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> Appreciate beat collections.

You shut up and jam to some incredibly delirious biznasty beats, yo.

All the songs are awesome. All of them. We aren't joking. This is Serious Business.

Fan music has its own Awesome Music page.

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    Homestuck Volumes 1- 4 





  • Gardener, Jade's chill and hauntingly relaxing bassline, is now available to download for free!

    Homestuck Volume 5 
  • The fifth album has sixty-five songs. A lot of them more than qualify as Awesome Music in their own right.
  • The End of Act 4 animation brought us "Descend", aka: "The Crowning Medley of Awesome", since it manages to mix together nearly every single Leitmotif used in the series thus far. It's so orgasmic it's almost like it's having sex with your ears.
  • And among the Chorale remixes, "Chorale for War."
  • "Crystalanthemums" has a beautiful melody, and has been the subject of numerous remixes with increasingly silly names.
  • Crystamanthequins, from "[S] Make Her Pay". Which is also incredibly awesome, although spoilerific.
    • The first part is reminiscent of "Space Dementia" and "Futurism" by Muse. The second part is reminiscent of Walk-Smash-Walk by Sakupen.
    • The final bit is based on a fan piece called "Mannequin". So the ID is a bit off on that second one... if only because it actually has a tribute all to itself! ("Walk-Stab-Walk", which see)
  • "The Beginning of Something Really Excellent" deserves a mention. It gets a remix in Jade's advanced bass solo seen here. Which is also an excellent piece. Both selections are uplifting and catchy. Bec can be seen for a moment on Jade's roof happily bobbing his head to the music.
  • "An Unbreakable Union", the replacement for Jade's Strife song against Bec, though in a very very different style and a big departure from what Mutiny was, is a spectacular song in its own right.
  • See also: "Sunslammer".
  • Likewise for Act 5 Act 2's "Homestuck" theme.
  • And of the many remixes of Doctor present on Volume 5, Savior of the Waking World is the most epic.
  • Just listen to the BEAUTILICIOUS glisses in the right hand of the piano around 2:25 of The Inicipisphere remix of Skaia.
  • Ruins (With Strings), a mournful, ponderous, and heart-achingly beautiful track that embodies how it feels to drift weightlessly amongst the dream clouds of Skaia.
  • This song deserves a mention as well, if only for the ironic benefits.
    • And also because it's an absolutely awesome cover, and quite possibly the best version of the song ever made in an unironic sense.
    • Try listening to the original after hearing this. It's just not possible anymore. The cover is just that amazing.
  • Planet Healer is capable of evoking very strong emotions. The way the track is used in the webcomic also helps add to the track's sentimental value.
  • Pyrocumulus (Kickstart) is just amazing, painting an image of the Queen of Prospit, PM, arriving to meet John in order to do something awesome.
  • Welcome To The New Extreme is a fantastic remix of Sburban Jungle.
  • Skaian Skirmish, used for WV?: Rise up.
  • Dupliblaze COMAGMA, the theme for Dave's Denizen, Hephaestus. It starts off as rather foreboding techno and sound effects, then suddenly DROPS IT LIKE IT'S HOT and jumps into the best remix of Atomyk Ebonpyre yet.
  • Pumpkin Cravings is a pretty awesome song.
  • Another piece by Toby "Radiation" Fox, Moonshatter.
  • Sarabande, an absolutely beautiful piano song, will bring tears to your eyes.
  • Homestuck Anthem is a wonderful relaxing melody, featuring sections with the instruments of each kid.
  • Snow Pollen, a great piece with an awesome melody.
  • Hardchorale, a ridiculous remix of "Chorale for Jaspers" from the Volumes 1-4 album, is more along the lines of Funny Music. The artist said he annoyed his neighbors and/or destroyed his voice recording the MEEEEOOOOWWWs.
  • Light is a beautiful, relaxing piece.
  • Octoroon Rangoon A great piece that includes hyped up versions of both "Liquid Negrocity" and "The Ballad of Jack Noir."
  • And who could possibly forget Lotus Land Story?

    Homestuck Volume 6: Heir Transparent 
  • And now we have Heir Transparent. The 13th track of volume 6, four minutes of awesome.
  • The GameBro rap is actually a pretty sweet jam. The games will never stop!
  • Frost is the theme of Jade's land and quite pretty.
  • Gaia Queen, the theme for Jade's Denizen, Echidna.
  • Squidissension, which is basically an orchestral remix of the Squiddles theme and Dissension. And it is AWESOME.
  • Walk-Stab-Walk (R&E) manages to combine Jack Noir's homicidal nature with delightfully retro 8-bit. You can also check out an earlier version of the song that debuted in AlterniaBound.
  • MeGaLoVania, Toby "Radiation" Fox's most famous musical work from [S] Wake. It's hard to describe in any way but 'metal'. So good, you'll hear it again after having a bad time!
  • Pianokind is a combination of Showtime, Aggrieve and 3 In The Morning that starts with a foreboding march of Snowman's leitmotif and segues into a bombastic Boss Remix that easily tops the three songs that produced it.
  • A Tender Moment, a very touching piece that just soothes the heart.
  • Nic Cage Song. (NOT THE BEES!)
  • Umbral Ultimatum, from [S] Jade: Enter, a chilling, action-packed tune set to one of the biggest Wham Episodes in the series.
  • Crystalanthology and Courser are both excellent pieces. The latter is especially underappreciated because it was mixed into the more well-known Umbral Ultimatum.
  • Tribal Ebonpyre definitely sounds like what would become of Dave's music if the consorts of his world got their claws on it. Awesome and hilarious at the same time.
  • Elevatorstuck was once a respectably calming tune, now it's hilarious!
  • "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing" is an awesome song for many of the same reasons as "How Do I Live (Bunny Back in the Box)". But this one also gives you the added bonus of a bit of "Suburban Jungle" at the start as well as bits of "Showtime", "Squiddles", AND "How Do I Live" instrumentally mixed in at later points.

    Homestuck Volume 7: At the Price of Oblivion 
  • Black Rose, Green Sun, the music from [S] Seer: Descend. It's just as beautiful when played in reverse as well.
  • At The Price Of Oblivion is even better, the full version making one wonder What Could Have Been if the ending of Act 5 hadn't been truncated as it was.
  • Awakening is reminiscent of JRPG Boss Battle music, and would be perfect for Rose and John's fight with Jack, if it hadn't become a complete Curb-Stomp Battle. According to the composer, it's intended to be the theme of John's Denizen, Typheus.
  • Rumble at the Rink deserves mention.
    • It sounds like it would be right at home in The Incredible Machine.
    • Everybody grab your leather jackets and full-piece dresses, because we are going to do the TIME WARP! To the Fifties!
  • Terezi Owns, the Upward Movement remix from Seer: Ascend. It's just as epic as the original.
  • This Gregorian style chant for John's latest weapon. Its lyrics consist solely of 'Warhammer of Zillyhoo'.
  • The newest remix of Doctor: Savior Of The Dreaming Dead; its metal riffs, its orchestrated choir, all of it.
    • This would fit perfectly into the Assassin's Creed series.
    • Its use in Cascade only adds to the badass feeling it has and will have continually.
  • Lifdoff. It's a simply beautiful and incredibly hopeful tune, and is surprisingly beautiful and melodic for something named after a SBAHJ joke.
  • Even in Death is a haunting, slow song, until out of NOWHERE the drum line from "Upward Movement" (yeah, that drum line) comes and the song amps up... only to eventually fade back. It's quite well done. Used perfectly when it appears in the comic itself.
  • Spider8reath is very nice, especially when those sexy horns come in.
    • And brass parts are great too. Hey-oo!
    • This is practically perfect to be Vriska's leitmotif. Anyone noticed that anything to do with spiders already tends to include electric guitars and horns? This is the perfect example.
  • Play The Wind. DAT PERCUSSION.
  • Earthsea Borealis, one of the many Endless Climb remixes on Volume 7. It has a nice dramatic tune to it remniscent of Yoko Shimomura. According to the composer, it's meant to be the theme of Rose's Denizen, Cetus.
  • WSW-Beatdown. Watch this page of Problem Sleuth while listening to get the full effect.
  • Let's All Rock The Heist is a seriously underappreciated track.
  • The Carnival is a remix of Harlequin, one of the very first songs from the strip. In this incarnation, it's perfect for Gamzee's leitmotif: starting out calm, even melancholy, and gradually increasing in speed and pitch like a nightmare fairground ride. It's also the song for [S] 5x SHOWDOWN COMBO, and fits it perfectly.
  • Havoc To Be Wrought is chillingly excellent, and those screaming noises at the end... Word of Composer is that it's a distorted barn owl, originally intended to sound like the horrorterrors' screams of pain.
  • Trial And Execution is rather overlooked. It has powerful drum beats and is very strong. It also perfectly fits the scene from the comic it's based on.
  • White Host, Green Room. It's basically the perfect description of Scratch's takeover of the comic, beginning with the music from Cascade and Seer: Descend... and then abruptly going into a smooth, calm and jazzy tune.

    Homestuck Volume 8 
  • If a single song could do justice to [S] Cascade and not a whole bunch, "Infinity Mechanism" would be it. It is later put to good use in the end of Act 6 Intermission 1.
  • Cascade, the endlessly amazing full track from the EoA animation. Highlights include the music that plays:
    • During Dave and Rose's ascensions to the God Tiers (that violin solo deserves a mention of its own),
    • Before the birth of the Green Sun, where Derse's moon is drifting through the Furthest Ring. The chanting.
    • When Jade ascends to the God Tier,
    • During the Red Miles,
    • That bit where everything happens all at once, just before the Green Sun explodes and right after Jade has just collected all the planets.
    • The piano solo when Spades Slick kills Snowman.
  • Scourge Sisters is a barrel of fun.
  • Even if you don't ship John and Vriska, Do You Remem8er Me is still a fantastic track. Now featured in the [S] Terezi: Remem8er flash. Its intro is reminiscent of "Never Gonna Give You Up" and its drumline spells "SHIT" in morse code.
  • Davesprite stands out as a funky yet bittersweet Sega Genesis-style song incorporating Sunslammer and Atomyk Ebonpyre, which fits the character perfectly.
  • Unite Synchronization is just a wonderful song that combines all of the kid's instruments in perfect harmony, as if they were playing in a band together. And now that it's been put to use in the comic, it only feels more amazing.
  • I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew (Acapella) is suprisingly charming, and an excellent addition to Homestuck's selection of cover songs. And it was revived quite nicely in later updates, making the song that much more chilling.
  • Two more to add: Judgement Day and Revered Return
  • Of all the EoA songs, Flare is the most haunting.
    • Flare's Cascade cut is now available for download.
    • There's also another version of the Cascade cut, with a new decrescendo to balance out the iconic buildup.
    • Flare is also approximately a musical palindrome (though not nearly as cleanly as English).
  • Galaxy Hearts is a pretty awesome song.
  • Black Rose/Green Sun just got ten times more awesome with Black Hole/Green Sun. That amazing electric guitar and violin is guaranteed to give you chills.
  • Cascade (Beta) deserves a mention on its own.
  • And the bonus tracks are no small thing to, with How Do I Live (D8 Night Version).
  • Escape Pod is a completely awesome song that deserves a mention.
  • Homefree is a catchy and energetic piece that seems to be straight from a Pokemon game.
  • Terraform opens with a fantastic sample of Frost from Volume 6 and then descends into a fantastic rock song, reminiscent of Bec Noir's arrival on Jade's planet.
  • Calamity is an excellent song to open Volume 8 and to introduce the new techniques used. The song utilizes various time signatures like 15/16 and 5/4, which creates a highly surreal environment on the first listen. The melody is both relaxing and kickass. Bowman has not failed us yet again.
  • Serenade is a really beautiful piano piece.
  • Finally, Feferi has a theme that fits her perfectly: Love You.
  • Airtime feels very hopeful, which is well done given the electronic samples.
  • Even In Death (T'Morra's Belly Mix) is a well done remix of Even in Death from Volume 7, including violins and choirs, and possibly surpasses the original. Its use in the comic is also just as appropriate.
  • Lotus (Bloom) is a very beautiful song that feels very serene and sounds like a track from a Studio Ghibli film score.
  • Kingside Castle. That flute is just the icing on the cake in this one.
  • Ocean Stars Falling, a remix of Ocean Stars, is an awesome (though at some points sadly nostalgic) song on its own.
  • Pyrocumulus (Sicknasty) is awesome like its predecessors.
  • Arcade Thunder is pretty damn catchy.
  • Galactic Cancer is haunting.
  • Drift into the Sun, particularly because of how it breaks down at the end.
  • Frog Hunt sounds like it was ripped straight from an old Spyro game.
  • The bonus tracks being good was mentioned earlier. This is certainly true of Carefree Action. Anyone suddenly want it to be music in a game and then to be playing that game?

    Homestuck Volume 9 
  • Crystalmethequins is just insane, especially with headphones. And like At the Price of Oblivion with [S] Jade: Enter, it syncs up nigh-perfectly with [S] Caliborn: Enter.
  • The full version of Another Jungle is really fun to experience, and perhaps even better than Sburban Jungle.
  • Requited, a.k.a. Heartwarming Moments: The Song. Takes the Tear Jerker Serenade and gives it a happy ending.
  • If you thought Serenade was a beautiful yet sad piece, or that Requited was a beautiful and happy piece, prepare to love them together. The combination is truly emotional, and the way the songs interact, you could almost hear it as a conversation between Nepeta and the Disciple. On a sadder note, someone in the comments has pointed out that the strings represent the Sufferer, and the high notes represent the Disciple. Note that on the very end, the strings disappear.
  • Encore starts off as an upbeat action song, similar to a battle theme from an RPG. Then Unite Synchronization starts playing around halfway through, and the song gets serious. Then, out of nowhere, freakin' SHOWTIME comes in and delivers probably one of the best action songs in the last few albums..
  • Expedition starts as a lighthearted remix of Explore, then becomes even faster and more upbeat...and then you realize it's actually a remix of Lord English's theme. Makes more sense when you realise that it's actually Jake English's theme. it The opening is also a sweet Shout-Out to Wind Waker.
  • Miasmajesty gets bonus points for the Final Fantasy Shout-Out.
  • There are no words for A Taste for Adventure, how it never ends but never bores, feels epic, sad and adventurous simultaneously, constantly feels like it's going to quote Showtime but saves it for the end (how it mixes in with the melody when it actually does). Not to speak of its use in the story, giving one flashbacks until the end of the original song, and having one imagining the flash prolonging itself along with the rest of the song, Jane entering the medium, the alpha kids preparing to do so as well and whatever happens next. When all of it sums up, it deserves to be the second longest song, with 8 minutes, and the actual longest disregarding medleys. Like Moonsetter, it would be at home in a Studio Ghibli film.
  • Hate You, which perfectly captures Meenah's Ax-Crazy tendencies. It's also a good anti-thesis to Feferi's Love You. Bonus points for backwards version of the theme at the front and Meenah and the Condesce's laughter at the end. Its nod to the Sailor Moon theme strangely works alongside the heavy synth.
  • Although it comes off as obnoxious to some (though this may be deliberate), GameGrl is pretty catchy and fun.
  • iRRRRRRRRECONCILABLE is a neat Latino/metal mix, summing up the mixed-up travesty that was Tavrisprite. Also good for a laugh (or a bit of a scare) at the very end.
  • While the original Anbroids hasn't been officially released, the V2.0 track tops the old version with its added effects.
  • Austin, Atlantis is beautiful and hauntingly atmospheric. Listen closely for a bit of Flare at the end.
  • Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse. It's just plain good.
  • Moonsetter, an old-school tune that is incredibly upbeat and wouldn't sound out of place in a Studio Ghibli film..
  • Minihoof's Adventure is hilarious.
  • In the EOA 5 flash, PM Took a Level in Badass. Now, with Dogfight, she has a theme to match.
  • Three's a Crowd is futuristic, super-smooth, and jazzy with a great beat.
  • The Changing Game is beautifully haunting.
  • Coursing is an excellent and beautiful remix of an already beautiful tune.
  • Lancer is a simplistic tune made up entirely of string instruments. It fits the Dignitary's direct and no-nonsense attitude very well.
  • The eerie mood and peaceful melodies of Sweet Dreams, Timaeus make it a great song for introspection and pondering. Fittingly, the cover image reflects upon Dirk Strider's fractured sense of self.
  • Princess of Helium is a subdued piano tune that is mostly notable for sounding strikingly like a lost Minecraft BGM track. (Take a listen. It's uncanny.)
  • Before the Beginning and After the End is a beautiful and oddly catchy music, especially when the clapping begins middleway of the song.
  • Noirscape starts off as a hard-rock rendition of Jack's theme. Then the melody from Crystalanthemums comes in, followed by a drum beat reminiscent of the one from Upward Movement...and then it becomes nearly every melody from Descend, played with a nice fusion of guitar, violin, and flute. And it's amazing.
  • Everything is Something to Somebody is just beautiful and perfectly captures the mood of its title.
  • Trepidation is a wonderfully catchy tune.
  • Negative Aperture is a great electronic tune that's fun and soothing at the same time.
  • Whistling Jackhammer is awesome. DO NOT DENY IT.
  • Ugly Betty is another one with a very constant rhythm.

    Midnight Crew: Drawing Dead 

  • Alternia is made by, as Andrew said, one of the best of the best composers of What Pumpkin. It shows. The La2t Frontiier is a personal favorite, featuring a bit of a reprise of Sunslammer, an already amazing tune from the fifth album.
    • With that in mind, if at any point you see a song made by Toby "Radiation" Fox, you're in for a treat.
    • The Thirteenth Hour, one of the Alternia album's bonus tracks that can only be listened to after purchase, is probably better known for the Wild Mass Guessing it's based upon. However the theme itself is beautifully haunting, and at the same time, hopeful.
  • Skakian Summoning, Phaze and Blood, and Staring.
  • mIrAcLes may have been abandoned as a theme, but it is probably the most relaxing, least sinister song on the entire album, which fits Gamzee's initial personality to a tee.
  • To any Taurus, dESPERADO ROCKET CHAIRS is amazing. Or to any Hispanic music fan. Or to some other people, too.
  • While the happy-go-lucky, easygoing feel of Keepers is contested to be either for Feferi or Eridan, it's still a lovely piano tune. It is speculated that the happy feel to it represents Feferi, while the more serious strings in it represents Eridan.
  • Virgin Orb is beautifully haunting. The seven beats of the main section keep it moving a little faster than the expected eight, and keep it from dragging or sounding boring.


    The Felt 
  • And now for "English", from The Felt album. Which has almost the same exact melody when it's played in reverse.
  • And on that same album, "Swing of the Clock."
  • If this were a video game, "Scratch" would be a perfect Leitmotif for the character. Interesting trivia: Word Of Composer is that it's based on Bowser's final theme from Super Mario 64.
  • "Omelette Sandwich" starts out with just some string chords, plays itself through, and then keeps rewinding itself to the beginning and adding new instrument groups and generally getting more frenetic, just like Eggs. It's an amazing effect.
  • Time Paradox is amazing, simply for how it switches between a slow melody and a fast paced rock ballad, it feels like something out of Castlevania.
  • Clockwork Reversal is pretty great and sounds just like it says, a reversal. What it's the reversal of? An ominous version of Clockwork Sorrow, which itself is a remix of Endless Climb.
  • Then there's Rhapsody in Green. Oh, wait, that probably didn't sound too awesome. How about Rhapsody in Green... reversed.
  • Variations, which is different from the rest of the album (as the rest is orchestral and Variations is electronic) but is freaking awesome regardless. It also impressively manages to combine themes from across the album, including at least one (Rhapsody in Green) backwards.
  • The Broken Clock works fantastically in 13/8 time.
  • Chartreuse Rewind is absolutely amazing, starting out smooth and calm, then slowly progressing into something incredibly epic. The melody is catchy, the beat is nice, the various instruments intertwine perfectly...what's not to love about this beautiful piece?
  • Jade Dragon has distinct Asian influences while maintaining an extremely fantastic temporal theme.
  • Another awesome thing about this album is that, upon listening, it is clear that some tracks were meant to be played in sequence, one after the other, feeling like different movements of the same song rather than standalone pieces. For example, the transition between Humphrey's Lullaby and Clockwork Reversal, or Time Paradox to Eldritch to English.

  • Opening Theme: Stormspirit. Less than a minute long, it still does a fairly good job of raising the listener's expectations. And it leads right into...
  • John's Theme: Heir Conditioning. An energetic tune that comes as powerful as the strongest wind. note .
  • Rose's Theme: Dance of Thorns. An interesting tune that sounds almost like Miss Lalonde herself: Elegant, poised, and ready for conflict. Whoever thought that classical music, heavy metal, and chiptunes mixed together in a combat theme could form something so GODDAMN pulse-poundingly awesome?
  • Dave's Theme: Time on My Side. A jumpy tune as fast-paced as Dave's mad skillz.
  • Jade's Theme: Atomic Bonsai. A fast paced, oriental piece that gives off an actiony mysticism.
  • Extra: Knife's Edge. Its intended purpose is a bit of a mystery, but if the cover art is anything to go by, it's meant as a theme for the second showdown between Bro and Jack Noir. And it totally would have worked.
  • Finally, it is worth noting that in all these songs, the guitar tracks are done with an actual guitar, rather than samples.
  • Something else worth noting is that each of the songs related to the kids has the specific instruments they have been known to play. John's theme has a piano, Rose's theme has a violin, Dave's theme has a turntable, and Jade's theme has a flute and a bass.

    Alternia Bound 
  • Rex Duodecim Angelus, the theme for the troll's battle with the Black King, which mixes in every last one of their Leitmotifs. Pure badass.
    • Since Gamzee doesn't really have a theme, he gets something more interesting: he parodies the Black King's theme with honks. This is to further expand upon his role as a mimic, as seen here.
    • The themes also play in a specific order. note  This was also apparently the general order of the trolls' battle with the Black King in canon. Amazing badassery—as expected of the composer of the very first Homestuck piece.
    • Notice that all of the Blue team work together, while the Red team works each on their own.
  • Alternia is an already heartbreaking theme made even more heartbreaking. Somehow. Just listening to it gives you a sense of how much the Trolls gave up so they could play the game, which makes their failure to truly win even harder to bear.
    • The album art doesn't aid matters either.
    • While it is definitely poignant, there's also a quiet determination in the song. True, the trolls have sacrificed a great deal, but this track feels like the moment when they realize that the few things (and little time) they have left are still precious and worth fighting for.
    • This song becomes even more heartbreaking after learning about Alternia's peaceful origins.
  • Chaotic Strength is every metal fan's dream come true, in a way that matches how crazy Equius's strength is.
  • Blackest Heart (With Honks) one might not think honks are the scariest sound ever, but together with the atmospheric dread of this track, it works surprisingly well.
  • Killed by BR8K Spider!!!!!!!!, an excellent remix of Vriska's theme. If you pay attention, you'll notice that much of the song is reminiscent of Black; in other words, this is the theme for the (so far hypothetical) showdown between Vriska and Jack Noir. Thus the art.
  • What happens when you mix Terezi's theme, your usual Ace Attorney "Pursuit" theme, and a bit of Sburban Jungle? BL1ND JUST1C3: 1NV3ST1G4T1ON!! What's even better is its appearance in [S] Flip. The glitches, added specifically for the flash, only heighten the suspense leading up to whatever the next few updates have in store.
  • Terezi's Theme fits her perfectly. It starts off creepy, but gets calmer in the second half to balance things out; she seems like a creepy person, but is actually nice when you get to know her,
  • Mindfang's theme, She's A Sp8der, which basically answers the question "what do we get if we mix Vriska's leitmotifs with Pirates of the Caribbean?" Answer: Pure awesome.
  • Requiem Of Sunshine And Rainbows, Kanpire's theme, which manages to mix traditional organ music with techno. Accoding to the supplemental material it was influenced by Castlevania and it shows.
  • Arisen Anew, Godtier Aradia's theme, is just plain fun. It's also the only Homestuck track right now with Vocaloids that's not a parody cover or Stupid Statement Dance Mix. And the unexpected appearance of... the Doctor?!. Well, Homestuck does use the Timey-Wimey Ball left and right, so it makes sense to use that quote.
  • Trollian Standoff is a showdown between Vriska, Eridan and Gamzee, and it is magnificent.
  • The Bonus Track The Blind Prophet, if only for the unexpected appearance of the King of the Hill theme song. It also includes Guile's theme briefly.
  • "Trollcops" deserves a mention too. It's the theme song for a fan-made Alternate Universe in which the assorted characters take places on both sides of the law. In other words, they made a song purely based on fan-fiction.
    • The Radio Play version only adds to the terrific crime-solving atmosphere.
    • This is pretty much the epitome of 1940s influenced music in the modern age.
  • Eridan's Theme, due to being surprisingly catchy, actually having LYRICS (check the supplemental PDF!), and having a middle section that consists of a shoutout to Catchyegrabber-2 (Skipper Plumbthroat's theme) from the Squiddles album, signifying the similarities between Eridan and the grouchy pirate.
  • Karkat's Theme makes many listeners feel cranky and frustrated and at the same time just makes them want to sway side to side.
  • Dreamers and the Dead manages to combine the mysteriousness that surrounds the Dream Bubbles and the revivals they permit.
  • Nepeta's extremely cheerful theme.
  • FIDUSPAWN, GO! is a great chiptune piece.

  • A whole album of ambient music based on the kids' planets? Two tunes for each planet - and syncing them together (like 'Shade' and Wind') makes even more awesome music? Hell yes!

    Mobius Trip and Hadron Kaleido 
  • Chain of Prospit is easily one of the best tracks in Homestuck yet, simply because it's just damn good.
  • There is just something epic about Dawn of Man.
  • The track after it, Beta Version is almost as epic.
  • Lies With the Sea deserves its own mention, as well.
  • No Release is the ultimate ashen romance ballad.
  • Fly captures every bit of that trippy and totally out there sense that Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff is made up of in a big way.
  • Pumpkin Tide gives off more of a Problem Sleuth feel than Homestuck and also ends up as one of the most catchy tracks on the album. It really gives you that disconcerting yet lackadaisical feel that only a pumpkin can.

  • The Prelude is simply beautiful. Especially the little remix of Homestuck in the middle.
  • The whole album. It is not only beautiful all the way through, but is essentially a story told in piano. It can be a story telling of the events in Homestuck, or a story in and of itself with a little imagination. "The Prelude" leads up to the story. "Genesis" creates the setting. Eden introduces the characters. "Exodus" sets up a conflict. "Requiem" escalates the conflict. "The Meek" and "Chronicles" acts as a backdrop for the characters' effort to solve the conflict. "Rapture" and "Creation" seem lead up to the climax ''Revelations I". "Revelations II" works as a resolution. "Revelations III" is perfect as an epilogue, possibly hinting at future stories to come. It could really work well as the soundtrack for most any story, all done on real piano. Awesome.
  • "Genesis" deserves a particular mention for its "Aquatic Ambience" cameo.

    The Wanderers 
  • Carapacian Dominion, the ambient track that opens the album, is a really fun mix of Desert Punk and the metallic nature of the carapaces who walk it.
  • Years In The Future is an excellent atmospheric piece that perfectly captures the feel of the monitor stations the Exiles spend so much time in. The cover art is also a Heartwarming Moment for the five Exiles.
  • Mayor Maynot also deserves a mention, if only for the sudden quote of Blue's Clues near the middle, and of Judge Dredd. The song is comprised entirely of the obsessions of WV, PM, and AR, ("Mayor", "Here's the mail, it never fails", and "I AM THE LAW!") repeated over and over again in oddly scratchy, electronic sounding voices. By rights, it should be incredibly obnoxious, but it's actually very fun to listen to. That's a Moment of Awesome right there.
  • Raggy Looking Dance: It's nice dancing music.
  • Litrichean-Rioghail has a really nice Irish/Piratey feel to it, and features a remix of the EOA 2 song "Explore" in the middle, which is epic.
  • Ruins Rising is a magnificent version of Ruins from Volume 5. The album art is pretty great, too.
  • Nightmare makes an epic final song for the album.
  • What A Daring Dream has such a cool, but creepy atmosphere and if you listen carefully you can actually hear the text being recited.
  • Tomahawk Head is, as one commenter put it, AR's theme forever.
  • This list could never be complete without Riches To Ruins, a AMAZING orchestral piece that's epic and heartbreaking at the same time.

    Prospit & Derse 

    Song of Skaia 
  • The single Song of Skaia is just breathtaking, with the soprano singing in Latin and Quenya. Mark Hadley actually asked the Tolkien estate for permission, and they said yes.

    colo Urs and mayhem 

Universe A

~Side 1~Both the albums have songs that had originally different names, and sometimes were assigned to another character. These are noted.
  • Rust Servant note sounds like an epic war movie's OST. It's perfect in nigh-sync with [S] Descend.
  • Bronze Rebel note is another fantastic song with an atmosphere perfect for the character.
  • Gold Pilot note is surprisingly beautiful.
  • Iron Infidelnote  is simply beautiful, as is Jade Mothernote . The latter especially because its original title implied that the real heroes of the story are the kids, giving it a whole new meaning.
  • There is just something plain epic about the song Olive Scribenote , it feels almost like an amazing story is being created right before your very eyes, and like it was written for [S] WV: Ascend. . It also contains a piano sample from "The Suicide of Virginia Woolf" by June 1974, and a drum loop from "Fukushima (Japan Mix)".
  • Teal Hunter note is a pretty awesome song for Redglare.
  • Cobalt Corsairnote  starts off great, and only gets better.
  • Indigo Archernote  is inexplicably awesome.
  • Purple Tyrantnote  is a major ear worm. Good luck getting it out of your head.
  • Violet Marinernote  is one of the many amazing orchestral tracks on the album, capturing the energetic feel of the high seas quite perfectly. The fact that this is a Showtime remix shows that it's originally a song for John, which also fits great.
  • Fuchsia Rulernote  is just badass. The severe clash between the orchestral of the rest of "Universe A"'s first half and the EarthBound-esque techno-rock of "Fuchsia Ruler" becomes eerily logical when someone points out that the rest of the ancestors are dead and the Condesce is still very much alive and active.

~Side 2~

  • Rust Maidnote  is lovely and reminiscent of Banjo-Kazooie.
  • Bronze Pagenote , although pretty silly, is still an awesome tune.
  • Gold Mage note  was supposed to have a bad rap rhythm, but it ended up being awesome instead.
  • Iron Knight note  and Olive Rogue note  are so good Radiation himself admitted as much when posting the album.
  • Jade Sylphnote 's rhythm is just delicious.
  • There's an enchanting mixture of fun and ominousness in the tick-tocking Teal Seernote  that perfectly captures the essence of Terezi's...hobbies.
  • Cobalt Thiefnote . The pure, forlorn softness is something we'd never expect for a song about Vriska- and yet, it's a perfect summary of the loneliness and regret she's accumulated inside her. There is a morse code sneaked in which reads 'Please help him.' This ties in to the original assignation being for a firefly. note 
  • Indigo Heirnote  has the virtue of being something you wouldn't expect for a song about the hot-blooded Equius: low-key, with piano and strings that speak volumes about his inner strength.
    • The end becomes somewhat haunting when you realize that the prominent notes are Morse code for "SOS."
    • The piece was actually originally written for Dirk and was titled Dirk's Dersite Dirge, as noted, which means someone organizing the album felt it a better fit for Equius.
  • Purple Bardnote  is rather fitting for a fight theme with Venari Strigas vibes.
  • The INCREDIBLY epic VIOLET. PRINCE. note No matter how you feel about Eridan, this song is pure unrivaled awesome, mirroring his personality perfectly.
  • This fun song note  really fits Alternia's nicest troll. Its Original name (Jake's Theme) ties into 'Jane's theme' from the additional mayhem on side B, since they were made by the same creator.


  • Your Universe and Temporal Shenanigans are both appropriate to their characters and very haunting, with gorgeous vocals.
    • "Your Universe" is a vocal piece sung about/by Snowman, which shifts from a song about her and the power she commands to her relationship with Spades Slick. The interesting thing is that it references specific events between the two, while wording it like an ordinary love song. ("I caught your eye / You stole my heart / I took your arm / to show that I care"). A listener who doesn't know the characters could think it an ordinary love song until:
      But when I said "draw" / and you shot / It was obvious that you were / colder...
    • "Temporal Shenanigans" is a 3-verse song sung by Aradia, first as a ghost, then a robot, and then the last lines with her alive again. It is extremely good at showing the 3 sides of Aradia's character, and the one singing it nails Aradia's emotions perfectly.
  • What do you get when you mix Cobalt Corsair and the ending of Teal Hunter? This awesome track.

Universe B

Universe B in general is a much more energetic and upbeat album, which seems to have made it much more endearing to the fans than the relatively orchestral Universe A.

~SIDE 1~

  • Green Ghostnote  is an amazing song that seems to just fits John perfectly.
  • Orchid Horror note has an excellent reprise of Black Rose/Green Sun, in addition to a spooky rendition of Chorale.
  • Red Disc note is a remix of Atomyk Ebonpyre that has a nice feel with the instruments involved and rather chilling.
  • Blue Atomnote  is awesome, upbeat and jazzy, which again Radiation himself admitted as much.

~SIDE 2~

  • Cyan Beast note is a perfect example of how upbeat the album can get, and it sounds amazing.
  • Pink Catnote  has its mood constantly changing with interesting results.
  • Orange Hatnote  is simply badass. One of the things that makes it awesome is its super fast rhythm very few people can dance to.
  • Emerald Terror note is slow compared to the other character themes, but is also very ominous and has a nice tune. Sounds like (and the cover art supports this) Jake is being followed by something that jumps out at him in the end...


  • Phantasmic Youngsters is just a beautifully happy acoustic piece. It is childhood.
  • Squiddle Song does a great job of pulling off the "goofy, fun song with horrific lyrics" thing without being obnoxious or stale. It lacks the cloying self-awareness that most such songs convey and plays the whole thing utterly straight. And that's wonderful.
  • Clockstopper blends every Dave theme into one incredible song.
  • Vodka Mutiny is majorly catchy, and WV: Become the Mayor of Cans is just flat out good.
  • Do The Windy Thing is quite excellent as well.
  • Haha, oh look, a song called Ohgodcat. Hehe, must be an Ohgodwhat remix. Wait. Hold on... is that... Centerfold?
  • The Vast Glub uses simple piano and synth effects to grow into something way more beautiful and epic than the sum of its parts.
  • Battle Brotocol is a really badass Brobot song.
  • Coolkid and Checkmate are high octane aural excitement. Checkmate in particular is great boss music; just imagine facing off against Bec Noir to this.
  • Pipeorgankind has weight and fitting musical nods to Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor. It really is an amazing track to end the album off on. It has a haunting tune, and has hints of Harlequin mixed in. Its use as the special song John plays to completely control his powers in one of the [S] A6I6I4 flashes only expands its magnificence.
  • Gotta say that Pale Rapture is a pretty awesome piece. It's very reminiscent of Nujabes' World Without Words, which is a very good thing.
  • Pendulum manages to be very rhythmical and beautiful at the same time. Simultaneously elegaic and heroic; a perfect tribute to all of the Dead Daves out there.
  • Pilot Light is very soothing and pleasant.
  • The quirky Dord Waltz is a nice addition to the family of Endless Climb remixes, fitting Roxy quite nicely.
  • Dapper Dueling, the perfect Western-inspired strife theme for Jake.
  • Cupcake Girl is just fun, and also impressive knowing that at the time it was composed, the composer was very young.
  • A remix of Endless Climb that pretty and trippy.

    Symphony Impossible to Play 
  • The first song, Overture, steals the stage with seven minutes full of an incredible, nigh unrelenting orchestral medley. This was when everyone knew that Solo Album Month was going to be awesome. And then it gets an extension specifically to be used as the last song in the comic.

    One Year Older 
  • October is a fun, upbeat track.
  • Unlabeled on the other hand is a relaxing and interesting variation on/piece inspired by Erik Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1.
  • Game Over, however, is a rather melancholic track that can just punch at your emotions.
  • Firefly Cloud is beautiful.
  • FantasyP is awesome. That's really all that can possibly be said
  • Skaian Shrapnel deserves a mention as well.
  • Negastrife. EARGASM.
  • Another Chance is easily one of the remixes yet, if not one of the best songs yet.
  • Underfoot is really beautiful, but the cover image makes it more of a sad song.
  • Flying Car is a really fun song.
  • Mother is a piano piece that is nostalgic, hopeful, and beautiful at the same time. One can really feel the emotion that is conveyed in the song's cover art. The piano solo version of the song is pretty, and both versions are similar to Alternia.
  • Under The Hat. Trollcops on piano.

    Genesis Frog 
  • Bilious is a great track, combining an orchestral chior with subtle rock influences - then at 1:37 Liquid Negrocity starts playing.
  • The Vast Croak is just awesome. It sounds like perfect boss-battle music then it gets all light hearted around the middle without sounding silly or out of place.

  • Eternity's Shylock/Eternity Served Cold, the epic song used in the very terrifying [S] Caliborn: Enter flash. The full version is even better, as we get to hear the epic remix of Doctor tagged onto the end.
  • Carne Vale is an absolutely thrilling piece. It certainly evokes the same feeling as the Caliborn segments of [S] Caliborn: Enter. And it makes its appearance proper during [S] GAME OVER.
  • The Lordling is infectiously catchy and a perfect leitmotif for Caliborn, sounding like something out of Paper Mario. Bonus points to its lyrics. ANNOYING LAUGHTER ANNOYING LAUGHTER ANNOYING LAUGHTER
  • Red Sucker is an extremely Creepy Awesome piece that perfectly captures the rising menace of the future Lord English, with some freaky distorted-sounding whimpering and squealing that sounds like a small animal in pain thrown in to enhance the creepiness factor.
  • Power Fantasy joins the ranks of amazing Caliborn songs, as seems to be the theme.
  • Reverie is an incredibly whimsically pretty song that epitomizes the feeling of being alone with your thoughts.
  • Stellarum Salve has an electrically sweet and calming vibe that blooms into a full on stellar pop song.
  • Constant Confinement masters being monotone but never boring.

    [S] Collide (EOA6) 
  • Really the entire goddamn thing deserves mention; what more could we expect from the music team that brought us the Cascade Suite? For specifics:
    • Creata (Canon Edit), a wonderfully atmospheric piece that does a great job of setting up the oncoming battle. It features the main themes of all the four beta kids in the order they're introduced.
    • Oppa Toby Style, which sounds like every amazing video game boss theme you've ever heard all mashed together in the most spectacular way possible and adds a lot of drama and hype to these already hype STRIFE scenes. Oh, and there's some of Doctor and Crystalanthemums in there, too (not to mention starting with Rex Duodecim Angelus and ending with Liquid Negrocity, but the kiicker is what may be Toby Fox's leitmotif MEGALOVANIA in there).
    • Eternity Served Cold (Canon Edit). If you were miffed that the last fourth or so of "Eternity Served Cold" was cut off in [S] Caliborn: Enter, then you're gonna love this; it takes that last little bit and uses it to set up both Alt!Calliope's mission with the Green Sun as well as us finally seeing Caliborn go off to fight his Denizen, Yaldabaoth. Also, say hello to Savior of the Dreaming Dead again.
    • Heir of Grief, used to provide an amazing climax and denouement for this fantastic EOA, and providing the perfect note to leave the death of the Condesce, the destruction of Jack Noir and the Felt, and the exploding of LOTAK along with the deaths of Spades Slick and Jack English on. And there's Heir Conditioning's "Beloved Tomboyish Daughter" in the song!

    Act 7 
  • The music that ends it all is bound to be epic and it delivers. Using Overture from the previous canon album Symphony Impossible to Play the final track of Homestuck is poignant and sweet, seeing us off with the creation of the new universe, the true power of the Muse of Space, and the closing of the time loops needed to defeat Lord English for good. It also brings us full circle with musical callbacks to motifs from classic Homestuck songs including "Sburban Jungle", "Explore", "Penumbra Phantasm" and the gorgeous pluck progression from "Even in Death".

    Volume 10 
Really it would be simpler to say "the whole album", but a few stand out.
  • The full version of Creata, the song which opened Collide, can only be described as majestic. It sounds like it could be the opening to the world's greatest movie.
  • Of Gods and Witches is another addition to some of the great Jade music. Also known as Of Sylphs and Sekrets, it doubles as a song for Aranea, which is fitting given its pirate-y feel and generally adventurous vibe.
  • Beatup is just a plain awesome remix of Beatdown. It's really cool how simply slowing down a song can give it a completely different feel.
  • You Killed My Father (Prepare to Die) is a spectacular piece serving as the background for the dream-fight between John and Bec Noir, and includes high-octane remixes of both Black and Showtime.
  • Sound Judgement is a truly badass theme for Terezi, simultaneously showcasing the pain she went through in the Game Over timeline and her steadfast determination not to give up. Bonus points for the metal remix of Harlequin halfway through.
  • Stride. It's basically what would happen if the ultra-happy music from the A6A6I5 flash were remixed by the Striders.
  • Skaian Overdrive hits the ground running and never lets up.
  • Freefall borrows subtly from Cascade (Beta), but is ultimately its own thing: crunchy, slightly foreboding rock that wouldn't have been out of place in any of the end-of-act flashes.
  • Moonsweater, perhaps the most hilarious title on the whole album, is a sweet, jazzy remix of Moonsetter that makes you just want to relax in a cafe.
  • Beatdown DX is a more minimalist, chiptuney remix of Beatdown. The cool thing is that it was made by the same artist who made Beatdown, Curt Blakesee, meaning that all three of Blakesee's official homestuck tracks have been either Beatdown or a Beatdown remix.
  • There's something just really cool about Feel (Alive).
  • How can we forget about Ascend? This song is just awesome. Bonus points for being used in the "Credits" animation, providing the perfect background music for the montage of the kids settling into their new life on Earth C.
  • Lilith in Starlight is just beautiful. A mix of Rose and Kanaya's leitmotifs, it fits the ship well and really feels like a proper tribute.
  • Thanks for Playing is relaxing and beautiful, and crescendos into awesomeness in the second half, as if it were playing as everything came into existence.
  • Renewed Return is an incredible song featuring live orchestration, a latin-singing choir, and, of all things, a remix of Warhammer of Zillyhoo. It's one of the greatest songs on the album, if not in Homestuck's entire discography, featuring remixes of songs like Walk-Stab-Walk, Revered Return, and Doctor. At 9:10 minutes, it's the longest song in all of Homestuck, not counting pieces like Cascade, and serves as an awesome theme for Jane. All in all, it's just an epic, powerful, and moving piece of music.
  • Pumpkin Cravings was already great, but THIS Pumpkin, by Alexander Rosetti, the man behind the Genesis Frog album, kicks it up a notch with an awesome orchestral arrangement.
  • The spectacular conclusion to the last Homestuck album: Conclude. A beautiful and moving remix of some of the comic's most iconic songs, including Sburban Jungle, Showtime, and the Homestuck Anthem, this piece provides a masterful send-off to Homestuck as a whole.

    Not Yet Released 
  • Secret ROM/XROM hasn't been released yet.
    • Given that it's composed solely of about 6 different video games' music heavily mixed together, it probably won't be.
    • Same applies to herosgrowth, which is basically an Earthbound track remixed a bit.
    • Same reason Starkind was released as fanmusic.
  • GameGlr is an awesome remix of GameGrl (notice one has Grl for Girl and the other Glr for Glare).
  • Crab Waltz is a moodier remix of Crustacean (Karkat's theme), and it perfectly fits the disillusionment Karkat feels during the Openbound segment.
  • The unused version of "Oppa Toby Style" is just as good, if not better than, the one used. It's much more complex and slower, but it still gets your heart racing.

    Unsorted Examples 
  • Every single version of Harlequin.
    • A couple more. These are quite distorted, but you can still hear Harlequin influences. The first is from Nannasprite's introduction, the second from John's Betty Crocker-induced mental breakdown.
    • It should be noted, because it has to go somewhere, that Harlequin composer Mark Hadley actually connects Homestuck to the original new media, oft-animated/partially-sprite based comic Kid Radd. That's his music headlining the final and only sound-enabled comic.
  • There can truly never be enough Doctor remixes. It's just that awesome. Now you can TRULY never have too many.
  • Remember Black from Jack Noir's rise to power in the first anniversary flash? What about the iconic phrase "Make her a member of the Midnight Crew?" Well now we have where it's from with I'm a Member of the Midnight Crew in this update.
  • Warning, all respect for the original "Time on my Side" may plummet after hearing it in 1.33 speed.
    • In that same respect, behold! Cascade at 1.33 speed!
    • Sburban Jungle and MeGaLoVania are pretty cool too. In fact, it's safe to say most songs sound incredibly energy-inducing sped up.
    • Descend is also sped up.
    • All the 1.33 speed songs come from one youtuber named fourthirdsfaster, and are (almost) a perfect fourth (.02 halfsteps off). Some songs, particularly those which use non-instrumental sound effects, sound off (ok for glitch Bl1nd Just1c3 and English, not for Homestuck Anthem). The ones which don't pure, high-strung awesome. Black deserves a special mention, just because we get the starting catchphrase seemingly sung by a gnome.
    • Oh yeah, and holy crap Sunslammer.
    • Dance of Thorns at 4/3 speed, done by another user called flairina.
    • Taking "Pumpkin Party in Sea Hitler's Water Apocalypse" and giving it the 4/3 treatment makes it pulse-poundingly frantic, but no less danceable.
  • Explore sounds pretty cool when in reverse. Then Malcom Brown saw it and made it angelic.
  • Then there's "Mutiny", the original music from Jade's Strife against Bec. It's since been replaced after the original composer left the music staff.
  • Bill Bolin might have ragequit the team, but his music is still awesome. Take "Guardian", for example, a damn hauntingly relaxing bassline originally from this flash. Unfortunately, Bolin has done his best to wipe all traces of his homestuck work from the internet, so finding a stable link to the track is impractical.
  • Since Lord English is essentially the final Big Bad to be introduced in Homestuck, it'd be VERY fitting to give him some final boss music.
  • Megalovania was remixed by a Mother 2 fan when he reached the end of The Halloween Hack, the origin of the song. This remix sounds very hardcore.
  • Project Latitude is a demo for a track soon to hit Homestuck (presumably in a flash movie or walkaround). The finished track was ultimately used for one of the artist's non-Homestuck albums.
  • Even though it was created for Saw and not Homestuck, the use of the unforgettable track "Hello Zepp" during [S] MSPA Reader: Mental breakdown. is absolutely fantastic - both as a Homage to the Twist Ending sequence of that film and the reveal that Lord English was already here from the beginning of Homestuck. Absolutely brilliant.

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