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> Inspect burning vascular pump.

It brings a grin to your face and a churn to your seventh bile duct.

Due to the constantly updating nature of Homestuck, all spoilers are left unmarked.

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     Act 1 

     Act 2 

     Act 3 

     Act 4 

     Act 5 Act 1 

     Act 5 Act 2 
  • ACT 5 ACT 2. It's genuinely a heartwarming showcase of John growing up with his Dad and meeting Jade. The ending is actually pretty heartwarming too. (Spadewarming?) Seeing Karkat "fall in hate", shall we say, with John, it really sweet.
    • A standout in the Dad and John montage; at one point a baby John is seen playing on his little slimer toy. When he falls off and gets hurt, Dad immediately runs in to help him.
  • Although Karkat disagrees, it's pretty heartwarming how close the kids and the trolls have apparently become at John's point in the timeline here.
    • Although this conversation (John's first, sometime later on Karkat's timeline) shows that however grudgingly, Karkat has at least some fondness for the kids.
  • Similarly, any of Dave and Terezi's conversations, which also show a degree of friendship between them. Especially when they start drawing comics of each other.
  • Two moments with Karkat and Robot Aradia in Alterniabound: First, when Aradia says she might kill Karkat for the hell of it and doom them all, if only they weren't already doomed... "and if you werent my friend". Karkat supplies the next, saying how he would dedicate the whole team to bringing Aradia back to life if he could. It goes to show that even as a stoic ghost in a robot, Aradia still cares for her friend, as well as how much Karkat values the people around him despite all the shouty business.
    • Such as this and this. I guess Terezi really does care...
    GC: 4ND H4V3 DR34MS 4S SW33T 4S H3 T4ST3S >:]
    • When playing as Terezi in Alterniabound, you can find an empty chest in her lair. Re-examining it in the future yields GIFT ART FROM A COOL FRIEND (a SBaHJ picture). Additionally, the walls in the area have new chalk drawings on them— one of her and Dave, and one older drawing that's been SBaHJ-ified.
      • Also, if Terezi talks to Tavros, Terezi tells Tavros how cool he looks with his robot legs. He's grateful and says he feels more confident, as if Rufio had given him a high five and a massage telling hime "you're the champ". But what's really heartwarming is what comes next.
    • And the last thing said?
  • John and Dad reuniting on Skaia.
  • Parts of this convo. Whether you're a shipper or just love the friendship the kids have, these two lines will get you:
    EB: i'm not your leader, i am your FRIEND, there is a BIG difference!
    TT: Statements like that are also why you're our leader.
    • Called back shortly thereafter by the trolls.
    GA: Statements Like That Are Also Why Youre Our Leader
  • The whole sequence showing Bro and baby Dave (starting here.)
  • The sequence of pages starting here straddles the line between this and Funny.
  • This page. You can tell it's gonna be heartwarming when you see Rose smiling adorably.
    • Even before that, the reason she gave the laptop to her sprite. Nepeta wanted to talk to him because he reminds her of her lusus. Aww...
    • I love you rose! I always have even when you were a little girl and i was an alive cat.
  • Even though Jade's just been through one hell of a nightmare and can't seem to remember what any of her reminders stood for, she still thinks of trying to save John.
  • John trying to get Rose to stop acting so dark and act the way she used to. The meta bit is that both John and the readers have been worried about her, and we're both relieved. Also on Funny.Homestuck.
  • The first time Jade sees snow. Also serves as Mood Whiplash as it comes immediately after a shot of Jack murdering Dream Karkat face to face.
  • The sight of seeing Jade gain her first level is just so precious when compared to what she's had to deal with recently.
  • The new queen should understand she has friends to help her.
  • A lot of the kids' conversations with Jade qualifies but this one with Dave feels especially heartwarming compared to all the crazy crap that's been dropped left and right.
  • Dave's reaction when he hears that Rose plans on a suicide mission (unaware that she's only going to kill her expendable Dream Self) is at equal times vintage Dave. Rose even lampshades how sweet it is.
  • Jade acts very reasonably when confronted with her Grandpa's proxy killer. She quickly forgives Tavros of his cultural misunderstanding and starts to form a bond. It's pretty nice to see her acting with a Troll in a civilized manner for once.
  • In [S] John: Enter village, we see how much of a nice guy John really is.
  • [S] JOHN. RISE UP. Jack seemingly killed John, Wayward Vagabond is completly distraught... And then the miracle happens. Also count as a Tear Jerker.
  • In a twisted train of thought, the flashback of how Vriska ascends to the God Tier has its touching moments. You'd think her playful needling of Tavros while her real self is bleeding out is just her being her usual two-faced self, but when they get to her Quest Bed and she starts encouraging him to kill her, it seems almost genuine. What really seals the deal is her rather forceful reaction to her Exile after she suggests Vriska take the reins and do it herself... by writing it in plain sight with Tavros' hand. Yes, folks, the HUGE BITCH herself honestly believes (or really, really hopes she does) her emotional punching bag has the stones to man up and kill her quickly. Considering how Vriska behaves, that's... oddly comforting.
  • Aradia's final goodbye to Sollux.
    AA: i wish
    AA: i c0uld s0meh0w make that em0tic0n smile
    AA: 0u0
    AA: n0 that l00ks stupid
    AA: 0h well
    • And then it's followed by her giving him a hug, of all things.
    • Called back here
  • As sad as these pages are, it's nice to know that there is a happy afterlife for all those who die in Homestuck.
  • Seeing both Karkat and Jade apologizing to each other and giving each other a second chance.
  • Midway through [S] Wake, between the losses of a planet and a favorite character, Aradia ASCENDS. No longer dead, a ghost, a prototyped frog-spirit, or a soulbot, She is now a living, breathing troll, with God Tier time powers that rival Bec Noir's Space powers, as a plus. ...How is THAT not heartwarming??
    • What makes it heartwarming is that she's smiling. This is a character who we've seen smile literally only twice before.
    • Made even better in Temporal Shenanigans. After two verses of doom and gloom, we get:
    From now on I know I'll be more careful where I tread
    I'm alive, I'm smiling, I'm so tired of being dead!
    I see in full clarity what was so muddy before
    You see, I'm far from empty - I'm back to what I live for.
  • The first part of this page, at least. While Terezi is hilariously struggling with trying to help Tavros, Karkat has one of those rare moments of showing something other than RAGE, and it's... well, it definitely belongs here. *sniffle*
  • "Son. If you are reading this, it means you have inherited my wallet. You have truly become an adult man. Wield it with responsibility and integrity. I am so, so proud of you."
    • Even better when John looks through his dad's wallet he finds ticket stubs from a Cirque du Soleil show they went to years ago and a bunch of photos of John throughout the years.
  • Karkat apologizes. To John. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The 2/6 flash update shows just how deeply Equius really cares about Nepeta.
    • How does Equius deal with his grief over losing Aradia? Does he beat up some more robots? Nope. He and Nepeta curl up in a pile and discuss feelings. *sniff*
    • He roleplays with her. He never roleplays with her. And it's adorable.
    • Above everything else, Equius just wants Nepeta to be safe. And then when they split up, and Eq makes sure to say goodbye...and Nepeta quickly says they'll see each other's all very sweet and sad at same time.
    • The fact that Aradia still wanted to see Equius even after coming back to life. It's a small thing, but it proves that she really does feel something for him and wasn't just using him as a relationship of convenience.
  • This conversation between John and Vriska is a major Pet the Dog moment for the latter. John seems to have taken Kanaya's place as Vriska's Morality Pet.
  • The bit where Vriska talks about finding Mindfang's journal. "It really felt like she wrote it just for me, like she was talking right to me and telling me how to 8e like her."
  • Happy Aradia is back! The smile from her transformation should have given us a hint, but... still, it's nice seeing her back to her pre-death self, all cheerful and fun. She actually sounds like Jade, in a way. Even more so with this page. For having to put up with death and the trauma of sGrub as long as she did, it's nice to see her happy and determined to stay alive.
  • The afterlife is a great place indeed. Makes all these character deaths more bearable. Not to mention, that Aradia's gotten over her nihilistic tendencies.
    AA: i am very much alive
    AA: and i intend to stay that way :)
  • Dad and Mom continue with their lovely tea party in the middle of the battlefield. The ground shakes a bit due to John using the Windy Thing as a drill to excise the Tumor, causing Dad to accidentally spill a little wine on Mom's lab coat. Mom does not mind at all. They have a moment.
    The man and the woman are at ease. They have everything because they have each other. They know that together they can make it through anything, whether trouble brings a bit of spilled wine on a chic lab coat, or reduces the very castle beneath their feet to ruins.
  • Kanaya is BACK.
  • Lil' Cal fans take note: Despite his current holder hating everything, he will always keep Cal by his side as a good friend. Aww.
    • Doesn't stop him from using Lil' Cal as a weapon in the future. An act that temporarily damages the puppet.
  • You could not do it. You could not kill the girl.
    • On a related note, this as well. Bec's love for Jade is strong indeed. That and the image is just pure D'AWWWWW.
    • [S] Seer: Descend has Jack slashing the tapestries that have the kids' god tier symbols on them… except Jade's. Judging by the bloody footprints, he gave it a wide berth.
  • This is surprisingly the nicest comment the readers could get out of Jack.
    Jack Noir: Lousy stupid dignitary, all keeping your murderous tendencies in check. He's the most terrible guy you almost kind of didn't despise completely.
  • Aradia watching herself get a hat.
  • Doc Scratch is a courteous host. He prepared a bowl of candy for his guest, Spades Slick.
  • CD gives his clubs patch to the bunny after she loses her eye. Awww.
  • [S] Seer: Descend was the source of a lot of emotion, most of it soul-crushingly sorrowful, but there was one small bright spot amongst it all: we have, for the very first time, a real life, face-to-face, conscious meeting of two of the kids. Even though you know what lies in the future, seeing John and Rose interact (no matter how limited) is heart-meltingly sweet. What's more, for all her grim-darkness and garbled language, it still seems that the old Rose is somewhere in there.Sadly this just heightens the dread of what's to come next...
  • A meta example; Andrew's comments on the two year anniversary. Sometimes he makes his readers wonder if he appreciates us. Now is not one of those times. note 
  • "She wouldn't dare harm sweet, precious Gamzee, would she? The thought is almost more than you can bear."
  • Terezi: Hug Pyralspite.
  • Terezi letting Vriska go, even after she won their bet to decide Vriska's fate.
    • Wait, NO!
  • Even though it's also a huge Tear Jerker, Terezi and Karkat being Together in Death.
    • Vriska's reaction is truly one also, she looks ENRAGED that Jack killed them.
  • In the Alpha Timeline, Karkat receives a note from Gamzee telling him to go onto the roof. The writing itself is made to mimic Terezi's typing quirk, and Karkat already thinks that Terezi might be dead. When they see each other, this happens. Awwwwwwwwww!
  • In the next panel, you see that Sollux, having lost his old glasses, is now wearing Feferi's goggles instead.
  • Vriska talking to the then unable to answer John, stating that one big reason she is afraid of fighting Bec Noir is she wants to someday meet John in person, and hopes that he will, despite the fact that she is an alien, look past the terrible things she has done and go on a date with her. Also a bit of a tearjerker when you remember she was just killed.
    • John responding to her after she has died without knowing about her death and saying yes to going on a date with her is equal parts heartwarming and Tear Jerker.
  • YMMV given that it is a black romance, but Slick and Snowman's little scene in the banner can be heartwarming in context, especially considering she just murdered another member of her gang to keep Slick safe. Timeline preservation or not, they still engage in Sloppy Makeouts afterwards.
  • As Aimless Renegade is preparing to blow up the pods, he takes the time to use his console to contact Dave one last time in order to wish him luck and encourage him to get justice for Bro's death.
  • Still a Tear Jerker, but Karkat admitting that Gamzee was his best friend, and he actually liked him, fits in this category for at least one reader.
  • And now we have our second 2XCORPSESMOOCH COMBO with Rose and Dave, kissed by John and Jade respectively, who wake up on Derse as a result. In Jade's case, Bec Noir, despite turning Dave into Swiss cheese with Jade's bullets, looks at her like a sad dog.
  • Two examples from the clippings of Scratch's ruined scrapbook: Jadesprite and Davesprite finally meet, and Nepeta talks with Jaspersprite.
  • John and Vriska go on a d8.
    • It manages to be a bit bittersweet, given that this version of John never befriended Vriska, and can't really remember a thing about her, but it's still primarily heartwarming. Early in the sequence, John lends Vriska a spare jacket because she looks cold. Later, as they leave that memory, it gets warmer.
    GT: guess i'll take my coat off.
    GT: i can take yours back, if you want.
    AG: No thanks. I think I'll keep it on.
  • "EB: but it's okay. i will be your matt mcconaughey."
  • When dead Dave and Aradia meet, she walks him through what happened and then takes him to her hive. While this is nice enough, then she says he has a visitor. What happens? Tavros says he admires Dave and the two fall into their old wordplay games. Accidental innuendos aside, it's kind of nice to see they won't be alone.
    TG: its my eternal punishment to have shitty rapoffs with this tool forever is that it
    AA: yes you figured out the mystery!
  • This conversation between Dave and Rose.
    TT: I am the pilot. That's all there is to say on the matter.
    TG: but i dont want you to die
    TT: Help John and Jade.
    TG: this isnt right
    • Also, Dave not missing a beat once he realizes his sister is in danger. He grabs his sword and flies for the moon about two seconds after waking up.
  • "fedorafreak: @pipefan413, friend."
    • Also, Nannasprite telling him a story to comfort him as he dies, plus his reaction of "@pipefan413's kindly mother: ty".
  • Karkat gives John a heads up before having his first conversation with him from his perspective.
  • Past!Tavros and Past!Gamzee's absolutely adorable rap battle. Like most heartwarming moments with the trolls, it's also a bit of a Tear Jerker, given that during the present moment in the comic this scene is flashbacking from, Tavros is dead and Gamzee's gone insane, but it's still really sweet.
  • This page reveals that the pre-Scratch version of the trolls got a chance to live normal lives on a peaceful Alternia, and that trolls aren't inherently evil.
  • The Dolorosa gave up her job of caring for mother grubs, fled to the surface, and committed an unthinkable act of acting as the Sufferer's lusus. Why? She saw he was special, and knew he would have nearly no chance for survival otherwise.
  • Vriska's ecstatic reaction to John by instinctively using her little typing quirk in this chat is very adorable.
  • Weirdest possible context ever, but Andrew Hussie himself coming to save the Handmaid from Doc Scratch. It doesn't work, but it just makes Andrew seem like such a nice guy.
    Andrew: See? Even that little girl has had enough of your shit. Run, Aradia's ancestor! Run!!!! You have locked up your last asian schoolgirl, you sick fuck.
  • Karkat and Gamzee officially dubbed as moirails after the former calms down the latter with shoosh paps. What really stands out, is that Karkat, of all people, genuinely smiles for the first time, seeing that he is an often negative person, who usually rages and screams constantly. When he explains all this to John, Karkat says that he considers Gamzee and Kanaya to be his best friends.
  • Terezi telling Tavros not to let anyone tell him rufio isn't real is a nice way to help bolster his self-confidence.
  • In the days leading up to the Act 5 EOA flash, some of the usual advertisements on the site changed into something Homestuck themed.
  • In [S] Cascade, Bec Noir sorrowfully brings Jade's body to her Quest Bed so that she may ascend to God Tier (or just lay her to rest). Good doggy.
    • Also in [S] Cascade, the WQ and WK's reunion after 413 years (413 million, for WK) of being separated. It promptly turns into Tear Jerker.
    • In another subverted heartwarming moment, as Aimless Renegade is blowing up the pods he hesitates on the last one because he knows that Wayward Vagabond is inside. In other words, AR died because he couldn't bring himself to harm his friends.
    • Dave and Rose's ascension. After worrying during the scrapbook intermission that either one or both of them are going to die, their ascension, combined with the music accompanying it, is both awesome and a relief.
    • The look on dog-tier Jade's face after she ascends and starts saving the hell out of freaking everything. She's just...full of joy and resolve unlike her sprite self. It's like she took Davesprite's words to heart and was telling herself, "I don't have to cry and worry any more. I can do this. I will do this!"

     Act 6 Act 1 

     Act 6 Intermission 1 
  • "Who am I kidding. Even using my super-fast robotic AUTHOR AVATAR, I barely have time to do anything. Maybe I'll just level up these kids before they go, and that's it. They've earned it after all, don't you think?"
  • Right before PM and Jack are about to face off, the reader sees a heart over Jack's head, and a spade over PM's. It's kind of heartwarming, but also a bit strange for the situation...
  • .—. .-.. . .- ... . (...) .... . .-.. .—. .... .. — Translation: Please... Help him
  • The humans and trolls finally meet in person, shortly after Sollux's final death.
    • Even if it's in such circumstances, it's still a little nice to see the trolls and humans flailing around like the children they are.
  • John refuses to leave Jade behind to take the long route when she gives him the option.
    you are my friend and also my sorta-sister, and we just met for the first time ever a few minutes ago... i'm not going to be like, welp! see ya in three years jade!
    • Especially when you consider that the first time he physically met her was through his dreamself, who later finds out that Jade's dreamself died trying to wake him up and how much she wanted to meet him.
  • Jade, John and Davesprite all interacting is possibly the cutest thing ever. It shows what good friends they are.
    • Especially considering that Davesprite came from a future where John died and Jade never made it to the Medium, and now they'll have plenty of time to spend together.
  • Rose asking Kanaya to come along with them.
  • Karkat desperately trying to stop Kanaya from going clown hunting.
    • For that matter, Gamzee hugging Karkat as he cries over Sollux's death, and pulling his weight in their moirallegiance by getting Karkat to stop yelling and try to breathe.

     Act 6 Act 2 
  • [S] Roxy: Sleepwalk shows that Nepeta and Equius (alternate timeline or not) have found peace in the afterlife. Which makes the Reader Punch in [S] Caliborn: Enter all more painful.
  • This page shows that Cal is more than a Demonic Dummy (at least from Dirk's standpoint).
  • A more subtle example is how willing Roxy is to support Dirk and Jane when it comes to Jake, despite the fact that she herself has a bit of a thing for him (and Dirk) at the same time.
  • Roxy refusing to shoot the Dersites because she knows they're just looking for food.

     Act 6 Intermission 2 
  • Andrew's taking care of Spades Slick, even tolerating his stabs and stubbornness.
  • The fandom seems to be reacting this way towards Karkat typing in his candy-red blood color.
  • Karkat expresses his true feelings about the dead trolls:
  • Wayward Vagabond has been healed by a godtier Feferi. Cue international sigh of relief.
    • And now the guy is back to his Manchild / Cloud Cuckoolander roots, building and drawing a new town with Terezi and Dave.
      • Better yet, Dave has referred to WV saying, "the mayor rules hes like my best fucking friend"
  • John refering and thinking of Davesprite as just "Dave", especially when he didn't take him seriously as "a" Dave a year ago.
  • The Relationship Upgrade between Jade and Davesprite. Seem like looking into each other's eyes while waiting to die brings people closer together. Who'd have guessed?
  • It's only a small thing but, John hasn't forgotten Vriska after all.
  • John shoves Roxy out of the way from Meenah's trident, even though he doesn't know her.
  • Knowing that Terezi still cared about Vriska, even though she had to kill her - and that she wants to apologise.
  • Terezi telling Aranea that she sounds like she would have been a good friend.
  • Andrew expressing concern for Ms. Paint's safety when Lord English shows up.

     Act 6 Act 3 
  • During Jane's exploration of The Land of Crypts and Helium, she comes across some little balloons with tablets attached that are said to grant a wish should the floating balloon make it to Skaia. So she carves a picture of Jake's face on one. Daaaawwww.
  • There is something bizarrely heartwarming about Tavros thanking Vriska for how good her self esteem felt while they were fused. Also how he immediately forgives her for killing him.
    • For that matter, Vriska is apologizing to him for killing him, and then makes it her mission to a) make them both relevant, and b) help him get genuine self-confidence.
  • A minor one, but if Jane refuses to buy an olive Love Potion, the usually-greedy Gamzee notices she could use one, and offers her one for free.
  • The reason Roxy keeps appearifying pumpkins.
    TT: She tries to feed the hungry neighbors whatever she can scrounge up.
    This revelation is especially heartwarming with the associated panel. Dawwww.
  • He stands like Bro.
  • The fact that, despite all his efforts, Doc Scratch couldn't remove love from troll society. He could hide it as pity or weakness, and he could twist their reproduction to move away from it, but it was still there. Love survives.
  • It's encased in his normal crabby jackassery, but Karkat griping about missing his friends when they pass through the dreambubble with Meenah and Aranea. His comments about Nepeta are of special note, since over the course of the story he went from calling her an "autistic catgirl," to grudgingly accepting her presence, to defending her from Eridan's objectification ("SHE'S A PERSON WITH FEELINGS, YOU RAVING DOUCHE!"), to having her be the first one he asks for when he gets a chance to see his dead friends again. It may have been just a joke to slip in a meta-reference to Nepeta Quest, but taken in relation to his character development it's actually quite touching.
  • Roxy risks her life and takes the time to bring as many carapacians to safety as she can. This girl just keeps getting sweeter.
  • YMMV on this one but the fact that uu actually made the effort to draw Dirk something, even if it was basically a joke and his art is terrible, is sweet in its own way.
  • Mixed with Tear Jerker, Jake cries over witnessing Jane's stabbing next to Dirk. No, really; earlier, he couldn't face his feelings about Jane or Dirk, so the fact he can face those feelings count.
  • DIRK: Also I'm just gonna steal her if you don't mind.
    DIRK: She needs to come home.
  • Aranea helping Dirk to wake up. She hasn't met him, she barely knows who he is, and she's under no compunction to help him - but she does anyway. This is the first time we've ever seen Scorpio powers used for a truly altruistic reason, and it's awesome.
  • The fact Dirk is so determined to save all his friends, avoid the Red Miles and save the universe that he literally cuts off his own head to save them, and eventually, himself. It’s heartbreaking, because it’s selfless and selfish and brave and ridiculous and maybe even a little stupid, but he does it, because he knows exactly what will happen, and he trusts Jake very much. The amount of faith he has in his best bro is astounding. He has to believe that Jake will follow through, because if he doesn’t, than everything he did was for nothing, and they would all just die. If the Prince title didn't mean destroyer, he pretty much seals the literal title of Prince of Heart.
  • The Alpha kids are all together after Dirk rescued them all.
  • Roxy, Dirk, and Jane on the hoverboard in [S] Dirk: Unite. It ties in with the above, but just the expression on Roxy's face and how close they are makes it funny, lighthearted, and heartwarming. For a few precious moments, Homestuck was Kids and Fun again.
    • This is also the first time Roxy has experienced physical contact with another human being in her life.
  • Dirk and Jake's first canonical conversation is pretty heartwarming. After all the secrets and awkwardness and accidental hurting going on in the present, especially between Roxy and Jane, it's pretty nice to go back to a few years ago before all that started happening. It's even sweeter when you remember that, them being thirteen, this was around when Dirk was first getting a crush on Jake.
    GT: Id wager a tidy sum the results of the endeavor will be sensational.
    GT: I believe in you!
    TT: You do?
    GT: Sure bro. I always have.
  • Even though it just turns out to be Jake talking to a splinter of Dirk in a Dreambubble, after all that's been explained about the less-than-stellar future, we have this:
    TT: But you believe me, right?
    GT: Oh yeah every word of it!
    TT: Wow.
    GT: Why shouldnt i? You are my friend and i trust you.

     Act 6 Intermission 3 
  • When Meenah opens the chest with a Plush Scalemate, she states, "Holy shit. You are never going to stop hugging this thing. Ever." Cute.
  • When Meenah hears sobbing, she asks Hussie what is his deal, and if he is crying. What really sells it is this look of curiosity on her face, like she actually looks concerned for him.
    • This can get better. If you return to him with the Pretzeled Horse Hitcher, (what he cherishes the most amazing present ever), he'll be overjoyed with enough gratitude to forget about Vriska and follow Meenah like a loyal puppy. Aww.
  • On the second map, Meenah can find the Thorns of Oglogoth in a chest. Stating that any sane adventurer would cast them away and forget they existed, she realizes someone just did that. Move south, and you'll find Rose standing a distance where the chest is located, like they were thrown behind her into the dream bubble beach waters. The point? Subtle Character Development on her part, having no use for the needles anymore. Hashtag "A wise move," indeed.
  • When Aranea wishes Meenah luck in her plan to kill Lord English, Meenah replies, "Aw you're tha best Sekret. Cmere. 38*" Complete with an animated smooching motion done by Meenah, showing gratitude.
  • Kanaya hinting at Rose maybe being her "girl frond."
  • Latula reveals Meenah timed her Tumor explosion right before their Scratch so the God-Tiered players could not be revived and erased out of existence. In other words, she timed her Kill 'Em All plan so that ALL her teammates would join her on the other side, not just some of them.
    • Also, Meenah learns the Pre-Scratch Trolls afterlife is just the same as when they lived. In response, she wants to puke (in a nice way though), slightly revealing Meenah's happy how things never really changed. It helps Latula agrees with Meenah here, with her wink. >;D
  • Talking to Porrim, Meenah pities Karkat for suffering Kankri's speech. Indeed, poor, poor Shouty. 38(
  • The relationship between Porrim and Kankri is like that of a mother and son.
  • If Kankri talks to Latula, then we see Kankri admires a few details about her, like the way she high fives, or the way her hair flows, or even recounting the story of Latula smelling a cake Meenah baked despite lacking a sense of smell, and playing it off like nothing.
    • What really makes it sweet is how this last story leaves Latula speechless.
  • Karkat made the password to his memories specifically something that reminded him of a friend. The password? Jade's old crack about his hatred of his past self: "IF I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH, WHY DON'T I HATEMARRY MYSELF?" which she had used as one of their passwords.
  • When Meenah finds that Karkat has stopped following her, she laments that it's hard making friends. She's less cold than she lets on.
  • John has taken to calling Davesprite, Dave sprite. After all of Davesprite's angst about not being real a simple pause in words conveys exactly how real John thinks he is.
  • Karkat trying to cheer Terezi up.
    • And afterwards, Terezi starts looking for Karkat again.
  • One line, from Meenah to Terezi:
    MEENAH: ps ur dragon out fit rules
  • Remember how evil the Grand Highblood was? Not so with Kurloz, who (at least at some point) cared about Meulin.
    • After having mind controlled her to continue his plan, talking to her again leads to an adorable scene where both of them communicates to each other in gifs.
  • Karkat seems to be genuinely warming up to Meenah - if only through their shared hatred of Kankri and Cronus.
    • Enough that he tells her about how much he admired Her Imperious Condescension (Meenah in another life) when he was growing up on Alternia, and how much he wanted to be a Threschecutioner, who were basically her most powerful army, despite his absolutely crippled social standing due to blood color. He goes on to talk about how much he really loved Alternia, and how kickass he thought the place was. Towards the end of their conversation, he makes her a promise that if their meteor crosses dreambubbles with her again, and she doesn't have her army yet, he'll leave the meteor to come join her in fighting Lord English as her royal Threshecutioner. For her part, Meenah immediately becomes catatonic with joy.
  • Meenah's fangasm for the Condesce starts breaking, although she denies it and tries justifying it to herself. Why? Because she can't wrap her mind around how cruelly her counterpart treated Mituna's counterpart.
  • Meenah coming to Mituna's defense when Cronus was being all creepy and insulting towards him. (even if she does treat Mituna poorly herself)
  • After John spent the better part of the intermission very angry and frustrated, he finally smiles and lets out a small laugh when he puts an embarrassing hat on Bec Noir's head.
  • The idea of Tavros wanting to do a human marriage proposal to Vriska is pretty sweet, remembering that a long time ago he used to be afraid of her and now has warmed up to her during their time in the dream bubbles.
  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Alpha!John and Alpha!Vriska FINALLY MEET FACE-TO-FACE.
    • What really makes this a truly heartwarming moment is the context building up to this. In the previous intermission, John had claimed not to remember much of Vriska, not even her name, and thinking he had been in the wrong for considering romantic possibilities during his adventure. Yet, upon meeting her, even though he never saw her in person, John instantly recognizes her by personality alone! He never forgot anything about her. He never thought any less of her. If anything, he was hiding bitterness behind a façade of indifference that was threatening to take over, just to suddenly fall the moment he’s with her again. If this doesn’t speak of her feelings for her, the way he keeps the ring from Tavros should make it pretty clear.
  • Rose and Dave chatting, and acting like the brother and sister they are (insults, put downs, rivalry and all) is oddly sweet - especially when Rose reveals that she's trying to use chemistry to create tasty beverages, and Dave practically Squees over the idea of being able to have apple juice again. Rose simply smiles and promises she'll try to make some for him if she can.
  • Kanaya and Porrim's discussion in the third part of the Intermission is rather adorable, all things considered.
  • Meulin (Nepeta's ancestor) and Horuss (Equius's ancestor) are moirails. Why? because of Nepeta and Equius. Their moiraillegiance is so intense that their ancestors became moirails after meeting them. Or, as one tumblr user put it: "The love of one sweaty bigot for a jackass catgirl that prompted a sweatier, worse bigot to carefully reach out for the hand of a satanic catgirl, him still slightly redolent of plastic horse dong."
  • If you're Damara and go up to where Mituna is sleeping, Latula will be there carefully watching and threatens her with death if she tries anything, implying Latula is looking out for him, and that she trusts the other characters who can approach him, including Meenah.
    • Even better, if you're Damara, and got to where Karkat is sleeping, Terezi will be protecting him the same way Latula is protecting Mituna. Aww!
    • Vriska echoes this in the "Mini-Strife", when Cronus starts to touch Tavros.
  • Rose and Kanaya finally go on a date.
    • And of course, after Rose manages to drunkenly proclaim her curiosity about all of troll romance, they kiss. And since it was posted just a few hours into the day after the anniversary of Cascade and pretty much every reader was anticipating this, Hussie somehow pulled off, with sweet aplomb, the webcomic version of a Sweeps Week Lesbian Kiss.
    • Even when Rose is comically slurring every other word, she still manages to be romantic.
      ROSE: I want you... to,
      ROSE: Teash me ALL the quadrans.
      ROSE: I want you toot,
      ROSE: Tell me about your spabes,
      ROSE: Your didamounds,
      ROSE: I wank you to,
      ROSE: Share wish me yur clumbs...
      ROSE: And your hearst.
      ROSE: I want..
      ROSE: Yuouo....
  • During the "Mini-Strife", Tavros is ignoring everything to find the ring he intended to propose to Vriska with.
    • One of the Terezis is wearing Dave's shirt, indicating a possible Sexy Shirt Switch. Similarly, one of the Nepetas is wearing Equius' glasses and an Equius is wearing her hood (as previously seen in [S] Seek the Highbl00d), and an instance of the other "Meowrail" pair (Meulin and Horuss) have made a similar swap.
    • Nepeta and Meulin instantly become friends upon meeting each other. On a Squickier note that still counts, Eridan and Cronus are apparently about to go on a date (if only so Cronus would shut up.)
    • One of the Kankris is in what appears to be footie pajamas- which Porrim probably made for him. Aww.
  • Meulin is overjoyed to see Meenah, and says that one of her biggest regrets is that they weren't better friends when they were alive. Despite the fact that by their own admission, they hated each other, they manage to get along quite well.
  • Kurloz, despite being a creepy fuck, is still good friends with his former matespirit, helping her with her shipping wall and, it's implied, toking up on catnip with her.

     Act 6 Act 4 and Act 6 Intermission 4 

  • To the satisfaction of Pumpkin Patch shippers everywhere, Jake gets a Sweet Bro tattoo to match Dirk's Hella Jeff.
  • Roxy, on the alpha team meeting up at last:
    TG: this is better than i ever thought it would be in the silliest and stupidest way
    TG: it feels so surreal and amazing just being here with my friends

     Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 

  • Jake looks at the fenestrated plane while the slow, dramatic-sounding part of "A Taste for Adventure" plays, sighing while he longingly imagines John and Jade smiling in the old clothes of young Poppop and Grandma, before being interrupted by the entrance of his sprite, who he is visibly joyful to see. It's adorable, even though the sprite is Erisolsprite and is giving him the finger.
  • Roxy is throwing Jane a birthday party. (Or should we say a "birt*day" party.)
  • Look at Fefetasprite. She's smiling.
  • Roxy's lulling her to sleep, noting that both Nepeta and Feferi had enough drama to deal with in their lives while she herself is coping with her own. It's clear that she really, really, loves her.
  • The Draconian Dignitary, the same man responsible for unleashing the Red Miles on Derse, is protecting Jane's dad.
  • Calliope seems to be attempting to contact Roxy through Serenity. Roxy resolves to save her as soon as possible.
  • It's definitely smile-inducing to see Roxy wearing a mini version of Mom's lab-coat.
  • Hello, Calliope! We've missed you.
  • Calliope appears as her trollsona, telling Roxy she doesn't want to scare her with her true appearance. Roxy reassures her that there's no way Calliope could ever look unpleasant enough to scare her off because she's her friend and knows what a sweet person Calliope is, but when Calliope admits she doesn't feel happy appearing as her true self because of her self esteem issues about her appearance, Roxy puts her own curiosity aside and doesn't press the issue any further so Calliope will feel more comfortable.
    • Then Calliope suggests the Alpha kids go god-tier. Roxy's reaction starts at "fuck yeah, let's do this":
    UU: don't yoU have doUbts?
    UU: woUldn't it cross yoUr mind to wonder, "what if i never wake Up again?"
    UU: i know it woUld for me.
    TG: i guess thats a fair point
    TG: but
    TG: you say ill be fine right?
    UU: yes. i believe yoU will.
    TG: then thats good nuff 4 me
    TG: i trust you
    UU: ...
    UU: ^u^
  • Look at Rose and Roxy. Look at how happy they are to see each other!
  • Looking past how, LOCAH returning to life is sweet.
  • Arquiusprite, unlike some of the other sprites, loves his situation. Lil' Hal loves having a STRONG body and emotions (and thinking about horses); while Equius is thrilled to be alive again and having a supercomputer brain. To sum up his feelings: "There is a 100% probability that I love being alive, and there is a 100 to the 100th POWER % certainty that I love being STRONG"

     Act 6 Act 5 Act 2 

     Act 6 Act 5 Act 1 X 2 Combo 
  • Andrew Hussie's Patrick Stewart Speech about how journeys serve to create a sense of self-discovery within the people who partake on them, and make said participants develop character is suprisingly heartfelt, even if it's undercut by Caliborn's obnoxious rebuttals.
  • When Dirk asks Jane what she did with the Juju, she claims that she drops it. He gives a calm "Good." to Jane. That's probably the best news that they've gotten all day.
  • Although it's also a Tear Jerker, Dirk's conversation with Jane and Jake's conversation with Roxy all lead to the same conclusion: They've all made mistakes and hurt each other, but they're all still friends.
  • Dirk says that he'd rather run his sword through his own dick than kill Roxy, even if it was for her own good.
  • Jane and Roxy decide to have a funeral for Fefetasprite, to honour her memory.
  • Dirk deals a one-two punch of heartwarming, by saying that, rather than being disappointed in her for drinking again, he is proud of Roxy and considers her the true leader of the Nobles, and that he loves her. On the other hand not in the way she's been wanting. In fact while he feels she deserves to be loved, he can't do it for her cause he wouldn't be true to himself, but he greatly respects her and feels she does deserve it. However, he would be betraying himself.
    TT: Poor Jake was the only viable romantic target. I mean, considering our respective orientations.
  • Heck, everyone's conversations in this act fit. Waking up after a crazy night, finally getting the guts up to clear the air with everyone- it's likely the most character development per panels in any part of the comic.
  • Jade saving Jake and Jane from Jack. Especially for Jake, since she knows from his letters that in this universe he's her grandson. With that in mind, it almost feels like a Mama Bear moment.

     Act 6 Intermission 5 
  • Not only have Dave and Karkat apparently become self-acknowledged bros, but Dave assures a nervous Karkat that John and Jade will remember him and be friends with him as well.
    • Hell, this whole conversation is just so nice to hear, from the guys who we last saw fighting over penis-charts.
      • When Karkat mentions how his friends have all changed, and he's worried he'll lose all of them, Dave notes how Karkat's forgot to mention WV, and we get this sweet gem:
    • It's also good to see that Dave, while still being the smartass coolkid we all love, has gotten more mature over the three years on the meteor, to the point where he's doling out relationship advice without slathering it in too much irony or humor; and that his jabs at Karkat are more along the lines of how he jokes with all his other friends, and no longer trying to countertroll the troll.
  • As it turns out, thanks to Gamzee prototyping Sollux into Jake's sprite, the alpha timeline's Sollux is now fully alive again.
  • Vriska referring to Aradia and Sollux as her friends. Considering their tumultuous history, it's really something. Also her wanting Eridan to be on board as well and fondly regarding the campaigns they used to have.
  • Meenah thinks Feferi is cute and that it's a shame that her instinct is inimical to friendship with her ancestor.
    • She also states that she wishes she had an heiress she didn't instinctively want to kill and could teach the ways of being a badass too. This paints the Condesce's actions towards Jane in a different light...
  • Gamzee and Baby Calliope is pretty much the cutest thing.
  • Vriska being (apparently) grateful for having met Aranea, a view that Aranea shares. The two share a hug... which Vriska immediately ruins by high-fiving Meenah.
  • Karkat trying his damnedest to console Terezi after Gamzee ditches her. Just to prove, in case there was any doubt, that underneath it all Karkat's heart of gold is massive. That being said, it's promptly ruined a la the above, as Dave naturally has to pitch in with smartass remarks and end up setting Karkat off on a rant about chairs.
  • Once the Karkat tantrum bingo resolves, he refers to Dave as his best friend even while chewing him out. He then continues with the intervention, describing Terezi as being "A LOT OF THINGS, AND ALL OF THEM WERE GOOD THINGS", before helping her Vriska-related confession:
  • Lil' Seb is Heart Clover for Clover. Whether you're down with charmrom or not, that is objectively adorable.
  • What could very well be, after a life (and much of a death) of being a huge bitch, the final testament of Vriska Serket.
    VRISKA: You know, they can say whatever they want a8out me.
    VRISKA: 8ut somewhere out there is a shimmering new universe growing in a 8ig 8all of water.
    VRISKA: He's looking hells of majestic. Amphi8ious and resplendent. His glorious croak would 8ring you to your knees.
    VRISKA: That universe is going to give life to 8illions of trillions of zillions of cute little aliens.
    VRISKA: You wouldn't even 8elieve how pretty and wonderful and happy all these aliens will 8e. It's making your lip trem8le just thinking a8out them, and how worth saving they are. Wow.
    VRISKA: You could walk up to one of those aliens and put your hand on its innocent shoulder, and with a str8 face you could say, "Sorry to 8r8k it to you. 8ut tomorrow, a guy named Lord English is going to destroy your universe. You are all going to die."
    VRISKA: And when that alien looks up at you with tears in its eyes, just 8efore the first one rolls down its weird alien cheek, you lean in close to its a8surd alien ear and whisper, "Psyche."
    VRISKA: That's 8ecause you know a long time ago, in an o8scure pocket of reality the alien could never understand or give a shit a8out, some crazy girl sacrificed the "lives" of a 8unch of ghosts in order to kill that guy forever.
  • Even if the entire scene is both supposed to be funny/terrifying/serious Kanaya's response to Rose's question is arguably this.
  • Meenah confides in John the fact that it's pretty much fate that she's going to steal the Life Ring from him and start trying to take over the world(s). The only problem is, she doesn't want to. She loves her (dead) friends too much to leave. John promises not to let her have the ring, either by hiding it or giving it to someone else before she has a chance to steal it.
  • All of Slick's interactions with Ms. Paint starting here. In particular, Slick getting angry when he finds out that Lord English hit her and Andrew (who was implied to have a thing for her himself) deciding that he shouldn't come between them and declaring their ship canon.
  • The Dolorosa is holding a young Signless in her arms when John appears. What does she do when faced with a strange alien? Hiss at him.
  • There's something oddly adorable about Caliborn being so happy he's gotten all the members of The Felt here. Sure, it means he's closer than ever to becoming Lord English, but he's finally happy with his toad goblins, and his ensuing tantrum implies he has grown to like talking with Hussie a bit.
  • Terezi's expression on this panel. After all that drama, it's nice to see her looking like her old self again, not to mention how happy she looks.
  • John's former love for Con Air has returned.
    • It's been seen in Intermission 3 that Cabin Fever was really taking its toll on John. Here, we see John returning to his cheerful goofy self again.
  • John's reaction to his friends showing up.

     Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 1 
  • Dave finds himself back at his house reminiscing. The scene ends with Dave genuinely laughing at ironic selfies and the confirmation that John is okay.
    • What makes the first part so heartwarming? This is the first time we've seen DAVE STRIDER in a fit of absolutely hysterical laughter. And it's absolutely adorable
    • Then again, he's also crying while he looks at the remnants of his previous life. He's probably in hysterics.
  • Dave saving the Mayor. He DIVES OFF A ROOFTOP TOWARDS THE LAVA to save WV, and then he's flying through the sky with the Mayor safe and the Mayor's holding out his arms like an airplane and Dave has the cutest little smile ever. It's made of Awww.
  • The little heart at the end of Dave saying that you can tell the Mayor anything.
  • Roxy's reluctance to create a Matriorb for the Condesce is in part due to the fact that she doesn't want to create an entire new race of people for the Condesce to subjugate.
  • A few exchanges between Dave and Jade later reveal that she is, indeed, still herself, even if the Batterwitch is brainwashing her.
  • After sobering up, Rose delivers a line that only she can.
    • She later tries to convince Terezi to set up support group so they can both recover from their addictions - which is especially sweet coming from her, considering that she's been inebriated for dozens of updates.
  • Arquiusprite's thoughts towards Davesprite:
    Bird Dave and I are getting along famously and STRENGTHENING our familial bonds like a sweet pair of motherf***
    I feel our kinship goes beyond geneti% though
    We are misfits, estranged, he from Dave's alpha timeline, I from Dirk's alpha soul
    A two man menagerie of sideshow frickups, together at last
    Fle%ing and flapping
    Fraternally and eternally
  • The normally stoic Dave flips out when grimbark!Jade threatens WV, using caps for the first time.
  • Jake thinks of Dirk when he's on Derse hearing all about the eternity of slavery and martial rape he's in for. Even after everything that happened between them he still thinks of Dirk when he needs comforting.
  • Roxy internally finding John to be cute, considering him to be potential boyfriend material.

     Act 6 Act 6 Act 2 / Intermission 2 
  • In the midst of the hilarity that is Homosuck Act 2, we get a small heartwarming moment, when John cares enough about Roxy that he apologizes for accidentally killing the bogus version of her.
  • Aranea tries to kiss Jake because she thought he was attracted to her. When he started freaking out, she backed off, explained why she did it, and apologised and promised to be more respectful of his boundaries. Considering how crazy Jake's life has been, and the fact that the last person who unwillingly pulled him into a master plan told him that she was going to forcibly marry and rape him, it's a small beacon of... well, hope, for the poor guy.
    • The fact that Aranea proved herself to be a total sociopath before this somehow just makes it better; she proves that yes, there ARE lines she won't cross.
  • Jane shows concern for her daughter after Jake overpowers her - probably the most sympathetic thing she's done since going Crockertier.
  • After getting word from Karkat that bad things are going down on LOFAF, Dave takes a moment to bid WV farewell in a touching manner that we've never seen of him before:
    DAVE: if i never see you again i just wanted you to know
    DAVE: its been real man
    DAVE: you were always there for me
    DAVE: you shared my darkest hours
    DAVE: my deepest secrets
    DAVE: and ill never fucking forget it
    DAVE: goodbye mayor
    DAVE: i love you
  • After Calliope laments being forgotten by her friends, she hears approaching footsteps in the distance and instantly hides out of fear of who it may be... only for it to be what pretty much everyone in the fandom can vouch is the most welcoming face to be seen in spite of all the upsetting events happening as of late.
    JADE: hi!
    JADE: its ok i wont hurt you. im a friend!
    JADE: you can come out now
    JADE: youre safe i promise!
  • The fact that Brain Ghost Dirk considers Jake his boyfriend lets some fans would believe that Jake wants to get back together with Dirk, cue furious OTP squeeing.
  • Bec Noir's first instinct upon showing up in the Alpha session is to hold Jade's dead body in a protective manner while snarling and barking at Dave. PM, meanwhile, seems to be trying to protect her as well.
  • Jade is more than happy to keep Calliope company while she's dead.
  • Looks like Dave may have accidentally found a weakspot in Jane's Crockerrupt cage.
  • When we next see Vriska and Meenah, Meenah is braiding Vriska's hair and listening to her ancestor-related troubles. It was also pretty heartwarming when Meenah basically said she wouldn't think less of Vriska just because Vriska didn't want to go through with their big ghost army plan anymore. She compares it to her decision to abandon her throne because becoming empress would have made her miserable.
    MEENAH: thats how this whole crazy mess kicked off
    VRISKA: ::::)
  • Karkat cares about Gamzee, even after all of the shit he's pulled. He cares about Terezi more, though - and he goes Papa Wolf once Gamzee nearly kills her.
  • It might be small, but there's something oddly sweet about Caliborn naming Gamzee "Honk Friend" in his list of trolls in Homosuck, especially when you consider how they started out. Despite all the abuse and repeated shootings, Caliborn still considers Gamzee a friend, and he was the only one to be spared an insulting nickname.

     Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 3 
  • In the midst of the horrific bloodbath that is [S]: Game Over, there is one shining moment: After Rose is stabbed by the Condesce, who catches her and teleports away a second before she gets fried by the giant psionic beams? Roxy. Her Mom really does care! Although sadly turns into a Shoot the Shaggy Dog moment, since Rose succumbs to her injuries and dies a Heroic death.
    • Despite all that happened between them, Jake throws himself between Jane and a blade without hesitation (even though it's ultimately a futile and counterproducing gesture).
    • Karkat and Kanaya running up to attack Gamzee together. She looks surprised for a moment when she sees him running alongside her — then they just keep going.

     Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4 
  • In Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 4, amongst the Scenery Gorn and characters like Dirk having no time for anyone else due to sheer self-loathing, it's good to see in her dying moments, Rose tells Roxy that she never got to tell Kanaya she loved her... but also says that she loved her mom too, someone who is there to hear it.
  • When Roxy breaks down crying over Rose's death, she runs to John for a Security Cling. John is quick to comfort her.
  • John and Roxy bonding over their mutual depression. Also a major Tear Jerker.
  • After a whole lot of emotionally charged updates, it's nice to take a break from all that and see Jade and Calliope bond by talking about how they grew up.
  • John refusing to allow Roxy give into despair and forcing her to go meet her denizen to give her something to do.
  • When John and Roxy come across Bro's sword, it's revealed that Jade teleported Bro's body so she could bury him during the three year trip (and presumably did the same for John's Dad and Rose's Mom). During that time, John, Jade and Davesprite had a funeral wherein Davesprite said a few words about Bro. It's as touching as it is sad.
  • Terezi dying with a smile on her face after her mind beacon proves successful. It's sad, of course, but after the carnage of [S] Game Over and Rose's subsequent, utterly crushing death, the fact that the trolls' sole survivor is able to die happy and victorious and by all accounts a fucking hero is a surprisingly uplifting one.
    • Not to mention her last words to John.
  • As a happy surprise, Jane ends up in Calliope's dream bubble and hugs Callie immediately after recognizing her sign. She even asks to make her own trollsona (which Jade and Calliope are happy to oblige).
  • The first item on Terezi's list is the "R3UN1ON" at the end of Act 6 Intermission 5. John immediately takes the chance to hug Karkat and Dave, promise Rose that he won't let her die, and reassure Terezi that her plan is working before going off to get the Ring of Life. Small, but poignant.
  • The R3UN1ON scene is also a bit of a fridge-heartwarming moment on Terezi's part. The fact that John was able to use that concept to zap to that moment shows just how strongly Terezi felt: even though she'd never actually met John before, she felt close enough to him that in her mind, she thinks of that moment as a reunion rather than as "meeting him for the first time." She already considered him a friend.
  • Vriska and Meenah holding hands as they admire Lord English's destructive rampage.
  • Roxy has a funeral for Rose, but then gets comforted by a very special guest.
  • Vriska and Meenah frolicking in Jake's planet, laughing, accidentally rolling down a slope, and ending up confirming the ship with a kiss. While Hussie is watching.
  • John's, er, "reunion" with Vriska is mostly ball-bustingly ridiculous, but the aftermath - especially in light of John's previously declining opinion of her - is surprisingly sweet.
    JOHN: ok guys, really, i've messed with your time line enough as it is.
    JOHN: sorry for clocking you, vriska, if you can hear me in your dreams. haha, you probably can't.
    JOHN: but hey, i guess this means i get to meet alive you soon, instead of ghost you? so that's neat.
    JOHN: please tell her i'm sorry for punching her in the face.
    JOHN: but also, she's welcome for saving her life.
    • All while affectionately patting her head, with an absent little smile on his face.
  • John returns to Roxy with the Ring Of Life, both of them looking sincerely happy after what they had been through. And then they hold hands. The whole thing even looks like a kind of wordless proposal of sorts.
  • The January 19th update reveals that Jane and Jade weren't actually dead. The newly revived Vriska just knocked them out. They're not dead, they're asleep!note 
    • On that note, the very fact that Vriska is the one who ultimately saves literally everyone. An entire story's worth of misguidedly noble intentions, finally put to good use.
    • Terezi, with whom Vriska's friendship has soured so much Nepeta put them on the blackrom part of her shipping wall and who wanted to kill Vriska just to stop her from letting Jack know where they are, ended the list of instructions she gave John with a simple order: to knock Vriska out, because "YOU C4N'T L3T M3 K1LL H3R", and John, who, the last time we saw them together, was pretty disappointed with Vriska, was every bit as sweet and forgiving as he could be as he talked about the unconscious Vriska. Not to mention the possibility that John preventing Terezi from killing Vriska might have given Vriska the idea to find a more peaceful solution.

     Act 6 Act 6 Act 5 / Intermission 5 
  • Jake going Papa Wolf on Caliborn for delivering a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on Dirk. Even better, Jake manages to slam into Caliborn so ferociously that Caliborn ends up taking on the moniker "English" not out of spite, but respect.
  • The Act 6 Act 6 Intermission 5 flash is possibly the happiest flash in the entire comic. Terezi never enters a blackrom relationship with Gamzee, Vriska stops Rose from becoming an alcoholic, the Scourge Sisters are back together, it's confirmed that the other Vriska that hooked up with Meenah still exists in the dreambubbles, and Dave and Karkat are shown watching movies together. Karkat places a hand on him while smiling adorably.
    • It's understated, but this can also be read as the culmination of Vriska's character arc. She settles in with the rest of the cast and seems to mellow out significantly, helping everyone out and interacting with them in the way a real friend and ally would. Vriska gets her two greatest wishes - to be a hero and to live a happy, relatively normal life - and does it the right way.
    • There's a minor example shown with the dancestors as well—Dave, WV, and Karkat are shown playing cards with Rufioh and Damara, and there seems to be no animosity between any of them. Given Damara's previous demeanor, especially regarding Rufioh, it's incredibly heartwarming.
    • Vriska is the one who prototypes Tavros into Jane's sprite and revives him as his cheerful and adorkable self contrary to the horror that was Tavrisprite, and later manages to prevent Dirk from crushing Lil' Hal like he did in the pre-retcon timeline before they create ARquiusprite.
    • With the sprites, there's the fact that Terezi wants to use them to revive Nepeta and Feferi who did nothing to deserve their fates while deciding to exclude Sollux from consideration as he was perfectly happy where he was with Aradia.
  • The first thing Roxy does when she sees Rose again is to smile wide and dash over to hug her. John summed up the scene rather well.
    JOHN: d'awww.
  • John, Dave and Karkat's adorably awkward conversation when they catch up with each other, but the ending stands out; Dave tells John that he's okay with the latter dating Roxy and goes on to admit that he kind of likes the idea of having a mom.
  • Pretty much all of Rose and Roxy's interactions during their first meeting. They manage to give each other some insight into their respective parental figures. In particular, the fact that Rose realizes that her mother really did care a lot about her. In general, both of them effectively grew up without any close maternal relationships, and they're both incredibly happy to have someone to fill that void.
    • Combines with the above when Roxy tells Dave that she's fine with him referring to her as "mom" .
  • Tavros giving encouragement to an emotionally broken Jake and standing up to Vriska when she knocks him back down again.
  • Terezi and Vriska have apparently become moirails.
  • Kanaya and Karkat's conversation. After hearing how much their relationship had strained, it's nice to see them having intelligent conversations like they did back on Alternia.
  • After Vriska crushed his soul a few conversations back, Jake gets to talking with John, and with so many shared interests, they get along like a house on fire. What follows is a majorly dorky conversation about movies and superheroes, as well as John continuing where Tavros left off with providing encouragement to Jake. It's nice to see the guy feeling better after all the tribulations he's been through.
  • Karkat thinking back to Spades Slick (the trolls' Jack Noir) calming him down after he saw Sollux dead a few years ago after Vriska brought him up.
  • Jaspersprite's role in the upcoming battle is as follows.
    VRISKA: What would you like to do?
    JASPERSPRITE: I would like to eat some tuna fish and cuddle with either rose or roxy or both! :3
    VRISKA: Awwwwwwww!
    VRISKA: Ok, that can 8e your very important jo8. Don't let us down!
    JASPERSPRITE: Purr purr purr. ;3
  • Jane's reunion with Roxy. Naturally, they're both elated since the last time they saw one another, one was possessed and the other was dead.
  • Jaspersprite hugs Rosesprite, causing them to merge into JASPROSESPRITE^2.
  • God-Tier Calliope can't help the heroes win, as only Caliborn could have won her session. So, she died and waited for regular Calliope to arrive so she could move on. Before fading, she gave her other self this advice.
    CALLIOPE: you don't need to do anything.
    CALLIOPE: be who you've become, and who i didn't.
    CALLIOPE: consume the fruits of an existence i could never understand.
    CALLIOPE: live.
  • Roxy finds Calliope, minus her Trollsona costume and makeup, and immediately greets her with a smile... And hands over the Ring of Life, bringing "our" Callie back. Roxy then starts to warp them back through the void, and Callie, who had been so afraid of rejection based on her appearance, smiles.
  • Kanaya reveals to Karkat that part of her deal with Echidna was protecting him so he could be their leader during peacetime.
  • Everyone accepting Calliope's appearance, even Terezi in her own weird way. Special mention goes to John who immediately goes out of his way to make her feel more comfortable by complimenting her personality and letting her know that he beat up her brother. John's Nice Guy status during this update is truly adorable.
  • When Roxy finally manages to replicate the matriorb thanks to Calliope's presence helping her tap into the power of Alternia itself as she sweeps through the metaphorical void, the two girls are overjoyed and Roxy celebrates by doing John's little dance. It's absolutely adorable.
  • After 13 years of bizarre abuse, 3 years of reflection on the meteor, and a great many painful panels of awkward, broken conversation, Dave is FINALLY ready to tell Dirk how he really feels about his ectobiological dad, about their fucked up relationship, and by extension about Dirk himself. The details are serious Tear Jerker fodder, but it takes a turn for the heartwarming when Dave credits his friends' love and support as the catalyst for his recovery. And then everybody's heart grows three sizes when Dirk takes responsibility for his alt-self's actions and apologizes. The catharsis is such that Dave gives in to an urge to hug Dirk, and Dirk indulges him.
    • Once the elephant on the roof has been dealt with, Dave and Dirk are able to banter back and forth about their interests and experiences. In the process, Dave is able to let go of some of his anger towards Bro and focus on more positive memories of him for Dirk's sake.
  • After this, when the reader returns to the "character selection screen", (just before the conversation with Roxy and Kanaya) mousing over the first Dave and Dirk button shows them both chatting about their various interests (puppets and Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff, of course). Mousing over the second button provides a Call-Back to Dave reminiscing at his house with both of them laughing themselves to tears over the conversation.
  • Roxy presents the matriorb to Kanaya, and she is moved to tears. With the added responsibility of nurturing the egg and the Mothergrub it will hatch into, she begins to doubt whether or not she'll be able to provide assistance during the fight. Roxy assures Kanaya that the others will understand she has to protect their future, which gives her a massive confidence boost. They then set forth to rejoin the group and get the show on the road.
  • Pre-retcon ghost!Tavros has not only survived the retcon just like his corresponding instance of Vriska, but now he's leading a ghost army larger than the one (Vriska) and Aranea needed their combined mind control powers to gather simply through The Power of Friendship. The Boy Skylark has come a long way. Plus, the dance moves he does after Vriska begrudgingly admits he isn't useless are absolutely adorable.
    • Vriska finally admitting she was wrong about Tavros, without holding a grudge or seeming too annoyed about the dancing. It's good to see her back down on her negative attitude toward him and show that she isnt so fixed in her views once he finally stands up for himself.
    • A combination of heartwarming and awesome: After becoming the new boss, Meenah recognizes Tavros's achievements, gives him a (joke) promotion as a reward, and then gives a speech to the assembled ghost army. While half of it is basically "I'm awesome so do what I say or I'll hurt you", in the other half she tells her army that each one can help, no matter how strong they are, even if it's just buying a few additional seconds of time for others to get into position.
  • The entirety of [S] Terezi: Remem8er, mixed with Tear Jerker.
    • To break it down, there are the memories of Vriska and Terezi from their FLARPing days, starting with a tiny Vriska and Terezi grinning while chatting, them making their costumes (and Terezi's Pyralspite scalemate) and them falling asleep on the hoard of their loot. Then there come the glimpses of characters who died earlier finding their ways into the dream bubbles and realising they are dead: Dave and Jade, and Jake and Jane, talking; Eridan turning around to see Aradia, Sollux and Feferi; Nepeta greeting Equius with a wave and her usual cat-smile; and several doomed-timeline incarnations: 2 doomed Daves, the John who died to go God Tier, Jade and Karkat's dreamselves, Grimdark Rose, and the Dirk who sacrificed himself to get himself and the other Alpha Kids into the session. None of these people seem to bear any grudges towards their fates. The topping on the cake? Dead pre-retcon Terezi meets (Vriska), and they evidently make up: they are seen smiling and holding hands and embracing before a blinding light engulfs them. Even if this means Lord English destroyed them right there and then, it is nice to see they got some closure.
    • Every time the ghosts arrive in the dreambubbles, their injuries from their deaths are healed. Perhaps the most poignant example would be Eridan becoming whole again.
      • Making Eridan's reformation more poignant is that Feferi, Sollux and Aradia are seen approaching him as he sits up. Do they look to hold any grudge at all? Nope. In fact, Aradia and Feferi are both smiling! Even Sollux doesn't seem angry. Despite all of his wrongdoings, it looks like Eridan is on the road to being forgiven. A sign of closure, perhaps?
  • When John and Jane prepare to battle the Condesce, Dad Crocker watches as he gives a look of Proud Fatherly Admiration.
  • Karkat awakening in a dreambubble after Kanaya knocked him out and Meenah declaring that he can lead the charge among the ghosts. His overjoyed reaction (possibly the happiest Karkat has ever been in the comic so far) is sweet enough, but afterward Karkat realizes that his speech patterns are starting to sound a lot like Dave. As he catches himself thinking about Dave, we conclude with this line as he looks up at the Green Sun.
    Karkat: I HOPE HE'S OKAY.
  • The back side of Dave's note to Jade. It's only two words but it says a lot. The first thing Jade does is teleport to him to say thanks.

    [S] Collide 
  • During the battle, Nannasprite heals John with her cookies.
  • For everyone's safety, Jade ensures that PM and Bec Noir stay out of the picture, and even tries to stop (or at least hinder) their fighting.
  • After Dirk is beheaded again, two time-traveling Daves stop time to make sure they can resurrect him later.

     After Eo A 6 
  • After the madness that was [S] Collide, we get several heartwarming moments:
    • Jane and Nannasprite healing every good guy who died, including Dirk.
    • Nannasprite greeting Dad Crocker (who happens to be an alternate version of her son).
    • Ms. Paint healing the now depowered Bec Noir's arm and the look on his face when he first sees her. Looks like loving Ms. Paint is a universal constant for the Jacks.
      • Said panel just so happens to be the 10000th page of MS Paint Adventures as a whole. A very important milestone.
    • PM reuniting with WV and taking off the White Queen's ring, as well as giving him the Black Queen's ring shows that even after spending so much time chasing after Jack in her prototyped from, she hasn't gone insane and is still probably her old self.
  • Everyone is just partying, hugging, and being happy after the battle, and the group reunites with Jane's dad and Nannasprite.
  • John finds Dad alive and unharmed. It's an alternate version of Dad, though, but he still recognizes John. As his dad. Whom he doesn't hesitate to give a bonecrushing bearhug to, and John returns it.

     Act 7 
  • The final act of Homestuck: a single anime-style video that confirms that, after everything the main characters had gone through over the three in-universe years since beginning Sburb, the surviving kids and trolls end up on a lush new world, inhabited by carapacians, consorts and presumably eventually humans and trolls, finally earning a happy ending.
    • The ultimate fate of WV is probably the best part. After all the trauma and possible alternate timeline deaths the poor guy has been through, he finally gets to settle down and be the Mayor of Can Town. Only this time, Can Town is real. Not a pretend city with little stacks of cans, not a coping method, not a fantasy, but a real and beautiful metropolis populated by carapacians.
  • Sburb's final message, which doubles as a message from Andrew Hussie to his readers:
    Thanks for playing
  • Just the moment of Bilious Slick growing into a full-fledged frog from the tadpole he was, while everyone is watching in awe.

     Post-Canon Content 

  • Hussie's thank you to the fandom on Homestuck's 2 year anniversary.
  • Dante Basco being really, genuinely touched about how much people care about him reading Homestuck and the amount of attention Andrew Hussie personally is giving him.
    You know, this whole Homestuck fiasco, is one of the most unique and strange things that has happend to me. One, I’ve never read anything remotely close to this, I’ve never read a webcomic in my life. Also, I’ve never read anything with a couple thousand people kind of guiding me along the way, this whole experience is mind blowing! I mean the author greeted me on the screen and entering this whole world that I had no idea even existed a few days ago feels like stepping into a new dimension, and with tumblr, I can feel you guys all here with me… I don’t know, it’s late, I’m tired, my mind is tired… I’m Homestuck.
    • Dante embracing the comic as much as he is. He actually shows a genuine interest in reading, and it just warms one's heart to think that famous people also like Homestuck.
    • And really, just the adorable way he blogs his thoughts about the comic. It definitely brings the "awws" to a not-insignificant amount of his followers.
    • Humorously summed up in this video. You're welcome.
    • When he learns of Rufioh Nitram's existence, he says this:
    Just found out I somehow I became immortalized by becoming a troll… Hussie… to say I’m honored is an understatement.
  • Recently, Hussie set up a Kickstarter to make a Homestuck game once done with the comic. It reached a 100,000 dollars within the first day. For a while, the fans gave him a thousand dollars a minute. It really shows how ready the fans are to support Homestuck the moment Hussie asks for help.
    • As of this writing, two people have donated five thousand dollars each, and one heroic soul has donated ten thousand dollars. That is love of the comic, pure and simple. Well, more complex than simple in the sense that money is a complex thing and quite a lot of it is quite complex indeed, but you get the idea.
      • The man who donated the ten thousand dollars is a soldier who's deployed in Afghanistan, and he always finds Homestuck updates as something to look forward to. Think about it: he had $10,000 to spare and instead of, say, using it to bribe the higher-ups to let him duck out of duty, he donated it to Hussie's cause. D'aw.
    • The fans managed to reach the goal of 700,000 dollars in 32 HOURS. And the number's still climbing. If that doesn't prove just how much the fans love and support Hussie and Homestuck, nothing does.
    • Almost $1,260,000 as of 11:30 PM 9/14/2012, and there's still 19 days to go!
      • 9/25/12: $1,712,000+!
      • 10-01-12: We've breached the two million mark.
      • As of the Kickstarter's completion, it had reached $2.48 million dollars, not counting the funding from the alternate non-Paypal donations.
  • At ECCC, Hussie signs a Davesprite cosplayer's prepared certificate:
    I, Andrew Hussie, do hereby declare that the being known as 'Davesprite' is 100% CERTIFIABLE DAVE and not a discount bargain bin Dave.
  • What does Hussie do on the seventh anniversary of Homestuck after "Caliborn's Masterpiece" and a massive jab at the theorists in the fandom? A massive flash made almost entirely by the fans. Awww.

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