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Monstrous clowns in video games.

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  • The Addams Family: The SNES and Sega Genesis versions show the detailed interior of the Addamses' mansion including a vault that exists under the family graveyard. What is called Wednesday's favourite area seems like an altar devoted to demonic clowns and Gomez even encounters as common enemies (or rather as playmates) a few of those freaks.
  • A creepy-looking clown stalks you throughout the carnival level in Affected.
  • One of the first enemy bosses you can encounter in Alice in the Mirrors of Albion is Duke Nuf, a circus clown who apparently puts up terrible shows that brings depression to the viewers.
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood multiplayer has the creepy-ass Harlequin character and his twin sister the Hellequin.
  • The Joker and his minions are depicted this way in the Batman: Arkham Series.
    • In the first game, Joker, all because he wanted a party, arranged for a revolt of Arkham Asylum, as well as the creation of Titan to cause wanton amounts of destruction in Gotham. His actions in that game caused at least 113 personnel casualties, 103 of which were security personnel, as well as an unknown amount of deaths of inmates as well. In addition, he was also implied to have killed 3 personnel when he first escaped from the start of the game, something that he not only doesn't have any regrets to killing them, he decides that he'll try to kill 100 more next time. In some ways, he and his goons become literal monster clowns when infused with the Titan formula.
    • The second game also has him killing several personnel and doctors as well, and he also has several hospitals given Batman's blood (which was at that time tainted with his poisoned blood) that would have resulted in hundreds of casualties in order to force Batman into finding him a cure. After death, he also posthumously manages to singlehandedly cause huge riots both in Gotham City and Arkham City with a single radio broadcast that was likely to result in countless casualties, and long beforehand, he also on Independence Day committed a massacre where he has several fireworks laced with toxins that resulted in, after their being set off, several hundreds of men, women, and children's deaths, which was heinous enough to force Batman into locking him up in an isolated part of Arkham.
  • At the beginning of point-and-click adventure game Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars (known as Circle of Blood in the US), an assassin dressed as a clown runs into a Parisian street cafe, places an accordion on a bar stool, then runs back out again. A small red light on the accordion flashes, and the cafe explodes.
  • In BUDDY (2016), one of the enemies is a gigantic clown monster with a balloon and a meat cleaver.
  • The final stage of CarnEvil is the Big Top, which is absolutely crawling with midget clowns, overly beefed up jokers, and rabid dogs in clown gear. The former two being even creepier then the torture victim enemies found in the Freak Show stage. The sight of the smaller clowns popping up from the sides of the screen at point blank range while his friends close in on you even after half their faces and bodies have been blown away is shuddersome.
    • Umlaut, the flying Jester Skull with the SHARK TEETH. Who shows up at the beginning of EVERY LEVEL with a cryptic rhyme about the stage you're about to play on. And then you have him to fight as a miniboss before the Big Bad, there he bites and practically teleports around the arena. Nightmare Fuel if there ever was anything that could fit there.
  • Castlevania
    • Dawn of Sorrow and subsequent games have the Killer Clown enemy, who juggles playing cards and throws them at you. (Get their ability and you can do that too! It's surprisingly awesome.)
    • In Portrait of Ruin there's a level devoted to this trope called Nation of Fools. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.
  • Chrono Cross features an interesting exception in from of Skelly: while he is both a monster due to being an animated skeleton as well as a clown, he's presented in a wholly sympathetic light, all except one of his body parts you need to collect to assemble him have complimenting item descriptions and he has a loving grandmother to boot.
    • Harle (short for "harlequin") also counts, technically, as she's revealed to be the Seventh Dragon.
  • From Cuphead comes Beppi the Clown, a harlequin with a red-and-blue outfit who attacks Cuphead on the track of a roller coaster. he rams you with a bumper car, rides a pair of horseshoe-spitting merry-go-round horses, and can turn into balloons and even an entire attraction.
  • In the first chapter of Dark Cloud 2 (aka Dark Chronicle), the Big Bad (before we find out about The Man Behind the Man) is Flotsam, creepy leader of a troupe of killer clowns.
    • Inexplicably, one of the outfits that Max (the main protagonist of the game) can trade for Medals is a complete clown outfit, with shoes and hat... and a whiteface makeup that is far more unnerving and disturbing than even Flotsam's most threatening appearance.
  • The game Dark Deception has the Clown Gremlins and Goliath Clowns in the level "Crazy Carnevil".
  • The Jester in Darkest Dungeon is a rather weird combination of this and Non-Ironic Clown. On the one hand, yes: a Laughing Mad Musical Assassin with a White Mask of Doom constitutes a Monster Clown, and he embraces the role wholeheartedly should he become Afflicted. On the other hand, he's both a good guy and bar-none the best stress-manager among the adventurers, having moves for both camping and in battle to keep his party's spirits up.
  • One of the Killers available in Dead by Daylight is "The Clown", a Fat Bastard who runs around in a clown outfit and runny makeup, throwing bottles that act as gas bombs whose clouds can slow and otherwise inhibit Survivors. His backstory explains that he was a serial killer who ran away from home when he was found out. He became a circus clown as both a way to hide and get victims all over the country, fleeing when the circus finally found him out. Sometime after that, the Entity who creates the Trials of the game recruited the Clown into its fold.
  • In Dead Realm, one named Lester is one of the ghosts you can choose to play as.
  • One of the bosses in the Capcom game Dead Rising is Adam Macintyre, a deranged mall clown who attacks you with fire breath, exploding balloons, and chainsaws. Oh, and he's in the middle of a shopping mall hit by a Zombie Apocalypse. Apparently he went mad when they ate his audience, and now he runs a killer ride to keep the zombies at bay.
  • Death Park: One of these stalks the grounds of the Amusement Park of Doom. Being caught by him means a Game Over.
  • In the second game of the Deep Sleep Trilogy, there is a poster of a clown named Bert on one of the walls. While he looks relatively normal at first, the poster changes until he looks more and more grotesque as you progress — until he suddenly vanishes from the poster. In the final game, you find his hanged corpse.
  • The Jester from Devil May Cry 3 is pretty creepy, even before you find out that he is The Man Behind the Man.
  • Jevil in Deltarune is a Monster Jester in the same vein as Dimentio (below). Originally a simple jester, he was granted Medium Awareness by The Knight, causing him to snap and start treating reality as a game. By far and beyond the hardest boss found in the game so far, Jevil additionally has a rather creepy cackle, wields (and turns into) a Sinister Scythe, and when damaged, his head pops off his body like a jack-in-the-box.
  • Doom mods:
    • Batman Doom, apart from the Joker himself, features rather tough mooks dressed in mime/clown attire who throw darts at you. They show up in both the Scarecrow's and Joker's chapter.
    • The two Happy Time Circus maps are easily among the most terrifying things that have ever been done with the DOOM engine. Here, have a peek. It also reeks of balloons to the point where you might think it's an It fangame. Which it kind of is, since Pennywise is the Final Boss.
  • Mad Jack, a jack-in-the-box boss from Donkey Kong 64 who also has a magnificent Evil Laugh.
  • Dragon Project has such a variety of monster designs, and so two of the monsters have to be a pair of disembodied demonic clown heads with snake arms and a snake tail that ends with a hook, while wearing a pirate hat on their chin. Say hello to Trumpa Gumba and Blaze Carniva, Hunters! Their respective Tablets allow you to craft the Water Heat Sword and Shield and the Fire Heat Bow respectively.
  • Dhoulmagus, Big Bad of Dragon Quest VIII, is a murderous and psychopathic jester. For once, the character's villainy is unrelated to clowning - taking a job as a jester was just a convenient way to get in position to steal a MacGuffin. But he still wears the costume constantly.
  • Dread Of Laughter: The killer Invokes this by having a clown face drawn on the sack he wears over his head.
  • The protagonist of Dropsy is by no stretch a monster, and quite the opposite. Unfortunately, his grotesque appearance and simple, childish mind led to him being falsely blamed for causing the circus fire that killed many, his mother included, so the town generally assumes him to be a monster clown and reacts appropriately.
  • One of the killer dolls from Emily Wants To Play is Mr. Tatters, a creepy clown doll who will kill you if you don't stay still while he's looking at you.
  • Cicero in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an insane assassin who maintains a persona of a jester when out in public. While seemingly a harmless giggling maniac, he's capable of incapacitating a werewolf with a single knife and if he survives the events of the Dark Brotherhood questline can become one of the most powerful companion characters of the game.
    • There are two wearable jester outfits obtainable in the game, too. One is Cicero's own, the other one is a somewhat weaker set received if he is spared. Both are only obtainable during the Dark Brotherhood questline and grant bonuses most useful for sneak assassinations, so chances are any Dragonborn that wears them will not exactly be a Non-Ironic Clown, to say the least.
  • One of Fallout 3's loading screens mentions a pre-war child serial killer known as the Pint-Sized Slasher, who wore a scary clown mask. In the evil solution to the Tranquility Lane quest, you don the mask and slaughter the residents of the simulation.
  • Fighters Destiny and it's sequel feature a French clown named Pierre- and to add the monster to this trope he fits there's a cheat you can use that turns him into a werewolf.
  • Final Fantasy series:
    • Kefka Palazzo from Final Fantasy VI, complete with a creepy and weird, cackling laugh, comical outfit, and whiteface makeup during battles... Plus his very quotable one-liners. In Dissidia, they also apparently gave him a Glasgow Grin that was eerily similar to Heath Ledger's Joker incarnation from The Dark Knight, and, in the English version at least, a voice similar to that of Mark Hamill's Joker voice.
    • Zorn and Thorn from Final Fantasy IX. It gets better, later we find out they're actually two halves to the same being, known as Meltigemini. The lack of any explanation makes it all the stranger.
  • Philippe, the fourth Boss of Final Fight 2, who battles the heroes with acrobatic kicks and a trick cane. According to the instruction guide, he's been using the circus as a front for a smuggling operation while working for the Mad Gear Gang.
  • Five Nights at Freddy's:
  • Flaming Zombooka: Zombie clowns appear in the third game. They're the equivalent of superzombies from the predecessors, in the sense that they can't be killed with missiles.
  • The Nintendo 64 game Glover has one as the boss of the carnival world, fought on a spinning arena that it isn't affected by. You hurt it with a pie and a boxing glove, and finish it off by dropping a piano on it.
  • In the sequel to Haunted Museum, most of the Mooks are evil clowns led by a clown-faced Repulsive Ringmaster.
  • One level of Hitman: Blood Money gives the player the opportunity to play as one, where you can disguise yourself as a clown to infiltrate your target's house...and eliminate him.
    • Agent 47 was even awarded Clown Of The Year once.
  • Hiveswap: This seems to be the hat of purple-blooded trolls in the Fantastic Caste System, functioning as some kind of religious caste in a Religion of Evil based around killing trolls in entertaining ways and dressing like clowns inspired by Insane Clown Posse. All the trolls encountered aboard the train in ACT 2 are open monsters, though their leader Marvus is Affably Evil and seems to find protagonist Joey fun to talk to.
  • In House of the Dead: OVERKILL there is a stage called "Carny" set in a carnival crawling with mutants, the most disturbing of which are waves of hideous clowns that backflip obscenely quickly towards the player(s). The first time a player dispatches one of the clowns, the character Agent G quips, "quit clowning around."
    • This stage is almost definitely inspired by House of the Dead's fellow arcade rail shooter classic Carnevil.
  • Infectonator!: World Dominator has Zombie Ronald McDonald, who can drop diseased burgers (Or is it really poop?) in the way of people to turn them into zombies. Not a pretty sight for our fast-food-loving world.
  • The PC version of Killing Time has a fairly standard "Pennywise" style mutant clown as an enemy. The Panasonic 3DO version, however, features a more normal-looking clown that squeals "It's TICKLE TIME!!" in a high-pitched voice while thrusting its hands out into the player's face, represented by two enormous hand sprites appearing in front of the clown. The second one is scarier by far.
  • One zone in Kingdom of Loathing is The "Fun" House, which is infested with evil clowns and reigned by the Evil Boss Clown Beelzebozo. There's also a "Spooky Clown" Valentine's Day Card which contains the following poem: "There is such a fine line/Between love and fear/Your love makes me float/But we all float down here".
    • And there was also the Bad Future event where players could see a destroyed Seaside Town full of some of the monsters turned into zombies (ex: Zombie Hippy, Zombie Frat Boy, Zombie Zmobie) And then the Zombie Clown. His in game description? "AIEEE! Ah! Gah! Sweet merciful God, no! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!"
    • Inverted with the wacky pirate: "You'd think a clown with an eyepatch and a hook hand would be even more terrifying than a normal clown, but somehow, the combination is pretty charming. There's something kind of awesome about a pirate with a rubber chicken on his shoulder."
    • There's also the clown minions encountered in the GameInformPowerDailyPro Dungeon. Not as scary as the clowns in the "Fun" House, but even more dangerous because they scale to the player's stats.
    • From the same universe, we have West of Loathing's demonic rodeo clowns, under the leadership of Hell Duke Barnaby Bob.
  • Kirby
    • Marx in the "Milky Way Wishes" portion of Kirby Super Star giving Kirby access to a Forgotten Superweapon. He then sprouts wings and turns outright creepy.
    • Necrodeus from Kirby Mass Attack has a Skull for a Head that looks a lot like a clown. He qualifies for "Monster" in that he tries to kill Kirby in his sleep at the very beginning of the game.
    • In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Magolor's first One-Winged Angel looks like a dark jester. His second form sports a jester-like hat, juggles enemies, and has a creepy perpetual smile that's later revealed to actually be an eye.
    • This trope is not just limited to final bosses. For example, recurring enemies Poppy Bros. Jrs resemble clowns or jesters, and they use bombs and boomerangs. Kirby Super Star Ultra gives us the enemy Perot in "Revenge of the King", a powered-up version of the Poppy Bros. who more strongly resembles a clown, and is much more dangerous. For a more recent example, we have the Clown Acrobot enemies from Kirby: Triple Deluxe who give Kirby the Circus ability.
  • KISS: Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child wholly revolved around a KISS tribute band fighting monster clowns and other monstrosities spawned from a twisted circus theme.
  • Joka from the Klonoa series, a clown-faced balloon demon who never stops smiling, even when visibly angry. He also has an odd tendency to die and come back without explanation. His One-Winged Angel form is also a good example, thanks to its bright colors and patterns, not to mention how it tries to chop up Klonoa with its blade-like arms.
  • Malcolm the jester in the Kyrandia adventure game series. Suffers a reluctant flipflop in the third and final game which does ...absolutely nothing at all. He retains the same personality. He still says incredibly evil and nasty things. He just stopped killing people. (which nobody believes, so it's up to you as Malcolm to clear your name in the third.) Most unconvincing HFT ever, most unrepentant villain ever too. Even with his personality set to "nice" and with him talking to the sorceress Zanthia, whom he has a bit of a crush on, everything he says still makes him sound like a spiteful misanthropic Jerkass just one dagger away from a multiple homicide. He's not so much an Anti-Hero as he is the same Magnificent Bastard he was before, just without the murderous streak. He claims.
  • In the online flash game The Last Stand, on one of the final levels there is a single zombie clown. This is the only pre-rendered zombie in the whole game.
  • In League of Legends, there is a playable monster clown named Shaconote . He can set invisible jack in the boxes that cause terror and fire laser beams, poof into invisibility with an evil laugh, backstab people with venomed knives, and make duplicates of himself. Personality and appearance-wise, he's The Joker in Harley Quinn's outfit. His origins, meanwhile, are more in line with Pennywise or the Violator in that he's not human, but a malevolent entity from another world that takes the appearance of a clown.
    • Not only that, but post-rework Fiddlesticks has the Surprise Party skin, who is a terrifying mix of Pennywise and The Snatcher, voiced by Funtime Freddy Fazbear! Yeah, definitely not creepy in the slightest...
  • Left 4 Dead 2: Two words: Zombie clowns. It makes honking noises where it goes, which in turn attracts the other infected to it and thus to the player. This means that you have to make him your top priority lest you want more zombies to deal with.
  • The Legend of Zelda:
  • LittleBigPlanet: Vex, The Lord of Nightmares in Sackboy: A Big Adventure, is a creepy creature resembling a large, twisted version of Sackboy's fabric doll species. He has a very distinct court jester motif, including red and blue stripes, jester shoes, and a Happy Harlequin Hat.
  • Lost Smile and Strange Circus has Roberti, who has a pure black face with no eyes and a massive Cheshire Cat Grin. It is also implied he likes to make puppets of people he knows.
  • In a weird twist, one of the levels in Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes is a circus with a large eerie clown in the background.
  • ColorMan/WackoMan from Mega Man Battle Network 1 and MegaMan NT Warrior.
    • For an even worse example from the same series, CircusMan.EXE from EXE Beast and Battle Network 6.
      • Something perhaps creepier than his appearance is that one of his attacks involves transforming his body into a circular cage draped up like a circus tent, falling down on top of your character to entrap them, then several bulges appear rapidly all over the drapes implying being pummeled (dear god hopefully) all over.
      • Oh God, CircusMan. The first time you see him, you witness him doing some kind of creepy dance that drains the energy of everyone around him in that cutscene. He sucks up the energy, and then he soon uses the energy to revive Gregar and Falzar. He then opens up his chest to reveal a powerful vacuum which he uses to absorb one of the two beasts! Oh wait, but he's not done with being a Monster Clown yet! He later successfully uses the vacuum to capture Mega Man too, starting a rather long Rescue Arc.
      • CircusMan's operator, Yuika. Yuika wears an outlandish outfit, has heart-like makeup on her cheeks, and overall acts like a stereotypical clown. She also lured several Navi Operators into Central City 3's area and thus arranged for CircusMan to steal their energy to unleash the Cybeasts in the first place, and having MegaMan kidnapped as well.
  • The Joker from the Monster Rancher series combines this with The Grim Reaper.
  • In one of his Fatalities for Mortal Kombat 9 Shang Tsung turns into a Monster Clown before killing his opponent, a direct reference to what the Joker does for his Fatality in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, but with much less censoring. Speaking of the Joker, he's back in Mortal Kombat 11, and absolutely nobody is willing to tolerate him for any reason at all, especially after what he did in the Injustice games.
  • Mr. Nutz's penultimate boss, Little Clown. A creepy, empty-eyed Perpetual Smiler clown with Creepy Circus Music as his boss theme. He can also unscrew his head, creating several clones of it that Zerg Rush the player.
  • Mutant Football League features the Karcass City Creeps, whose team logo is a creepy red-haired clown not unlike Pennywise.
  • ''NARC''. During the fourth level, Max Force and Hit Man encounter the knife-wielding, maiden-kidnapping, pornography-addicted clown Kinky Pinky. Or rather, several of him. In the arcade version in particular, Kinky Pinky is difficult to destroy by normal means (submachinegun fire). If he closes to stabbing range, your choices are 1) fire a rocket or 2) die.
  • The sixth boss of the unlicensed game Silent Assault is a giant scary clown head.
  • Although the titular NiGHTS and other humanoid Nightmaren from NiGHTS into Dreams... and its sequel are technically not clowns, their designs make them look a lot like jester/clown meldings. Especially Reala and Jackle, the two who are most capable of this trope in the games.
  • Some of the bosses of Ninja Clowns are this, like the Giant Spider clown, and the three-headed clown hydra.
  • In Painkiller: Battle Out of Hell one of the levels are set in a hellish carnival complete with demon clowns.
  • The "Payday Gang" of bank robbers from PAYDAY: The Heist and PAYDAY 2 do their robberies wearing clown masks. Or at least their default masks are. The vast array of mask customization can go anywhere from Kawaii anime girls to animal masks to Santa Claus masks to medieval helmets to...
  • One of the two villains, Joker-sama in Persona 2. Unusual if only for his distinctive elegance... and the fact he's the plaything of Nyarlathotep.
  • One of the guests in Pity Party is a creepy looking clown, who gets angry when his cake doesn't have "sprinkles" on it.
  • Jack from the Sega Dreamcast Fighting Game Power Stone combines this with Jack the Ripper.
  • Raz from Psychonauts is originally from a travelling gypsy circus; his mental image of his father is a rather distressing caricature with clownish skin color, hair color, and outfit, and tends to divide his time between expressing his disdain for psychics in general and his son in particular, and attacking him with juggling clubs. Fortunately for Raz' relationship with his actual family his also-psychic father eventually manages to break into Raz' mind and turns out to be the kind, loving father he was made out explicitly NOT to be. It turns out that the behavior that led Raz to believe his father was a bigoted clown was actually intended to teach him control, discipline, and probably some physical skills so he wouldn't rely on psychic powers. It works, too-because of this misinterpreted training, Raz is able to defeat everything from a mad-scienced lungfish to a giant butcher to, yes, his incredibly dangerous clown of a mind-father.
  • In Puzzles & Survival, some of the enemies are zombie clowns wielding baseball bats.
  • In Rayman 1 the Candy Château is full of clowns doing their best to kill you.
  • Early on in Red Dead Revolver you face off against an army of shotgun-wielding midget clowns.
  • Resident Evil 6: Though not clowns themselves, the J'avo all wear ceramic clown masks to hide their Extra Eyes and mutated faces.
  • One of the strangers in Rides With Strangers is the Joke Teller. A man wearing a terrifying clown costume with red, blood like makeup around his eyes and mouth.
  • Serious Sam II has weird looking, unicycling, manically laughing, suicide bombing clowns that attack in groups. Yeah...
  • The Jester Spirit Laughlin in the SNES and Genesis game Shadowrun.
    Jester Spirit: Boys and girls come out to play! On the busy motorway!
  • Spider-Man 2: Mr. Hop-N-Hack, Mysterio's robotic, bouncing, wind-up punching bag clown armed with an ax.
  • The Wolverine levels in Spider-Man and the X-Men in Arcade's Revenge are a complete Circus of Fear with ball pits of DOOM, big bright colours, anvils on flimsy ropes, and has Monster clowns as enemies in abundance. Arcade also dispatches them during the Murderworld stage of Marvel Ultimate Alliance.
  • Splatterhouse 2010 has a level set at a theme park populated by demonic clowns that spin their heads, split fire, twirl upside-down on their hands kicking you with their legs and crawl along backwards on the floor if you knock them down.
  • The Clown from Spooky's Dollhouse is pretty creepy, so much so that the various creepy dolls in the house are downright terrified of it, but its not actually a threat to the player. Despite an Apocalyptic Log left behind by a GL Labs scientist basically describing this thing as an ultimate evil, all it does is strike a new pose every time you look away and sneak up on you in rooms.
  • Spore: Galactic Adventures has Shenanigans, a sharp-toothed monstrosity who is also the size of a tyrannosaur and can breathe fire.
  • Clown enemies in Star Ocean: The Last Hope fit this to a tee: they fire explosive confetti, bowl you over with a balance ball and throw hoops at you that turn you into a pumpkin. They're all classed as demon types.
  • Strangeland: The entrance to Strangeland is a giant clown's head that tells cruel jokes at the stranger's expense.
  • In Super Double Dragon, the boss of Mission 5 is an Acrofatic clown named McGuire.
  • Knife Guy and Grate Guy from Super Mario RPG. And also Cloaker and Domino from the same game.
  • In Super Methane Bros, one of the monsters is a clown that throws clubs. The first boss is also a gigantic clown face.
  • Dimentio from Super Paper Mario is more like a Monster Jester, but he intends to stab the perceived Big Bad Count Bleck in the back so he could use the Chaos Heart to destroy all worlds and remake them in his image, and then when he dies, he intends to ensure their destruction anyways. He possesses Luigi for the final battle. This is the Mario version of Kefka Palazzo. Tippi even refers to Dimentio in a scan (sort of: It's one of his clones before fighting him at Bleck's castle) as an Evil Clown.
  • In Terraria, unlocking hard mode causes Clown monsters to appear during Blood Moons. Silly-looking as they are, they're also fairly tough, and they throw bombs that destroy blocks and can mess up any buildings you've made. Fortunately, as of version 1.2, clowns won't blow up your painstakingly crafted base/village/what have you. They still do quite a bit of damage, though.
  • Played for laughs in the TimeSplitters series. One of the characters is "Mr Giggles", a monster clown who was raised by a New England family but apparently wasn't truly happy until he "Ate them and ran away to join the circus".
  • Today Is My Birthday has its share of these. In fact, the first enemy you encounter in the game is Barney B., an organ dealer who dresses as a clown.
  • Trials of Mana
    • The game features the black magic-wielding, jester-like Goremand, Dragon to one of the game's three potential Big Bads.
    • Zable Fahr is the Benevodon of Darkness, and two of its heads resemble a demonic jester.
    • Goremand from Trials of Mana has a Sword of Mana Expy, also called Goremand. In that game, he's still a villainous jester, but the heroes of that game never fight him.
  • Twisted Metal:
    • Pictured above is Series Mascot Needles "Sweet Tooth" Kane, a big psychotic madman who wears a flaming clown mask and stores the bodies of murdered children in his ice cream truck. Before his current iconic look introduced Twisted Metal: Black, his appearance was quite varied, being a more generic looking clown in the first game and not wearing a mask in most other appearances.
    • In the 2012 reboot, his son Charlie Kane takes his mask to avenge his death by Calypso's hands. The ending of the reboot also shows Calypso reviving Needles' daughter Sophie and giving her a clown mask of her own. It seems like this trope runs in the family.
  • One of the deadliest enemies in UNLOVED is the Clown, a tall, lanky fingure in black and white stripes with an oversized mask-like head that can either beat you to death with a squeaky rubber mallet or throw flaming skull fireballs with ungodly tracking capabilities at you. As Unloved is based on a mod for Doom II, the monsters are all expies of original Doom monsters, and the Clown is based on the skeletal, rocket-shooting Revenant. A Rotten Clown is possibly the single deadliest threat in the entire game apart from the Abyss Watcher bosses, even more so than the Rotten Witch that can One-Hit Kill you- you can evade a Witch's Face of Death attack by breaking line of sight, but a Rotten Clown is so tough, damaging and, above all, fast that it can tear a full HP player down to nothing in mere seconds if it gets the drop on them.
  • Mr. Crow of Unreal Tournament 2004 and his team. "Ever wonder why children are afraid of clowns? Now you know." is all his bio has to say about him.
  • Rudy in Wario Land 3, who's both a demon that transformed a world to monsters and steals life saving medicines from Dr. Mario (Although in the latter case he did have somewhat of an excuse for why he stole it, as he did need it for his cold).
    • There is also a Monster Clown called Clown-a-Round in the Wonky Circus level in Wario World and a robot monster clown called Chortlebot in Wario Land: Shake It!.
      • The Wonky Circus level also has the standard mooks replaced by Monster Clown versions that lurch around like zombies and scratch with sharp claws. It's also home to a miniboss called an Electric Clown Fence.
      • It's also home to Clown Cannons that fire Clown Missiles. Yes, giant missiles with clown faces.
  • One of the three Witchkin is a clown doll with a warped head, and looks like he was made from various scraps found around the house.
  • Yoshi's Crafted World's level "Be Afraid of the Dark" features unkillable Ax-Crazy clown ragdolls who charge after Yoshi while making demonic screeches.


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