures of what's supposed to be their dead bodies, and generally laughing at her and the B2 kids. It's much worse than it sounds (click on the images left to right for full effect).
  • Right in the middle of Dirk being awesome, he cuts off his own head.
  • A dreambubble and all the souls within - all the dead dreamselves and doomed timeline offshoots like the Beta-timeline John and felt Dave, and the godtier trolls that aren't Vriska and Aradia - have been obliterated, along with an unknown amount horrorterrors and possibly some of the very fabric of paradox space itself. All by Lord English himself with one single mouth-beam. No one is safe. Just to clarify, a bunch of people died. All those people's ghosts then went to the afterlife. Lord English entered a pocket in between existing universes, instantly teleported to the afterlife all the ghosts were chilling in, and blasted the entire place out of existence. As in, there's now a crack in the multiverse where that part of the afterlife used to be. A crack that's implied to be growing.
    • Another thing that's become apperant. All those people are considered Doomed. This doesn't mean that you die for good, oh no, that would be too easy, as they'll still be around in the afterlife. Being Doomed means that you get erased from existance!
    • When even Jack is shocked by destruction that wide scale, you know there's a problem.
      • It's arguably even worse than that. Jack doesn't look shocked. He looks terrified. That's right, even the "stab-happy planet-exploding asshole" is terrified. In addition, the destruction is so bad that PM sets aside her Roaring Rampage of Revenge at least long enough to share a glance with him.
    • And you thought Caliborn was scary just as he appeared on-screen? The rest of his Reveal puts it Up to Eleven. He doesn't follow up his previous Saw references by cutting off his leg. He GNAWS it off, crudely fitting a robot leg on the fresh wound and spitting out the tooth that's in the same position as LE's golden tooth. Then, we see a familiar object-duality weapon: LE's cane-gun, except in black. Finally, his Cruxtruder's kernelsprite turns into a black hole that sucks in his planet and the meteor before it could enter the game, and all he can do the whole time is grin or smug in glee and contentedness. Oh, and not to mention that the red sun and the aforementioned black hole together look like Giygas!?
      • Also, the combination of the Red sun and the Black Hole spiral looks EXACTLY like the image that Calliope was afraid of.

    Act 6 Intermission 3 
  • Gamzee's ancestor, Kurloz, chewed out his own tongue and sewed his lips shut as part of a vow of silence to keep Lord English's secrets. He's not only helping Gamzee, but mind controlling his former matesprit into assisting him.
  • Kurloz's introduction first depicts him as a quiet mime who Meulin can actually communicate with. If you talk to him as her, he asks for a codpiece which can be found in one of the chests. Fair enough. When you bring it to him, it's revealed that he's been controlling Meulin's mind, and that he's working together with Gamzee to ensured Lord English's success. The music during this doesn't help, nor does the sudden black text box with all-caps purple text that is shaped like bones.
    • If, while playing as Kurloz, you move towards Meenah, Kurloz addresses the player directly and says there's no reason for him to talk to her.
  • At the end of one of her conversations with Rufioh, Damara says (in fake troll Japanese) that, in raising a ghost army to defeat Lord English, Meenah and whoever joins her is only "delaying the inevitable". The end of their time is near. (Oh, and she threatens to "bring the devil to consume [Horuss's] soul".)
  • Rose and Kanaya walk down a corridor on a date. Then, Rose hears noise.

    Act 6 Act 4 

    Act 6 Intermission 4 
  • Caliborn's "Land," if the opening panels of Act 6 Intermission 4 leave no guesses.
    • To elaborate: Because he could only deploy the cruxtruder when acting as his own server (and not the usually required totem lathe and alchemiter), it could only have been the kernelsprite black hole alone that got him into the session. It's likely too difficult and terrifying to comprehend how it could do that, but the real terror comes when you realize that his whole session has been glitched beyond belief and recognition, and inevitably in his favor. What does this have to do with his Land? Because you realize all of this when these updates confirm to you that during the entry sequence in [S] Caliborn: Enter, it wasn't just the meteor that entered. The entire planet entered.
  • Caliborn has the ~ATH manual. Think about that.
  • A friendly clown wants to be Caliborn's guide. What will Caliborn do? Answer: Shoot the shit out of God-Tier Gamzee. In both options.
    • While Gamzee getting shot to hell turning into a Overly Long Gag is pretty funny, the rage symbol in the preloaders getting increasingly covered in bullet holes and troll blood is still creepy as hell.
    • Roxy's comment that dying is a great way to sober up also presents slight concern here.
    • And what was Gamzee trying to be his guide for? A tower that produces this Intermission's narrative, and given that its light is a red version of the MSPA logo, it's likely that it also produces the whole comic's narrative. This tower might just be MSPA itself. Caliborn has now seen the source of his most unwelcome and out-of-character thoughts. The consequences of his retaliation against the tower should be obvious.
      • Turns out it's just a relay tower for MSPA, but just imagine what will happen if Caliborn unlocks everything on it.
      • He doesn't even have to go as far as unlocking anything. He has Crowbar's crowbar now. What does he do? He smacks Gamzee and the tower with it. And when the tower is damaged by Crowbar's crowbar, shit gets real.
      • After Hussie locks his narrative prompt, Caliborn tries the keys on the console screen's slot. What does he unlock? A feed of B2 Jack Noir, and likely also communication with him. He laughs as he realizes what this means for both of them: that Jack has just received his Get Out of Jail Free card, and that Caliborn now has someone who can carry out his will in the session. And just as this happens, Gamzee, standing up with blood all over him, is looking directly at the Fourth Wall, perhaps as a knowing Aside Glance.
      • His will indeed.
  • The planet we're seeing isn't Caliborn's actual land. It's Earth. And though Hussie dismisses this fact as an untwist when he reveals it, Caliborn thinks differently. Hussie further reveals that in order for Caliborn to get to his actual land, he's going to have to face Yaldabaoth in the core. Why is Yaldabaoth now revealed to not be aspect-specific like the other Denizens likely are? Because according to Hussie, "He is the deadliest, most challenging denizen of all. He very rarely appears in game sessions, and is usually designated for the most naturally gifted warriors." Yaldabaoth's version of The Choice for Caliborn, should he accept the Denizen's terms, would result in his entrance into a "dead session," where "victory and defeat...are dictated by totally different terms." In other words, Dirk and especially Caliborn are going to having a hard time soon.
    • Yaldabaoth is the evil Creator of the Universe in Gnostic mythology, and the true name of Yahweh. Caliborn is going to kill God.
  • Gamzee is in Caliborn's session. Made a little Nightmare Retardant with the rather soothing elevator music playing while Caliborn guns him down for a few panels straight, and then some, but it turns out that even after all those bullets, Gamzee STILL wasn't dead! He was alive long enough to keep crawling across the ground with his blood being splattered all over the place, all the way to give Caliborn a power hub. As he hands Caliborn the item, he's jittering and shaking and it's hard to watch.
    • In the huge cast herd of dead characters before the end of Act 6 Intermission 3, there is actually only one Gamzee. The living one.
    • Worse yet is that whoever the mysterious voice (Hussie?) that is communicating with Caliborn, is basically saying that there are no timelines where Gamzee has been seen dead. That's right, in all timelines, Gamzee has been fucking things up.
    Andrew Hussie: It means crazy clowns just won't die for some reason. In adventures such as yours, they tend to linger long past their welcome.
    Andrew Hussie: They linger and linger and linger, and just when you think you're totally fed up with their bullshit and you can't take another second of it, they just linger some more.
    Andrew Hussie: And you never know what they're up to, and they're always scheming in the shadows, and it's quite possible that whatever master plan they're hatching just doesn't make the slightest bit of sense at all.
    Andrew Hussie: But it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter how stupid the clown's schemes are, or how sick of him everybody is.
    Andrew Hussie: He just. Won't. Die.
  • When Caliborn attacks the website with the Time Magic Stopping Crowbar, it makes a loud clanking noise that may provide a shock to anyone who was unprepared.

    Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 
  • Roxy gets dropped onto Derse by GCat, and is found by the Condesce...
  • Roxy's first time in the dreambubbles as a "dead" dreamer gets off to a pretty creepy start. The memory projection of her room's power mysteriously goes out, and Calliope's subsequent cheer to her (at first) consists only of a series of ellipses instead of the content of the expected memory of the message.
    • Roxy's bubble is uncomfortably close to one of LE's paradox space cracks.
    • When Roxy figures out that Calliope is not trying to be eerily silent and is, in fact, communicating with her in the image of Serenity, she learns from her that LE is following the army of the Meenah-Vriska-Aranea alliance straight to Calliope's soul. The consequences of potential miscommunication between these two and a troll who has already been extremely hostile to her would be devastating.
    • The image of the Condesce flashing in the window where Mom Lalonde's silhouette was in Act 1 makes for a good jump-scare.
    • The very image of Roxy exiting her home, shaped like the Beta Sburb logo, can be quite a Mind Screw.
  • The realm that Calliope eventually leads Roxy to in her dream is unlike any previously seen in Homestuck, with its most prominent feature being an unsettling white spiral drawn unconventionally, with a paint tool.
    • And who awaits Roxy at the bottom of the spiral? Only Calliope, in her true form, which the reader would usually welcome with warm familiarity... except for the fact that death has given her Black Eyes of Evil.
  • This update explains why Lil' Cal is so creepy, and why it's a Demonic Dummy. The update establishes that:
    • Li'l Cal brings misery and death to any universe he goes to,
    • Caliborn is the one who put a curse on Li'l Cal,
    • Because of that, Caliborn can sense Li'l Cal in later stages of his "life"- essentially making him a Horcrux, and the big one:
    • All those who look into his eyes are staring into Caliborn's soul. Helpfully accompanied by a closeup of those eyes (meaning that now includes the readers) that features Li'l Cal WINKING and a panel of Gamzee looking into them and looking freaked out.
    • And, see the Act 6 Act 5 Act 1x2 folder, we now know what it can make you do.
  • The Condesce contacts Jane through her Tiaratop. Made slightly Nightmare Retardant since it's been revealed that the Condesce speaks just like Meenah, all ghetto, but there's the fact that her influence is still strong on Jane and it almost fried her mind... and she's already broken enough.
    • If the Condesce speaking just like Meenah is Nightmare Retardant for you, you haven't thought it through clearly enough. Meenah is fairly scary already despite being from the kinder, gentler Beforus timeline.

    Act 6 Act 5 Act 2 
  • Jane's Trickster Mode, as seen in [S] Jane: Engage, possibly rivals Lil Cal for depth in the Uncanny Valley.
    • And after the not-too-scary intro to A6A5A2 (with a possible exception for one's knowledge of the extent of her power), Jane heads off to LOMAX. Why? Take a wild guess.
      • When she does get Jake cornered, she not only fits the definition of "Obsessive-type Yandere" to a T, but she is also now in a somewhat familiar situation where she's cornering a Page on a cliff.
      • She then kicks him in the bulge, thus knocking him off the cliff, though like Gamzee did after the page this calls back to, he survives, if only to become infected with Trickster Mode himself. Ladies and gentlemen, we are fucked.
      • Jake's Trickster form would actually be less frightening than Jane's would it not be for two crucial elements: the combination of suspenders, bowtie, cheek swirls, and color scheme featuring red and green (these make his visual similarities to Caliborn and LE stronger than ever) and the image on his shirt, which appears to bear the stylized likeness of Lil Cal.
      • The two of them are scariest combined, and it's not so much due to their flagrant irresponsibility in their decision to marry and procreate as it is because they want to add to it a cultish polygamous arrangement by abducting Roxy, turning her Trickster, and making her Jake's "co-bride."
      • They find Roxy with Trickster magic that is demonstrated in three of the creepiest non-sound flashes in the comic, which feature the change of the Tricksters' pupils and irises into the same spiral Caliborn's eyes showed in the subact opening. It gets the worst in the transition animation featuring Jake, since he is shown to have Lil Cal's eye design. After using this power and playing the most terrifying (and incorrect) game of Marco Polo ever, Jake smashes a pumpkin (which has been called "The What Pumpkin" by some fans due to the mysterious question mark seen on it) onto Roxy's head while wearing the worst smile of any Trickster so far.
      • Even CD (freakin' CD!) looks terrified when that happens.
      • And then Trickster Roxy proceeds to one-up Jake with how terrifying her smile is.
      • This Tumblr post shows very well how terrifying trickster mode is.
    You see your friend. She seems so very different. So happy. So colorful. So disturbingly joyful. She goes over to you and begins spouting things you don’t seem to understand.She grabs onto you and yells even more bizarre things, laughing. Her suddenly-colored eyes gleaming your face. She kicks you. You begin to fall. But you begin to feel different. So joyful. So jubilant and ecstatic, you just want to dance. You’re losing control of yourself, and you know it. It’s too late.
  • When confronted with the tricksters, Dirk completely loses his cool. Fucking Dirk fucking loses his fucking cool. He even threatens them with his sword, although it's clear he's scared shitless and couldn't go through with it.
  • Hussie's intended EoA flash for A6A5A2 features a picture of a Zilly Santa cycling through various garish Trickster colors with a slow zoom on its nose, set to a minor-key, distorted version of the "Trickster Bells" song. Enjoy it here! In the panel that follows, as Hussie attempts to return the story "to the safety of ACT 6 ACT 5 ACT 1," we see post-Trickster Jane shivering and looking disheveled and completely terrified. She seems to be on her Quest Crypt, and this surely means her death would come soon in the act.

    Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 x 2 
  • In the Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 x2 Combo, Alpha!Jack receives a pumpkin from Gamzee with Lil Cal inside. Upon looking into his eyes, Jack proceeds to stab his eyes out, saw off his leg, and cause a massive explosion on Prospit. In the end, we get this lovely image.
    • "Jack English" and the Condesce then proceed to commence a x2 Optic Blast/Mouth Laser Combo for their respective target moons. We see that Jack has gained from Cal actual pool ball eyes, but the extent to which both Big Bads' jaws open (Condy's for her worst Slasher Smile, Jack's for an enraged Nightmare Face) is probably the worst part of this sequence...
    • Until, of course, the newly ascendant Jane and Jake look directly at the positively monstrous, creepypasta-esque face of Jack.
  • So Jade comes, she's banished Jack to the Furthest Ring, and all the gags with Jake's crotch are hilarious, right? Well, guess who decided to spring a twofold trap on the whole session's ass? Hint: Her name begins with ")(er" and ends with "Condescension." She makes Jade go GrimBARK, and under the Condesce's control, Jade makes Jane go Crockerdark after zapping the Tiaratop onto her head. Grimbark Jade then punches out Dirk and banishes HIM to the Furthest Ring, while Jane punches Jake in the solar plexus. They then carry Roxy and Jake Derse-ward, where the Condesce awaits with her Slasher Smile and the declaration that they are "suckas." And then the act mercifully ends.

    Act 6 Intermission 5 
  • LE has formed a very ominous crescent of cracks in spacetime around the Green Sun.
  • Much of the Cherub mating and development cycle that Arenea describes is creepy in and of itself. However, the pinnacle of the creepiness comes when the egg that would become Calliope/Caliborn is laid. Gamzee is standing above, watching. Even worse is that, apparently, Cherubs were not meant to play Sburb, and it's likely that the clown introduced the game to the Cherub in the first place. And if that's the case, then Gamzee is responsible for everything bad in the series. No wonder he is called the most important character in Homestuck.
  • The horrific giant that is Caliborn and Dirk's Denizen. No joke, that image could blind you if you looked at it too long.note  The noises it's making don't help one bit.
  • The cracks in spacetime have completed an even more ominous circle around the Green Sun.
  • In this flash, Kurloz slowly walks up to Vriska's abandoned pirate coat, simply takes it, and gradually leaves the scene while "Blackest Heart (With Honks)" plays in the background. The flash ends with a startling HONK and an image of the ":o)" emoticon with a stitched mouth. While a truly sinister purpose can't be definitely ascertained, the design of the coat points to its transformation into the infamous Cairo Overcoat.
  • Aww look! Casey's back! Oh! And now she's doing a silly dance! Just like HB in the first intermission! Oh and now she's got a magic scepter! Now what's she gonna do with tha—OH MY GOD ZOMBIE CONSORTS!
    • Bubbles and to a lesser extent the zombies are adorable, though. It's saying something that by this point in the story, a necromancer and a bunch of zombies represent a brief, lighthearted respite from the real grimdarkness.
  • As the meteor passes LOTAK, Jade's BARKs can be heard even before she appears to the crew in a violent flash and display of flames. Grimbarkness is now scarier in that it doesn't make her a mere wild Wolf Man but instead apparently leaves her mental faculties and memories mostly intact, possibly making it harder to turn her back and even making her responsible for her actions in a manner relevant to the judgment of her next death.

Part Four

    Act 6 Act 6 
  • While the terribleness of his control of "the narrative" is distracting you, it's easy to forget that Caliborn rises to God-tier just before the events of A6A6.
  • One five word sentence, and suddenly a pinprick of fear and anxiety: John Egbert has gone missing.
    • "This is quite possibly the most unsettling thing in I’ve seen in Homestuck. It is incredibly powerful, and it invokes a feeling of emptiness and panic. In all 6,000 pages of Homestuck there has never been a time where you have truly lost track of someone. They are never lost, because somehow the narrator always manages to find them again. The line “John Egbert has gone missing” is the realization that you are no longer in control."
    • On top of that, of all the planets, LOLAR is covered in fairy dust, which hinders Rose and presumably Terezi's communication with the others.
  • Grimbark Jade has Roxy in her clutches. Under the control of the Batterwitch, she orders Roxy (who can create things out of nothingness due to her God Tier powers) to make the Matriorb so a new race of trolls can be born. And if Roxy refuses?
    JADE: if you dont i am going to kill you
    JADE: seeing as you are a god tier it is very likely you will come back to life
    JADE: maybe i will disembowel you a few times
    JADE: i will not even need to use my sharp doggy teeth!
    JADE: i will just snap my fingers and your delicious guts will teleport outside your body
    • Not only that, but she also implies that she would eat Roxy's entrails upon removal.
  • As it turns out, Jane's powers involve bringing people back to life, albeit once only per person. How does Jade order her to demonstrate this? By killing Karkat.
    • Jade also claims, though somewhat in jest, that Jane scares even her to an extent.
  • We finally get to see what Jane and Jake were talking about, and it's not pretty. She plans to forcibly marry him, have dozens of babies with him, and make him the in name only co-head of the Crocker Empire, and bluntly tells him that she would gladly kill him if he wasn't so hot. Rather understandably, Jake is in tears at that point.
  • Gamzee has the Ring of Life, and he's planning to give it to someone in the dream bubbles.
  • Aranea's next step in her plan? Heal Jake's mind so that he reaches his full potential as Page. Why is that scary? Does this face and these lights look benevolent to you?
  • Terezi is basically slaughtering Gamzee, and all he does is just take it with the most oblivious smile.
  • As it turns out, being a God Tier Prince of Heart lets Dirk do much more than we thought... like ripping souls out of bodies.
    • While most will agree that Aranea deserves it, it's pretty unnerving to see her screaming in agony as her soul is torn from her body.
  • When he's inadvertently freed from Aranea's control, Gamzee unleashes a Nightmare Face of the highest caliber.
    • And then he starts mercilessly beating the shit out of Terezi—which apparently causes everything to start glitching out of whack.
      • Perhaps the worst part of this whole scene is the number of people that just stand there and watch as Gamzee smashes her face into the ground or suplexes her. Rose begins debating with herself over whether or not this is just normal for trolls, thinking that she might interrupt something intimate if she intervenes, while Jake, who hadn't been able to witness the lead-up to this, assumes that Terezi did something to deserve the assault. It's uncomfortably similar to people who actually do shut out any abuse they witness, thinking that they can't jump in without knowing the full history, or that it just isn't serious enough to be concerned over.
  • Karkat getting mad, about to seemingly go all apeshit on Gamzee, the two about to fight it out... Then, in the words of Aranea...
    ARANEA: Oh shit.
  • Caliborn looks pretty sure that he can defeat John on this page.

    Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 3 
  • The entirety of [S]: Game Over which includes the deaths of:
    • Karkat (stabbed thrice by Gamzee and thrown in lava)
    • Kanaya (vaporized by the Condesce's psionic blasts)
    • Dave (double stabbed by PM and Bec Noir while defending Jade, confirmed heroic death)
    • Jake (telekinetically stabbed with Dirk's katana by Aranea while defending a comatose Jane, confirmed heroic death)
    • Jane (telekinetically stabbed by the sword still embedded in Jake's torso, confirmed just death)
    • Gamzee (bisected vertically by Kanaya, up from the groin)
    • The grievous injuring of Rose (stabbed by The Condesce's 2x3dent before being teleported away by Roxy) and Terezi (telekinetically stabbed by Aranea with her own cane blade, being thrown into the distance, and then pulling the blade out of her own chest!). Even worse in that they both don't survive these injuries.
    • Gamzee's nightmarish face when the GAME OVER screen first switches to ACT 6 ACT 6 INTERMISSION 3.
    • The Condesce going to town on LOFAF with the psionic blasts while sporting a killer Nightmare Face before levitating Aranea over to her so she can proceed to choke her.
    • Aranea smashing LOLAR into LOFAF with her telekinesis and the Condesce doing the same to LOCAH into LOHAC, possibly killing the Mayor in the process
    • Aranea also looks as though she's gone totally insane. The only saving grace is that the Condesce seems to be ready to finally murder the little creep.
      • And sure enough, in the next scene she does put Aranea down; specifically by snapping her neck with the flick of a wrist, then hurling her corpse into the fire below.
    • And finally, John giving such a furious beatdown to Caliborn. Seeing the kindest and friendliest character in the entire comic go that berserk is just terrifying.
  • The second 10/25 update isn't much better. First the Condesce steals the Life Ring and snaps Aranea's neck, killing her. Even if she had it coming, it couldn't have been a pleasant way to die. When John teleports to the now decimated area where it all happened, he wonders what happened... and the game starts glitching again.
  • Look at Gamzee's face when Kanaya cuts him in half. One half is still smiling maniacally, the other frowns.

    Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4 
  • Not much happens here, but the degree of utter Scenery Gorn Must be seen to be believed. There's something viscerally disturbing about the whole thing. Look back over pretty much all of Homestuck, and think of all the settings and places that the story has gone and realize that they've all been utterly ruined. Literally the entire setting has been shattered, and nowhere is safe anymore.
  • The glitching's getting worse. Way worse. So, so much worse. In fact, John reveals later that it's gotten so bad that even his wind powers aren't enough to fix it.
  • This... THING, is John's Denizen, with a face covered almost entirely with glitches. The accompanying noises of this page does not make it any better.
  • Later, John comes dangerously close to drowning in oil.
  • After playing The Breeze, John walks around LOWAS in a callback to Mystuck, and it would be a nice nostalgia trip, except for the fact that the planet is practically empty, except for a few fireflies. No salamanders, no underlings, no nothing except the sound of the wind and a creepy Roxy.
  • The cracks in paradox space have been getting even worse.

    Act 6 Act 6 Act 5 
  • The good guys, using John's powers, teleport directly to Caliborn. Awesome right? They're gonna kick his ass? Well, apparently he doesn't "EVEN GIVE THEM A CHANCE." Whatever it may be, something very bad is about to happen.
    • Caliborn's new Juju has the ability to STEAL SOULS, which he promptly used on the pre-Scratch kids, leaving the post-Scratch kids at Caliborn's mercy. Luckily, it only works on four people before becoming a gap in reality.
  • The intro flash to A6A6A5 straddles the line between ridiculous and creepy, with fart noises and other unholy sounds before eventually devolving into clanking piano that is very disconcerting to watch and listen to.
    • Creepy meta at its best: it's a distorted, Caliborn-inspired version of a track called Homestuck anthem. It implies he's taking the very fabric of the comic and its reality and twisting it to fit his ends.
    • Even more terrifying than that is where this entire Act appears to be located at. A purple colored swirl made out of Caliborns trade mark straight lines. The exact opposite of Calliope's yellow and detailed swirl.
  • If Caliborn's prophecy ends up coming to pass, then at some point Dirk will seal away his soul (along with Arquiusprite and one half of Gamzee's body) into the Lil' Cal puppet, allowing Caliborn to spread his influence across paradox space. In Caliborn's own words:
  • As it turns out, Lord English is comprised of not just Caliborn, but also Arquiusprite and one of Gamzee's halves. That's four (or three and a half) personalities in one body. It's not hard to imagine this being a And I Must Scream scenario for at least two of them, and their last remainders of sanity being slowly hacked away while trapped for so long inside Lil'Cal before returning as the Omnicidal Maniac Lord English.

    Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5 
  • Before the Intermission begins we get the "Mental Breakdown" flash, where you realize that Lord English was already there. The whole time, he was already Lil' Cal. This carries boatloads of Fridge Horror.
  • God-Tier Calliope. She's a good guy of course, but the way she speaks and acts in general is such a frightening contrast from the friendly and cheerful Calliope we've come to know.
    CALLIOPE: so i became strong, and killed my brother.
    CALLIOPE: i wore him down. i ate his soul. i dressed my words in his blood to hear victory every time i spoke.
  • This update consists of a very long scrolling page to show just how huge a Denizen is... and is accompanied by heavy breathing.
  • Jasprosesprite^2 disappearing Cheshire Cat-style.
  • While talking about his upbringing, Dave talks about how all his life he could feel something evil within Lil' Cal and he theorizes that spending 30 years with Bro may have influenced him. This just adds more to the already existing Fridge Horror.
  • It's more than a little disturbing that Jasprosesprite^2 has no qualms about carrying dear sweet precious Nepeta's head around and kissing it before prototyping it into Nepetasprite.
  • Guess what? Nepetasprite ends up Tier 2 prototyped not long after her introduction! The only problem that it's with Davesprite. There's something rather unsettling about the combination of a human, crow and troll (with said human and troll being the opposite gender to one another) flashing different colours that comes with a pair of Wolverine Claws.
  • Those cracks in Paradox space? The ones that seem to be getting larger? That's because Lord English is blitzing through the Dream Bubbles. Either he's getting frustrated that he can't find Calliope, or he's currently fighting God Tier!Calliope. And we're not sure how far God Tier!Calliope is willing to go.
  • Lord English's dramatic entrance, ending with this terrifying panel.
  • Even though we've seen him before, Yaldaboath's appearance as Caliborn prepares to fight him is also quite terrifying. Rather than having a head, his body seems to cut off where his head should be and emit pure light from there.
  • Continuing the trend set by English and Yaldabaoth, Bec Noir gets one final nightmarish panel before Collide. Even now that there's threats on par and above him in terms of danger now, he still looks downright terrifying with how he's moving.

    Act 6 Act 6 Act 6 / [S] Collide. 
  • In [S] Collide, PM overrides Bec's loyalty just because she's that ticked off at Jack, punches Jade in the face and slices off Jack's arm, depowering him and promptly knocking him out too. She then grabs the Black Queen's ring and screams furiously. While this was probably just a declaration of victory (she is a living chess piece, after all), you'd be forgiven in thinking that the desire for vengeance has driven our dear Prospitian Monarch off the deep end.
  • Dave ends up having to behead Dirk (again) to kill Union Jack and Slick. And to make it even more horrifying, Union Jack's head explodes after being severed, obliterating the planet they were on (though fortunately, Dave, Terezi and Dirk's body were able to get away just in time).
  • The ending of the animation is strangely ominous. Right after cutting to a shot of John, Rose, and Kanaya after Roxy kills the Condesce, the screen doesn't fade to gray to confirm closure on the battle like the two fights shown just earlier. Rather, the animation begins to zoom out to the window mechanism similar to the one seen at the end of [S] Cascade while the animation fades to static. Meanwhile, a creepy and mysterious ambiance plays in the background, seemingly getting louder before abruptly stopping as the mechanism becomes a silhouette against a plain white background.

    Act 7 and Credits 
  • At the end of the animation, we see the beginning of Caliborn's ascent into becoming Lord English. But with all the swirling lights and with Caliborn's jaw agape, he's possibly screaming. I guess power comes at a price.
  • The credits are mostly sweet and funny, but the fact it ends on John receiving a dare from Caliborn, complete with his "MAGIC RAINBOW EYES" and standing next to Gamzee, to come to his "DARK CARNIVAL" puts a very dark note on the ending and makes it very possible we're watching the prelude to the masterpiece.
  • There's a brief shot of a Nepeta ghost being sucked into Alt!Calliope's black hole.

     Meta and Fan Content 
  • Volume 7 of the Homestuck Album has various indescribably awesome songs, but there are some that just make it their job to be creepy as hell.
    • The Carnival: Honking in the tune of Harlequin.
    • Havoc to be Wrought: The whole track gives off a sense of foreboding, but definitely nothing scary... until the last 30 seconds, where we get the lovely sound of something from the bowels of hell itself screeching in agony into a broken microphone. note 
      • If you listen closely, it actually sounds like someone choking or screaming. We could have been hearing the demise of the Sufferer or Equius being strangled to death.
  • Volume 8 gives us Frog Forager. Initially, this seems ridiculous, with the seemingly adorable artwork and with the song at first just sounding like some peaceful music from Earth Bound. Then around twenty seconds in, an eerie, high-pitched, off-kilter sound starts playing in the background and persists throughout the song, and eventually the Earth Bound-iness just stops and the song is just those sinister sounds before returning to normal for the ending. And the artwork? Take a closer look. See anything wrong with it? The song and artwork both seem happy but have that subtle malevolence that makes it incredibly frightening.
  • If you want to get into the scary shit going on in the albums, give Red Sucker from Cherubim a listen. The odd crying noises that come up in it make it sound as though Caliborn is beating some cute little creature to death during the track. Euch.
  • The last two tracks on "The Wanderers." "What A Daring Dream" has eerie whispering voices that seem to be quoting the Morse code from WV's nightmare and "Nightmare"...well, it's called "Nightmare" for a reason.
  • Homestuck is a very bloody comic, but the effect is less shocking, as most of the blood is technicolor. Some people have edited some of the troll's bloodier panels red, and the results are not pretty.
  • Heinoustuck. Basically, it takes place in a world where kids have to go through a rite of passage known as "transmutation" when they turn thirteen, a process that mutates them horribly, is implied to be painful, renders people immortal, takes four days to complete and, in Rose and Jade's cases alters their personalities. The results we see include Dave having been changed into a grotesque human/crow hybrid, with a beaked face like a plague doctor mask and a katana through his abdomen (think Davesprite), Rose being given long tentacles for arms and a stitched on Cheshire Cat Grin, and Jade being fused with Bec turning her into a radioactive Multi-Armed and Dangerous Reality Warper who has become quite emotionally imbalanced after gaining omnipotence. John is, understandably, terrified of it happening to him and avoids his dad throughout the story to make sure it doesn't happen (and speaking of his dad...) but the handy manual shows us that it's inevitable.
    • Vriska's appearance does not look like one that would be appreciated by people who are afraid of spiders.
    • And now we get to see what Mom Lalonde (and by extension, Roxy) looks like. Mother of God...
    • The rest of the trolls (and the post-scratch kids) are no better: Sollux's body has been ripped in half down the middle and crudely stitched back together (not to mention the two heads, with one eye each), Kanaya has insect-like fangs and six insectoid legs like her mother grub lusus, Tavros' jousting lance has been impaled through his chest, Dirk's jaw is hinged like Lil Cal's, Feferi is an eldritch horror with dozens of tentacles sprouting from her head and too many eyes, Jane's fork is sticking out of her head (with a bit of brain on the end), Jake's helmet IS his head, etc., etc., etc. Oh, and absolutely everyone is dripping with blood and covered with stitches. Yeesh.
    • Word of God has stated that transmutation is not painful. However, agitating the wounds is. Not that that helps much.
    • Rose's fate in particular becomes a nice bit of Fridge Horror considering what happened to pre-recton Rose. Cheshire Cat Grin? Check. Cat ears and a hat? Check. Tendrils? Check, albeit in different places. The most disturbing part however might be that her personality is altered in a similar way, becoming more cheery with occasional cat smiles, which is cute... until you think too much about what she's actually saying.
  • Remember when Calsprite was laughing his ass off at Dave near the middle of Act 4? Well, the good folks over at Let's Read Homestuck replicated this using - are you ready? A mixture of Heaven Smile from Killer 7, Laugh from the beginning of Feel Good Inc., Gruntilda from Banjo Kazooie, Tidus from Final Fantasy X, Woody the Woodpecker, Joker (Hamill), Joker (Ledger), Joker (Romero), Joker (Nicholson) or the laughing box at the end of '89 batman, Mandark from Dexter's Lab, Jack Spicer from Xiaolin Showdown, and Kefka from Final Fantasy VI. Oh, and as if that wasn't enough, they then looped it for a whole hour. Good luck sleeping tonight.
    • Speaking of "Let's Read Homestuck", Scratch's "YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO KILL HER!" line is even scarier there, with his Voice of the Legion and how uncharacteristically angry he sounds. And by "angry", we mean "enraged".
    • Their version of his "S u c k e r s" line isn't much better; it echoes.
    • Scratch is also aware of the medium and the change of medium. Think about what that implies...
    • Another one from Let's Read Homestuck is the reveal of Lord English. While the above line of Doc Scratch's is frightening, but not his normal voice, English sounds downright (yet understandably) hellish, with this cacophony (skip to 46:36) being his normal voice. Thank GOD he doesn't talk much...
    • Sober!Gamzee's murderous rant is even worse when voiced, especially the part about the slime. You can hear the pure rage and loathing in his voice. Given that he sounded like a stoned idiot before this, it's utterly terrifying to hear him start screaming and whispering.
  • One of the Ask Nepetas that Master Yorgi had voiced was a question regarding Nepeta's opinion of dogs. She starts saying "Well, they're ok-", but suddenly remembers the destruction of Derse. Screaming, crying, growling, and demonic music combine into a terrifying entry in an otherwise light-hearted series.
    • For Halloween, Master Yorgi made this. Enjoy. If you're too scared to click, it's Gamzee just after he ripped the trolls' heads off, rambling to himself, hearing the trolls' voices in his head, crying and begging him not to kill them while simultaneously hearing both his own voice and Lil' Cal's urging him to kill them and Cal cackling insanely in the background. To make matters worse, Gamzee repeatedly flips between a relatively normal look and a nasty, Zalgo-like look, and it culminates in him singing "Bicycle Built for Two" to Tavros' severed head. Tavros' last line is humorous, but still... Can double as Tearjerker when the viewer is attached to the characters.
      • Similarly, this Ask Gamzee video has someone ask the question of whether Gamzee would ever kill all his friends or not. Gamzee says with a sad expression that he would never and that it's not cool... while the screen flickers between regular stoned Gamzee and a nightmarish sober Gamzee accompanied with screams.
    • And just for a bit more Nepeta, definitely this.
    • Octo's Homestuck Alarm Clocks has a lot of hilarity...and then Lil' Cal appears.
    Cal: AHH HAA HAA HAA HEE HEE HEE HOO HOO HOO! It's time to wake up! You'd better get up! Or else.
  • A tumblr theory on what happens to the God Tier players left behind failed sessions. Also can double as a Tear Jerker.
  • The Kink Meme fill Reprise managed to upset its requester, who had specifically wanted Torture Porn, to the point that she's now co-writing its spinoff Hivefled, which has the potential for a happy ending, but is putting everyone through the wringer on the way.
  • Contract, Feferi?
  • The 'Homestuck The Musical' fan project, though not complete, has Welcome to the Dark Carnival, a Villain Song for Gamzee sung in the tune of the aforementioned Carnival song.
  • This MSPARP showing an encounter between Dualscar and the Handmaid. Especially when the Handmaid bursts into maniacal laughter near the end.
  • The fanmade Oh Hi There, Lil Cal would not sound out of place in a horror film. Considering its subject...
    • It also fits surprisingly well with the MSPA Reader: Mental Breakdown flash, being about the same length, though this is most likely just a coincidence.
  • This comic takes the interpretation that Bro was messed up because of Lil' Cal's influence and runs with it. The result is horrifying.
  • HELP US.
  • This comic, where Nepeta was the one who went crazy on the meteor, and murders everyone, even Equius! It's also been dubbed. Thrice.
  • While this flash animation of the trolls' battle against the Black King is mostly awesome and hilarious, it has its nightmarish moments.
    • Terezi scaling up the Black King and impaling the large eye of one of his heads with her cane, causing it to be covered with blood as a result.
    • At one point in the battle, Terezi throws one of Gamzee's slime pie conntainers at the back of his head, causing his expression to change to a deranged Slasher Smile and furiously leap towards one of the Black King's heads while brandishing his clubs. The Black King seems to scream as images including sober Gamzee, Karkat's fearful expression from [S] All Behold the Glory of Zillyhoo, and Lil Cal flash across the screen and it briefly cuts out as we hear the sound of thunder. When it comes back, Gamzee is back to normal as Karkat stares at him in shock while blood rains down from the sky, and we see that Gamzee absolutely obliterated one of the King's heads. When Karkat said Gamzee dealt the most damage in a single blow out of the whole group, he meant it.
  • This extension of Eternity Served Cold manages to be creepy due to a little "easter egg" thrown in - The artwork for the video features Calliope and Caliborn. Caliborn looks a tad creepy with the blood on his fangs and spirals in his eyes, but it's not too frightening. Then around the 12 minute mark, the artwork begins to fade as static sounds interrupt the song, and the artwork fades completely as the laugh from The Lordling plays. The artwork comes back... except now Caliborn is in the center, alone, and staring at the viewer.
    • Made far worse for those familiar with Undertale, due to the laugh being the same as a certain flower's.
  • While this fic was mostly just Tear Jerker, it describes (in thankfully not too much detail) Sollux's death. His powers painfully burn him away from the inside out.
  • This Tumblr post, a set of gifs containing messages from the trolls and kids, who have somehow been transformed into horrorterrors, implied to be the result of a deal Rose made with them gone horribly wrong. Each one features a squiddle icon in a troll's or kid's color, with the character alternating between declaring how happy they are in their new form and screaming in agony, begging for someone, anyone, to save them.
    Kanaya: Please Join Me I Am Doing Quite Well / Please Save Yourselves / I Am Dying
    Terezi: 1 LOV3 TH1S!!! / H3H3H3H3 WH4T FUN / NO NO PLE4S3
    Vriska: This is gr8!!!!!!!! / I have all the 8uddies. All of theeeeeeeem! / please aaaaaaaanyone / H8LP ME!!!!!!!!
    Gamzee: ThIs DrEaMs ThE bEsT / HoNk HoNk :o) / iTs FuCkIn LoVeLy HeRe / oH fUcK oH fUcK / pLeAsE mAkE iT sToP / PLEASE MAN PLEASE
    Eridan: im feelin just fine / im not pathetic noww / im havvin lots a fun / HELP ME
    Rose: It's better than I imagined. / The Old Ones love me. / They love us all very much. / MY FAULT MY FAULT / PLEASE FORGIVE ME / PLEASE!!!
    • Among the trolls, poor Feferi's is probably the worst...
    Feferi: I was so scared at first / )(ow was I so silly? / I'm with mom now 38) / W)(Y MOM?? / YOU'R-E MY LUSUS
    • John isn't even flipping between happy and terrified; his message consists of him screaming in horror and begging the horrorterrors(?) to spare his friends and kill him instead.
    • It doesn't even end at the main characters; Jade's message implies that every single character was turned into a horrorterror.
    Jade: everyone's here!! even grampa and bec!!
    • Another blogger reblogged the gifset and explained its backstory, which makes it all the more horrifying—apparently, the gifs were made in response to earlier mentions of the dreambubbles. At the time, dreambubbles had only been vaguely alluded to by the comic, so the artist considered the possibility that maybe they weren't as pleasant as they sounded, especially since they were made by the Gods of the Furthest Ring. The end result was them portraying the dreambubbles as a sort of illusory paradise where everyone is perpetually Mind Raped whilst falsely believing that they're being given everything they want in the afterlife. This is why, for example, Dave's says "i cant wake up" and why John (who was God-Tier and thus functionally immortal at the time) was unaffected.

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