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    Story and Characters 

Story and Characters

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Hoo boy, where to even begin?
    • Is Vriska a Broken Bird who is just trying to fit in desperately with people in the only way she knows how? One who manipulates everything for fun? A confused little girl trying to live up to the example set by her infamous ancestor, even when she doesn't necessarily find it all that fun? Someone who has atoned for her actions and should be forgiven or hasn't and her ultimate death was justice? Hello, Broken Base! Canonically, she is presented as somewhere in between all of these things. Not helped by the fact that Word of God confirms Vriska is deliberately designed to be as divisive, confusing, and difficult to interpret as possible.
      • There's also her mercy killing her lusus. Given how awful it turned out to be (it basically forced her into being an indirect Serial Killer because it refused to hunt for itself. It's explicitly noted that it deliberately refused to eat anything other than trolls, making Vriska lure innocent trolls in for it to eat) one has to wonder whether Vriska genuinely wanted to spare her lusus any pain or was just using that as an excuse to take revenge on her abuser.
    • Is Equius a Squicky Fan Disservice pervert or a guy who truly cares for those close to him, but clings futilely to classist ideals?
    • Interpretations of The Felt rely on this, as aside from Clover and Snowman, none of them are portrayed as anything more than mobsters.
    • Fans often play up Jack Noir's sympathetic traits. Complicating matters is that he's had at least three variations in the story who have been in different situations and behaved in very different ways. (Aside from stabbing people constantly, but at least Spades Slick has only stabbed people who are probably evil. And Karkat.)
      • The sequence where Karkat admits that he caused the human universe to be flawed by half-assing on the frogs and his conclusion that Bec Noir is the cancer destroying the human universe seems to imply that most versions of Jack aren't crazy like Bec Noir, which would explain the massive differences. This still leaves a lot open to interpretation though.
    • Is Bro's relationship with Dave a friendly brotherly rivalry, or is he an abusive father? When Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5 rolls around and Dirk and Dave do sit down and talk, Dave does view Bro's mannerisms, attitudes and training as abusive. Though the two also wonder how much of Bro's behavior was Dirk's own personality problems going unchecked in later life, and how much influence Lil' Cal (possessed by the amalgam that would grow to be Lord English) had upon him, seeing as he spent his entire life around the evil puppet.
    • Was Darkleer's Wangst legitimate or was Mindfang just being dismissive?
    • Daddy Droog, Diamonds Droog as an overprotective father/big brother figure Jerk with a Heart of Gold, especially toward Aradia.
    • Calliope is a rather mysterious character, and while she's been presented thus far as a nice girl, there's enough to suggest she's a Manipulative Bitch for fans to believe it.
    • Gamzee. Though he was subject to some in early Act 5, and Act 5 Act 2 before becoming sober, he hits this trope high in later parts of Act 5 Act 2 and onwards, and then even more in Act 6 and onward where his motives and reasons for what he does become extremely blurry and unclear. Debate abounds over the extent to which sopor (and the deprivation thereof) affected his behavior, how much he's been Brainwashed or mind controlled, whether or not he has a Split Personality, and how much of his behavior is motivated by malevolence vs. good intentions. Meanwhile, he's one of the most mysterious characters in the entire comic, and any real answers aren't likely to be forthcoming for a very long time.
    • The Guardians get this in-universe from their charges; John thinks of Dad as a silly, embarrassing bumbler who's obsessed with harlequins, only for it to be revealed that he's a tough guy with Super Strength who only pretended to like harlequins because he thought John loved them. Rose sees all of Mom's actions as an attempt to spite her, when in reality all she wants is to spend time with her. Dave sees Bro's obsession with puppets as a level of irony that even he can't understand, when it looks more like a fetish (although given what Dirk has said on the subject, both might actually be correct). And finally, Jade thinks of Bec as a "good dog, best friend" and his more...unusual properties don't seem to faze her, but she wasn't aware of why he had those properties until later. Didn't really change her opinion of him, though.
    • Eridan Ampora. Although dead since Act 5 Act 2, fans still argue about him. Generally, he's portrayed as either a soulless monster without any sense of morality, a complete douchebag who only cares about quadrants, or a poor little Woobie whose instability and upbringing are to blame for the things he did. Canonically, he appears to be incredibly fucked up and vindictive, although he really does possess affection, as illustrated by his love for Feferi, and his moments of genuine friendship with Karkat and Kanaya, pushing him more in a Jerk with a Heart of Gold territory.
      • On the subject of Eridan and Feferi, the fandom can only speculate as to what his motive for killing her could be. As such, a lot of fans who have made up their own theories have been claiming that their explanation is canon, no matter how different they are.
    • Was Feferi a Messianic Archetype who is key to achieving equality on Alternia, or was she just as classist as other highbloods, but in a different way? Canonically, she appears to be well-intentioned, but very misguided. The way life was on Beforus seems to imply the latter possibility, as the Feferi from that timeline was the Empress who had basically enforced White Man's Burden by law.
      • Some of her interactions with Vriska and Sollux seem to show a nastier side to her, as she trolls Vriska for no apparent reason (after the latter was being uncharacteristically nice) and refuses to stop babying Sollux even after he states he's uncomfortable with it.
    • Both in and out of universe people wonder whether Kankri is genuine in his beliefs, or just using them as a cover to insult his friends. The fact that he snaps at a crippled person for falling over involuntarily certainly pushes it towards the latter, but his own status as part of an extremely marginalized (mutant) class does suggest that he is at least trying to work towards equality. And even then, seeing as he's a parody of stereotypical overzealous social justice warriors, it's entirely possible that he's only working towards equality for his own benefit alone and is only pretending to care about the problems of others to make himself look better.
    • A good number of people think that Kankri isn't actually interested in social justice or insulting his friends. Rather, they think he is using these beliefs as a mental crutch of sorts, hiding his own issues by stealthily accentuating those of the others. Given his remarks to Porrim on her seemingly genuine beliefs, it could be that Kankri is either primarily concerned with maintaining this hypothetical jerkish facade above being nice, or is simply hyperfocused on his own beliefs. Speculation continues.
    • Or, Kankri is interested in social justice, it's just that (consciously or not) he lets his own personal desires and issues override his judgement. The person he judges the most is Mituna, who happens to be the matesprit of Latula (who he has repressed romantic feelings for). On a more humorous note: Kankri talks Porrim's issues down because he's annoyed at her constantly smothering him.
    • Is Damara really sex-crazed or does she just use Obfuscating Stupidity and crazy propositions as a defense mechanism and to annoy those who have betrayed her? Keep in mind that all the people she has made crude advances towards were all those who had hurt her in the past. (Meenah, Rufioh, Horuss.)
    • Did Dualscar kill the Dolorosa because he was jealous, or did the Dolorosa (who had just lost her adoptive son and was being sexually abused by Mindfang) ask him to do it and did he take pity on her? Or did he kill her out of jealousy and she just happened to be suicidal at the time? And on that note, did Mindfang really begin to develop real feelings for her or is Unreliable Narrator/Never My Fault at work?
      • For that matter, was the murdered slave girl actually the Dolorosa? People tend to forget that's just a theory, albeit one that makes sense.
    • A few later updates seem to imply that there's more to the Condesce's brainwashing of Jane than just using her as a pawn; Meenah (the Condesce's alternate self) bemoans the fact that she can't be a Cool Big Sis to Feferi without her royal blood forcing her to try and kill her and the Condesce herself seems absolutely horrified when Aranea kills Jane (and even that can be subjected to alternate interpretation; is she angry because she really cared about Jane or was she just mad about her plans being derailed?).
      • And on that note, did the Condesce kill Aranea because she ruined her plans, or maybe...
    • Lil Hal, or the Autoresponder, is a fucking playground for this, because ultimately, he is still Dirk, a troubled teen heavily implied to have depression, trapped in a pair of shades, originally created as an ironic joke, and practically seen as such by his friends. Is he still just Dirk, lonely, hurt, and bitter, who's basically lost everything, and goes to enormous lengths to cover his grief and resentment, as well as his hatred of the "Real Dirk"? Is he an egomaniac who legitimately believes that he's the superior iteration, and is mainly just trying to nab a body to complete the package? Or have three years spent being viewed as a toy by his friends, despised by his creator, rendered utterly immobile, and having no foreseeable future outside of those shades warped his mind beyond recognition, even to the point of insanity?
  • Angel/Devil Shipping: Tavros is often shipped with either Vriska or Gamzee. Both of them have had crushes on Tavros in canon, and even though Vriska supposedly gave up her crush before the timeskip she and Tavros were dating for a while as ghosts, before Tavros finally got fed up with Vriska and left.
  • Angst? What Angst?:
    • Acts 4 and 5 are a Trauma Conga Line for the Kids but none of them are very fazed by it, however averted later, as Rose angsts a fair amount about the futility of their session, and all of the Kids are affected to some extent by their Guardian's death. Dave outright goes a little crazy for a bit from grief and doesn't snap out of it until the end of Act 5.
    • John, however, seems fairly chipper just hours after the deaths of his father, Rose, and her mother.
    • Jade. Everything points to Break the Cutie for her, and she does seem to get very close to it, but the only part of her that's really broken is holding back on the swears (and even this doesn't last forever). She even turns out to be perfectly fine with dream bubble shenanigans once she's gotten used to everything.
    • Inverted in Karkat's case. After being heartbroken over Sollux's death in Act 5, when Feferi revives him via kiss, Karkat is disgusted by the kiss instead of being happy to see his friend alive.
  • Anti-Climax Boss:
  • Anvilicious: Hussie introducing a Right Way/Wrong Way Pair in Porrim Maryam and Kankri Vantas. To a lesser degree there's also the anti-bigotry moral given through the hemospectrum.
  • Browser Narcotic: Only because you're very, very likely to miss crucial details on the first read, especially if you zip through the relatively slow-paced first year, and updates drop sporadically. It could've updated right now... unless of course it's undergoing Schedule Slip.
  • Cargo Ship:
  • Complete Monster:
    • Doc Scratch serves as The Dragon to Lord English. In his bid to summon the latter into existence, he launches a complex Gambit Roulette spanning two universes. He abusively raises a troll girl as a Handmaid and forces her to manipulate troll history to turn the race from peaceful to hateful and aggressive; manipulates Vriska into killing Aradia and paralyzing Tavros in order to kick-start the events that would lead to his creation; and sets up the destruction of the entire troll race using an Eldritch Abomination. In the present day, he tricks Rose into creating the Green Sun, the power source of both himself and Bec Noir, using the Tumor, a bomb created from the destruction of two universes, one of which was directly facilitated by him and the other being the result of a Stable Time Loop with the Green Sun's creation. He intended on Rose dying in it and tried to get rid of the others by informing them of a way to essentially reboot their universe that would have wiped them from existence.
    • Lord English himself, Lord of Time and leader of the Felt, is an invincible, time-manipulating monstrosity summoned at the end of the universe, and is the one greatest threat in the story. Initially Caliborn, a condescending cherub, he becomes much worse after he completes his game of Sburb and has his soul merged with Gamzee's and Arquius's. Right after being summoned through the death of his servant Doc Scratch, English immediately sets out wreaking havoc. Using his powers of virtual omnipotence, English massacred the Horrorterrors, murdered Andrew Hussie out of spite from when he was still Caliborn, and obliterated a dream bubble, annihilating the hundreds of failed timeline souls within and causing horrible damage to the fabric of reality. Ultimately, everything English does is a result of his limitless desire to hurt his sister beyond repair, as well as hurt everything else, and English is ultimately the one character feared and dreaded by everyone else.
  • Crack Pairing: JohnXJaspersprite, the only pairing that matters.
  • Crazy Awesome: Dave's Bro, who flies around on a rocket powered surfboard, cuts meteors in half with a freaking katana, and can fight Jack Noir to a standstill. Also to a lesser degree AR, the crazed and law-obsessed Exile who, after being dropped to Earth, sets up a lair in some ruins and uses loads of guns to try and enforce a non-existent law upon the wasteland. Sadly this prevents neither of them from being killed by Bec Noir.
  • Creepy Awesome: Lord English, the Condesce, Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, the Grand Highblood, Gamzee (When he's sober), Kurloz, and the Horrorterrors. Andrew Hussie seems to really like this trope.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: SO MUCH.
    • One notable yet funny example is B1 Jack putting on Bro's Shades.
    • And later after B1 Jack Noir kills John's dad and Rose's mom, we get this line:
    You are now Jack Noir. You have just murdered an innocent family. What will you do?
    • Another is Karkat's hilarious expression after seeing Sollux get knocked out, and then Feferi and Kanaya getting killed.
      • Sollux being blinded by a vengeful Eridan? Upsetting. Karkat accidentally knocking out all of Sollux's teeth while he was unconscious and inexpertly trying to stick them back into his mouth? Hilarious.
    • After Karkat fails to get Sollux in the Medium in time before he dies, we are treated to A2 Jack Noir comforting him while calling him a "goddamn blubbering pansy" and Gamzee honking in the background.
    • Grandpa Harley stuffing and mounting dream Jade's body. Also his death.
    "This is exactly why babies should not be allowed to dual-wield flintlock pistols."
    • Equius's... stranger behaviors.
    • Nearly everything involving Vriska and Tavros' interactions in the Medium, especially her demand that he apologize to her for being paraplegic. Even more spectacular given that it's her fault to begin with!
    • "But unfortunately, Rufio is not real. He's imaginary. A fake. Like a made up friend, the way fairies are. You continue to be sad and alone."
    • Post-Scratch Jack Noir's jailbreak attempts, during which he both purposely and accidentally kills at least five guards and tries to hide his lurid magazine. And by lurid magazine, we mean an issue of a dog show magazine. Then he gives one of the guards a sticking the guy's head in a pumpkin.
    • Caliborn's reaction to Dirk making him 'pornography'.
    • Caliborn's reaction to Gamzee, accompanied by Elevatorstuck of all songs. Lampshaded by the narrator:
      I'm debating whether I should play the elevator music again.
      Would that be funny? I'm not sure.
      Kind of borderline, really.
    • Andrew Hussie saves Spades Slick from Lord English by hurling the bedridden Spades off a cliff.
    • Terezi stops in the middle of her sendoff to John to draw achalk outline of herself, then kneels over dead as she finishes, falling perfectly into the outline.
  • Evil Is Cool: Most of the villains. Specific examples are the Black Queen, the Felts, the Condesce, Gamzee after he goes crazy, Jack Noir, and of course Lord English himself. Vriska kind of counts but exactly how evil she could be considered is up for debate.
  • Evil Is Sexy: The Condesce in-universe. Dirk describes her as a "sexy fish woman in a skin tight suit", though he's not shy about mentioning the atrocities she committed.
    • Also the Black Queen/Snowman.
  • Fan Hater: Caliborn pretty much represents all the people who blindly despise and whine about Homestuck.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple:
    • Dave/Karkat is the most popular pairing in terms of fanfiction, with nearly 6000 fanfics as of 2020 on Archive of Our Own featuring the pairing in some form. While it began as a Foe Yay pairing, the two developed a close bond through Intermission acts and the pairing gained more and more traction, surpassing even the titanic John/Dave ship that was initially the fandom's strongest ship. They were given a Maybe Ever After near the end of the comic.
    • Rose/Kanaya doesn't trail far behind, with 4679 fanfics featuring it as of 2020. The two were teased and made canon reasonably early on, and while their relationship went through some bumps they remained clearly devoted to each other until the end of the comic.
    • Eridan/Sollux has the most fanfictions on A03 of any ship not including one of the kids, far more than the canon Sollux/Feferi and Sollux/Aradia ships. Sollux and Eridan have an antagonistic relationship in canon but fans of the ship are divided on whether they should be paired as kismeses or matesprits due to their similar self-loathing and nerdy interests. It helps that Eridan had a Heel Realization due to having to share a body and mind with Sollux in canon and made real efforts to make up for his actions as a result.
  • Fashion-Victim Villain:
    • Almost any Derse agent in the kid's session, thanks to the required harlequin clothing due to Rose prototyping John's sprite with a harlequin.
    • Eridan's regular outfit. His godtier outfit, from an alternate timeline seen a couple of times in Act 6, definitely inspired much lulz from parts of the fandom.
    • Gamzee's God Tier outfit is a purple clown suit... with the giant codpiece from Bard Quest.
  • Foe Yay:
    • Although it's been specifically stated that it's not synonymous with Foe Yay, "Kismesissitude" is a similar concept, and one of the fundamental concepts of romance in troll culture. Mutual hate plays the same important role as mutual love (and has a role in their reproductive cycle). These relationships are designated by a black spade, as opposed to a red heart. Further detail here and here.
      • It's actually more than just mutual hate, as Karkat explains to John:
    • Eridan feels this for Vriska, and before getting to know him, Karkat feels this for John. Both are unrequited.
      • Eridan also attempted to initiate this kind of relationship with Rose, resulting in her blowing up his computer after he refused to take no for an answer. Which may have just come across as flirty.
    • The Black Queen & Jack Noir feel this for each other in all sessions seen so far.
    • PM has fallen into kismesissitude for Jack Noir after he murdered all her friends. This is unrequited, though, since a stunned Jack has fallen in love with her after seeing her prototyped and ready to kill him.
    • Vriska has quite a bit of this with Tavros, which is also seen as an abusive relationship by many fans. Karkat definitely assumes this when she brings up her "special kind of hate" for Tavros. But he notes that it'd never work out because Tavros doesn't have the right mindset to hate anyone. And indeed, he doesn't.
    • Terezi and Gamzee, starting in a walkaround of Act 6 Intermission 3.
  • Genius Bonus: There are a lot of opaque references and bits of wordplay woven into the story, such as the Numerical Theme Naming of The Felt, and the trolls' names.
    • The screen names of the all the trolls and kids (using John's former ghostyTrickster handle), when shortened to initialisms, use only the letters G, A, T, and C, which are the letters/abbreviations used in sequencing DNA.
      • In addition, John changed his initials from GT (a legitimate DNA sequence) to EB (a reference to ethidium bromide, a blueish-colored molecular tag or dye that intercalates between base pairs) in an attempt to lose the trolls pestering him (especially Karkat). In short, Karkat's trolling created a mutation in the code: he gave their universe cancer in every way imaginable.
      • uranianUmbra and undyingUmbrage (Calliope and Caliborn) may seem like exceptions, until you realize that U is the RNA equivalent of T.
    • Feferi's AQUATIC HOOFBEASTS are an actual Greek mythological creature called the Hippocampus. Later, she does many important things in the Land of Brains and Fire.
    • Aradia's land, Quartz and Melody, initially seems to be unrelated to time. However, the piezoelectric effect keeps clocks with quartz crystals running regularly.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The early pages with John goofing off in his house take a much darker cast when you know what he's about to experience.
    • Even worse is rereading Rose on her mother while wandering her house pre-session. After Rose admitted that she probably always loved her and after seeing them through the mirror of Roxy's life, some of her more ridiculous actions seem nothing less than a desperate and tragically failed attempt to connect with her daughter.
    • Wayward Vagabond's obsession with leading Can Town well certainly takes a dark turn when we find out what happened the last time he tried to lead someone...
    • Snowman saving Spades Slick from getting shot to death by Quarters becomes rather grim given that soon after he ends up shooting her dead.
    • Any early Acts scene showing Dave's Hilariously Abusive Childhood with Bro Strider, now that Act 6 Intermission 5 rolled in and shows what Dave thinks about all of those times.
    • The Cosbytop, after the allegations against Cosby damaged his career.
      • The second physical book makes this even harsher as the footnote of one page calls Cosby "the perfect father." In later copies of said book, this is brought up in a Let Us Never Speak of This Again fashion:
    • After having received the Kickstarter money for Hiveswap, Hussie (the Character) hands it all over to buy a cock-ring during the Act 6 flashes. Funny at the time, but much less so when serious allegations erupted over Hiveswap's budget as having been stolen by the company Hussie was developing with.
    • A fandom secret posted some time after Gamzee's introduction credits Gamzee for helping the fan get over their fear of clowns. Uh... makes you wonder how that fan reacted to the later developments.
      • Likewise, Gamzee sobering up and turning the comic into a full-blown Slasher Movie becomes even more frightening after evil clown sightings were reported throughout 2016.note 
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • The fandom has often joked that Clover was a leprechaun because of his name and the fact that he's green and associated with luck. Then it turned out that all of The Felt are leprechauns except Snowman. And then, in one of Aranea's expositions, they apparently have a romance system based on Lucky Charms (TM), which are associated with leprechauns...
    • UU Yogurt, whose logo happens to be intertwined red and green spirals. And there is now fanfic involving human versions of Calliope and Caliborn working in a yogurt shop. You couldn't make this stuff up.
    • Equius' death involves an arrow in the knee.
    • At one point, Dave creates "ebubbles", a series of Twitter-esque posts featuring fragments of Dave quotes clearly parodying the infamous Horse_ebooks automated spam Twitter account. In 2013, it was revealed that Horse_ebooks had been controlled by a human for the previous 2 years.
    • Bro isn't meant to be an Expy of Kamina (Andrew Hussie wasn't even aware of the show's existence when he started Homestuck) but the two are so coincidentally similar it's hilarious. They even end up serving similar roles in their respective stories.
      • Likewise, Lord English wasn't intended as a Shout-Out to Lord British (his name is actually a reference to a pool term, keeping in theme with the Felt's pool-themed names) but the idea worked so well with his role and portrayal that Hussie decided to roll with it.
    • Just two years before Homestuck began, a manga with a surprisingly similar premise started running, complete with a world-ending video game, time travel, strange aliens, and an Eldritch Abomination Big Bad. Given Andrew Hussie's complete lack of knowledge regarding anime or manga, it's one hell of a coincidence.
    • Karkat at one point makes a comment about "SHITTING MILES OF RAGE SNAKE TO CHOKE YOU TO DEATH". When we find out how cherubs reproduce (by turning into 93-million-mile snakes in kismesissistic passion), well ...
    • When Vriska talks to Terezi in a pesterlog, she says, "Because tonight we will play a game together. For the first time in I don't even know. Forever!"
    • An example that could count as hilarious in foresight, so to speak, would have to relate to a story arc that Andrew Hussie worked on during the Gigapause. It revealed that Vriska and Meenah became romantically involved after bonding in the afterlife. A remarkably similar situation occurred in the series finale of The Legend of Korra, where Korra and Asami are strongly implied to begin a romantic relationship. Given that this was made long before the finale of that show aired (and that when the show did air, it was in the midst of Andrew Hussie posting the updates he worked on during the Gigapause), the author ended up unintentionally predicting the end of the series. Both fandoms took note of this pretty quickly.
    • Rose Lalonde resembles a darker version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. In 2014, Archie Comics launched Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, which is a darker, horror-themed version of Sabrina, whose new design looks even more like Rose.
    • The final animated sequence actually turns Homestuck into an anime, which is not only something the fans tried to do for giggles, but also makes all the anger toward Homestuck cosplayers at anime conventions seem ironic with this in mind. "Homestuck is my favorite anime" also used to be a frequent meme.
    • Dave's remarks about "planet fucking jupiter" take on a different meaning with the release of 17776, a work that bears a number of similarities to Homestuck and features a sentient version of the Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer that acts very similarly to Dave.
    • "You are happy that he stayed in that lane, and stuck with a time-tested formula. If he went in a different direction, you probably would have found it really disappointing." Amusing when referring to Problem Sleuth 2, which Post-Scratch MSPA stuck with for the 2 years Homestuck ran at the time, but hysterical when that's exactly what happened to Homestuck for the better part of a decade.
  • Iron Woobie: WV goes through a Trauma Conga Line a mile long but never once lets it break him, keeping up his cheerful demeanor no matter what.
  • It Was His Sled: The Trolls that pester John and his friends are actually aliens. While this was an extremely unexpected development when this was first unveiled, the sheer popularity of these characters within the fandom makes it one of the few spoilers of Homestuck that is virtually impossible to avoid.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Karkat is a vulgar, loud, obnoxious, stupid cyberbully who made Jade's life hell for her first thirteen years. Turns out he did all that only a few hours after his Dream self was brutally murdered by an old friend who now seeks to wipe out existence. As this happens, all of Karkat's friends begin to turn to madness, and all Karkat can do is blame himself and try to apologize.
    • Vriska. Murderous, manipulative megalomaniac without a shred of empathy? Or girl living under impossible - partially self-inflicted - pressures, unable to make a single one of her dreams come true, who wishes to live in a less cruel world? Answer: Both. Later, due to Character Development, the megalomaniac side of her begins to dissipate after seeing Aranea do the same glory-hogging actions and seeing how awful it makes Aranea look, and how awful it must have made her look.
    • There's debate over whether or not Eridan is a decent guy at first who let his jealousy get the better of him or if he was a Jerk with a Heart of Jerk. The former interpretation, while still making him a jerk, also offers an opportunity to empathize with Eridan's distress.
    • Mituna's disability and being abused by other characters might remind some readers of Tavros but when he musters up the lucidity he can say some pretty hateful things. His speech bubbles are a visual reference to 4chan's interface, after all.
    • Skipper Plumbthroat is a destitute, depressed Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.
    • Dirk is more classically a Stoic Woobie, but to many, his manipulation, psychological and physical abuse of his erstwhile boyfriend make him a pretty major Jerkass, albeit still sympathetic in his own, strange way.
    • This one is so YMMV that alternatively, some people think of Jake in this way instead. Being a Jerkass to not only Dirk, but also Jane, while he remains sympathetic only from that he seems to do this unknowingly. Even mentioned by Caliborn, who assumed that Jake also hated all of his friends, which Jake obliviously denied.
    • It is possible that many things attributed to Dirk can actually be attributed to his Auto-Responder, given it has pretended to be Dirk while talking to Jake until it is found out, was unlikely to have quit once the two started dating, implied it had its own machinations in play to ensure that happened shortly before the B2 kids entered the game, and is hinted to be more directly responsible for Brobot's behavior than Dirk.
    • Erisolsprite. He may be a jerk, what with being a fusion of Sollux's bad side and Eridan, but he's also trapped in an existence he hates, is the Only Sane Man with Jake and later among several brainwashed and crazy tricksters, is revealed to really truly regret what his Eridan half did to Feferi and just when things seem to be looking up for him (namely meeting Fefetasprite and letting Eridan apologize to her and her forgiving him), it all literally blows up in his face.
    • Jack Noir/Spade Slick, due to pretty much every version of him being The Chew Toy who gets constantly annoyed and tormented by his gang and the Black Queen/Snowman. Even Bec Noir, who horrifically slaughters almost half of the cast, gets some pitiable moments.
    • Snowman is a Jerkass working for Doc Scratch who constantly torments Spades Slick. However her backstory reveals that she's only working for him because she was trapped on the post-apocalyptic Alternia and desperately wanted to escape. Act 5 Act 2 not only has her save Slick's life but also strongly implies that she became a Death Seeker after joining the Felt. The other versions of her weren't characterized enough to tell if they also applied for this, but the human session Black Queens certainly didn't deserve to be murdered by Jack Noir and the Condesce respectively.
    • Surprisingly, Vriska argues that Lord English of all people counts as this. As she points out, he's led a miserable and lonely existence with his own ego preventing him from ever finding true happiness or meaning in life. Even his mooks and supposed friends like the Felt and Doc Scratch don't show him true respect or friendship, simply working for him because they don't have any other choice. She also argues that he may not have been such an asshole if he could've just found someone who would actually care about him. Adding onto that, while Caliborn is overall a complete sociopath who epitomizes Love to Hate, there are also several points when it's hard to not feel a bit of sympathy for him, like when he says that he has a learning disability. Almost makes you forget that he's a complete monster that killed his sister and is an Omnicidal Maniac who is mainly in it For the Evulz.
  • Love to Hate: Lord English, Doc Scratch, and the Condesce are arguably the only characters in the whole story who aren't portrayed as pitiable or sympathetic at all and are completely evil, but this doesn't stop fans from loving them for their magnificent villainy.
  • Magnificent Bastard: The Draconian Dignitary is an agent of Derse and Jack Noir's main underling. Once Jack seizes control of Derse from the Black Queen, the Dignitary takes steps to ensure his rule is kept, including arranging the attempted theft of the White Queen's Ring. The Dignitary is led by Vriska to Rose's journal, which he uses the genetic code kept in it to create Becquerel, the First Guardian of Earth. This eventually leads to Jack gaining the powers of a First Guardian and rising to partial omnipotence. From then on, the Dignitary takes on the role of administrating Derse in Jack's stead, ordering the assassination of Jade Harley when his superior can't do it himself.
  • Moe: WV and Nepeta are both adorable and kind of woobie-ish.
  • Moral Event Horizon
    • Where exactly B1 Jack — now Bec Noir — crosses the line probably depends on the reader. A good point of reference would probably be his senseless destruction of B1 Prospit and Skaia — killing Dream Jade in the process — and then the destruction of the A2 trolls' Prospit, Derse and Skaia.
      • Many fans still loved him in spite of his onscreen atrocities, but his abrupt offscreen killing of John's dad and Rose's mom during their budding romance cost him most the remainder of his audience sympathy.
    • Vriska became irredeemably evil in the eyes of many (before her canonical introduction, mind you) when she crippled Tavros because he wanted to stop playing a round of FLARP.
    • Gamzee crossed it when he choked Equius dead with a broken bow, then clubbed Nepeta to death.
    • Doc Scratch actually crossed it before we met him, but we don't find out until we finally see what he's been doing to his "guest", the Handmaid.
    • Eridan hits this after killing Feferi, almost killing Kanaya, blinding Sollux, and destroying the Matriorb.
    • Marquise Spinneret Mindfang crossed it when she raped a slave just to make Orphaner Dualscar jealous. And the slave was implied to be the Dolorosa.
    • There's several potential crossings for Lord English/Caliborn.
      • When his reaction to seeing the apparent deaths of Jane and Roxy while Dirk and Jake are knocked out is to laugh his ass off and rub all of it in Calliope's face.
      • Him killing Calliope (it technically would've happened anyways, but the way he did it was utterly atrocious).
      • Killing Andrew and Hussiebot, while smacking around the completely innocent Ms. Paint.
      • Him destroying a dream bubble, thus slaughtering millions of innocent and harmless ghosts. The reason? He's rampaging through the afterlife looking for his Calliope's ghost, so he can kill her again.
    • Cronus pretty much loses all hope of being sympathetic when he sexually harasses and tries to take advantage of the disabled Mituna. Not as bad as other examples, but still a low blow.
    • Aranea is initially an Anti-Villain with sympathetic goals. However, she crosses the line when she kills Jade, then manipul8s Scratch's clock to ensure that her God-Tier powers don't save her. While this has since been retconned, sympathy for Aranea is next to nonexistent.
  • No Yay: Doc Scratch's comments about Rose and Jade being "adorable", even though he didn't intend it in a sexual or romantic way (he's immortal and has no comprehension of romance or sexuality so he doesn't understand why this would come off as creepy). Lampshaded by Rose who becomes really uncomfortable when Scratch says this. Becomes a lot more disturbing when we see his abusive treatment of the Handmaid...
    • Davepeta tells Jasprose that it's okay if they go on a romantic date, despite the fact that it would be incestuous.
  • Only the Author Can Save Them Now:
    • The part when Hussie kills Doc Scratch. Seriously, the author busted in and killed one of the primary villains. Then it's subverted when it turns out Scratch wanted this to happen so that Lord English could enter the universe. In other words, the author intervening made things worse.
    • Happens in Act 6 Act 3note . Two of the post-Scratch Kids suddenly die. They still have their dreamselves, but they need to have one of the other two Kids corpsesmooch them before it's too late. Unfortunately, the other two Kids are completely unconscious... and if they don't wake up they're going to die very soon themselves.
      • The severity of the situation was huge, but the solution was something as simple as going through a dream bubble, a kingdom being destroyed by a universe-destroying weapon, and then back in time 413 years while on a flying skateboard, killing yourself, kissing at least two dead people, convincing another to kiss your decapitated head while a volcano is blowing up, and giving a dead troll from another universe a high-five.
    • Another example of this shows up in S: Game Over, where by the end the only kids and trolls left alive are John, Rose, Roxy, Dirk, and Terezi. Dirk's Bluescreened and Rose is dead. Parts of the fandom hope that it's a doomed timeline.
      • And John's time-travel shenanigans retroactively make it one.
  • Poe's Law: Zig-zagged. Due to the meta-humour, self-parody and Andrew's Author Avatar persona, the lines between things like Creator Backlash, Creator Breakdown, Take That, Audience! and parodies of the same are pretty blurry.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Lots of them, given the comic's layered symbolism, Anachronic Order, and complicated use of time travel.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor:
    • Some viewed the troll romance shenanigans and exploration of terms, and subsequent explosion of romance with the kids and trolls afterwards this way. This was largely because Homestuck had virtually no romance from Acts 1-4, then suddenly introduced all these elements in Act 5.
    • John/Vriska is unique in that it's the only directly stated and serious romance that has developed during the story (except Mom/Dad, which managed to soundly avert this trope), as all other romances were part of the character's motivations from the start. This has caused many to respond to it with vitriol.
    • The romantic shenanigans with the B2 kids in Act 6, although likely a parody set up by the author towards the fans' shipping antics. This is especially likely given that by the time they've reached the A2 universe, all of the kid/troll relationships have broken up (with lampshade hangings on how they wouldn't work out in the long run) except Rose/Kanaya which, ironically enough, had the least focus thus averting this trope. In spite of this, many fans cite this as one of the aspects of Act 6's Seasonal Rot.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Rufioh's name. It might just be the laziest possible way of getting "Rufio" to be six letters long. Seeing as how most of the dancestors are primarily joke characters, this was probably intentional.
    • Made even better when you realize the added h in the name, in addition to his hair and Tavros' association with Fiduspawn, makes him a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh!.
  • Spiritual Licensee: Homestuck is basically a more complicated version of EarthBound. Word of God has even said that the game was a major influence when writing the comic.
    • It could also be considered a more humorous version of Psyren.
  • Stoic Woobie
  • Teasing Creator:
    • When the creator of something takes time to answer fan questions, is prompted as to why he isn't working, and then takes his reply and INSERTS it into the very work he was questioned about? Better believe it.
    • Andrew also plays with Word of God constantly. For example, "[trolls'] faces are just exotic collections of genitals arranged to look like an angry face to scare away predators, like patterns on butterfly wings."
    • Shipping falls into his realm as well. He plays with ships like a child plays with dominoes, setting them up so he can knock them down.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Due to Homestuck's nature of a long running comic with Loads and Loads of Characters there's many that this could apply to, but this especially with:
    • The White King/Writ Keeper barely appears even though he's supposed to be the Big Good of Sburb. He's shown getting into a time capsule with Rose's walkthrough implying he's going to help out the heroes later on... and is then promptly killed off by Bec Noir barely seconds after reuniting with Windswept Questant. And then it's revealed that his post-Scratch self was already killed off-screen before the Post-Scratch session even began.
    • Feferi. She's Out of Focus compared to even Nepeta and Equius, who are well known for being Those Two Guys and at least both had A Death in the Limelight with extensive focus on them during the flash, which Feferi herself does not get before her unceremonious death.note  Even Hussie acknowledges in a way, as after three rather sudden deaths of Feferi (her dream self, her real self, and her as Fefeta), he has Meenah leader of the Pre-Scratch trolls because he feels he screwed over Peixes fans.
  • Toy Ship: All the main kid and troll characters are 13 for the first five acts. This was inevitable even before Hivebent threw Teen Drama into the mix.
  • The Un-Twist:
    • The fact that Mr. Egbert is really just an ordinary businessman outside the home. Also lampshaded, since most of the readers had already expected this from very early on in the series.
    • And then Andrew Hussie wrote on his Formspring account that Aradia being Dead All Along was sufficiently foreseeable to deserve a fairly sarcastic treatment from the narration. And yeah, it was totally foreseeable, Andrew, we'd have to be idiots to not be able to guess such a thing without any foreshadowing.
      • To top it off, the page after the revelation about Aradia has one of the characters admitting she didn't see it coming and being reassured that that doesn't make her stupid.
    • None of these, however, compare to the stunning revelation that the trolls are really playing one game, not two. The other two are at least handled in a normal fashion and then lampshaded with "yes, I know that was terribly obvious", but Hussie drew the line at this one and didn't even pretend to reveal it properly - the joke was instead "If we were spending a lot more time on the trolls, we'd gradually build up to this stunning revelation. And yes, it's totally a stunning revelation." Many fans did not like this at all.
      • It was made obvious that the teams were unimportant by the fact that the trolls had never, ever, ever mentioned or referenced them at any point in their trolling up until then, though; and several characters (many of them with knowledge of the future) had said repeatedly that the the teams didn't actually matter.
    • At the beginning of Act 6, some doubted whether the Scratch worked due the ambiguity of its mechanics and began to expect the story to play on that, though it did not. As Andrew Hussie noted on his tumblr:
      There are lots of major curveballs thrown at you in HS. I personally don’t think this was one.
    • Calliope and Caliborn share the same body. Lampshaded by the throwaway manner in which this is finally revealed. And then Caliborn and Lord English are one and the same. This was practically confirmed in the former's first appearance.
  • Wangst
    • Parodied with John's angst towards his dad. His lack of a problem is lampshaded by Rose early on in Act 1. Also parodied with Rose - although her mother is in her view a legitimately unpleasant person, Rose seems to interpret her every action as an attempt to spite her.
    • Eridan spends a lot of time complaining about how hard things are for him - either Growing Up Sucks, how he can't seem to get a proper black or redrom, or how no one visits him. Then decides that everyone needs to join Jack or die, by his hand if necessary.
    • Darkleer, at least according to Mindfang, although that might just be her being unsympathetic.
    • Parodied again with Caliborn's soliloquy in Act 6 Act 6 Act 4, which he delivers while being at his most Unintentionally Unsympathetic. It borders on Bathos.
  • What an Idiot!:
    • John, despite several warnings from Future Dave and making a promise not to fly off to confront the Denizen, goes and does it anyway. However, this isn't the first time Andrew has made "THIS IS STUPID" jokes to illustrate that a character decided not do something. Thankfully, he quickly reconsiders.
      • Not to mention John's utterly thoughtless loss of his sixth computer.
    • Eridan's decision to join Jack despite Jack being an Omnicidal Maniac who probably wouldn't let anyone join him. Then there's his whole genocide against the angels on his planet. And his attempts to get his friends to help him genocide all of them. And his pathetic romantic miscues. The list goes on.
    • Really, Jake, you didn't think dumping all of your romantic problems onto Jane would have any negative side effects?
    GT: I dont think I understand.
    uu: YES. EXACTLY.
    GT: Whys that?
  • Wheelchair Woobie: Tavros, the woobie and pushover of the trolls' session, spends much of the story crippled. He even convinces himself his lack of mobility affects his self-esteem. He gets proper robotic legs later on in Act 5 Act 2.
  • The Woobie: Almost everyone, but it's deliberately invoked with dear sweet precious Fefeta.

    Audience reactions and Fandom related tropes 

Audience reactions and Fandom related tropes

  • Arc Fatigue:
    • Act 5 Act 1, otherwise known as Hivebent. Starts with And Now for Someone Completely Different. Introduces 12 new characters (we've seen a few of the trolls before, but the exposition and characterization really takes off here), in an entirely new world, which slows the story to a crawl. As the story goes character by character - in Anachronic Order even - it becomes even more confusing and thus fatiguing - the "cycle of revenge" plot is the worst offender. It doesn't tie in with the original story until the very last few scenes narrated by Aradia. Overall, it's a rerun of the first half of the story, with three times as many characters, until you wonder if the author will ever get back to the original quartet.
      • Specifically in this arc, there's the matter of the sudden focus on Vriska, who was up 'til then an unseen and unmentioned character. The implementation of the character in this arc (as well as the arc immediately following this one) is what made the character such a Base-Breaking Character to begin with.
    • What's even worse than that? Act 5 Act 2. Lots of characters, lots of jumping around, lots of information dropped randomly and sporadically. Many people fatigued with Act 5 Act 1 gave up at this time. In fact, all of Act 5 can be seen as this, as Act 5 in total took up nearly half the webcomic at the time spent on it alone.
      • The Murderstuck arc. This caused a lot of anger in the fandom as to some, the deaths seemed pointless, and it was a stark change from the lack of main character deaths in the story prior.
      • The slow pace of an arc centering around Gamzee manipulating Terezi, who was not really doing a whole bunch.
      • The [o]termission, which lasted about 3 months, over a quarter of Act 5 Act 2.
    • And after Act 5 Act 2, Act 6 was seen by most people as even worse, especially by people who feel that the B2 kids are unnecessary characters added just to stretch the comic even longer. The sudden focus on a romantic sidestory didn't help matters.
      • The end of Act 6 Act 3 spends a lengthy amount of time introducing the Pre-Scratch trolls who do literally nothing in the story and are there purely for fans to obsess over.
      • The shortest instance of this trope within Homestuck is easily the introduction of the Tricksters, who were (According to Hussie) added specifically to pander to the fanartists and whose advent brought an already dragging Act 6 to a total screeching halt - though they did get a lot done fairly quickly for the most part, as was the Juju's purpose, until they went completely insane. The arc only seemed to exist so that there could be another lengthy nod to the fandom for no particular reason. The changeback to the normal B2 kids afterwards was generally seen as a big relief to most people dreading the Tricksters.
    • The majority of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1 can be described as a gigantic text wall with nothing important happening.
  • Archive Panic: Homestuck is a work of over 8,130 pages and over 810,000 words (which, for frame of reference, makes it nearly three times as long as The Lord of the Rings, and would make the comic the fifth-longest work written in English that isn't a translated piece if it had been published as a novel). Obviously, the task of reading it all proves to be extremely daunting.
  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Homestuck is so notorious for the trope that fans of the comic trying and inevitably failing to get their peers interested in reading it has become a meme unto itselfnote . This is mostly due to the sheer size of the project (8127 pages in total when it finally finished, which vary in length from single images to Wall of Text chat logs to interactive Flash games); the complexity of the plot making it impossible to explain to the uninitiated; and the video game-centric nature of it. Additionally, in order fully get all the jokes, it is almost a prerequisite that you read the three comics that came before it: Problem Sleuth, which is a monumental read in and of itself, Bard Quest, an unfinished experiment, and Jailbreak, the first, and as a consequence the least polished of all the creator's work. And on top of all this, in order to reach the parts anyone talks about, you have to read through a good 1500 pages of buildup; even the fanbase jokes about how slow and boring the first two chapters are.
  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • Several fans were not happy with the creation of Tavrisprite, a horrifying mixture of two popular characters. Mere panels later, Tavrisprite explodes and Vriska and Tavros are apart again, albeit still dead.
    • John/Vriska was perhaps the most Base Breaking ship in the fandom, and John and Vriska both were slightly Strangled by the Red String and acting out of character during it. In Act 6, both John and Vriska independently and completely discard the romance.
    • Jane's Trickster Mode spawned some Flame War after declares that she feels "so CAUCASIAN!" after powering up (Andrew's way of making fun of people who consider determining the races of characters he considers raceless). Shortly after the incident, Andrew changed her message to "I feel so PEACHY!" and declared that her skin was peach-colored and not race-specific, as certain unsavory individuals were using the "caucasian" reveal as an excuse to harass fans of racial minority characters.
    • Then, of course, there's the revelation that the Trickster shenanigans were a Juju-induced Mushroom Samba that utterly freaked Jane (and the other kids) out. Though it's something of an Ass Pull, the revelation can be seen as this.
    • Caliborn shoving dust in the cartridge for Act 6 Act 6, aka, the final act that's not epilogue, and promising to ruin it had some fans up in arms about even more off-panel characterization such as the problems with the trip between sessions and the jump between the Alpha's entry and Jane's birthday, just to speed the story up. Fortunately John shows up and makes it little more than a framing device.
    • All of the Felt, who were long one of the most popular Ensemble Dark Horse groups, end up coming back and getting some more attention in Act 6.
    • The months-long Gigapause took place in part to address the complaints that were being made by the fandom about the narrative of the comic as of Act 6, in order to make for a strong conclusion.
    • Following The Reveal that Vriska never died in the post-retcon timeline, a lot of people were angered, presuming that this would completely erase the Pre-Retcon Vriska, who had already died and lived in the dreambubbles, and subsequently cause Post-Retcon Vriska to forsake all of her Character Development she received before dying. Updates afterwards establish that while Post-Retcon Vriska may not have learned her lesson completely, Pre-Retcon Vriska still exists in the dreambubbles and has kept her development intact.
    • After fans have been clamoring for Nepeta's return for years, Hussie finally brought her back as Jake's sprite in the post-retcon timeline. This was seemingly subverted when she was fused with Davesprite which pissed fans off, but than double-subverted shortly after when Davepeta met up with Arquiussrpite, leading to one of the funniest and most heartwarming updates in a long time.
    • While Act 7 was agreed to be awesome on its own, there were many complaints that it still left a number of threads open. Not longer after its immediate release, Hussie announced he was working on an epilogue. Connected to the above, Hussie's release of the Homestuck credits (which are not the epilogue, but still expand upon the ending) won back a lot of fans lost thanks to Act 7 due to tying up quite a few loose ends. However, the actual episodes and sequel led to quite a Broken Base, but this was lessened by the fact that both of these are considered "dubious canon" and allow for easy Fanon Discontinuity.
  • Award Snub: The absolutely breathtaking "Cascade" animation only made a meager Daily 5th Place award. This may be justified due to the fact that the file itself crashed Newgrounds shortly after it was uploaded, preventing people from voting for it.
  • Awesome Art: It has all the Awesome Art. All of it. On another note, Act 7 was pretty much this as a whole.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • During the Act 4 finale, we see B1 Jack slaughtering the armies of Prospit and Derse, and smashing Skaia and Prospit's moon together. Then we have a quick Squiddles! clip.
    • The - usually extremely strange - authorial inserts are parodying the fan reactions to the events prior, see Creator Backlash below for more information. Given proper context in that sense, they are not this trope but to a reader not aware of the fandom at large, they are indeed. Another example would probably be the out of nowhere Tavros and Gamzee rap battle late in Act 5, which is Andrew's nod to them being a popular pairing by that point. A lot of the story is shaped by what the fandom does and thinks, so not knowing that entirely or being a fan disconnected from the fandom can cause some moments to be rather odd.
    • The entirety of Act 6 Act 5 Act 2 is so utterly bizarre Hussie outright says in story that they should never speak of it again, though the events remain canon.
    • The Act 6 Interfishin. Because no backstory is too important to be interrupted by a bunch of trolls playing an elevator song on a pirate ship in space.
    • The canon fan trolls appear on a planet with other troll children in another universe before getting destroyed. As they only last for one panel, this is never brought up again.
    • The flash where Jade grows multiple arms and plays the bass. Yes, it was a dream, but what the fuck.
  • Broken Base: Now has its own page.
  • Canon Defilement
    • John directly told Karkat he wasn't interested in him or any guy for that matter. John/Karkat and John/Dave remain some of the most popular ships in the fandom. Some fanfics will often have John say his previous "not a homosexual" was just a prank, in denial, that the statement does not preclude bi/pansexuality, or that he's making an exception for Dave/Karkat.
    • Almost any ships that pair Kanaya with a guy or Dirk with a girl (or Kanaya with Dirk) due to their Incompatible Orientations.
  • Crack Pairing
    • Too many to list. There are multiple fanart and discussion threads dedicated to crack pairings, and the author himself has drawn Colonel Sassacre/Lil' Cal.
    • To many, Gamzee/Tavros, considering they've spoken all of once in canon. Later made canon — at least from Gamzee's point of view.
    • The ever-most-popular John/Karkat, often using the Alternate Character Interpretation of John in a Transparent Closet.
  • Creator Worship: Andrew has mentioned that people are beginning to recognize him in public and apparently doesn't wear MSPA merch outside of cons anymore so they specifically don't because of how much they adore him.
  • Creator's Pet: Vriska. She even develops a romance with John and is more important than Karkat, the designated main troll character. She also gets a sequence where Doc admits that she stood a fair chance at defeating B1 Jack Noir, i.e. the dog-man who blows up planets for fun. If that doesn't cry overpowered, nothing does. As with most things involving Hussie, this was intentional. Lampshaded when Hussie's Author Avatar proposes to her.
    • Taken to new heights when the culmination of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4 was John retroactively intervening to spare Vriska, whose presence alone drastically altered the timeline significantly for the better, and the accompanying A6A6I4 flash ("shes8ack").
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy:
    • Act 5 Act 2 just kept getting bleaker and bleaker to the point where some fans just didn't want to follow it anymore. Fortunately it got better as the rest of the human kids ascended to Godtier, Jade used her new powers to save all the planets and their inhabitants in the kids' session from the Scratch, and there seemed to be no more troll deaths.
    • Then Act 6 comes around. Sure, there's some lulls in the seriousness of the act, but given all the complaints about it, the Arc Fatigue, the Broken Base, and sudden plot twists coming out of nowhere, it's not hard to see people stop reading it post-Act 5 Act 2.
  • Die for Our Ship: Unsurprisingly for a fandom with heavy amounts of shipping, several characters have become victim to undeserved hate.
    • Somebody really had it in for Equius. The "Equara Hate Anon" became an infamous part of the fandom for ranting endlessly about why Aradia was better off with Sollux, even long after Equius fell from the spotlight and the Equara ship faded away. After all the insults, belittlement, and threats, to many artists for liking a fictional couple, the Equara Anon has earned their position as one of those more "out-there" fans. The other fans who write Equius off as abusive pale in comparison.
    • Jane suffers this from many a Jake/Dirk shipper being the girl in the way of one of the comics most popular m/m ships.
    • John tends to get a lot of heat as well as nearly all of his ships have popular f/f alternatives.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Many antagonists have quite a number of fans, in spite of their actions, or because of them.
    • B1 Jack gets this lots.
    • Eridan. Ironic when you consider who he looks like, isn't it?
    • Gamzee gets a bit of this treatment as well.
      • Gamzee and Eridan at least have the excuse of being mentally unstable or outright insane. Jack, however, takes malicious glee in his kills and is completely sane, and yet fan depictions often play up his adorable doggy-ness or say he's not all that bad.
    • Vriska's murderous sides are often downplayed in fan works to simply being some sort of trickster type.
    • Caliborn, although he seems to be more of a Love to Hate kind of character.
    • Spades Slick gets a minor version of this, as his sympathetic traits are often played up by fans. While in canon he's definitely the most heroic and sympathetic iteration of Jack Noir, he's still a belligerent Jerkass mobster with a love of overkill. Heck the Midnight Crew in general gets this; they are Ineffectual Sympathetic Villains and have plenty of Pet the Dog moments, they're also a group of gangsters who are introduced trying to off the competition (not that Lord English doesn't deserve it). Especially prominent upon his rather sudden death.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
    • Sentryworm, FedoraFreak, Ms. Paint, Secret Wizard and Crumplehat out of the miscellaneous characters.
    • Bro Strider was wildly popular for how unabashedly cool he was, with his ridiculous speed and unbreakable katana allowing him to cut meteors in half, fight off cosmic villains, and make ventriloquism awesome. However, as it became increasingly clear that Bro's training traumatized Dave, Bro's popularity rotted away until he largely became seen as an evil, manipulative parent with no care for the child he was responsible for.
    • Karkat's lusus was well-loved for his interesting design and his understated love for Karkat, which made him ripe for fan works.
    • The trolls receive a vastly disproportionate amount of fanart compared to their amount of featured time. Probably because they expanded the main cast by 300%, are all sorts of messed up, have a system of romance which allows people to remain technically monogamous while simultaneously being paired with multiple people, and have no concept of gender-specific sexuality.
      • And even among the trolls, one character stands above all the others in terms of fan-love-to-appearances, thanks in large part to a simple comment made by Hussie himself. To wit: "There are major characters, and there are minor ones. If you're waiting for me to fire up NEPETAQUEST 2011, don't hold your breath." The end result? At least two major Nepetaquest fan projects underway, and Nepeta probably has more art of her extant than any other individual troll.
    • Andrew indicated that The Felt were just one shot characters without any real personalities to speak of, but that hasn't stopped the fans from loving these guys to death. Even more telling is the fact that while we're supposed to root for the Midnight Crew, most fans felt sorry whenever a Felt member was killed off. Clover in particular gets a lot of love. This has been strengthened by their appearances in Act 6.
    • The original Ensemble Darkhorses were the Exiles, all of them at one time, but most especially PM.
      • Their deaths brought about an outpouring of sympathy, and PM rocketed up in popularity.
      • WV is still massively popular as well, though the fact that he's Plucky Comic Relief keeps him from widespread popularity.
    • Let's not forget the cheers that erupted when the Midnight Crew showed up officially.
    • Squarewave and Sawtooth became very popular pretty rapidly.
    • Porrim is very popular among the Cast Herd that is the A1 trolls, unsurprisingly.
    • Fefetasprite quickly became the most popular of the Alpha Sprites.
    • Even though they show up for all of one panel before being obliterated, the Ascended Fanon Original Character Trolls Mierfa Durgas and Nektan Whelan have recieved quite a bit of fanart and praise.
    • The Ψiioniic, especially after his hilarious appearance over in Paradox Space (where he's portrayed as an insane Large Ham who loves the Sufferer so much it causes him to spontaneously shoot lasers from his eyes) where he got a massive boost in popularity and many fans now cite him as their favorite ancestor.
    • As a result of her Character Development, Roxy quickly became the most popular of the Alpha Kids.
  • Ethnic Scrappy: Meenah's character includes several stereotypical black elements. She and her villainous alternate universe counterpart are the only characters in the entire comic that speak that way. Additionally, Damara Medigo, seems to be a parody of the hypersexualised "submissive Japanese schoolgirl" stereotype. Notably, neither of these characters are exceptionally good people and both of their alternate selves have ended up working under the Big Bad as his slaves. Despite this, it's Downplayed as both characters are fairly popular in the fanbase, despite not being characters that are not introduced until pretty late in the story.
  • Epileptic Trees: The WMG pages are huge. It's safe to say Homestuck inspires a lot of theories.
    • Fan theories about Doc Scratch's identity when he was just known as "White Text Guy" ranged everywhere from Lord English, to a Ophiuchus-themed troll, to Bec, to an Obfuscating Stupidity Karkat.
    • Dave Strider is the in-universe author of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, and the comics often allude to events in Homestuck. So whenever a new SBaHJ comic comes out, there are a lot of crazy theories about what it might be foreshadowing.
    • There's a theory that a tweet of a horse .GIF is actually Hussie telling the fans when the Gigapause is going to end (October 8th, 2014 - a week and a day before the first anniversary of the Gigapause) - which would be supported by him also tweeting that he's been at his busiest. This was eventually supported by Hussie's own statements that the Gigapause would finally end in October, albeit a little later than October 8th.
  • Fan Hater: The work has recieved fire from some sources, including Anime Convention Cosplayers whose shows are crashed by excessively large Homestuck Cosplay groups, as well as people who don't believe that the story gets better in its longevity.
    • Homestuck fans are particularly hated by some cosplayers and hotel owners because troll cosplayers unfortunately tend to use paints or makeup that come off easily, leaving every surface they touch grey. Many an outfit has been ruined because a troll cosplayer hugged another cosplayer.
  • Fanfic Fuel: Act 7 ends with our heroes living together happily on a newly created universe. The fandom, naturally, jumped on the potential for fluffy, domestic stories about post-victory relaxation.
    • The credits and epilogue provide plenty of other fuel: the coexistence of the Human, Troll, Carapace, and Consort Kingdoms; Terezi searching for Vriska around the newly-formed Green Black Hole (which is consuming the very fabric of the Furthest Ring); whoever hacked secure Crocker Corp systems to try and assassinate Jane...
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Hetalia: Axis Powers and with My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Slash ships mostly for the first, both coming to prominence on 4chan at the same time for the second.
    • Dirk turning out to like Rainbow Dash, Kurloz and Meulin using MLP reaction images, and MLP becoming somewhat less prominent reduced the fandom fighting on that front. The Hetalia rivalry reached it's zenith in December '11 with fans (or Funimation; it was never conclusively proved one way or the other) ironically buying adspace for it on MSPA before realizing the whole thing was somewhat stupid to begin with. The fandoms have set aside their differences and declared themselves moirails.
  • Fanon: Despite dream bubbles being SBURB-related, there's many fans that agree the Ancestors, upon death, all remet in the afterlife, either making amends or calling each other out for what they did.
  • Faux Symbolism: The trolls are each associated with a zodiac sign. The kids each have an element. Everyone has a DNA pair. And none of it matters. On the other hand... 
  • Fountain of Memes: See Memetic Mutation below.
  • Friendly Fandoms:
    • With Paranatural after the author Zack Morrison's frequent and well-received contributions to Paradox Space.
    • With Undertale, both series share Earthbound inspired roots, similar tones, and the game features a few nods to Homestuck proper. Helping this is that Toby and a number of the game's contributors worked on Homestuck, and Toby himself is working on Homestuck's own video game.
    • With John Dies at the End, what with both sharing a similar mixture of absurdist humor and Lovecraftian horror, and Cloning Blues and Death Is a Slap on the Wrist being prominent plot pieces in both series. Also, the main characters are named John and Dave.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: After the comic ended, it began cultivating a small but dedicated Asian (namely South Korean) fanbase, bolstered by the release of Hiveswap ACT 1. The troll characters in particular are very popular among South Koreans.
  • Growing the Beard: It's generally agreed that the comic starts to reach its potential at Act 2 and Act 3, in which the mythology of SBurb is greatly expanded upon.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • WV's messing around with can chessboard becomes pretty damn sad once you see what happened the last time he tried to lead an army.
    • In a pesterlog between Dave and Gamzee in early Act 5 Act 2, Gamzee saying that he hasn't had a good pie in a while takes on new significance after he does his acrobatic fucking pirouette off the handle.
    • The contents of Dad's wallet are revealed to be a ton of shaving cream, which is presented as comedic. Just before "Cascade", the Courtyard Droll returns with the shaving cream and uses it to kill Jade.
    • Dad Egbert's Doting Parent routine is a bit saddening when you consider what John's been subconsciously writing on his bedroom walls.
    • Aradia's snarky line about how Karkat should just keep listening to his self-destructive, angry impulses gets much worse when you find out later from Karkat that many if not most of the Aradiabots from doomed timelines came about because of hasty decisions on his part. In other words, a lot of her snark towards Karkat came because she got to see herself (and her friends) die over and over again because of him.
  • He's Just Hiding!:
    • Happens with several characters, most often Bro. It was probably invoked when Jane was caught in a mailbox explosion... and then found to be sleeping unharmed behind her house.
    • Spades Slick seems to get a lot of this whenever it seems like he might have died (which is often). A fan once asked Hussie if Spades was okay after a universe imploded with him in it. Hilariously, every time this has happened so far the fans are actually correct.
    • Earlier, it was common for fans to speculate that when a character died it was really an Alternate Timeline and didn't actually happen. In what might be a Fandom Nod, Jack Noir's apparent killing of Karkat and Terezi was in fact an alternate timeline, as was the death of Spades Slick seen a short time later.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
  • Hype Aversion: In part due to some of the fandom's less-than-pleasant aspects.
  • Hype Backlash: Most of it comes from the slow pace of the Act 1.
  • I Knew It!: The heavily reader-driven nature of the work causes this to happen a lot. "90% of calling it, is really influencing it in disguise." For example: Was anyone really suprised when it turned out that Lil Cal had to do with the Big Bad?
  • Intended Audience Reaction: Pretty much constantly since Act 5. YMMV of course whether it falls into this or poorly disguised Author's Saving Throw.
    • A number of people in the fandom considered the Trickster Mode Act to be a Deus ex Machina and found the Tricksterfied versions of almost all of the characters to be annoying. Right after it's revealed that the whole thing was a Mushroom Samba that left Jane completely freaked out about what happened, Hussie himself states to Caliborn that the characters can't simply be derailed into annoyingly happy versions of themselves and solve all of their problems instantaneously.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: A large portion of the fanbase is Just Here For The Trolls, to the chagrin of much of the rest of the fanbase.
  • Launcher of a Thousand Ships: Due to the fandom's tendency to relentlessly ship everyone with everyone, the entire main cast could be classified as a launcher. This is especially true for the Trolls who are almost universally bisexual. Then there are the four quadrants, which open up a lot of options.
  • Love to Hate: Caliborn, known initially by his handle undyingumbrage. He's a rude, obnoxious, egotistical, self-centered, sexist, creepy little shit with no real redeeming qualities. And yet he's so freaking hilarious in nearly every appearance that few truly hate the character.
  • Memetic Badass: Bro Strider. Fans sometimes jokingly portray AR as this. As one commenter put it:
    "Jack is just lucky that AR left his rocket launcher out of reach. Otherwise, Homestuck would have ended early."
  • Memetic Molester:
    • Scratch's conversations with Rose and Jade have catapulted him into this category.
    • Terezi qualifies as well, to a lesser extent, mostly because of her obsession with licking and smelling things.
    • Caliborn, for creepily spying on Jane and Roxy throughout their session, and getting off to something simple as the two girls having a pillow fight. He also told Jane to strip down and make herself dirty for his pleasure, while calling her fat. His only excuse is that this is apparently how his species interacts with others.
    • Cronus's No Sense of Personal Space in regards to Mituna and his creepy behavior landed him in this trope.
    • The Condesce, possibly for kidnapping Roxy.
    • Rose is a more minor version, because of her eyebrow funnybiz and handle, tentacleTherapist, which also seems to be a joke at this trope.
    • Jasprosesprite^2, from pawing Calliope's skull, to nuzzling Kanaya, to hitting on Jane, Jasprosesprite^2's No Sense of Personal Space and hyperactive attitude landed her here.
    • In Hussie's Condesce backstory Grandpa!Jake is veering into this territory, having had several wives and illegitimate children such as Harry Anderson and Ann Dunham (Barack Obama's mother).
  • Memetic Mutation: Now has its own page.
  • Misaimed Fandom: A lot of fans who like Vriska seem to think that she's just doing what's needed and ignore how the comic depicts her as incompetent, pointlessly mean, and hated. Often they bring up her "you don't have to be a good person to be a hero" speech as a major awesome moment, ignoring that Vriska herself admits soon after that said speech was basically just a temper tantrum over her not getting her way.
    • Even though the comic debunks the very nature of canon and the nature of Paradox Space basically means everything can be canon, and the author is a notorious Trolling Creator, there are still fan wars over whether certain ships or fan interpretations are "canon," with some getting mad at other fans having headcanons that contradict the "canon."
  • Narm:
    • Some feel this way about the line "I THINK I GAVE HIM CANCER". Karkat tends to attract Narm whenever he acts serious and remorseful, mostly because it's relatively rare and he's bad at it.
    • Though that may also be from the way works like Robot Chicken and Family Guy have desensitized audiences to the word cancer. In a charity commercial begging for research funds, references to cancer are usually viewed as heartbreaking; in a webcomic prone to silliness, it's more likely to be Played for Laughs (which in this case it wasn't, but the expectation totally ruined the effect). Doesn't help that, even though it's a serious moment, it's a pun on Karkat's zodiac sign being Cancer.
  • Nightmare Retardant: With the Trolls' Murderstuck arc, Hussie is trying to have have both comedy and horror at once. It doesn't really work that way.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Fedorafreak has never appeared in person; his name shows up in the background on Dad's chat client once in Act 1 and twice in Act 5, well over a year later. Despite this, he achieved memetic status on the forums. During the [o]termission, he takes center stage for a few pages, having somehow gotten into the Medium, alchemized a few worthless outfits, and apparently died on a Quest Bed after fighting some imps.
  • One True Threesome:
    • This is a common solution to the Eridan/Feferi/Sollux Love Triangle, especially with Eridan's (unrequited) black crush on Sollux.
      • Also done with Aradia/Sollux/Feferi due to the ambiguity of Aradia and Sollux's relationship (mentioned above in Broken Base).
    • The scene from Act 7 with Dave, Karkat, and Jade sitting together for a picnic coupled with the ending's ambiguity, lead to many people jumping on to them as an OT3. The credits seem to confirm it, as Dave and Karkat are shown spending equal amounts of time with each other and Jade, and all three of them apparently live together.
  • Paranoia Fuel:
    • John, Rose, and Dave have graffiti scrawled all over their walls... that they put there themselves but their mind won't let them perceive it. How do you know the same hasn't happened to you?
    • Doc Scratch's "Don't turn your back on the body" message, directed to Karkat.
    • "IT COULD HAVE UPDATED RIGHT NOW." Even after the comic itself ended, the paranoia continues as readers wait for the epilogue, especially when the credits sequence proved that it was not over.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Eridan regretting his actions and his apologizing to Fefetasprite endeared him to some readers.
    • Pre-Retcon Vriska learning from Aranea's mistakes and finally showing real, proper self-awareness as to the terrible things she's done turned the opinions of even some of her more dedicated detractors. She became even more popular with fans after her meeting with Post-Retcon Vriska and dumping from Meenah, which not only made clear how much of a better person she had become than Post-Retcon Vriska, but helped make her more tragic and sympathetic.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Sometimes happens in fanfic and fan art, the authors and artists generally seem to be going for Crosses the Line Twice comedy, True Art Is Angsty drama or exploring Alternative Character Interpretation.
  • Seasonal Rot: Everything post-Cascade has been a lot more divisive and had many more criticisms/detractors. Most of the reasons boil down to repeating Act 5's fandom-splitting qualities (introducing more "player"-type characters heavy on dialogue, those characters having Love Dodecahedron issues, and prolonging the comic to the extent that Act 6 is longer than even Act 5 in page count) but without as much to redeem it. Other controversial moments don't help, such as the Trickster segment, the intentionally unlikable majority of the pre-scratch trolls, and several jokes that came off as mean-spirited even by the comic's standards.
  • Self-Fanservice: The kids are rarely drawn as children, the trolls as monsters, or the carapaces as alien chess things by the fans.
    • You'd be surprised at all the Self-Fanservice Tavros gets, portraying him as having a toned torso from all the wheelchairing around, and typically portrayed as the tallest troll standing.
  • Serious Business: Shipping. Fans can get pretty opinionated about the nature of the quadrants (how much is nature and how much is nurture) and the feasibility of healthy troll-human romance in various quadrants. At one extreme, some fans insist that human/troll pairings could work in any quadrant, at the other extreme, some fans insist that human/troll are doomed due to psychological differences, even in the flushed quadrant.
  • Shocking Moments:
    • "Descend". As the title implies, this is the point where everything falls apart. Jack Noir devastates the battlefield, initiates the Reckoning, and destroys Prospit's moon, an act which forces Jade's dream self to pull a Heroic Sacrifice for Dream John. John sends off the meteors holding the kids' and their guardian's younger selves to the past. Bec is created, Bro and Noir face off in a duel that begins the scratch, Dave makes his way to his first gate, and Rose destroys her first gate in an effort to Screw Destiny.
    • "Cascade". The end of the lengthy Act 5, the climax of the story up until that point. The Scratch is initiated, the kids prepare to journey into the Alpha Session, they all ascend to god tier, they leave behind their own universes and they set off The Tumor which actually CREATES the Green Sun, B1 Jack Noir continues his murderous rampage but finally meets his match in PM... but the best of all? It was uploaded on 10/25, 1025 being the sum of the other two Arc Numbers, 413 and 612, and it was so hyped up and amazing that it broke Newgrounds and a few other sites temporarily because of all of the traffic of people wanting to see it. 10/25 became known as the day that Homestuck broke the internet.
    • "Game Over" matches "Cascade" in this department. Karkat, Gamzee, Kanaya, Dave, Jake, and Jane all die in the span of a few minutes. Unlike Cascade, however, it's eventually wiped from canon.
    • "Collide". The end of the even LONGER Act 6, the final battle that every major player has been building up for. Every main character has a hand in taking down the main villains in an eighteen minute long flash. Such highlights include Lord English fighting Vriska and Meenah's ghost army, Roxy slaying the Condesce, Jake defeating a bunch of Felt mobsters, the Striders and Terezi defeating two Jacks, and PM finally taking Bec Noir down. The entire flash animation is just full of action and was quite an intense final battle, showing the long running story of Homestuck is finally drawing to a close.
    • Two words: Act 7. Any pretense of still resembling flash animation is obliterated as Homestuck finally goes full anime, showing the new Genesis Frog being born, Vriska and the ghost army confronting Lord English and unleashing the juju, Caliborn destroying his own God Tier clock and gaining immortality, Alt!Calliope destroying the Green Sun, and a flash-forward showing the kids, trolls, and Prospitians and Dersites living happily on a rebuilt Earth.
  • Slow-Paced Beginning:
    • Inverted, in a sense - Act 1 (the beginning) with John floundering about in his room sets up and explains Sburb pretty quickly, but by the time of Act 5, the plot has become incredibly convoluted, confusing, and dramatic. In fact, each Act can basically be considered a somewhat different style of story. Fans of Problem Sleuth have been a bit put off by the drastic change in style. Note that it has been stated the slow beginning of Homestuck was intentional.
    • The trolls might have been written too well, or badly, as they came across to readers as off-putting as they were to the main characters. Then twelve of them with accompanying walls of text hijacked the story and severely throttled the pace. With Character Development and art shifts, some managed to gain sympathy enough to shed Scrappyhood, while others sunk appropriately to Love to Hate revulsion.
  • Squick:
    • Jade's grandfather collected the corpse of her dream self... and stuffed it. And then Jade proceeded to do the same to him when he died. As a toddler.
    • Gamzee is implied to have made out with Tavros' severed head at points in late Act 5 Act 2.
    • Spade Slick and Snowman "hate snogging" near the end of Act 5 Act 2. It's not them kissing, it's the gratuitous close-up and the fact that their faces are covered in blood. Not to mention they're basically making out on top of the corpses of several Felt members. Lampshaded by Doc Scratch, who flips out when he sees this.
    • Spades Slick isn't actually dead, and Andrew Hussie is nursing him back to health after making him a cyborg. No problem. He is nursing him back to health with milk "fresh from the Butler's teat". The Butler in question being a version of Aurthour.
    • Davepeta tells Jasprose that they're okay with going on a date, because they can't have kids as they're both dead and trolls have no incest taboo. Both the Dave and Rose components of the sprites are screaming and disgusted about it, and so are a lot of the audience.
    • In Hussie's Condesce backstory there's a lot of this, including the Condesce almost literally harvesting Oliver Hardy's genetic material and right up to Nanna!Jane having sex with Stan Laurel on a couch while being watched by Adolf Hitler's decapitated head.
  • Strangled by the Red String:
    • John and Vriska both in regards to one another; it's hard to imagine the John in earlier Acts being okay with a serial killer crushing on him, and likewise up until she started talking to John, Vriska had few to no redeeming qualities. Later updates in Act 6 have John realize that it was ridiculous of him to even have considered her as a romantic possibility, both because they had only known each other for a day and because of the aforementioned serial-killing.
    • Jack Noir and PM's shipping is even more controversial, though more subdued. Helped by the fact that it's completely one-sided in-universe (PM hates Jack more than anything in the world for obvious reasons).
    • For some who had been hoping for an ending on the Dave/Terezi/Karkat love triangle, whether they ship Dave/Terezi or Karakt/Terezi, the sudden introduction of Dave/Karkat in the retcon timeline came off as this. All the development happens off-screen, and there's little real foreshadowing for it prior to then.
    • Parodied with Jasprosesprite^2, a part-cat sprite who quickly tries to date and marry Nepetasprite, despite her clear apprehension about dating someone she hardly even knows. Then Davesprite, who's sorta the brother of Jasprosesprite^2 and also part bird, accidentally merges with Nepetasprite.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: One of Vriska's leitmotifs, "She's a Sp8der," contains a version of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme "He's a Pirate."
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • Roxy meets Aranea and immediately chews her out on several things that bothered people about her.
    • Post-retcon Vriska gets this when pre-retcon Tavros shows up with a gigantic ghost army that he managed to gather all by himself and tells Vriska to suck it. Then he does an extended victory jig while Vriska suffers an existential crisis over the fact that Tavros did something useful.
    • Gamzee, who had been a Base-Breaking Character due to killing Nepeta and Equius and killing Karkat in [S] GAME OVER gets thrown around, locked in a fridge during the battle in [S] Collide.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The Squiddles in general are absurdly saccharine to the point of annoyance. Especially the album, though averted with "Let The Squiddles Sleep" song for its Surprise Creepy factor. Also plays the trope straight in that it is one of the least popular albums because it tries to represent what a terrible nineties cartoon about squids and The Power of Friendship would sound like.
  • Ugly Cute:
    • The trolls, to some people, with their gray skin, yellow eyes and horns adding to their unusual charm
    • As of her reveal, Calliope is definitely adorable, with her enthusiastic green eyes overcoming her skeletal exterior. And if fan response and Hussie's trollish comments in A6I4 are anything to go by, so is Caliborn (they do share a body after all).
  • Uncanny Valley:
    • Characters are depicted either in miniature form (stylistically depicted without arms) or a more realistic 'Hero Mode'. What happens when you have Hero Mode with the miniature form's stubby feet and no arms? You get this.
    • And make no mention of Lil' Cal.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion:
    • A surprising number of people thought Kanaya was a really girly boy before Word of God confirmed her gender. Mostly because the kids didn't know her gender and called her a him in their conversations.
    • Similarly, Terezi is often confused for a boy by outsiders thanks to her Boyish Short Hair and red shades. Interestingly, her name source is Tiresias, a blind prophet who was turned into a woman and then back into a man at some point.
  • What Do You Mean, It's Not for Kids?: Many people assume Homestuck's child-friendly, with its simplistic art style and a straightforward premise of four kids playing an ordinary long-awaited video game... only with numerous sexual references, brutal deaths, and an astounding number of creative) swearing.
  • Win Back the Crowd:
    • Kanaya's return in Act 5 Act 2 as a rainbow drinker was a welcome turn from the grimdark of then recent developments, and the fanbase reacted in kind.
    • Hussie himself with his 4/13/11 news update — now long gone — showing that he does care about the fans, even if several panels are dedicated to trolling them.
    • And again with Doc Scratch suddenly interrupting the story and deciding to move things along after a month's long stretch of nothing happening.
    • And with the fans who disliked Scratch's storytelling or the [o]termission cheered as Andrew Hussie burst out of his study to start strangling Doc Scratch.
    • Jade's arrival in Alpha Session, along with the battleship, after the Trickster Arc, and all the Teen Drama that took up Act 6 Act 5.
    • The return of the Felt in the storyline and the focus being on Spades Slick for a change was a surely welcome change to the rampant text walling by Aranea and Vriska.
    • The last 30 pages of Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 2, after the not too popular events of the rest of Act 6. Which consists of Rose and Karkat's Character Rerailment (After both facing serious Badass Decay, are ready to engage Gamzee), Jane attacking Aranea in a robotic sleepwalk, and then the Condesce finally arriving to the battle.
    • "[S] Game Over" could be seen as Hussie's way of saying: "If anyone out there stopped caring after this year I'll have them back. With a Bang."
    • Many who had been disappointed by Act 6 were won back by "Collide". It is essentially Cascade 2.0, an eighteen minute long flash animation that's full of action, perfectly befitting the final battle against all of the main villains.

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